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The Magazine Enterprise magazine is the National Business Magazine for Wales. It is a contemporary and independent business publication and web portal that focuses on the innovative development of Wales as a modern, enterprising economy. It is regarded by its business partners and clients as the business communication medium for targeting the private and public sectors in Wales. With a high quality circulation and copies Direct Mailed to business leaders and key decision makers within the Public and Private sector and a readership of 50,000 encompassing the world of business in Wales. Through its independent, innovative and challenging editorial values and design, Enterprise delivers a competitive advantage to its business partners and clients. Enterprise consists of an unparalleled quality editorial team offering incisive and expert commentary on a range of business issues. This is coupled with a range of marketing communication tools varying from advertising to specialised promotional solutions, which are tailor made to achieve the business objectives of our clients. Published bi-monthly , Enterprise aims to provide Entrepreneurs, Owners, Directors, Managers and business professionals in Wales with current information and guidance, essential to developing their business. w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 6 9 5 0 | F 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 5 5 7 0

Features Enterprise consists of over 100 pages of exclusive interviews, inspiring stories, informative features and advice-giving articles from its editorial team, comprising of a number of Welsh and UK leading business writers, commentators and academics with a strong interest in Wales. They have collectively acquired unique insights into the successes of Wales as a regional economy and how it fits into the wider International picture. Its incisive analysis, clear reporting, expert editorial and relevance to business decision makers makes Enterprise the prerequisite magazine for the business leader.


As well as providing readers with information and inspiration Enterprise also features conventional hard-nosed business copy Its high quality finish and appealing design increase its aesthetic appeal far higher such as interviews with leading business personalities, reviews than conventional B2B magazines. With is blend of articles it ensures it engages of innovative best practice and news updates to focus readers’ attention on key business issues and trends. the reader and offers a compelling read. Enterprise Solutions encompasses IT, Telecoms, Design and Office Interiors. Enterprise also addresses lifestyle aspirations of senior business professions. Its Living section is based on the notion that business is about reward as well as risk, including Motoring, Travel and Living, Restaurant and Hotel reviews, Must For five years Enterprise has received excellent praise by both the readers haves, City guides, Fashion and Business makeovers. Movers and business community alike, specifically the look, quality and size of the and Shakers features exclusive interviews with the hottest entrepreneurs. Developing your business contains special publication. features targeted at growth businesses. Other sections include Marketing, HR and Legal news. Frequency | Bi-Monthly Enterprise Magazine provides its readers with a commitment to explore business ideas within and beyond the margins of conventional business practice. Its use of contemporary design and imagery reflects its commitment to challenge convention and inspire innovation.

w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 6 9 5 0 | F 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 5 5 7 0

Features & Departments EDITORS’S NOTE: Ed Pereira introduces the trends, people and places featured in each issue. MOVER & SHAKER: A spotlight on key industry leaders.

IT: With a plethora of IT products and gadgets, Enterprise will source the best ones and give you insight from key professionals. BUSINESS START UP: How to do it, when to do it and what not to do.

RISING STAR: Our forecast of innovative entrepreneurs. DIGEST: Digestable stories that will give you something to talk about at those networking meetings. APPOINTMENTS: Enterprise informs you of all the new positions that have been filled, get to know them a bit better. PARTNERS PORTFOLIO: Our partners will indulge you with their latest news stories. VIEWS: Our regular columnists give their two pence worth of their business findings. MARKETING: All the news, tips and advice from the marketing world.

LEGAL: Legal news is such an important component in business, we’ll help you keep up to date. WHAT I KNOW ABOUT...: We interview a selection of professionals from accountants to web designers. TRADE & TRAVEL: From set jetting to exporting, Enterprise helps you arrive in style. OFFICE STYLE: The office is a place that should inspire creativity, here are some design ideas. LIFE AFTER WORK: Sometimes it’s important to leave work at the office, relax, unwind and have a drink on us. MRS JONES: The infamous woman who gives her unique tongue in cheek answers to all your business problems.

HR: We give you the low down on who to talk to and what to say. w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 6 9 5 0 | F 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 5 5 7 0

Business Readership By Area

Readership Enterprise is read Wales-wide by the ABC1 demographic of entrepreneurs and SME owners, Directors & Managers and is the only magazine dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship, business growth, and executive Life and Style. It is read by both men and women. Through its distribution Enterprise directly targets the decision makers of business start ups and small to medium businesses.

Targeted Readers


59% 19%

FD Sales & Marketing Procurement & IT

12% 10%

South Wales


West Wales


Mid Wales


North Wales


Outside Wales


Industry Breakdown

Banking & Finance


IT & Professional


Business Services




Engineering & Construction




Transport & Communication




Public Sector /Gov’t agencies


w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 6 5 6 7 2 9 5 0 4 | F + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 6 5 6 7 2 5 7 1 9

Wales SME’s are the backbone of the Welsh Economy accounting for 99.8% of businesses and are therefore vital to Wales. It is encouraging that entrepreneurial activity in Wales has more than doubled over the last 2 years and this trend needs to continue in order to promote and encourage growth in the Welsh economy. Enterprise magazine was therefore created to inform, inspire and encourage the Welsh entrepreneur. Its aim is to assist entrepreneurs in the creation of new business and in the growth of home-grown SME’s and the Welsh economy.

