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Volume 32 No. 23 11th November 2013


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Open Days Matlock - Thursday 14th November Matlock - Thursday 14th November Ashbourne - Friday 15th November Ashbourne - Friday 15th November Buxton - Monday 18th November Buxton - Monday 18th November Hassop - Tuesday 19th November Hassop - Tuesday 19th November see back page for details

Nothing to see! Everything to hear! Visit our Healthy Hearing Open Days and discover better hearing s pioneers in the development of digital hearing aids Phonak are regarded as world leaders in their field. Phonak’s Swiss origins ensure you of the finest technology and build quality available. You can tell the difference between wearing a Phonak hearing aid compared to any other.


On Thursday 14th November, Friday 15th November, Monday 18th November and Tuesday 19th November 2013, Healthy Hearing Ltd. invite you to attend our Open Day events, held in conjunction with Phonak, to talk to our Hearing Aid Audiologists and assess how your quality of hearing could be improved. Discover better hearing! If you live with a hearing loss but would like your hearing to be crystal clear again then there is a solution. How amazing would it be to hear conversation, even in the noisiest places? It is possible! There are thousands of people in your area with a hearing loss who are living better lives thanks to modern hearing technology and you’re invited to find out how . . .

Come and join us for a chat. You are welcome to come along and talk to our fully qualified, and registered Hearing Aid Audiologist over a cup of coffee. You can take advantage of our unique ‘Lifestyle Hearing Assessment’ and try out the very latest in ‘Intelligent Hearing Technology’ ... you’ll be stunned at how clearly you could hear again.

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for the life of the product. Healthy Hearing - a family-run business, have over 40 years’ 4. We provide 6-monthly check-ups absolutely free - we know that prevention is better combined experience in hearing than a cure. care, not only in the private sector but also within the NHS. 5. If you are not completely happy within the If you are not able to attend we first 28 days we will refund your money. can arrange for a home visit at a convenient time to you, which is also free of charge.

Our ‘Promise to You!’

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ealthy Hearing and Phonak have come Flexible control together to show the latest in hearing aids Audeo S SMART combines outstanding and provide you with the opportunity of trying an performance with complete flexibilty. This versatility aid that suits your lifestyle and matches your allows you to determine which direction to focus everyday living. your hearing, by simply pressing a button on your device or by remote control. This flexibilty is The phonak audeo S SMART convenient and hassle-free, and especially valuable in So small, almost invisible! The Phonak Audeo S situations where you are unable to face the speaker, SMART is superbly engineered to offer all the such as listening to a passenger in a car. benefits that you require in an intelligently designed and super durable hearing aid. Unlimited connectivity Audeo S SMART uses SoundRecover to expand Audeo S SMART has been developed for your hearing so you can enjoy all the sounds today’s modern and active environment - with whatever your hearing loss. The level of technology technology constantly improving to makes things is so superior that even with such a small device, easier! Leading an active life means interfacing speech clarity, natural sound and a reduction of with telephones, televisions, MP3 players, background noise are not compromised. computers or other audio sources. With Audeo S

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More hearing

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Audeo S SMART’s intelligent shape enhances the ability to automatically zoom in on speech and reduce background noise. Combined with its unrivalled technology, the Audeo S SMART has the fastest, highest capacity audio-processing microchip, which ensures you can enjoy all life’s subtle sounds with clarity and comfort no matter where your busy life takes you.

Believe in the power to hear more! Phonak have developed the Naida S - a fully featured water resistant power hearing aid for people with significant hearing loss. If you want to add to your quality of life by choosing the very best audibility, performance, durability and design, then the Naida S is really the very best! To fully appreciate this for yourself, visit Healthy Hearing at our Open Day and see what a difference it can make!

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REGAL CLEANING Carpet, Upholstery and Curtain Cleaning in your home/premises. Scotchguard protector, flame retardants, Special arrangements for hotels etc.

Volume 32 No. 23 11th November 2013

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30,000 copies distributed every fortnight All enquiries for Advertising and Editorial should be made to:

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Award Winning Chef Large Beer Garden 8 En-Suite Rooms Conservatory Restaurant

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Magpie Mine near Sheldon is one of the finest examples of a 19th Century lead mine in the UK. Photo by Colin Galtrey

your local wine merchants OPEN TO THE PUBLIC tuesday-friday 9.30am-5pm • saturday 9.30am-4pm

out now! our festive booklet is crammed with ideas and recommendations for all your autumn & christmas needs offers available now until the end of december call in to get your copy for a full list of wines and tasting events

the wine warehouse, milford, bakewell, derbyshire de45 1dx

pop in on saturdays to taste wines sold by the bottle or case to find us: take the A6 out of Bakewell towards Ashford, turn right for Milford (just before the fire station), plenty of parking

tel: 01629 815255 mobile: 07802 496342 for immediate sales or enquiries or e-mail:

Little Green Space We’ve kept hens for a few years now, and really enjoy their entertaining antics around the garden – and, of course, the supply of fresh, free-range eggs! We’ve just introduced four new birds to our flock, and were able to select from a wide choice of colourful hybrid hens at Marsh Green Farm, near Ashover (www.marshgreen Jennifer (Jen the Hen) is a Blue Haze hybrid, and has beautiful blue-grey feathers, while Rowan, a black and ginger Rhode Red, is incredibly friendly and comes running whenever we call. Lola is a Pied bird, with striking black and white plumage around her neck, and Amber is an Amber Star – mostly white, but with a scattering of brown feathers across her wings. All our birds lay brown

eggs, but we could have gone for something a bit different and chosen some Columbines. These hens, which have rather amusing pompoms on top of their heads, lay a spectrum of different-coloured eggs – from blue to green, and everything in between. A little care is needed when introducing new birds to an existing flock. It’s no good to just shove them all in together and hope for the best – they need time to get to know each other. So our new chickens were kept contained in their own separate house for a week – we put this in sight of the older hens, to give them a chance to get used to the newcomers. When we released the new hens there was a fair bit of pecking and squawking as the pecking order was established –

unsurprisingly Holly, our oldest bird, is still boss of the flock. But things settled down quickly, and now they are getting along just fine. Our new hens are just beginning to lay eggs, so we’ll soon have a ready supply for cakes, quiches and omelettes. Keep some hens It's easier than you might think to raise hens in your garden. Unless you are planning to raise your own hens from chicks, you will not need a cockerel, which can be very noisy and may upset your neighbours. Hybrids are the easiest birds for beginners – and can produce up to 300 eggs per year. Or you could do your bit for breed conservation and choose a pure breed such as Buff Sussex, Marans or Silkies. These will produce fewer eggs but are very attractive birds. Bantams are a good choice for smaller gardens and tend to be particularly docile — important if you have small children. It’s best to buy birds at point-of-lay: hens that are around 19 weeks old and just coming into egg-laying age. Books on keeping hens, such as Starting With Chickens by Katie Thear, are available from the library and can give you an idea of the level of commitment involved. You need to make sure the

birds are safe from foxes by shutting them into their house at dusk. They require fresh food and water and their house needs to be cleaned out regularly. If you go on holiday, you’ll have to arrange for a neighbour to pop round twice a day to let them out, shut them in, and check that they have enough to eat and drink. And collect the eggs, of course! An apple a day There’s been a bumper fruit harvest this year, and anyone lucky enough to have an apple tree or two in their garden or allotment may well find themselves with a surplus of apples.

The Bull’s Head Inn

Foolow - 01433 630873

Great Food • Warm Atmosphere Christmas Menu’s available online 2 FOR 1 Steaks on Tuesdays 6.30-8.00pm 2 FOR 1 Chicken on Wednesdays 6.30-8.00pm Now serving food ALL DAY SUNDAY



and now on Thursdays come and try our new

BANGERS & MASH NIGHT WEEKDAY - SENIOR CITIZENS’ MENU available £6.95 for 2 courses

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For all your Subaru and Proton requirements Tel: 01629 582103


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Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd

UP TO 50% OFF Verve Walnut • Walnut Wood Shaker Technica Gloss Black Gloss Walnut • Arc Walnut Georgian Platinum White


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• Bespoke, personal service guaranteed • Competitive prices, FREE quotations • A lovely showroom that’s worth a visit • Free project management and design • Warm, friendly showroom with complimentary hot drinks UNIT 13B, DEEPDALE BUSINESS PARK, ASHFORD ROAD, BAKEWELL DE45 1GT Telephone

01629 813326 OPENING TIMES: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (closed Wednesday) Saturday 9am-12 noon AMPLE FREE PARKING

A6 Buxton Road Rutland Arms Hotel

B5055 Monyash Road

Baslow Road

HSBC STAFF TURN OUT FOR THEIR FRIENDS Sheffield HSBC staff recently swapped their comfy office in Griffin House for a blustery day outdoors in the Hope Valley helping to raise awareness of the Friends of the Peak District by delivering 4,000 leaflets door to door in the heart of the Peak District. HSBC provides all employees in the UK with one day’s annual leave entitlement to volunteer for the Bank’s national charities or their charity of choice. “We all wanted to get involved as we genuinely care for the Peak District countryside and we want to help protect it,” said HSBC staff co-ordinator, Caroline Surplice. Team members involved in the mail drop commented: “What rain? It was great to be outdoors for the day, although we’d forgotten how many steps and hills we’d have to climb! But it was less hilly than last year (we got Matlock!), we had a great day and the Eyam tea rooms are an excellent stopping point!” The Friends of the Peak District is the only charity dedicated to caring for and protecting the Peak District countryside. It is an area enjoyed by millions of visitors each year but remains vulnerable to damage and a number of threats. “We’re only a small charity,” said Friends Director, Andy Tickle, “and rely heavily on

volunteers to help us get our message across. This support from HSBC is fantastic and hugely appreciated.” “It feels good to be

involved in something close to home but very important for our local countryside,” said Caroline. “The people we met during our day were

all really friendly and very supportive of what we were doing. And the local cafes were wonderful too – which was another bonus!”

The Urban Folk Quartet Return to Ashford! Don’t miss your chance to see this electrifying acoustic band on November 19th for the third time running! Four highly accomplished musicians, a dozen instruments and four voices coming together to craft a knockout show of globally influenced, acoustic music that has been taking the international folk scene by storm. Starts at 7.30pm, licensed bar from 7pm selling local ales and good wine. Tickets £15 each available from Lorna

Cooper tel 01629 640328. Ashford in the Water War

Memorial Hall. THEUFQ.COM


All profits go to Village Hall refurbishment.

WYE AND UPPER DERWENT GROUP OF THE DERBYSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST – NEXT TALK: ‘YELLOWSTONE AND THE GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARKS’ The next illustrated talk in our series gives you the chance to leave those dark winter evenings behind and visit Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks in the USA with our speakers Wildlife Trust members Max and Christine Maughan. Yellowstone, one of the most famous national parks in the world, became a national park in 1872 due to the fact that it contained about half of the world’s geysers. This is because it’s a geologically dynamic area, much of which is an active super-volcano, last erupting about 640,000 years ago. Geysers are found there due to the volcanic activity, and oldest of these, ‘Old Faithful’ erupts about every 92 minutes. As well as this dramatic scenery there is big (literally) wildlife to be seen. Grizzly and black bears, 2 herds of bison, the vegetarian moose, and elk which are the commonest of these large mammals, live in Yellowstone along with many

others. Also the gray wolf is back after being reintroduced in 1995-6. Today there are about 300 wolves, and fortunately their primary prey is elk. Big birds include the bald eagle and trumpeter swans, along with many other smaller species. Grand Teton National Park which Max and Christine also visited lies only 10 miles south of Yellowstone. Both parks, along with the surrounding National Forests, make up the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, one of the largest intact midlatitude ecosystems in the world today. Named after the main peak of the Teton Mountain Range, this national park which was established in 1929 has habitats varying from alpine tundra to spruce-fir forest to sagebrush flats to lots of lakes and rivers. Again those big mammals are found along with abundant birds, and due to the number of different habitats the flora is very varied.

Support, Reassurance and Exceptional Care in your own home

So do come along to this visually stunning talk on Monday 18 November at 7.30 pm at the Medway Centre, Bakewell to hear

about these BIG national parks. Admission is only £2.50, includes refreshments, and everyone is very welcome.


428 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8PX • Tel/Fax: 0114 268 1733 Hope Valley 01433 623700 / 623800 • Mobiles: 0771 175 3018 / 0780 327 3172

Free estimates and planning ~ no obligation

Visit us at Aston Industrial Estate by appointment

Crocus Homecare is based in Bakewell and provides support and care at home. We offer reliability, staff continuity and, most importantly, reassurance to you and your family. If you want that reassurance, then contact Debbie Crowhurst for more information on what we can do for you. Debbie prides herself on her personal involvement with all clients and their families, offering a personal service and true empathy. Telephone 01629 812874 / 07810395993 Email Website

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Contact Lens Centre of Excellence

OCT Direct Debits, Home delivery,Varifocal, (Ocular Coherence Tomography) Night & Day, Daily disposables, 3D microscopic mapping of the central complex prescriptions… retina for the earliest detection and differentiation of macular degeneration and Glaucoma. The first in DE45.


Optomap Retinal Scan A radical technological breakthrough in eye testing procedures which takes a high resolution, ultra wide image that captures around 82% of the retina, compared with conventional techniques that capture only up to 15% in a single image. Next month, the choral group Albion brings a unique repertoire and performance style across the Peaks to Buxton for the first time. On Saturday 16 November at 7.30pm the group performs a Britten and Folksong programme at St John’s

Church in the town. The group, twelve in number, sings “the music of these islands”, the traditional songs of our lands, but in new arrangements that bestow them with fresh life and colour. They are mostly sung

without instruments, and singers move around and within the space so that the audience is totally immersed in the sound. It makes for an intense, varied evening’s experience! Songs such as Scarborough Fair,

Pick-up points near you! YOUR LOCAL FAMILY COACH & TOUR OPERATOR DOOR TO TO DOOR DOOR HOLIDAYS!! HOLIDAYS!! DOOR 18th Nov 22nd Nov 2nd Dec 6th Dec 6th Dec 14th Dec 23rd Dec 23rd Dec 29th Dec 30th Dec 18th Jan 14th Feb 17th Feb 14th Mar 16th Mar 21st Mar 24th Mar 4th Apr 8th Apr 14th Apr 18th Apr 19th Apr 19th Apr 25th Apr 2nd May 3rd May 5th May 6th May 9th May 10th May 11th May 16th May 17th May 19th May 23rd May 25th May 26th May 2nd Jun 3rd Jun 9th Jun 13th Jun 14th Jun 16th Jun 22nd Jun 28th Jun 30th Jun 7th Jul 14th Jul 20th Jul

‘TURKEY & TINSEL’ IN LLANDUDNO .....................................5 days £345.00 LONDON WEEKEND......................................................................3 days £209.00 ‘TURKEY & TINSEL’ IN SIDMOUTH.........................................5 days £335.00 BRISTOL & BATH CHRISTMAS MARKETS ...........................3 days £199.00 LIEGE CHRISTMAS MARKET ....................................................4 days £289.00 LONDON WEEKEND......................................................................2 days £145.00 CHRISTMAS AT HILTON BLACKPOOL ...................................5 days £489.00 CHRISTMAS HILTON YORK CENTRE ....................................5 days £489.00 HOGMANAY STIRLING, LOCH KATRINE & TROSSACHS....5 days £499.00 NEW YEAR HILTON BATH CENTRE & COTSWOLDS .........4 days £359.00 ‘MEET THE STAFF’ & RE-UNION WEEKEND ........................2 days £109.00 LONDON VALENTINE WEEKEND .............................................3 days £205.00 WINTER WARMER IN THE ISLE OF WIGHT..........................5 days £285.00 LONDON WEEKEND......................................................................3 days £209.00 SPRING HIGHLAND FLING .........................................................5 days £289.00 OXFORD, INSPECTOR MORSE & COTSWOLDS....................3 days £219.00 SPRINGTIME IN DURHAM DALES ............................................5 days £339.00 CORNWALL SPRING FLOWER SHOW & CORNISH COAST ......5 days £409.00 DUTCH BULB FIELDS AND AMSTERDAM ..............................4 days £389.00 OBAN, MULL & IONA DELIGHTS ..............................................5 days £369.00 LONDON EASTER WEEKEND.....................................................4 days £275.00 BLETCHLEY PARK & DUXFORD...............................................2 days £159.00 LLANDUDNO, ANGLESEY & NORTH WALES ........................5 days £395.00 DELIGHTFUL DURHAM DALES & HADRIAN’S WALL........4 days £309.00 MARITIME PORTSMOUTH AND MARY ROSE.......................4 days £269.00 LONGLEAT, OXFORD & COTSWOLDS ....................................3 days £209.00 BOATS & TRAINS OF HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS.....................5 days £409.00 SCARBOROUGH, WHITBY & YORKSHIRE MOORS.............5 days £345.00 LONDON WEEKEND......................................................................3 days £209.00 SWISS LAKES AND TRAINS - LUCERNE..................................8 days £819.00 TENBY & SCENIC PEMBROKE COAST ....................................6 days £469.00 WISLEY, HAMPTON, KEW & WINDSOR..................................3 days £239.00 DELIGHTFUL SOUTH-WEST IRELAND EXPLORER ............6 days £499.00 NORTHERN LANDSCAPES – LAKES & YORKSHIRE DALES ....5 days £389.00 WOBURN ABBEY, RAILWAYS & CANALS ..............................3 days £229.00 GLORIOUS ORKNEYS, SCENIC SCOTLAND & MEY ............6 days £525.00 HEXHAM, NORTHUMBRIA, CO DURHAM & ALNWICK.....5 days £429.00 FORT WILLIAM AND SMALL ISLES OF EIGG & RUM ........5 days £419.00 SIDMOUTH AND SOUTH DEVON ...............................................5 days £439.00 TORQUAY - ENGLISH RIVIERA .................................................5 days £329.00 LONDON WEEKEND......................................................................3 days £215.00 JERSEY BY AIR ..............................................................................8 days £665.00 CREEKS, COCKLES & COCKNEYS ...........................................5 days £395.00 ISLE OF WIGHT - SHANKLIN......................................................6 days £429.00 SPECTACULAR ORKNEYS & SHETLAND ISLES...................6 days £679.00 WEYMOUTH & DORSET COAST................................................5 days £339.00 CUMBRIAN CAVALADE - A SIGHTSEEING SPECTACULAR .5 days £409.00 AYRSHIRE & IRISH JAUNT TO TITANIC CENTRE BELFAST ..5 days £ 465.00 HOUSES, GARDENS, ORCHARDS, VINES & RAIL OF KENT ..5 days £ 379.00

16th Nov 23rd Nov 23rd Nov 1st Dec 7th Dec 12th Dec 14th Dec 15th Feb 8th Mar 15th Mar

DAY EXCURSIONS & THEATRE TRIPS LONDON - SHOPPING & SIGHTSEEING....................................................£28.00 HARROGATE - SHOPPING & SIGHTSEEING ...........................................£25.00 HARROGATE KNIT & STITCH SHOW * ....................................................£36.00 YORK ST. NICHOLAS FAIR...........................................................................£26.00 LINCOLN CHRISTMAS MARKET................................................................£27.50 LONDON CHRISTMAS SHOPPER ................................................................£28.00 CHESTER AT CHRISTMAS............................................................................£24.50 YORK...................................................................................................................£25.00 CRUFTS - N.E.C. *.............................................................................................£42.00 IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION *........................................................................£40.00


Anchor Garage,Tideswell, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 8RB

Tel: 01298 871222 F: 01298 872412 • E:

Jerusalem, and The Skye Boat Song form the centrepiece of the repertoire. For the forthcoming concert, which falls days before what would have been Benjamin Britten’s 100th birthday, these are combined with brand-new settings of some of Britten’s best-loved folksongs, including Greensleeves, The Water is Wide, and Early One Morning. Members of the group will also perform solo items – songs by both Britten and his contemporaries – and we will hear the choral piece Hymn to the Virgin, composed by Britten at the tender age of just 18, his first major choral work. Albion’s young, fresh choral tone and colourful approach will make this an evening of super sounds and discovery! The group’s composer and director Fraser Wilson says: “One of the things we hear the most from our audiences is that it’s a delight to hear familiar music sung in a new way – our songs strike a chord deep within people. When writing the arrangements I try to absorb the essence of the song and to reflect that in the final version, even though it might have a very different flavour to the original.” The fine acoustics of St John’s Church in Buxton, extensively used for the Fringe Festival every summer, will show the music off to excellent effect. It will be an evocative, beautiful evening, and the people of Buxton and beyond are warmly invited to discover the magic of Albion for themselves! To hear live recordings of these songs, go to nchoir St John’s Church, Buxton SK17 6XN. Tickets £10 / £5 (under 18s, students, seniors, unwaged). Call 0114 258 2690 to reserve tickets; buy tickets online f r o m Albion’s website ; hoir; Twitter @albion_choir

Taddington Gardeners Taddington Gardeners will meet again on Wednesday 13 November at 7.30pm in the Bramwell Memorial Institute, Taddington. Guest speaker Danny Wells will be giving an illustrated talk on "The English and their Gardens". The event is free to TG members - for non-members there will be a small charge of £3.50, to include refreshments. All are welcome! Any residents of Taddington, Priestcliffe, Blackwell & Brushfield wishing to join the group may do so on the night. For any further information please contact 07929 151688 or

MPOD (Macular Degeneration Screening) The Only test in DE45 to assess how at risk you are of getting macular degeneration.

Individually selected from all over the world from NHS budgets to bespoke & tailored options, making sure we have a style and price to suit everyone. Chanel, Lindberg,William Morris, Cartier and Moscot Originals to name but a few.

Varifocal Specialist Varifocals from basic to individually tailored – designed to specific lifestyles and environments. Consultations available by appointment.

Find The Eye Place in the centre of Bakewell… Matlock Street Bakewell Derbyshire DE45 1HD

01629 813 603


4 Diamond Court, Water Street, Bakewell DE45 1EW. Tel: 01629 814840

WE SPECIALISE IN: MOTOR Cars and vans HOME Main residence, second homes, holiday homes PROPERTY Let or unoccupied HOSPITALITY Guest houses and B&Bs SMALL BUSINESSES WHY WYE? We’re here when you need us ~ on the phone or in person You can trust us to arrange your insurance properly We will help you with paperwork and claims Our advice is independent and free For free, friendly advice, and competitive premiums, call in to meet us, ring us on 01629 814840 or email Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Page 4 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

BAKEWELL CHORAL SOCIETY AUTUMN CONCERT Across six centuries of music... in one evening!

Bakewell Choral Society's concert on Saturday 23rd November in Bakewell Parish Church at 7.30 will take our audience from 15th century up to the 20th century - all in one evening under the baton of Alan Eost! The Society are delighted to welcome soprano Andrea Ryder, (pictured) an experienced oratorio and concert soloist and Andrew Kirk who makes a welcome return to accompany us on the organ and perform pieces by Gibbons, Froberger and Purcell. The full choir and a semi-chorus will perform Renaissance pieces by Hassler, de Victoria, Palestrina, Viadana, Byrd, Gibbons, Batten and Tye. There is a leap forward to Le Fleming’s Five Psalms published in 1947 including the well-known Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd, which will be performed by

aeterna was written for and premiered by the Los Angeles Master Chorale in 1997. The five movements contain references to Light and are beautifully crafted. Tickets are £10; Students and Accompanied Children FREE. Tickets are available from Bakewell Bookshop, choir members and on the door. They can be purchased by post by contacting Mrs E. Butcher, The Gabled House, South Church Street, Bakewell, DE45 1FD. 01629 810205. Please send a SAE and cheque made payable to Bakewell Choral Society. The Society offers FREE TRANSPORT for audience members within a six mile radius of Bakewell (subject to numbers). Contact Elizabeth Butcher on 01629 810205. our soloist Andrea Ryder. Morten Lauridsen's Lux


Winster Local History Group has organised a talk by master-craftsman Will Noble on ‘Dry-Stone Walling and Traditional Vernacular Stone Building’. Will is a really interesting character. When he was aged 13 his father, a Yorkshire farmer, got him to quarry stone that he had come across while digging in the garden. Will dressed the blocks and built a wall that stands to this day. From these beginnings he progressed to be champion dry-stone waller, and his work can be seen in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, and in field walls all over the country. He has also visited the USA several times to carry out commissions for the landscape sculptor and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy. Will is also a mastermason and has worked several times on commissions at the Chelsea Flower Show. His illustrated talk will also show some of

MATLOCK INNER WHEEL 67th CHARTER The 67th Charter of Matlock Inner Wheel was celebrated on Wednesday 16th October at the Peak Edge Hotel, Stanedge, Chesterfield. Matlock members, Matlock Rotary guests and Inner Wheel guests from other District clubs attended the event. A delicious dinner was followed by a very entertaining talk by Remi Seth, a retired GP, surgeon and well known after dinner speaker. Top table guests included District Vice Chairman Rachel Cooper and Matlock Rotary President Cynthia Machent. The Inner Wheel is 90 years old this year and is the largest worldwide women’s organisation. Here in Matlock we are proud to be celebrating 67 years of service to the community and overseas. Our next fundraising event will be our annual tombola at the Victorian Market in December where we will be found sharing the Rotary tent. We look forward to seeing you there.

the historic vernacular buildings he has restored and others newly built in traditional styles. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Will is a well-known folk singer, who performs at Folk Festivals at home and abroad. If there is time, we may be able to get him to perform. The talk is on Monday 25th November at 7.30pm in the Burton Institute, Winster DE4 2DQ. Non-members are welcome (small admission charge invited).

ALPHA GAS & PLUMBING LIMITED Paul Craven DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL •Central Heating & Plumbing •Installations and Repair •Servicing of all Appliances •Call-out Service Available •Supply and Installation of Bathrooms including Tiling •Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate

Tel: 01433 639911 Fax: 01433 631634 Calver Works, Calver, Hope Valley S32 3XH Credit and Debit Cards accepted

Blood Brothers Woodburning and Multifuel Stoves Chimney Lining Specialists Range of Accessories and Fuel 87 Dale Road, Matlock DE4 3LU 01629 583550

Tel: 0800 285 1256 Do you really want the value of your hard earned family home to be RICK WYSE Dip PFS Certs CII(MP&ER)


If you are concerned that your property, or your parents’ property, may be sold in the future to potentially pay for care home fees then you need to talk to us. We may be able to find a reasonably straightforward and inexpensive solution. • FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE • INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVICE

Investments, Protection, Pensions, Mortgages and Tax Planning, *Wills, Trusts & Probate SAPPHIRE WEALTH CONSULTANCY, HILLSIDE, THE ORCHARD, STANEDGE ROAD, BAKEWELL DE45 1DG

SAPPHIRE WEALTH CONSULTANCY LLP YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISER Wealth Creation Specialists Contact Rick Wyse on: W: E: M: 078967 66321 *Referred to a third party Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. There may be a fee for mortgage advice, the precise amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate that it will be £150.

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your vision is up to scratch this winter.’ Oliver Wright, headteacher of Monyash Primary School, adds: ‘The safety of our pupils is our number one priority so we are pleased to be recipients of the Specsavers highvisibility vests and armbands. They will ensure that pupils will be clearly visible to motorists when they are outside the school grounds.’

FORTHCOMING PUBLICATIONS & DEADLINES Please see page 48 for details

Bakewell Town & Community Trust

Community Events • Fairs • Festivals • Wedding Receptions • Parties • Business Events COMING EVENTS

Julie Shelton MSSCh, MBChA

HPC REGISTERED CHIROPODIST Registered member of the British Chiropody & Podiatry Association


Tel: 01629 815060 Library Building, Granby Road, Bakewell DE45 1ES

Pupils at Monyash Primary school will now be safer on the roads thanks to Specsavers in Buxton. The Spring Gardens optician has kitted out every child at the school with a high-visibility vest to keep them safe on the walk to and from school during the dark winter months. Tom Rhodes, store director at Specsavers Buxton, organised the partnership and presented the children with new vests at a visit to the store on Wednesday 16th October 2013. He says: ‘When the

clocks go back and the nights get darker, it becomes harder for drivers to see pedestrians. Children on their way to and from school are most at risk. We wanted to provide the pupils from Monyash Primary School with high-visibility vests to make them easier to be seen. It is vital that drivers keep a check on their eyesight and we recommend a test every two years. If you can’t remember the last time your eyes were tested it is well worth booking an appointment to ensure that




‘Strictly No Falling’ 1.30pm

Science in the National Park 10.00-3.30

Boot Camp 7.00pm

Derbyshire Craft & Food Fair (all day event)

TUESDAY 12TH NOVEMBER Townswomen’s Guild 10.00am Longshaw Lodge (evening) Red Cross (evening)


WEDNESDAY 13TH NOVEMBER Bakewell Floral Art Club 7.30pm

THURSDAY 14TH NOVEMBER ‘Strictly No Falling’ 1.30pm FREE Legal clinic 3.00-6.00pm

Samatha Meditation 7.30pm

Boot Camp 7.00pm



Chelmorton Church Coffee Morning 9.00-1.00

Record & CD Fair 10.00-5.00

Boot Camp 7.00pm Town Council (Full) 7.00pm

Red Cross (evening)


Record & CD Fair 10.00-5.00

MONDAY 11TH NOVEMBER Oxfam Christmas Fayre 9.00-1.00 Bridge Club 7.00pm Boot Camp 7.00pm


SATURDAY 16TH NOVEMBER Aikido 10.30-12.30

An Enchanted Evening (charity concert) 7.30pm

Dales Craft, Gift & Food Fair (all day)



Waistwise 10.00am

‘Strictly No Falling’ 1.30pm

Boot Camp 7.00pm

Boot Camp 7.00pm Family History Group (evening)

Bridge Club 7.00pm




Aikido 10.30-12.30

HOBS Coffee Morning 9.00-1.00

Padley Lodge (evening)

Derbyshire Craft & Food Fair (all day)

Boot Camp 7.00pm

Womens Royal B Legion (evening)

Bridge Club 7.00pm

‘An Enchanted Evening’          +&'"-#)-,**+-')- $!-& *)- $-+,-'**-,,,-,(-)*-,,+ ,+- ,()' )-"((-+*,+"-$%-# ##--$%%-%%-,+-&&!'!+*,+" )&()*+(*)! ,

WHISKY TASTING EVENINGS Friday 15th November Telmere Lodge Tasting Hasland, Chesterfield AND

Book/enquire call 01629 810 152 Bradwell Bowls Club held their annual Charity Day on Sunday 8th September. The amount raised on the day was ÂŁ800 to be shared by Ovarian Cancer and Breast

Cancer Charities. The winners of the competition were Nick Thorpe and Mary Timmins, with Danny Blunt and Robyn Hardman the runners-up.


• Rooms to accommodate 10 to 150 • Fully Licensed • Conference facilities


Saturday 7th December Christmas Tasting The Farmyard Inn, Youlgrave Phone 01629 812235 for tickets

5 Portland Square, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1HA Tel: 01629 812235 • Fax: 01629 814210 E-mail: •



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In the heart of the Peak District. We are a family firm with over 45 years’ experience in the carpet industry. We offer a personal and honest service from help and advice in choosing your floor covering through to measuring and professionally fitting your purchase. Call in at the shop or phone us for a free home selection service.

This is the family team to serve you, from left to right: Joe, Jamie (rear), Matthew (rear), George the dog, Amanda, David, Pat and Mark


London House, Matlock Street, Bakewell. Tel: 01629 814122

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Fundraising Team Summit Kilimanjaro For Local Charity

LOSE weight

LOSE inches and

GAIN body


Derby Road, Cromford, near Matlock

Telephone 01629 823944 / 07827 912927

An intrepid team of fundraisers have taken on the challenge of a lifetime and conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in Africa at 5896m. William Tudor Jones from Great Hucklow and Julia Procter and Sally Eyre, both from Dore, took on the challenge to raise much needed funds for Helen’s Trust. Their trip commenced on 27th September and lasted seven days. The


ascent was made up of a series of climbs and descents to prepare the climbers for the punishing effects of high altitude. “It was mentally and physically tough,” said William, a Helen’s Trust trustee, “the hardest thing I’ve ever done, without a doubt! The team was amazing though and we really kept each other going.” The team encountered extremes of temperature and a huge variety of terrain from rainforest to

glaciers and moorland to scree. The team camped each night, ate food prepared by the local porters, and enjoyed the massive, clear night skies. The final ascent began at midnight with limited time allowed at the summit due to the extreme altitude. “We’ve been training for this since January,” said Julia. “It’s such a huge achievement and so great to combine a wonderful experience with raising money for such an important local charity.”

To date the trio have raised over £11,000 and have received support from local businesses including Avant Garde in Baslow, Bird Stainless, ASAP and The Queen Anne Inn in Great Hucklow. “We are a small local charity and an amount such as this is incredibly significant to us,” said CEO, Heidi Megaughin. “This will help us to fulfil the ever increasing demand for our services across North Derbyshire and The High Peak.”

Inspired by William, Sally and Julia, Tom and Caroline Hamilton from Holmesfield will be taking on the Kilimanjaro challenge in February 2014. The charity has spaces available and if you are interested in joining the trek you should contact Helen Carr as soon as possible (helen.carr@helenstrust. You can view more photos from the September trip at helenstrust


Flagg Nursery School is delighted to announce our success in winning third place in the ‘Northern Area Communal Gardens’ category of Derbyshire Dales District Council’s ‘Blooming Dales’ competition. Flagg Nursery School’s community garden is used by all ages to provide a little piece of magic in a small, farming community. During the day the garden is used by school children to play safely, grow flowers and vegetables, and learn about the outdoor environment. The garden contains play equipment which is also

used by Tiddleypeeps Toddler Group. The stone wall surrounding the garden allows parents to relax, content in the knowledge that their children are safe. In the evenings the garden is used by members of the community to sit, contemplate, and rest awhile. For more information on Flagg Nursery School, please ring the school office on 01298 85208, or visit our website: Flagg Nursery School is rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.


The Peak Advertiser

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24 – 28 Feb (HB) £191

31 March – 04 April (HB) £277



BOURNEMOUTH 21 – 25 Apr (HB) £218


MYSTERY WEEKEND 03 – 04 May (HB) £98



12 – 16 May (HB) £245

HOWARTH 1940s WEEKEND 16 – 18 May (HB) £129

20 – 24 May (HB) £349



MISS SAIGON 7.30 PERFORMANCE , HILTON METROPOLE HOTEL 14 – 15 June (BB) £173 (Show ticket included) EUROPEAN COACHING 2013-2014

BELGIUM, BRUSSELS CHRISTMAS MARKET 05 – 08 Dec (BB) £220 BIG BANDS AND BULBFIELD MINI-CRUISE 13 – 15 Apr (HB) £199 FRANCE, DORDOGNE 22 – 29 May (HB) £697 IRELAND, FERMANAGH LAKELANDS 08 – 13 Jun (HB) £466 ITALY, LAKE GARDA AND DAVOS, SWITZERLAND 26 Jul – 04 Aug (HB) £815 BRUSSELS CARPET OF FLOWERS 15 – 18 Aug (BB) £232 AIR HOLIDAYS from East Midlands Airport Door to Door pick up and drop off service available, please ask for details.

Various dates

JERSEY AND GUERNSEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .£465 / £505


Sat 23 Nov Sat 23 Nov Sat 30 Nov Sat 30 Nov Sat 30 Nov Sat 07 Dec Sat 14 Dec Sun 15 Dec Tues 04 Feb


Adult OAP/Child


£28 £28 / £24 £19 £21 £39.50 £22 £20.50 £30 £30 / £25.50 £22 £63


TEL (01629) 582826 / 584192 EMAIL:


Fine craftsmanship & beautiful design Is this the heart of your home this season?

French folk band Loufolk were the stars of a grand party in Wirksworth celebrating twenty years of twinning. Loufolk travelled from Wirksworth’s French twin town of Die (pronounced dee) specially for the event held in Wirksworth’s town hall on 19th October. The original twinning charter was signed by mayors of Wirksworth and Die back in 1993 and this was followed with a similar agreement with Frankenau in Germany, creating a triangular partnership. This formal agreement has led to many hundreds of personal contacts. The sheer size and diversity of these contacts have been shown by the number of local people who have recorded their twinning memories in just twenty words. Twinning committee member Malcolm Kerry said: ‘We were just overwhelmed by the number of people who sent in their memories. Most are now on display in the library and in the display in St Mary’s Gate!’ Food for the evening was supplied by Christian Aid and Chair of the Twinning Association, Suzanne Clark said: ‘We are all delighted with the evening, everyone has worked so hard. Loufolk got us off to a great start and we were so pleased to welcome twinning officials from Die and Frankenau, Yvette Guillermet and Tristan Polter’ . Wirksworth Town Council maintains its active support of the twinning link and town Mayor, Ben Dew has been in contact with the mayor of Die expressing appreciation for the ongoing cooperation. Rob Gill from Wirksworth joined Loufolk on stage and also organised for group members Lucie, Max, Antoinette and Nicolas to play with local musicians in the Royal Oak on the following night. There has been a year of celebration activities which included a well dressing on the twinning themes, a display in the annual procession and a special tri-lingual cook book edited by Anna McGuire and Judith Hickman. Planning for the next twenty years The Twinning Association is now looking forward and is seeking ideas for future cultural and sporting links. Individuals and local groups interested in getting involved are most welcome to attend the open TwinningAGM at 7.30 on Friday 15th November at Waltham House. For more information about joining the twinning association contact JudiAustin 01629 822 240.



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Let Peak Fireplaces bring that feeling of warmth, comfort and timeless elegance into your home today. Be inspired as you browse our award-winning collection of wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, fireplaces in marble, timber and stone and comprehensive range of gas and electric fires.


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LIVE MUSIC IN THE DALES Classical Music ‘Supergroup’ for Matlock’s 50th Anniversary Concert • Cookery Courses

• Breadmaking Classes

• Artisan Food & Drink Classes Perfect FOODIE Gift! 01629 888 586

On 22 November, Matlock Music is celebrating its fiftieth year with a special concert featuring the Iuventus String Ensemble. The Ensemble was formed in 2010 as an expanded version of the renowned Iuventus Quartet, to allow for more imaginative programming. The Ensemble has performed in venues across the UK and abroad. Recent reviews have hailed the group’s performances as ‘startling’ and ‘spellbinding’. Regular Matlock concertgoers will recognise Ruth

Rogers (violin) and Katherine Jenkinson (cello) from recent visits with the Aquinas Piano Trio. The concert will open with Mendelssohn’s famous and much-loved Octet, opus 20. Written in 1825, when he was only 16, this is nevertheless ‘a mature and brilliant piece of music’. Indeed, it has been said that ‘its youthful verve, brilliance and perfection make it one of the miracles of nineteenth-century music’. Brahms’ Sextet No.1 follows, again a youthful work,

! w e N s a m t s i Chr p o h S

The Iuventus Ensemble playing in Westminster Hall in June 2012 in honour of the visit to Parliament of Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma written in 1860. This was fondness. The concert is on Friday Brahms’ first chamber music for strings, a strongly 22 November at the romantic and lyrical piece. It Wheeldon Hall, Highfields was used as the soundtrack School, Lumsdale, off the by the French film director Chesterfield Road, Matlock, Louis Malle in ‘Les Amants’ in DE4 5NA, starting at Danny Bryden, a semi- create: Panettone tea 1958 and the second 7.30pm. Tickets are available finalist in series 3 of the cakes, savoury walnut movement has also featured at the door before the Great British Bake Off, will choux eclairs with cream in episodes of ‘Star Trek’ and concert at £10. Under-18s, be holding a festive baking cheese and olives and ‘Inspector Morse’! The students and registered masterclass at Hartingtons show-stopping Christmas concert concludes with jobseekers pay half-price. All School of Food in Bakewell scones. Danny who is a Benjamin Britten’s ‘Simple seats are unreserved. There on 26th of November, medical consultant has Symphony’, opus 4, is ample parking at the showing bakers how they agreed to donate her fee to composed in 1933-4. The school. Further information can create some stunning the charity Fareshare. For piece is based on eight is available from John festive bakes to impress more details of this and courses: themes which Britten wrote Oldfield on 01629 733296 or family and friends. Danny other the website will be helping people during his childhood and for from which he had a particular


Geoff Kersey Visit

On the morning of Saturday 19th October, Geoff Kersey visited Matlock Artists Society to give a painting demonstration. This was an open event and enabled us to increase our usual numbers by inviting friends and advertising the event for a small entrance fee. The morning was well attended. Geoff enthusiastically demonstrated how to tackle a woodland scene and gave

us a lot of practical advice about composition, colour perspective, colour mixing and the importance of the paper quality and controlling the dampness of the paper. We all very much appreciated him sharing some of his expertise and producing such a lovely painting. The photograph shows Geoff with his painting and our chairman Val Fletcher and secretary Liz Chisnall.


Created by Nature Shaped by Mankind

u Granite Worktops u Marble Bathrooms

Abbotsholme every moment matters an education for life Set in beautiful, rural surroundings, Abbotsholme is an independent co-educational boarding and day school for ages 2-18. It is a school unlike any other: a wonderful place in which to learn and develop, where each child’s contribution is properly valued and encouraged throughout. • • • • • • • • • •

Individual academic excellence and achievement; Small class sizes (around 15), enabling individual attention and support; Separate Prep school facilities, with access to all senior school facilities; Pre-School rated Outstanding in all areas by Ofsted, with experienced, friendly and highly qualified staff; Outstanding Outdoor Education programme with indoor climbing wall and Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme to Gold level; Sporting excellence with key focus on hockey, rugby and cricket; 70 acre working farm and BHS approved Equestrian Centre; New dedicated sixth form centre for independent learning; First class facilities for music, art and drama; Scholarships and forces bursaries available.

COME16th ALONG TO OUR Scholarship NEXT OPEN Morning EVENT Saturday November: FRIDAY 22ND JUNE, 5-7PM

for Year 7, 9 and 12 entry for September 2014 Contact Jessica Ash on 01889 594 265 or visit

Contact Michele Archer on 01889 594 265 or visit WWW.ABBOTSHOLME.CO.UK

Abbotsholme Rocester, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, Abbotsholme School,School, Rocester, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14ST14 5BS 5BS

Enhance your existing kitchen with Granite or Quartz Silica Worktops direct from the manufacturer u Full template, supply and fit service u Replacement tops a speciality u Established over 10 years u Paving & Landscaping u Architectural Masonry u Mandale Fossil Limestone

Old Station Yard, Rowsley Matlock DE4 2EJ Tel 01629 735507 Fax 01629 735508

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Little Green Space CONTINUED

Sift the flour into a large bowl, stir in the almonds and rub in the butter, using your fingertips. In a separate bowl, whisk together the milk, egg and sugar. Add the milk mixture

to the flour mixture and stir well. Peel, core and finely chop the apples, then add them to the cake mixture. Finally add the diced stem ginger. Put the mixture into a large, lined cake tin and bake at 160°C for 50-60 minutes, until the cake is golden brown and firm to the touch.

Penny Bunting Twitter @LGSpace

Window Energy Rating Polar Windows Chesterfield Limited PVC-U Casement A Rated Window Reg No. 0794-002A




-10 to < 0 -20 to -10 -30 to -20 -50 to -30

Energy Rating

150ml milk 1 egg 170g soft light brown sugar 3 medium sized eating apples 100g diced stem ginger

-70 to -50

kWh/m2/year of energy consumption

Paired with other seasonal goodies – pumpkin or parsnips – apples will sweeten up a spicy soup. They are delicious added to a salad, with warm goat’s cheese and walnuts, and combine beautifully with red cabbage, too. Or try this teatime treat: Apple and ginger cake 325g self raising flour 50g ground almonds 175g butter

Thermal Rating Register

It’s well known that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. And reaching for an apple, rather than a less healthy snack, really could help keep you well. Apples are full of anti-oxidants and vitamins, and are low in calories, high in fibre and virtually fat-free. With British apple season in full swing, there’s no better time to make sure you add an apple to your five-a-day list. And for really local apples, check out Farmer’s Markets in Bakewell, Buxton or Matlock – or buy from local food cooperative DE4 Food ( If you do find yourself with a glut of apples, stewing and freezing them is a great way to preserve them for the winter months ahead – you can also cook them, along with a little apple juice and brown sugar, in a slow cooker, which helps retain their shape and texture. Apple porridge is a welcome, warming start to a cold, autumn day. For two people, peel, core and dice two apples. Melt some butter in a saucepan and fry the apples until soft, then stir in a tablespoonful of brown sugar. Add 80g porridge oats and 500ml of milk, bring to the boil and simmer for five minutes. For a fruitful boost, throw in some raisins or sultanas – or spice things up by adding a teaspoonful of ground ginger or cinnamon. Don’t forget you can use apples in a whole host of savoury recipes, too. Apples are perfect with pork, of course, but can also be added to a chicken casserole along with cider and cream.

-70 +

The Window Energy Rating is a relative rating based on a notional house and windows in an average UK location. Actual energy performance will vary with building detailing, usage, local climate and internal temperature.

To Check this label is current visit:

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Stitch &

Curtains, Pelmets, Valances, Blinds, Cushions, Loose Covers for all types of furniture. All made to measure, plus fitting service, alterations and re-linings. Also, upholstery.

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159


Head to the Pavilion Gardens with friends and family for Buxton’s Winter Celebration on Friday November 22nd from 2pm til 8pm. It’s a chance for the whole community to get together and enjoy some winter fun and

Remember a loved one or celebrate a special event and Light up a Life with Blythe House Hospice. The weeks before Christmas can be a special time of year, but for many people who have lost someone close to them, it may be a time of sadness. Light up a Life provides you and your family and friends with a unique opportunity to remember and reflect on someone special who has died or you may wish to celebrate an event such as the birth of a child, a marriage or another happy occasion. To celebrate lives and remember loved ones, Blythe House is once again inviting you to dedicate lights in support of this year’s Light up a Life appeal. All donations received will allow the Hospice to continue its vital work. To dedicate a light please complete the dedication form or contact the Hospice for more details. You are also welcome to visit Blythe House before, during and after their Light up a Life festival to reflect and write

Sew LEE HOLMES CARPETS Please ring 01433 621864 or mobile 07769 974756


Lowest price promise! Bring your written quote and we’ll beat it, guaranteed! PLUS: u Free uplift and removal of your old carpets u Move your furniture u Free gripper rods u Free door trims u NO extra charge for stairs u All work guaranteed and fitted by our own fitting team 80/20 Wool carpets now in stock Stain free polypropylene now in stock

Light Up a Life – Blythe House Hospice

From £9.95psy From £5.95psy


messages in the Light up a Life book at Blythe House. Everyone is welcome to attend the Light up a Life festival which will take place on Sunday 17th November at 3.30pm at Blythe House where there will be opportunities to dedicate lights and buy candles, pin badges and Christmas cards and gifts. A short service by the Rev’d Richard Mottershead at 3.45pm will be accompanied with performances by Tideswell Male Voice Choir and followed by the switching on of the lights. Blythe House Hospice are very grateful to Lafarge Tarmac, who have once again sponsored their Light up a Life appeal. Following the festival everyone will be able to see the dedicated starry white lights shining in and around the Hospice from 3.30 11pm every night from 17th November through to January 2014. For further information about the Light up a Life Appeal, please contact the Fundraising Department on 01298 815388.

Est 1996

entertainment. At the Grand Christmas Bazaar you can sip a warming mulled wine and grab a bite to eat whilst you shop or the kids can go and see Father Christmas in his grotto. Penguins, snowmen and a few surprises are in store for all to see. The Mini Billerettes and local schools will be

delighting the crowds by the bandstand followed by the magical lantern parade in which everyone is invited to join whether you have a lantern or not. Free lantern workshops will be held on Saturday Nov 16th at Buxton Museum & Art gallery. This year, celebrity Jonny Freeman (CBBC’s M.I.High) will be whipping


up the crowds for the big countdown at 6.30pm. It’s a free community event, so come along, ride the train with the Ice Queen, enjoy the fun fair and help make Buxton sparkle!

