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Herringbone Parlours

Design your parlour to maximise cow flow Adding automation to the entrance and exit gates increases cow flow through the parlour, while giving comfort and a relaxed environment to the operator.

Entry Gates - Automatic

Entry Gates - Manual

Exit Gates - Automatic

The Auto Wrap around entry gates are made from heavy duty black steel and hot dipped galvanised. The gate is built into a guide rail system to allow single entry into the parlour. The gate wraps around the last cow pulling her into position.

The Heavy duty manual back lift up gates are made from black steel and hot dipped galvanised . Locking hinge systems are installed to prevent cows lifting the gate and entering the parlour.

To close the exit gate, press any one of the control buttons mounted in the pit. The gate will automatically close and lock in the closed position. This simple device speeds up the overall milking time and reduces operator movement.

Auto Gate - Control system

Scissors Gates - Manual

Pearson's Gate control system has four buttons , two for the entry gates and two for exit gates. Each button has an indicator light showing if the gate is open or closed . If there are multiple controls in the milking pit the boxes communicate to each other so a button may be pressed at any location to open and close gates.

Pearson Scissors gates allow maximum cow flow through the parlour ,these gates are manually operated from the milking pit giving full control to opening and closing with speed and accuracy. They are fabricated from heavy duty black steel and hot dipped galvanised to give a long life.


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Pearson International Brochure