Distribution Due to the success of last years issues the print run has increased to meet demand. Enterprise magazine is now Wales’ highest circulating glossy business magazine. a Readership of 50,000 per issue. 25,000 Copies are distributed by specialist Pear magazine distributors via exclusive Retail outlets, Business support agencies, Banks, Golf clubs, Fitness/Leisure centers, Commercial & Residential property agents, Office complexes, Garages, Libraries, Professional bodies, Business events etc. 8,000 copies are also Direct Mailed to Business Leaders, MP’s, AM’s, Key Decision Makers, Movers and Shakers, as well as within the Public and Private sector.

Brand Extensions Enterprise Awards 2008 Wales Alternative Think Tank

w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 6 9 5 0 | F 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 5 5 7 0

Rates Full Page: 216 x 280 mm

Marketing Solutions Marketing Solutions for all titles include: Standard Display Advertising From full pages to strip ad’s, display advertising offers the traditional route to market your product,service or company to our target readers. Advertorial Features Pear can offer clients the opportunity to run features for the magazine. The copy can be supplied as final film by client (subject to approval) or prepared by the Pear Production Team.

1/2 Page: 216 x 140 mm

Bellybands Bellybands provide clients with significant message impact when it arrives on the readers’ desks. If required these bands can be adhered directly onto advertisers page to ensure the reader goes directly to the specific promotional or product message.

1/4 Page: 108 x 140 mm

Rates: Standard List Double Page Spread (DPS) £1400 Full Page £944 1/2 Page £586 1/4 Page £486 1/8 Page £286

Sponsorship Numerous opportunities available on request.

Special Positions Back Cover £1400 Inside Front £1044 Inside Back £1044 1st DPS £2400 1st Right Hand £1200 Agency commission rate: 10% plus 5% prompt payment bonus Web Advertizing Banners 468x60 1/8 Page: 108 x 70 mm

1/16 Page: 54 x 70 mm

Editorial Reprints Pear can reproduce reprints of editorial features at the client’s request. These reprints can be personalised with your company name, logo or even advertising. They are an ideal way to provide an independent source of third party information to your sales and marketing teams.


Gatefold Covers This technique is not always exploited by magazines, so when used it will achieve high impact. For a slightly increased price on the usual page rates advertisers can increase the space with between 2 to 4 page gatefolds (subject to approval). Polywrap Advertising Supplements Copies of all our magazines are sent out in polywrap. Limited advertising opportunities exist for clients to place their promotional messages.


Sponsored Supplements Pear will also write, design and produce a supplement on a sponsors chosen subject. These stand- alone supplements will be in line with the magazine brand. The association with the magazine ensures that your comprehensive message reaches its destination with highest impact. Copies are inserted into the full run of the magazine and sponsors will receive 500 extra copies for their own marketing activities.

Buttons 120x120 9K (not rich media)


Skyscrapers 120x600 12K


Super banner 728x90 18K


MPU 300x250 15K (large banner)


Content Flash 500x75 400K (same frame rate as video)


Homepage Flash 500x75 400k (same frame rate as video)


Inserts As an alternative to conventional advertising Pear is able to offer either loose card inserts or attached inserts depending if you need a specific response mechanism say attached alongside advert. These are excellent tools for improving your database.

Video Podcast 320x240 na


Cover Mounts This technique allows full utilisation of the advertising space purchased.

w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 6 9 5 0 | F 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 5 5 7 0

Print Specifications

Type Area

3mm Bleed


Dimensions Enterprise Single Page: 216mm W - 280mm H = Trim 206mm W - 270mm H = Type Area 222mm W - 286mm H = 3mm Bleed Double Page Spread 432mm W - 280mm H = Trim 422mm W - 270mm H = Type Area 438mm W - 286mm H = 3mm Bleed Please observe a 10mm central gutter for binding purposes.

Digital file creation: Files must be submitted as single or doublepage spreads. All files should be in CMYK format and have all fonts and hi-resolution images / logos embedded. All images contained in the file MUST be 300dpi when 100% in size.

Ink Density Text Section: The maximum UCR density should not exceed 300% Outside back cover: The UCR can be set at a maximum of 320% Bleed allowance: Bleed advertising should include a 3 mm allowance on ALL edges..

Unit 3 Penllyne Way Vale Business Park Cardiff CF71 7PE Tel: 01446 776950 Fax: 01446 775570

Digital file delivery Digital files can be sent to the publisher either by cd-rom or via our digital vault:


Disclaimer Address: login: Password: publishing Files should be named by advertiser and issue date. A confirmation e-mail should be sent to the following production contact when files have been sent to our digital vault.

Pear Publishing takes no responsibility for any advertising material that is submitted for print which is not in accordance with our specifications.

Postal address: Production

w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 6 9 5 0 | F 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 5 5 7 0

w w w. p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | m a i l @ p e a r p u b l i s h i n g . c o m | T 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 6 9 5 0 | F 0 1 4 4 6 7 7 5 5 7 0

Enterprise magazine media pack  

Enterprise magazine media pack

Enterprise magazine media pack  

Enterprise magazine media pack