• Gates & Railings • Staircases & Balustrades • Bespoke Metalwork Contact us to discuss your requirements • General Fabrication

01629 581691 / 07976 407073 email:

C. I. Strong Timber Services Email:

PRODUCTS INCLUDE: Large sheds, workshops, garages, log stores, school shelters, stables, field shelters, dog and poultry housing


WE ALSO SUPPLY: Onduline roofing materials and roofing felt

Family and Matrimonial Clinic

For further info. and a free colour brochure

T: 01298 873098 M: 0771 5254620

every Monday afternoon with Chris Revitt, Solicitor and Collaborative Lawyer Free phone 0808 1444 550

We deliver throughout Derbyshire and surrounding counties

SPECIALIST LEGAL ADVISORS ON Wills & Probate | Powers Of Attorney | Agricultural & Rural Issues Long Term Care Planning | Divorce & Separation Land & Property | Crime & Litigation


Brunel House. Heather Lane. Hathersage. S32 1DP tel. 01433 650 718 fax. 01433 651 003


16 Bank Street. Sheffield. S1 1DY tel. 0114 272 4381 fax. 0114 276 1407 email. web.

Wm Eyre & Sons The Peak District Country Store with Everything

Est 1885

Main Stockist of Barbour & Musto Clothing Wrangler Jeans • Le Chameau Wellies • Muckboots • Aigle, Hunter and Hi-Tec Boots • Dubarry of Ireland Boots & Clothing • Equestrian and Shooting Clothing • Joules and Toggi Clothing • Sealskin • Workwear (waterproof and overalls, etc), plus a huge range of Wellies and Thermals Also: Fencing • Gates • Timber • Pet and Animal Feeds • Animal Health • Wild Bird food • Houseware and Hardware • Flour • Tools • Stable Equipment • Shavings • Horsewear • Electric Fencing • Agro-Chemicals • Fertiliser • Grass Seed • Ear Tags • Garden Goods and Britain’s Toys

Dubarry Boots

Brough Corn Mills, Brough, Bradwell, Hope Valley. Tel: 01433 620353 Email: OPEN: Monday – Wednesday 8.30-5.30 Thursdays 8.30-7.00 Fridays 8.30-6.00

The children of Hartington C of E Primary School have begun their new academic year in a flurry of excitement with the introduction of a daily Breakfast Club. This has been met with great success as the children have enjoyed a range of cereals and toast to help start their school day. They have enjoyed being involved in the tradition of the making of the School Well with the theme this year being based upon the 100 year celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show. The completed Well was displayed in the village and blessed during another traditional celebration of the crowning of the Poppy Queen. During the day visitors and locals alike enjoyed the sunshine as they explored and investigated a variety of stalls, games and activities organised by Hartington School PTA and the Royal British Legion to ensure all who attended had a super Saturday.

Dale Road North, Darley Dale, Matlock DE4 2HX Dale Road North, Darley Dale, Matlock DE4 2HX

TELEPHONE: 01629 734807 TELEPHONE: 01629 734807

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ANTHONY GELL STUDENTS SET COURSE FOR SAILING SUCCESS A dozen students from Anthony Gell School in Wirksworth have gained sailing qualifications thanks to funding secured from ‘Sportivate’ by the Rural Derbyshire School Sport Partnership. The youngsters were awarded their RYA Stage 1 Certificates after completing the ‘Introduction to Sailing’ course. The course has been taught in six two-hour sessions over six weeks by qualified instructors at Carsington Sports and Leisure near Ashbourne. Holding his Youth Sailing Scheme log book, year 7 pupil Michael Rowlatt said, “We have learned how to turn with the rudder, and how to change speeds by pulling the rope attached to the sail and we’ve also been pushing the boat onto its front to either speed it up or slow it down.” Lucy Edenbrow in year 8, who has special educational needs, said: “I’m pleased to achieve this. I learned how to steer for the first time and I’ve started getting good at it as well. And I’ve been controlling the ropes on the sail. I want to do stage 2 now.” Lucy’s Mum Tina said: “I think it’s been fabulous. Lucy’s got special needs and it’s been credit to all the staff at Carsington that they’ve

We are a family owned business specialising in fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. We also replace outdated doors, worktops, sinks and appliances.

managed to teach her level 1. She’s thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It’s given her lots of confidence and it has been a great social experience for her being part of a team. It’s been something she has looked forward to every week. It has definitely inspired her. She’s really upset we’re going into winter period and she can’t come regularly but she’s up for doing her level 2 next Easter.” Commenting on the Sportivate funding worth around £1,000 to help about 40 pupils to access the Learn to Sail course over the

academic year, secured by the RDSSP, Lucy’s Mum said, “It’s amazing. Without it to be fair I don’t think as a family we would have been able to afford a proper sailing course, so for us it’s opened up an opportunity especially for Lucy as well the other students from AG to give them a taster of this and hopefully once she’s got this ability we can come and hire at an hourly rate which will be cheaper for us.” Elliot Pursglove who was taking his Stage 2-3 said: “I’ve been tacking and jibbing round buoys and going really fast - it was lots of fun. I was

in a Pico and I’ve sailed the Anthony Gell Feva boat twice. The course will help me get into sailing and I’m hoping to do some more.” RDSSP Partnership Manager, Janice Price, who is based at Anthony Gell, said: “This Sportivate funding enables students to get a taste of a sport that many wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to try.” “We’re so proud that Ellen MacArthur is a former Anthony Gell Student. Who knows? Perhaps this course here at Carsington will inspire the next generation of world-class sailors.”

CRUK WALKING TREASURE HUNT The Matlock local committee of CRUK held a Walking Treasure Hunt around Starkholmes and into Matlock last month. It was very well organized by Alan and Trish Lambe, the weather was kind and a very enjoyable evening was had by everyone. The grand total of £177 was raised on the night. Thank you to all the

people who supported the event. The winners were Annette Lowe and Kath Hardmas. They are pictured with the organizer Trish Lambe. The White Lion Inn, which was the base, donated a meal for two for the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Bring in your measurements, or building plans, for a FREE quotation, or we’ll come to you!



30A Matlock Green, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3BT



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YOUR LOCAL EXPERTS FOR DOORS, WINDOWS AND CONSERVATORIES i h s y b r e glazing-d e l b u o d sse www.fine

Finesse have a reputation for service and quality that is second to none. That’s why our customers recommend us to all their family and friends.




(01629) 824733 FENSA Registered Company

Unit 2a, Wirksworth Ind. Estate, Ravens Tor Road, Wirksworth DE4 4FY





What a start to the season, we had lost two coaches who had worked with the boys for a number of years, so it wasn’t looking good. After three weeks of searching, begging and leaving no stone unturned I am proud to say that we have found two new enthusiastic and experienced coaches to join our team. Zac Dann for our backs and Rob Adlington for our forwards, with the help of Phil Barrett we are now ready to take on the best! I have also been lucky enough to find people to sponsor the numbered shirts that the boys need to play in the junior league next season. Our aim now is to bring in more boys to strengthen our squad as next season we play with 15 players. A squad of 20 would be amazing (I can dream). If you are a year 7 and want to have a go at rugby or you play at school and would like to join a club, we train and play on the showground on Sunday mornings at 10.30am. Or for more information just give me a call. TERESA LAW 07974960209.


On behalf of Matlock Derwent Valley Lions Club, I should like to thank everybody who came to our Charity Auction held at Masson Mills on 17 October. We raised £1500 on the night and an announcement about the beneficiary will be made shortly. We would particularly like to thank Andrew, the auctioneer, who cajoled some amazing bids from people and, of course, everyone who very generously donated lots to be auctioned. Kevin Senior PR Officer on behalf of Matlock Derwent Valley Lions Club


At the meeting held on Tuesday 29 October 2013 members took part in a team game of “True or False” prepared by David Stamp, the Club’s Programme Coordinator. The teams competed to choose the correct

definition of a series of words read out to them. Selecting in each case the right meaning of a word from a choice of three led to much discussion and head scratching in the groups as the words were, in most cases, extremely obscure



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October has been a very busy month. At the end of September the depot was full of Aquaboxes ready to be sent to any disasters which may occur. Now the depot is nearly empty, we have sent the following Aquaboxes each with a family water filter to make sure everyone who receives a box can drink pure water. All these boxes are packed by volunteers and the filters are also made Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays by volunteers. During October we have

sent 1,500 boxes to Beirut in the Lebanon for the Syrian refugees and 500 to Turkey for the same refugees, 400 to Rwanda, 120 to Cameroon in Africa and 100 to Malawi. The last 100 were taken by the Gurkha Regiment to Kathmandu in Nepal. All volunteers who work very hard packing boxes with 62 items, and the teams who assemble filters out of 42 separate parts, deserve a very big thanks, as do all the Rotary Clubs along with all our friends who give donations to us support us.

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friends. David was thanked for his efforts in organising an enjoyable and participatory event. Details of the Club’s activities and programme can be found on its website:

and unlikely to occur in everyday conversation. The result of the game was very close and, as well as the fun of competing, members with a good memory may possibly have added to their vocabulary some new words with which to impress their

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There’s a chill in the air and the nights are drawing in and we can all look forward to Christmas! Litton Primary School's Christmas Fair this year is

on Friday 6th December. There will be lots of stalls, gifts and games. It’s a great evening out for adults and children alike. Start time to be confirmed once we have

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 13 Earlier this year Hathersage Brownies took part in the Giant Sleepover to raise funds for UNICEF. The Brownies met in the Bell Room then went for a walk up to Moorseats Hall and back. Along the way we filled two large juice bottles with water from the stream to demonstrate what less fortunate children their age have to go through every day. The Brownies all took their turn to carry the water and as the hill got steeper the bottles felt heavier. The Brownies soon realised they wouldn’t want to carry their water home every day. Back at the Bell Room, games were played followed by an evening meal and sleeping bags being put out. The Brownies collected sponsor money for the sleepover and in total £88 was raised for UNICEF.

checked what time Santa can be with us!! The fair is on the same evening as Litton Market. An opportunity to do some unique Christmas Shopping in the village.


DONATION TO D.L. & RUTLAND AIR AMBULANCE Matlock Golden Club had their final gathering on the 3rd October 2013. Afternoon tea was enjoyed by courtesy of Victoria Court, Gordon Blount was presented with a donation of a cheque of £1000 to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire, & Rutland Air Ambulance. The Club which used to meet at Hazel Grove Community Centre has closed due to difficulty in finding helpers to take on the running of the club.






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The cheque was presented by Chairman Joan Dakin and Treasurer Audrey Greaterex

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Rowsley’s Peak Shopping Village has announced plans to host a regular Sunday Market and car boot sale at the premier shopping centre. With the first market and car boot sale planned to take place on Sunday November 17th there will be plenty on offer for shoppers looking for something interesting this Christmas. Working closely with Blue Dice Promotions and drawing on their extensive experience in organising local markets, the Peak Shopping Village management have created a unique event for their centre to sit alongside the existing facilities and retail offering. Stalls will be selling local produce, arts and crafts and seasonal goods within the village. Alongside the market, Sundays will also see the arrival of a regular hard standing car boot sale on a small area of the centre car park, offering visitors the chance to pick up a bargain or sell some of their quality, pre-owned items.As always at Peak Shopping Village, parking will be free for visitors with a small entry

Artist’s impression of the new Sunday Market at Peak Shopping Village charge of £1 per person for the market and car boot sale (under 12s are free). “The Sunday market and car boot will give us the chance to provide additional interest to the existing offering at Peak Shopping Village,” explained Richard Taylor, managing agent at Peak Shopping Village. “We

already have a unique mix, where nationally recognised names mingle with local independents and the addition of the market will complement this perfectly and allow smaller local producers to trade within the centre.” “Subject to planning we’re looking forward to welcoming our

new stall holders and opening the market on Sunday 17th November in time for shoppers looking to pick up something different this Christmas,” added Richard. For more information visit the Peak Shopping Village website: www.peakshoppingvillage. com

DO YOU NEED A PERSONAL TRAINER? Personal trainers are not just for the rich and famous. Personal training at the Woodlands Fitness Centre at Peak Village, Rowsley is for everyone and it could be the missing link in your health and fitness routine. Kerrie West, Woodlands Personal Trainer, commented: “Our job is to push you more than you would push yourself and help you to get fantastic results in the shortest amount of time. We’ll help you to eat the right foods and keep a log of what you’re eating.” We know there are many more reasons to get a personal trainer, but here

are 10 pretty good ones to start... 1. Faster results 2. You know you're doing things right 3. We offer 60, 45 and 30 minute sessions 1, 2 or 3 times per week 4. You get a personal motivator of your very own 5. Get you into an

exercise habit or out of an exercise rut 6. You can choose a trainer whose style best motivates you

7. You get a programme designed to suit you 8. Someone to give you the extra push when you need it 9. Expert advice from a

qualified fitness professional 10. It’s fun.

The Woodlands Fitness Centre is currently offering 2 personal training offers: 4 x 60 minute PT sessions (or 8 x 30 minute PT sessions), 4 week gym and classes membership, effective nutritional advice and weekly diet appraisal for just £92.99. 8 x 60 minute PT sessions (or 16 x 30 minute PT sessions), 8 week gym and classes membership, effective nutritional advice and weekly diet appraisal for just £145.99. For more information, v i s i t www.woodlandsfitnessrowsl or call (01629) 733123.


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Scootering-crazy children from the village of Hathersage have been selected to take part in the National Lottery’s People’s Millions contest. If successful they will be awarded lottery funding to help build the skate park they desperately need. The ITV phone-in vote will take place on Tuesday 26th November as part of the National Lottery’s People Millions week. Two years ago a group of Hathersage youngsters started a campaign to have a skate park built in their village. They petitioned the Parish Council and approached the local media. This campaign continued but it was a slow and often frustrating process. Tragically on August Bank holiday of last year, one of the young boys died unexpectedly at home from Sudden Death Syndrome. Richard Hill was only 14, and

had spent the day at a Sheffield skate park with a group of his friends. Rick’s passing has left a massive hole in the lives of all those that knew and loved him. The campaign for a skate park in Hathersage Playing Field quickly became the focus this close-knit community desperately needed. Joe Allen, 15, Rick’s friend and one of the original campaigners said, “We all really wanted the

skate park, but I think Rick wanted it the most. There is just nowhere for us to skate locally. If we skate in Hathersage, in the car park or by the Doctors we get moved on by the police, so we have to travel to Sheffield, Chesterfield and even as far as Manchester to skate safely.” There have been countless fund-raising events for the skate park and Rick’s family have also kindly given a considerable



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donation from the Richard Hill Memorial Fund. Brian Wilson, a local resident, commented, “There is very little for the older kids to do in our isolated village and they end up inside, playing computer games most of the time. It’s great to see them outside and active on their scooters and bikes – they just need somewhere safe to do it.” The ITV programme on the 26th November will feature a short film about the Skate Park project. A film crew will be arriving in Hathersage shortly to make the film, starring the local children. Their project will be up against other deserving projects so the children desperately need your vote. Please support the young people of Hathersage on Tuesday 26th November by giving them your vote and by making Hathersage Skate Park a reality.





Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 15

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RICHARD WHITTLESTONE WILDLIFE GALLERY Wildlife Artist Richard Whittlestone will be holding a Christmas Weekend event at his gallery at Pilsley, on the Chatsworth Estate, over the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of November. With greetings cards, 2014 c a l e n d a r,

limited edition prints and a number of exquisite new original paintings, the gallery is well worth a visit. Everyone welcome, 10am to 5pm. Ring 01246 582720. www.richard whittlestone


Scootering crazy children from the village of Hathersage have been selected to take part in the National Lottery’s People’s Millions contest. If successful they will be awarded lottery funding to help build the skate park they desperately need. The ITV phone-in vote will take place on Tuesday 26th November as part the National Lottery’s People’s Millions week. Two years ago a group of Hathersage youngsters started a campaign to have a Skate Park built in their village. They petitioned the Parish Council and approached the local media. This campaign continued but it was a slow and often frustrating process.

Tragically on August Bank holiday of last year, one of the young boys died unexpectedly at home from Sudden Death Syndrome. Richard Hill was only 14, and had spent the day at a Sheffield Skate Park with a group of his friends. Rick’s passing has left a massive hole in the lives of all those that knew and loved him. The campaign for a Skate Park in Hathersage Playing Field quickly became the focus this close-knit community desperately needed. Joe Allen, 15, Rick’s friend and one of the original campaigners said, “We all really wanted the Skate Park, but I think Rick wanted it the most. There is just nowhere for us to skate locally. If we skate in

Hathersage, in the car park or by the Doctors we get moved on by the police, so we have to travel to Sheffield, Chesterfield and even as far as Manchester to skate safely.” There have been countless fund raising events for the Skate Park over the past year in which the generosity of those involved has been incredible. These include car washes, football matches, a comedy night, gigs by local bands and a climbing talk. Rick’s family have also kindly given a considerable donation from the Richard Hill Memorial Fund. Brian Wilson, a local resident, commented, “There is very little for the older kids to do in our

isolated village and they end up inside on playing computer games most of the time. It’s great to see them outside and active on their scooters and bikes – they just need somewhere safe to do it” The ITV programme on the 26th November will feature a short film about the Skate Park project. A film crew will be arriving in Hathersage shortly to make the film, staring the local children. Their project will be up against other deserving projects so the children desperately need your vote. Please support the young people of Hathersage on Tuesday 26th November by giving them your vote and by making Hathersage Skate Park a reality.

MILLER’S DALE & DISTRICT W.I. Miller’s Dale & District W.I. met in Litton Village Hall on October 9th in Litton Village Hall for their regular monthly meeting. Judy Cooper - our President welcomed all the Members and visitors and introduced The Speaker Sheila Dyson. Her topic was ‘Flight of the Thousand Eyes’; Sheila explained that, with 2 friends - also pilots - they undertook to fly a Cessna plane from England to Sydney, Australia. The purpose was

to raise money for ‘ORBIS’ - an international charity organisation that provides training and sets up services in the undeveloped countries for eye operations, cataracts etc. Every £20 donated pays for a cataract operation. Sheila told us of the journey the 3 of them had made with a commentary and showing slides. We all thoroughly enjoyed her visit and were very impressed by their achievements. Refreshments were then




served and we proceeded with the business meeting. Some of the Members had visited The Mosque in Sheffield. They were made very welcomed and really enjoyed their visit. All were impressed by the dedication of the religion to families and the additional education the children received. The Members then went on to The Botanical Gardens for lunch. The report was given by our Delegate who had





attended The Derbyshire Autumn Federation meeting which was held in Derby. We also discussed the Christmas lunch. Our yearly programme had been finalised for 2014 and would now only require any outings to be added. Members were reminded that The Annual Meeting takes place on November 13th and this will be followed by Cheese and Wine. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.





Indicate the answers to the following questions in the grid above, cut out and send the puzzle along with your name and address to The Peak Puzzle, The Peak Advertiser, First Floor Offices, Orme Court (Library building), Granby Road, Bakewell DE45 1ES to enter the prize draw for a gift voucher valued at £15. Closing date for entries is Friday 15th November.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

What type of organ can you hear at Pipes in the Peaks? (7) Another name for the Dragon’s Back (6,4) Which river flows past Hathersage? (7) A ewer with a leak perhaps at this mine near Snitterton? (7) Who carved biblical references on stones around Curbar? (5,7) Which large Buxton Hotel was demolished in 1964? (6) Primula Veris (7) A red or black game bird (6)

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

A baby’s toy at S45 0AW (6) Chatsworth’s trompe l’oeil? (6) Which Derbyshire village is near Coldwall Bridge? (6) French Phil at eel (village anagram) (6,2,2,5) What is the colour of Bradwell’s ditch? (4) The Eccles and Lantern fish? (4) Where the Lathkill and Bradford unite (6)


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Only three weeks to go until the BHF’s High Peak Winter Hike. With nearly 1,500 people dying from coronary heart disease each year in Derbyshire, the British Heart Foundation is urging people in the local community to lace up their walking boots on Sunday 17 November and

get behind the fight against the UK’s single biggest killer by taking part in the charity’s 19th annual High Peak Winter Hike. In 2012, 600 walkers took on the 17 mile trek and helped to raise over £46,000 for essential research to create a better future for so many - from babies born

with heart defects, to the millions of adults affected by heart disease. This year, the BHF is aiming to raise almost double this amount with the help of local supporters. Whilst making every step count for the nation’s heart charity, walkers get to take in the beautiful winter

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wonderland of Derbyshire which starts from the Matlock Lions Rugby Club in Cromford Meadows and follows the line of the 19th Century Cromford and High Peak Railway between Parsley Hey and Cromford, passing Minninglow, Harboro Rocks, Hopton Incline and Middleton. Helen Wright, Regional Event Organiser for the BHF, said: “Thank you to everyone who has signed up to this event so far – it’s shaping up to be another fantastic year. For anyone else looking for a great Sunday activity next month, for just £10 you get to do something fun and challenging while making a difference to the lives of others at the same time. “Without the support of local people for events such as the High Peak Winter Hike, we cannot continue our vital work to improve the lives of the hundreds of people in the county who are affected every day by this devastating disease, so please show your support if you can.” Across the East Midlands, the BHF is currently supporting £15 million of research, has placed over 630 defibrillators across the region and supports over 70 health care professionals. To join the fight today, call the events team to register on 0845 130 8663 or visit Alternatively, you can email the events team on

Other access platforms and booms available on request for all applications


The Fountain, The Dale, Bonsall, Matlock, DE4 2AY

Tel: 01629 823241

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Helen Naylor from Hearts and Roses Interiors, Mark Wakeman from Bakewell Pet Supplies and Rachel McKeown from Mad4Ink – with examples of the Totally Locally gift vouchers Over 40 independent Bakewell retailers have got together and organized a Dazzling November Draw – where you could win up to £440 of local shopping vouchers! Locals who enjoyed the Totally Locally FiverFest fortnight in April will be delighted to hear what’s in store for November.

From the 15th-29th November, by simply shopping locally, you can increase your chances of winning up to a huge £440 of local shopping vouchers in the DAZZLING NOVEMBER DRAW . (1st Prize £200*, 2nd Prize £140*, 3rd Prize £100* - * Totally Locally vouchers) For every purchase over

£10 in participating independent retailers, you will be eligible to enter the DAZZLING NOVEMBER DRAW. Simply keep your proof of purchase together with you numbered raffle ticket until the prize draw. The draw will take place on the 30th November at 4.45pm in Rutland Square

at the switching on of the Christmas tree lights. It could not be more enticing: The more you shop locally, the better your chances of winning! Please see www.totallylocallybakewell. for prize details for the raffle, a full list of participating traders and terms and conditions.

Matlock Luncheon Club’s members were very happy to meet again for the start of a new year of good meals and talks. It was a great beginning with an excellent lunch followed by Simon Gill speaking ’Of Dogs and Penguins’ in the Antarctic. The Golf Club had kindly produced lovely menus with pictures of huskies and penguins which were much appreciated, but Simon said the dogs illustrated were Siberian huskies, used as racing dogs, and had never been used in the Antarctic. This led into a history of animals used in Antarctic

exploration to pull sledges. Careful records of the dogs had been kept from the beginning and their breeding carefully supervised to produce good team leaders. In the 1970s mechanised sledges were introduced and the dogs no longer required for work. They were, however, an important recreational asset, as they provided the staff of the Antarctic bases with company and freetime activity, as they were keen to move and loved going for sledge rides. The dogs were fed on pemmican and seal meat. The latter was plentiful, but pretty unpleasant to prepare. Simon himself had been in charge of the dogs for the last two seasons before their removal in 1994 as a result of an international edict which required the removal of all non-indigenous species. The dogs had been a pleasure to have around and the puppies, beautifully illustrated on Simon’s slides, were a delight. Their removal to Britain, Canada

and other places was much regretted and sadly the dogs did not adapt to a new way of life. Simon then showed slides of other animals in the Antarctic: various species of seals and penguins. He assumed that his audience had seen the fabulous film ‘March of the Penguins’ and their amazing story. Finally, he passed round a scale model of a Nansen sledge he had made. He also recommended the book ‘Of Dogs and Men' edited by Kevin Walton and Rick

Atkinson for the full story of dog sledging in Antarctica. Annie Hall gave the vote of thanks, remarking that she wished men were like penguins in the way they care for their young. Sadly Colin Dexter, who was to speak at the next meeting, would be unable to come, so Anne Diamond will be the speaker. Cotton Grass Theatre presents an evening of literary wit and live jazz in support of Friends of the Peak District.


DERBYSHIRE DALES CHARITY SEEKS TWO TRUSTEES Darley Dale based Charity, First Taste, is looking for people who have an empathy and interest in the enhancement of care for frail older people living in care / nursing homes or attending day care centres to join their Board of Trustees. Iris Wagstaffe, First Taste’s Secretary, says “At First Taste our Trustees pay a vital and active role in the management and development of the Charity’s work. We currently have opportunity to recruit two Trustees and are keen to hear from anyone interested in enhancing the quality of life for frail, older people, many with dementia, using educational, creative arts orientated and meaningful stimulative activities, who would be interested in helping us further our work. Whilst specific qualifications are not required to be a trustee we are looking particularly for those who have publicity and media skills and have experience in researching and writing up of funding applications. An understanding and knowledge of adult care and health care services would be useful but not essential”. Trustees undertake the role on an unpaid, voluntary basis although out of pocket expenses are offered, and would be expected to attend Board Meetings four times per year as well as other working meetings and events. Anyone interested in learning more about becoming a First Taste Trustee should contact Iris Wagstaffe on 01629 733849.

J. E. NOUTCH FUNERAL DIRECTORS Hope Road, Bamford, Hope Valley, S33 0AL Tel: (Mon-Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm): 01433 651490 Tel: (24 hour service): 01433 650592 Fax: 01433 659078 Email:

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Page 18 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

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As temperatures tumble we are starting to feel the glow because for more than 10 years now we have spread the warmth of Christmas from our much loved shop. We continue in the tradition and spirit of Winter by offering beautifully designed products for you and your home which are made to be used. Serve from them, eat from them, wrap yourself up in them. Each of our carefully selected products will hopefully instil memories of the way we choose to live right now. Our ranges include Enchanting Festive Fauna, Austrian wool slippers, Swedish tableware

This is not intended as a walk guide

and linens, charming Christmas stationery, Danish candlerings, braided jute rugs, Scandinavian blankets and Lexington Home bedding collections. All brought together in one cosy and original shop. On Sunday 17th November, we will be selling our very collectable and traditional glass Christmas decorations from Switzerland at The Christmas Fair at the Lathkil Hotel, Over Haddon 11am - 6pm. For more information phone us on 01629 810010. Chalet Home, Rutland Square, Bakewell.

heavy rain appeared like a series of miniature canals. At times it was a challenge not to slip in and submerge my boots. At the following junction I crossed over a high ladder stile directly in front, being the first of a series of slightly awkward stiles leading down past Gotheredge Plantation to Stoke Ford, making this a rather unfriendly dog route. It would be nice if the Peak Park Authority could please replace them with nice little gates! The path down to Stoke Ford is simply divine with

covered by a sumptuous and textured counterpane of gold and bronze materials. Just a few yards before reaching Stoke Ford I turned left on a narrow path to walk upstream beside Bretton Brook, passing boughs and bushes drooping from the weight of ruby red berries and tree trunks coated in velvet moss. Bretton Clough is a deep sheltered valley, isolated and secluded from civilization. However, there are the remains of several ruined homesteads to show that years ago families eked out a living here from farming or working in local industries. Cockey Farm was the birthplace in 1750 of William Newton. Born the son of a carpenter, he acclaimed fame as a poet and became known as the ‘Minstrel of the Peak’. Not far away stood the holdings of Bretton Clough Twin Farms, individually known as Fairest Clough Farm and Hawley’s Farm. In 1893 a rabbit warren was created at Clough Farm by the lord of the manor of Abney. It was tenanted by a firm of London furriers and tie-makers known as the Jacob Brothers. Rabbits were bred here for the next forty years or so and evidently burrowed so much that they caused the slopes of shale to become unstable. Gotheredge Farm was built in the 17th century and in 1785 became the scene of a brutal murder involving a

Clough Farm. The villains were later caught and brought to justice. In 1745 it is said that farmers in Eyam drove their cattle into Bretton Clough to hide them from Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Highlanders who had invaded Derbyshire on their way south. Historical Bretton and its surrounding farmsteads was once a thriving community. Records show that at one time 22 children from this area attended school in nearby Great Hucklow. As well as farming, some of the residents would have been employed in local mines. As with Eyam, Bretton lost some of its inhabitants to the plague centuries ago, and there are said to be graves marked with little flat headstones somewhere in a field near to the Youth Hostel. There is a choice of routes out of the Clough leading up to Nether Bretton, some are mere paths, whilst others were access drives to farmsteads. The one I chose led me over a stream by means of a footbridge before ascending an old track and passing two memorial seats positioned to take advantage of the peace, tranquillity and extensive views. After a slip, slither and splodge along a very muddy section of path I popped out onto the hard tarmac surface of an easy to walk lane and made my way to

views that had now changed to Dark Peak vistas encompassing a skyline of dramatic Edges and high moors surrounding the Derwent and Hope Valleys, extending toward Kinder Scout in the distance. In the foreground was a geometric network of well-farmed fields taken in from the wilds, with Bretton Clough like a deep dark ravine dropping away to my side. Rich autumn colours all around gave the appearance that the landscape was

local man known as Blinker Bland who came to the farm late one night with accomplices and the intention of robbing the farmer of his savings. Unknown to them, the farmer had banked his money and to make matters worse he recognised Blinker as he ransacked his home. The farmer was subsequently hit over the head with a milking stool and fatally wounded. His wife ran for help to her neighbours, at Fairest

Bretton’s most famous and popular landmark, passing the remote Youth Hostel before emerging back to the side of the renowned Barrel Inn. Sally Mosley

01629 732288

OPENING At Woodlands

MONDAY-SATURDAY with late nights available



There were lots of lovely owls, all made from different super Christmas fabrics, at

Rutland Square Bakewell DE45 1BZ t: 01629 810010

our October monthly meeting. We did enjoy making them with our old friend Heather Vickers, this time helped by her Mum at our “Crafty Christmas meeting”. Heather always comes up with another brilliant idea. It’s also a good opportunity for a natter whilst producing a super individual item with help on hand for any problems. Heather and her Mum were thanked by Tanya. The get-up-to-date session reminded members that our November 14th meeting is our AGM when we will need some new committee members and a representative for the Village Hall meetings. Our speaker that night is one of our own members, Joyce Steele. Her talk, ‘Recollections of a Country Registrar’ sounds interesting.

With winter fast approaching, I wanted to sample some autumn scenery and trees in their best golden livery before gales strip them away to become mulch beneath my feet, and so I headed for an area rich with deciduous trees and vast beds of bracken. I started my walk at the tiny hilltop hamlet of Bretton, parking with care and consideration at the roadside not far from the pub, but away from designated customer parking areas. The views from this elevated hostelry over limestone uplands are stupendous and breathtaking. Also taking my breath away that day was a cold wind that swept over the Peaks in an almost wintry blast, making my eyes water and tears roll down my cheeks. It’s a very long straight road towards the summit of Sir William Hill, once part of the Buxton to Grindleford turnpike road which reached a dizzy height of over 1,400 feet. Rather surprisingly this was the setting a hundred or so years ago for an annual fair with donkey races and a sheep roast. There was also a foot race along this road involving a ram that was covered with soft soap to make it slippery and the runners had to catch it as it raced in Grindleford direction. After about a quarter of a mile I came across the first of several memorials, this one being a plaque on the wall to my right in memory of Harold Farmer. Almost opposite this I turned down a grassy track with deep ruts that due to recent



An upbeat night of humour and song from award winning Radio 2 songwriter Jez Lowe and his celtic- style band The Bad Pennies. Jez Lowe is widely regarded as one of the best narrative songwriters in the UK, and he has written extensively for the BBC Radio 2 ‘Radio Ballards’ series, that won two SONY Radio Academy Awards. Originally from Easington Colliery, many of his songs

have told the tale of the rise and fall of the colliery towns and villages, and the characters and community spirit that kept the wheels turning. Known for his witty, comic folk songs as well as lyrical ballads, expect an entertaining night, with stunning musicianship from this four piece band as they take you on a journey through the best of Jez’s coal-songs new and old from

‘The Ex-Pitman’s Pot Holing Pub Quiz Team’, to the strike inspired ‘Judas Bus’ and well known classics ‘Black Diamonds’ and ‘These Coal Town Days’ that have been performed by musicians the world over. The show starts at 7.30pm. - doors open at 7.00pm. Tickets and information from Dave on 01773 856545. The L&L season in Holloway/Crich continues:

Sunday 8th. December ‘Hot Fingers’ are in concert at The Glebe Field Centre, Crich. Next year there will be four more exciting L&L shows at the above venues, look out for details. For shows at The Florence Nightingale Memorial Hall, Holloway the box office number is 01773 856545. For shows at The Glebe Field Centre, Crich the box office number is 01773 853260.

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Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 19


by Eric G D McCarrison BVMS MRCVS

Feline Friends (Derbyshire) Everyone thinks of fleas on pets as just a summer

problem, but 95% of fleas are not even on your pet’s body. They are hiding in the

To advertise IN OUR NEXT

PETS FEATURE Telephone 01629 812159

Email: sales@

carpets, furniture and bedding, just waiting for you to turn on your central heating – it’s like Spring all over again for fleas, and within days you can have an itchy, scratching pet again. This is why it is important to keep your regular flea treatments going all year round, but what are your choices? There are shampoos, collars, sprays and powders, but many of these have been around for a long time

and by and large have been superseded by newer and more efficient products. There are some very effective tablets on the market now but the problem with these is that you have to persuade your pet to take them. By far the easiest method of flea control is using a ‘spot-on’ product. These are applied to the skin on the back of the neck but be aware that they are not all the same. If you read the packaging carefully many that are bought over the counter in shops only claim to “repel” fleas – not to “kill” them, and most say that the treatments will last for “UP TO” and not “FOR” a given period. It is also extremely important to note that some flea products for dogs will actually kill cats, so extreme caution is needed to make sure you have the right one. By far the best approach is to ask your vet, he or she will be able to advise which is the best flea treatment for your particular pet. Regular treatments will stop the build up of these pests in your house, and the whole family (including your pets) can have an itch free winter.

DOTTIE FOR DOGS Peggy Sue Wilson is a Bakewell girl who has been passionate about animals, especially dogs all her life. Inspired by her love of dogs she now offers a service for other pet and dog owners who can be confident that their pet

will be well looked after and loved in her care. Offering dog walking, doggie day care, home boarding or any other pet requirements with an individual, flexible and sensitive approach from her own home.

Dottie with her dalmatian. Photograph courtesy of

Dot tie for Dogs DOG WALKING - PET CARE Peggy Sue Wilson Bake well Are a Group walks 1-2-1 walks Doggie day care Pe t visits/feeding Pe t care Home boarding 07813 694975 01629 812008

Be alert for toxoplasmosis in your cats! Please visit : Registered Charity Number: 1125729

Page 20 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

TINE’S DOG GROOMING S I R CH Dog grooming, clipping and styling Qualified and Caring service • Fully Insured

Darley Dale: 01629 732108

Milford Animal Feeds We stock a wide variety of animal and farm feeds within the shop. Come visit us and see what we can offer you. Having high end and budget brands, we hope to cater for all. Milford, Bakewell, DE45 1DX 01629 812539 / 07843 994355 Opening Times Mon 8 - 5:30 Tues - Fri 9 - 5:30 Sat 9 - 2

Kool For Cats Kool for Cats is a luxury, purpose built cattery completed in November 2001. Sitiuated in the grounds of Ash Tree Cottage and set amidst the glorious countryside of the Peak District National Park, a few minutes from Bakewell. Built to the highest specifications;

Your Pets, Our Priority

raising the standard for cat accommodation and care. We work very hard to ensure our high standards do not falter. Each guest has their own diet catered for, with plenty of grooming and attention as standard. Your precious pet will love their vacation as you enjoy your own holiday, ensuring you return to a calm, coddled cat. The impressive “L” shaped limestone cattery is built and furnished above and beyond the required standards set by International Cat Care

(formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau – FAB), the benchmark for all great catteries; Kool for Cats is one of only three catteries in the whole county registered with FAB. Feel free to contact us by phone or email to arrange a viewing, and you’ll see that we are not an ordinary cattery. Take advantage of our special offer, only available to Peak Advertiser readers. When you next go on holiday, ensure your cat has one of its own with Kool for Cats: The cattery with style.

We are a caring voluntary group set up to offer sanctuary to all cats in need of a home. In most cases adopting from us gives our cats a chance of a better life with a caring owner. Not all our cats have been brought in as strays or victims of cruel treatment, often a change in circumstance, the breakdown of a relationship or the death of an elderly owner can be the reason our cats are looking for a new home. The new owner is expected to make some contribution towards the upkeep of the Sanctuary, when they take a cat, particularly if we have had to pay for neutering or vaccination.

CARRICK VETERINARY GROUP Matlock Surgery, Lime Grove Walk, Matlock DE4 3FD

01629 581234 | find us on facebook

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE MONDAY - FRIDAY 12.00pm - 1.30pm and 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Join our

Healthy Pet club

from only


£9.99 per month

to save you money on your pets’ healthcare.* *Annual total £119.88 based on package for cat or small dog up to 10kg, 12 monthly payments of £9.99 including VAT.

ARE YOU HAVING A CLEAR OUT AND NEED TO DE-CLUTTER? If you have any items of brica-brac, clothes, books etc we would be pleased to take them to sell at our coffee mornings and garage sales held during the year. All the money raised will help to pay vet bills such as neutering and vaccinations and the cost of running the sanctuary. We are unable to collect items but would be grateful if you could bring them to the sanctuary. Dorothy from Dove Cat Rescue says “Cat rescue has hit a crisis level. In all of the 30 years I have been rescuing cats, I have never known it to be so bad. We are having to turn people away on a daily basis all very

desperate not knowing where to turn to next. Recently in the course of a day, I was asked to take in 2 kittens from vets in Derby, 2 pregnant cats from Oldham and a young cat in Hazel Grove. Very few people are coming forward to re-home cats and some have been with us for over 12months. The cost of keeping these cats is rising all the time with heating, vet bills, food and litter being our main outlay. This year to house the cats to a high standard, we have spent many thousands of pounds replacing a wooden building that had served us well for 27 years”. Contact Dorothy on 01298 816200 if you can offer one of our many cats a good home.


Juke is a friendly cat who was left outside the sanctuary in a box with 3 others. He has been neutered and vaccinated and would love to have a home. If you can help please ring 01298 816200 or visit our website

Carrick Veterinary Group Routine healthcare for your pet is important whether you own a dog, cat or rabbit. Pets should be vaccinated to prevent serious disease as well as treated regularly for fleas and worms, to prevent them becoming poorly. An adequate diet and regular exercise should be provided to prevent your pet from putting on weight. Healthy Pet Club is a tailored scheme offered to cats, dogs, kittens, puppies and rabbits, saving you money. The scheme helps spread the cost of vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and microchipping. It also provides discounts on other services; prices start from only £9.99 per month. We also offer advice on routine healthcare whether you are a member of our Healthy Pet Club or not. We can advise on which flea

and worming treatments to use when, weigh your pet to make sure they are receiving the correct dose and advise on procedures such as neutering.

Your Totally Independent Local Newspaper

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 21

Hope Valley Veterinary Clinic At HopeValleyVeterinary Clinic in Hathersage, the team of vets and nurses have been preparing for issues commonly seen during the autumn season. Despite the cooler weather, fleas are still a problem for many pets at this time of year and owners should continue to check for their presence. Ticks are also particularly active in the autumn months, living in long grass and woodland areas. They will crawl onto a passing pet and firmly attach themselves, feeding on their blood. Worse still they can also spread diseases such as Lyme disease and Babesiosis. Harvest mites are also active in long grass, swarming onto passing pets where they tend to congregate on the ears, eyelids, feet and underside of the abdomen. They can be identified as bright orange dots which adhere tightly to the skin and usually cause irritation. Please

contact the practice if you need advice or preventative treatment for these pests. Car users at this time of year often check their antifreeze levels. Anti-freeze is

palatable to your pet and they may drink it if left lying around or spilt on the floor. This can result in kidney failure and often death as it is extremely poisonous.

Another hazard to avoid is autumn fruit such as fallen apples, conkers etc. These can cause digestive problems and should be avoided. If you haven't had your pet vaccinated or are overdue a booster treatment, please make an appointment to ensure that they are fully up to date. Regular vaccinations will ensure that your pet is protected against a range of infectious diseases such as feline enteritis virus or parvovirus in dogs. In particular take care to ensure that rabbits are vaccinated against myxomatosis andVHD as they are fatal illnesses. Please contact a member of the team if you wish to register with us or to make an appointment on 01433 651718. Our vet and nursing team provide a 24 hour service, so you can rest assured that your pet will receive treatment in an emergency.

Experienced Veterinary Surgeons at the Heart of the Hope Valley

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 11:00am 4:00pm - 6:30pm Saturday 9:00am - 11:00am • In house 24 hour emergency cover, extensive surgical and medical facilities available at our own hospital • Behavioural toys, quality pet foods, leads and collars • Monthly instalment healthcare plans available

RYTON FEEDS We at Ryton Feeds have for some time been negotiating with several mills to provide a range of products to our own special formulations, to enable us to supply high quality feeds at competitive prices. One such mill that

The Posh Dog Company Mobile dog grooming ~ bring the salon to your doorstep Web: Call Connie: 07796 054243

attained the quality and customer service that we expect was Johnson-

Ladygrove. As a result, it was agreed for Ryton Feeds to take over the business and existing staff, and to make Ladygrove Mills the base for our operation, as it had a history of milling for many years.

Ryton Feeds will concentrate on dry foods, including poultry, sheep, pig, and cattle, as well as our existing range of equestrian, wild bird and dog food. All of our products are manufactured from first grade materials, and are constantly monitored to ensure the highest quality at competitive prices. Ryton Feeds will not only be supplying animal feeds at a competitive rate but will also be stocking a large number of agricultural, equestrian and pet products, including many well known brands. By expanding the business and substantially increasing the range of products available, the aim is to provide all that you may need under one roof.


mandy’s cattery Mandy Brown owns and runs Mandy’s Cattery at her beautiful home set in 7 acres of fields, 5 minutes from the centre of Bakewell. We offer your cat luxury, purpose built, indoor accommodation including 16 double bedrooms and 3 large family bedrooms - each has a heated bedroom and a large personal exercise area. Mandy, who is Feline Advisory Bureau trained, has a lifetime of experience looking after and caring for animals. The care and comfort of your cat is the first priority at Mandy’s Cattery - from superb accommodation and varied menu to cuddles and bedtime treats. Visit our website and check out our facebook page (you don’t have to be a

% 50

Up to member) to see lots of pictures of our guests relaxing and enjoying their stay. We are open 7 days a week and are fully licensed and insured. Call Mandy on 07901 710767 or email to arrange a viewing. Mandy’s Cattery - The Cattery where your cat comes first.

HIGH PEAK PHOTOGRAPHY As official photographers for the recent Daily Mail and Tesco Pet promotions, High Peak Photography, based in the Hope Valley, have seen animals of all shapes and sizes during the past few months. Owner and animal lover, Julia Reid, who shares Black Rabbit Studio with Charlie the Chocolate Labrador, says, “We have had pets of all shapes and sizes visiting us for photo shoots, and everyone had a great time. We got some stunning shots. So why not bring your pets to see us and enjoy the fun of a photo shoot. Call us today to book your sitting.”


Joules, Kingsland, HV Polo, Hunter, Puffa etc while stocks last


Special Offers Chicken Working Dog Food 15kg: .... £7.55 Layers Pellets 20kg: ........................... £6.75 Turkey Grower Pellets 20kg: .............. £7.25 Cattle Rearer Nuts 25kg: ................... £7.15 Power Gro Rearer Beef Nuts 25kg: .... £6.95 Prime Lamb Pellets 25kg: .................. £7.35 Offers end 30.11.13, while stocks last

RYTON FEEDS Ladygrove Mills, Two Dales DE4 2FH Telephone 01629 733342

OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK ~ Mon-Fri 8.30-5pm


Page 22 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

The Ashford Arms


Church Street, Ashford-in-the-Water, Nr. Bakewell DE45 1QB Tel: 01629 812725


Full bar menu plus House Specials


‘Winter Offers’

Full bar menu plus Platters from Around the World



ANY TWO COURSES - £9.95 Monday to Thursday 12-2pm



Full bar menu plus Crazy Steak Night (including our 32oz Rump) Full bar menu plus Sizzle & Griddle Night (including our Monster Mixed Grill)

ANY TWO COURSES - £9.95 Monday to Thursday 6-8pm


Available 1st October to 30th April (excluding December)

Full à la carte menu plus Chef’s House Specials

Award Winning Chef


Award-winning Sunday Lunch served 12pm - 5pm

Large Beer Garden • 8 En-Suite Rooms Conservatory Restaurant “Quality food at value-for-money prices, well worth a trip” – Sheffield Telegraph As featured in the

Christmas bookings now being taken...

Sunday Times one of the top ten eating places outside of London

~ Party bookings accepted ~ Christmas Fayre Lunch 4 courses £15.95

Christmas Fayre Evening 4 courses £17.95

Special Christmas Day menu 5 courses £49.95

Special Boxing Day menu 5 courses £29.95

A warm welcome and atmosphere awaits you

Derwentwater Arms Calver

BAKEWELL FLORAL ART CLUB Bakewell Floral Art Club continued to celebrate its Sapphire Anniversary year at its October meeting when a packed hall saw National and International Demonstrator Jonathan Moseley give a superb Demonstration entitled “In Special Celebration”. At the end of the Demonstration the stage was filled with the most magnificent flower arrangements and everyone was hoping they would be successful in the raffle and be taking one of the designs home. Many people said that they had never seen Bakewell Town Hall stage look so wonderful at the end of a Demonstration. Bakewell Floral Art Club concludes its 2013 programme on Wednesday 13th November when Kate Russell and Patti Dawson from Cheshire make a welcome return to present their Demonstration “A

Jonathan Moseley on the stage at the end of the evening Tudor Christmas”. We meet at 7.30pm in Bakewell Town Hall for the Demonstration followed by coffee and mince pies. We are always pleased

HOBS HOBS held its monthly meeting at the Wheatsheaf, Bakewell with 36 members attending. Members had a three course meal and afterwards were treated to a superb choral evening by the Darley Hillside Singers. The evening was an enormous success with requests for repeat performances. Jan Smith the choir’s leader has

to welcome visitors to our Demonstrations. Come and

see us and be assured of a warm welcome.

DJG’S Taxis Airports • Weddings • Nights Out • Courier 1-8 Passengers – Tel John Gladwin on

01629 650025 or 07767 238331

agreed to return and entertain us in the future. A reminder that both our coffee morning in the Town Hall on November 25th and our Christmas shopping outing to Hanley on 13th November was given. New members are always welcome and we meet on the third Wednesday in the month at the Wheatsheaf in Bakewell at 6.15pm.

or visit Business Accounts & Contract Work Welcome

Neil’s Taxis Great Longstone

Airports, Stations, Weddings etc. Licensed up to 6 passengers CONTACT NEIL PETERS

Tel: 07816 201746 (Mobile)

CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES at The Maynard... ...the perfect place to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Whether you want a relaxed meal, to dance the night away, or just escape from the hustle and bustle, we have something for everyone this December.

James & Rebecca welcome customers old and new! Try our new winter menu ~ meals prepared and cooked on the premises using locally sourced produce. Many prices reduced, but still the same exceptional quality!

