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Herringbone Parlours

Stallwork - 85 Degree Sequentail Bailing System Construction A fully galvanised construction manufactured to last against the every day handling of dairy cows, suitable for 2’4”, 2’3”, 2’2” cow stands, driven by compressed air rams to give smooth operation. Rams are equipped with safety valves for when the bailing system is in the UP ( Cow exit ) position.

Comfort To increase cow speed into the parlour, feed systems can be added with a stainless steel individual trough. The bailing system is equipped with steel dividers to prevent poaching or bullying, providing a more stress-free environment for all the cows in the parlour.

Durability Once the cows are milked, the bailing system lifts up to allow cows to exit the parlour without obstructions, All rollers are made from a nylon material. This material is designed to be durable, self lubricating and long lasting for increased lifetime performance.

Yoking Systems Pearson Yoking system is a way to have total control of your cows during milking. The cows enter the parlour and put their head into the head locking system. Once all cows have entered the parlour a pneumatic ram closes the head locking rails to hold the cows into position. Once locked into the system the cow cannot poach or bully any neighbouring cow for feed.

Breast Rail Systems The Pearson Double straight rail breast rail consists of two rails. The top rail holds the cow in the correct position and the lower rail prevents the cow dropping her head and moving forward away from the operator.


Pearson International Brochure  
Pearson International Brochure