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May 18, 2018 Volume 14 | Number 20 ThePeachlandView



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The Gateway 105A-4200 Beach Ave K 100 Peachland, BC V0H 1X6 K 29.8

Inside VIEW

Nellie’s back/3 out e rolling 10 Beach Av orld of Wheels/ W r e th o an -10 feature/7 Pull-out


Volunteers can’t afford to use the word ‘police’/11

IF YOU KNEW PEGGY SUE — To the tunes of rock ‘n’ roll pioneers like Buddy Holly and the Beatles, Rotary president Peggy Southin was seen sharing an old-school dance with MP Dan Albas during the Shake, Rattle & Roll Gala Fundraiser last weekend. See more photos on Page 15.

2018 World of Wheels T-Shirts! Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies Group marks its 21st year as a proud charter sponsor of the World of Wheels Show and Shine! A limited number of souvenir t-shirts are for sale and will be available prior to the show at our office.

On the day of the show, Sunday, May 20, 2018, we will have a booth in front of our office on Beach Avenue with t-shirts available. Come down, enjoy the fun, food and fantastic vehicles! See you there!


MAY 18, 2018



News in brief

Not in the watershed please

Summerland council is sending a letting to the Ministry of Mines and Energy in hopes of kiboshing the exploratory mining project by Troubadour Resources Inc., as it will be taking place in their watershed. Peachland shares the same. Neither council was notified by the Ministry about mining operations in the watershed. Last month, Peachland council also sent a letter to the Ministry opposing the project.

They had a good run

After a branch fell and scraped a teenager, three cottonwood trees near 12th and 13th Street were removed by the District earlier this week. Thirteen-foot-tall stumps will be left in place for wildlife until the replacement trees – 10 new London Plane Bloodgood trees – grow tall enough to provide adequate refuge. “It’s really unfortunate whenever a tree has to come down,” Mayor Cindy Fortin says, adding that public safety has to take priority. “We’re

not heartless; we don’t want the trees to have to come down.”

Fearing change

Local MLA Dan Ashton has bought ads on Facebook to campaign against voting for change in the upcoming referendum on proportional representation. “Until there is an independent arms-length process as has been done in the past I will continue to voice strong opposition,” reads his paid post.

Dealing with annoying

Beach Avenue is a scenic cruise for motorcycle riders, but some make too much noise. Peachland is about to do something about the obnoxious ones. Noise pollution is already being addressed in the cities of Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Bathurst, Saint John, St. John’s, and Kelowna. Peachland’s public awareness campaign launches at Beach Ave Cafe at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 18.

WHERE’S JAMES? — Now Peachland has a giant peach too, just like Penticton. Which community wears it better? Standing tall and firm on its golf tee pedestal, the plump new fruit won’t be very easy for rioters to roll into Okanagan Lake, the way they did to Penticton’s during the MC Hammer riots of 1991.

HOURS & SERVICES MON-FRI: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm SAT: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Veterinary Medical & Surgical Services Vaccinations & Examinations • Veterinary Pharmacy Onsite Ultrasound, Lab & X-Rays • Free Exams for New Pets CAT ONLY BOARDING FACILITY


112-2476 Westlake Rd, West Kelowna V1Z 2V2

Advertising Feature

Major university hearing study seeks participants. Connect Hearing, with hearing researcher Professor Kathy Pichora-Fuller at the University of Toronto, seeks participants who are over 50 years of age and have never worn hearing aids for a hearing study investigating factors that can influence better hearing. All participants will have a hearing test provided at no charge. Qualifying participants may also receive a demonstration of the latest hearing technology. The data collected from this study will be used to further our understanding of hearing loss and improve lifechanging hearing healthcare across Canada.

Why participate in the hearing study?

Hearing problems typically result from damage to the ear and researchers have spent decades trying to understand the biology behind hearing loss. More importantly, researchers now realize the

need to better understand how hearing loss affects your everyday life*. In this new hearing study, Professor Pichora-Fuller and her team are trying to find out how people learn to live with hearing loss and how new solutions could help these people take action sooner and live life more fully.

It is estimated that 46% of people aged 45 to 87 have some degree of hearing loss1, but most do not seek treatment right away. In fact, the average person with hearing loss will wait ten years before seeking help2. This is because at the beginning stages of hearing loss people often find they can “get by” without help, however as the problem worsens this becomes increasingly harder to do. For some people this loss of clarity is only a problem at noisy restaurants or in the car, but for others it makes listening a struggle throughout the entire day. By studying people who have difficulty hearing in noise or with television, we hope to identify key factors impacting these difficulties and further understand their influence on the treatment process.

If you are over 50 years of age and have never worn hearing aids, you can register to be a part of this major new hearing study† by calling: 1.888.242.4892 or visiting * Pichora-Fuller, M. K. (2016). How social psychological factors may modulate auditory and cognitive functioning during listening. Ear and Hearing, 37, 92S-100S. † Study participants must be over 50 years of age and have never worn hearing aids. No fees and no purchase necessary. Registered under the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC. VAC, WCB accepted. 1. Cruickshanks, K. L., Wiley, T. L., Tweed, T. S., Klein, B. E. K., Klein, R, Mares-Perlman, J. A., & Nondahl, D. M. (1998). Prevalence of Hearing Loss in Older Adults in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin: The Epidemiology of Hearing Loss Study. Am. J. Epidemiol. 148 (9), 879-886. 2. National Institutes of Health. (2010).