WINTER SPECIALS (September to April) 2 small meals for £10 2 large meals for £15 Soup and a sandwich £5 2 steaks for £20 Bookings now being taken for the festive season, please ring or email for menus

A great little pub with a huge reputation!

The events we have running over Christmas are: O Theatre Evening ‘The Lost

World’, Wed 4th, £35pp inc. meal O Brass Band

(9th, 16th, 18th and 23rd) Pie & Pea supper. £17.00pp O Luxury Winter Breaks O Chatsworth House break

£67pp per night.

O Festive Parties

Buffet or sit down options O Boxing Day Lunch

Adult : £27.50 Child: £13.75 O New Years Eve Dinner

6 course meal with bubbly O New Years Day Lunch

Adult: £27.50 Child: £13.75

Call us now on 01433 630 321 to request a Christmas brochure. Lowside, Calver, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S32 3XQ

Tel: 01433 639211

The Maynard, Main Road, Grindleford, S32 2HE Tel: 01433 630321

Your Totally Independent Local Newspaper

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 23


WATERLOO INN Biggin by Hartington

Christmas Menu 2013

Samuel Fox Country Inn, Bradwell

Starters Leek & Potato or Roast Parsnip Soup Chicken Liver Pâté and Cumberland Sauce Smoked Trout with Watercress puree and egg salad Portabello Mushroom with Stilton

Main Course Turkey or Beef Roast served with roast and mashed potato Goats Cheese, cherry tomato and chestnut tarts drizzled with honey, served with handcut chips and salad Salmon en Croute with Hollandaise sauce, new potatoes and minted peas Ham Hock served with mashed potato and red currant gravy All served with seasonal vegetables

Desserts Christmas Pudding and Brandy Custard Spiced Poached Pear with Ice Cream and Minted Oranges White Chocolate and Winter Berry Eton Mess with shortbread Cheese and Biscuits

Coffee or Tea served with a warm Mince Pie Boxing Day lunches, New Year’s Eve dinner and New Year’s day lunch. See for all our festive season menus and call Sabrina or Gareth on 01433 621562 to reserve your table.



Seventy local students and pupils of Peak Performance Theatre School recently

gave two outstanding performances at their 10th major dance production held

at the Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield – congratulations to all involved!

We are holding a Winter Vintage and Craft Sale and also serving refreshments in Litton Village Hall on Sunday 24th November 11am3.30pm in support of High Peak Nightstop and foodbank based in Buxton. We are approaching the

season of goodwill but also the season of considerable worry for people on low incomes and the unemployed. We would appreciate as much support as possible on the day of the sale, also food donations can be delivered to Cheshire

Cottage, Litton (low side of Village Hall). We will deliver all food donations to Nightstop in early December. The charities funding has been reduced but the need is growing so support is essential. In advance, thank you for your help.


Make Christmas and New Year special this year Enjoy fine food in relaxed surroundings in the glorious Hope Valley. My dishes are all prepared in my kitchen from the finest of fresh and local produce. I can promise you great tastes and flavours as well as warm hospitality. Chef/proprietor

See all my menus at

Bradwell, Hope Valley, S33 9JT www.samuel Tel: 01433 621562

Christmas presents that could save the lives of local car drivers and motor-cyclists of all ages are now available throughout the Matlock area and the Hope Valley. For just £20, Matlock (Derwent and Hope Valleys) group of Advanced Motorists will carry out a driving or riding assessment and offer up to four hours advice and one-toone training on the road to improve a candidate’s ability and safety. All training is done in the candidate’s own car in two or three separate sessions at convenient times. “With winter approaching and driving conditions becoming more hazardous, the Drive Check scheme would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone using the roads. It’s a cheap but a very effective way of improving road safety for any motorist,” said former police driver and now group chief observer Bill Storey. There are extra benefits for anyone living in the Derbyshire Dales. Thanks to the District Council, Dales residents who are 26 years and under will have the fee paid for them. Last year the Group offered a similar scheme specifically for older drivers, and over 70 took up the offer. “Everyone told us how helpful the programme was,” said Bill. “For many, it simply confirmed they were still capable of driving safely on our roads but with the advice and updated skills they acquired, their confidence increased no end.” Anyone who subsequently decides to take the full advanced driving course will have the £20 refunded. The full course is being offered at a special price of £125 in the run-up to Christmas which includes 12 months membership of the Institute, the test fee and training manual. Further information on the two schemes is available from Bill on 01629 812732 or by email to


Pre-booking of menu choice required. A deposit of £10 per person required when booking.

Biggin by Hartington • SK17 0DH • Tel 01298 84284 M AS

Michelin and Good Food Guides and they’re sure to delight you. So, why not book now for your Christmas and New Year celebration meals? We’re open for preChristmas celebration dinners, Christmas and


Hope Valley, it’s well worth a visit. James’s imaginative, flavoursome yet unpretentious dishes, prepared from fresh produce, have earned him two AA Rosettes and recommendations in the


Since taking over as chef/proprietor 12 months ago, James Duckett has established the Samuel Fox Country Inn, Bradwell as a special place to dine. Set in the unspoilt village of Bradwell, in the heart of the


Seasonal Dining Feature Please telephone Mark Andrews on 01629 812159 or email: Copy deadline: Wednesday 13th November

Page 24 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159


Christmastime in

Bakewell, Buxton, Matlock, Wirksworth & Hope Valley To advertise call Mark Andrews on 01629 812159 or email:

Right Royal Feasting

Copy deadline: Wednesday, 13th Nov

turkey, large tongues, long wall of loin of roast pork, pork-pies, sausages, mince-pies, dark cakes covered with almonds, cheese-cakes, lemon-tarts, jellies, endless masses of food, with whisky, gin, port wine, burgundy, muscatel. It seems incredible. We played charades – the old people of 67 playing away harder than the young ones – and lit the

Christmas tree, and drank healths, and sang, and roared – Lord above.’ So no, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without some serious tucking-in, so take a look at our great choice of local possibilities for some right royal feasting over the coming weeks. Stick to Peakland tradition and give your taste buds a Christmas to remember. Julie Bunting

The Millstone Country Inn Sheffield Road Hathersage S32 1DA 01433 650258 Thursday night is

ITALIAN NIGHT 6PM TO 8PM All you can eat 3 course Italian buffet £12 per person

2 for 1 with this advert

A few of us may be inclined to mutter that Christmas is ‘all about eating and drinking’ – a viewpoint which is inclined to surface only after celebrating rather too well. Generosity in food and drink always upholds the tradition of seasonal largesse, once the prerogative of the well-todo. Three centuries ago and more, ‘not the meanest beggar’ was ever

turned away hungry from Haddon Hall over the 12 days of Christmas. Whole sheep and oxen were roasted daily and true mince pies – filled with minced mutton – were baked by the hundred. One of the greatest Haddon Hall New Year feasts on record was the extraordinary celebration held on 4 January 1799. The 5th Duke of Rutland had come of age and

Main Street • Youlgrave • Derbyshire • DE45 1UW Tel: 01629 636221 Web:

Come and join us for Christmas ~ December 1st-24th

Menu ~ £17.95 ~ 4 courses TO START... Tomato and basil soup Served with a crusty roll and butter Classic prawn cocktail Traditionally garnished with buttered brown bread Honeydew melon with figs and ginger syrup Chicken liver parfait with grape chutney and melba toast

THE MAIN EVENT... Roast Turkey Hand-carved turkey crown and lemon and thyme stuffed leg. Served with gravy and piggies in blankets Traditional roast beef Served pink with gravy and Yorkshire pudding Barbary duck breast in sweet cinnamon orange sauce Pan-fried and served pink with fondant potato Dill roast salmon fillet Garnished with lemon and caper crème fraiche Nut roast pie Topped with cranberries in a sweet cranberry glaze All of our main courses are accompanied with a selection of roast potatoes, garlic mash, braised red cabbage, sprouts and roast parsnip and chantennay carrots

FOR DESSERT... Christmas pudding In a rich brandy cream sauce Sherry trifle With fresh strawberries and raspberries, topped with whipped cream Chocolate orange torte With Glenmorangie anglaise Spiced apple and raisin tart tatin With calvados infused custard



Choose your filling and we will cook to order!

Call to book on 01629 636221

although he and 70 personal friends dined separately, a massive oneday feast was laid on in the banqueting hall for 250 tenants. Absolutely anybody who called at Haddon was invited to share in a stand-up meal; ten thousand guests supposedly took up the invitation. Four oxen and 16 fat sheep were roasted and served with 40 hogsheads (over 2,000 gallons) of ale. The oxen and sheep cost £50, with a further £60 spent on flour, groceries, oatmeal and bread. The enormous sum of £135 was spent on ale plus £112 on wines and spirits. Commented His Grace’s steward afterwards: ‘I believe all who wished to be drunk were so, which comprised a considerable number!’ King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, while guests of the 8th Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth, were once taken to dine at Haddon on a peacock pie banquet. Of course Chatsworth itself was no stranger to good food. The 5th Duke once received a very imaginative Boxing Day pie from a friend – but this was no ordinary pie. Its enormous crust enveloped the meat of plump turkeys, pheasants, partridge, woodcock, plovers, snipe and a hare. There was more than

enough to feed the Duke and all his family, with sufficient leftovers to be shared amongst the outdoor servants for their supper. … and wine in abundance Peaklanders never needed much of an excuse to eat like royalty themselves. In January 1863, historian Llewellyn Jewitt of Winster, having somewhat overdone it, wrote a bemused entry in his diary referring to a three-day sale at Glutton, near Hartington: ‘A capital sale, but the quantity eaten and drunk by the farmers, etc., is terrible. Two rounds of beef and a lamb gone in no time. Six eighteen-gallon barrels of ale, ten gallons of gin, and brandy and wine in abundance, besides two strikes of potatoes and loads of bread – all gone! The house literally eaten out. I am very ill, and have been quite unable to get about.’ A truly mouth-watering description of a family Christmas dinner survives in a letter written by D.H. Lawrence to Katherine Mansfield in 1918. Lawrence and his wife, Frieda, were then living at Mountain Cottage, Middleton by Wirksworth and on Christmas morning the couple left to have dinner with Lawrence’s sister a few miles away. Wrote Lawrence: ‘My God, what masses of food here,

The Market Place •Restaurant• Cromford, Matlock • Tel: 01629 822444

FOUR COURSE XMAS PARTY MENU (INCLUDING WINE) (3rd December - 22nd December) Chef's Homemade Soup of the Day Warm Chicken, Beetroot & Goats Cheese Salad Traditional Prawn Cocktail Homemade Garlic Mushrooms & Smokey Bacon Homemade Thai Fishcakes* Traditional Roast Turkey Pan Fried Whole Trout seasoned & topped with almonds Sizzling Rump Steak Stilton Chicken, drizzled with a stilton & port sauce Roast Topside of Beef Sizzling Rib-Eye Steak* Homemade Vegetarian Menu Available




Celebrate the festive season with us! 2 course Christmas menu from £13.95 3 course Christmas menu from £18.95 Come and enjoy home cooked food, open fires, hand pulled ales and mulled wine at a 16th-century traditional country inn Supplements may apply

Call 01433 620381 or look at our website


Shoulder of Mutton Bradwell

01433 620427

COURSE 4 CHRISTMAS MENU £16 per person

PRE-BOOKING ONLY ***********

NEW ~EVERY FRIDAY Happy Hours 5-9pm Lager, Tetley, John Smiths and Stowford Press or 125 ml glass of wine

£2.50 ***********

ACCOMMODATION Stay two nights Mon-Thurs

£65 per room

Selection of Sweets including traditional Christmas pudding


Coffee or Tea served with mints and mince pies

All Parties catered for Visit our website for menus

£18.95 Lunchtime £23.50 Evening *extra evening choices*

*********** Email

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Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 25

The Druid Inn

Main Street . Birchover . Matlock . DE4 2BL . Tel: 01629 653836


The Druid Inn at Birchover is a traditional country pub, serving well kept local cask ales and delicious freshly cooked food. With a delightful mix of modern dining and traditional pub character, The Druid Inn is ideally located within the Peak District for walkers, day trippers and families

on holiday. As members of CAMRA, managers Joyce & Rob are passionate about the ales at The Druid Inn and continually search for the latest and greatest that are available every month. Beers and ales are a passion at The Druid Inn Is there anything that signifies “Englishness”

more than a pint of ale? There is a fine heritage of brewing ale in Britain that spans centuries and it is solidly embedded in our culture. Once seen as a man’s drink, beers and ales are now enjoyed by everyone and have the same gastronomic status as fine wine. Examples of





Seasonal Dining Feature

Please telephone Mark Andrews on 01629 812159 or email Copy deadline: Wednesday 13th November

breweries sourced from are: Abbeydale Brewery Sheffield, Sarah Hughes Brewery, Blue Monkey Brewery, Oakham Ales. The Druid Inn features a variety of interesting and intriguing beers and ales every month. Rob takes great pleasure in describing their character and he’s more than happy to provide a tasting sample if required. Of course beers and ales are a passion at The Druid Inn but there is also a healthy selection of wines, spirits and lagers to satisfy all tastes. If you’re looking for somewhere to dine out or an impromptu beer stop then call in to The Druid Inn. Curry night - every Monday £9.95* including a drink. *Please ask for details. We look forward to welcoming you.

Rutland ARMS HOTEL Celebrate Christmas




Meet in our Gateway bar at 7.00pm for your arrival drink, enjoy our Christmas Eve candlelit 5-course dinner with background carols playing throughout the meal. The entertainment will begin during the dessert course and on through the evening.



Roasted red pepper and vine tomato soup served with finely diced chestnuts and a warm crisp roll

Christmas Pudding served with a rich brandy custard

Pork and Liver terrine served with toasted bruschetta and homemade orange chutney Honeydew melon and finely sliced Parma ham accompanied by juicy dried figs and winter leaves



Derbyshire reared topside of beef and Yorkshire pudding Served with a shallot, garlic and red wine jus and goose fat roasted potato Wild mushroom and red pepper wellington Served with a rich red wine sauce Grilled plaice served simply with a lemon, parsley and garlic sauce

Champagne and raspberry tart served with Chantilly cream

The Square, Bakewell DE45 1BT

Winter Vegetable Soup

Duck Liver Terrine

Warm Chicken Liver Parfait with apple and green peppercorn sauce

Quail Egg in Jelly (V)

Prawn Cocktail

Wild Mushroom Spring Roll (V)

Vegetable Pâté with fruit chutney

Bloody Mary Mousse (V)

Roast Turkey with traditional trimmings

Artichoke Cream with stilton dumplings, cherry tomatoes and cheese straws (V)

Christmas Turkey Burger

Game Spring Roll

Bag Roasted Sticky Salmon Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with garlic sauté potatoes, green beans and spinach Pheasant Breast Forestière

Grilled Halibut, Scallop, Quenelles and Vanilla Pod Butter Grilled and Braised Vegetable Tarte Tatin (V)

Steak and Stilton Pie Vegetarian Nut Roast

Braised Shin of Beef

Wild Mushroom and Fennel Confit Risotto

Roasted Breast of Pheasant

Christmas Pudding with vanilla custard

Cassoulet of Baby Onion and Button Mushrooms

Lamb Rack Cutlet

Milk Chocolate and Crème de Menthe Brûlée

Roasted Butternut Filled Ravioli (V)

Caramelised Orange Cheesecake

Mediterranean Vegetable Casserole (V)

Elderflower and Wild Berry Jelly with lavender and lemon shortcake

Tomato Confit (V) Lemon Butter Sauce (V)

Selection of Ice Cream Smoked Wensleydale Cheese with spiced pear chutney and rich fruit cake

Hot Chocolate Soufflé Sweet Chestnut Parfait

Tea or Coffee and Mince Pie £2.50

White Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cheesecake



Located in the picturesque Spa Town of Matlock Bath, our Tea Shop is in the heart of this beautiful community, with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating. Our ingredients are all locally sourced, with our produce freshly home-made in our kitchens

DELICIOUS HOMEMADE FOOD BREAKFASTS ~ LUNCHES ~ AFTERNOON TEAS and a tempting selection of home-baked cakes

Chocolate and orange mousse with a Cointreau cream


Brandy snap basket and fresh fruit salad served with a vanilla ice cream

1st bistro evening!

A selection of locally sourced cheese (additional £2.50 per person)


Traditional roasted turkey Served with all the trimmings and a port wine gravy

7.30pm Champagne and canapés – 8pm Dinner Includes a choice of red or white wine during meal


MICHAEL BUBLÉ Platter of classic oakwood Salmon with red onions, capers and buttered brown bread

5 Course set dinner £60.00

Available throughout December Tues - Sat 12pm-9pm & Sun 12pm-8pm




New Year’s Eve

2 Course £15.00 • 3 Course £18.00


Tea or coffee served with mini mince pies



0 5 . 7 £4

BOOK NOW on 01629 812812 (option 2)

We are pleased to announce that we are promoting an evening of excellent food and wine on Thursday 21st November. Customers will receive a three course sumptuous meal at the competitive price of only £20 per head.

MENU Soup of the Day Warm Chorizo and Mozzarella Salad Smoked Mackerel or Vegetarian Pâté Portabello Stuffed Mushrooms Chicken and Asparagus Shortcrust Pie Beef Bourguignon Smoked Fish Chowder Carrot and Feta Filo Parcel A Selection of Sweets and Coffees

This is expected to be very popular and booking is strongly recommended.


Either with private room hire or at your chosen venue


Visit us at: 14, North Parade, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire DE4 3NS Tel: 01629 580547

Page 26 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

01629 814774 • Bridge Street, Bakewell •

The Old Barn, Market Place


A unique opportunity to acquire a 17th-Century four bedroom detached converted barn with garage, approximately 1/3 acre enclosed landscaped gardens and two stables / outbuildings offering further potential. Including probably the largest retail shop in the popular picturesque village of Castleton.

NEW £695,000

NEW PRICE £310,000

Newlyn, The Rock


• • • • •

Flexible family living accommodation Private enclosed landscaped gardens Stone stable/outbuilding with access to the rear Garage, substantial shop and amenities Barn Conversion with original features. Sympathetically enlarged

NEW PRICE £195,000

NEW £220,000


Pen-Y-Ghent, Manchester Road Tideswell

A spacious beautifully presented double fronted three bedroom mid terrace property with two reception rooms, enclosed gardens and off-road parking for two vehicles. Occupying an elevated position with superb far reaching views across Bakewell and the surrounding countryside. Energy Rating TBA.

9 Longedge Rise

A substantial modern four bedroom detached house set in a generous plot with enclosed rear south-west facing garden, enclosed patio and garden laid to lawn. Generous off-road parking and integral garage. Well presented throughout with gas central heating and double glazing.

A delightful two bedroom period terrace cottage with staged terrace rear garden and balcony, immaculately presented throughout retaining charm and character alongside high quality modern fixtures and fittings. Set in the popular village of Tideswell close to a wealth of local shops and amenities.

• Three bedroom mid terrace • Retaining charm and character • Easy reach of an excellent range of shops & amenities • Lady Manners School catchment • Exterior utility and enclosed gardens

• Modern four bedroom detached house • Wide block paved driveway • Enclosed south-west facing rear garden • Excellent public transport links • No upward chain

• Fully refurbished throughout • Peaceful location on the edge of the village • Private staged gardens with delightful views • Dining kitchen with Neff integrated appliances • Prominent fireplace with open fire

NEW PRICE £150,000

NEW PRICE £150,000

NEW £150,000

The Old Salt House, Buxton Rd Bakewell

8 Buxton Road

A well presented two bedroom stone built mid terrace cottage occupying a central location in the historic market town of Bakewell within easy level walking distance to shops, restaurants and amenities. Enclosed rear seating terrace, double glazing and storage heaters.

A two bedroom stone built mid-terrace cottage with enclosed rear courtyard and tiered garden. Centrally positioned in the popular village of Tideswell, within level walking distance of an excellent range of local shops, amenities and country inns.

A charming stone built two bedroom end terrace cottage with enclosed patio and off-road parking for one vehicle, situated in the picturesque village of Grindleford in the heart of the Peak District National Park, surrounded by beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

• Centrally positioned in the village of Tideswell • Close to a wealth of local amenities • Easily managed rear garden • Elevated views • Ideal holiday cottage or main home

• Off-road parking for one vehicle • Enclosed front and rear courtyard • Viewing highly recommended • Attractively appointed property • Close to excellent local amenities. Stone built two bedroom

• Two bedroom stone built mid terrace cottage • Ideally suited for first time buyers or holiday cottage • Rear courtyard with seating terrace • Central Bakewell location • Close to local shops and amenities


1 Goatscliff cottages

end-terrace cottage


Your Totally Independent Local Newspaper

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Page 27

01629 814774 â&#x20AC;˘ Bridge Street, Bakewell â&#x20AC;˘


NEW ÂŁ325,000

Leaside, Conksbury Avenue


The Wheatlands

A generously proportioned three bedroom detached bungalow with garage and off-road parking. The property is ideally suited as a family home with enclosed garden adjoining open countryside with views towards the church and the village beyond.

â&#x20AC;˘ Popular Derbyshire village setting â&#x20AC;˘ Peaceful cul-de-sac location â&#x20AC;˘ Far reaching views towards the church

â&#x20AC;˘ Close to local shops and amenities â&#x20AC;˘ New boiler recently installed


An outstanding three/four bedroom stone built detached residence with integral double garage and enclosed landscaped gardens adjoining open farmland and with fabulous views across open countryside.

â&#x20AC;˘ Sweeping drive providing generous off-road parking â&#x20AC;˘ Within Lady Manners School catchment â&#x20AC;˘ Located in the highly sought after village of Baslow â&#x20AC;˘ Set in a peaceful backwater location â&#x20AC;˘ Skilfully extended and retaining charm, character and original period features



A substantial four double bedroom, two en-suite family residence with generous landscaped gardens adjoining open farmland. With garage / workshop and generous off-road parking for several vehicles. Renovated and refurbished to a high standard throughout.

A late 17th Century semi-detached farmhouse with four bedrooms, 2 ensuites, large garage, generous off-road parking and approximately 1/2 acre of grounds including paddock, enclosed garden and seating terrace.

Priestdale House


â&#x20AC;˘ Four double bedroom, two en-suite family residence â&#x20AC;˘ Occupying a rural village location Within Lady Manners School catchment â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Superb picturesque views Ideally suited as a family home in an idyllic Peak Park setting. â&#x20AC;˘

Greenhead Farm, Old Dam Lane â&#x20AC;˘ Peak District National Park â&#x20AC;˘ Within an area of special interest â&#x20AC;˘ Approximately 1/2 acre of grounds


Manor Farm

Over Haddon

A generously proportioned Grade II Listed stone built five bedroom farmhouse with attached self contained three bedroom annexe occupying a courtyard setting with detached outbuilding. Set in the popular Derbyshire village of Over Haddon enjoying views across open countryside. Energy Rating F.

â&#x20AC;˘ Grade II Listed stone built farmhouse â&#x20AC;˘ Five bedrooms â&#x20AC;˘ Self contained three bedroom annexe â&#x20AC;˘ Courtyard setting â&#x20AC;˘ In need of modernisation and cosmetic enhancement


Brereton, Ashford Road


We advise that an offer has been made for the above


â&#x20AC;˘ Late 17th-Century Farmhouse retaining character features â&#x20AC;˘ Open fires and working Manchester range


s to peak us !

% Help to Buy mortgages available

NOTICE OF OFFER property in the sum of

Peak Forest

Any persons

wishing to increase on this offer should notify the agents of their best offer prior to exchange of contracts.

(ELPTO"UYMORTGAGESARESUBJECTTOLENDERCRITERIAANDAREAVAILABLEONPURCHASESONLY A BROKER FEE OF UP TO ÂŁ550 MAY BE PAYABLE ON APPLICATION YOUR HOME OR PROPERTY MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE Sequence (UK) Limited is an appointed representative of Connells Limited who is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority for advising on mortgages and non-investment insurance contracts (most Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated). Registered in England No: 4268443. Registered office: Cumbria House, 16-20 Hockliffe Street, Leighton Buzzard LU7 1GN. MS/SEQ//10.13

Page 28 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159


TIDESWELL, SK17 8NP 12, Chantry Lane

Offers Around


An exceptionally well appointed two bedroom end terraced stone property with off-road parking for two vehicles. Pleasantly situated with elevated views over countryside and planning permission to extend the existing accommodation.

• 2 Double bedrooms •

Existing planning to extend (on file) Set in Attractive gardens High gloss kitchen with quiet residential cul-de-sac Oak floors to hall and lounge Underfloor heating host of appliances Stylish bathroom.

BAKEWELL, DE45 1AX 28, Park Road


A delightful 3 bedroom split level property occupying an elevated position offering spectacular views to the rear across Bakewell and the surrounding countryside.

• •

3 bedrooms • High quality kitchen • Luxury 4 piece bathroom Spiral staircase to loft • Spacious living/dining area • Useful inner lobby with storage • Driveway and garage • Atrractive terrace enjoying gardens to rear.

EPC Rating D

EPC Rating E

VIEWING: Bakewell Office.

VIEWING: Bakewell Office.


Offers Around

HOLMESFIELD, S17 3BS The Leylands, Moorwoods Lane Offers Around


A splendid rural retreat situated on the edge of Sheffield's city limits, situated in stunning and idyllic grounds of approximately 1.7 acres. The main family home’s accommodation is complemented by 2 large and modern stone built outbuildings that have previously been used for guest accommodation. 'The Leylands' represents an extremely exciting opportunity for the family market and as it is registered as a nursery the property could attract a certain amount of commercial interest. The exemplary grounds have been entered into the National Gardens Scheme over the last 5 years and are sure to impress anyone with a botanical nature. The situation is ideal for a growing family with desires for a rural setting and yet still wanting ties with a city as the property is only 6 or 7 miles from Sheffield's city centre and local amenities are even closer at Holmesfield, Dore and Totley. Awaiting EPC VIEWING: Banner Cross Office.

Selling homes like yours

BAKEWELL 01629 700699 HATHERSAGE 01433 651 888

DORE OFFICE 0114 236 2420 BANNER CROSS 0114 268 3388

BROOMHILL 0114 266 0061 LETTINGS 0114 268 9900

SURVEYS 0114 235 7741

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Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 29



MIDDLETON BY YOULGREAVE, DE45 1LS Offers Around £249,950 Forge Cottage

TIDESWELL, SK17 8HT 1, Sherwood Road

A superbly positioned 3 double bedroomed cottage off the beaten track but very much in the village. The home offers well proportioned accommodation with an open aspect, plenty of parking and a good sized garden.

A rare opportunity to purchase a charming one bedroom cottage in need of renovation. Providing an ideal investment opportunity or first time buy an early viewing is recommended. NO CHAIN.

• Glazed atrium entrance hall • large lounge • dining kitchen • 3 double bedrooms • bathroom/wc • Parking and gardens.

• One bedroom • End terraced cottage • Small external store • Ideal lock up and leave property.

EPC rating D

EPC Rating E

VIEWING: Bakewell Office.

VIEWING: Bakewell Office.

Offers Around


PROPERTY AVAILABLE TO RENT OLD TEA ROOM, MARKET PLACE, CASTLETON A picturesque 3 bedroom cottage located in the Market Square of Castleton. The property comprises 2 double bedrooms and 1 single bedroom, 1 family bathroom and 1 en-suite, large living room, kitchen with dining room attached. The property has many original features including wooden beams to the ceilings, stone built arch, fireplace and flagstone floors. The property is fully furnished and available on a long/short term contract from mid November.

£875 PCM


DRAGONFLY COTTAGE, FLY HILL, BAKEWELL This is a beautiful detached period stone cottage set in the heart of the Peak District, within a 5 min walk of Bakewell town centre. It has 3 double bedrooms - one en-suite, a shaker-style kitchen, conservatory and modern family bathroom, all recently refitted and refurbished. The double glazing, efficient combi-boiler and central heating make it a cosy cottage, but cost effective to manage. Natural wood floors and natural stone windows and fireplaces throughout give it charm and character. Situated on a quiet culde-sac, there is parking space for 2 cars. The good sized garden and patio have stunning views over the Derwent Valley.

£895 PCM unfurnished 5, SCHOOL LANE, HATHERSAGE A fine looking country cottage located in the much sought after village of Hathersage which offers living space over 3 floors. The property comprises 3 bedrooms, family bathroom, kitchen diner, living room and on-street parking. Available on a long or short term contract from mid November 2013. Located close to local amenities including shops, pubs and schools.

£850 PCM unfurnished 2, BANK VIEW, MAIN ROAD, HATHERSAGE Located in the heart of Hathersage is this delightful 4 bedroomed house with off road parking. The property consists of 4 bedrooms, family bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, front and rear garden and off-road parking. Available on a long or short term basis from the beginning of November.

£800 PCM unfurnished To view any of these properties please contact your local branch of ELR

Selling homes like yours

Eadon Lockwood and Riddle Letting Department have seen a large increase in rental properties coming to market in the Derbyshire area over the recent months. These properties are in high demand from clients looking for that perfect country cottage or rural family retreat. ELR are in a great position to market and manage these properties with offices in both Hathersage and Bakewell. For all 'Lettings' enquiries call one of the team for details on how to professionally let your property in Derbyshire.

BAKEWELL 01629 700699 HATHERSAGE 01433 651 888

DORE OFFICE 0114 236 2420 BANNER CROSS 0114 268 3388

BROOMHILL 0114 266 0061 LETTINGS 0114 268 9900

SURVEYS 0114 235 7741

Page 30 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

Matlock: 01629 580228 Ashbourne: 01335 346246 Chesterfield: 01246 209950

Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents, Auctioneers




A MOST ATTRACTIVE 4/5 BEDROOMED VILLAGE PROPERTY SITUATED IN THE HEART OF THIS HIGHLY REGARDED PEAK DISTRICT VILLAGE NESTLING CLOSE TO THE DOVE AND MANIFOLD VALLEYS AND WITHIN THE HEART OF THE PEAK DISTRICT NATIONAL PARK. Dove cottage is listed grade II being of architectural and historic interest and is constructed in coarse, mellow stone with cut stone features set beneath a slated roof. The accommodation is considerably more spacious than roadside inspection might suggest and is tastefully appointed throughout. The attractions of the property are considerably enhanced by its delightful and easily managed walled garden. Epc rating: F. (Joint Agents with Frank Marshall of Buxton).

OFFERING FLEXIBLE SHARED OWNERSHIP OR RENT TO HOME BUY SCHEMES. PRICES FROM £83,750 (FOR A 50% SHARE) For further information please contact Jane Andrews at Acclaim Housing:

Only viewing will yield the true attractions of this detached home.


Ref: 7575

01629 761547 DARLEY DALE



A SUBSTANTIAL DETACHED THREE/FOUR BEDROOM FAMILY HOME OFFERING VERSATILE AND WELL PROPORTIONED ACCOMMODATION THROUGHOUT. The property has recently undergone decorative updating with further scope to cosmetically improve the kitchen. The property already benefits from gas fired central heating and part Upvc double glazing and enjoys an elevated southerly aspect with parking to the front and extensive rear gardens to include a large detached stone outbuilding; all of which take in superb views across the valley. EPC Rating: F.

Ref: 7998


A MODERN THREE BEDROOM DETACHED PROPERTY WITHIN THIS POPULAR RESIDENTIAL LOCATION. Entrance Lobby – Living Room Dining Room – Breakfast Kitchen – Cloakroom – Master Bedroom with Ensuite Shower Room – Two further Bedrooms – Bathroom – Gardens – Single Garage – Parking – Views


Ref: 7815


A CHARACTER FOUR BEDROOM DETACHED COTTAGE SET WITHIN IDYLLIC COUNTRYSIDE SURROUNDINGS. Being built in the early 18th century, with more recent extensions, of natural stone beneath a slate roof stands this detached cottage Offers well proportioned accommodation throughout, oozing character and charm with exposed beamed ceilings, Suffolk latch and braced doors and feature fireplaces, two of which incorporate multi-fuel stoves. Sitting within a larger than average plot which boasts well maintained southerly aspect gardens, along with vehicular hard standing and single garage; all of which take in delightful views of the delightful countryside surroundings. EPC Rating: E VIEWING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Ref: 7922

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Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 31

Matlock: 01629 580228 Ashbourne: 01335 346246 Chesterfield: 01246 209950

Chartered Surveyors, Estate Agents, Auctioneers




SATURDAY 16TH NOVEMBER -10.30am The Derbyshire Sales Room, Buxton Road, Bakewell View: Friday 15th 10am – 8pm and day of sale at 9.00am – 10.30 Approximately 600 lots of good quality Period and Reproduction furniture including Architects table, Marquetry games table, Edwardian display cabinets, oak Welsh dressers, Windsor chairs, Boudoir grand piano, Rosewood breakfast table, sets of 6 & 8 dining chairs. Irish pine Kitchen table etc. Extensive entry of Pottery and Porcelain including Blue & White oriental, Royal Crown Derby, Beswick, Continental, Carlton, Bretby etc. Glass, Metal and Decorative ware. Silver and Plate. Mirrors. Longcase and Mantel clocks, 19th Century White Hurst wall clock. Rare Hovis wall clock. Oils, Watercolours and Prints including W Leader. Land and Seascapes, Portraits etc. Collectables including early boxed Dinky, Postcards, Ephemera, WW1 memorabilia and a large entry of Garden Statuary, benches, urns etc. Ashford Marble jewellery and a large collection of Brampton Stoneware.

A MODERN WELL PRESENTED TWO BEDROOM GROUND FLOOR APARTMENT WITHIN THIS EXCLUSIVE TOWN CENTRE BLOCK SITUATED ON THE EDGE OF THE RIVER DERWENT. Modern well presented two bedroom accommodation with fitted kitchen to include integral appliances, bathroom and ensuite facilities with white sanitary ware. Located to the rear of the block and with a private balcony enjoying a southerly aspect overlooking the gardens and banks of the River Derwent. Having private gates to the communal parking area, use of the extensive surrounding grounds and secure video phone entry system. EPC rating: D


Ref: 5895


COMMANDING SUPERB VIEWS ACROSS THE DERWENT VALLEY, A WELL PRESENTED TWO BEDROOM BUNGALOW WITHIN A SOUGHT AFTER EDGE OF TOWN LOCATION. Benefiting from a well regarded backwater location just one mile from Matlock’s central facilities, this stone built semi-detached bungalow provides easily managed two bedroom accommodation. The hillside plot has been landscaped for ease of maintenance with the inclusion of a broad patio terrace, stylishly finished with glass and steel balustrade from where full advantage is taken of the truly superb views across the Derwent Valley. There is a also the benefit of car parking for two vehicles and single garage plus uPVC double glazing and gas fired central heating. EPC rating: E. A closer inspection is recommended to appreciate the full merits of this property.

Full catalogue on line –


Ref: 7934



LUMSDALE, MATLOCK *** INTERNAL INSPECTION HIGHLY RECOMMENDED *** A character stone built mid terraced cottage situated within a pleasant edge of town £450 backwater. The period cottage offers pcm modernised two bedroom accommodation. Well suited to the single occupant or young professional couple, the accommodation is easily managed and available for long term rent if required.



MATLOCK ** REDECORATED THROUGHOUT PRIOR TO A £550 NEW TENANCY COMMENCING An upgraded pcm detached three bedroom house within a popular residential location. Enclosed and easily managed garden. The property enjoys a pleasant cul-de-sac location close to nearby schooling and around one mile from Matlock’s central facilities.




** TWO NEW BUILD, TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS AVAILABLE **Allocated parking and well proportioned £565 accommodation which is finished to a modern pcm standard and style for which William Davis Homes are now well respected. With curtains, carpets and floor coverings to each room. The properties are well placed for access to Matlock’s central amenities and the Arc Leisure Centre is within walking distance.

THE KNOLL, TANSLEY *** FURNISHED *** A three bedroom terraced cottage set within the popular village of Tansley. £675 Furnished to an extremely high standard and pcm enjoying stunning views towards Tansley wood. Luxury fully tiled bathroom with white suite. The property also has front and rear gardens.


New Homes Specialists 01629 580228

** GARDEN MAINTENANCE INCLUDED IN THE RENT ** A high calibre detached stone-built bungalow providing generous family accommodation to £1300 include four bedrooms, two reception rooms, pcm separate study and two bathrooms. The property enjoys a private tucked away position, yet lies just half a mile from Matlock’s town centre facilities.

See our website for a comprehensive list of our properties to let

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Page 32 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

27 Bank Road, Matlock




Tel: 01629 760899





• Spacious detached bungalow • In need of modernisation and upgrading • Situated in a delightful quiet location • Standing in good size gardens • Three Bedrooms • Dining lounge & fitted kitchen • Bathroom, separate W.C • Driveway and Garage • EPC=F



• Popular village location, backing onto open fields • Spacious breakfast kitchen • Gardens to front and rear • Detached outbuildings • Three Bedrooms, Bathroom • Living/dining room • Driveway • EPC=C

• Stamp duty paid by vendors • Realistically priced for a quick sale • Four bedrooms • Family bathroom • Spacious dining kitchen • Sitting room and study • Village location • EPC=E








• Spacious stone built, dormer bungalow • Spacious sitting room, dining room, study • Utility room & good size breakfast kitchen • Gardens to front and rear and driveway • Recently fitted family bathroom • Three double bedrooms, master with en-suite • Village location • Lady Manners catchment • EPC=D

IDEAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY • Stone built cottage/Exceptionally well presented • Two double bedrooms • Family bathroom • Living room • Spacious dining kitchen • Large attic space • Gardens • EPC=E

• Refurbished first floor apartment • Immaculately presented • Commanding views • Two double bedrooms • Family bathroom • Open plan living dining kitchen • Allocated parking space • EPC=D

Serving the rural community for over 140 years Tithe Farm

Dales Cottage

Grange Mill, Aldwalk, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 4HX

Alstonefield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 2FS

Grade II listed five bedroom gentleman’s residence.

A three bedroom detached cottage with separate holiday accommodation.

Situated in a very convenient location. Extensively refurbished throughout. EPC Rating E. Sale guide price: £635,000 Enquiries to: Bakewell Office 01629 812777

Set in approximately 0.44 acres of gardens overlooking the beautiful Peak District countryside. EPC Rating F. Sale guide price: £450,000 Enquiries to: Ashbourne Office 01335 342201

For Sale By Auction

For Sale By Informal Tender

Wednesday 20th November

At Pavillion Paddock, Uttoxeter Racecourse at 3.00pm

Land at Hulme End, Nr Hartington, Ashbourne, Derbyshire 9 acres (3.64ha) pasture land, good road frontage, water from stream. Auction guide price: £5,000 - £6,000 per acre Enquiries to: Ashbourne Office 01335 342201

Bakewell Uttoxeter

01629 812777 01889 562811

Ashbourne 01335 342201 Leek 01538 398466


01332 200147

Brummit Plantation, Woolley Moor, Derbyshire, DE55 6PF A parcel of mature amenity woodland extending to 1.81 acres overlooking Ogston Reservoir. Tender Closing Date: Monday 18th November 2013 at 12 noon Sale guide price: £15,000 Enquiries to: Bakewell Office 01629 812777


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Chartered Surveyors • Estate Agents • Auctioneers • Residential Letting Agents BOLEHILL




NO UPWARD CHAIN. Well positioned four bedroomed detached property occupying a cul-de-sac location with views towards surrounding countryside to rear. Gas fired central heating. Sealed unit double glazing. Large Storm Porch, Reception Hallway, Guests' Cloakroom, Sitting Room, Dining Kitchen, Well proportioned Utility Room, Upvc Conservatory, Master Bedroom with En-suite, Three further Bedrooms and Bathroom. Driveway providing ample off street parking. Garage. Garden to rear with patio areas, timber garden shed and summer house.

Offers around £279,950

Three bedroomed detached cottage with character features occupying a popular location. Sold with the benefit of no upward chain and a driveway with garage. Gas fired central heating. Sealed unit upvc double glazing. Entrance Porch, Entrance Lobby Area, Sitting Room, Dining Room with wood burning stove, L-shaped Fitted Kitchen, Three Bedrooms, Bathroom.

Offers around £225,000




Offers around £225,000

Offers around £237,000

Offers around £225,000

Introducing three character homes created from the conversion of existing period properties located within a new and exclusive development “The Dales”.

Within walking distance of Matlock and overlooking the River Derwent.

High Building / Internal Specification.

Quality and attention to detail.

Substantial Financial Incentives.

• •

The location faces the treelined River Derwent and gives easy access to the town’s shops, leisure and other amenities.

Top 5% Energy Efficient Rating.

Carpets / Floor Covering Throughout.

Allocated parking spaces.

Paved courtyard gardens (No. 112 enjoying a well proportioned lawned garden).

A character stone built three/four bedroomed semi-detached cottage occupying a rural location on the outskirts of Wirksworth. Oil fired central heating. Sealed unit double glazing. NO UPWARD CHAIN. Entrance Porch, Entrance Lobby Area, Dining Room, Sitting Room with feature fireplace and stove, Well fitted Kitchen, Useful Vaulted Cellar with Utility/Storeroom, Guests' Cloakroom, Study/Occasional Bedroom Four, Three further Bedrooms, Bathroom. Patio Garden to the rear, Off-street parking to the front of the property. EPC Rating E.

Offers around £225,000



Occupying a sought after village location, this well presented and proportioned three bedroomed stone built property is sold with the benefit of no upward chain and parking for two vehicles. Large Attic with excellent potential to further convert. Large Storm Porch, Reception Hallway, Guests' Cloakroom, Sitting Room with solid fuel burning stove, Dining Room with solid fuel burning stove, Feature Garden Room, Attractive Kitchen, Utility Room, Three well proportioned Bedrooms, Bathroom. Landscaped rear garden. Private parking for two vehicles. EPC Rating D.

Well proportioned three bedroomed semi-detached property occupying a cul-de-sac location within the popular and sought after village of Brassington. NO UPWARD CHAIN. Oil fired central heating. Sealed unit double glazing. Entrance Hallway, Living Room, Fitted Dining Kitchen, Three Bedrooms, Bathroom, Attic Room. Foregarden area, Driveway providing off-street parking, Car Port, Rear paved patio area and lawned garden.

Enjoying views towards the surrounding countryside, two bedroomed residence within a sought after and well established park development. NO UPWARD CHAIN. Gas fired central heating. UPVC double glazing. Entrance Hallway, Spacious Dining Kitchen, Living Room, Study, Bedroom One with En-suite, Bedroom Two, Well appointed Bathroom. Allocated parking space. Lawned garden to front and patio to rear.

Offers around £269,950

Offers around £175,000

Offers around £155,000




Particularly well presented and deceptively well proportioned three / four bedroomed character town house located within the Conservation Area of the historic market town of Wirksworth. Much character and charm throughout. Gas fired central heating. Living Room with feature fireplace and wood burning stove, Fitted Kitchen (appliances / white goods included), Spacious Master Bedroom with high ceiling / wardrobe and well appointed En-suite, Study / Bedroom Four, Two further Bedrooms, Feature Bathroom. Walled garden with use of courtyard. EPC rating E.

Recently fully refurbished exceptionally well presented character one bedroomed stone cottage ideal for the first time buyer, as a second home or investment. NO UPWARD CHAIN. Gas fired central heating, Sealed unit double glazing. Living Kitchen, Utility Room, Well appointed Bathroom, Feature Bedroom, Patio Garden.

An excellent opportunity to acquire this well positioned two bedroomed property occupying a popular and sought after culde-sac location. NO UPWARD CHAIN. Far reaching views to front. Gas fired central heating. Sealed unit upvc double glazing. Entrance Hallway, Fitted Kitchen, Living Room, Two Bedrooms, Bathroom. Patio and lawned garden to rear, Driveway providing off-street parking and access to the Garage.

Offers around £249,950

Offers around £134,950

Offers around £129,950











39 Dale Road, Matlock 01629 584591; 37 St. John’s Street, Wirksworth 01629 823489 Also at: Ashbourne; Burton upon Trent; Derby; Tutbury; Uttoxeter

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Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159




Nottingham Road, Tansley

Nightingale Close, Lea Bridge




Significantly reduced from £285,000 to £219,995. This stone built semi­detached residence with period features, enclosed gardens, off­road parking and double garage .The property comprises a Sitting Room, Dining Room ,Kitchen ,Conservatory ,Master Bedroom with En suite Shower Room, Two Further Bedrooms, Family Bathroom. Viewing Essential to appreciate this property and what it has to offer.



TPS are proud to offer this detached two bedroomed bungalow for sale in the delightful village of Lea Bridge. The property sits on a cul de sac position with a detached garage and driveway, easy to maintain garden, spacious hallway with a useful cloaks store, open plan living room/kitchen, two bedrooms, master bedroom with en suite shower room and family bathroom. NO UPWARD CHAIN.


The Fieldings Sutton in Ashfield OIRO


Little Bolehill,Bolehill OIRO


A rare opportunity to acquire this beautifully presented, charming double fronted two bedroom cottage enjoying a particularly quiet location nestled on the hillside with superb views overlooking Wirksworth and the Ecclesbourne Valley. Built in the early 1700's this was the former post office serving Bolehill village, recently refurbished throughout, the accommodation briefly comprises dining kitchen, sitting room, two bedrooms and family bathroom. To the outside is a walled forecourt seating area and a fully enclosed courtyard to one side. Viewing Highly Recommended.

TPS are delighted to market this superbly well presented three bedroomed mid terraced property situated in a popular cul­de­sac location. The accommodation consists of an entrance hall, spacious lounge, well appointed kitchen/dining room with patio doors opening onto an enclosed rear garden. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom, Two further bedrooms and family bathroom and parking for one vehicle. Viewing advised. • • •

Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Call our office for a no obligation valuation or quotation

After the busy summer activities we were cheerful to meet together again on old ground. Between the odd deluge of rain we have certainly been having a season of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’ and we’ve had no trouble getting to our meetings. CONSIDERING OUR ‘HEALTH AND WELL BEING’ We don’t need any encouragement to find ways of improving this so in September we welcomed Jo Dall, Matlock based Kinesiologist. She talked to us about ways in which we could improve our body awareness in order to address various conditions. Her work is applicable across a wide age range. AN EARLY ENCOURAGEMENT TO PLAN SOME ‘CHRISTMAS IN THE DALES’ Despite the October warmth we had an early trip down Andy Firth’s memory lane from Derbyshire to The Yorkshire Dales. His talk took us on a nostalgic word and photographic journey to many different kinds of old Autumn and Christmas traditional events. During

the journey he took us on Andy reminded us of the many rich Northern winter traditions of such things as Haworth Christmas lights and the Holly Queen p r o c e s s i o n , Knaresborough’s Edwardian


Do you have a bit of time to spare? then why not call in to a local blood donor session and donate blood. NHS Blood and Transplant works hard to run an efficient service and collect as much blood as possible at every donation session, so if you live near a session, why not help save lives? The demand for blood is never ending and hospitals in England and North Wales need 7,000 units of blood every day so every blood donor at every session counts. Blood donor sessions now have space for more

donors and we are encouraging people to book appointments or walk in to these sessions if they have a spare moment. Giving blood is easy to do and takes around an hour. One donation can potentially save the lives of up to three people. Donated blood is not only used in accident and emergency situations but also for patients undergoing surgery and receiving treatment for cancer and other blood diseases. Holly Mason, Lead Donor Relations Manager at NHS Blood and Transplant, said:

01298 23038 ALSO AT AND



GLOSSOP Detached stone farmhouse. 4 bedrooms & 2 reception rooms. Many character features. Detached barn and additional outbuildings. Formal gardens & approx 18 acres. Rural location with panoramic views. EPC rating E


ice New Pr



Sterndale Moor

BUXTON Deceptively spacious 2 bed end of terrace property. uPVC double glazing. Good sized garage/workshop to rear with additional parking. Viewing highly recommended. Village location. Beautiful gardens to front and rear. EPC rating D




Prices from:

OPEN DAY 16TH NOVEMBER Select development of three properties. 3 bedrooms with en-suite facilities. Individual features. Gardens to rear of properties. Part exchange considered. Viewing highly recommended. No chain. SAP rating TBC

Beautiful rural location in heart of Peak National Park. Extended & refurbished detached farmhouse with c1.5acres. Traditional character, believed to date from mid 1800's. 3 bedrooms, 3 receptions, versatile accommodation with potential to reconfigure. Detached stone built stable/barn with 3 loose boxes. No onward vendor chain. EPC rating F


ice New Pr

Fairfield Road

BUXTON Well presented 3 bedroom end of terrace house. 2 reception rooms. Gas central heating. Ideal investment property. No vendor chain. Central location. EPC rating E

£139,950 FOR

“We welcome new and existing donors to give blood and we will do our best to ensure that everyone that wants to donate is seen as quickly as possible. Sometimes there may be a short wait as the number of donors that turn up can’t be predicted in advance and the last hour can be particularly busy. If you can free up some time in your busy schedule to help those who vitally need a blood transfusion then please come along to a session. “There are donor sessions held all over, so

residents should be able to get to one at a time convenient for them. By donating blood you can help us keep the stock levels stable as we approach the colder months.” First time donors should be aged between 17-65, weighing at least 50 kg (7 stone 12lbs) and in general good health. There is no upper age limit for donors who have donated in the last two years. For more information or to book an appointment visit or contact 0300 123 23 23.




weekend, Keighley and Worth railway with Santa’s Steam Special and Grassington in Wharfedale Dickensian Christmas. We went away with ideas for some out and about treats leading up to New Year.

