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Here at Pearly King Jeans we create garments which are hand crafted, detail rich and high in quality. Our own team of artisans produce anything that bares the Pearly King name, we call them the Heavy Tailors. We proudly uphold the high standard of craftsmanship that the Pearly King Heavy Tailors have become known for.

As students of old school pioneers we strive to create pieces that embody their rebellious and carefree lifestyle. This leads to the formation of a truly individual garment, a garment that not only serves a purpose but tells a story.

Pearly King Jeans feature our signature profile stitch. Unlike most brands this is not simply stitched on. The Pearly King profile is hidden under the pocket only to be revealed by wear and tear. Each jean is treated by hand and can take over two days to complete. This commitment to quality and innovation is the back bone of the Pearly King brand.

All of the patterns, fits and washes for Pearly King Jeans are created by hand. We are yet to find a machine that can match the keen eye and touch of our Heavy Tailors who have been creating patterns and washes for over 40 years.

Pearly King Jeans  

An introduction to one of British Fashions biggest secrets