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Rotary Parlour

AutoMatic Teat Sprayer

Leg Divider System



The Pearson Automatic Teat Sprayer is a useful tool on any rotary platform. The teat spray unit is positioned at the exit or entrance of the platform and sprays the cow with either pre spray or post spray.

The Pearson leg Divider unit is installed onto the rotary deck . Once the cow enters the unit, her back legs are positioned either side of the divider creating an open and inviting area for the operator to attach the cluster to the udder . The divider unit also provides the Automatic teat sprayer an open area between the legs to give better spray cover and allowing more accurate spraying.

The intelligence system incorporated into the unit can determine if there is a cow in the bail, whether she has finished milking ( only if retention bars are present ) and the best moment to spray on the table position.

Material All Pearson Leg Divider units are constructed from a special mix of plastics to ensure a durable and long life product . The unit is fixed to the deck with stainless steel fixing screws.

Material The Teat spray unit is manufactured from stainless steel to cope with the harsh environment at the exit of the rotary. The flexible nozzle assembly constructed from nylon allows flexibility should it come across a cows leg. All materials are easily washable and very durable.

Reliable It is powered by compressed air and also has a manual teat spray gun attachment if there is labour available or a breakdown occurs.


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