DERBYSHIRE FEDERATION of WIs DEVONSHIRE GROUP AUTUMN 2013 MEETING This year it was Eyam WI’s turn and pleasure to host our fellow local WIs at our annual Autumn Devonshire Group meeting. On Thursday 24th October members from Baslow, Beeley,Chatsworth, Curbar Calver & Froggatt, Grindleford, and Moorseats met up for an evening of WI information, entertainment, refreshments and a talk. We sang our serious traditional Jerusalem, laughed at the spoof Little red Riding Hood sketch and listened intently to National Trust Speaker Thelma Griffiths on The History of Longshaw Hall’s role as an auxiliary Territorial Army hospital during the 1s World War. Of course this was all enjoyed with tea and good home made cakes. The Next meeting is Thursday 7th November at 2pm in Eyam Mechanics’ Institute with Geoff Smith talking to us about Wiltshire Farm Foods. As always, new members and visitors are very welcome to attend.

Woolaton Farmhouse




Wye Head Close

BUXTON Detached bungalow on a cul-de-sac. 2 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms. Gardens, single garage & parking. Gas central heating & uPVC. double glazing. Popular residential area. No chain. EPC rating D



Wains Close

DOVE HOLES Modern semi-detached house on cul-de-sac. Well presented throughout. 3 beds, 1 en-suite. Detached garage, parking and garden. Ideal for a family. No chain.

50% shared ownership



100% ownership £162,500 EPC rating TBC

Market Place

HARTINGTON Grade II listed detached residence. 5 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms. Enclosed garden, parking & cellars.

£595,000 ice New Pr

Many character features. Central village location. Viewing recommended. EPC rating F

Chapel Road


Fixed price


HomeBuyer Reports & Valuations contact:

Magnificent views to rear. Impressive sun lounge with trifold doors. Brand new cottage style stone property. Large gardens to rear. Garage & driveway parking. Popular village location.

EPC rating C

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SIMON NORTHCOTT Will Writer if you need: • To make a Will. • Help in administering an estate. To make an Asset Protection or other Trust. • • Advice on Inheritance Tax. • To make a Lasting Power of Attorney or appoint a Court of Protection Deputy.




RICS Home Buyer Reports & Valuations




01298 23038

Children completing Wirksworth Swimming Pool’s “Learn to Swim” programme receive rewards donated by local businesses. The very first ten children completing Wirksworth Swimming Pool’s “Learn to Swim” programme had more than one reason to celebrate this month. Thanks to the generosity of local businesses the children each received a set of rewards worth over £40.00 in recognition of their efforts. The rewards, which the pool plans to offer to every child completing its full “Learn to Swim” programme, consist of an adult and child ticket for the Northern Lights Cinema in Wirksworth, a horse riding experience or family pass to Matlock Farm Park and a climbing experience at Alter Rock in Derby. The children also receive a photo keepsake and appear on the “Wall of Honour” at the pool.

Jack Webster the first child to complete the Learn to Swim Programme and receive the reward package since the pool transferred to community ownership Pool Manager, Glyn stroke perfection in front Booth, said: and back crawl and breast “Congratulations to the first stroke. children completing our I’d also like to sincerely learn to swim programme. thank our business We are delighted with their supporters. It is fantastic progress demonstrating that, with their help, we can

give rewards of real value to celebrate a child’s success. It was also heart-warming when Northern Lights Cinema gave Jack Webster, the first ever child finishing our programme, the added bonus of selecting a film to be shown at the cinema. I’m proud to say Wirksworth pool is establishing a growing reputation for quality swimming lessons and the rewards package is a great motivator to our pupils. In the forthcoming term, we will surpass 290 learners, double the amount of pupils inherited when the pool passed into community ownership back in April 2012, so it seems we’re getting something right.” For more information on Wirksworth Swimming Pool’s “Learn to Swim” programme visit www.wirksworthswimmingp or call 01629 825704 for class timetables and availability.


I CAN HELP YOU I am a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and practise in the Peak District. I charge - £100 for a simple Will, £150 for a couple and £100 an hour for other work.

HOME VISITS TO FIT IN WITH YOUR NEEDS e-mail: You can contact me on 01629 636523 or 07706 956067

Survey Dept: (0114) 235 7741 In South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, The Peak District & North Midlands 33 Townhead Road, Dore, Sheffield S17 3GD

T: 01433 639313 M: 07814 647845 E:

Mortgages Insurance Protection Your local adviser

Andrew B Sharkey FCA

james darwent

Chartered Accountant Your Local Accountant (NO VAT CHARGED)


Accounts, tax returns, incorporations, inheritance tax, RTI, and advice to Individuals, Self Employed and Small Businesses. Qualified, value added and timely service.

(01433) 695560

creative professional building planning & design service house extensions new build houses conversions historic buildings restaurants / shops on site project management sustainable energy efficient designs

Jasmine Cottage, Rowland DE45 1NR

01629 640952

please call for a free initial consultation competitive fees, no VAT the island, castleton, hope valley chartered architect

Back row: Ellis Devagino, Lion President Colin Turnbull, District Governor John Kyte. Front row: Dominic Degavino and Deborah Degavino Matlock Derwent Valley President Colin outlined the to present 100% Attendance and was the overall winner Lions Club held its 34th work that the club had Awards to Lions Sheila in the Lions Clubs of British Charter Anniversary Lunch at undertaken in the last 12 Emerson, Bill Howard, Bill Isles & Ireland, Musician of the Boundary Inn, South months and proposed the Lansdowne, Kevin Senior, the Year competition, held Normanton. Lion President toast to Lions Clubs Peter Smisson and himself. at the Birmingham Colin Turnbull led in his top International. This was Lion Colin then explained Conservatoire. He now goes table guests, who were the responded to by District that the reason for the forward to the European District Governor John Kyte Governor Mike, who brought reduced number of competition, to be held in and his wife Lioness Pam, greetings from International speeches was so that we Istanbul at the end of together with Dominic President, Lion Barry Palmer. could enjoy a recital from 17 October. For the next hour Degavino with his parents He thanked the club for all year old Dominic Degavino, all those present were Ellis and Deborah. This was its hard work and dedication who lives in Grassmoor. spellbound and amazed at an anniversary with a to Lions Clubs motto of “We Dominic had been Dominic’s skills and wished difference with only two Serve”. Lion Colin then sponsored by Matlock him well in the next phase of speeches delivered. Lion asked the District Governor Derwent Valley Lions Club the competition.


SELF STORAGE IN BAKEWELL • Local and National •

professional household removals Local and national fragile furniture transportation

Tel: 01246 268777 or 07977 063852



for Planning and Building Regulations, specialising in newbuild houses, extensions, barn and loft conversions, conservatories, garages, alterations, and listed building consent.


AGS students performing a Chinese fairy tale to pupils at the Primary school in Wirksworth's twin town, Die, France last October visitors contribute to the C o m m u n i c a t i o n s awareness about the value annual International Conference for all Year 9 of foreign language learning Business and students, which raises in the world of work.

Peak Drawing and Design Ltd

Anthony Gell School has been awarded the International School Award from the British Council for the third time. Several curriculum areas and all year groups have been involved in securing the award. Activities have included learning Mandarin, Holocaust awareness via visits to Auschwitz and Berlin and International Newspaper Projects. Assessors praised the school for delivering a broad range of activities with an international theme and encouraging students to become increasingly aware of the wider world and their future as citizens of a globalised economy. They particularly congratulated the Young Language Leaders initiative during which AGS students acted as ambassadors linking the Junior Schools in their twin towns. Local employers and

covering north derbyshire & beyond

Free consultation and very competitive rates

01629 815667 email:

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QUALITY PLASTERER Insurance work welcome Over 35 years’ experience • Free estimates

Telephone: 07710 985855

PINE STRIPPING SERVICES 01629 55427 or 07770 882064



Skilled craftsman with traditional values. 25 years’ experience of all aspects of joinery. All work guaranteed. Free estimates.


Tel: 01629 822738 after 6pm

Mob: 07968 941003


A. C. N. Tiling Specialist All Types of Tiling Undertaken. Ceramic-Marble-Slate-PorcelainMosaics-Travertine. Bathrooms-Kitchens-Conservatories. Walls & Floors. Free Estimates & Advice. All Work Guaranteed Telephone: 01298 816663 Mobile: 07972 171783

ACl DAmP PRooFInG & PlASTeRInG Rising Damp Chemical Injection Tanking Cellar Conversions Timber Treatments 30 Year Guarantee

Full Plastering Service Available Biokil Crown Approved Installer

Tel/Fax: 01629 815147 Mobile: 07973 961553 email:

A. COLEBOURNE •Block Paving •Tarmac Drives •All kinds of Patios •Dry Stone Walling •Any type of building work you need •All types of fencing Give us a ring on either

01629 56916 07970 928917 or 07807 595725

M GOSLING & SONS BUILDING & JOINERY SERVICES All types of building and joinery which includes: KITCHENS: Fully fitted or designed, supplied and fitted EXTENSIONS: Loft conversions : Building renovation : CIS4 registered For more info and friendly advice call: MIKE: 01629 815192 / 07779 225775 DARREN: 01629 584149 / 07866 263101 or visit us at

Ants Carpets In the comfort of Your home, choose from a wide range of Quality, Affordable carpets. Free expert fitting (over 20 years’ experience). Free estimates. Your own carpets fitted, or refitted. Carpet cleaning service also available. NO JOB TOO SMALL

Anthony Addis 01433 621617

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159


The Peak Advertiser allows local charities and clubs to advertise their fund raising events in this column FREE OF CHARGE provided details are submitted in writing. We will accept events in our next issue, scheduled to come out 25.11.13 for the period of 25.11.13 to 9.12.13. Copy Deadline: 13.11.13 Please send to The Peak Advertiser, First Floor Offices, Orme Court (Library Building), Granby Road, Bakewell DE45 1ES. Remember, we are willing to print all editorial on past events. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission in writing of the publishers.

Please send your Coming Events emails to:

Coming Events

EVERY MONDAY Alzheimer’s Society Memory Cafés Social event providing access to support and information for people with dementia, their carers, family and friends. Groups are friendly and informal. Every 4th Monday of the month. Medway Community Centre, Bakewell. Please pop along anytime between 2-4pm. Contact the Alzheimer’s Society on 01246 223366 or email Ashford Badminton Club 8-9.30pm. In the sports hall at Lady Manners School. Contact Pete Rhodes on 01629 810319/0775 4421211 for more info. Ashbourne Sinfonia Rehearsals at Thorpe Village Hall and Parwich. 7.30pm. Contact Howard Kilner 01298 84844 for details. Baby Group at Matlock Children’s Centre. A baby group for all parents and carers to come along and meet new friends and share their baby experiences. 1.30-3pm. Free of Charge. Further info. 01629 581867. Baby Massage at Matlock Children’s Centre. Parents are taught the gentle art of massage with their baby in small relaxing groups. Massage offers you a special time to bond and communicate with your baby. Please attend the Baby Group for further info. Badminton Hartington Village Hall between 8-10pm. Everyone welcome. For further info. 07870 879734. Bakewell Choral Society rehearsals, 7.15-9.30pm in Bakewell Methodist Church, Matlock Street, Bakewell. Term time only. Tel. 01629 650919.. Bakewell Cubs 6.15-7.45pm. At the Brigade Hall, Bath Street, Bakewell. Further info. Mike Horrod 01629 732173. Bamford Pre-School Playgroup meets during term time at the Methodist School Rooms, Main Road, Bamford. 9am-12noon. Caroline Hunter 07919 007770. Bamford Tennis Club - Ladies S&D Match practice night 6.30pm. Ruth 0114 289 9384. Baslow Mother and Baby Group 10am-12noon. Baslow Church Rooms. Charge is £2 per family. Just turn up or tel. Rachel Brown on 01246 583022. Biggin W.I. meet at 7.30-9.30pm 2nd Monday in the month. Tel. Francis 01298 84447 or Lynn 84548. Body Conditioning at Eyam Mechanics’. 7.45pm. Contact Janet on 07795 418718. Bradwell Bowls Club Open bowling. 6pm. All welcome beginners or advanced. Tel. June 01433 620227 for more info. Bradwell Pre-School 9am-12noon at the Memorial Hall, Netherside. Contact Wendy Riley 07756 236563. Bridge Club Bakewell Town Hall. 7.15pm. Pairs (Acol). Visitors just turn up. £1.50 pp. 01629 814439/01298 871151. (Not Bank Holidays). Bright Owl's Toddler Group Matlock Join us at the Tin Hut Playgroup for crafts, songs and playtime every Monday in term time 1.30-3pm. £2 per family including refreshments. Come on the day or if you'd like further details contact the playgroup on 01629 583639 or 205 Smedley Street, Matlock. British Red Cross Meeting Red Cross House, Matlock Green, Matlock. 7.15pm. All welcome. Further details 01629 582171. Bumps and Babes at Matlock Children’s Centre. A baby group for all parents and carers to come along to meet new friends and share their baby experiences. The group will include support from local Breastmates. 1.30 – 3pm. For further information call 01629 581867. Burbage Band Buxton training and lessons. Free tuition and instrument provided. Tel. Steve 01298 79152. Buxton and High Peak Art Society meet at Dove Holes Community Centre. 1.30-3.30pm. Tel. Secretary, Bronwen 01629 813686. Chapel-en-le-Frith Ladies Choir Town Hall, Chapel-en-le-Frith. 8pm. New members welcome. 01298 814015. Cromford Toddler Group meets during term time at Cromford Methodist Chapel on Water Lane, Cromford. 10-11.30am. Darley Dale Band Rehearsals 8-10pm. South Darley Village Hall. Contact Keith Sheldon 01629 734641 after 6pm. Derbyshire Housing Aid Advice surgeries and deposit guarantee scheme. Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock 9.30am-12.30pm. Free confidential, independent advice on all housing matters. Discover, Play and Learn (Under 2’s) at Matlock Children’s Centre. Session focuses on making the most of everyday opportunities to include singing, story time, craft activities and a discussion time for parents and carers. The children are able to mix with their peers, have positive experiences and learn basic skills. 10-11.30am. Free of Charge. Further info. 01629 581867. Drop In at Matlock Children’s Centre. This session will be held by one of our Children Centre Workers every Monday, you can come along for free advice and help on any matters that you are concerned about. No Appointment necessary just drop in between 9–11am. Fishpond Choir Rehearsal 7.30-9.30pm. The Fishpond, Matlock Bath. Further info. email or turn up on the night.

Great Longstone Bridge ClubVillage Hall. 7-10pm. New members needed and welcomed. Tel. 01629 640442. Grindleford and Eyam Playgroup Bishop Pavilion, Bridge Field. 9.30am12.30pm. Contact Supervisor -Rebecca Stephenson 07842 095402. Hathersage Choir Rehearsals in the Lawrence Hall, at the Hathersage Memorial Hall. 7.30-9.30pm. Contact Secretary on 01433 650554. Hope Mums, Bumps, Babies and Toddlers A small friendly group run by new mums. We meet at The Old School in Hope from 10-12. Drop in any time for tea and chat. Contact Jane 07966476636. for more details Hope Valley Lions Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at The Rising Sun Hotel, Bamford at 8pm. Visitors and prospective members welcome. Further info. Club President Jerry Fisher on 01246 461378. Interested in Cycling? – Led rides for women at Hassop. Meet at Hassop Station, 10–11am. Suitable ride for beginners, small children welcome. Rides are led by British Cycling Ride Leaders. Bring your own bike or hire one for only £6.00. International Dance at Buxton 1.45-3.45pm. Info from Pat at 01298 24450. Jazz Workshop 7.30pm at Hope Valley College. Experienced players or beginners to jazz – everyone welcome. Pete on 01433 631284. Kettlercise at Litton VH. 11am. Contact Janet on 07795 418718. Lah di Dah Small, friendly ladies singing group looking for new members to sing wide variety of songs, unaccompanied in several parts. Previous experience preferable but not necessary. Meet at Whitworth Centre. 7.309.30pm and at a variety of events. Contact Julia on 01629 56744. Learn to Dance Masson Mill, Matlock. 7-8pm ish. All buzz it ruzz it. Social dancing to include waltz, quick step, rumba, fox trot. 01629 760208. Little Hedgehogs Pre-School (supporting pre-school children in the Hollinsclough, Longnor and Flash areas ). Children enjoy creative play and learning, songs and stories and our beautiful location in a purpose built preschool. Open Mon/Wed/Fri term time from 9-3, £17.50/day. Part days available along with half portion (& half price) school lunches. Further info please call 01298 83233 (school hours) and ask for the Pre-School. Litton Village Hall Mums and toddlers exercise session. 9-10am. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels (be prepared to sweat) £6 drop in or £20 for 4 sessions (spaces limited, please call first). Tel. Michelle 07854 763570. Matlock Bridge Club St Helen’s Church Hall, Darley Dale. Competition night. Prompt start at 7pm. Membership £5. Tel. 01629 583706. Matlock Cycling Club 9.30am. Starting from Cromford Market Place. Slow morning ride. Details Tony Holmes 01629 734753. Matlock Derwent Valley Lions Club meet on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Square and Compass, Darley Bridge at 8pm. New members always welcome. For more info. visit or tel. 0845 8339583. Messy Explorers 1.30-3pm - a chance for your child to develop their senses using a variety of messy resources. 0-5 year olds, Fairfield Children's Centre, Victoria Park Road, Fairfield, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 7PE (01298) 74895. New & Young Parent’s Baby Groups 1-3pm. Matlock Children’s Centre. A group for new or young parents to meet with their 0–1 year old babies. An informal meeting place, fun activities, health promotion, opportunity to meet new friends, share ideas & experiences, free refreshments & healthy snacks. Open during school holidays but not bank holidays. 01629 581867. Otter Tots Swim School 1.30-2.30pm. During term time only at S. Anselm’s School, Bakewell. For all babies and children from 3 months to school age. Contact Victoria 07944 391362. Peak Forest Playgroup 9.15am-1.15pm Tel. Charlotte or Lara on 07733 166715. Peak Pre-School Stanton in the Peak School. 9am-2pm. Details: Cathy (Supervisor) on 07799084244, Tuesday evenings only 6-8.30pm. Peep Two’s Preparing your child for nursery. At Matlock Children’s Centre. 10– 11.30am. A group to help parents & carers give their children a flying start and prepare them for nursery. The session includes songs, rhymes, craft activities & talk time for parents.Tel. 01629 581867 for more info. Qigong 8pm. Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock - suitable for all - good for back pain, injuries, arthritis, joint problems, stress and more - 07896 977388. Rowsley Toddler Group Rowsley Methodist School Room, Chatsworth Road. 9.30-11.30am. (term time). Stanton-in-Peak Bell Ringing Practice 7.30-9pm. Learners very welcome. For details tel. 01629 636889. Tai Chi for the Over 50s 11am-12noon at Tansley Village Hall, Tansley. For further details 01629 56235. Tideswell Band rehearse at the Youth Club Building, 7.30-9pm. Contact Simon Lewis for details 07762 797595. Tissington Pre-School 9.30am-12.30pm at Tissington Village Hall. For more details please call 07817 177405 during session times. Tools for Self-Reliance 10am-12noon, Roman Catholic Church Crypt, Bakewell. Volunteers welcome to help refurbish tools for third world. Contact Mrs M. Pope 01629 733944. Toddlers Group for 0-4yrs, with parents or grandparents. Dale Road Methodist Church Hall, Darley Dale. 9.30-11.30am. Info. 01629 735988. Under 1’s Baby Group 1.30–3pm at Matlock Children’s Centre. A group for parents to come along, meet new friends and share their baby experiences. Tel. 01629 581867 for more info. Wing Chun Kung Fu 9pm. Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock - Practical self defence and health for men and women- genuine Ip Man lineage - 07896 977388. Wirksworth Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 2pm. Entry level walk. 45– 75 minutes. Meet Wirksworth Leisure centre. Wirksworth Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 2pm. Easy walk. 60–90 minutes. Meet Wirksworth Leisure centre. Women’s Badminton Group age flexible. Well established. Matlock area, new welcomed. For further details 0114 2397225. Yoga with Louise at the Medway Centre in Bakewell. Drop in class £6.50. 7.309pm. Dynamic Hatha Yoga. Mats provided. All levels welcome including beginners. Contact Louise (BWY) on 01538 304561 or just turn up. Map on website. Youlgrave Bee Group 1st Monday in the month. 7pm. Contact 01629 630202. Zen in the Peak District 7pm Meditation practice, instruction and help, near Matlock Bath. Contact or visit Peak/ for more info. EVERY TUESDAY Aerobics at Eyam Mechanics’. 9.30am. Contact Janet on 07795 418718. Baby Massage-parents are taught the art of gentle massage with their baby in small relaxing groups. 1.30-3pm. Contact Harpur Hill Children’s Centre, Buxton on (01298) 74101 for further info. and to book a place. Free.

P Morris


Citizens Advice Bureau, Town Hall, MATLOCK. Citizens Advice Bureau, Drop-in and appointments from 10am-2pm on Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri. Tel. 0844 375 2712 for an appointment. Tel. advice also available MonFri 10am–3pm on 0844 375 2712, Appointments and Drop-in also available at Cornerstones, 36 Church Street, ASHBOURNE, from 10am– 12.30pm on Mondays and at the Medway Community Centre, New Street, BAKEWELL, from 9.30am–12noon on Mondays. For all appointments and telephone advice please call 0844 375 2712 Mon-Fri 10am–1pm. Services also available at GP Surgeries in Ashbourne, Bakewell, Darley Dale, Matlock, Winster, Wirksworth and Youlgrave – please contact your GP Surgery for information. Citizens Advice Bureau HIGH PEAK – Tel. 01298 214550. Helpline Tel: 08444 111 308 if ringing from a landline, or 0300 3300 650 if ringing from a mobile Mon Wed & Fri 10am-2pm, Tues 1–8pm & Thurs 10am8pm, or email us at (TIDESWELL –The New Surgery, Parke Road, Wednesday 2-5pm (Appointments only). BASLOW – Baslow Health Centre, Church Lane, Wednesday 9.30am12.30pm (Appointments only). HARTINGTON – The Surgery, Dig Street, Wednesday 9.15–11.30am (Appointments only). EYAM – The Surgery, Church Street 2nd & 4th Thursdays monthly 9.30am–12.30pm (Appointments only). BRADWELL– Netherside Surgery 1st & 3rd Thursdays monthly 9.15am–12.15pm (Appointments only. HOPE – The Evelyn Medical Centre, Marsh Avenue, Friday 9.15am–12.15pm (Appointments only). Please see our website for details of all our sessions


Roofing, Stonework, Traditional Methods, Natural Materials 01298 70562 (fax 25018)


PAINTER & DECORATOR Providing a First Class Service 01629 650095 ALAN DOXEY FOR ALL BUILDING WORK, EXTENSIONS JOINERY & ROOF WORK All work guaranteed

NO VAT ON LABOUR Free Estimates

Tel: 01629 732155 Mobile 07881 744025

STEVE MARPLES Roofing Contractor Matlock Over 30 years’ experience. New roofs, re-roofs, repairs and leadwork.

01629 580863 / 07710 934832

Gas Safe Heating Engineer & Plumber • Gas Boilers, Water Heaters, Fires and Cookers • Plumbing work • Installations, services and repairs • Local Engineer based in Calver

Tel: 01433 631627 or 07788 678966 (mob)

Chimney Sweep and Stove Fitter

• Experienced and professionally trained chimney sweep • NVQ qualified and certified chimney engineer • Member of National Association of Chimney Sweeps • Re-lining of chimneys and installation of fires and stoves • HETAS Engineer • Fully Insured • Pots, cowls and nets fitted • Removal of birds’ nests and other blockages • Insurance recognised certificate for every chimney swept

Tel: The Clean One 01433 623755

Electrical Problems? THEN CALL



For a Reliable, Friendly Service

Call Bakewell 01629 814085 or Mobile 0797 178 6258 ALL AREAS COVERED



Tiling a bathroom or fitting a loo, Painting and coving and all woodwork too, Erecting a fence, or building a deck, Unfinished DIY - a pain in the neck, Boarding out lofts, laying laminate floor, Replacing a light, or hanging a door. Whatever the job, no job is too small, For a reliable service, just give me a call. Call Ryan on

01629 810173 or 07854 084781


Builder & Roofer



Hotpoint Hoover Zanussi Bosch etc.


Most makes of washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher and fridge repairs Ex-Hotpoint Engineer 30 yearsʼ experience in appliance repair trade


28 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE All aspects of building and roofing work undertaken, including property maintenance and plastering. Free estimates and roof inspections

For an Efficient & Reliable Service Call Paul on:

01433 631213 or Mobile: 07834 838563

Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen

phone: Gt. Longstone 01629 640349


Tel: 01629 810493

Mobile: 07799 417890

Your Totally Independent Local Newspaper

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 39

Coming Events

Grindleford and Eyam Playgroup 9am-3pm. See Monday’s Events for further details. Hats… Healthy Active Tots 0-5 years. A Physical Play session for children under 5 years, to build their confidence using soft play equipment, climbing frames, Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Cafe Social event providing access to support and balancing beams, nutrition advice available. Please contact the Children’s and information for people with dementia, their carers, family and friends. Centre for dates. 12.30–2pm. Groups are friendly and informal. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Old Hope Valley Young Farmers Club meet at Bamford Hall. 8pm. For more info. Hall Hotel, Buxton, 10.30am-12noon. Tel. Nikki at Alzheimer’s Society on Tel. Cath Morley 01433 620237. 01246 223366 or email Interested in Cycling? – Led rides for women at Carsington. Meet at An Art Group Peak Forest Reading Room. New members always welcome. Carsington Sports and Leisure, 10–11am. Suitable ride for beginners, small 7.30-9.30pm. Tel. Elaine 01298 71485 or come along to our next class. children welcome. Rides are led by British Cycling Ride Leaders. Bring your Art with Matlock U3A Scout HQ Matlock Green, 10-12 noon. New members own bike or hire one for only £6.00. welcome. Call Ruth on 01629 56636. Indoor Short Mat Bowling at Bamford village institute. 2-4pm. 7-10pm. Ashover Indoor Bowls Club meets Tuesday and/or Wednesday. 2-4.30pm. Contact June 01433 620227. Ashover Village Hall. New members needed. Little Hedgehogs Pre-School See Monday’s Events for further details. Baby and Toddler Group (Totzone) Unit 4 off Olde English Road, Matlock. 10Little Hedgehogs Pre-School Play and Stay (for parents/carers and busy 11.30am (term time only). Contact Josie 01629 584783. babies and toddlers in the Hollingsclough, Longnor and Flash areas). Join in Bakewell Bridge Club Medway Centre. Players should be seated at 6.50pm for with them for singing and creative play. 9.30–11.30am. Further info. 01298 Registered Company a 7pm start). New players and visitors welcome. Secretary Tony Margree 83233 (school hours) and ask for the Pre-School. Reg No: 32400 01629 636267. Matlock Cycling Club 7pm. Starting from Crown Square, Matlock. Training ride All aspects of carpentry & Joinery 1st Bakewell Brownies 6.15-7.30pm. The Brigade Hall, Bath Street, Bakewell. (approx 2 hours). Further details from Tony Holmes 01629 734753. Site, domestic and bespoke Further info. Heidi 01629 810369, Helen 732173, Doreen 812863. Matlock Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 10.00am Easy walk 60 – 90 Quality doors & windows (inc uPVC) Back on Balance 7-8pm and 8-9pm. Litton village hall. No exercise experience minutes different walks around the Matlock area. Glass & glazing. Loft conversions. Kitchens necessary. Focus on improving your overall spinal health. £6 drop in or £20 Matlock and District Tennis Club Social Play. 6pm-till dusk. Highfields School for 4 sessions. Please bring a mat or towel. Tel. Michelle 07854 763570. Tel: 01629 581178 Mob: 07980 879678 Lower School site, Starkholmes. April to September. Tony 01629 56531or Bakewell Crafty Kids Club 10am-12noon in term time. Crafts and fun for preJudith 01629 732614. school children. (Parent/carer required to stay) £2 donation per family. Matlock and District Rifle Club Contact Len Webster 01629 584797. Further details contact Medway Centre on 01629 813638. Matlock Multiples Group every fortnight. 10-11.30am. We're a new group for Bakewell and District Young Children’s Centre Pushchair friendly Easy walk twins (or more) bumps to preschoolers and their parents/grandparents. Tel: 1.30pm – 2.30pm fortnightly 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Get out and 07717 833641 or about and meet other parents and Matlock Workplace Derbyshire Dales carers on our pushchair friendly walks Walking for Health 12.30pm Easy walk All types of joinery work undertaken PLEASE NOTE: If you have had a in the local area. Booking essential for 45 – 60 mins Meet in reception at FREE QUOTATIONS further information or to book a place Derbyshire Dales District Council Town regular event with us which is still listed • Purpose made joinery • Glazing please telephone 01629 533673. Hall Bank Road (bottom end) for a • Fitted Kitchens • Doors & Windows and no longer runs can you please get in Bakewell Methodist Church Badminton brisk walk around Matlock in your • Fitted Furniture • Hardwood/Softwood touch with Nicky on 01629 812159 or email Club Wesley Hall, Bakewell Methodist lunch hour. • Made to measure • Flooring Church. 7.30-10pm. Tel. Jennifer Meditation Classes at Age Concern, • bespoke kitchens so we can Morewood 01629 812299. Doreen Orme Court, Granby Road. 7.303, Ivy Lane, Elton, Derbyshire, DE4 2BX delete it from the paper. Gammage 01629 813714. 9.30pm. Further info. 01298 24861. Call Rob Stone on Mobile 07971 815683 Bakewell Town Guild A newly formed NWR (Bakewell) first Tuesday in the e-mail: Townswomen’s Guild in Bakewell. Meet on the 2nd Tuesday every month. month. We are a friendly group that meets in each others’ homes in and Bakewell Town Hall. Between 10am-12noon. New members very welcome. around the Bakewell area. Are you a lively minded woman wanting to make Enq. 01246 582219. friends locally, exchange ideas, have interesting discussions and join in social Bakewell WI every third Tuesday of the month at The Friends Meeting House, events? National Women’s Register is a countrywide network group see Bakewell. 7.30pm. Contact Rashelle Maltz-Jones (01629 810355) and Jacky for more info; registered charity 295198). Tel. Lorraine on Severn (01629 810037) for further info.or just come along on the night. 01298 85024. Visitors welcome. Otter Tots Swim School Classes 12.30-2.30pm. See Monday’s Events for Bamford Pre-School Playgroup See Monday’s Events for further details. further details. Bamford Tennis Club adult coaching and social tennis from 6pm. Tel. 01433 Peak Artists are a group who paint in various media. South Darley Village Hall 651559 to arrange a free introductory session. from 7-9pm. Further info. 01629 734304. Beavers (6-8 years). 6-7.15pm. Hathersage Scout Headquarters. More info. Peak Chamber Orchestra Calver Methodist Church. Contact Glyn Davis 01433 John on 01433 651889 or website - 630689. Bingo Queens Court Sheltered Accommodation, Queens Road, Fairfield, Peak Forest Play group Peak Forest Reading Room. See Monday’s Events for Specialists in servicing and maintenance Buxton. 7.30pm. further details. of domestic gas and oil boilers Bradwell Teddy Bear Club (Parent, Baby and Toddler Group) meet at the Peak Pre-School See Monday’s events for further details. Methodist Schoolrooms, Bradwell (opp. White Hart Pub) from 9.30-11.30am. Pilates Hathersage Methodist Church Hall. 11.30am-12.30pm. Hope Loxley • Gas Safety inspections All welcome. Further info. contact Collette 01433 623838. Hall. 8.15-9.15pm. Phone Claire 07990 771155. Bio-Diversity Action Team out and about doing practical work across Preparing for Nursery & School at Bakewell Children’s Centre. 10.30-12 noon. • Landlord safety inspections Derbyshire. No experience necessary. Contact Steve Wright 01332 348591. This weekly group is for 2 & 3 year olds. Helps parents/carers give their • Gas fire servicing Bradwell Pre-School Group See Monday’s Events for further details. children a flying start and prepare then for Nursery & School. Term time only, British Red Cross Meeting Bakewell Town Hall, The Court Room, Bakewell. no need to book. For further information, call 01629 533 673. • Minor plumbing works 7.30pm. All welcome. (Excluding 4th Tuesday in the month). Further details Rowsley Crafts Club 7-9pm. The Kitchen to the rear of Rowsley Village Hall. • Free estimates 01629 582171. Bring your own craft or join in on a group project. Please call Beverley Bagshaw Burbage Band Buxton Senior band rehearsal at Nursery Lane, Burbage. 8on 01629 735997 for more info. • Office hours 9.00 – 5.00 9.30pm. Experienced players welcome. Call Steve 01298 79152. Rugby Bakewell Mannerians RUFC Training 7pm. Baslow Sports Ground. See • Emergency call-out available – out of Busy Bees Toddler Group Busy Bees is for Mums (or Dads or Grannies) and for more details. their babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Plus a trained Breastmates volunteer See and Know Toddler group at Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath. 9.45office hours monitored answer offers support on breast-feeding, weaning and returning to work whilst 11.30am term time only. 0-4’s and their parents and carers welcome for toys, machine feeding. 10am-12noon Fountain Square Church hall, Tideswell. Coffee, Chat, Bible stories, songs, crafts and a snack. No charge. For more info. contact Snacks, Toys, Games, Crafts, fun. All welcome. Lucy on 07722750501. Matlock Office For Sheffield Buxton and District Young Farmers Club meet at Farming Life Centre, Sequence Dance (Mixture of Old and New) Imperial Rooms, Matlock. 7.45Tel/Fax area call: Blackwell. 8pm. More info. Louisa Fotherby 0780 5097032. 10.15pm. Bring your own refreshments. Enquiries 01629 732023. 01629 593577 07841200956 Church On The Bus 1-3pm. Meets at the railway/New Bus station car park, Beginners Dancing Class (Ballroom, Latin American, Salsa etc) from 7.15pm Matlock. at The Edgefold Club, Matlock. Tel. 01629 55113 for details. Coffee and Chat Morning 10-11.30am. Dale Road Methodist Church Hall, Singing with Lester Simpson 7-9pm. At the Medway Centre, Bakewell. Contact Email: Darley Dale. Community Education 01629 813747. Crafty Natters Craft Morning Bring your own craft and learn new crafts. Very Tansley Tots Toddlers 1.30-3.30pm at Tansley Community Hall. First session friendly mixed age group. All welcome. 9.30-11.30am at Victoria Court free. Come and join us. Find out more at: and Website address: Community Room, Chesterfield Road, Matlock. School term time only. 50p subs which include unlimited amount of tea/coffee, biscuits and cake. Contact for Teen Group at Matlock Children’s Centre. New teenage parent group (up to Ange for more info. 01629 580856. 07896 151304. 20 yrs). Relaxed, enjoyable and informal, incorporating craft’s such as sensory Cressbrook Band Practise in ‘The Cressbrook’ (SK17 8SX). 7.30-9pm. Players ‘treasure box’ making, rattles and shakers, baby massage, first aid and of all standards welcome. We also offer tuition for learners - of all ages. activities designed around group choices. Light lunch available. This group is Denefields Seniors’ Lunch Club (Matlock). 11.15am onwards. Come and see run fortnightly please contact the Children’s Centre for dates. 12.30–2pm. us for a bit of company and a meal. Contact Chris Smith 01629 583512. Tideswell Male Voice Choir Rehearsals at 7.30pm at the Old Grammar School, Derbyshire Federation for Mental (situated to the rear of St John’s Parish Church), Tideswell. New members Health Health walk – Tuesday welcomed. Strollers 10am. Local walks with a Tot Spots 9.30-11.15am - baby clinic drop in with health visitor and childrens friendly group. All abilities welcome. centre worker. Breastfeeders and Friends - 11.15am-12.30 -Breastfeeding First Tuesday of every month. Meet at Support Group. Fairfield Children's Centre, Victoria Park Road, Fairfield, Stancliffe House, Molyneux Business Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 7PE (01298) 74895. Park, Whitworth Road, Darley Dale. Whist Drive 7.30pm at Bakewell Working Mens and Social Club, Butts Road, Booking essential 01629 733915. Bakewell. TELESCOPIC HANDLERS, Dove Holes Public Band Ambitious Wirksworth Toy Library Wirksworth Children’s Centre, Memorial Hall. 9.30BOBCATS, DUMPERS young band welcomes all young or 11.30am. Stay and play session £2 per family/carer for up to 3 children and experienced players to rehearsals includes a wide variety of toys to play with includes snack. 08450 093019. & every Tuesday and Thursday. 1B Dale Youlgrave Playschool Youlgrave Scout & Community Hall. 9am-12noon RIDE-ON ROLLER Road, Dove Holes. 7.30pm. Contact everyday. Details Saffron 01629 636768. Hayley Burton 07816 405744. Young Parents at Matlock Children’s Centre 2.30-4.30pm. All mums and dads All types of groundwork Explorers (14 years upwards). 6up to the age of 22 years are welcome with their children. A one stop shop Footings • Drives • Muckshifts 7.15pm. Hathersage Scout for all your support needs. Tel. 01629 581867 for more info. Septic Tanks • Tarmac • Underpinning Headquarters. For more info. EVERY WEDNESDAY Demolition & Construction contact John on 01433 651889 or Adventurers Children’s Club for 5-11 year olds. At the Gospel Hall, North Sewer Connections and Repairs look on the website Church Street, Bakewell. Sept-March in school term time. Crusher, Cherry Picker & Roadsweeper Hire Alpha Course in Local Churches Crich, St. Mary’s Church at 7pm. Contact: 7.5 Tonne Tipper Lorry Hire Flagg Tiddleypeeps Under 5’s. Flagg Peter Hall 01773 852693. Also Darley Dale, Churches Together at 7pm. Village Hall. This is a lively, thriving Contact: Robert Quarton 01629 734257. also Farm Buildings, Concreting, Site Work & Drainage Art Classes Life drawing and painting tutored by Diane Kettle B.A. Hons (Fine group with families from Flagg, Topsoil, stone & aggregate supplied • C.I.T.B Registered Available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Art) Certificate of Education. Beginners, improvers and professional, artists Tideswell, Hartington as well as Save money, recycle your waste into a welcome at the ‘Friends Meeting House’ (behind the Methodist Church) in surrounding villages. 9-11.30am. Tel. usable aggregate. No skips, no expense! Bakewell. 1.30-4.30pm. Tel. Diane Kettle 01629 636763 01298 85208. Ashbourne Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 10.30am. Moderate walk. 90– Football Pay and Play Sessions A 120 minutes. Ashbourne Leisure Centre. Different walks from around social, fun kickabout! – Baslow Ashbourne. Multi-use court, 6–7pm, £2.00 a Ashford Bridge Club welcomes new members to play bridge (Acol) in a social session, Baslow Multi-use court, setting. Singles welcome. At Ashford War Memorial Institute. 7-10pm. Tel: 16+ years. 01629 814132. Free Coffee Morning and chat at Bakewell Library (Storytime) 10-10.30am. All children aged 5 and under are Dale Road Methodist Church Hall, very welcome to participate, no charge for the activity. A parent/carer is Darley Dale from 10-11.30am. Come required to stay for the duration of the activity. 01629 812267. and meet old and new friends. No Bakewell Floral Art Club 7.30pm. Bakewell Town Hall. 2nd Wednesday of each charge, just friendship. See you month (except January). New members and visitors always welcome. there!

D.P. Fox Joinery

R. Stone - Joinery


• ISO 9001 Registered Company • Pay only for what you lay • No waste ***Less expense • 0.5 to 8 cubic metre loads • We will match or beat Credit Cards any like for like price Accepted • Barrowing & pumping service *** Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week *** 654 721 Sales 07976 829915 Home 01298 78030

Orders 07989


BUILDING SERVICES All building work undertaken including extensions, pointing, chimney restoration, garden walls and patios. Tel: 01629 760267 Mob: 07979 595676 Email:

High Peak Tiling & Property Services Wall & Floor Tiling Specialist Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone Kitchens, Bathrooms, Porches and Conservatories All aspects of tiling FREE quotes Email: Tel: 07580 395845

Heating & Plumbing



07966 210181 • 01298 687465

ASHBROOK ROOFING LTD Servicing and Landlord Certifications Installations of Solid Fuel Fired Central Heating or Hot Water Systems ms Underfloor Heating & Solar Hot Water Systems Bathroom Installations Breakdowns, repairs & maintenance on all of the above.

All Roofing Works Undertaken including:

Slating / Tiling & Stone Slate Lead and Conservation Tel: 01629 732988 Fax: 01629 732933

CALL: 01629 733 188 or 07739 797 644 EMAIL:

GROUNDWORK CONTRACTORS DCC approved Licensed for Road Opening, Sewer Connections & Repairs, Drop Crossings, Tarmacking and Flagging PATIO JETTING AND CLEANING DRAINS UNBLOCKED ~ 24 HOURS ••• JETTING SERVICE ••• Tel: 01298 72824 Mobile: 07970 281204

specialist cleaning STONE, TILE & GROUT CLEANING & SEALING

• Marble • Travertine • Limestone • Terracotta • • Quarry • Sandstone • Flagstone • Grout recolouring •


CALL: 07867 483024 0161 485 2564

S. BOWN & Co. LTD PLUMBING & HEATING ENGINEER 68 Wolds Rise, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3HJ Telephone 01629 584450 Mobile 07831 596309 ESTABLISHED OVER 20 YEARS Specialists in installations of central heating systems and high efficiency combination boilers. All aspects of gas work undertaken, including gas fires, cookers, landlords’ gas safety checks and installation of new bathrooms. Free quotes and estimates. A tiling service can be provided. Competitive prices for combination boiler installation or upgrade. We will try to beat all genuine quotes. It is our policy to make sure you are happy with the service we are providing. All our operatives are fully qualified plumbing Registration and heating engineers. No. 80813

• • • • •

Intruder Alarms CCTV Security Lighting Door Entry Systems Electrical Services

(01629) 56255

Page 40 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159


Hedges and clearances, Paving and Patios. Fencing. Jet Washing. Pebble gardens and general landscaping. For friendly, reliable service Call: 01629 733877 0797 1601831

Landscape Derbyshire

Coming Events

A local and friendly service specialising in;

Ashover Baby & Toddler Group 10am-12noon, (term-time only) at Ashover Parish Hall, Milken Lane, Ashover. Come and join us for a cuppa and meet new friends whilst your children play. Tel. Nicola Foster on 07891063154 or visit us at Baby and Toddler Weigh Stay and Play 2-3.30pm. Bakewell Medical Centre. Baby Health Clinic and Toddler Group. Please note that the group does not run when the surgery is closed for training. Bakewell Bunnies at Bakewell Children’s Centre 10.30am-12 noon. Toddler group for 1-4 yr olds. Older/younger siblings are welcome but activities will be aimed at children aged 1-4. Term time only, no need to book. Tel. 01629 533673. 2nd Bakewell Methodist Brownies Are you aged between 7 and 10 years old? Would you like to join our pack? We meet at Bakewell Methodist Church from 6.30-8pm. Contact Cassie Hodgkinson 01629 810241 or Sharon Wakeman at Bakewell Pet Shop, Water Street. Bakewell Silver Band Full Band rehearsals. 8-10pm at the Brigade Hall, Bath Street, Bakewell. Contact Ian Wildgoose 01629 813119. Bakewell Young Farmers’ Club Monyash Village Hall. 8pm. For more info. Tel. Helen Yates 07855 945441. Bamford 0-5 Group. Moore Memorial Hall from 10-11.45am. All welcome for informal play, tea/coffee, children’s snack and outdoor play weather permitting. Please feel free to drop in. Contact Sue on 01433 659961. Bamford Tennis Club Mens S & D Match practice night 6.30pm. Tel. Martin on 01433 650328. Baslow Choir New singers welcome – all ages. 7.30-9.30pm. Baslow Village Hall. Contact Heather Jacques on 01433 631586. Bible Study in the Hope Valley with The Living Hope Church. 8pm at various homes throughout the valley. Contact Pastor Tim Pritt 01433 650942. Bingo 8pm at Bakewell Working Men’s and Social Club, Butts Road, Bakewell. BM&W Brass Wirksworth 8-9.30pm. Moot Hall, Chapel Lane, Wirkworth. Players of all abilities welcome. Call Ray Gould on 01629 540345. Bradwell Bowls Club See Monday’s events for further details. Chatsworth WI meets every third Wednesday at Edensor Tea Rooms, Edensor Village at 7pm. New members are always welcome. Contact Kath Watts on 01246 211437. Chatsworth Cubs (8-101/2 yrs) 6.30-8pm. Pilsley Scout Headquarters, High Street, Pilsley. For more details contact Emma Lowe 07843 090016. Chelmorton Film Circle Chelmorton Institute 2nd Wednesday each month at 7.30 prompt. Coffee Morning (includes Bingo). Queen’s Court Sheltered Accommodation, Queen’s Road, Fairfield, Buxton. 10.30am. Cuppa-call-in 10.15-11.45am, Holy Trinity Church, Tansley. Why not drop in for a relaxing and welcoming cup of tea/coffee and biscuits, (and often cake!). Everyone most welcome. Crafts in the Forest Why not come along to the Peak Forest Reading Room from 10am-12noon and enjoy a relaxing and creative session with like-minded people. Transport arranged if difficult to attend. Dads Group 1.30-3pm - a group for dads, grandads and male carers to spend quality time with their child. 0-5 year olds. Fairfield Children's Centre, Victoria Park Road, Fairfield, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 7PE (01298) 74895. Dale Road Methodist Church Darley Dale invites you to our short informal First Wednesday Service at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday in each month. Dales Christian Spiritualist Church Mencap Centre, Greenaway Lane, Darley Dale. Through the school yard. 7.30pm. Healing and meditation. Warm welcome to everyone. Ducklings at Bakewell Children’s Centre 1.30-30pm. Weekly group for parents/carers & their babies aged 0 to 1. Expectant parents are also welcome. Term time only, no need to book. Further info. 01629 533 673. Fab Friends social group for men and women in the Matlock area. Meet fortnightly to chat about upcoming activities/events. Free to join. New members welcome. Contact Sam for details on 07581 417336 or email Farming Life Centre Walking for Health Entry Level Walks 1.00pm 60 minutes. 3rd Wednesday of the month. Our walks are short, gentle, entry level walks usually one hour in duration designed to help ease people back into walking. Family Arts and Crafts (suitable for pre-school children).10-11.30am. Please contact Harpur Hill Children’s centre, Buxton on (01298) 74101 for more information and to book a place. Free of Charge. Fairfield (Buxton) Band Are you interested in music? Can you play an instrument? Do you want to learn to play? Band practice. 7.30-9pm. Contact Maureen 01298 25590. Girls’ Brigade 6.30–8.30pm, Matlock Methodist and United Reformed Church, Bank Road, Matlock. Details Mrs Yvonne Brant 01629 582023. Grindleford and Eyam Playgroup 9am-3pm. See Monday’s Events for further details. Forest Adventure 3+’s, 9am-12noon (for those attending big school from Sept 2014). High Peak Badminton Club Buxton Community School. 7-10pm. All ages and abilities from 11 years. Coaching on the night 7-8pm. Day 01298 71707. Eve 01298 22502. Interested in Cycling? Led rides for women at Tissington. Meet at Ashbourne Cycle Hire, 10–11am. Suitable ride for beginners, small children welcome. Rides are led by British Cycling Ride Leaders. Bring your own bike or hire one for only £6.00. Indoor BowlingVillage Hall, Calver. 2-4pm. Enquiries to Bob Dudgeon, 01433 639908. Indoor Short Mat Bowling in the Working Men’s Club on Butts Road, Bakewell at 6.45pm - just turn up. Beginners welcome. Contact Alec on 01298 871638. Karate Village Hall, Calver. 6.30-8pm. Tel. Bob Dudgeon, 01433 639908. Kettlercise at Calver VH. 9.30am. Contact Janet on 07795 418718. Kick Start at Matlock Children’s Centre. A friendly, relaxed group to help you gain coping strategies to improve self esteem, be more confident, learn how to cope with life’s ups and downs, start thinking positive thoughts, get tips on how to make different decisions and develop a winning attitude. Crèche places are available. Booking is Essential. 9.30-11.30am. Provided by Adult Education. Further info. 01629 584336. Kids Klub Elim Pentecostal Church, Waterside Business Park Waterside Road, Ashbourne. 4-5pm. Kids Klub is a group for those in reception to year 5. Little Hedgehogs Pre-School See Monday’s Events for further details. Litton Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health Easy walk 10.15am 60 - 90 minutes 2nd Wednesday of the month meet at Litton school. Line Dancing in the Imperial Rooms, Matlock. 7.40-10pm. With Timberline Steve, IDTA qualified instructor, and Jeanette. Details 01629 636386. Longnor Play and Stay for mums/dads and busy babies. Friendly playgroup meets term time at St Bartholomews’ School 9.30-11.30am. All welcome, £1 entry. Contact Wendy 01298 83233 (day) or 83304 (eve) for more info. Matlock Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 10am Easy walk 60 - 90 minutes different walks around the Matlock area. Matlock and District Rifle Club See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Matlock Music Group for babies and pre-school children with parent/carer. 10-11.30am approx. during term time. Held at Matlock Methodist and URC Church Hall, Bank Road, Matlock. Matlock Musical Theatre Matlock Methodist and United Reformed Church Hall, Bank Road. 7.30pm. Matlock Philatelic Society second Wednesday each month. 7.30pm. Imperial Rooms, Matlock. Interesting and varied programme, visitors welcome. T'ai Chi Ch’uan Imperial Rooms, Matlock. 1.30pm - 3pm. Teacher has over 25years experience. Make the positive change in your life and well-being. Practice Harmony, relaxation and Serenity in a calm social group of like minds. To book a place call Stu 07832 107286 or David 07428131989.

