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Robotic Milking

ASTREA 20.20 Milking like you have always known The ASTREA milks in a natural manner. The milking process can be sub-divided into 4 phases: 1) The pre-stimulation and cleaning phase of the udder. 2) The milking phase, with the option of animal-specific milking settings. 3) The removal phase, whereby the current milk flow determines whether removal can take place for each udder part. 4) The Milk pumping phase, whereby the milk is separated or transferred to the central milk cooling tank depending on its quality.

Robust construction ASTREA 20.20 is in a class of its own, thanks to its robust construction in combination with the use of durable materials, such as easy-to-clean stainless steel. The robotic arm is without a doubt the most reliable product of its kind on the market. The advanced and modern technology constitutes a sound basis the dairy farmer can fully rely on. In addition, as part of the ASTREA milking robot, the robotic arm comes with an exceptionally long 3year warranty.

Cow feeding and milking unit The spacious cow feeding unit with its soft rubber floor guarantees maximum cow comfort without any force leaving no stress in this spacious box. The feed station can be made for three types of concentrates. The feed station is also quick and easy to install and assemble. The standard sensors, the cow-friendly control gates and the open structure (visibility lines) of the cow feeding and milking unit, ensures a convenient and practical arrangement for both the cows and the dairy farmer.


Steam cleaning system The ASTREA steam cleaning system kills any bacteria, without the need for a cleaning agent, and as such ensures optimum safety in respect of udder health, food safety and less environmental impact. After every milking, the teat cups are cleaned immediately using hot steam provided by the steam cleaning system. Steam cleaning also brings about savings in the use of cleaning agents, plus a cleaner environment.

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