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Robotic Milking

What you can expect from the Astrea 20:20 Milking Robot.  Proven robot technology

Natural pre-milking stimulation

 Robust construction, hygiene and security

Saving labour

 Steam cleaning system

Reliable technology

Flexible operational management

More time to spare

The cow takes centre stage

Increased milk production

 Low maintenance costs

A “plug and play” concept

 Low water consumption

Low operating costs

 Low energy consumption

Durable materials

 Free cow traffic, focus on animal welfare

Easy installation and Assembly

 Milking like you have always known it  Smart Collect© and SENSE©  Conductivity and SENSE©  Cow feeding and milking unit  Reliable operation

Low maintenance costs Maintenance has never been easier. The central machine unit also allows for maintenance to be carried out while in operation. All components are smart and easily accessible.

Conductivity and SENSE©

Smart Collect© and SENSE©

For detecting and separating milk containing blood or non-standard milk, this ultramodern system checks the colour of the milk. Conductivity is measured for each part of the udder to guarantee the most reliable inspection of the milk quality and all-important udder health. Both sensors, apart from measuring the amount of milk using an ICAR-approved milk meter, are linked to the fully integrated SATURNUS Management System.

ASTREA 20.20 gives you a choice of options to separate the milk. Using the new SATURNUS management programme, any milk that fails to meet the required grade can be collected in one of the three milk containers. Dairy farmers may also separate the milk on an individual basis, of course. The Smart Collect system can be installed independently from the milking robot.


Low water consumption The new central milk unit makes a direct contribution to the very efficient internal cleaning. This results in lower water consumption.

Low power and energy consumption The ASTREA 20.20 makes use of one central pneumatic energy supply. The robotic arm has been fitted with the latest electric motors, giving an energy-saving of approximately 35%. Thanks to the unique ASTREA 20.20 concept, this arm is able to control two cow feeding and milking units at once.

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