• Drystone and retaining walls • Land drains and soil pipes repaired, replaced and complete systems installed • Digger and dumper with driver hired Both domestic and commercial work undertaken Please contact William Smart on 07796 648489 or 01629 56391


Tree Surgery Hedge Cutting Removal & Planting Wood-chippings and Woodchipper hire All aspects of tree work undertaken Logs For Sale Mowing Contracts Undertaken Mowing, Seeding & Turfing Garden Clearance Pesticide applications • Stump Grinding Service available NPTC CERTIFIED – FULLY INSURED Free quote @ competitive rates.

Call Andy Crich on 07814 524 305

GARDEN SERVICES Call Simon on 07784642506

All jobs big or small • Friendly & reliable service

R Griffin fencing Domestic and Industrial

• All types of wooden & steel fencing & gates • Hedge removal • Site clearance • Repair & insurance work undertaken

07967006648 - 01629 312182 Friendly and reliable service ~ Est. 1997

Pennine Paving Company Suppliers of quality reclaimed gritstone and granite setts Yorkstone flags and Indian paving K & H Haulage Depot, Newhaven, Buxton Office: 01298 84173 Mobile: 07977 589305 Email: See Our New Website:

N & G TOMLINSON Tree Surgeons Fully Insured Established 1989

All work will be in accordance with BS 3998 British Standards for Tree Work •Planting •Pruning •Felling •Hedge Laying •Hedge Trimming •Site Clearance •Stump Removal •Wood Chippings for sale

Neil Tomlinson M.Arbor.A Professional Level 3 Tree Inspector

Tel: (01629) 810580 Mobile: (07901) 772246 E-mail:


HARD LANDSCAPING, DECKING, WATER FEATURES HARD LANDSCAPES •Natural stone paving, patios, walls and steps •Pre-cast paving and block paving TIMBER WORK •Decking areas with balustrades and stairways •Fencing, arbours, pergolas and raised beds WATER GARDENS •Fish and wildlife ponds, streams and cascades GARDEN MAINTENANCE (N.P.T.C. certificate) •Regular garden care, mowing and hedgecutting •Tree pruning, removing and pressure washing PLANTING SCHEMES EXTENSIVE PORTFOLIO ~ FULLY INSURED ESTABLISHED 1993 Tel:

David Slack BSc (Hons.)

01629 580664

Matlock & District Embroiderers Group Workshop at Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock from 10am-12noon. Further details contact 01629 732512. Matlock Edgefold Club Social Sequence and ballroom dancing to organist. 810.30pm. For more info. 01629 582374. Moving on Up at Castle View Nursery. Preparing children to be ready for nursery. The group will offer support with potty training, dummies and bottles so when they go to nursery they are fit and ready to learn. 1-2.30pm. Free of charge. Tel. 01629 581867. Netball for Fun All ages and abilities welcome. Highfields School off Starkholmes site. 7-8pm. Paula 01629 581667. Open House at Bonsall Village Hall. 2pm. Board games, chat and talks. Run by retired people for anyone to join in, thanks to the New Horizons Trust. Parent and Toddler Group (run by volunteers) at Harpur Hill Children’s Centre, Buxton. 1.15-3.15pm. No need to book. Tel. 01298 74101. Free of charge. Peak Forest Aerobics at the Reading Room. 8-9pm. Classes cost £2.50 per session. Peak Pre-School See Monday’s Events for further details. Play Tideswell Play and learn together. Toys, crafts, healthy snacks, singing, tea and coffee for the parents/carers and a chance to take a toy home. At the Youth Club Building, Tideswell. 9am-12noon. Children aged 0-5. Pre-School Cycling Just bring your bike and helmet to Castleton Village Hall on the first Wednesday in the month. £2.00 per child. 1.30-3pm. Enjoy riding round cones, circuits and more. Run of the Mill Folk Dance Club Meet every 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesday (except in August). Folk dancing for beginners and experienced dancers. Florence Nightingale Hall, Holloway, nr Matlock. 7.30pm. Contacts. John Daglish 01629 534479, David and Verena 01332 881221. Seniors’ Lunch Eilm Pentecostal Church, Waterside Business Park Waterside Road, Ashbourne. 12.30 once a month. Contact the Church for more info. Sequence Dancing (old and new). 2-4pm. Edgefold Club, Matlock. Free tea, coffee and biscuits. South Darley Parent and Toddler Group 10-11.30am. Tel. Abi 01629 650911. Stepping Stones Pre-School Parwich Parwich Memorial Hall. Open sessions 9am-12noon for parents and children to visit. No prior booking needed. 2 full day sessions 9am-3pm as well as 2 half day sessions 9am-12noon. Tai Chi Bakewell and District Tai Chi Group. Medway Centre. 9.15-10.45am. More details from Medway Centre 01629 813638. Tansley, Holy Trinity Church invites you to a short, said, service of Holy Communion. 9.30am. The service precedes the regular Wednesday morning ‘Cuppa-call-in’ for cups of tea/coffee, biscuits and social chat. Tideswell Male Voice Choir See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Tideswell Singers. Rehearsals at 7.30pm at The Village Hall, Litton. New members welcome. Please see website for details of rehearsals and performances Tissington Pre-School See Monday’s Events for full details. Toddler Group 10.30am-12noon meet at Ashford Old School, Ashford-in-theWater. Contact Angela Unwin 01629 812703. Toddler Group Matlock All Saints’ Infant School. Term times only. 1.30-3pm. The Rotary Club of Bakewell meet every Wednesday lunchtime at 12.25 at the Rutland Arms Hotel, Bakewell except the 5th Wednesday when it is an evening meeting with partners. Occasionally we meet at another venue please contact 01298 85719 for further information. U:th Drop In Eilm Pentecostal Church, Waterside Business Park Waterside Road, Ashbourne. 7.30-9pm. For those in school years 6 and up. Weigh Stay and Play at The Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale. Children’s Centre workers will be available at these sessions on 7th August, 4th September. 1.303pm for further information call 01629 581867. Whist Drive Moore Memorial Hall, Brentwood Road, Bamford. 7.30pm. Admission £1 incl. tea and biscuits. Wirksworth Community Choir Rehearsals in term time. 7.45pm. Wirksworth Junior School. Sopranos welcomed. 01629 822978. Wirksworth Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 9.45pm. Moderate walk. 90– 120 minutes. Meet at Wirksworth Leisure centre. Different walks from around Wirksworth. Wirksworth Netball Club Wirksworth Leisure Centre DE4 4JG. 8.15-9.30pm term-time only. Small, friendly, competitive club. Contact either Christine Galbraith (Membership Sec) on 01629 824187/07801 956 692, or Erin Bower (Chairperson) on 01629 733968 or 07980 880 719. Youlgrave Playschool See Tuesday’s Events for full details. Youlgrave 1st Scouts Beavers and Cub Scouts 6.30-7.45pm. Scout hut, Youlgrave. Boys and girls aged 53/4-10. EVERY THURSDAY Art Class Ashover, Bassett Rooms. 9.30-11.30am. Life drawing and still life. For more info. Diane Kettle 01629 636763. ASD Support Group (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at Bakewell Children’s Centre. Weekly group for parents/carers of children who are on the Autistic Spectrum. 9.30-11am. No need to book. Group run by parents for parents. Children are very welcome. Tel. Katie on 01629 533 673 for further info. ‘Baby Days’- a learning through play session that includes listening, talking, playing, singing, sharing books and having fun. Includes a health visitor dropin on first Thursday of each month. 1.30-3pm. At Harpur Hill Children’s Centre, Buxton. No need to book. Tel. 01298 74101. Free of charge. Baby and Toddler Group 1-3pm a stay and play session healthy snacks and drinks provided. Matlock Children’s Centre, School Road, Matlock. 01629 581867. Back on Balance 9.15-10.15am and 10.15-11.15am. See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Bakewell Croquet Club meets on the Recreation Ground afternoons and evenings during the playing season. Tel. Alan Reeves 01629 812603. Bakewell Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 10.00am Moderate walk 90 – 120 minutes different walks around the Derbyshire Dales. Bamford Pre-School Playgroup See Monday’s Events for further details. Baslow Bridge Players welcomes visitors and new members. Duplicate bridge at Baslow Village Hall. 12.30-3.30pm (to be seated by 12.20pm). Judy Barker 01629 813100. Baslow Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 10.00am Entry level/Easy walk 45 – 75/ 60 - 90 minutes 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Meet at Nether End Bus stop by the Village Green, Public toilets and Car Park. Baslow Guides Baslow Church Rooms. 7.30-9pm. Further info. Kate 01246 582639 or Jo 01246 203868. Basketball Under 11, 5.30-7pm. Adults 7.30-9pm. Hope Valley College. Beaver Scout Group in term time, from 6-7pm in the Brigade Hall, Bath Street, Bakewell, and take boys and girls from just before their 6th birthday, until they are 8 years old. To be placed on our waiting list, or for information, please ring Jackie Gladwin, Beaver Scout Leader, on 01629 650176. Bell Ringing 8pm at St Giles church,visitors and beginners welcome training given. Tel. 01629 583414 if interested. Bell Ringing Practice in the Bell Tower, Bakewell Parish Church. 7.30-9pm. For details tel. 01629 814521. Learners very welcome. Boys’ Brigade 6.30-8.45pm, Matlock Methodist and United Reformed Church, Bank Road, Matlock. Lads aged 6-19 years. Details on 01629 733346. Bradwell Pre-School Group See Monday’s Events for further details. Breast Feeding & Friends Group at Bakewell Children’s Centre. 1.30-2.30pm. To support and discuss breastfeeding. This group will be additionally supported by the Health Care Team. No need to book. Tel. 01629 533 673. Buddhist Meditation University of Derby, Buxton. 7-9pm. 07527 292908 or 01298 79777. £5 per class. Buddhist Meditation Class 7.30-9.00pm. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Scarthin Bookshop, The Promenade, Scarthin, Cromford. All welcome. Samatha tradition see More info. 01629 814617. Please use side door. Buxton Musical Society Rehearsals - Buxton Methodist Church, 8-10pm. Experienced singers welcome. Carer/Toddler Group Bakewell Methodist Church Hall. 9.45am-12noon. £1.50 per family. (Term time only). Come Dancing Beginners Salsa, Ballroom, Sequence and Latin, 7pm. Adult ballroom/Latin intermediate 8pm, advanced 9pm. Medway Centre, Bakewell. 01298 23171.


www. Telephone 01629 824079 / 07890 775365


Landscape Contractors

Complete Garden Design Specialists in: Decking, Block Paving, Driveways, Patios, Walling, Fencing Footings & Excavation Works Mini Digger, 3.5 Tonne Digger & Drivers

Tel: 07769 512087 / 01629 312699

Paul Johnson Tree Services

RFS cert Arb

Est. 2000

Tel: 01298 872864 Mob: 07946 732568 NPTC BS3998 British Standard for tree work

Qualified, Experienced and Fully Insured Free quotes and advice

Arboricultural Services • Tree Felling • Pruning • Dismantling • Planting • Hedge Cutting • Woodchippings • Logs Jon Dudgeon N.C.H. (Arb)

3Fully Insured 01433 631761


Landscaping & Fencing Patios, Paving, Steps & Walling Trees (felled/surgery) & Hedges Timber Structures & Decking Lawns & Garden Clearance

01629 581142





Specialists in tree pruning; garden trees, shrubs and fruit trees All other tree work undertaken including removal of difficult and dangerous trees Over 30 years’ experience

Gardens by Jane LET US GIVE YOUR GARDEN A FACE-LIFT! Make-overs for low maintenance gardens including: • Overgrown gardens cleared and rubbish removed • Borders re-planted (heathers to herbaceous) • Lawns, hedges and rockeries restored • Regular TLC maintenance packages available • Reliable service and reasonable rates For a free quote and friendly advice call Jane on: 07950 680720 or Over 20 years’ experience

Fully insured All aspects of tree work to BS3998

All aspects of tree and hedgework

Telephone: 01629 735728 Mobile: 07980 041117


J.P. Hand

Coming Events TURF

Grower to Garden – a Yard to an Acre All Grades. Stripping and laying service – TOP SOIL – Ring Malcolm 01433 620060 - Mobile 07721 616570

Drystone Walling Fencing Gate Hanging Agricultural Gap Repairs Shepherding Fully Insured NVQ NPTC and DSWA Andrew Carson ~ Tel: 01629 733886 / 07971 777 851

Tree surgery Felling • Removal • Pruning • Hedge cutting and tree planting Fencing Stock netting • Palisade • Feather edge boarding Post and rail and gate fitting Also welding and fabrication work undertaken Gardening Mowing • Hedge cutting and maintenance • Emergency callouts


Small and large gardens catered for from one-off jobs to regular visits W






Covering all aspects of gardening from Tree Pruning to Planting out New Borders

01629 55686 / 07769 871370

~ Established 1989 ~


Full Landscape Service Decorative Gravel Supplied + Hardcore Garden Clearance Graded Top Soil & Top Quality Turf Supplied Block Paving Specialist Resin Bound Surfacing Private and Commercial Excavation / Foundations Walling, Digger and Driver

01629 312484 OR 07414 662285

Toddler Group 1.30-3.30pm meet at Ashford Old School, Ashford-in-the Water. All welcome. Contact Angela Unwin 01629 812703. Valley Writers Bamford Methodist Church Hall (venue may vary). New group who enjoy writing just for pleasure and welcome the chance to share our work with like-minded people. Tel. 01433 659241. for more info. Whist drive in Tansley Village Hall (upper room), 7.30pm start, cost £1.50. New faces very welcome. Contact Marjorie Ramwell on 01629 583530. Wirksworth Area Community Orchestra 7.45pm. Parish Rooms, Wirksworth. Contact 01629 824055 or Wirksworth Library (Rhythm & Rhyme Sing-a-long Time). 2.15- 2.45pm, free event! 01629 823173. All children aged 5 and under are very welcome. A parent/carer is required to stay for the duration of the activity. Wirksworth’s Stay & Play Baby & Toddler Group (term-time only) 1.30-30pm at Wirksworth Surestart Children’s Centre (Memorial Hall). Exciting activities for babies and pre-school children. Costs £1 per family and includes snacks and drinks! Contact Lucy on 01629 824204. Writers in the Peak writing group. 7-9pm. Rutland Hotel, Bakewell. New members welcome. Watch out for extra workshops coming up. Phone Joyce 01629 813315 for details. (Check!) for details. ‘Xcelerate Children’s group for lively 5-11 years. 6pm. At St. Giles’ School. Tel. 01629 55755 or 07838 150003. Yoga Classes (evening). Friends’ Meeting House, Bakewell. Contact Jan Chappell 01629 812960. Youlgrave Playschool See Tuesday’s events for full details. EVERY FRIDAY Ashbourne Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 10am. Entry level walk. 6075 minutes. Meet at Ashbourne Leisure Centre. Bakewell and District Friday Group Medway Centre, Bakewell. All day. Lunch and entertainment for older people. Transport provided. Contact Val Green 01629 813825. Bakewell Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 9.45am. Easy walk 60-90 minutes. Bakewell Swimming Pool. Bakewell Methodist Church Badminton Club Wesley Hall, Bakewell Methodist Church. 8.15-10pm. Tel. Jennifer Morewood 01629 812299. Doreen Gammage 01629 813714. Bakewell Scouts Brigade Hall, Bath Street, Bakewell. 7.30-9pm. Please contact Peter Marlor on 01629 813706. Bakewell Twins Group at Bakewell Children’s Centre. 1-3pm. A monthly twins and multiple birth group. Expectant parents also welcome. No need to book. Call 01629 533 673 for further details. Bamford Pre-School Playgroup See Monday’s Events for further details. Bamford Tennis Club Junior coaching from 4.15pm. Tel. 01433 651559 for further details. Burbage Band Buxton See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Bradwell Pre-School Group See Monday’s Events for further details. Bradwell Teddy Bear Club See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Calver Toddlers meet 10am-12noon during term time at Calver Methodist Church. Refreshments and a warm welcome. Castleton Music Group Running twice a month with two different teachers. One has an emphasis on music and one singing. Tel. Emma on 01433 621595 or 07890 050 196 or to check the next session. Castleton Toddler Group 9.45am-11.45pm Castleton Village Hall, How Lane, Castleton. Further info. Emma on 07890 050 196. Email for programme of events on Cromford Community Band Cromford Methodist Church, Water Lane, Cromford. 6.45-8pm. We invite enthusiastic musicians of all abilities, aged 10 years to adults to join us. Tel. 01629 823512. Darley Dale Croquet Club, Whitworth Park 1-5pm. Golf croquet, a simple fun and social game for all. Tel. David Gregory (01629 732455). Darley Dale Tennis Club See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Edale School - Stay and Play at Edale pre-school playgroup. 2-3.30pm at Edale School. Come and join our friendly group of parents, babies and toddlers for indoor and outdoor play, stories and singing. Contact 01433 670280. Fair Trade Coffee Stop at Tansley Methodist Church 10am-12 noon. Tea, coffee, refreshments and sale of Fair Trade food stuffs. Homemade soup and sweet served 11.45am-1pm every 1st and 3rd Friday. Everyone welcome. Flagg Tiddleypeeps See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Grindleford Pre-School Grindleford Pre-School 9.30am-1.30pm. See Monday’s Events for further details. Hathersage Mother and Toddler Group 10am-12noon at Hathersage Memorial Hall. Hope Valley Country Market 9.30-11.15am, Hathersage Methodist Church Hall. Home baking, preserves, crafts, plants. New bakers welcome. Tel. 01433 620001 or 01433 620297. Hope Valley Toy Library 2nd and 4th Fridays 2-4pm at Hope Valley Primary School. Vanessa 01433 639750 or Tina 01433 631191. Indoor Short Mat Bowling Bishop Pursglove School, Tideswell (next to the sports complex). 6.30pm. Bring flat soled shoes. Tel. John 07850 534002. Interested in playing table tennis? Then get yourself down to the Whitworth Academy, Dale Road North, Darley Dale.7-10pm, qualified coaching for league players or just beginning. We have it all! £3 for seniors or £2 for under 18. Kettlercise at Longstone VH. 9.30am. Contact Janet on 07795 418718. Kick Start Walk Local walks with a friendly group. Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health. 2-4pm. (Meet 1.50pm at the bandstand in Matlock park). Gareth Pooley 01629 733915. ‘Little Explorers’- An informal play session for pre-school children including messy play, arts and crafts, music, fitness and stories. 10.30-11.30am at Harpur Hill Children’s Centre, Buxton. Tel. 01298 74101 to book your place. Free of charge. Little Learners at Bakewell Children’s Centre. 10am to 11am. This group is for children under 2. Helps parents/carers give their children a flying start. Songs & rhymes, story time, play for the children & a talk time for adults (using the PEEP framework). Term time only, no need to book. Matlock Bridge Club Hosted improvers’ session. St Helen’s Church Hall, Darley Dale. Non-members welcome. 1-4pm. Membership £5. Tel. 01629 583706. Matlock and District Rifle Club See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Matlock Gilbert and Sullivan Society meets from 7.30-9.30pm at All Saints’ Church Hall, Smedley Street, Matlock. New members welcomed. Contact Nic Wilson 01629 812276. Matlock Toy Library (term time only) Matlock Surestart Children’s Centre, at Castle View Primary School, School Lane, Matlock. 10am-12noon. For more info. Sarah Walker 01629 56324. Otter Tots Swim School Classes 9.30-11.30am. See Monday’s Events for further details. Parwich Toddler Group Parwich Memorial Hall, 2.30-4.30pm. We are a very friendly group. Wide range of toys and activities for babies and children aged 0-5. Refreshments. Cost £2.50. 01335 390778. Peak Forest Playgroup Peak Forest Reading Room. See Monday’s Events for further details. Pilates Calver village hall. 07971 566261. Pilsley Toddler Group 9-10.30am (term time only). At Pilsley School. Soup and Cob Community Room at Holloway Methodist Church. 12-2pm. All welcome. Steve Bennett 01629 822456 or just turn up. Starkholmes Mother and Toddler Group meets from 1.30-3.30pm and throughout the school holidays. At the Starkholmes Village Hall. Stitched Up Craft group. 5-9.30pm. Bring your own craft. Drop in, stay as long as you want to. Refreshments. Charge £1.50. Contact Hannah on or 07817 242995. Street Games Free sports sessions including football, basketball and handball for young people aged 11-19 years. Bakewell Recreation Ground. Weather permitting. 6-8pm. Info. call Marie Widerman, Youth Sports Development Officer 01629 761380. Storytelling Cafe Imperial Rooms Matlock. 7.30pm. Tickets £7 Refreshments available or BYO. First Friday every month. Contact Rachel 01629 580023. Tideswell Band rehearse at the Youth Club Building. 7.30-9pm. Contact Simon Lewis for details 07762 797595. Tideswell Library (Storytime) During term 2-2.30pm. 01298 871769. All children aged 5 and under are very welcome to participate. No charge for the activity. A parent/carer is required to stay for the duration of the activity. Tissington Pre-School See Monday’s Events for further details. Tools for Self Reliance See Monday’s Events for further details. Toy Library at Matlock Children’s Centre. A stay and play session. A charge of £1.50 is made per session which includes the hire of one toy for the week. 10am-12noon. Further info. 01629 581867. Weekly Guided Meditation Classes at Heart Jewel Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Matlock Bath. 10.30am-12 noon term time. Suitable for beginners. Everyone welcome. Drop in Classes-no need to book. £5 per class. Tel. 01629 581585 or see our website Whist Drive 7.30pm. Great Longstone Village Hall. Raffle. Entry £1 incl. refreshments. Zen in the Peak District See Every Monday’s Events for further details. Zumba Baslow Village Hall. 9.15am. Contact Claire 07990 771155.

S. McLean & Sons PROPERTY SERVICES • Building alterations • Maintenance • Repairs Tel: 07845 049122 / 01629 636699

ROBERT SHIPSTON • Plastering • Rendering • Dry Lining • Brick & Stonework • Re-skims • Paving & Patios • Painting

TEL: 0114 250 9965 MOB: 07940 257263

J TAYLOR BUILDER & CONTRACTOR • Stonework specialist • Building • Plastering • Roofing • Paving • Pointing • Repairs Tel. 01433 630001 Mob. 07780 758970

S. WARD Painter & Decorator Interior / Exterior Over 32 years’ experience City & Guilds • Free Estimates TEL: 01629 824338 or 07929 732649


Gas Plumbing and Heating Services

Call Andy 07866 880509 (Hope Valley)

• Installation • Servicing and Breakdown • Landlord’s Certificates

D. Bryant Decorating Professionally Qualified Helping you create a beautiful home. Providing a professional quality service for all your decorating needs. Tel: 01298 872252 Mobile: 0781 7928459 Email:

All aspects of electrical work undertaken, including: Lights • Sockets • Full & part rewires • Consumer units Showers • Alterations • Upgrades Contact Stuart Rook 07590 047104 (mobile) 01433 623838 (Bradwell)

Quality plastering by PHŒNIX PLASTERING Ceilings and walls re-skimmed Artex skimmed over - damp proofing Internal and external painting Stone and brick pointing Pete Holland - Matlock 01629 31 21 81 AW & G SH




Chatsworth Beavers (6-8yrs) 5-6pm or 6-7pm. Pilsley Scout Hut, High Street, Pilsley. Tel. Amanda Griffiths 07951 067113 or Megan Hudson 07532 005865. Chatsworth Scouts (10-14yrs) 7-8.30pm. Pilsley Scout Hut, High Street, Pilsley. Tel. Amanda Griffiths 07951 067113. Children’s Freestyle/Jazz Ballroom and Latin Dancing Classes Monyash Village Hall. Term time only. Tel. Karen 01298 83388. Clog Dancing in Hope Friendly group who enjoy dancing a variety of different styles of traditional clog dancing to live music. 6.45-8pm in Loxley Hall, Hope. Tel. Kate 01433 620051, Ellie 01433 631606 or Jan 01433 670370. Come Dancing New Junior and Ballroom and Latin class, for girls and boys of all ages, 6-7pm, Medway Centre, Bakewell. 01298 23171. Creative Coffee (First Thursday of the month). Cool River Café, Matlock. 89am. Informal meet up where people pop in for a in business-talk free networking event. More info. or twitter @CCDerbys. Cressbrook Band Practise 8-9.30pm. See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Cubs (8-101/2 years) 6-7.15pm. Hathersage Scout Headquarters. For more info. John on 01433 651889. Curbar - All Saints’ Church. 10.30am. Eucharist. Derby Midweek Conservation Volunteers See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Derwent Valley Flower ClubVillage Hall, Calver. First Thursday of each month. Demonstration of flower arranging. 7.45pm. Tel. 01433 630161. Dove Holes Public Band See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Explorers 7.30-9pm. See Tuesday’s Events for further details. Fairfield (Buxton) Band See Wednesday’s events for further details. FitSteps at Over Haddon. 8pm. Brand new dance-based fitness class - fitness that’s “strictly” fun! Contact Janet on 07795 418718. Grindleford and Eyam Playgroup See Tuesday’s Events for full details. Gymkids Gymnastic classes for children aged 9 mths-5 years. Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock. Tel. Yvonne 07717065095 or 01773 834497 for more details. Hackney Methodist Church Greenaway Lane, Hackney, nr. Matlock. 10am. Call in for a cuppa, lunch at noon. Hartington Stay & Play Come and join our friendly, fun and creative playgroup for the under 5’s. Meets term times 1.30-3pm in Hartington Primary School. Fantastic Sensory Room for babies and tired carers, indoor and outdoor play for more energetic tots. Price £1.50 includes children’s healthy fruit snack and drinks for carers. Contact Anna Wardle 07526 696675. Health Walks (pushchair friendly) run by Bakewell Children’s Centre. In Youlgrave. Booking essential, full details will be given, tel. 01629 533673. Hope Detachment 5th (Derbyshire Cadet) BN WFR Old School House (off Castleton Road, behind Church). 7-9pm. Tel. Lt D. Chauntry on 01298 27473 or SSI C. Royston on 07773 399980. Litton Baby and Toddler Group at Litton School (term time). 1.30-3pm. All welcome. Litton Village Hall Play Group 1.30-3pm. All ages welcome. Healthy snacks. Associated with Litton School. £1.50. Tel. Naomi 01298 873112 or Michelle 07854 763570. Matlock Bridge Club St Helen’s Church Hall, Darley Dale. Non members welcome. Prompt start at 7pm. Membership £5. Tel. 01629 583706. Matlock Derbyshire Dales Walking for Health 10am. Entry level walk 60-75 minutes. Meet Bandstand Hall Leys Park Matlock. Matlock Edgefold Club Cash bingo. 8.30-10.45pm. For more info. 01629 582374. Matlock Library (Story, Song and Rhyme Time) 11-11.30am with a ‘stay and play’ session afterwards. 01629 582480. All children aged 5 and under are very welcome to participate and there is no charge for the activity. A parent/carer is required to stay for the duration of the activity. Matlock Trefoil Guild Dale Road Methodist Church Hall, Darley Dale, at 7.30pm. Tel. Beryl 01629 580647 or Margaret 01629 56528. Meditation 2pm in Calver. Amy 07977 049956. All money goes to charity. Messy Play Holiday Activity Matlock Children’s Centre, Fun Family Activities for children 0-11 years, every Thursday morning from 1st August 10.00am – 11.30am. Mobility Class Baslow Village Hall. 11am-12noon. Gentle and therapeutic mobility programme designed for people who are less-abled or just want to remain mobile. £2 a class. All exercises medically approved by doctors and physios at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. More info. Tel. Mrs Kate Riley 0114 2350491 and 07790 464770. Messy Play 0-5 Years from 1st August. A Fun Session focusing on early language and development. Children will have the opportunity to investigate and explore a range of activities, including Sand, Water, glue and paint, and other materials, for this session it is advised to wear old clothes. 10–11am. M.O.P.’s (Mums of Pre-Schoolers) 9.30-11.30am. Eyam Church Centre. Two hours of fun, relaxation and support for mum upstairs, while qualified team look after the little uns downstairs. Details Mary 01433 639755. New Parents Group An informative group covering many aspects of bringing up a baby, some of the topics include, weaning, sleep, fire safety, play and development, (Speak to your Health Visitor) for more information and receive an invite to our next group. 1.30-3pm. Otter Tots Swim School 9.30am-12noon. See Monday’s Events for further details. Parent and Toddler Group Eilm Pentecostal Church, Waterside Business Park Waterside Road, Ashbourne. 9.15-11.15am. Open to everyone who has or looks after young children. Crafts, songs, stories, healthy snacks. Peak Forest Playgroup Peak Forest Reading Room. See Monday’s Events for further details. Peak Pre-School See Monday’s Events for further details. Peak Paddlers canoe and kayak club. Sessions at Buxton pool and Errwood reservoir. e-mail or see for more details. Photoshop and Light room Workshop is available most Thursday afternoons at 1.30pm in the Village Hall, Over Haddon. Join Jim Edmondson to improve your digital photo skills. Beginners intermediate and advanced workers are all welcome. The workshop is free but a £1.50 fee is payable to the village hall. More details Jim on 01629 812025. Pilates in Bakewell 9.45-10.45am, 6-7pm, 7-8pm. Teresa Tinklin 07906 312372, Pilates in Hathersage Memorial Hall 9.30-10.30am Improver/intermediate; 10.45-11.45am Gentle Improvers; 12-1pm Beginners. Tel Caroline North 0781 722 0324, email - Play and Praise! Parents and carers and their preschool kids are welcome to St Helen’s church, Grindleford. 9.15-11.30am, with stories, craft and activities, songs, snacks, refreshments for parents, and a friendly welcome for all. Just turn up or contact Sophie on 01433 639378. Prize Bingo Biggin village hall, nr Hartington. 7.30-9pm. All ages welcome. Refreshments available. Tel. Mary 01298 84326. Scouts (101/2-14 years) 7.30-9pm. Hathersage Scout Headquarters. John on 01433 651889 or look on the website - Sensory Sessions 0 -5 years. Matlock Children’s Centre. Tuesday 6th August and Tuesday 20th August, Booking essential as places are limited Please call us on 01629 581867. Tai Chi for Over 50’s at Matlock Imperial Rooms. 1.15-2.45pm. D.C.C. approved tutor. Contact Val Box Tel: 01246 279515. The Peddlin’ Rats new cycling club, meet Eyam area. Contact Julian for more info 07980 988768 or email Stitch Knit and Natter 2-4pm. Terrace Room, Joseph Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale. Everyone welcome. 01629 733246. STARS (Story Time Action and Rhyme) at Matlock Children’s Centre. Includes stories, nursery rhymes, music and action songs, activities games and lots more. Children aged 2-5yrs helping to promote self confidence, communication, language and social skills in a fun and educational way. 1.303pm. Free of Charge. Tel. 01629 581867. Tai Chi Bamford village institute. 10am-11.30am. Alan Box 01246 279515. The Crafty Bunch Meet every last Thursday of the month. 5-9pm at The Edensor Tea Cottage. Food and drink available. No fee/member subscription. All crafts welcome and a lot of chat! Sewing, Crochet, Knitting, Card Making, Baking, Woodwork, Art, Printing etc.. More info. Contact Heather 07814 616183 or Tissington Pre-School 9-11.30am at Tissington Village Hall. For more details please call 07817 177405 during session times. Volunteer Rangers, Denefields Matlock Weekly environmental activities at ancient hay meadow site. Contact Karen Camara 07966 883253, Weekly Guided Meditation Classes at Heart Jewel Kadampa Buddhist Centre from 7.30-9pm term time. Suitable for beginners. Everyone welcome. Join any time. No need to book. £5 per class.Tel. 01629 581585 or see our website

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Tel: 01629 581090 Tel: 01246 766007 Mob: 07599 720789 Mob: 07836 505969

TRADITIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY PLASTERING AND RENDERING All aspects interior and exterior • Sand and Cement/Lime Backing and Finishing • Renovating Cement based pre bagged Plaster • Damp-proofing, waterproof-Tanking Slurry • Gypsum Hard wall Backing and Finishing • Plaster boarding and Drywall application • Smooth/Fair faced Render/Ashlar • Textured/Tyrolean, Pebble dash • Colour/Pigment mortars • Limestone, Grit/Sandstone pointing • Coving and Decorative/Fibrous Plastering

All work carried out to a high standard by time-served Local Tradesman with 30 years’ experience. Local references available

Call IAN: 07967 837386 or 07401 592429

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Lady Decorator

Mature & Experienced (assisted by husband)


01629 580723 07593541290



Coming Events

Purpose Made Joinery

EVERY SATURDAY Bakewell Croquet Club meets on the Recreation Ground from 10am during the playing season. Contact Alan Reeves 01629 812603. Bingo 8.30pm, Bakewell Working Men’s and Social Club, Butts Road, Bakewell. Chatsworth Bowling Club April-Sept. 5-7.30pm. Open night. Beginners and new members welcome. 01246 567478 or 01629 814439. Children’s Beginner and Intermediate Fiddle Classes 10.15-11.45am. Contact Ria on 01433 631352 for more details. Darley Dale Croquet Club See Friday’s Events for further details. Hathersage Farmers Market 1st Saturday of each month. Hathersage Memorial Hall from 10am-2pm. Contact Gemma Facer 07931 960770. Juggling Club Circus skills practice. 6-8pm. St Annes Centre, Hardwick Square West, Buxton. All ages and abilities welcome. Tel. 07791 657863 for details. Matlock Cycling Club 9.15am. Starting from the car park opposite Stanley Fearn’s Bike Shop, Matlock. Morning mountain bike ride. Tel. Tony Holmes 01629 734753. Matlock Farmers’ Market held on third Saturday of each month in the Imperial Rooms from 9am-2pm. Otter Tots and Juniors Swim School 10.30-12.30pm. For children aged 9 months - 8 years. See Monday’s Events for further details. Rugby Bakewell Mannerians RUFC. 1st XV Matches on the showground, Bakewell. (KO varies 2 or 3pm). Contact Ed Hutchinson 07771916471 or see Rebels Retreat/High Peak Country and Western Club 8pm at Sterndale Moor Social Club, Sterndale Moor for Western/Linedance to live country music in a friendly atmosphere. More info via website at or contact Jenny 01298 77870. Samudra Buddhist Centre 47 High Street, Buxton. World Peace cafe. 10am4pm. 01298 79777. Whist Drive Queen’s Court Sheltered Accommodation, Queen’s Road, Fairfield, Buxton. 7.30pm. Whist Drive in Tansley Village Hall (upper room), 7.45pm start, cost £1.50. New faces very welcome. Tel. Marjorie Ramwell for details on 01629 583530. EVERY SUNDAY Art Classes (First Sunday in the month) -Life drawing class with a model, with an artist who trained at the Slade School of Art in the Gallery Room at the Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale - 10.30am-1pm. £12 /£9 concs. All proceeds donated to the Whitworth Centre. Tel: Sarah Bennett 01629 733759. Bakewell Parish Church Sunday School – called Explorers. Anyone between the ages of 3 and 11 is warmly welcomed. 10.45-12noon. At church. Bakewell Society of Friends (Quakers) Sunday Meeting for Worship 10.30am at the Meeting House on Matlock Road. Young People’s Meeting 10.30am every Sunday with regular activities such as swimming and cooking. Contact Roger Clarke 01629 582122 or or Bakewell Methodist Church Services 10.30am and 6pm on the first, third and fifth Sundays. Junior Church/Seekers at 10.45am. Seekers age groups 3-5, 6-10 and 11+. Creche available. Buxton Model Boat Club seeks new members of all ages and abilities to join us between 9am and 2pm, at the large lake in the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton. For contact and membership details, please visit Car Boot Sale in Hope. Gates open at 7am, close at 1.30 pm. £5 per car, £10 per van. All proceeds go to Hope Valley College PTFA and Hope Valley Sports Association. Sorry, no dogs allowed on the field. Church in the Peak (Newfrontiers) 10.30am. At County Hall, Matlock. For more details call 01629 584783, email or visit You are very welcome to join us! Come DancingAdult ballroom/Latin beginners 6.45pm, intermediate 7.45pm. St Peters Hall, Buxton. 01298 23171. Cromford Methodist Church Sunday Worship 10.30am followed by coffee. Details from Rev. Dr. Robert Foster 01773 839795. All welcome. Curbar All Saints’ Church - 10.30am Parish Eucharist. Dales Christian Spiritualist Church Mencap Society, Greenaway Lane, Darley Dale. Through the school yard. 6.30pm. Divine Service and Clairvoyance. Warm welcome to everyone. Dale Road Methodist Church, Darley Dale invites you to our Sunday Services. 10.30am. Morning worship for all age groups followed by coffee and chat. 6.30pm. Evening worship. Darley Dale St Helen’s Church Sunday services. 11am. Holy Communion on the first, third and fourth Sundays. 8am Holy Communion (BCP) on the second Sunday and All Age Worship 11am. Cafe Church on the 4th Sunday 5pm in the Church Hall beginning with a bring and share meal. Everyone welcome. Darley Hillside Methodist Church Morning services 10.30am. Junior church children welcome from age 3. Darley Dale Croquet Club See Special Events for further details. Fairfield (Buxton) Band See Wednesday’s Events for further details. Family Service At the Gospel Hall, North Church Street, Bakewell. 11.30am12.15pm. Hackney Methodist Church Greenaway Lane, Hackney, nr. Matlock. 10.30am. Worship and Sunday School followed by refreshments. Hathersage Methodist Church meets for worship and fellowship at 10.30am. Check out our website Holloway Methodist Church Sunday Worship 10.30am followed by coffee. Details from Rev. Dr. Robert Foster 01773 839795. All welcome. Junior Mini Rugby Ages 6-13 years old. Bakewell Mannerians RUFC Training. 10.30am-12noon. The Showground, Bakewell. Contact James Adams 07779 587841, or see for more details. Lea Chapel Main Rd., Upper Lea, Lea. Sunday evening worship service 6.30pm. All welcome!! Kidzone An action packed time of games and activities and learning about God. For 6-11 year olds. 10.45am-12.15pm. At County Hall, Matlock. Organised by Church in the Peak. Contact Chris Cookman 01629 582851. Matlock Methodist & United Reformed Church Sunday Services 1st Sunday of the month 9.30am and 10.45am. 3rd Sunday of the month 6.30pm. Coffee after service. Matlock and District Tennis Club Social play. 10am-12noon. Meet at Highfields School, Lower School site, Starkholmes. Tom 01629 733346 or Andy 01629 580951. Messy Church at Bakewell Parish Church (every first Sunday in the month). Informal craft based service for all ages finishing with breakfast together. From 9.15am. Tel. 01629 813736 email Old Chapel, Great Hucklow (Unitarian) Weekly worship. 10.30am. Further details from Liz Shaw. 01433 630541. Otter Tots and Juniors Swim School 10am-12noon. For children aged 2-10 years Various classes and levels available. See Monday’s Events for further details. Peak Rail Travel on a preserved steam railway through beautiful countryside between Rowsley and Matlock. Onboard buffet and bar, restaurant coaches, station tearoom and buffet, gift and book shops free parking. Open all year, contact 01629 580381 for details. Peak Walking Group Small walking group established in 1999. Offers friendly walks with like-minded people around Peak District National Park every Sunday. All walks are varied between 7-12 miles and are all circular. Own transport needed. From beginners to experienced all are welcome. If you are looking for a new direction in life give us a call. email is Tel. 01246 853155. Rowsley Methodist Chapel Sunday service. 2.30pm. Stanton Lees Chapel (off A6, near Darley Dale). Independent evangelical church. Services at 2.30pm and 6.30pm. Contact Peter Hulland tel. 01629 732216.

allsworth LTD

Pete Nichols

EST 2007

New Consumer Units Lights / Sockets • Re-Wires Part P Work PAT Tests

01298 427203 07767 872203

EXTRA POINTS FOR PHONE, COMPUTER, SKY AND TV FROM £60 ! Faults / broadband problems / speed improvements, Ethernet, WiFi. Wires to external buildings, loud external bells, phone systems. Installed by friendly ex B.T. Engineer. Neat and tidy external or internal wiring. 1 yr guarantee! B.T. QUALITY AT HALF THE PRICE!

