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Peachtree is a community of Jesus followers inviting people to love God in heart, mind, soul, and strength.

ASSEMBLE IN GOD’S NAME Prelude Congregational Introit† Now Thank We All our God  #9 Prayer of Adoration†

GIVE PRAISE TO GOD Hymn of Praise† Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise  #85 Lighting of the Candles Placement of the Bible Prayer of Confession Almighty Father, we admit today that we know that your Word is always available to us. Too often we take that— and you—for granted. We confess that our familiarity with your Word is not as intimate as we want it to be, much less what you want it to be. When we read the Bible and your Word convicts us, we seek to rationalize our behavior rather than change our ways. Forgive us for these and all of our sins, which we now name in the quietness of our hearts… Assurance of God’s Forgiveness Congregational Response† Amazing Grace Life of the Congregation

LISTEN TO GOD’S WORD Offering Our Gifts If With All Your Hearts  from Elijah | Felix Mendelssohn

2 Kings 22:3–13  (Pew Bible 611) “If with all your hearts ye truly seek Me, Ye shall ever surely find Me,” Thus saith our God. Oh! that I knew where I might find Him, That I might even come before His presence!

Those who are able, please stand.

Chuck Roberts

GO IN GOD’S NAME Hymn of Response† Blessed Assurance  #139 Invitation and Benediction†

Pastoral Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors, And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.


Offering Our Gifts Music Down in My Soul  Moses Hogan I hear music in the air, I can feel it in the air: There must be a God somewhere. Over my head I hear music in the air; There must be a God somewhere. I’ve got this music down in my soul, And it fills my heart with the joy of the Lord. I’ve got joy, I’ve got peace, I’ve got love! Love in my heart, peace in my soul, joy in my heart: joy today! Do you love the Lord? I love the Lord! Doxology† Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow  #544


Sunday morning sanctuary flowers may be dedicated in the memory or honor of a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion such as a baptism. For details or to reserve a date, please contact Heather Oliver at 404-842-3146 or

If your young child needs attention during worship, live broadcasts of the service are available in the Williams Center and the Nursing Mothers and Infants Room off of the Williams Center.





Chuck Roberts  Pastor for Congregational Life Scott Tucker  Interim Associate Pastor Vicki Harrington Franch  Pastor for Pastoral Care

Ann Bullard Signature Healthcare


Betty Cundiff Home Hospice Care

Chuck Roberts  Pastor for Congregational Life Jay Madden  Pastor for Mission Vicki Harrington Franch  Pastor for Pastoral Care

Evelyn Christian Home Hospice Care


Gerry Fryer Northside Forsyth

David Thompson  8:45 Todd Thompson  10:00


Art Kirchner St. Joseph

Alessa & Alexia Morlan  10:00



Dr. Richard C. Snyder  7/29 Father of Bridget Snyder Beacham; Grandfather of Charlotte & Lily Beacham

The Chancel Choir Will Nichols  Graduate Music Assistant Mary Hoffman  Director of Music Andy Bayles  Associate Director of Music & Worship Steven Wooddell  Organist Mace Hibbard  Saxophone Elizabeth Fayette  Violin Jessica Shuang Wu  Violin Yinzi Kong  Viola Guang Wang  Cello Tim Aucoin  Bass Joel Morris  Percussion Cleyton Pulzi  Soloist



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Take a backpack card, purchase a backpack, fill it, and return it by Sunday, July 23. Want us to do the buying? Text “50 BACKPACK” to 404-800-7578 to donate $50 (or change the number to any amount you wish) or visit us online.

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In a pluralistic culture, in which everyone is right and no one is wrong, the Christian story claims certain truths to be foundational and absolute. In this four-week series, Associate Pastors Mark Brewer and Chuck Roberts will explore the person of Jesus, the credibility of the Bible, the building blocks of personal faith, and how to talk about the hope of the Christian faith.

I would like to join a volunteer team for: [ ] Usher/Greeter [ ] Children’s Ministry [ ] Student Ministry [ ] Music Ministry [ ] Prayer Ministry [ ] Media Production I would like prayer:

* Please fold and drop in the offering plate.

Soloist for this morning, Cleyton Pulzi, and Andy Bayles will perform a recital this afternoon at 3:00 pm featuring beloved arias and songs for tenor, including Schumann’s remarkable cycle Dichterliebe.

Share your grief and let others help y ou discover the work of art God can m  ake in you. GriefShare is a faith-based support group featuring biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics.

July 16 Bulletin  
July 16 Bulletin