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Milking Equipment

Flared Shell The flared shell Mimics the front of a calf's mouth creating a more comfortable experience for the cow .

Tru - Flo Cluster Assembly

The liner is also indented to prevent the liner head pulling away from the shell when removing from the jetter cup after washing.

Performance A 350 ml capacity claw piece enables this cluster to handle the fastest milking cows with no danger of flooding whether on 4 x 1 or 2 x 2 pulsation, The 19mm milk nipple allows maximum flow of milk and vacuum through the milk tube.

Durability To prevent down time during milking due to a broken cluster, Pearson manufactures the Tru-Flo Assembly to the highest standards. The shells, pulse block and claw bowl are manufactured from stainless steel keeping replacement parts to a minimum. The clear claw bowl allows visibility into the claw and is protected with a red rubber buffer.

manufactured from stainless steel for long life

60 degree milk entry's allows faster direct flow of milk to the claw from the liner

Comfort The Tru-Flo Shell and liners are designed for comfort and speed. The shell has a flared end to mimic a calf’s mouth on the teat and any one of the Pearson family of liners have a uniquely mixed rubber compound to create a more comfortable milking experience for the cow.

Shut off point in the liner creates minimum vacuum leak at cluster attachment allowing faster and more comfortable cluster attachment.

Large bore outlet The large bore 19mm outlet ensures fast milk flow and vacuum stability to and from the claw piece.

Extensive research in liner hood design minimises liner slip.

Red Buffer to help prevent breakages.


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