Call Dave 07729 037667

Gareth Burns

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE ENGINEER Repairs to most makes of washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigeration, cookers. For fast friendly service call 01298 811725 or 07956 503859

C F Building & Plastering • Extensions • Listed Buildings • New Build Plastering • Painting • Renders & Roughcasting in traditional lime mortars • Re-pointing, building repairs Over twenty yearsʼ trading

Matlock 01629 57303 or 07830770962

Dawson Plumbing • OFTEC/ WRAS Registered: - get your oil boiler serviced now • Bathroom/ Kitchen renovation • Solar Installations • Small jobs? No problem! • Based locally

Call Bruce now on 0777 912 7714 for a fast, reliable, professional service

T. R. Jenkins BUILDING CONTRACTOR All aspects of building work undertaken from a new house, extensions and renovations, also small works, patios, garden walls etc Call Terry for a fixed price quotation

01629 583863 / 07977 265718 G. MEREDITH – HOPE VALLEY

Windows, Doors & Conservatories Specialist installers of quality UPVC, hardwood and softwood: • Doors • Windows • Conservatories • Misted Double Glazing replaced • Secondary Double Glazing fitted • Energy Efficient Glass fitted as standard Insurance backed guarantee Free quotation without obligation

Tel: 01433 651011 Mob: 07709 435285

Andy Cobb Kitchens & Electrical Services Tel: 01629 735720 Mobile: 07774 253900 • Fitted/Bespoke Kitchens • Agent for Chippendale • Planning & Design • Professional Fitting • Wall & Floor Tiling • Fully Insured

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

• All Domestic Electrics • Part P Registered • PAT Testing • Fuse Board Upgrades • Inspection & Testing • Full & Part Rewires

• All aspects of purpose made joinery • Specialise in timber windows, doors and stairs • Supply only or fitted • Trade enquiries welcome • Qualified with over Registered twenty years’ experience Company 31989 CONTACT DETAILS:

Mobile: 07866 563255 Home: 01629 812197

Tansley Methodist Church Morning Service 10.30am followed by coffee. Evening Service 6pm. Rev. Keith Bamford 01629 259128. The Dales Christian Centre 29 Chesterfield Road Matlock; morning service including Sunday School, 10.30 am, Sunday Evening service 6pm 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Affiliated to Assemblies of God. Tel. 01629 55755 The Dales’ Evangelical Church Meeting in the Community Rooms, Arc Leisure Matlock, Bakewell Road, Matlock DE4 3AZ. Sunday worship services at 11am and 6pm. Minister: Revd Richard Brooks. 01629 733744/733520. The Living Hope Church 10.30am in Hathersage Memorial Hall, Oddfellows Road, for praise, worship and ministry from God’s word. For more details, and because we occasionally meet at other venues, please contact Pastor Tim Pritt 01433 650942. Wirksworth Methodist Church Sunday Worship 10.30am followed by coffee and 6pm. Details from Rev. Dr. Robert Foster 01773 839795. or just turn up. Wirksworth Netball Club Youth (under 18)/Junior Players (year 6). During term time. 10am-12noon. Wirksworth Leisure Centre. Tel. Joy Cooke 01629 822229. Zen in the Peak District 11am. Meditation practice, instruction and help followed by vegetarian lunch and afternoon talk and walk for those who want, near Matlock Bath. Contact or visit Peak/ for more info. EVERY DAY Bakewell Pre School Playgroup We offer flexible three hour sessions; 2 to school age. Mon-Fri, 9am-12 noon, St John Hall, Bakewell. Call in or contact 07976 140475 for further details. Bakewell Nursery School We welcome children from 3 months to 5 years. Free flexible sessions for eligible two, three and four year olds. Open 52 weeks of the year 8am-6pm. Contact Mrs J.M. Teale, Head of the Nursery on 01629 813888. Biggin by Hartington Pre-School Ofsted approved. 8.45-12.30pm. 2-4 yrs. Contact Lisa Blood 07527 185969/Linda Kirkham 01298 687465. Brassington Pre-School for 2+ year olds in village hall, Brassington. Mon/Thur/Fri 9.15am-12.15pm. Tues/Wed 9.15am-12.15pm and 12.153pm. Contact Fliss Bridges 01629 540855. Breakfast Club at Castleton. 7.45-8.45am. 07890 050196/01433 620630. Cromford Pre-School Playgroup Mon. 12noon-3pm, Tue-Fri 9am-12noon. Tel. 07905 937371 during session time or call in. Darley Churchtown Out of School Club Breakfast Club. 8-8.50am. After School Club 3.15-6pm. During term time only. Tel. Mrs S. Wood 01629 735851. Discovery Centre at the National Stone Centre, Wirksworth. 10am-5pm. Treasure shop/store of stone exhibition/cafe/gem panning. Flagg Nursery School provides top quality free nursery education. Open from 8.15am-3.15pm. Tel. 01298 85208. Free Children’s Competition at the Painted Plate, Eyam. Open for pottery painting. Tel. 01433 639200. Great Longstone Pre-School The Old School House, Main Street, Great Longstone. Term time 9.15am-12.15pm. Please phone 01629 640842. Holloway Playgroup Florence Nightingale Village Hall, Mill Lane, Holloway. Session times 9.15-12.15pm, Mon-Fri during term time. Tel. Lex anytime on 07838 044153 for a free trial session or Holloway Playgroup in session times on 07813 501731. Matlock Bath Pre-School Playgroup meets for 3 hours each morning from 9-12noon at the Pavilion Community Centre. Tel. Sarah Stephenson 07870 525001. Matlock Pre-School Playgroup 205 Smedley Street, Matlock. Session times 8.50-11.50am and 12.30-3.30pm. Tel. 01629 583639 during session times. Parwich Pre-School Stepping Stones 9am-12noon. Parwich Memorial Hall. Details call Helen 01335 346317 after 2pm. Peak Time Kids Club Hathersage after-school club in its own building on Hathersage School site. 3.15-6pm during school term time and from 8am6pm during school holidays. Tel. Lynne Condon on 01433 650004. Pilsley Pre-School Nursery 12.45-3.15pm in the Early Years Suite. If you would like to register your child, please contact the school on 01246 583203. Rowsley Pre-SchoolVillage Hall. Open daily Mon, Thu and Fri 8.30-11.30am. Tues and Wed 8.30am-4.30pm. Children taken from 2 yrs and free places for 3 and 4 yr olds. For further details Lulie 07917 624120. South Darley Pre-School Playgroup South Darley village hall. For children 2 years upwards. Mon and Thurs 9.15am-12.15pm and 12.30-3.30pm (lunch club available for all day session). Tues, Wed, and Fri 9.15am-12.15pm. Free places for 3 and 4 years olds and eligible 2 year olds. Sarah 07863 771636. Stepping Stones Pre-School Parwich Mon-Thurs 9am-12noon at the Parwich Memorial Hall. Fri 8.45-11.45am at Parwich Primary School. Children ages 2 - school age. Free government funding for 3 and 4 year olds. Tel. Helen Downing 01335 346317. Taddington Tigers meet after school in the new school hall to enjoy playing with friends. Tel. 01298 85278 or arrange to pay a visit. The Hall Nursery School Stoney Middleton, nr Bakewell. Free places for 3 and 4 year olds in a converted 18th coach house in the grounds of Middleton Hall. Contact Mrs Sarah Glossop 01433 631295 for further details. Wirksworth Pre-School Playgroup Cemetery Lane, Wirksworth. Sessions are held from 9am-11.30am and 12.45-3.15pm. Tel. Liz on 01629 822625. Youlgrave Playschool 9am-12 noon. Enq. 07745 191366. PLACES OF INTEREST Bakewell Old House Museum Cunningham Place, off North Church Street, Bakewell, DE45 1DD. Open 29th March-5th November. 11am-4pm daily (last visitor entrance 3.30pm). For further information 01629 813642. email bakewellmuseum@googlemail.compas Chatsworth House, Garden and Farmyard open everyday to 23rd December. Open 11am-5.30pm (4.30pm last admission for the house. Garden open 11am-6pm (5pm last admission). Farmyard and adventure playground open 10.30am-5.30pm (4.30pm last admission). For further information 01246 565300. Haddon Hall Christmas 4-15th Dec incl. 10.30am-4pm (last entry 3.30pm). Eyam Hall Historic House Open March-November Wed.-Sun. The Craft Centre is open every day throughout the year 10.30am-4.30pm (last entry to Hall 4pm). For further information 01433 639565. Caudwell’s Mill, Rowsley Unique Victorian ‘automatic’ water-powered roller flour Mill on the beautiful River Wye. Four fascinating floors to explore plus top-class quality flours from the Mill shop. Café offers quality snacks and meals. Open daily between 10am-5.30pm. Free entry to all craft workshops and free parking. Flour sales daily all year round. For further information, tel. and fax 01629 734374. Wirksworth Heritage Centre open Wed-Sat plus all bank holidays 10.30am4.30pm. Sun. 1.30-4.30pm. For further information 01629 825225.


Mobile: 07572 600848

DBA Plumbing Services • • • •

All domestic plumbing work undertaken Repair, maintenance and installation Including bathrooms and kitchens Professional, friendly service

Tel: 07542 712858 Email:

Chimney Sweep and Wood and Multi-Fuel Stove Fitter

Gary Beech •Fitting, Servicing and Repairs •Pots / Cowls / Bird Guards Fitted TELEPHONE

07899 034738 01629 825340

PEAK DISTRICT CHIMNEY SWEEPING Professional, Clean & Friendly Service Fully Insured Local Company Call David on

01433 639734 or 07585 778196

Call James: 01433 650144 07788 925881

• Chimney Linings • Full Installation of Wood Burners and Multi-Fuel Stoves • Chimney Sweep - Clean and Efficient • Chimney Pots, Cowls and Bird Guards Fitted • Birds and Infestations Removed • Professional and Friendly Service • Fully Insured


Chimney and Heating Services • Chimneys Swept • Chimneys Re-Lined Re Lined • Full CCTV Chimney Inspections • Solid Fuel Appliances Installed and Serviced • Oil Boilers Serviced • Gas Boilers Serviced •• Landlords’ Landlords Certificates Please contact Matt Ramsden on

01433 651166 or 07778 190 905 • Like us on Follow us on



Tel: Bakewell 01629 814498 or 07790 941858

Joinery & Building

Facebook: All aspects of joinery and building undertaken

Matlock Tiler

Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Specialist also Slate, Terracotta, Marble and Limestone

25 years’ experience Free Quotes and Advice

07973 858844 / 01629 55973

• • • • • •

Kitchens Doors / Windows Soffits and fascias Roofs Extensions / Loft conversions / Garages Decking A friendly, reliable and professional service Please call for a free estimate

Tel & Fax 01433 650 388 Mobile 07973 473562

Your Totally Independent Local Newspaper

Coming Events NOVEMBER THURSDAY 7 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 8 miles. Moderate. Grindleford Station, Higger Tor. 01335 390724. 7 EYAM W.I. AGM. Mechanics Institute. 2pm. 7 STARKHOLMES AND DISTRICT THURSDAY CLUB Starkholmes Village Hall. 2-4pm. Visitors and new members will be very welcome. Talk by Paula North - Rainbows Childrens Hospice followed by tea and biscuits. Any enq. please ring Marjorie Thorpe on 01629 55816 or Arlene Hobson 01629 593566. 7 TRANSITION BUXTON Rag Rug workshop. Green Man Gallery, 5-ways, Buxton. 7.30pm. Details and to reserve a place and to ask about future workshops: 07769 627133. FRIDAY 8 BAMFORD & DISTRICT HISTORY GROUP 8pm at Bamford Institute. AGM followed by films. 8 BASLOW & DISTRICT LUNCHEON CLUB CHRISTMAS FAIR 1.30pm in Baslow Village Hall, Baslow. Stalls. Cakes. Raffle. Admission charge to include refreshments. All are welcome. 8 CRESSBROOK FILM CLUB Middle Row, Cressbrook. ‘MIDNIGHT IN PARIS’. A romantic comedy in a city which lends itself to daydreaming, to walking the streets and imagining all sorts of magic to happen and director Woody Allen uses his old trick of wit and whimsy using time travel to great effect. Membership of Cressbrook Film Club is £20 for the whole season with guest tickets available at £5.00 per film for adults and £3 for kids.The doors open at 7.30pm, the film starts at 8pm and lasts 90mins. You can contact David on 01298 872 144 to renew your membership, become a member and book guest tickets in advance – vital for a good seat. 8 MATLOCK ANTIQUES AND COLLECTABLES SOCIETY Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock. 7.30pm. William Morris -Richard Stone. SATURDAY 9 ALTERNATIVE ECONOMICS SEMINAR 10am-4pm. United Reformed Church, Hardwick Square East, Buxton. A day of talks and workshops led by experts hosted by Transition Buxton. Addressing questions like: Why is the economy in such a mess? Is perpetual growth essential? Can it be sustainable? Looking at possible solutions such as: Zero Growth, Steady State Strategy, Participatory Budgeting, Local Currencies. FREE but we accept donations, refreshments provided, ‘bring and share’ lunch. More information or to reserve a place call 07769 627133. or join our Facebook group 9 CRAFT AND GIFT FAIR Bakewell Town Hall. 9.30am-4.30pm. Free admission. Tea and coffee served. Disabled facilities. Pets welcome. Easy parking. 9 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 7 miles. Moderate. Hartington MP, Dove Valley, Pilsbury Castle, Sheen. 07955 364457. 9 FAMILY SCIENCE EVENT: SMART WOODLICE at the Whistlestop Centre in Matlock Bath. Search for these charismatic crustaceans, learn some of their many names, then set up gentle experiments to find out if woodlice know where they are going and what makes a perfect home for them. Sessions are 10am–12noon and 1.30–3.30pm. Cost £2.50 per person. Please call Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on 01773 881188 to book places. 9 HOPE AMATEUR DRAMATIC INDEPENDENT THEATRE (HADIT) AND FRIENDS will be performing a rehearsed reading of Under Milk Wood, Dylan Thomas’s lovely “play for voices”. 7.30pm in the Methodist Hall, Edale Road, Hope. Tickets (£4.50 including refreshments) are available from Hope Post Office or on 01433 620665. 9 MATLOCK EDGEFOLD CLUB Sequence and ballroom dancing to Phil Brown. 8-11pm. 9 “RELAX AND REFLECT MEDITATION CLASS” 10-11am at Heart Jewel Buddhist Meditation Centre, Holme Road, Matlock Bath DE4 NU. The topic of this class which involves a short talk and a guided meditation is “What is love?”. Everyone welcome. Cost £2. To book or for further info please call the Centre on 01629 581585 or email 9 THE CHURCHFITTERS IN CONCERT 7.30pm in Tansley Village Hall. A lively trio of musicians from England and France with roots in traditional English folk music but with crossover into the rhythms of rock, pop and jazz. Bar open from 7pm selling real ale, wine and soft drinks. Tickets £10 each. Tel. 01629 584243 or phone/text 07748 545287. 9 TRANSITIONBUXTON Alternative Economics Seminar. United Reformed Church, Hardwick Square East, Buxton SK17 6PT. 10am–4pm. Expert speakers and workshops. Details and to reserve a place: 07769 627133. 9 WHAT’S YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE? Do you live with someone that has a completely different approach that you don’t understand? Does it cause frustration or tension? Join us to discover what personality type you both have and make life more harmonious. Whitworth Centre, Matlock at 9.30am. Couples or pairs: £15. Individuals: £9. Info. or 07895 389919. Booking: 9 & 10 TOWN AND COUNTRY CRAFT FAIRS CRAFT FAIR Ashford In The Water War Memorial Hall. 10.30am-4.30pm. Lots of exciting crafts and gifts for Christmas. Find that special present here! Enquiries 01629 812521 e-mail SUNDAY 10 BUXTON MUSICAL SOCIETY CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA CONCERT: Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem Five Mystical Songs. Dvorak: Symphony No 8. Soloists: Hannah Sawle (Soprano), Matthew Hargreaves (Bass). St John’s Church, Buxton. SK17 6XN. Tickets £12 (concessions £10.50) from Buxton Opera House 0845 127 2190 or on the door. 10 BUXTON RAMBLING CLUB Start at Pavilions car park, Buxton (next to swimming pool). Walk 1: Remembrance Hike – Short up to 8 miles. 10am. Walk 2: The Downfall – Medium 8-12 miles. 9.30am. Anyone welcome. Membership £5 single or £8 family per year. Contact 01298 72230 or 01298 23441. 10 CRAFT & TABLE TOP SALE 10am-1pm. St Peter’s Church Hall, St Peter’s Road Fairfield, Buxton, SK17 7DX. Tables £7. - set up from 9am. Admission 30p adults, children free. To book/more details ring Wendy 01298 78154. All proceeds in aid of outdoor play equipment for The Willows, Chinley (residential home for disabled children). 10 CRAFT FAIR Gothic Warehouse, Cromford Mills. 10am-4pm. Browse a variety of stalls selling a selection of different themed handcrafted and local products for sale. For further details phone 01629 825995 or visit: 10 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 9.20am. 10 miles. Moderate. Darley Bridge CP. 9.42 TP bus to Rowsley. Return via Hellbank, Little Bumper Trig Point and Potter Dam. 01629 584254. 10 HALCYON RAMBLING CLUB 9.45am. 9 miles (grade 3). SK339 693. Holymoorside (opposite Bull’s Head), Frith Hall, Gallery Lane, Corporation Wood, Walton, Hay Farm. 0114 2653266 or 07971 286088. 10 GREAT HUCKLOW OLD CHAPEL (UNITARIAN) 10.30am. Service – conducted by Liz Shaw. Remembrance Sunday. 10 GUIDED HALF DAY MEDITATION WORKSHOP suitable for beginners at Heart Jewel Buddhist Meditation Centre, Holme Road, Matlock Bath DE4 3NU from 10am -pm. Guided mediations to increase our love and compassion to others and bring harmony to our relationships. Everyone is welcome.Cost £10 which includes light refreshments.To book a place or for further info please call the Centre on 01629 581585 or email 10 MATLOCK AND DISTRICT MENCAP SOCIETY TABLE TOP SALE Mencap Centre, Greenaway Lane, Darley Dale. 7am-1pm. Free car parking, toilets. Refreshments. Sellers £6 a table. 25p admission, children free. Enq. Jackie 07831316582. 10 MATLOCK EDGEFOLD CLUB Sequence and ballroom dancing to Steve. 810.30pm. MONDAY 11 BAKEWELL METHODIST CHURCH COFFEE MORNING Matlock Street, Bakewell. 10am-12noon. The Charity stall is in aid of Marie Curie. 11 MATLOCK RAILWAY CLUB The Duke William, 91, Church Street, Matlock. 8pm. Early Days of the Matlock Railway Club presented by Mr Ken Plowman. Non members welcome. 11 PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE in aid of OXFAM. Bakewell Town Hall 9.30 until 12noon. Christmas goods, books, bric-a-brac, home produce, jewellery, tombola, Traidcraft. Delicious refreshments. All are most welcome. TUESDAY 12 CHRISTIAN COFFEE CLUB Imperial Rooms, Matlock. 10am. Visiting speaker. 12 DARLEY DALE W.I. Methodist Church Hall, Dale Road, Darley Dale. 7.15pm. Houses and Gardens of Derbyshire - Mr and Mrs Thomas. Visitors and new members always welcome. 12 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10.30am. 6 miles. Leisurely. Ilam roadside, Hinkley Wood,ColdwallBridge, Thorpe, LinDale. 07974 413839.

12 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10.30am. 6 miles. Leisurely. Tideswell Dale CP (fee). Local walk. 01629 825726. 12 HIGH PEAK WRITERS which encourages people with mental health issues to write creatively meets at 4pm to 6pm in the piano lounge of the Old Hall Hotel, Buxton. contact 01298 938920 for details 12 HOPE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Methodist Hall, Edale Road. 7.30pm. All are welcome. The 1st World War at Longshaw - Thelme Griffiths. There is a small charge for non-members. 12 MATLOCK DERBYSHIRE DALES WALKING FOR HEALTH 10am - Moderate walk 60 – 90 minutes. Meet at Cross Green – by St Mary the Virgin Church, Wensley. 12 MATLOCK FORUM CLUB Edgefold Club, Matlock. 10.30am prompt. Coffee and biscuits served from 10am. Dark Peak in the Snow - Mr John Ward. 12 TANSLEY GARDEN AND COUNTRYSIDE CLUB 7.30pm. Village Hall. The Four Seasons Pt 2 - Robert Falconer. Everyone welcome. Non-members £2. 01629 580917. WEDNESDAY 13 BAKEWELL FLOWER CLUB Flower Arranging Demonstration by Kate Russell and Patti Dawson from Cheshire “A Tudor Christmas”. 7.30pm in Bakewell Town Hall. Visitors very welcome. 13 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 6 miles. Moderate. Rivendale caravan park cafe CP, Biggin Dale. 01332 511116. 13 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 11 miles. Moderate. Alstonefield WC CP. Ilam Hall. 01335 342361. 13 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 11 miles. Moderate. Rowsley Peak village walkers CP, Bakewell, Edensor, Beeley. 01629 732799. 13 HALCYON RAMBLING CLUB 9.45am. 5.5 miles (grade 3). SK216767. Eyam CP (free honesty box). Ladywash, Big Moor and Jubilee Plantations, Highcliffe, Jumber Brook. 01433 621679. 13 MATLOCK CAMERA CLUB Gothic Wharf Warehouse, Mill Road, Cromford, nr Matlock. Doors open at 7.15pm meeting 7.45pm. Digital and Monochrome - Guy Brown FRPS. Tea/coffee available. 13 MATLOCK DERBYSHIRE DALES WALKING FOR HEALTH 10am. Easy walk 60 - 90 minutes. Meet at Peak Village Shopping Outlet, Rowsley. THURSDAY 14 ARKWRIGHT SOCIETY LECTURE: “THE ORIGINAL AMBER MILL, 17941839” Gothic Warehouse, Cromford Mills. 7pm. Cost: £5 (includes cheese and wine 7pm-7:30pm) – Limited places, advance booking recommended. Richard Patilla delivers this lecture about the history of Amber Mill, now converted into apartments. Richard has been researching the local history of Shirland Parish since 1972 and unearthed the story of Amber Mill. For further details and ticket bookings phone 01629 825995 or visit: 14 BAKEWELL DERBYSHIRE DALES WALKING FOR HEALTH 10am. Moderate walk 90 – 120 minutes. Meet on the Main Street, Great Longstone. 14 CALVER, CURBAR AND FROGGATT SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB Calver Methodist Church. 2pm. Talk Desert Island Discs Again - Mr RobinCummings followed by tea. New members are very welcome. 14 CALVER FILM Village Hall, Calver. 7.30pm. Great Expectations. Cert 12. Helena Bonham-Carter, Ralph Fiennes and Robbie Coltrane star in the classic story of a humble orphan boy becoming a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor. Calver Film is a membership club costing £20 for 9 films plus bonus offers. Guest tickets cost £5.00. Charity of the Month The Children’s Hospital Charity (Sheffield). For further information contact Denise Hall 01433 630760 14 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 8 miles.Moderate. Linacre Res Bottom CP, Cutthorpe and Millthorpe. 01433 631446. 14 ROWSLEY & DISTRICT WI 7.15pm. Rowsley Village Hall. Annual meeting followed by an amusing talk, ‘Recollections of a Country Registrar’ by Joyce Steele. Visitors always welcome. 14 STITCH KNIT & NATTER Darley Dale is holding an Open Afternoon in the Gallery Room at the Whitworth Centre between 2pm and 4pm. We will also be holding a Christmas Bazaar. Come along and join us. Tea and cake will be available in the Terrace Tea Rooms. 14 TIDESWELL LOCAL HISTORY CLUB St John’s Institute, Tideswell. 8pm. John Morten on Midland Railway through the Peak District. Visitors welcome £2.50 including refreshments. Contact Elaine Chapman 01298 871468. FRIDAY 15 AN ICE COLD EVENING OF ANTARCTIC EXPLORATION: DOUBLE BILL FEATURE Castleton Youth Hostel. 7.30pm. Presentation Ready for Winter? Polar adventurer Helen Turton (three times to the North Pole, twice to the South Pole) shares her experiences of ‘life in the freezer’ with tips and advice on operating in extreme cold winter environments. Film showing: The Last Great Climb, Alastair Lee’s new documentary of adventure climber Leo Houlding as he attempts to make the technically demanding ascent of Antarctica’s Ulvetanna Peak. Tickets are £8.75/£6.00 concessions. On sale at Cotswold Outdoor, Bakewell or by phone 01629 812231. For more details see 15 BASLOW SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB Baslow Village Hall, 2pm. A fun quiz afternoon - Mrs Jenny Henshaw. 15 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 7.30pm. AGM. Imperial Rooms, Matlock (free).Followed by ‘Has the National Park lost the Peak District?’ - C and S Woods. 15 DERBYSHIRE FEDERATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH 2pm. Meet at the bandstand in Hall Leys Park, Matlock for a walk up to 2 hours. 15 ROTARY CLUB OF BAKEWELL QUIZ NIGHT In aid of the Cambodia Land Mine Relief Fund. Quiz Masters: John Kelcey and Sue. 7 for 7.30pm. At the Medway Centre, Bakewell. Ticket: £24.00 per team of four. Sponsored by thornbridge brewery. 15 WHIST DRIVE Elton village hall. 7pm. Refreshments. All welcome. 15 WHIST DRIVE Chelmorton War Memorial Institute. 7.30pm. SATURDAY 16 CALVER CHILDREN’S CINEMA Calver Village Hall. Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted. Tickets £3 on the door or tel. 01433 631298 under 3s free. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Doors open 1.30pm film starts at 2.30pm. Refreshments for adults. Goodies stall for kiddies! Free parking. Disabled facilities. 16 CHRISTMAS CRAFT AND GIFT FAIR at Bakewell Town Hall. 10am4.30pm. Free admission. Stalls include- Jewellery, cards, soft toys, wood turning, food, preserves, art work, toiletries, leather bags etc 16 DARLEY HILLSIDE METHODIST CHAPEL CHRISTMAS FAYRE 2pm to be held at Dale Road Methodist Church Hall. Many stalls, tea and coffee. 16 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 6 miles. Moderate. Nether Padley,Grouse Inn Lay-by (or on route at NT CP at Hay Wood) Upper Padley Millstone and Longshaw Edges. 01629 650092. 16 HARDY PLANT SOCIETY Shirland Village Hall. 2pm. ‘Going Native’. An illustrated talk by Hilary Hutson about ornamental native plants. Hilary is a trained botanist who lectures at Sheffield University. 16 ‘ROBIN’S QUIZ WITH A DIFFERENCE’ In South Darley Village Hall. Bring your own wine and glasses. Nibbles provided. 7.30pm. Proceeds to St. Mary’s Church. 16 UPPERTOWN SOCIAL CENTRE Cullumbell Lane, Nr Ashover. Twice Around. 60s music. 7 for 8pm. Contact Eddie Marriott for information and tickets on 01246 590502 or 07966 154798. Website 16 & 17 CRAFT AND GIFT FAIR Baslow Village Hall, Baslow, DE45 1SP. 10am4.30pm. Free admission. Tea and coffee served. Disabled facilities. Pets welcome. Easy parking SUNDAY 17 ARKWRIGHT SPINSTERS Gothic Warehouse, Cromford Mills. 11am-4pm. The Arkwright Spinsters will be demonstrating spinning and fibre crafting and sharing their skills. Bring your own spinning wheel and learn to spin. For further details phone 01629 825995 or visit: 17 BUXTON RAMBLING CLUB Start at Pavilions car park, Buxton (next to swimming pool). Walk 1: Chatsworth-Beeley – Short up to 8 miles. 10am. Walk 2: Grindsbrook – Medium 8-12 miles. 9.30am. Anyone welcome. Membership £5 single or £8 family per year. Contact 01298 72230 or 01298 23441. 17 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 11 miles. Moderate. Linacre reservoir, Holmesfield. 01433 631446. 17 GREAT HUCKLOW OLD CHAPEL (UNITARIAN) 10.30am. Service – conducted by Liz Shaw. 17 HALCYON RAMBLING CLUB 9.25am. 9 miles (grade 4). SK174889. Derwent Overview CP. Meet at bus stop opposite Fairholmes Inf. Ctr. to catch 9.35am bus. (Fare £3 passes can be used). Kings Tree, Slippery Stones, Margery Hill, HowdenEdge. 0114 2662 348 or 07518 029776. 17 MATLOCK ADVANCED MOTORISTS AND MOTORCYCLISTS meeting, at Highfields Upper School, off Chesterfield Road, Matlock at 10am. Free assessment drives for local motorists and riders. Please contact Bill Storey on 01629 812732 for full details. Or visit the IAM website at or 17 OUT AND ABOUT IN THE WHITE PEAK? Homemade soups and cakes in Elton Village Hall. 11.45am-3pm. All welcome! A fund raising event for Village Playing Field Reg Charity Number 507662.

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 43 MONDAY 18 BAKEWELL METHODIST CHURCH COFFEE MORNING Matlock Street, Bakewell. 10am-12noon. The Charity stall is in aid of Bakewell Methodist Church. 18 CHELMORTON CHURCH COFFEE MORNING at Bakewell Town Hall. 9.30am-12 noon. Entrance 20p. Many stalls, cakes and preserves, brica-brac, tombola, good clothes. Tea or coffee, biscuits and mince pies. Table tops available for charitable organisations £10 each. For details and bookings please contact Trish 01298 85719. 18 DERBYSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST WYE AND UPPER DERWENT GROUP TALK Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks. Max and Christine Maughan give an illustrated account of Yellowstone, Wyoming, the world’s first national park and home to wolves and bears, plus the scenic Grand Teton National Park. 7.30pm. Darley Dale Methodist Church Hall,Dale Road North (A6) Darley Dale. Admission £2.50. All welcome. 18 ELTON WHIST DRIVE Village Hall. 7pm start. Refreshments. 18 NATURE TOTS: THE SECRET LIFE OF BATS at the Whistlestop Centre in Matlock Bath. Enter the secret world of bats and find out how they catch their dinner by playing a listening game. This is an active mix of wildlife and craft aimed at pre-school children aged 3 plus. 10–11.30am. £3 for one child – discounts for second child and multi-session bookings. Please call Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on 01773 881188 to book family places. TUESDAY 19 BRADWELL HISTORICAL SOCIETY A Walk up Spring Gardens, Buxton by John Riddall. 8pm. In the Methodist Hall. 19 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 11.10am. 4 miles. Extra leisurely. Darley Bridge PS. Walk then bus to Birchover. Linear walk to Rowsley bus then walk. Bring bus pass. 01629 650947. 19 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10.30am. 6 miles. Leisurely. Matlock train stn CP (fee). Jughole Wood and Wensley. 01629 580647. 19 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10.30am. 6 miles. Leisurely. Mytham Bridge, Bamford, Hope and Thorn Hill. 01433 631446. 19 EYAM VILLAGE SOCIETY presents “Sheffield Manor - A prison home for Mary Queen of Scots” a talk by David Templeman at 7.30pm in the Eyam Mechanics Institute. Members £2.00; Non-members £3.00 (including light refreshments). For further details contact Alan Buckingham 01433 631079. 19 MATLOCK DERBYSHIRE DALES WALKING FOR HEALTH 10am – Moderate walk 60 – 90 minutes. Meet Cromford Meadows. 19 MATLOCK FORUM CLUB Edgefold Club, Matlock. 10.30am prompt. Coffee and biscuits served from 10am. Railway in the Clouds - Mr Barrie Lings. 19 ‘TOTS & TEDS’ 1.30-2.45pm at All Saints Bakewell Parish Church. For preschool Toddlers, Babies and their Carers. Our theme is ‘Christmas Tree Decorations’ for our Bakewell Festival of Christmas Trees, and to take home. Fun and games! Cool crafts and free play! Singing and music! Story- time and Refreshments! We meet in the Newark with plenty of room! Newcomers and familiar friends are always welcome. For more information please contact: Kath 812457, or Julia 815123. WEDNESDAY 20 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 7 miles. Moderate. Rudyard Lake. Local walk. 01332 831487. 20 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 11 miles. Moderate. Winster Top CP. opp. Miners Standard.Stanton Moor, Robin Hood Stride, Elton. 01332 840923. 20 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 11 miles. Moderate. MythamBridge, Bamford. Offerton, Stoke Ford, Abney, Thornhill. 07962 107983. 20 DERBYSHIRE DALES WALKING FOR HEALTH CELEBRATION WALKS – 10.30am. Crich Village – Come and join the Health Walking Groups for 3 superb different length walks with an Entry Level (1 hour), and Easy walk (1 and a half hours) and a Medium walk ( 2 and a half hours). Meet at the Market Place in the Centre of the village. The walks are free and everyone is welcome. 20 FILM NIGHT: FIGHT FOR LIFE: ‘THE NEIL MOSS STORY’ & ‘SUN SEA AND STALLS: CAVING IN MAJORCA’ Gothic Warehouse. Meet at Wheatcroft’s Wharf. Cost: £3 – limited places, advance booking recommended. David Webb has been making films with an underground theme for almost thirty years and will introduce both films. 20 LEUKAEMIA AND LYMPHOMA RESEARCH COFFEE MORNING AND CHRISTMAS LIGHT SALE The Medway Centre, Bakewell, DE45 1DY. 10am-12noon. Books, bric a brac, cake, tombola, raffle, white elephant. Entry including coffee and biscuits £1. Christmas lights and decorations at bargain prices. 20 MATLOCK CAMERA CLUB Gothic Wharf Warehouse, Mill Road, Cromford, nr Matlock. Doors open at 7.15pm meeting 7.45pm. 2nd Round Competition - Prints and Colab. Subject Song Titles - Russ Daniels CPAGB. Tea/coffee available. 20 MATLOCK DERBYSHIRE DALES WALKING FOR HEALTH 10am. Easy walk 60 - 90 minutes. Meet at Bonsall, Fountain Café. 20 THE FARMING LIFE CENTRE 1pm. A walk around Hartington – Meet at the village pond. 20 TIDESWELL 10am. Easy 60 – 90 minute walk. Meet at Fountain Square, adjacent to the public toilets. THURSDAY 21 STARKHOLMES AND DISTRICT THURSDAY CLUB Starkholmes Village Hall. 2-4pm. Visitors and new members will be very welcome. Talk by James Clark - The Great War followed by tea and biscuits. Any enq. please ring Marjorie Thorpe on 01629 55816 or Arlene Hobson 01629 593566.

21 BAKEWELL AND DISTRICT FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY 7.30pm. Town Hall, Bakewell. 21 BAKEWELL DERBYSHIRE DALES WALKING FOR HEALTH 10am. Moderate walk 90 – 120 minutes. Meet at Alport, layby on the main road. 21 CASTLETON HISTORICAL SOCIETY Please note all meetings except as specifically noted, to be held in the Walker Room, Castleton Methodist Church, Buxton Road, Castleton, near the Visitor Centre at 7.30pm. Visitors are most welcome at all meetings. A small charge of £3 includes light refreshments. 21 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 8 miles. Moderate. Winster CP. opp Miners Standard towards Newhaven. 01629 583840. 21 WIRKSWORTH THURSDAY GROUP The Community Room, Methodist Chapel, Wood Street, Wirksworth. 10am-12noon. Craft with Heather Heather Vicars. FRIDAY 22 MATLOCK FLORAL ART SOCIETY Imperial Rooms, Matlock. 7.30pm. Our Christmas Special - Pat Billings. 22 WHIST DRIVE Sheen village hall. 8pm. £1.50 incl. refreshments. In aid of Sheen Church. Please tel. George 01298 84492. SATURDAY 23 ANNUAL COUNTY CONFERENCE Wallis Barracks, Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield. The Royal British Legion Women’s Section Derbyshire County. Coffee served at 11.30am followed by lunch at 12noon and conference commences at 1pm. 23 BAKEWELL CHORAL SOCIETY’S, AUTUMN CONCERT Across Six Centuries of Music... in one evening! The music ranges from Hassler, de Victoria, Palestrina,Viadana, Byrd, Gibbons, Batten and Tye to Le Fleming and Lauridsen with soprano soloist, Andrea Ryder and organist Andrew Kirk. Tickets £10, students and accompanied children FREE from Bakewell Bookshop, choir members and on the door. FREE Transport may be arranged locally by contacting 01629 810205 and subject to numbers. 23 CRAFT AND GIFT FAIR Bakewell Town Hall. 9.30am-4.30pm. Free admission. Tea and coffee served. Disabled facilities. Pets welcome. Easy parking. 23 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 5 miles. Moderate. Ashbourne, Bowling Green PH. Local walk followed by optional annual lunch. 07974 413839. 23 DERBYSHIRE CITY & COUNTY WIND BAND will be playing a selection of Classical and Pop music following their tour of Japan. At Highfield School, Matlock. Proceeds to Rainbows and Bluebell Woods. Tickets from Rotary Club of Matlock. £8:00 or £5:00 for under 16’s. Tel 07950 612866 or or local Rainbows and Bluebell Woods Charity Shops. 23 TRANSITION BUXTON Make Your Own Traditional Christmas. St Anne’s Community Centre, Terrace Road, Buxton. 1-4pm. Details and to reserve a place: 07769 627133. 23 VICTORIAN COFFEE MORNING Mechanics Institute, Eyam. 10am-2pm. Lots of stalls, jewellery, cakes, crafts, preserves, pickles, Christmas gifts and decorations, jewellery, raffle. Come along and enjoy and buy your Christmas stocking fillers. Admission 60p includes coffee. SUNDAY 24 BUXTON RAMBLING CLUB Start at Pavilions car park, Buxton (next to swimming pool). Walk 1: Cat and Fiddle – Short up to 8 miles. 10am. Walk 2: Joe Brown’s Numbers 1 – Medium 8-12 miles. 9.30am. Anyone welcome. Membership £5 single or £8 family per year. Contact 01298 72230 or 01298 23441. 24 DERBYSHIRE DALES GROUP OF THE RAMBLERS’ ASSOCIATION 10am. 11 miles. Moderate. Fox House roadside parking (or Longshaw NT CP). Lady Canning Plantation, White Stones, Stanage Pole and Burbage Rocks. 07872 018954. 24 GREAT HUCKLOW OLD CHAPEL (UNITARIAN) 10.30am. Service – conducted by Chrissie Wilkie. 24 HALCYON RAMBLING CLUB 9.45am. 10 miles (grade 2). SK263920. Low Bradfield CP. Four Reservoirs Walk, Dam Flask,Dale Dike, Strines, Agden. 07879 404108. 24 MATLOCK AND DISTRICT MENCAP SOCIETY TABLE TOP SALE Mencap Centre, Greenaway Lane, Darley Dale. 7am-1pm. Free car parking, toilets. Refreshments. Sellers £6 a table. 25p admission, children free. Enq. Jackie 07831 316582. 24 WINTER VINTAGE AND CRAFT SALE and also serving refreshments in Litton Village Hall. 11am-3.30pm. In support of Highpeak Nightstop and foodbank based in Buxton. We are approaching the season of goodwill but also the season of considerable worry for people on low incomes and the unemployed. We would appreciate as much support as possible on the day of the sale also food donations can be delivered to Cheshire Cottage, Litton (low side of Village Hall). We will deliver all food donations to Nightstop in early December. The charities funding has been reduced but the need is growing so support is essential. In advance, thank you for your help. MONDAY 25 BAKEWELL METHODIST CHURCH COFFEE MORNING Matlock Street, Bakewell. 10am-12noon. The Charity stall is in aid of Ashgate Hospice. 25 BAKEWELL PHOTO CLUB Friends Meeting House, Chapel Row, Bakewell. 7.30pm. 2nd Leg of the Bi-Monthly Competition. 25 HOBS COFFEEMORNING 9.30am-12noon. Town Hall,Bakewell. 25 MATLOCK AND DISTRICT EMBROIDERERS GROUP Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock. 7 for 7.30pm. Shibori, the element of surprise Janice Gunner. New members and visitors welcome. 25 MATLOCK RAILWAY CLUB The Duke William, 91, Church Street, Matlock. 8pm. Film show - NCB Locos in Steam plus Unusual Narrow Gauge Railways. Non members welcome.


he 3rd annual memorial football match will be played on Saturday 23rd November 2013 at 2pm at Bakewell football ground (weather permitting) (Tel

Sue 07868 376636). Wilf Lincoln was captain of Youlgreave Football Club between 1952 and 1962 but sadly died in September 2009 after

suffering from Alzheimers for 12 years. Ben Rach, Captain of Bakewell and grandson of Wilf will be amongst the Bakewell team.

Ella, Wilf’s widow, donated the cup in 2011 in his memory and a collection will be made on the day in aid of The Alzheimers Society.

The Charity Fashion Show held at Masson Mills, Matlock Bath, on 11th October proved to be a most enjoyable evening. It was well attended and our amateur models performed admirably on the catwalk displaying a fine collection of daywear and evening wear. We were further


Fashion show and to all those that attended. We are very pleased to announce that the sum of £504.48 was raised. The amount will go towards training of new guide dogs. These marvellous dogs help blind and visually impaired people to enjoy a much more independent lifestyle.

entertained during the evening by a very popular quartet of lady singers called Farenheit and refreshments and a raffle were also provided.

The Bakewell and District Branch of Guide Dogs for the Blind would like to extend a very big thank you to the Management and staff at Masson Mills for hosting the

Page 44 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159

Matlock Conservative Club


6 Dale Road, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3LT


Saturday 9th November

JERRY & THE JIVE STARS Saturday 16th November

KARAOKE NIGHT Saturday 23rd November





New Year's Eve Tickets Available Now

Tel: 01629 582004 Mobile: 07775850508


Join us on facebook Matlock Conservative Club

A challenge more often faced by the removal of garden sculptures and grand pianos confronted Sheffield Auction Gallery’s specialist Models & Toys team, following a call to see a collection in North Derbyshire recently. Over a number of decades, the lifetime passion in the rear garden of a period terraced cottage a workshop of lathes, milling machines and equipment had been gathered and a collection of live steam models built and collected. Over the years the cottage was altered, a new workshop built and machinery hauled in – but, as can often be the case in such circumstances, no thought was ever given that one day it may all have to be moved out! Sheffield Auction Gallery’s Specialist Live Steam Valuer, John Morgan, who was the first to visit commented “When I first saw the collection my thoughts were two fold; How wonderful! Immediately followed by how are we going to get it out?! With steep steps, 90 degree turns, narrow passage ways and doors to negotiate”. Never daunted by a challenge the answer

was specialist contractors, although even they could not save the largest lathes from the breakers! The 4 inch scale scratch built live steam model of a traction engine, named “Mary”, at almost 135cm in length was the leading item among live steam locomotives, smaller traction engines, stationary engines and associated items. As is usually the case with such collections items range in finish from part built to complete and with price estimates ranging

Talk of the Dales BIGGLES WARTIME BAND 22ND NOVEMBER Bamford Community Arts and Crafts are a non-forprofit organisation based in Bamford Hope Valley. Each year we try to bring live music to the village, and on Friday 22nd November we hold our biggest music event today, with an evening with Biggles Wartime Band at the Bamford Institute. The Manchester based band come highly recommended by no less than Michael Eavis, the organiser of Glastonbury Festival, he booked the band to play open his new village hall after they played at the festival, they have appeared at the festival many times since. Tickets for the event are £8 in advance, and £10 on the night, but with a

You are cordially invited to an EXHIBITION OF LIFE-SIZE


Saturday 16th November – Sunday 24th November 2013 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. AT GREENWAYS FARM, RIBER, MATLOCK, DERBYSHIRE DE4 5JU Talks and demonstrations daily

capacity of only 90 the venue is expected to sell out quickly. Tickets can be bought at the Post Office, Bamford or by calling 01433 651283, 659546 or 651523.

EXCITING TIMES FOR PTA AT DARLEY CHURCHTOWN SCHOOL! Faced with the huge task of raising £500 to fund transport to the pantomime this Christmas, a group of parents have formed a brand new PTA for Darley Churchtown Primary School. A steering group is in the process of obtaining charity status and have been working hard organising and planning events to raise money to provide facilities or equipment to support the school. Our first event last week, a whole school disco, raised a brilliant £175 with generous support from Firth

01629 583108

running both live in the auction room and in real time on the internet (enabling bidders to take part from anywhere in the world), it is sure to be a great day at the Saleroom. For further information on this auction or to enter items into any of the sales please contact the Auction Gallery on 0114 281 6161 or see the website at www.sheffieldauctiongallery. com where there is a full auction schedule for 2013/14 along with photos of forthcoming items.

Rixon. Our next event at school is a table top sale on 9th November 10am-1pm for some Christmas shopping and a cuppa and bacon butty! If your child is due to start school in 2014 come and have a look at our lovely school. There is a ‘come and join us’ session on Friday November 22nd 11-12noon or ring the school on 01629732236 and arrange a look around with Mrs Gotheridge!

10.30pm ish!). The evening starts with traditional Christmas music combined with new arrangements of familiar pieces. A fantastic two course buffet follows along with a glass of wine (both included in the entry ticket price £15). After this you get a chance to sing along with the band and practise your carolling! To find out more and book tickets, please call Harriet at the Hall on 01298 871289 or 07738 974054 or email Advance booking is recommended, we hope to see you there!

CRESSBROOK BAND CHRISTMAS CONCERT Cressbrook Band is holding it’s annual Christmas Concert at the fabulous setting of Cressbrook Hall. Due to popular demand year on year, we are again performing on two nights Friday 6th and Saturday 7th December (doors open 6.30pm with start time at 7.30pm going on till

CRAFT AND GIFT FAIR Baslow Village Hall, DE45 1SP 16th and 17th November Free admission 10.00 - 4.30pm

07791 589906

BUXTON BREWERY SUNDAY PEAK QUIZ LEAGUE Results of matches played on 20th October Bowling Green, Winster 46 66 Manners Hotel, Bakewell Bulls Head, Foolow 53 67 Anglers Rest, Bamford Bulls Head, Youlgreave 62 53 White Hart Inn, Bradwell Druid Inn, Birchover 47 69 Crispin Inn, Great Longstone Miners Standard, Winster 71 61 Star Inn B. Tideswell Star Inn A, Tideswell 46 56 Fox and Goose, Wigley Results of matches played on 27th October Bridge Inn, Calver 32 64 Bulls Head, Foolow Bulls Head, Youlgreave 61 46 Manners Hotel, Bakewell Crispin inn, Great Longstone 68 42 Bowling Green, Winster Druid Inn, Birchover 43 72 Fox and Goose, Wigley Star Inn A, Tideswell 31 61 Anglers Rest, Bamford White Hart Inn, Bradwell 56 62 Miners Standard, Winster Latest League Table

from a few £10’s of pounds to many £1000’s of pounds the collection is to be sold at Sheffield Auction Gallery on Friday 29th November as part of their Specialist Collectable Toys & Live Steam Auction. This is the third significant collection of live steam items to be sold at Sheffield Auction Gallery this year, whose reputation in this very specialist field continues to grow. The auctioneers expect a great deal of pre-sale interest and with the sale

Played Won Miners Standard, Winster 4 4 Bulls Head, Youlgreave 4 4 Anglers Rest, Bamford 3 3 Crispin Inn, Great Longstone 4 3 Manners Hotel, Bakewell 4 3 Bulls Head, Foolow 4 3 Fox and Goose, Wigley 3 2 White Hart Inn, Bradwell 4 1 Bridge Inn, Calver 3 1 Star Inn B, Tideswell 3 0 Bowling Green, Winster 4 0 Druid Inn, Birchover 4 0 Star Inn A, Tideswell 4 0

Drawn Lost 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 3 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 4 0 4

For 268 246 198 250 236 238 171 223 146 174 186 181 166

Calver Children’s Cinema will be showing Madagascar 3 - Europes Most Wanted on Saturday 16th November at Calver Village Hall. Doors open 1.30pm, film starts at 2.30pm. Ticket price £3 each for adults and children, under 3s free. To reserve tickets phone 01433 631298 or pay on the door. Disabled facilities, Free parking. Teas, coffees, cakes will be on sale by 1st Curbar Guides. There will also a goodies stall for

the children. All profits go to local schools and children's charities. Christmas film will be on December 14th and because of a visit from Santa it is bookings only, details and film title will be in the next 2 editions of Peak advertiser. Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo join a travelling circus in an effort to get back home to New York


Eddie Hallam is known nationally as an outstanding sculptor of wildlife subjects which are cast in bronze. During November he will be holding one of his yearly exhibitions at his home in the hamlet of Riber, near Matlock. Eddie is not only a sculptor, but also a biology graduate, an award winning nature reserve warden, and a former wildlife park director. First and foremost, however, he is an active and passionate wildlife conservationist. He has been described as a “typical, oldstyle countryman with a deep understanding of the ways of the countryside”. He is friendly and affable and has a wealth of stories and anecdotes resulting from a

lifetime of wildlife watching. It will therefore come as no surprise that the subjects of Eddie’s sculptures are local and national birds and animals. The starting point for all of his bronzes are sketches made from life, in all types of weather, and in some of the most remote parts of Britain. All of the sculptures, which include puffins, gannets, wrens, hares, otters and a great many more, are life-size and in limited editions of 30. Eddie will be will be giving talks and sculpture demonstrations during the course of the exhibition which runs from 16th November – 24th November and is open from 10am-5pm daily at Greenways Farm, Riber.


Against Points 225 8 207 8 141 6 195 6 185 6 198 6 149 4 238 2 190 0 190 0 257 0 263 0 245 0


Established for over 15 years Based at Calver

Tel: 01433 631706

Your Totally Independent Local Newspaper

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 45


Currently Recruiting Accountants! 01629 814222

Commercial, Financial & Professional Recruitment Across The Peak District

We Support Local Businesses......Do You?

EXPERIENCED COOK/CHEF REQUIRED Hours and wage negotiable



Work outside, play outside, live outside MILK DELIVERY PERSON required to

Eyam Domiciliary Service Ltd is constantly expanding and looking for kind, reliable staff in the Peak District to help care for people at home. Full and parttime hours available. All training will be provided but must have own transport.

join our long serving established team. This position will suit someone who enjoys working outdoors and independently. Ideal for anyone wishing to fit a job in around their hobbies, leaving work behind once they’ve finished. 5 nights per week, 12am - 9 am, approximately 35 hours. Please call for more information 01433 651650

Please ring

01433 631380 for more details

Require a



Experience preferred but not necessary and the ability to work within a team. Weekend work on a rota basis. also PART-TIME KITCHEN PORTER and HOUSEKEEPING WEEKEND STAFF

Please contact Laura or Tom on 01433 621219

John Palin (Wholesale) Ltd


Edale, Hope Valley


required Full-time to assist the head chef in this busy country inn. The Inn serves locally produced food and has nine bedrooms. Salary is negotiable, dependent on experience.


Good rates of pay. Good working hours.

Please phone Steve Elliott on 01433 670268

to expand our business, working full or part-time flexibly from home in the massive natural health and wellness sector. Whether you are already successful in your chosen career, a parent looking for a flexible income, concerned about pensions, or just looking for a better work/life balance, we may be able to offer you what you need.

Froggatt Edge, Hope Valley

This is a chance to build a successful and rewarding part or full-time business with full support and hands-on training, giving you a genuine and real opportunity to earn the income you want and the time to enjoy it from home. Realistic earnings of £500-£1500 pm part-time through to £2000-£4000+ pm full-time.

