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The Hassle Free Approach to Hotel Renovations

What We Do Bedroom Solutions provides a complete turn-key hotel bedroom and central area refurbishment service, project managed by experienced professionals from inception to grand opening with hoteliers’ ability to ‘cherry pick’ those elements of the service they require.

We create stunning unique designs at ‘off the shelf’ prices combined with Eco friendly, energy saving cutting-edge technology to generate significantly increased revenues and vastly reduced costs.

Planning Bedroom Solutions provides a complete turn-key hotel We will sit down with you, discuss your needs and formulate with you a budget suitable to your hotel and the market position you seek. We will research the competition in an effort to ensure that any refurbishment scheme will produce the desired results.

Throughout the planning process, we will also help you decide whether the hotel should close or stay open during any refurbishment works, whether it would benefit you to have a planned, phased re-fit over a period of time or whether there might be other considerations which could generate greater revenues and profits.

Design Bedroom Solutions works with around ten different individual designers and small design companies, each specialising in the hotel and hospitality market and each having their own range of unique styles.

Whether it be traditional, contemporary or a combination of the two, we have designers who are in tune with any client’s requirements.

We also have a number of ‘show rooms’ which allow our clients to get a true feel for the room before committing to a particular style or commissioning a designer.

Battle of the Bookings

Our Designs range from 2 star solutions to 5 star top of the range hotel room suites.

“ Good design and an improved guest experience will keep customers returning! We take your success seriously, so our designs are always supervised by highly experienced hospitality operators and marketers who contribute perspectives other designers don’t have, and assure that your unique project will reflect your preferences, your goals and most importantly your ability to attract and keep guests’

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Logistics are the missing link in most FF&E transactions When products arris late and warranties aren’t managed or honoured logistics management is a vital service that we provide.

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Install & Fit Our well-practiced teams of specialists work at speed to ensure that rooms are ‘off sale’ for the least amount of time and that any disruption to guests is minimised. The quality of the work is constantly monitored by our experienced on-site project staff as attention to detail is of paramount importance to us.

We look after the removal, disposal and/or sale of old furniture, fixtures and fittings and arrange for the recycling of these wherever possible.

Structural Alterations

Bedroom Solutions are experienced at working with architects and our Senior Project Managers have a wealth of knowledge in the complexities of structural alterations and how to carry them out with the minimum of disruption.

Project Management The on-site Project Manager is the hotelier’s constant point of contact. They will meet with you as often as you feel necessary (usually weekly), update you on the progress against the budget discuss with you and resolve any minor unforeseeable difficulties that can arise in a project of this nature and ensure that you are fully informed on all important aspects.

Our Experience Bedroom Solutions staff are some of the most experienced in the business and have a combined experience of over 100 years of hotel hospitality fit-outs. We employ skilled staff in the fields of Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Logistics, Technology and Purchasing to ensure that we manage your projects professionally and efficiently. Bedroom Solutions designers are among the best in the industry. All work in their own firms and specialise in hotels, however, they work for us on a regular basis at exceptionally favourable rates.

Every week we design unique and compelling rooms, lobbies, lighting, conference facilities, custom carpet and custom furniture, but our experience runs far deeper. We have also designed high end residencies, many commercial and institutional kitchens, fine dining and fast food facilities, office lobbies and total building reconfigurations. Put our experience to work and add more dimension, style, and innovation to your project.

Full Time Professional Purchasing Agents Bedroom Solutions are one of very few companies who place professional purchasing agents at your disposal. Our buyers know furniture manufacturing from the inside out and negotiate hard with suppliers and manufacturers to get the best possible prices, delivery positions, product specifications and warranties for our clients.

Full Turn-Key Service The on-site Project Manager is the hotelier’s constant point Anyone who has tried to co-ordinate designers, building companies, product and service deliveries, and the numerous other elements of a project will tell you that it’s a skilled, full-time job. To attempt to run a hotel simultaneously means that something has to give, usually money and guest reputation.

Bedroom Solutions overcome this by managing the entire process on your behalf and, instead of costing you more money, we actually save cost by the prices we are able to negotiate and the speed at which we deliver the finished product.

Our Hoteliers’ Perspective Many people have stated in hotels where the design has taken total priority over the guest experience. The search for that one switch to turn off the light behind the pellet late at night, the problem of where to balance the wash bag in the minimalist bathroom, the bar stool that only those six food plus can get onto or the restaurant table just too small to accommodate the places, side dishes and glasses. Little things like this can irk the guest and can spoilt elements of their stay.

Not only do we at Bedroom Solutions employ staff who have managed hotels, but they also consult with Executive Housekeepers and others whose input to the design is seen as fundamental to getting things right the first time.

More reason to work with us

Energy and Other Cost Savings

No Risk

No matter what your perspective on all matters green, the facts are that our energy costs are forecast to continue to soar as countries such as India and China quicken their pace of development and thus their energy demands.

As Bedroom Solutions is only paid in stages as a project is completed there is no risk to the Hotel of non-performance.

All our projects are designed with energy cost savings in mind and typically savings of between 20 and 40% can be achieved from guest rooms alone.

Similarly, the work of our designers is stingily influenced by the advice of experienced Executive Housekeepers to maximise the number of rooms that a maid is able to clean a day. Savings of just 4 maids can equate to tens of thousands of pounds per annum additional profit.

Stress Removal We believe that the role of an hotelier is to operate a hotel not to manage a process of which he or she has little knowledge or experience. Likewise we do not believe Bedroom Solutions could operate your hotel efficiently for you! Let us do what we specialise in and allow you to operate your hotel and not lose sleep, hair and money trying to manage a process your are not familiar with.

Free Design Bedroom Solutions will refund up to 100% of your design fees if you later contract us to mange your fit-out. (We charge a nominal fee for the production of a sample room and will refund this later if appointed)

Pricing As out company carries minimal overheads we are in a position to offer our services at very competitive rates. We buy directly on your behalf and have no ties to any manufacturers. You are employing our professional services to look after your project on your behalf. Our product knowledge, along with experience buyers and logistics management, will save you thousands of pounds over the lifespan of the fit-out.

We provide a specialist design service at a cost of between 1 and 2% of the project cost should you require it. Alternatively, we will work with your choice of designer or introduce you to internationally renowned designers at competitive rates if required.

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