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3 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

The right choice


“… a nation disposes rather a varnish than refined people, when its civilisation is not based on culture and harmonic development of all the properties and qualifications that characterise human beings” (Constitution of Church and State, 1837). Today, most of the medical evacuation companies in Greece and their partners are collaborating with offenders of the criminal law, who use even trucks for the medical evacuation of patients…leaving thus unanswered the question why does western civilisation squints when it comes to particular actions, or, according to Brecht “…why should the gods tolerate tolerance?”. We hope that the reason for this is only a fallacy and does not consist a sacrifice in the “altar” of cynical economic interest as in the case of Iphigenia. By daring the new, only joy is the leverage of the yearning of internal enthusiasm of the people that created ATHENS AMBULANCE. Joy, as the principal common element between science and art, acts as a catalyst for the mental brilliance of our partners, adding thus an additional asset of humble art to our debt towards the uphold of social benefit.

ATHENS AMBULANCE is one of the two legal companies in the domain and promotes knowledge as a moral choice, being in line with the quote of Socrates that nothing is stronger than moral knowledge. Our aesthetics makes us reluctant to compromises, pushing thus our way of thinking and actions to the edge, aiming at the ideal of political virtue regarded as the art of participating in the life of a city and as an ability of something that is much above average.

trust and good reputation. ATHENS AMBULANCE as a supporter of eu prattein (well doing) and a lover of eudaimonia is characterised by the principles of amigus humani generis (friends of mankind). With true love for human beings, it changes the consideration of patients from objects to subjects, uplifting thus human ideals. Civilisation is our duty.

Aristotle believes that people act having in mind their final target that consists the fruition of their actions and not the action they make each time. Thus moral virtue is born, where the ideal of eudaimonia becomes the expression of positive attitude of people towards life, which is manifested, not only as a state, but also as a dynamic activity. ATHENS AMBULANCE with integrity, a uniform coherent identity and with reliable moral activity is constantly advancing, always with commitment to the values of group efforts, altruism and self-transgression, acting in a ritual way. This structure, which is based on scientific training and experience, composes the vision of a team and builds up Elias Argyris, CEO

Civilisation is our duty. 5 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

Γνῶθι σαὐτόν

Key persons

Elias Argyris, CEO

Jeremy Sarrigiannidis, Software Engineer

Kyriaki Tsikritsaki, Medical Director

Having for the first time organised services of medical evacuations, by air or ground ambulance, and repatriations, in the first ever medical assistance company in Greece in 1990, he can be considered as the most competent person for the creation of Αthens Αmbulance. Based on his knowledge, experience, skills and expertise, he created Athens Ambulance, with the ambition of upgrading the medical evacuation services that are provided in Greece, and of providing the best medical evacuation services and prehospital emergency care.

Founder member and instigator of the human-centered core of Cardioexpress, the first ever company of telemedicine in Greece. His cooperation with Athens Ambulance and his contribution to its organisation and structure consists a life asset for the company’s customers. Mr. Sarrigiannidis is responsible for the Online Interactive Ambulance Fleet Management, an innovative system that is constantly developing and provides direct online updating about the course of medical evacuation to the cooperating companies.

Medical doctor, specialized as pulmonologist, tuberculosis specialist, intensivist, with special postgraduate education and training in emergency prehospital medicine (air medical evacuations); she has received many awards and honors from the medical community, and has participated in 30 missions in 2013 as medical crew. She is the head of the Αthens Ambulance medical team, and the tranquillity provided by her wisdom offers the necessary medical balance of the required golden mean. She is responsible for the examination of each patient’s medical history, and competent to provide the necessary instructions during each patient’s medical evacuation.

7 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

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A few words about us

Ground & Air Ambulance Services.

and the only one with an ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Repatriation of patients with an accompanying nurse or intensivist.

Our company is characterized by flexibility, adaptability, consistency and precision. The constant development through continuous education and training of personnel, the associates updating on a daily basis, and the search of new, modern and more effective methods consist an important factor of advancing. We are based on well-trained and educated partners, who establish relations of trust and respect by upholding human values.

The executives of our company are people with passion, knowledge, education and a 24-year experience in medical assistance. The unlawful and obsolete medical evacuations in Greece consists our motive for ameliorating people’s health, by modernising structures with the use of modern and good-looking ambulances (2012-2013), and by upgrading their staffing with experienced paramedics with university education and Intensive Care Units experience. We already had the name; we added the vision: Athens Ambulance. Since our first months of operation our high quality of services became known to insurance companies, patients and clinics, which resulted to the rapid growth of Athens Ambulance. Today our company has 25 rescuers, 30 nurses, and 20 doctors of which 7 are intensivists. The high quality and reliability of our provided services, our modern technological equipment and carefully selected staff are the factors that made Αthens Αmbulance one of the two legal companies in the particular field in Greece

The immediate response of our call center, our online interactive ambulance fleet management, the supply of cardiobeeper, and telematics are some of our innovative services that assist in the continuous support of the patient during the entire medical evacuation. With passion, devotion and empathy we have created a company where ultramodern technologies and higher moral values are in the service of patients, and of everyone that cares for them. Our employees do not just work for us, they share the same vision with us.