If this is you, call Ros on 07866 740207 or 01629 534467

Previous experience would be an advantage The successful applicant must be able to work accurately and have excellent customer service skills Please send CV to or by post to John Palin (Wholesale) Ltd., Old Coach Road, Tansley, Matlock DE4 5ND


Care Assistants

The positions offer a good rate of pay, travelling allowance and gratuities. To apply or for further information, please contact :

John Elliott on 01629 640 488

Calver Road, Baslow, Derbys DE45 1RR

Country House Hotel & Restaurant Universal Jobmatch is the new free* online job matching service launched on 19th November 2012. It is one of the largest jobsites in the UK and replaces Jobcentre Plus vacancy management services including Employer Direct and Employer Direct online. For Jobseekers, Universal Jobmatch will make looking for jobs easier and quicker. It uses the latest technology to help you find jobs that are right for you, by matching your CV and skills to jobs posted on the service. Visit For employers it will be quicker and easier to post your jobs online, at a time to suit you. The new technology will help speed up the recruitment process by automatically matching jobseekers’ CVs and skills to your jobs. Visit *your usual internet provider charges may apply

Please contact

0845 6043719

for further details

Part-Time Kitchen Porter Evenings and Weekends (24 hours per week)

Position involves Operating an automatic dishwasher Keeping the Service Kitchen clean Light kitchen duties Ring: Janet or Susan 01246 583259 Email:


HEAD OF PATHWAYS POST 16 CENTRE Leadership Scale pts 8 – 11 (£44971 - £48505) We require a well-qualified leader/teacher to head up our recently established Post 16 Centre. The centre actively promotes the student centred learning approach and candidates will be required to demonstrate recent relevant experience of applying this. The successful candidate will be part of the College Management Team and must demonstrate the capability to make an effective contribution.. For further information and an application form please phone 01433 620555 or e-mail Further details are available on the College website at

To work in our busy 6 bedroom Inn, offering flexible hours, a good rate of pay and substantial tips.

General Manager

to include evening and weekend working.

to do night sits Good rates of pay ~ up to £9.00 per hour. Transport essential. Various shift patterns available. Call 01433 623066 or 07814 022601

Weekend Housekeeper Saturday and Sunday


have vacancies for

Night Care Assistants

AA Rosette • Michelin Pub Guide • AA / 4 Star Inn

Debbie Robinson

has vacancies for

Previous experience would be an advantage, but not essential as full training is provided. We also have vacancies for

Please apply to PO Box PA16, c/o The Peak Advertiser, 1st floor, Orme Court, Granby Road, Bakewell DE45 1ES or email


Hassop, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1NS

Key non-investment working partners

The successful applicant must be honest, trustworthy and able to work as part of, or lead a small team. Knowledge and experience of working with electrical equipment and machinery would be desirable, though not essential.

The Chequers Inn

07976 583087

I'm a successful businesswoman currently looking for

Approximately 15-20 hours per week (with possibility of more) Inclusive of two evenings


Contact Charlie or Becky on

Church Street, Baslow


Independent wholesalers of fresh produce

35 hours/wk (Mon-Fri)


Experience preferred. Please apply in writing to: Elizabeth Agar, Bagshaws Residential, Bridge Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1DS or email:

A Company Operating Gaming Machines in Several Counties

EXPERIENCED BAR STAFF Must be available weekends


Full-time Lettings Negotiator

COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT – Part-Time Media FHE is a communications, news and market intelligence company that specialises in Higher Education. An opportunity has arisen for a well-educated (preferably to graduate-level), professional person to join our team. The main role will be updating and maintaining our online Events and Publications Planner system, which involves contacting HE organisations and Government departments, primarily by telephone, to obtain information. We are looking for a self-motivated, tenacious person, with excellent attention to detail, a confident, professional telephone manner and strong interpersonal skills. You should be computer literate, preferably with experience of web-based systems. There is the possibility of progression within the company for the right candidate who has an interest in higher education and/or journalism.

Closing date: 15 November 2013

Hours are flexible, 10 hours a week initially. Salary: £10 per hour. You must have access to a PC or laptop, and be able to work from home as well as our Peak District office.

Hope Valley College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this.

To apply please send your CV and an accompanying letter explaining why you are right for the job to: Closing date: 15 November

01433 630231

Page 46 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159 GRITSTONE FLAG PAVERS please call Sue on 07894 253043.



Based in new showrooms in Bakewell you will manage, sell, survey, install, aftercare all types of joinery products from windows, doors, conservatories, stairs, counters etc. etc.


B A K E W E L L • M AT L O C K • A S H B O U R N E • D E R B Y Handcrafted silver jewellery


We are looking to recruit part-time sales advisors at branches including Bakewell, Matlock, Ashbourne, and Derby.


Applicants should be enthusiastic, trustworthy, well groomed with a pleasant, cheerful manner. Retail sales experience and flexibility is essential. Offering a good hourly rate. References will be required. For further details, please forward an up to date CV to Eileen O’Donnell Silvarious Ltd, 49 Sadler Gate, Derby DE1 3NQ Previous applicants need not apply


Fully flexible, full and part-time positions for the following



WAITING-ON STAFF REQUIRED Experience preferred but not necessary and the ability to work within a team. Weekend work on a rota basis.

Experience preferred but not essential

Call 01629 813635



PART-TIME KITCHEN PORTER Please contact Laura or Tom on 01433 621219

THE GEORGE HOTEL HATHERSAGE Waiting Staff Located in the picturesque village of Hathersage, the George is a stylish and highly rated 24 bedroom privately owned hotel, with a 2 AA rosette restaurant and private conference and dining facilities. We place great emphasis on delivering high standards of guest care. We have full and part-time positions available for Waiting Staff. Previous experience in quality establishments would be ideal. Good rates of pay and share of service charges. To apply, telephone 01433 650436 and ask for an application form. Alternatively send in your CV with a letter of application Or apply online at The George Hotel, Main Road, Hathersage, Derbyshire, S32 1BB

Chef required

for immediate start The Old Post Restaurant Chesterfield

Please contact Martin on 01246 279479

PERSONAL ASSISTANT REQUIRED 4 hours per week to help with shopping/housework. Car driver preferred but not essential. £8 per hour. Apply to: Box number SV28, Peak Advertiser, First Floor Offices, Orme Court, Granby Rd, Bakewell DE45 1ES. EXPERIENCED SECRETARY FOR RETIRED COUPLE Wirksworth. 3 hours weekly. Apply to: Box number ES03, Peak Advertiser, First Floor Offices, Orme Court, Granby Rd, Bakewell DE45 1ES.

DO YOU OWN A LARGE HATCHBACK OR ESTATE CAR? Owner driver required for local delivery of school meals in Matlock and surrounding area Approx 1½ hours daily Between 11.15 am and 1.00 pm Monday to Friday. School Term-Time Only.

Excellent Rate of Pay For further details telephone: 0844 984 0330


Bradwell, Hartington Must be trustworthy, reliable and live in the same area as round. For further details, please phone 01629 812159



Edale Road, Hope requires

Part-time Cook/Sous Chef Experience Required

Call 01433 620381



IS YOUR DRINKING A PROBLEM? Need help? Friendship? Support? If so, find out more about our Derbyshire Dales Support Group (North Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service). Tel. 01246 206514 for details. Help-line every Tuesday evening between 6pm and 8pm and 01246 206514 or 204344. SINGLE MAN friendly personality seeks lady for relationship. No objection to single parents. Age 37-47. Apply to Box No. SM37, Peak Advertiser, First Floor Offices, Orme Court, Granby Rd, Bakewell DE45 1ES. MALE 52 Friendly, fun personality. Likes gardening, music, theatre, eating in/out, gym. Seeks friendship/companionship from lady. Please write, don’t be lonely. Apply to Box No. LE52, Peak Advertiser, First Floor Offices, Orme Court, Granby Rd, Bakewell DE45 1ES. LADY 60 recently widowed seeks female early 60s for live-in companion. Share small cottage near Matlock. Apply to Box No. DY60, Peak Advertiser, First Floor Offices, Orme Court, Granby Rd, Bakewell DE45 1ES.

Good prices paid Telephone 07976 739880 OLD CYCLES WANTED pre 1960s please plus spares, Brooks saddles, lamps etc. 01773 873906 evenings. OLD MECCANO CONSTRUCTION PIECES Models or sets. 01629 732972. CYCLES WANTED any condition. Fair price paid. Please phone 07870 496737.


Are now recruiting

Full and Part-Time Waiting-on Staff

Now recruiting

DELIVERY DRIVERS For both our restaurants at Matlock and Hathersage Part-time positions available Familiarity with areas preferred

ENQUIRIES: HATHERSAGE Unit 6, Main Road S32 1BB Tel: 01433 650725 or 07968 394378

MATLOCK 25 Causeway Lane DE4 3AR Tel: 01629 582534 or 07943 836609

Please apply within at H’s, Wye House, Water Street, Bakewell DE45 1EW or send your CV to: or Phone 01629 815107

HCA - Bakewell Medical Centre We are a friendly well organised and high achieving semi-rural practice and are seeking a highly motivated HCA to work 25-35 hours a week over 4/5 days. There is a need for significant flexibility with the candidate needing to be prepared to both provide cover for colleagues from time to time and to potentially work extended hours offered by the Surgery. Whilst our preferred applicants would be experienced and have proven competence in phlebotomy, taking BPs (including 24h BP monitoring) ECGs and vaccinations, we are happy to consider any candidate with basic skills, a proven interest in primary care and a desire to develop and progress. We will provide every opportunity for personal and professional development to the right candidate. You should be a friendly, enthusiastic and strong team player and have good communication and IT skills. Part of the role may be visiting local Care Homes to support the GPs and supporting the nursing team with admin issues. This is an excellent opportunity to progress in a modern purpose built building in a forward looking practice. A competitive salary will be paid and will be negotiable based on experience and assessment following application. For an informal visit or further enquiries please contact Nick Derbyshire, Practice Manager on 01629 816636 Please apply in writing with your CV to Nick Derbyshire, Practice Manager, Bakewell Medical Centre, Butts Road, Bakewell DE45 1ED The closing date for applications is 22 November 2013


Learn from an experienced musician and teacher. Courses to suit any age or level. Beginners welcome For full details contact: Nigel Barton B.A. (Hons) Jazz, G.L.C.M

01433 631769 FREE TRIAL PIANO LESSON offered by Concert Pianist. Details www.pianoartist or tel. 01629 581475.



Tel: 01246 850442 WILL COLLECT

Piano Lessons

Experienced Teacher All ages welcome Beginners onwards


Hazel Henderson Buxton 01298 938958



12 LESSONS FOR THE PRICE OF 9 ALSO: Keyboard Recorder • Music Theory



01629 259178 mob: 07854 446958 email: Only genuinely interested emails and texts please

TEL: 07885 327753





MATLOCK & DISTRICT MENCAP SOCIETY will collect bric-a-brac, jumble and furniture. Enquiries ring Jackie 07831 316582. MODEL RAILWAYS WANTED any make, any condition. Contact Ron on 01629 312189.

ART TUITION FREE TRIAL ART LESSON with professional artist, Diane Kettle B.A. Hons (Fine Art). Cert. Ed. No obligation. Children and adults welcome. 30 years’ teaching experience. Details: 01629 636763.

retired lady school teacher who lives in Grindleford, who taught at Lady Manners School. We last met on the bus from Calow Hospital after she had been visiting a very sick neighbour. I would like to meet up with her again to take her out for dinner one evening, one day soon. If you think you know this lady or you are her please phone me on 07895489843 or leave a message on 01246 582661. p.s. have remembered my daughter’s address in Grindleford and I am the very tall gentleman from Baslow with a grey beard.


NOW OPEN Bakewell Town Hall, Bath Street. Call Susan Kearns Dip CFHP MPS Pract. 07527 476548 for appointment. Home visits available.

Happy 13th Birthday to my Beautiful Daughter

Lydia Rose Hill from Winster

All my love, your Daddy x Always in my thoughts



on passing your driving test first time

Millie Barlow Best wishes from TOP GEAR SCHOOL OF MOTORING 07773 288636

SCIENCE TUITION SCIENCE TUITION GCSE, AS, A2 Specialise in A level chemistry. 01629 636235.


01629 57354

BOOST YOUR CHILD’S CONFIDENCE in maths or English. Qualified, experienced, motivating and encouraging KS2/3 teacher. Call Jane on 01298 871958, mob 07908 088319.


Available from a PGCE Qualified, registered teacher. Extensively experienced with adults and children of any age and level, KS2 – A Level Very competitive rates. Phone 01629 640671 or 07803 127337. Email:

Your Totally Independent Local Newspaper

by mature, friendly graduate. Many local references.

07525 241462

S PA N I S H FRENCH GERMAN TUITION Beginners to AS/A2 any age! Experienced, effective teacher Excellent exam results

Tel: Helen 01629 580567

SEWING SERVICES WINNEY & ROSE Bespoke curtain makeup service and new local sewing workshop Telephone

01246 583027


CLOTHING ALTERATIONS Doesn’t Fit? We’ll alter it! Call Helen 01629 813702

01629 55534 WE ARE A CARING VOLUNTARY GROUP SET UP TO OFFER SANCTUARY TO CATS Adopting from us gives our cats a chance of a better life with a caring new owner. Our cats will be neutered vaccinated and wormed and treated for fleas before being offered for adoption. If you can help please ring 01298 816200 or visit our website www.dovecatrescuesanctua BLACK AND WHITE MALE CAT short haired. 1 year old. Very friendly. Owner relocating, so need new home. 07833 357292.

QUIET, CARING HOMES needed for friendly, nervous cats. Tel. 08453 712754. Cats Protection League. DO YOU HAVE A STRAY CAT PROBLEM? Do you need financial help to have your cat neutered/spayed? Do you need advice on the care of your cat? If so, contact Derby Branch of Cats Protection, 31 Wardwick, Derby, DE1 1HA, or tel. 01332 206956 or visit our website on uk or email



01433 651263 07840 345526

DOG WALKING FOR DOG WALKING and pet sitting in the Matlock area. Police checked, fully insured. Tel. Mick 07941 836301. DOG WALKING Hope Valley. Pet sitting, walking, puppy visiting. Call Rachael on 07805 498402 for free consultation.





Mobile: 07761 656702 Email:

DO YOU NEED HELP WITH YOUR PC? Low cost computer repairs throughout the Peak District. Home visits or express takeaway-return service. Competitive rates to suit your budget. Virus removal, Connection / Internet / Wireless problems. Repairs, Re-installs, Upgrades, Data Recovery. We also supply new hard drives, memory, routers etc. 15 years’ experience, free friendly advice. Computers/Laptops securely recycled

Tel: 07909 920877 or 01629 630056 – 7 days



TV Aerial & Satellite Services FREE ESTIMATES • • • •


01629 312196


TV Wall Mounting


LOGS Bulk bag of Indian hardwood, cut, similar size to house brick £45 inc. local delivery Tel: 01629 584386 Mobile 07908 713335

JILL MIDDLETON 01298 872444

SEASONED HARDWOOD LOGS £70 per load. 07515 711323. SEASONED LOGS can deliver. £3.50 per sack. Discounts for bulk purchase’s. £59 trailer load including delivery £62.50. 5’x4’x11/4’. Half trailer £32.50. 07948 822308.



GOOD QUALITY BRITISH HOUSE COAL • Doubles £220 per ton • Best Lump and Cobbles • Delivered in 1/2 ton - 2 ton loose loads

LOGS ~ VARIOUS SIZED LOADS Tel: 07950 495727 / 01629 732122



Wedding Images Packages from £295 Tel: 01629 734483 Mob: 07766 314453 Email:

£3.00 or £3.95

• We deliver direct to your bunker • Price and Quality assured • All types of coal supplied Keep Warm with CPP For prompt friendly service 01629 540793 07917 896878

BOB-CAT, mini-digger, tractor and dump trailer and dumpers for hire with or without driver. 07966 210181/01298 687465.



plus over 25 years experience

01433 440 419 01298 875 766 07702 471 029


No humping / barrowing or shovelling

Floor Sanders, Drills, Ladders, Cement Mixers, Heaters, Driers & Lots More

TV & Radio aerial installation Multipoint installations


Digital aerials and satellites fitted TV wall mounting Telephone Points CCTV supplied and fitted

IN WARDLOW, NR BAKEWELL •Underfloor heating. •All diets catered for. •Scratch poles, toys. •FAB (Feline Advisory Bureau) listed cattery. Wardlow, nr Bakewell •Home from home, plenty of TLC. •Own bedroom & own exercise area.

Email: web:

CARPET CLEANING and domestic cleaning. Competitive rates. Call Neil 07799 608691. DOMESTIC CLEANING in Matlock area. 01629 55417/07873 541411.

Tel: 01629 580712


per bag collected delivered within 5 miles of Winster, minimum delivery of 10 bags

Call 01629 650089 to arrange collection or request delivery

Domestic, House, Office and Commercial Cleaning Services Provided


IT Engineer since 1988

Repairs, Speed issues, Installs, Upgrades, Viruses, Internet, Wireless, Data Retrieval, Broadband, Servicing, etc.


Cleaning Services

For further details contact: Ann: 07599791194 • Vicky: 07821373018

D.B Home Computer Repairs SEASONED LOGS Quality P.C. repairs throughout the Peak District HOME VISITS 7 DAYS


Hope Valley and Surrounding Areas

Unit 2c, Station Road Ind. Est. Bakewell

Phone: 813472

WACKER PLATE. Ride on roller for hire. 07966 210181/01298 687465.

BUILDING/DIY LIMESTONE, gritstone, sandstone, building stone supplied. Walling stone, top soil and aggregate supplied. 07966 210181/01298 687465. 2ND GRADE SAND for sale suitable for bedding, farm tracks etc 07966 210181/01298 687465.

BUILDING SERVICES PLASTER CORNICE restored professionally. Call C. Flack 01629 57303.

HAND PAINTING KITCHENS & BEDROOMS I HAND PAINT FITTED FURNITURE INCLUDING WARDROBES, KITCHEN CUPBOARDS AND UNITS in a variety of different colours, using Little Green, Fired Earth and Farrow and Ball paints. Historic colours are my passion and nothing looks better than furniture hand painted. I guarantee everything for 5 years. This service caters for all kitchens and every type and style of surface, it is aimed at everyone, on all budgets, I would sooner do the work than not do it and so I am always ready to negotiate. Phone Chris @ PAINTWOOD Ltd for a free quote on 07984 070617.

HEDGES HEDGE AND FENCE SPECIALISTS free quotes 07783 638807.



ROMAN BLINDS curtains, cushions and more. Please call Sue 01433 623225.

SMALL LOCK-UP SHOP to let. Main Street, Great Longstone. 07763 386964.

PROPERTY TO LET GRINDLEFORD spacious 2 bedroom flat, parking. £550 pcm. For more info. 07970 912270. BIRCHOVER 2 bedroom cottage to let. Lovely views. Enclosed garden. Gas C/H. Carpets throughout. No pets/ smoking. £550 per month. Tel 01629 650918. WIRKSWORTH one bedroomed cottage. GCH. Garden. £425 pcm. 01629 258285 / 07757 216395. STANTON IN PEAK detached unfurnished house, 3 double bedrooms, gch, £695 pcm. 07790 254533.

TO LET EYAM 3 bedroom unfurnished cottage in centre of Eyam village. 2 reception rooms, fitted kitchen, gas CH.

£675 pcm Available from 1/11/13

07720 929338 01433 630080


Your Local Country Lettings Letting Agent



EXPERIENCED DRYSTONE WALLER and hard landscaping, also masonry work undertaken (incl Ecclesiastical). Garden maintenance jobs considered. 01629 733093/ 07824 367065.


3 bed house, garden, parking 2 vehicles, rural location, pet considered £995 pcm

CRESSBROOK 4 bed character cottage, garden, lovely views, sorry no pets £650 pcm Choose our full management option and we’ll find you a tenant for FREE! (T&C). Contact us for more details

SKIP LOADERS, DUMPERS for hire. 07966 210181 or 01298 687465.

01298 872290 / 07565 857288 Like us on facebook –

CONCRETE PANELS CONCRETE PANELS supply and fitting service or supply only. For silage pits, retaining walls etc 07966 210181, 01298 687465.

SERVICES ALL SEWN UP Loose covers. J. Noble. Tel. 01629 582421. RECLAIMED MAPLE STRIP FLOORING fixing service available. 07743 699058.


Old clocks repaired and restored at reasonable 6 prices


‘The Peak District’s Letting Agent!’



HENS HOUSES Professionally built, 8 to 10 birds. One at £325, one at £200, or built to your specification and budget. 01629 823728.

Firewood supplies for this winter Ring Mark Otter on 07801 928927


SHEFFIELD DOG RESCUE has many dogs, all healthy and vaccinated, looking for permanent homes. All ages and sizes, all cross breeds. 07748 620740. ANGEL WINGS ANIMAL RESCUE is always looking for permanent, caring homes for cats www.angelwingsanimalresc 07512 965665.

WHILE YOU’RE AT WORK OR AWAY ON HOLIDAY we will look after your dog, walking, playing and fussing. For more information call 07801 502296 or email

Litton Logs


Pamper your pooch



MAGICIAN – Children’s parties. Phone 01298 26745.

Bathing, grooming & Clipping

Fully qualified & insured

FULLY QUALIFIED MOBILE HAIRDRESSER experienced, affordable. Call Elizabeth 07707 451429 / 01433 631838. MOBILE GENTLEMANS and boys barber. Experienced and reliable, at a time and place to suit your busy life. Teresa 07974 960209.



Microchipping service available





FREE TO A GOOD HOME Snowy a 4 year old Jack Russell bitch, she has been spayed, chipped and has had all her injections. Due to the demands of 3 children and work she doesn’t get the attention she deserves, especially long walks. She is good with children, sometimes a little nervous, but can also be lively. Please call or email: 07563 323740. LOTS OF KITTENS, young and older cats all looking for loving permanent homes. We need your help. Please consider giving a cat a second chance. Visit w w w. c h e s t e r f i e l d or call in at RSPCA Animal Centre, Spital Lane, Chesterfield 01246 273358.


C l


Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 47

8 23


RECLAIMED OAK STRIP FLOORING fixing service available. 07743 699058. WOOD FLOORS sanding and sealing. 07743 699058.

UPPER HULME £1350 pcm Luxury 6 bed smallholding with 17 acres of land Stables for 4 horses Stunning and private location VRef 765 Oil central heating. Satellite point. Wood burner. Workshop. Tack room. Broadband. Raeburn cooker. Bond 1.5 months rent. Fixed Term Agricultural Tenancy possible s.t.c. and status

01298 871871

New & Reclaimed




Onduline roofing materials and roofing felt Please contact 01298 873098 or 0771 5254620

‘The Peak District’s Letting Agent!’

FAMILY HOMES TO RENT • TIDESWELL 2 bed cottage U/F ....£525 pcm • TIDESWELL 3 bed U/F ..................£565 pcm • CRESSBROOK MILL 3 bed U/F ...£695 pcm • WADSHELF 2 bed U/F..................£525 pcm • TIDESWELL 4 bed U/F ................£650 pcm • HATHERSAGE 2 bed U/F .............£595 pcm

CALVER 2 bed U/F gardens front and rear and garage, stunning views.................................£595 pcm

Rental property listings at: New Landlords – ask about our special FREE offers and see the difference.

... give us a call! 01298 871871

Page 48 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013


Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159


•••HOUSE WANTED ••• 2/3 bedroom property required for long term let, Lady Manners / Hope Valley / Matlock catchment areas preferred, around £500pcm. Tel: 01248 470112

Family House For Sale on Castleton Road Hope, Hope Valley 3 large bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, GCH. Extensive gardens. Large detached garage. Driveway with turning space. Beautiful views. Offers around


Call 01433 621315




secure and dry individual lockable • Clean, storage rooms with concrete floor from 4m x 4m to 7.5 x 4.7m or can • Sizes be taken in multiples • Short or long term rental

Please enquire for further details Call Stephen on 01433 630312


Brookfield Ind Est. Tansley Industrial/Storage Unit To Let 2,200 sq ft alarmed warehouse space. Roller shutter door and parking. Rates and terms negotiable.

Phone 01629 580658

DARLEY DALE Industrial/Storage Unit

3700 sq ft

With additional 2500 sq ft of outside yard

Long or Short Terms Let Available £125.00 per week

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION ITALY, AMALFI COAST Small, B&B in traffic-free mountain village above Positano. Ideal quiet retreat with modern conveniences and kitchen facilities. All rooms en-suite with panoramic sea views. Good walking base with regular local bus service. English speaking host. Airport transfers can be arranged. Tel: Penny Marrone 01954 210681 email: p e n ny. m a r r o n e @ Photos and further information including prices: www.

All with good parking

For further information please contact

07802 901133 |


UNDER OFFER EXISTING WORKSHOPS / STORAGE / INDUSTRIAL UNITS 350 sq ft - 2,246 sq ft from £4.00 per sq ft q ‘Easy in, easy out’ q Flexible Terms q Immediately Available q For further information and to view, please contact Helen Yates at Litton Properties Limited Tel: 01629 810822 Email:

DOMESTIC CLEARANCE HOUSE CLEARANCE Garages, sheds, also tools, pottery, silver and gold. Anything considered. Good prices paid. 07967 202357.

MAN AND VAN FOR HIRE MAN AND TRANSIT VAN for hire. Any size, any distance. No job to small. Free no obligation quote. Call Simon 07827 965356 for a fast friendly service. MAN AND TRANSIT VAN for hire. Any distance, any size, no job too small. Free quote. Call Geoff for fast service. 07967 202357.

FOR SALE KING SIZE FAUX LEATHER BED mattress, duvet ,2 sets of bedding. Very good condition. Hardly used. £50. Ikea L shaped sofa bed. (Mansted) Grey/blueexcellent condition, hardly used. £75. 07778 750658. LADIES size 16 cashmere and wool 3/4 length coat with scarf to match, £25; Mens 42” blue blazer, good cond. £15; Mens 42” grey flecked jacket as new, £15. 01629 815274. STAINLESS STEEL SINK, with single swan neck mixer tap, right-hand drainer, £15. 07792 262798. TWO SEATER SOFA in green moquette, with matching armchair and footstool. In excellent condition. £85 ono. 01629 823728. PARKER KNOLL 3 SEATER SOFA and wing back chair, olive green plain draylon. £50. Oak tall corner cupboard with glass display doors at top £25. Mahogany display wall cupboard with glass doors £25; 2 Rush seated ladder back oak chairs £20 each. Leather seated ladder back oak chair £25. Pine topped round kitchen table with painted central base, 2 leaves that fold down- seats 4. £30. 07778 750658 or 01433 630437. 6 HEAVY DUTY overhead door closers by Union. Top quality, used for 1 week only. Alloy workings with gold cover and arm. Cost £40 each, accept £10. 01246 768019 or 07971 200143. PET CAGE suitable for larger rodents e.g rats or gerbils. Height- 27”, Length- 30”, Width- 19”. 01629 56769. BOSCH free-standing dishwasher (S53E22GB), 13 place settings, excellent cond £110. 01298 214460 or 07563 588006. SINGLE BEDS (2) less than year old, Ikea Lade with Harestua mattresses £20 each; Crash helmet, FM GR1600 black and silver, full face, Eng 7 1/8, Italy 58, very little use £10; Book / display case: 2 cupboards, 2 drawers, sliding glass doors (150*27*88) £15; Vintage sheepskin jackets, man's and woman's, good condition £15 each; Academic gown, VG quality £10; Mini fridge 6L / 8 pack, mains /12v, hardly used £10 0785 598 8232 Buxton.

BOOK AND MAGAZINE collector various back issues between July 1986 to Jan 2008. Full list available to any interested party. Offers invited; Canon 400D Camera Complete with EFS 1855 lens and uv filter, charger, leads, software box, has had holiday use only, £125 ovno. 07946 585253 Bakewell. SONY D A V .T Z 140 300 watts home theatre system DVD brand new still in box cost £199 sell at £85 ono; Mahogany wall unit, no scratches a nice piece, 3 glass shelves, glass doors & 6 little wooden boxes on the bottom, H 47” D 11” W 39” £25. 01629 823025. GOLF CLUB SET men’s complete & unused including full set of clubs, bag, trolley, brolly, balls & tees & club hoods. £70. 01629 650679. 3 SEATER SOFA (brown & beige) £100; fridge £50; microwave £10; 2 x mattress queen £30, single £15; desk & chairs £30. 07801 502 296 Baslow. CIRCULAR OCCASIONAL table, raised Chinese design on top, dia 60cm, height 42cm. £15. 01629 582941. MIZUNO CLK Fli Hi 20 degree rescue club, regular flex, exc cond & Yonex Nanospeed 14 degree driver, regular flex, good cond £20 each. 01629 583258. PLAYMOBIL 5736 pirate ship, good cond with many accessories & characters. £20. 01433 630631. STONE CIRCLE 8ft diameter good cond, ideal for patio £25 ono; Gas fire, Windsor Elite radiant convector, exc cond £50. 01629 822003. IKEA LARGE DINING/ boardroom/ craft/ sewing table, modern, 6mths old, large black wood finish top and tubular steel adjustable height legs, exc cond, seats 10+, complete with a protective spill & heat proof cloth; Jewellery & hair accessories 300+ items £75 ono. Halfords girls bike, Appollo halfords, good cond, 24” wheels, 12” frame, 18 gears £45. Electric heated clothes airer, brand new never used, very lightweight £10. 07918180720 Darley Dale KENWOOD CHEF a901 mixer with bowl, k beater, whisk, refurbished with new electrical resistors & capacitors, the same type as fitted. Belt & feet have been checked & replaced where necessary. Cleaned up inside and out. £70. 07775337098. Darley Dale. LITTLE TIKES red & yellow cozy coupe car VGC £25; Early Learning Centre Rosebud village, pink wooden farm set VGC £25. Disney Princess 6V battery ride-on pink trike with charger suitable for 18 months+ VGC £30. Silver Cross dolls pram, grey & pink for age 3+, VGC £15; Pink Nikon coolpix digital camera 16MP, unwanted gift, still in box, never been used. £49.99 in Argos will accept £30. 01298 72651. GLASS ROUND top table 3’5” dia, steel frame exc cond £30. 01629 733242. ELECTRIC FIRE contemporary design by Creative Fires, Porta model, hearth or wall mounted. Silver on black. Cost £400, will accept £150 ono. 01629 258203. GREENHOUSE HEATER Superwarm 10 by Parasene, uses paraffin, hardly used, still works but paint coating starting to peel a little, complete with instruction book. Cost £50. Accept £20. 01433 631298. COMPUTER DESK metal & frosted glass with sliding keyboard tray from John Lewis. £15 ono. 01433 620078. HARDLY USED M & S pine framed single bed with trundle pull out guest bed + mattresses £50. 01433 650543. UNUSED John Lewis pine cot, unused mattress & bedding £50; Graco car seat (up to 9 months) £5: Mamas & Papas pram with rain cover, changing bag etc, suitable for grandparents £20; Changing mat £2.50; Baby floor play mats £6. 01629 812384.

SYLVANIAN FAMILIES windmill & cottage. Good cond, incl some furniture & 2 families, ideal Xmas present. £50 ono 01298 872559 / 07974 954 184. THOMAS THE Tank Engine play table £20; Playmobil volcano, dinosaurs & transport vehicle £30; Brio builder system assorted construction vehicles + tractor & trailer £40; Go Diego Go rescue centre with figures + talking rescue jeep & trailer £25; Lunar Jim mission control, luna crawler & figures £25. 01298 872500. WINTER AVON tyres 225/55/17 as new £150 for 2. Trailer Caddy 44” x 59” £100; Winged armchair, blue dralon, good condition £40. 01629 815620. CIRCULAR PINE kitchen table 36” dia with 4 solid legs. Can email photograph. £50 01629 734354. GOLF SHOES brand new, never worn, still in original box with tags, Adidas Adipure Z-WD mens, uk 7.5, white/grey leather & suede (waterproof) rrp approx £140 absolute bargain £60; Brand new & still in original box with tags, never worn, Adidas Adicross WD spikeless mens golf shoe size uk 7.5, brown leather, absolute bargain only £40.00, (ideal xmas/ birthday gift). 07938 242368. GLASS SHOP DISPLAY CABINET with 2 detachable glass shelves & sliding doors. Size 108cm long, 40cm deep, 95cm high. Free for dismantling & collection 01629 582941. POINT TWO equestrian body protector, good cond, small adult size £275 ono; Mark Todd mens size 9 riding/yard boots, good cond, hardly worn £40; Rax roof rack system, fully adjustable to fit most transit size vans with 2 pipe racks & roller bar at rear £225 ono; Mens bike Slant Apollo 17”, good cond £55 ono 07988966589. UV LAMP GELS AND ACCESSORIES Over £100 worth of uv gels, cleansers, wipes, brushes, foils, nail art and a new 36w 4 bulk uv lamp. All brand new and sealed, bought but unfortunately never used. Ideal for someone starting out, wanting to save money on manicures or a fabulous Christmas present. 07530 612837. WASHING MACHINE. Zanussi Essential 1200 . 6kg load. White. 600 x 600. £65; Hotpoint cooker EW74G, ceramic hob, graphite grey. 600 x 600 £65; Cooker hood. AEG stainless steel, 3 speed fan & lights, 600w x 500d x 1500h £65.All in clean, good working order. Butcher’s block/prep table, Beech,very heavy & solid on 2 casters, 2 slatted shelves, 600 x 520 x 860h, vgc £65; Pine Chest/blanket box, approx 25 yrs old. Panelled front, bun feet, 1000w x 600h x 500d. £50 01433 631791. FLYMO blower vac, good cond. £15. 07836286398. FREE FOR COLLECTION a small quantity of sandstone blocks & saddle backs walling stone 07809 672574. Bakewell area. SAMSUNG 32” slim, HD, LED, tv on swivel stand, together with Samsung Blue-ray DVD player and HDMI connector. £280; Nintendo Wii in black with Wii Sports & Sports Resort software plus additional remote controller (unused). Also Wii Balance Board in white with Wii Fit software. All manuals/connections etc. incl. £220; Fellowes cross shredder, ideal for home use £15. 07557764633 Cromford. SNOOKER/POOL TABLE excellent cond, folds up vertically out of way. 70cm x 140cm with all cues & equipment. Made by BCE. £50. Matlock 01629 55189. TWO DOUBLE Laura Ashley wall lights similar to ‘Farrington’ style. Antique brass finish, vgc, £20 each; Three double Laura Ashley wall lights, pewter colour, vgc, £20 each; Picture light, antique brass finish, vgc, £20. 01629 812352.

EARLY VICTORIAN pine mule chest with 2 drawers underneath, original bunfeet & hand-polished, vgc, 30”H x 47”W x 24”D Nice piece of furniture ideal for storing large items. £175ono. Buyer to collect 01298 83511. BLACK JOHN ROCHA riding style fashion boots, low heel, size 6, worn once £50, cost £85. 01433 623633. LOUIS VUITTON N42240 handbag and matching purse. Both original and in excellent condition. No tears, stains or damage to exterior or interior. Would make a special Christmas present. Reluctant to sell, £450. 07792 668062. MAMAS AND PAPAS pulse buggy, birth-3yrs, also raincover, excellent cond £20.00; Fisher Price garage 1-5yrs with extra cars & people £10; 2 x Sainsburys collection (finest) single duvet cover & pillowcase, beige & mink, new/ unopened, £5 each; Girls pink scooter, from 5yrs £5; V-tech childs computer challenger, blue with mouse, from age 4yrs, boxed/new £10. 07599 837718 Hathersage. SAMSUNG 32 INCH HD ready Freeview flat screen TV, gwo, £90 ono 15" Packard Dell Flatscreen Computer Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers - £20 ono. Computer Desk/Table on castors, sliding shelf, beech effect, good condition - £15. 01433 659209. CARAVAN EQUIPMENT Bulldog Hitchlock for Al-Ko hitch (and others) 6kg weight. As new cond. New price is £93 + VAT First £25. Also nose weight gauge £10, or both items £30. 01629 822811. BOYS BIKE Decathlon 20” mountain bike, full suspension, good cond £45 ono; ELC Planet Protectors 6 figures & rocket £25 ono; Large box of K-NEX £20; Large box of Geomag £20; New box of Megablocs, still sealed £5. 01433 630631. BROWN LEATHER framed mirror 114cm x 84cm, excellent cond £60 ono 01433 639070. STAR BURST wall mirror (p1129 Argos catalogue at £39.99) - £20 01629 732355. BUSH LCDST4212 universal TV stand in superb cond (as new) £10; Dell subwoofer computer, dual speaker system, excellent cond £20 ono; Collection of 16 soft toys, many “Ty The Beanie Buddies” collection, all exc cond £10 or can be sold separately; Ivory venetian blind measuring 3’W with 5’ 3” drop, beautiful cond £5; Vintage Smith’s electric mantle clock in pwo, £20; Xpelair wall extractor fan, fwo £8. 01629 760826.

VAX BAGLESS cylinder vacuum cleaner model C88 VC P A. Small & lightweight, bought January for £45 sell £20 ono. Receipts & manual included. 01629 582230. FRANKE STYLE square black composite kitchen sink, one and a half bowl & drainer £25; Pine kitchen table, worn looking but in good cond £40; Silver swan neck kitchen mixer tap £5; Pine blanket box/trunk £25 01433 651178. HADDON HALL 12 old postcards £24; Illustrated handbook & guide to Haddon Hall by Rachel Carrington £5 (light blue cover), several other handbooks 1960s etc., and one much older. 01629 733246. ECO HERITAGE PAINT “Little Green Paint Company”, Colour: Carys, a lovely sunny yellow matt emulsion. Three quarters of 5 litre tin. Bought in August. Cost £58 new. £30 ono; Mens polyester trousers, one pair, smart style, from Debenhams. Size 30 waist, regular. Colour - mushroom grey with small herringbone pattern, never worn, cost £30 new, £15 ono. 01629 825728. ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT Medeli DD501, 3 years old, hardly used, excellent cond, stool & headphones incl. £110. 01433 651946. CHICCO baby carrier/sling boxed vgc £10; Safababy sleeper cot divider £3; Tommee Tippee manual breast pump c/w instructions, vgc £5; Newborn terry nappy x 12 inc folding instructions & snappi nappi fastener £3; Standard terry nappy x 14 inc 2 x snappi nappi fasteners £3. 07815 027001. QUINNY BUZZ 4 travel system, charcoal grey, incl car seat (Maxi-Cosi), carry cot (Dreami), push chair, rain cover, foot muff, Quinny bag & parasol. Ex cond £300; Little Life cross country child carrier with sun shade & rain cover, 6 months to 3 years. £50; Lascal Kiddy Guard, retractable safety guard (white), to fit stairs or door opening (up to 130cm wide) £25. 01433 631431 or 631686. HOOVER upright vac, dust manager cyclonic, power edge cleaning, 1700 watts £20; 3 Season sleeping mats 1800mm x 500mm x 8mm thick. New, still in packaging, 4 for £10. Near Matlock. 07811 597664. SOLID LIGHT WOOD dining table & matching chairs. Made in Denmark. 150cm long x 90cm wide, extendable to 210cm, stylish modern high back chairs with fabric seats. Can seat 6-8, vgc, first offer of £100 secures. 01629 735006.

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CLASSIFIEDS... FOR SALE OAK WELSH DRESSER inherited from parents, pictures available by email. £350 ono. 01629 630353. DELONGI living innovation Vento electric, oil filled, 3 radiator heat settings, thermostat with frost protection, as new, still boxed £35; Dimplex HS20 F convection/turbo fan heater, used once, as brand new £45 when bought, accept £30; Barnes & Mullins 5 string banjo with tuition book, 4 picks, strap, excellent cond, still boxed £225. 01629 823673. BRITAX PRINCE child car seat nearly new £25; Childs booster feeding chair £5; Body Sculpture rowing machine £10. 07875290165 (Matlock). CLARKS NADEN BEE ladies black Gortex laced flat ankle boots (web exclusive on current site) purchased on 13/10/13 worn once, unmarked size 6.1/2. Cost £79.99 accept £35. 07980588247 (Youlgrave). 3 SEATER SETTEE & 2 armchairs by Sherborne Upholstery of Birmingham, bought new in 2002 from Arighi Bianchi, Macclesfield. Cover fabric figured velvet, deep pink, small diamond pattern. Good support, vgc. Photos available. Buyer collects. £125.ovno. 01629 825940. PAIR PLEATED LAMPSHADES 10” dia, teal in colour, great cond. £8 the pair; Mahogany plant stand 101.5cm tall, 27cm dia top £10. 01298 872236. MAHOGANY wall unit, no scratches a nice piece, 3 glass shelves, glass doors & 6 little wooden boxes on the bottom. H 47” D 11” W 39” £25. 01629 823025. HORNBY DUBLO HARRY POTTER HOGWARTS EXPRESS electric train set, extra carriage and layout mat, absolutely mint and unused £110ono. 01335 390488.

Fridges, Freezers, Cookers, Dryers, Washers starting from £45 All Guaranteed FREE DELIVERY only at

QUALITY RESALES Market Place, Wirksworth

Tel: 01629 825350

GRANNIE’S CLEAR OUT, BABY BUNDLE Flat folding high chair; Folded booster seat; Travel cot (Mothercare) including bedding; Ride-on rocker horse (Mothercare) 12+ months. £60 or will sell separately. All in exc cond. 01629 582307. VINTAGE Guy Trucks Ltd, native American head in aluminium, painted (Feathers in our cap) on headdress band. This model came out of a guy showroom (rare item) £65 ono. Foden trucks name plate in brass size 29cm by 13cm, to fit on radiator grill £40 ono; Morris motif/badge, came off either a van or a light commercial, size 4.5 by 2.5 inches £18 ono; Commemorative plates, 4 bone china, trinket box & badge all for & depicting various lodges ie Buxton for WAAF £12 ono. Fire screen in tapestry depicting native American chief in full war bonnet £8 ono 0796 3102633. COLOUR CHANGE “GLOW” Bear (pale blue) £3; Ideal Xmas presents “Disney Store” Little Mermaid & Cinderella 3 piece dressing up outfits (9-10 yrs) – exc quality -£15 each (cost £30 each); Childs knitting machine, boxed, used once, as new £6; Badge It! Badge making machine, boxed, used once, as new £6; Mattel “Pixel Chix” shopping mall, car & house (electronic/interactive), new batteries £5 each, all for £12; Alba personal CD player/headphones/new batteries, never used £4. 01629 813011. YAMAHA KEYBOARD model PSR520. 141 realistic voices, 100 accompaniment styles, recording system, many features & midi compatible, complete with very comprehensive instruction manual, adjustable stand, and music stand. Absolute bargain at only £80 for quick sale. 01629 55358. HOTPOINT fridge freezer, Silver Ice Diamond, two thirds fridge, one third freezer 177mm high x 55mm wide x 60mm deep, vgc just need bigger freezer to replace very old chest freezer. £55. 01629 812093/07974414364. LONG CREAM DRESS with lace bolero jacket, size 18/20, never worn £150; White glass/chrome, 3 shelves TV stand, as new £40; Baby changing station with 2 shelves, as new £35 01298 871749.

WEDGWOOD Woodland c1965, 6 cups / saucers, milk jug, sugar (slight chip), cake plate £40; Susie Cooper Glen Mist coffee service, 6 cups / saucers, cream, sugar, coffee pot £40; Noritake tea service, 8 cups / saucers / plates, cream and sugar, 2 large cake plates, white with gold rim, pre-war £35; Noritake coffee set, 8 cups and saucers, blue / white £10; Imari style coffee set, blue / red / gold, 6 cups, saucers, cream sugar, coffee pot £10; Grosvenor tea service, 11 cups, saucers, plates, blue / gold / white £10. 01629 650220. CARD CRAFT CLEAROUT toppers, backing papers, card, ribbon, decoupage, papers, pens etc. £40. 01629 630220. 2 RISE RECLINE CHAIRS £300; 2 seater and chair leg raise from Haydn Stanley £300; Creda spinner, little used £25. 07764 261233.

MAN WITH VAN FOR HIRE Large or small removals Available 7 days a week Any job considered Packing & Storage available - CRB Certified Tel Stuart

01246 276828 07950447439

TRAVEL COT complete with carrying bay, VGC £20; Optimus Prime Transformer, new and unused £20; 2pr roller boots, size 13 and 7, VGC £10 a pair. 01629 813361. CHINESE HANDMADE RUG exc. cond., fawn, cream and blue, 9’ x 6’ £200. 01629 636391. CORNER TV TABLE smoked black glass and chrome, 3 shelves, as new £25ono. 07761 861053. JUNIOR PINK BED new mattress, completely clean, used at Grandparents only, exc. cond. £50. 01629 734636. IKEA DOUBLE SOFA BED Lycksele, hardly used, exc. cond. £95. 07774 162522. LADIES JACQUES VERT 3pce trouser suit, size 10, navy and lemon, worn once £40; Spode Noble horse and plate collection £20; 11 original Beanie Babies, offers; 2 toughened glass shelves £25. 01298 871370. IGLOO AWNING £25; 4 person folding camping table £10; 2 folding camping chairs £10; 25m electric caravan cable £15; 5 x Astra / Cavalier alloy rims complete with locking wheel nuts £50; Electric 150 amp welder and new 8mm wire reel £40. 01629 732133. CHAPELL GRAN PIANO good cond., buyer to collect and transport £150. 01298 84383.

Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013 – Page 49

TELEVISION New installs, upgrades, repairs 27 Causeway Lane, Matlock Tel: 01629 582411

3 PLAID ALL WOOL EWM SKIRTS size 24, exc. cond. £10. 01629 732346. AVIARY 6’ h x 4’ w x 12’ l, 2 x flights 6’ h x 4’ w x 51” l (top and bottom 12” wood), covered top, central shed 39” x 48” w, closeable sleeping area for each flight (all sizes approx.), good cond., buyer dismantles and removes, cost £1000, accept £450; Rabbit / guinea pig hutch, heavy duty external type, only used in garage, opening roof / removeable, good cond., no disease £40; Cabinet / cupboard, 20.5” w x 15” d x 28” h inc. 5 legs, bottom cupboard 12’ h, top open space, wood not MDF, good cond. £15. 01629 735051. BENTLEY PIANO serviced yearly £350; Ikea table, square, black, extends £50; Indoor guinea pig cage £15. 01433 631427. PRECOR DUAL ACTION CLIMBER EXERCISE MACHINE £60 buyer collects; Picasso (Xsara) roof bars, used once £45. 01629 56664. 6 LIGHT OAK DINING CHAIRS with tapestry seats, VGC £20 each or 6 for £100. 01298 79859. FREE dozens of clean 1lb jam jars for collection. 01629 812303. TGA ECLIPSE MOBILITY SCOOTER 4 wheeled, heavy duty battery powered scooter, fully adj. padded seat and handlebar thumb control, scooter easily taken apart for transport in car boot, good cond. and used a few times only, range up to 18 miles at 4mph £420 cash only. 01433 650918. GO PACK LIGHTWEIGHT TABLES as used in village halls, 4 at 6’ £40 each and 2 at 5’ £35 each; Unique wood burner, professionally made from Calor bottle, ideal for workshop £100; 3m x 3m heavy duty gala tent marquee £100; 6 very old, ornate wire hanging baskets £15 each. 01629 593677. DIGITAL DRUM MODULE SET cost £395, accept £125; Marklin 12v electric 2 rail loco and tender class, 38 gauge one, boxed £195. 01629 584907. MAHOGANY NEST OF TABLES immaculate £30; Large stainless steel kettle £5; Oval coffee table, mahogany, 41 x 20 £35; 8 plates and display rack £50. 01629 823020.

