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Once you understand the importance of resolving conflicts, you then have to find ways to accomplish that. In this presentation, we share some special ideas which can help you resolve your conflict quickly. But these are merely techniques; so applying any of them without proper judgment can have some adverse effects too, therefore use them wisely.

Competing Applying this method may cause some disappointment and disagreement because majority of them involve power and force. In this method, we help you achieve the gaining position forcefully. So, use it when situations demand it and wining becomes absolutely important.

Obliging It's just the opposite of the competing method. This method generally does not hurt anyone. It resolves the conflict quickly and in a peaceful way.

Escaping This can be a great way of resolving conflict. Try to avoid the situation right now and wait for the appropriate time to resolve the conflict.

Cooperating This method is just the opposite of escaping. In this method, the person tries to dig out the underlying problems and sincerely tries to resolve the issues for the benefit of all.

Compromising This method is very useful when you just don’t want to hurt the other person involved in the conflict. Use this method when the person in the conflict is more important than the real conflict, for example in personal relationship.

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Effective Methods of Conflict Resolution  

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