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every dog has his day

This is John. John is a dog. John is sitting outside his house. John really loves his house.

John didn’t always live in his lovely house. John used to live somewhere really horrible and nasty.

John decided to get a job and work really hard so he could get his own place to live, a place that he would love!

John got a job in a shop. He worked very hard for long hours. When he got sad John used to say to himself: “Every dog has his day!� and become cheerful again and work even harder!

John worked hard and after many years he got a mortgage from a bank so he could buy the house he had always dreamed of!

And that is how John got this house, the house he loves!

But one day John got very sick...

John was very sick and had to spend a lot of time in hospital. But he kept saying to himself: “Every dog has his day!�. And one day John got better!

But when the doctors let him leave John got some very bad news. His immune system had been severely weakened by his illness, which the doctors say was caused by working too hard, and John was not able to work anymore! Worse still the doctors needed $10,000 to pay for John’s treatment!

But worst of all, the bank repossessed John’s house, the house he loved so much! Because without money or a job John couldn’t pay the bank back their money on the his mortgage...

John had to live on the streets. He tried to work but he kept getting sicker. He couldn’t afford the medication any more and he found it hard even to move in the day.

One day John recognised some old friends from the Dog Pound. They too were homeless and let John hang around with them.

The dogs names were Tom and Daniel. They introduced John to their “special friend�: Mr. Needle.

John knew shooting heroin wasn’t good for him. He knew it was addictive and he was already sick. But when John shot heroin with Tom and Daniel he felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time: Happiness. He started to think again. “Every dog has his day.”

But heroin cost money. John couldn’t do the tough lifting jobs that Tom and Daniel did as he was so ill. John decided to turn tricks for truckers passing through his area.

John contracted a serious infection. He wasn’t sure if it was from sharing heroin needles or the five dollar blowjobs he gave out behind the local 7/11. He didn’t have long to live.

When Jim and Dave found out that John had a serious disease they wouldn’t let him hang around with them anymore. They even made jokes about him.

John gathered up the last of his money and bought as much heroin and coke he could to make one last speedball.

Every Dog Has His Day  

John the dog loves his house

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