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Robotic Milking

What you can expect from the Pearson Rotary Deck.  Industrial Grade Steel.

Industrial rotary gland assembly.

 Robust construction.

Up to 16 way gland available.

 Galvanised Double Heavy Gauge I Beams.

Two options of bail dividers.

2 different deck measurements ( Jersey, Holstein ).

Safety Paddles at entrance and exit points.

Operator friendly control unit.

Extensive safety and emergency stop features.

Kit Form for fast installation.

Durable materials.

Supporting I Beam foot per milking unit.

 Deck reinforcing mesh included.  Nylon Roller System ( no bearings ).  One roller positioned every 600mm.  Hydraulic or electric drive system.  Reliable operation.  Low maintenance costs.  Forward sloping deck.  Concrete deck construction.  Very quiet for animal comfort.

Hydraulic Drive System

Rotary Control Panel

The hydraulic drive system which moves the rotary platform consists of a hydraulic power unit with electronic changeover valves operated by a hydraulic actuator valve to give smooth starting to the turn table. Mounted under the table are the hydraulic pumps and gear boxes with a large drive wheel attached to move the table. If a power failure should occur, quick couplings are provided to connect to a tractor to rotate the table allowing the cows exit the platform.

The control panel activates the forward, stop and reverse functions, the table is equipped with a number of safety sensors to pause and start the table depending on cow movement at the exit and entrance points. Control Separate Systems Whether there are Auto teat sprayers, Crowd gates, Cluster washers, Hydraulic power packs or even a radio installed on the system, the control unit has the ability to activate these individual equipment at the start of milking and deactivate at the end ensuring nothing is left switched on between milkings . Free Stalll When the Pearson Rotary control unit is installed with a PACE entrance system there is total control of cow flow, entrance automation and deck movement. With all these options installed the Pearson Free Stall option can be activated, the rotary deck is automatically stopped once a free stall is open at the entrance. when the cow enters, the table automatically starts again. A very useful option for a one man milking operation .


Pearson International Brochure  
Pearson International Brochure