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Don't Under-S-Tile Your Space We all dream of a house of our own. A house that we build on our own, not that we would mind an inherited one, all the same, a house of our own. Whatever you do, how much you earn, where you stay does not limit your imaging success. Success defined by a breath taking car, luxurious home, classy office, roofs and even outer walls and what not... A home and office with designer furniture, designed layout, beautiful garden, and so many details are thought of by us. For those of us who pay attention to details also think of tiles. Now thats something you need everywhere, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, garden, office. With the advancement of technology and getting closer to the world has also had an impact on availability of tiles. We have a range of international styles and preferences for tiles as well. Not just that, technology has developed a whole new range of wall tiles as well to suit you needs and taste. We have Subway tiles, Victorian tiles, William Morris and William De Morgan's tiles which mostly influence Victorian tiles, Slate tiles, ceramic tiles, etc. Which tiles you choose depends on what you use it for. For example, whil choosing tiles for our bathrooms we will consider different sets of tiles and floor. On the floor you would want a tile that is not slip proof surface, has grip, water proof, durable, easy to clean and maintain, hygenic and also consider styles and designs as per your convenience and budget. For the walls of bathrooms, you might want to consider the facts such as water proof tendency of tile, easy to clean and maintain feature, hygenic, protective surfaces, and not to forget your preplanned design and budget. Be it your new home or the old one, tiles play an integral part in desiging and adding the new look to your location. Well you may use simple looking tiles and still add the look of luxury by using a few techniques. Mix and match is the commonly used technique. As the name suggests you may pick the tiles of your choice and put them together in an appreciable manner and mind you this trick can be played by mixing the tiles as well as their positions. This trick can be played with most ceramic tiles and Victorian tiles. To complement Victorian tiles you may also use William Morris' tiles and William De Morgan's wall tiles.