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Herringbone Parlours

Rapid Exit Manger System This system is ergonomically designed to speed up cow movement, give cow comfort, maximise feed intake, eliminate poaching of feed by other cows, reduce cow stress and assist in aligning the cows so as to have the best possible udder presentation for ease of milking. The mangers are powered by either compressed air or hydraulics and are activated from any position within the operator’s pit. The Rapid Exit Steel Manger System is unique in its design and collapsibility. Cows are encouraged to walk both into and out of the milking parlour more quickly, thus speeding the loading and unloading of cows.

Staggered Rail System The Pearson Staggered Breast rail follows the contours of the cows standing in the herringbone 50 degree position to give maximum comfort. This Rail system may be controlled by pneumatics to fold away from the cow to allow faster exiting out of the parlour.


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