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Robotic Milking

Orbitor Rotary Deck One of the most advanced and durable decks on the market. today.

Industrial Roller System

Deck Design

Rotary Gland

The deck running gear is a double I beam nylon roller system, Both heavy gauge 180 x 75 I beams are fully galvanised, the bottom I beam is mounted on galvanised feet ( one per unit ) to give maximum strength and support. The specially formulated nylon rollers are placed on the bottom I beam and connected with a carriage system. The top I beam is then positioned on the nylon rollers. This will be the moving beam. There are no bearings incorporated in any of the nylon rollers, giving one of the most industrial, long lasting roller systems on the market .

The concrete Deck is forward sloping, this ensures all wash water runs forward into the drains and not back onto the operator.

The Pearson Rotary gland is constructed from the highest grade materials. It is manufactured from stainless steel with special nylon rings to minimise wearing.

The Rotary Deck is constructed from inner and outer structural nibs, A galvanised pan system is placed at the base of the deck for ease of concreting. The table is then reinforced with 10mm mesh and fibre concrete is poured to give maximum strength and long life to the rotary deck. The concrete table provides a quiet, strong platform for the animals to enter and exit comfortably.


They can range from a 4 port gland supplying vacuum and milk, up to a 16 port gland for supplying teat spray, water and compressed air . The gland also supplies electrical power to the inside of the rotary allowing 11 separate connections.

Pearson International Brochure  
Pearson International Brochure