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Are pearly penile papules contagious? This PDF is provided by The fact that the penile papules occur around the penile region has given a lot of people lots of questions as to the spread and propagation or reason for PPP. One of the common questions that you will always come across is whether or not the papules are contagious. Can you spread these pauples to your partner through intercourse? The bumps that occur as papules are not contagious, not one bit. In fact, these small bumps that occur on the penis are not even harmful, not even to the one who has them. The only thing that worries people is the sight of them, which others might mistake for poor hygiene or of course an STD of some description (usually Herpes). This therefore can hamper your confidence, especially when your sexual partner notices them, and obliviously makes an uninformed assessment of your hygiene or recent sexual activity. Did you know that more than 26% of men in the world today have these papules? That is indeed a fact. To be precise, a good number of these are guys within their prime years, between the ages of 20 and 35. It has also been noticed that PPP is more common with those who are uncircumcised. This is just an observation, because there are also circumcised men who have them. The main problem today is that a lot of people tend to confuse the penile papules, also known as hirsuties papillaris genitalis or PPP with genital warts or herpes. These are very different things altogether. There are also those who confuse the same with Fordyce spots. In as much as these tend to have some similar characteristics, you will need to take note of the fact that they are different things altogether. Here’s an interesting fact; did you know that papules occurring in the penile region do not usually require treatment? That is true. It is just a condition that can die away on its own. However, the presence of growths on your manhood is one thing that most people will really not take lightly, and for the same reason they will seek medical attention to correct the condition. Well, the psychological torture from the embarrassment can be a very hard thing to deal with today.

And even harder sometimes is actually talking about the condition, that’s why we are here. For more information on pearly penile papules come and take a look at our website Pearly Penile Papules Removal Methods

Are Pearly Penile Papules Contagious  

One of the common questions that you will always come across is whether or not the pearly penile papules are contagious. Can you spread thes...

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