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Get that Feminine Touch with a Perfume Pendant at Peacock Parfumerie Fragrance is something that sets a woman apart from a group, making her a unique personality. Enhance your femininity and elegance with a perfume pendant, available at Peacock Parfumerie. This online store brings back the charm of perfume jewelry with their outstanding product range. A spokesperson stated, “Carry your favorite scent in our vintage-inspired perfume pendant necklaces. The top of the necklace unscrews and a small amount of perfume or essential oil can be poured into the opening.” These pendants are available in four distinct colors, mix and match to coordinate with your mood, outfit or season. Peacock Perfumeries’ perfume necklaces come with a pretty gift bag with a funnel and instructions. One can easily refill these pendants with artisan perfume. Just unscrew the top of the necklace, use the included funnel to fill with your favorite scent, and it’s refilled. In fact, one can also easily clean the pendant by unscrewing the top, then flushing out the inside with rubbing alcohol 2-3 times, followed by an air dry. Moreover, their fragrances are the concentrated blend of essential oils and precious perfume accords, in a base of natural coconut oil. Available in six different scents, they are the most soughtafter essential oil perfume. Apart from perfume oils, some outstanding and elusive range of candles are available at Peacock Parfumerie. These luxury candles are dreamy watercolor landscapes of deeply saturated colored wax. Each candle is gloriously unique, hand-produced with a paraffin and soy wax blend with generous fragrance. About Peacock Parfumerie: Peacock Parfumerie is an artisan perfume jewelry house inspired by art nouveau glamour and bohemian romance. Their concentrated fragrances contain essential oils and precious perfume accords. Fragrance has the power to evoke a memory, and to create or change a mood. Customers can envelop themselves in one of their perfumes and feel inspired by the mood it creates. They invite their customers to carry their perfume close to their heart in one of the online store’s stylish crystal pendants. For more information, please visit Contact: Peacock Parfumerie 4477 Garfield Street Denver, CO 80216

Get that feminine touch with a perfume pendant at peacock parfumerie