Peak Ads Private household items for sale –

FREE OF CHARGE For people living within our FREE distribution area MAXIMUM OF


PER HOUSEHOLD – TO BE SUBMITTED EITHER IN WRITING, OR BY EMAIL MOBILE NOs. MUST HAVE AN AREA (e.g. Baslow). PLEASE KEEP IT BRIEF Section.................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................ ................................................................................................................................................ ................................................................................................................................................ ................................................................................................................................................ Tel: ................................................................... Area (eg Baslow) ........................................ Return to:- First Floor Offices, Orme Court (Library Building), Granby Road, Bakewell DE45 1ES

Deadline for ALL CLASSIFIEDS: 5pm Wednesday 13th November PAID CLASSIFIEDS include CARS, MOTORCYCLES, WANTEDS etc. Paid Classifieds consist of: Cars, caravans, motorcycles etc., and any item under its own heading All other classifieds are 35p per word (min. of £1) and must be submitted in writing and sent with appropriate monies

PLEASE NOTE: The Peak Advertiser will no longer advertise any type of firearm whatsoever The Peak Advertiser will endeavour to place as many classifieds in the paper as space allows. Any left out will be carried over to the following issue


PAPER JAMZ guitar, drum kit and amp/speaker, vgc, £15. 01298 816552 after 4pm. VINTAGE STYLE ADAMS IRONSTONE DINNER AND TEA SET Lowestoft pattern from 1980s, 8pce setting, green / pink / floral, 58 pieces inc. veg. dishes, plates, cups, teapot, coffee pot etc. £195. 01629 584907. RAMON LEFT HANDED ACOUSTIC GUITAR £30; Ikea ‘Billy’ small oak veneer bookcases x2 £10 each; Tall Ikea bookcase, oak veneer £25. 07856 539102. APPLE IBOOK 4 LAPTOP with new battery £165; iPhone 3GS 16gb, used but in excellent cond. with original box £65; Power Caddy electric golf trolley and bag, new battery £150; Taylor Made rescue club, 16° loft £20. 01433 630151. MOTHERCARE BROWN COT £20; Mamas and Papas toddler bed, new mattress £50. 07764 261233. WOMENS CLOTHES sizes 610, all fit a size 8, good brands inc. Topshop, Ted Baker, good cond. £15 the lot. 01629 630220. GARDEN VAC SHREDDER BLOWER £20. 01629 734544. CHILDRENS WOODEN DESK 3 drawers with chair, exc. cond., John Lewis £50. 07770 235437. PINE DRESSING TABLEVGC, could be used as child’s desk £20. 01629 640345.

MAN AND VAN For removals/deliveries etc, excellent rates, free quotes, over 15 years’ experience

Call Mick on 07964 447054 SAMSUNG SPF-72V DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME also plays music and videos, perfect cond., still boxed £40. 01629 650818. MAJESTIC PINE ARTIFICIAL TREE 6’ 6”, easy to put up £20; Childrens plastic table and 2 chairs £15; Laura Ashley wallpaper, 4 rolls cream trellis £20; Rockery / walling stone, free. 01629 640450. CREAM KNITTED UGG BOOTS genuine, brand new in original box, size 5 £60; Genuine, brand new in box, Lipsy high heeled black and pewter dressy sandals, size 5 £30; Jane Norman taupe pull on ankle boots with studding detail around the outside, size 5, worn a couple of times only £10; Wooden tall CD storage £15. 07711 768930. MAMAS & PAPAS TWIN VOYAGE BUGGY black / yellow trim, inc. foot cover and rain protector, VGC £99; Portable feeding chairs x2 £10 each. 01629 580168. M&S HEAVYWEIGHT LINED CURTAINS 66” x 54”, dark gold, maroon and brown floral design, new £25. 07544 571483. PHILIPS DVD PLAYER silver, VGC £15ono. 01629 735840. PACKING BOXES brown cardboard, very strong, used once, will separate, 25 - 15” x 14”, 7 - 23” x 16” £1 each. 01629 259058. SILVER CROSS DOLLS PRAM traditional style, coach built, red with tray, bag and rain cover, immaculate cond. £190ono. 01629 822244. LAW REFERENCE BOOKS Stroud’s judicial dictionary of words and phrases, complete set, never been used, exc. cond. £300. 01629 734814 after 6pm. OLD DARK OAK CUPBOARD panelled, floor standing, 75” h x 48” w x 15” d £145. 01335 342361. I LOVE MY BEAR MOSES BASKET and stand £15; Swinging crib bedding and mobile £25; Pink bumbo £8; Brightstarts girls bouncer, £5. 01298 72072. Buxton.

ANTIQUE EDWARDIAN MAHOGANY INLAID OPEN ARM BEDROOM CHAIR c1905, red upholstery, good cond. £40ono, buyer to collect. 01629 760086. WINTER TYRES 2 x 14” GT Radial Champiro £50. 01629 640065. BEAUTIFUL VICTORIAN CHIFFONIER DRESSER polished pine with curved shaped back £250; Buckler chocolate nubuck leather safety boots with steel midsole, brand new, boxed and with labels, size 9 £25. 01298 27525. FULL MOTORCYCLE HELMETS x2, 1 x Lazer Thunder, black / grey £50; 1 x Nitro Red Union Jack, new £100; JMB bread maker £10; 4’ bow top wrought iron double gates with posts to fit 13’ gap. 07791 916807. SHOWER PUMP £25. 07778 153949. TRAVEL COT Baby Bjorn front carrier, rucksack carrier, Mamas & Papas pram / pushchair, playmat, girls clothes, toys and much more, all in good cond. 01629 534774. PEACH VELVET CURTAINS with loose linings, 4 curtains, each one 68” x 88” drop, exc. cond., can deliver, cost £700 from John Lewis, accept £200ono; Hardback book, Chronicle of the Roman Emperors, brand new, cost £25, accept £10. 01433 651000. OFFICIAL ITV SPORT EURO 2004 FACT FILE Football Championship £8ono; Brown unlined rigger boots, size 7, unused £10. 07794 776120. HOTPOINT SLIMLINE DISHWASHER £50; Electric fire £6; Solid dark oak bookcase £45; Satellite dish and cable £20. 01629 258962. LE CREUSET FONDUE SET unused, as new, green finish, less than half price, £45. 01629 55292. WALL UNITS Ikea beech effect, three cupboards with doors, two glass doors, two drawers, 4 open shelves, £75; Ducal antique pine writing bureau £60. 01629 581135. BEDROOM FURNITURE SET suitable for girl or boy, hygena oak effect veneer tops, sides and handles with cream front to doors and drawers. Comprises of a midi sleeper/cabin bed (includes mattress if required) with fixed 3 drawers and 2 door cupboard underneath, also has a pull out table on castors which leads to a small ‘den’ under the bed. Matching standard double wardrobe, 3 drawer/shelf unit, two single 3 drawer chests, gd cond, £150 ono. Buyer to collect. Still have assembly instructions so can possibly flat pack as required. 01246 540719 / 07552 665338. PINE COMPUTER CABINET with doors and pull out keyboard shelf, £15. Wirksworth area. 01629 826585. ZHU ZHU HAMSTER WHEEL Zhu zhu hamster wheel, grooming salon and fashion closet plus 2 pets, £10; Sylvanian Families nursery and swing set £8; Table-top table football £5; Assorted 'Orchard Toys' games, jigsaws and a Lego game for ages 5-8. Can email details and prices for separate items; Ballet tunic, headband and modern dance sweater size 1 (burgundy) £10; Ballet cardigan and tights (pink) age approx 4-5 £5. Matlock 55057. MIRROR beautiful ornate oval shape gilt framed mirror. Rings on back to facilitate hanging in either vertical or horizontal position. Measures 500mm x 400mm. A very attractive frame on a spotless mirror. £10. 01433 651 500. RIDE ON MOWER / lawn tractor, Lawnflight MTD, twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton 18hp petrol engine, 44in cut twin blade rear discharge ride on mower with electric start, lights and 4 speed and reverse gears. Gd cond for age, complete with lawn sweeper, small trailer and some spares. Buyer collects, £600. 07887 958849. Matlock area.

CAST IRON MULTI-FUEL WOOD BURNER STOVE brand new, never installed, clearview glass double doors, v-heavy, large model, 12kw, 62cm x 62cm x 35cm, guarantee and instructions booklet £395ono. 01629 732775. VINTAGE Guy trucks Ltd, Native American head in aluminium painted (feathers in our cap) on headdress band, came out of a Guy showroom (rare item) £65 ono; Foden trucks name plate in brass size 29cm x 13cm, to fit on radiator grill, £40 ono; Morris motif/badge, size 4.5 x 2.5in, £18 ono; Commemorative plates, 4 bone china, trinket box and badge all for and depicting various lodges ie Buxton for WAAF, £12 ono; Fire screen in tapestry depicting native American chief in full war bonnet, £8. ono. 07963 102633. CREAM LEATHER 3 SEATER SETTEE, no rips or tears £50; Universal beams (2) 180mm x 19kg/mtre, 2160mm long, painted black, £50 for two or £30 each. 07811 597664 Cromford. HENRY VACUUM CLEANER with extra tools. Little used, £30. 01298 24239. GAS HOB PRIMA 4 rings, silver, gd cond. Booklet with product description and installation instructions included, £25. 01298 23543 / 07933171754. VINTAGE TEACUPS AND SAUCERS pretty, some floral/patterned/plain all in fab cond. Great for weddings, tea shop, candle making. 32 sets in total all for £25. Monyash 07788 635049. KITCHEN UNITS with solid medium oak doors and drawer fronts. Wall units: 2 door 600mm, 1 door 600mm, 2 door 1,000mm, Floor units: 500mm drawer and door 1,000mm, 2 drawer, 2 door, 1,500mm 1 drawer, 2 blank, 3 door. Sissons s/s 2 bowl top with mixer taps. 1,564mm granite finish melamine work top, VGC, £350; Circular mahogany effect table (48in diam) cast iron base, £40; Sainsbury deep fat frier, 3 ltr, £10; Titleist Turf Glider golf trolley, £10. 07811 597664. Cromford. BELFAST SINK measures D46cm x L60cm x H25.5cm approx, has a few chips on edges, holds water, ideal for in garden. Heavy so cannot deliver. £15 ono. 07944 650161 / 01629 732708. TECHNIKA 20” HD READY tv, built in dvd player and wall mounted bracket, vgc, £50; Electronic tv/radio aerial, £10; Goodman micro system cd plus radio, £10. 01629 813361.

HOUSE CLEARANCE Garages / sheds also tools / pottery / silver and gold ~ anything considered 07967 202357 CHRISTMAS TREE Noble Fir, Hinged Christmas Tree, approx 6ft high, with lights, original cost £125, will accept £45. 01433 630613 (Grindleford). V-TECH TALKING WHIZ KID E X P R E S S I O N S multipurpose electronic learning laptop, wide range of interesting and educational topics, 30 activities, bag and carry case, mint, only £10. 01629 582665. CHILDRENS WOODEN DESK and two chairs. £25. 01298 816552 after 4pm. PIONEER CAR RADIO CD with removable front, Euro connector and instructions as new £40. 5’ X 5’6” GARDEN SHED recon’ £75; Gents mountain bike, £40. 07884 063918 Matlock. SPEAKER STANDS exc. cond, black metal 610mm high, can be filled with sand and fitted with spikes for best possible reproduction, £40. 01629 650818.

BIG VAN WITH MAN available to hire 24 hours, 7 days Prompt, courteous, reliable, short call-out, best rates. More Or Less Everything

07956 183030

SNOW TYRE Vredestein Snowtrac 205/55/16 Mud and Snow tread 4mm in middle £20; Classic Blaupunkt car radio £20; Sharpe classic car radio AR946 with 2 AM & 3 FM push buttons, output 7W, £10; Vauxhall Cavalier 2 ltr, genuine new parts, 2 oil filters, timing belt, distributor cap and rotor arm, all for £10; Headlamps for Mazda 6 (2002 to 2007) front headlamp units complete for both sides. If you have Zeon headlamps (as standard on Sport) it may be cheaper to replace with these than repair the Zeon headlamps. Same push in electrical connector £60 for both lights. Tideswell. 01298 871 059. SAMSUNG 32in HD ready Freeview flat screen TV, GWO, £90 ono. 01433 659209. PIGGIN COLLECTABLES 6 piggins still in boxes (unwanted gifts). £60 ono for all, would make ideal Christmas gifts. 01433 639944. CLAIRE DOBINSON SCHOOL OF DANCE little girls ballet outfit. Burgundy skirted leotard, size 2 which fits approx 3/4/5yrs. Light pink knee high ballet socks and light pink ballet shoes, size 10. Outfit only worn 4 times, £15. 01629 826810 or 07966 494759. GOLF SHOES brand new and unused, never worn, still in original box with tags, Adidas Adipure z-wd mens, size UK 7.5 white/grey leather and suede (waterproof), RRP approx £140, £60 unused with tags; Adidas Adicross WD spikeless mens golf shoes size UK 7.5, brown leather, absolute bargain, only £40 (ideal xmas/birthday gift). 07938 242368. CHRISTMAS TREE stand/holder for floor standing real Christmas tree. Dark green, holds trees up to 13cm/5ins wide in the trunk. Used only one year, offers around £8; Compare the Meerkat Aleksandr, new in box with certificate (opened to check, not removed from outer packaging), £20 ono. Another unspecified meerkat on it’s way, ask for details. May post if required for cost; One Direction 'Our Moment' gift set 50ml eau de parfum (30ml on it’s own selling in Boots for £20) and 150ml body lotion. Brand new set, in Boots at £29.99, asking £20; Trespass girl’s lightly padded jacket in lilac and purple with detachable hood, zip up front and zip up pockets. Age 9-10, water and wind proof. Little used, collect from Matlock or may deliver locally, £5 ono. 0774 762 7440 Matlock. DARK OAK LINEN FOLD CORNER TV UNIT with pull down front cupboard for dvd player or storage, gc. £35 ovno. 07977 640103. PLAYSTATION 3 - SLIM with dual shock controller, 250 GB and Grand Theft Auto 5 game, £125 ono. 07557 351821 Matlock. 1/ STEEL DOUBLE GATES 4 to fit 9’6” plus post, £50; Oval dining table, wood, 3’w 5’l extends to 7’6”, £25; 1950s China cabinet with secret drinks cabinet, £40 ono; Coffee table, 36” x 19” x 14” £10; 14pr mens jeans , 36 waist 29 leg, £25 will separate; Shower screen, 4 door, £15. 01629 57842. DOG CAGE (BLACK) medium, £45 for small/medium dog, was £80; Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Europa with charger and box, £15. 07588 824569. OLD PIANO STOOL lift-up seat, requires upholstering, £35 ono; Fishing boxes/baskets x2, plastic, £8 and £12; Cat carrier £8; Chrome music stand, collapsible, £10; Fireguard, metal extending, £18. Bakewell 07970 986066..

Page 50 – Peak Advertiser 11th November 2013

CLASSIFIEDS... FOR SALE FREEVIEW RECEIVER (SONY VTX-D800) with stand, remote and instruction manual, boxed, £30. 01629 732804. HAMSTER CAGE complete with fittings, water bottle, wheels etc, exc. cond, £18. 01629 734814 after 6pm. KING SIZE PINK QUILTED bed cover, £10; Sony stereo needs slight attention, £10. 01629 812106.

TWO CAST IRON CHAIRS rush matting seats, decorative design painted Farrow and Ball, must be seen, £20 each ono; Antique mahogany occasional square table, decorative and unusual design, h2’6” w21” d21”, must be seen, £40 ono; Ladies G Star 3/4 length boots, dark grey with side buckle and cross over strap, size 3-31/2, worn once, exc. condition,£20 ono. 01629 810188.

DENBY ARABESQUE CUPS/ DINING TABLE plus 4 chairs, £20; Cat carrier £5; Single fold up bed with mattress, strong frame, £25; Wooden sledge steel runners, £5; Lever taps, as new, 2 bath 2 sink £10 per pair; Ladies tap shoes, size 4, £5. 01629 823128. WHIRLPOOL DISHWASHER £50 vgc; Chesterfield double oven with grill, (gas), £70; Whirlpool microwave (white), vgc, £25. 01629 814768. VAN TO MOTORHOME 3 way fridge and porta potti, sold as seen, £20 will split. 01433 631280 or 01433 630057.

Peak Advertiser Office: (01629) 812159 SAUCERS 5, £6 each; Pretty pine wall cupboard, small, £75; Mahogany lamp table, 21”x21”, gc, £35; Christmas tree, artificial, 5’6”, gc, £40; Gold bracelet set with turquoise, £370. 01629 582917. ROVER METRO BITS 4 alloy wheels with good tyres, headlamps, sidelamps, mirrors, all used but good, £100 the lot ono. 01298 25227. LIBRARY FOR SALE thousands of fiction and non fiction books, many subjects and authors, hardback, paper back at reasonable prices. 01629 580892.

SEASON ENDS ON A HIGH Former Lady Manners pupil, event rider Bert Bolton, finished third in an incredibly strong field at the CCI2* National Under 21 Championships at Weston Park International Horse Trials recently. This was the culmination of a couple of years of hard work and determination, featuring a mix of success and disappointment, inevitable in this sport as horses are often injured and out of action for extended periods. Bert has been challenging for a spot in the National Team over recent years and regularly competes at the local Chatsworth event. He is intent on making a career of riding professionally and will soon be moving from his current base above Curbar to become a working pupil with the current British National Champion, Oliver Townend who runs a yard of 50 horses over in Shropshire. After gaining invaluable experience, Bert hopes to start his own competition yard locally, so for anyone who’d rather not jump these massive jumps themselves but who wish to consider a different route to the olympics through owning a horse, Rio is a little too soon Tokyo 2020 is not unrealistic!

Youlgrave Garage

Wingerworth Commercials Ltd


MoT’s while you wait Repairs and Servicing Air-Con Service Centre Tel: 01629 636943

Good prices paid

Garage scrap also wanted Tel: 07565 554939


M.O.T. CENTRE Servicing Clutches Cam Belts Repairs Ladywood Garage

Tel: 01629 733993

Baslow Road, Chesterfield S42 7BN Phone David on 01246 566312 • 01246 567779

Unit 2, Ashbrook Close, Old Station Yard, Rowsley SUPPORTERS OF HELP FOR HEROES

Motorcycles Servicing, Spares


20 + VAT £ S T S O C ADVERT 29 812159

16 oticed – 0 n r a c r u o Get y R8 4.2 FSI QUATTRO AUDI 2DR R TRONIC COUPE 2009 Daytona grey with black leather, one owner, 4,800 miles, DVD sat-nav, Bluetooth, electric seats, heated seats, lighting package, front and rear parking sensors, auto lights, rain sensors, FASH, just serviced

and Repairs Unit 13 Riverside Business Park, Bakewell

£63,500ono – XXXXX 829045 / XXXXX 483957

01629 812633 or 07808 280809 Fax 01629 814216 email:

Bert Bolton. Photograph courtesy of Matt Nuttall Photography.






Servicing • Diagnostics • Clutches • Brakes • Gearboxes •Tyres • Exhausts For Cars and Vans Servicing & Repairs Air conditioning re-gas Auto diagnose diagnostics

Top Yard Garage, Main Street, Great Longstone FOR FAST, FRIENDLY & RELIABLE SERVICE

Ring Paul on 01629 640086 Ex-foreman Mechanic for VW-AUDI Main Dealer, with over 30 years’ experience in motor trade

MOT CENTRE For all cars, vans up to 3500 Kg and 4x4ʼs Including diesels and catalysts For prompt friendly service please call

Servicing and repairs on all makes of vehicles including diesels and light commercials

01433 651950


MILNER OFF ROAD LTD Due to recent staff changes, Rowsley PreSchool are recruiting new Staff members to help maintain and build upon the high standards and the family ethos of the community based PreSchool. This exciting new era offers a unique opportunity to become involved in the future success and continuation of this essential community facility. Rowsley Pre-School was set up in 1985 by parents in the Village. It has progressed year upon year to become a very well respected Pre-School, which some parents travel several miles to bring their children to. The PreSchool is housed within the rooms of the Village Hall, caring for children

from two years to four years of age. There are many opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play in this bright and welcoming setting. Community links are strongly supported, and the Pre-School has an extraordinary relationship with Rowsley C of E Primary School. The PreSchool and School children share the same dinner hall at lunchtime and regularly visit the local wood for Forestry School and storytelling sessions. This helps the Pre-School children develop a relationship with both the children and teachers at their local school, hopefully breaking down the barriers which are so often faced with the transition from Pre-

School to Primary Education. The Pre-School is Charity run and are keen to encourage community involvement wherever appropriate. If you are a local business and feel you could make a donation, to help with the upkeep of play equipment etc, we would love to hear from you. The Committee would welcome members who would like to support this fantastic indispensable establishment. Committee Members don't have to be Parents or Grandparents, you could be a member of the community who simply cares about the continuation of this exceptional institution. Please get involved, contact Kate on 07960 01

09 24 or email rowsleypreschool@gmail. for a highly rewarding opportunity to become part of an exciting and promising future.

R.N.L.I. COFFEE MORNING Recently on a very wet Saturday morning we held a coffee morning to raise money for the men and women who bravely give their time to helping save lives at sea. Our very loyal supporters raised over £500 and we want to thank them for their support. Also a big thank you to Mrs R. Wright, our hostess for the morning.



SAM FURNISS LTD Cliff House, The Cliff

Tansley, Matlock

(01629) 55237 NEW Disc, Pad Kits

The Shop

Complete Leaf Spring Kits




MON-FRI: 8AM-5:30PM - SAT: 8AM-12:30PM /milneroffroad


MATT SAVAGE 4X4 Unit 3, Unity Complex, Darley Dale, DE4 2HX. Tel 01629 735555

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SALES 2007 07 RANGE ROVER SPORT 2.7 TD6 DIESEL Wrapped in pearlescent white to an unbelievable standard (originally black) 89k, FSH, full black leather interior with heated seats, colour coded door handles, tinted windows, 22in stormer alloys, side steps, CD multichanger, chrome front fogs and door mirrors, immaculate and a real head turner .................................................£20995 2008 08 VOLKSWAGEN TOURAN 1.9 SE TURBO DIESEL 7 SEATER Met grey, 69k, 2 owners, full electrics, CD player, alloy wheels, A/Con, side steps, immaculate.........................£7495 2006 06 FORD RANGER WILDTRAK DOUBLE CAB 2.5 DIESEL TOP OF THE RANGE Met red / silver, 110k, 1 former keeper, full black / grey leather interior, chrome side steps and bull bars, roof rails, tow bar, 4 new Bridgestones, full electrics, alloys, A/Con, CD, immaculate...........................................£6695 2005 05 SEAT ALHAMBRA 1.9 STYLANCE TURBO DIESEL Met dark grey, 7 seater, service history, 1 former keeper, full electrics, A/Con, alloys, CD player, VGC ...................................£4995 2006 06 LAND ROVER FREELANDER 2.0 ADVENTURER TURBO DIESEL Met grey, 5dr, 110k, FSH, 2 owners, full electrics, A/Con, alloys, CD, tow bar, immaculate........................£4995 2005 55 LANDROVER FREELANDER 2.0 TD4 ADVENTURER TURBO DIESEL Met black, 5dr, 57k, 2 former keepers, SH, full electrics, a/con, alloys, CD, roof bars, side steps, VGC, cat C vehicle hence.........................................£4495 2007 07 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.9 TDi TURBO DIESEL Met dark navy, 5dr, 2 former keepers, SH, a/con, full electrics, CD player, 110k, immaculate.................................................£4395 2005 05 AUDI A3 1.6 SPECIAL EDITION Met sliver/grey, 5dr, 80k, SH, full electrics, a/con, alloys, CD player, VGC, cat D, hence... ......................................................................£3995 2004 04 NISSAN TERRANO 2.7 TURBO DIESEL Met silver, 7 seater, 70k, full electrics, A/Con, side steps, alloy wheels, CD player, VGC.................................................................£3995 2004 04 LANDROVER FREELANDER 2.0 TD4 SE TURBO DIESEL Met silver, 3dr, 96k, half black leather/suede interior, full electrics, a/con, CD player, sunroof, tow bar, VGC ..........£3995 2006 06 HONDA JAZZ 1.3 SE Met silver, 5dr, genuine 36,000 miles, 1 former keeper, full electrics, a/con, CD player, alloys, immaculate ........................................................£3895 2003 53 MINI ONE 1.6 Met blue with white stripes and matching mirrors, 72k, SH, 1 former keeper, full electrics, CD, alloys, immaculate ......................................................................£3795 2003 53 SEAT LEON 1.8 CUPRA TURBO Met black, 5dr, 63k, FSH, 2 owners, tinted windows, full electrics, alloy wheels, VGC ................................................................£2995 2006 56 VAUXHALL VECTRA 1.9 CDTi EXCLUSIVE Estate, Turbo Diesel, Met Silver / Beige, 100k, 6 Speed, 2 Owners, Full Electrics, A/Con, CD Player, VGC,................................£2895 2005 55 PEUGEOT 407 1.6 SE HDI ESTATE DIESEL Met grey with panoramic roof, FSH, 1 owner, full electrics, a/con, CD player, alloy wheels, 136k, immaculate.................................£2495 2005 54 RENAULT MEGANE EXPRESSION 1.5 DCi DIESEL Met silver, 5dr, £30 a year road tax, 72k, SH, full electrics, a/con, CD player, VGC ........................................................£2295 2004 54 RENAULT CLIO 1.5 DCi EXTREME DIESEL Met black, 3dr, 89k, 1 former keeper, full electrics, alloys, CD, sunroof, £30 per year road tax, VGC......................................£2295 2006 55 VAUXHALL COMBO 1.2 16v CDTi DIESEL VAN Red, 68k, power steering, tow bar, roof rails, CD player, good condition...........................................................£2195 2004 04 FORD KA 1.3 LUXURY Met silver with full black leather interior, 69k, FSH, 1 owner, full electrics, A/Con, alloys, CD player, immaculate ........................................................£1995 2004 04 FORD FUSION 1.6 16v Met dark green, 5dr, 75k, SH, 2 owners, full electrics, A/Con, CD player, VGC................£1995 2003 53 FORD FOCUS ZETEC 1.8 TDCi TURBO DIESEL Met Silver, 5Dr, 83k, 1 Former Keeper, Full Electrics, A/Con, Alloys, CD, VGC.................................................................£1995 2003 03 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.6 SE Met black, 5dr, FSH, 2 former keepers, full electics, a/con, CD player, 110k, VGC .... .....................................................................£1950 2003 03 FORD FIESTA 1.4 ZETEC Met silver, 5dr, 90k, electric windows, central locking, A/Con, CD player, VGC.............£1850 2005 54 FORD KA 1.3 STYLE Met Black, Genuine 44,000 miles, 8 Service Stamps, 1 Former Keeper, Power Steering, CD Player, Immaculate ........................................................£1795 2004 54 RENAULT LAGUNA 1.8 16v EXREME Met silver/grey, 67k, SH, 1owner from new, half black leather interior, full electrics, a/con, alloys, CD, immaculate ...................................£1495


VOLVO XC70 ALL WHEEL DRIVE SE LUX 2.5 DIESEL AUTOMATIC ESTATE 42,863 miles, FSH, black leather, finished in Amethyst grey metallic, great spec must be seen to appreciate the quality, and ready in time for the SNOW! £16,000 – Tel: 01629 814062 (Trade) 2008 MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS C200 CDi SPORT AUTOMATIC 50,500 miles, Only 1 owner from new, full Mercedes Benz service history, Finished in Grey metallic with grey and silver interior, 17inc AMG alloy wheels, matching AMG carpet mats, this a lovely example with a great specification. £12,500 – Tel: 01629 814062 (Trade)

MITSUBISHI L200 WARRIOR 53 plate, Silver Double Cabbed Pick-up with full canopy MOT’d until June


£3,750 ono – 01629 650552

VW Polo – red 2003 – 53 plate MoT until June 2014, 72,000 miles, 2 careful owners, good service history, electric front windows, CD radio / stereo, very good condition inside and out, drives nicely

Library picture

£1,990ono – 01629 650118



Auto with manual sport mode, low miles 57k, X reg. All usual goodies, climate, electric mirrors/windows, stacker. MoT Oct 14.


07979 225347

Non-runners / MoT failures / damaged etc. Registered waste carriers Tel: 01629 584386 Mob: 07908 713335

Riverside Business Park | Buxton Road | Bakewell | DE45 1GS

2004 04 CITROEN XSARA PICASSO 2.0 HDI DESIRE DIESEL Met light blue / green, 90k, 2 owners, full electrics, A/Con, CD player, good condition .......................................£1595 2004 04 RENAULT LAGUNA 1.9 DCi DYNAMIQUE DIESEL Met emerald green, SH, half black leather interior, full electrics, a/con, sunroof, alloys, CD player, VGC, taxed and tested ............£1595


Independent Land Rover Specialists for over 30 years


Library picture £1,200 ono – Telephone 07815 774412 CITROEN XSARA VTR COUPE

2002 52 reg 1.6 petrol, blue, one owner, 33,000 miles, full service history, 12 months MOT, Library Picture very nice condition. £995 ono – call Andy on 07792888967

2011 HYUNDAI ix20 1.4 BLUE DRIVE. STYLE. MINI MPV Petrol, FSH, 28,000 miles. Top of range. Still under warranty. One owner.

£8,000 – Telephone: 01629 312132 or 07411 051 611

08 (08) FREELANDER 2 GS 2.2 DIESEL 57,000 miles FLRSH £12995

03 (03) DEFENDER 90 TD5 6 seats, one owner, 79K FLRSH £11995

03 (03) DISCOVERY S2 TD5 auto ES top of range, 85,000 miles, FSH £8995

08 (08) SUZUKI GRAND VITARA 1.6 VVt 3 dr, 19,000 miles, FSH £8495

04 (54) NISSAN X-TRAIL SVE 2.2 DIESEL 40,000 miles, FSH £7995

04 (53) FREELANDER 1 2.0 diesel 5 door, Silver, 85,000 miles, FSH £4995

03 (53) FREELANDER 1 2.0 diesel 5 door, Gold, 77,000 miles, FSH £4495

MOTORS MITSUBISHI PAJERO SHOGUN L200 WANTED dead or alive. Call Steve 07792 305114. CITRÖEN C5 diesel estate. 2002. 84,000 miles. Tested May. Full service. Vgc. Owner selling £1,000 ono. 01629 815092. MITSUBISHI L200 PICK UP grey. 2008. 33,000 miles. MoT May 2014. Only done 6,000 miles in last year and half. Ex. cond. No Vat. £10,000. 01298 27349.

CAR WANTED SMALL/MEDIUM SIZED car or van, anything considered. 01629 823276.

STATIC CARAVAN STATIC CARAVAN 27’ x 10’. 2 bedrooms, shower room, ideal for home build. Buyer collects. £500 ono. 01298 83573.

SALES ENQUIRIES ~ TEL: 01298 811088 All our cars are sold with: 12 months MOT • Intermediate service 3 month / 3000 mile warranty • Hpi check • Full valet

SERVICING AND REPAIRS Massive savings on main dealer prices • Very latest Autologic computer diagnostics All work undertaken – welding, clutch replacement, air suspension problems MOT preparation • Underbody wash and Waxoyl treatment £185 + VAT Free courtesy cars (subject to T&C and availability) • Labour rate still only £38 + VAT per hour


Capitol Garage, High Street, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire SK23 9SS. OPEN: Monday-Saturday

TEL: 01298 811088

Derbyshire’s No.1 Independent Land Rover Centre

UNDERCOVER STORAGE` UNDERCOVER STORAGE space for caravan or motorhome. 01433 621955.

140BHP, One owner, 6 speed manual, gleaming black paintwork, 71,000 miles, taxed and MoT till June, 50+MPG, nice dual purpose car. No dents, HPI clear. Library Picture

Why not try DLS? We can service your vehicle even whilst under Land Rover manufacturers warranty. Giving you a quality service with great savings compared to main dealer prices.

DLS ~ Quality service without compromise DLS All servicing is carried out to the original manufacturer’s schedules

£6,995 ono – 01433 639948 / 07800 736888


FULL WORKING FACILITIES Modern fully equipped 6 bay workshop employing fully-skilled Land Rover technicians

VW TRANSPORTER, Prefer a Caravelle but would consider Kombi, Shuttle or Syncro etc. T4 or T5. Please ring 07792 262798 with details.

BOOK YOUR REFURB ONLINE Check out our brand new website to book online, view our range of new and used alloy wheels and plenty more...


GIVE YOUR WHEELS AND CAR A NEW LOOK THIS YEAR 100s of colours and finishes to choose from MATLOCK 01629 734422 Unit 6 Unity Complex, Dale Road North, Darley Dale DE4 2HX. Open: Mon-Fri 9.30-4.30pm and Sat 10-2pm CHESTERFIELD 01246 558800

All repairs done on-site Fully guaranteed work

07 (57) FREELANDER 2 SE 2.2 DIESEL 52,000 miles, SILVER, FLRSH £13995

Are you paying too much for your Land Rover servicing?


u Kerb damage u Refurbishment u Polishing u Colour change u Custom FX: Pearls / chrome / metal flakes / u coloured inks and lacquers u Alloy welding / flat spots / straightening u Re-seals (Tyre deflation problems) u Removal and re-balancing u Tyre sales

WANTED MOTORCYCLES Anything considered. £50£10,000. Cash on collection. Please phone Tony on 01629 823276/07768 906162. MOTORCYCLE WANTED British/foreign, any age/condition. Fair price paid. Garages cleared. 07761 818137.

05 (05) RANGE ROVER SPORT TDV6 diesel, 79,000 miles, FSH £16995




Unit 76 Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Storforth Lane, Hasland S41 0QZ. Open: Mon-Fri 9-6pm and Sat 10-4pm

COMPUTER DIAGNOSTICS Autologic Diagnostic Technology



When I write I won’t change Day, into night Black, into white Wrong into right I might have Little insight Into the meaning Of life - but I try with My pen to make Some sense of it. And when my relay’s run And my race is done, Like a baton Passed through time Of poets and eternal rhyme Someone will In vain reach For a pen Then with word And script try Again To make some sense of it.

Full air-con. diagnostics service available

AFFORDABLE Affordable and competitive on all service and repair work, often with large savings on parts and labour prices quoted by the Main Dealer

COURTESY CARS AVAILABLE Whilst your vehicle is with us you could take up the option of one of our courtesy cars so you will never be without transport (conditions apply).

Water Lane, Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4AA

Call our Service Team on

01629 822185


Beautiful Hand Carved Stone Fire Surrounds • Professional Installations & Alterations • Restorations • Architectural Masonry • Bespoke Design Service • Tideswell Showroom • GasSafe & HETAS registered Suppliers of Clearview Stoves

I am a creature of habit – albeit with a forgetful streak – and if I’m totally honest, the older I get the worse I become at adapting to change. I’m sometimes knocked off kilter when Coronation Street comes on half an hour early to accommodate the football, or the window cleaner props his ladders up to the house a couple of hours before his normal time! So you can imagine the tizzy I got myself into when the Council decided, not only to change practically everything about their bin collections, but to also change the day they visited my door! Years ago – “the ghost of cycling past” was getting on your bike and doing a steady lap around Carsington Reservoir and using that maxim I guess recycling must have been something I never did – riding around it twice! The only occasions when I could be described as “green” were after far too much liebfraumilch or a dodgy cheese sandwich, but now it’s something we all aspire to be! Everything has changed. I realise, of course, that recycling is a good thing. At work each day I proudly use a Derbyshire County Council pencil, handed to me at some event or other, which is made almost entirely from reclaimed plastic drinking cups, and I’m reliably informed that one of my favourite necklaces was a milk carton in a former life. It doesn’t end there! I’m careful, when I visit the shops, to keep a stash of carrier bags about my person, so as not to add to the growing mountain of them being ploughed into the ground – presumably

those that are in there will stay forever unless the next generation “the ghost of recycling future” comes up with some imaginative use for the things and digs them all up again. Of course, some of the supermarkets are catching on to the need to be green too, one in particular has, for some years, been giving us biodegradable bags... they’re a great invention which, after about a year, simply rot away to a pile of dust.... no prizes for guessing which bags I stored dozens of books in (now very “dusty” books) a couple of years ago! But let’s get back to the bin collections. I had just about sorted out in my mind what went where when we only had the two bins to deal with, then along came bin number three accompanied by a dinky little kitchen caddy and a sort of bucket to transfer its contents to - and to make matters even more complicated it was then that the Council deemed it necessary to swap collections to a different day. There were sleepless nights a-plenty around that time, I can tell you. Another thing happened at the same sort of time... I became aware of the hint of a sound, deep into the night whilst I lay awake worrying about how to remove the plastic handles from my washing powder boxes or the plastic spouts from fresh orange cartons. This barely audible rustling was only ever in the early hours just before the bins were collected. Not a sound I’d heard before – it was almost imperceptible – but it was there alright. However, next morning, nothing was ever moved or missing and I got used to it and eventually, once I’d come

to terms with separating slices of half eaten chicken and leek pie and furry carrots from last month’s copy of the Peak Advertiser I started sleeping well again and forgot all about it. I still get a bit confused – they tell me you should put shredded paper on the top of cardboard... but what if my shredded waste paper basket is full long before collection day and it all gets mixed in? And worse still, what if I don’t have any shredded paper to put on top of the cardboard at the allotted time – do I have to shred something I actually wanted to keep? Then there’s the garden waste – all I’ve got is a courtyard with a few tubs and half a dozen climbing plants, they fill the bin when I do my winter clearout but what should I do for the rest of the year? A friend has suggested planting some vigorously growing weeds in a couple of tubs so at least there’s something to put in every month. There’s another thing too, something which has struck me since we have been separating out our bits and pieces – and that’s just exactly how much food waste we generate, which brings with it all sorts of other issues – should I try to eat up everything that’s in the fridge and the pantry before it gets past its best, surely that would make me even fatter and that’s never a good thing. I suppose the answer could be to buy less... but I’m only just coming to terms with my brood having flown the nest, stopping buying enough food to feed them and all their friends and acquaintances isn’t something I’m going to be able to do overnight!

So I’m trying my very best to get it right, and as luck would have it, it appears that a good friend of ours is somewhat of a recycling expert... his tip for dealing with oversized cardboard boxes is to leave them out in the rain, after even a light shower they will fold down to any size you want and fit in the bin. Similarly, at his suggestion, I’m now leaving the empty washing powder boxes out to get wet – then the plastic pulls off easily – brilliant! I’m not quite so sure about storing shredded paper waste in the biodegradable supermarket bags until the exact moment that they are about to disintegrate – then placing them atop the wet cardboard which will absorb the dust and hey presto! (But I’m considering it!). What I do wonder though is if I have solved the puzzle of the mystery noises in the night...This friend, the recycling guru, tells me he feels that it’s his duty to fill the family bins, he’ll be weeding at midnight if there’s a gap in the green bin or transferring egg shells and fish bones at dawn to fill his food waste container. But what about his blue bin, the container for paper and cardboard? What does he do if that’s below the “fill to here” level? I’ve begun to wonder, after I’d heard those tiny little noises in the night, should I have lifted the bluebin lid and checked inside... because I think it a distinct possibility that the noises I’d heard were “the ghost of recycling present” making sure he’d got plenty to put in his bin – even if it was at the expense of mine! ©Jean Goodwin October 2013

• Creators of bespoke upholstered furniture • Full re-upholstery service • Fabric sales Tel: 01629 56572 Holt Lane, Matlock DE4 3LY

Eyam Domiciliary Service Caring for you since 1999 FAMILY RUN DCC & CQC Regd Manager Lucy Waller RGN

We are here to help you or your loved ones to remain safe, happy and comfortable at home. All aspects of care provided from 1/2 an hour to 24/7 365 days a year. Our staff are reliable, friendly, fully trained and CRB checked.

Contact us for an informal chat

Tel: 01433-631380 Email:


01298 873173 Unit 2, Southview Ind Est, Off Richard Lane, Tideswell SK17 8PR


and lots more!



01629 813472


A tale of murder, bombs and intrigue is to be performed in Tideswell Church. On Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th November Tideswell Community Players perform The Stirrings in Sheffield on Saturday Night. This exciting play with songs, written by Alan Cullen, is set in Victorian Sheffield and based on the true story of the Sheffield Outrages, when workers and management clashed violently over new ways of working. It tells the intriguing story of William Broadhead, who orchestrated attacks on people who did not support the cause, his downfall and eventual trial. The play uses different styles of theatre including drama, comedy, music hall, monologue, and traditional folk song and dance. The staging uses fully the magnificent and atmospheric setting of the medieval church known as The Cathedral of The Peak. The play has a very large cast of all ages, also featuring local musicians and singers. If you live locally, chance is you’ll know at least one adult or young person involved in the play. Performed

Where you’re always welcome

The East Lodge estate is set in 10 acres of its own beautiful, landscaped water gardens. The luxurious bedrooms offer the ultimate country house feel whilst maintaining a cool, contemporary and modern edge and the award-winning multi AA rosette restaurant has already been voted “Derbyshire Restaurant of the Year.” East Lodge really is a home from home, where the friendly, attentive team are always delighted to welcome you as a very special guest.

Hotel of the Year East Lodge Hotel and Restaurant Rowsley Matlock Telephone +44 (0) 1629 734474 Email

YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE An evening with Dorothy Parker - Written and directed by David Fredrickson featuring the Steve Salfield Trio with Susan Daniel as Dorothy Parker

A show featuring the words, wisdom and wisecracks of one of America’s foremost jazz age writers. Dorothy Parker’s short stories and journalism are characterised by rapier wit and her poems by melancholy and aching vulnerability. Her pen often upset the literary

establishment and provided an acerbic commentary on life in inter-war America. She was active in cultural politics on the west coast, setting up the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League and (with Lillian Hellmann and Dashiel Hammett) the Screenwriters’ Guild. She also visited and wrote about Spain during the Civil War, supporting the efforts of the Republican Government to provide basic education for their people. Of course, she ended up on Senator McCarthy’s Hollywood blacklist which, she said, severely curtailed her

earning power. But it didn't stop her telling it like she thought it was. She was a very rude and very funny lady. Mrs Parker will be accompanied on stage by the Steve Salfield Trio playing the music of the twenties and thirties. She will fill you in on her life, her loves and her views on the writers and cultural icons of her day. Thornbridge Hall, Ashford-in-the-Water, DE45 1NZ. Friday November 15th at 8pm. Tickets: £12 from or 07920 755435.

“It gives me great pleasure to inform you (Lace) that you have been selected as a FINALIST in STARS: UNDERLINES BEST SHOP AWARDS 2013.”

The ‘Bra Doctor’s Tips’

Outstanding Customer Service Derbyshire

frequently in the region since it was first staged at Sheffield Playhouse in the 1960s, the play is hugely entertaining, has a strong following, with an enduring appeal and relevance today. This will be one of the must see events to catch this autumn and will be spectacular. Gripping drama, rousing songs, and comedy. Don't miss it! 7:30pm 27-30 November. Tickets £8 and £6 (concessions) from Tideswell P.O. and Litton Shop. Bookings on and 01298 871063. For more information about this and other shows in the village follow Tideswell Theatre on Facebook and Twitter or join the emailing list.



Customers most asked question, “Why do my straps slip off my shoulders”? The most obvious answer would be to avoid the bras that have the straps set wide apart, almost set to the side of the bust. But the real solution lies elsewhere, most likely to be posture. Standing straight with shoulders back helps (try looking in the mirror, this will show you what

happens). There are people with sloping shoulders and the only think I can advise is double sided sellotape, put some on your should then place your strap on this problem solved, unless you are in the wrong size bra, then you need to come and be checked. Thinking of Christmas presents? Think lingerie. Regards Sue


The Bra Doctor

by Bakewell Swimming Pool

01629 814933

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A visit to Healthy Hearing made all the difference to Chris and his grandchildren! Chris didn’t know what was wrong, he just knew things weren’t right; he kept missing things the grandchildren were saying, he just thought they were mumbling. So he made an appointment to visit Healthy Hearing to get a free hearing assessment. Chris says, “I just couldn’t believe the difference! They let me

take them home to try and that’s when I really noticed just how bad my hearing had become, and that’s when you just realise what little things you miss! Emma my granddaughter singing to herself, and Charlie, my grandson, giggling at the TV. It’s nice to know I’m not missing anything anymore.”

Welcome to our Open Day event! W

hen you attend our Open Day, you will be greeted by Healthy Hearing’s friendly staff. On hand will be our own Hearing Aid Audiologists, and a Phonak technical expert, to advise free of charge if a hearing system is right for you, what types of hearing aid are available for you, and what will best suit your lifestyle. We will discuss your individual needs regarding your hearing and how it may be affecting things at home - this is what we call a Lifestyle Hearing Assessment which helps us identify the best you can achieve with the hearing

you still have. You will be able to see inside your own ear canals with a video otoscope (an amazing tiny camera shows the image on a TV screen). You will also have an audiometric hearing test and be able to have a live demonstration of the latest in revolutionary digital hearing technology from Phonak, individually programmed to your hearing needs. All of which is free of charge and without obligation. Demand for this event will be high and spaces are limited. Therefore we urge you to reserve a priority appointment now to avoid disappointment.

Simply call FREEPHONE 0800 298 7261 NOW! If you are not able to attend we can arrange for a home visit at a convenient time to you, which is also free of charge.

Otoscope offers most advanced visual tool... T

he video otoscope system is the most advanced visual device allowing you to see for yourself inside your ears. This live colour imagery will show the health of your own eardrum and ear canal and help you to understand better how we are able to assess your own condition.

At Healthy Hearing, the otoscope will be just one part of the examination and assessment of your hearing. The placement of the otoscope inside your ear does not involve any discomfort, but provides very clear visual information that is vital in a true examination of your hearing.

Lifestyle Hearing Assessment™ unique service now available Lifestyle Hearing Assessment™ is based on a precise hearing measurement system, developed in Denmark over several years, and helps you to understand the most you can achieve with the hearing capabilities you still have. We can create very personalised solutions because the Lifestyle Hearing Assessment™ takes your specific issues and goals into account. We promise you’ll hear exactly how your problems can be solved, you might even find it’s a revelation. Afterwards, if you decide to have your hearing improved, Healthy Hearing, as hearing aid audiologists can ...

match your requirements to the right hearing improvement solution.

Fo r y o u r p r i o r i t y a p p o i n t m e n t c a l l 0 8 0 0 2 9 8 7 2 6 1 n o w !

Visit our

Hearing Open Days Thursday 14th November 2013 Matlock Golf Club, Chesterfield Road Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 5LZ

Friday 15th November 2013 Callow Hall Hotel, Mappleton Road Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2AA

Monday 18th November 2013 The Old Hall Hotel, The Square Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 6BD Sybil Evans from Buxton Harry King from Bakewell Barbara Anderson from says “It’s the best thing I’ve says “Thank you so much Matlock says, “I took ever done, I have been wearing them for over two years now and can lead a very full and normal life. I would recommend them to anyone.”

for sending the batteries so Pronto! I am so happy with my new found hearing, the only trouble now is I talk too much... It’s great!”

Head Office: No 1 the Old Police House, Cliff Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 1AB



Complete this Voucher and you will receive £100 off any Phonak hearing aid purchased during the Open Days on Thursday 14th November, Friday 15th November, Monday 18th November and Tuesday 19th November 2013.

Mr/Mrs/Miss ______________________________ Address

Tuesday 19th November 2013

advantage of Healthy Hearing’s free hearing assessment and I couldn’t believe how much clearer I could hear. Now I don’t worry about my hearing at all... because I can hear everything all of the time.”


__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

Postcode ______________ Tel:________________

Hassop Hall Hotel, Hassop Nr Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1NS

ow precious a commodity the sense of hearing is, and how easily we take it for granted! Too often we miss out on those precious moments and simple adventures - like a telephone call from our grandchildren or going out with our friends. Today you don’t have to accept not being able to hear properly. Thanks to major advances in audiology and technology, modern hearing aids effectively compensate for most hearing disorders. Healthy Hearing are a family-run hearing care company with over four decades of experience helping people to live the life they want with the hearing they have.


To appreciate just what we are saying, we are inviting you to join us at our Hearing Open Days on Thursday 14th November, Friday 15th November, Monday 18th November and Tuesday 19th November 2013.

0800 298 7261 With our help your hearing can only get better! Meercury Business Awards 2011

Customer Care Award Winner

Healthy Hearing



ANNIVERSARY A decade of local service


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