"Our employees do not just work for us, they share the same vision with us.“

9 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

Athens Ambulance encourages innovation


Online Interactive Ambulance Fleet Management

Online update about the medical evacuation course. The organisation and supervision of medical evacuations is carried out by a group of people with multi-year experience in the field of medical assistance. In every medical evacuation assignment, we will contact you, through email, in order to inform you about the evacuation plan. During the medical evacuation, there will be a direct update about its course. More particularly, we will provide to you, in real time, the precise time of arrival, departure and waiting period, through our online interactive ambulance fleet management.

Human-centered model of the next day By providing tailor made services we stand essentially by every patient; however our mission does not end by the medical evacuation’s completion.

We will provide to you, in real time, the precise time of arrival, departure and waiting period.

11 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

By optimising the processes and applying innovation management, Athens Ambulance is reshaping how ambulance transportation should be


Ground Ambulance Services

• Our ambulance network With a fleet of ten new ambulances in total in Athens, and an ambulance network in Volos, Thessaloniki, Patras and Zakynthos we are available on a 24/7 basis to people that need us.

• Ambulances-mobile units and modern logistics equipment All our ambulances are intensive care units, fully equipped with cardiobeeper, respirator, oximeter and monitordefibrillator. Through the cardiobeeper, a full cardiogram is sent within 42 seconds to specialised cardiologists, that work on a 24-hour basis in the Cardioexpress company and provide immediate diagnosis and free medical advice to the patient.

• The staffing of our ambulances In all medical evacuations our ambulances are staffed with a rescuer, who is also a driver, and a nurse with university education and a five year, at least, Intensive Care Unit experience, who accompanies the patient. When the presence of a doctor in the medical evacuation is regarded as necessary, one of our experienced intensivists will accompany the patient.

We own new ambulances, all intensive care units 13 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

The repatriation of patients who will be accompanied by a nurse or by one of our intensivists consists one of the most basic services that our company provides and this is achieved through the excellent professional skills of our medical and nursing staff.

• Vocational education and training of our medical staff Athens Ambulance has 25 rescuers, 30 nurses and 20 doctors of which 7 are intensivists. The doctors used in our medical evacuations are intensivists and work at the same time in intensive care units of large hospitals.

Repatriation of a patient with an accompanying nurse and doctor

Our rescuers are certified rescuers – ambulance crew (registered EMT). They have a certification in basic life support (BLS-AED) and in the support and care of multiple traumas (PHTLS). Our nursing staff consists of registered nurses, who work at the same time in intensive care units of large hospitals and also have certifications of BLS-AED and PHTLS. Both our rescuers and our nursing staff are constantly trained by selected trainers in order to achieve their continuous advancement and the cohesion of the company. In 2013, 192 repatriations took place, where the patient was accompanied by one of our nurses and intensivists. 14 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

192 repatriations

Air Ambulance Services both in Greece and abroad 11 air medical evacuations

15 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

Athens Ambulance organises air medical evacuations through the cooperation with companies that provide air ambulance services. Our quality superiority is due to the fact that we are manning the air ambulance with our own medical crew. In 2013 we organised 11 air medical evacuations, and manned 47 other air medical evacuations with one of our intensivists.

47 other air medical evacuations with one of our intensivists

Partnership for prosperity


Cooperation Assets

Cooperation with insurance companies The insurance company we are cooperating with is Mondial Assistance.

Cooperation with similar medical aid companies The companies we are cooperating with, as far as regarding the air ambulance sector, are the Airllift and the Greek Flying Doctors. With the Greek Flying Doctors we have exclusive cooperation. Greek Flying Doctors is an air ambulance company established in 1992 providing aircrafts and helicopters for both the insurance industry and private healthcare.

Staffing of municipal ambulances and management of their incidents Athens Ambulance, from February 2012 until now provides staffing services for the Oropos municipality ambulance with Specialised staff and manages the ambulance movements.

Events that were covered by one of our ambulances:

60 football games

15 concerts

4 car races

(for more direct information about the activities of Athens Ambulance refer to our Facebook page)

17 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

High-quality services


ISO Certification

In every assigned mission we conform to the international quality standards, as they are set by the ISO Certification 9001:2008 (by LETRINA S.A), regarding our management and provided services. More particularly, we have been certified for providing emergency assistance and medical services, emergency prehospital care, first aid medical evacuation and rescue with ground, air and sea means of transportation, for the operation, staffing and management of third party ambulances, for the management of ambulance and medicar fleets through an integrated management system (CRM- ERP –True online interactive fleet management) – (interactive fleet management system), for services of secondary medical evacuation of patients with ground, air and sea means of transportation, for services of medical coverage of all types of events (i.e. sport, cultural, and social events). We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our associates, as we all try for the best, by always providing the safety the patient needs by having a person that cares next to him. Our constant recognition from our associates and patients is the highest incentive for us.

We conform to the international quality standards, as they are set by the ISO Certification 9001:2008 (by LETRINA S.A.). 19 Company Profile | Athens Ambulance

Athens Ambulance Company Profile  
Athens Ambulance Company Profile