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Herringbone Parlours

Parlour chariot If extra labour is available in a swing over milking system, the parlour chariot can get more jobs done in the pit other than milking ! Standing in the carriage, positions the operator at the perfect height to tail paint, condition score, AI and even scan your herd. Once one cow is completed, simply slide the carriage along a rail system up the parlour giving perfect access to all your cows.

Volume Wash System

Wall mounted kerb rail

Shuttered kerb rail

A pressurised water system may be supplied into the parlour. This allows instant cleaning during milking, keeping the pit area cleaner and more hygienic.

A galvanised or stainless steel folded kerbing is bolted to the side of the pit wall to ensure the animals hoofs do not enter the pit. This encourages the cow closer to the pit edge and gives the operator easier access to the udder.

A galvanised or stainless steel folded kerbing is similar to the wall mounted only has extra steel underneath that is bolted to the top of the pit wall. It is installed during construction acting as the shuttering to create the overhang in the milking pit .

Pit Steps

Angle Drains

Stainless steel construction, easily cleaned with checker plated surface for maximum grip.

galvanised drains for parlour floors, installed during construction where animals or operators may be walking.

Stainless steel floor drains


Stainless steel constructed drain areas for bulk tanks or the inside of rotary parlours .

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