CREATION DATE: April 20, 2018 MODIFICATION DATE: March 21, 2018 1:46 PM OUTPUT DATE: 03/20/18



AD #: BW_10.31x5

AD #: BW_10.31x5

AD #: BW_10.31x5

MAY 18, 2018




Nellie’s back in her nest VIEW STAFF

In case you missed ... ... the last council meeting Council Remuneration Policy PRO070 Amendment

Council approved amendments to the Council Remuneration policy to coordinate with the 2018 election dates. Municipal Elections have been changed from the 3rd week in November to the 3rd week in October.

Chief Election Officer and Deputy Election Officer

Council appointed Polly Palmer as the Chief Election Officer, and Lamanda Pineault as the Deputy Election Officer. The Chief Election Officer is responsible for conducting the election in accordance with the Local Government Act.

2018 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2219, 2018

Council adopted the 2018 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2219. The Financial Plan establishes a 5-year budget for the District.

2018 Tax Rates Bylaw No. 2221, 2018

Council adopted the Tax Rates Bylaw No. 2221, 2018. This bylaw sets the tax rates for the District including general, policing and transit taxes, as well as collections for other tax authorities.

2018 Parcel Tax Bylaws

Council adopted the following Parcel Tax Bylaws: • Downtown Revitalization Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2222, 2018 • General Capital Asset Renewal Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2223, 2018 • Regional District of Central Okanagan Westside Regional Transfer Station Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2224, 2018 • Water System No. 2 Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2226, 2018 • Water Capital Improvement Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2227, 2018 • Water Capital Asset Renewal Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2228, 2018 • Sewage Transmission Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2229, 2018 • Beach Avenue Sewage Collection Specified Area Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2230, 2018 • Beach Avenue Sewage Collection Specified Area Acreage Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2231, 2018 • Phase 1-D and Phase 2 Sewer Collection Specified Areas Parcel Tax Bylaw No 2232, 2018

• Sewer Capital Asset Renewal Parcel Tax Bylaw No. 2233, 2018

BC Transit Operating Agreement

Council approved the 2018/2019 Kelowna Regional and Peachland Annual Operating Agreement. Peachland’s net budgeted cost is $186,647, equating to approximately $64, per average household, for transit services in 2018.

Development Variance Permit Policy

Council adopted the Development Variance Permit Policy, which provides clarity to the process for the public to provide feedback to Council on Development Variance Permits.

Electoral Area Referral VP18-02, 7180 and 7182 Brent Road

Council responded to the referral that the proposed Development Variance Permit at 7180 & 7182 Brent Road zoned Small Lot Country Residential does not affect the District of Peachland in a negative way. Council approved the renewal of the encroachment agreement for Kona Ice for the 2018 season.

Peachland Chamber of Commerce/ Visitor Centre Operating Agreement

Council directed staff to begin the renewal process for the Visitor Information Centre Operating Agreement.

Peachland Community Policing Office Name Change

Council approved the Peachland Community Policing Office name be changed to District of Peachland Community Safety Office. In order to keep the RCMP logo, the building would have to be improved to meet RCMP security standards, which would be a great cost implication. The Community Safety Office will still provide all the programs and services it has in the past.

Urgent Care Centre in West Kelowna

Council approved providing a letter of support to the City of West Kelowna as they lobby the Provincial Government to locate an Urgent Care Centre in West Kelowna.

Nellie Passero’s farm fresh goods were supplemented last week with some wild asparagus she picked in the woods. “It’s fun but you have to watch for the cougars,” she said. “There is one that comes behind our house.” Whether she’s in the woods or at the bargaining table, Passero goes to extreme lengths to bring the best harvests to Peachland.  “I tell the suppliers I can only sell fresh food or they don’t get my business. It has to be picked daily; that’s when it fresh. When you put it in the cooler, the cooler will eat the taste.” Passero’s market is at the corner of Beach Avenue and 6th Street on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Then beginning on July 1, she’ll be running the market up to seven days a week.  Being so early in the season, raspberries, blueberries, cherries and peaches are still on the horizon.  When asked why she sets up shop in Peachland of all places, Passero explained it’s “Because-a you people.”

Peachland MLA Office MLA Dan Ashton or staff will be at the Chamber of Commerce each Wednesday afternoon. Drop ins welcome or call 250-487-4400 for appointments

Come enjoy a mid-day excursion! Are you looking for an opportunity to get you out of your house to enjoy a mid day excursion? PWC is looking for those 55+ who have no transportation of their own, to take part in an excursion to the Summerland Research Centre and Summerland Sweets on June 5th, 2018. Space is limited so call early, 250-767-0141. This opportunity is partially funded by the United Way of the Lower Mainland. Check the PWC website for future Excursions. Peachland Wellness Centre 4426 5th Street, Peachland BC 250-767-0141 •


Disposal Fees

for Garbage effective June 1 , 2018 st

at the Westside Residential Disposal and Recycling Centre only (Asquith Road). $3.50 for bag of garbage $14.00 per load of garbage (4’ by 8’ utility trailer) $40.00 per load of garbage (larger trailer) $65.00 per load of garbage (tandem axle trailer) $3.00 tires with rims For more info visit or call 250.469.6250

West Kelowna Transmission Project: Come see what we’re studying! May 29-31 We’re planning for a new secondary transmission line to strengthen the transmission network delivering clean, reliable electricity to West Kelowna and Peachland. Join us at an open house to hear the latest about the studies that are underway. You can drop in any time between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 – Kelowna Coast Capri Hotel 1171 Harvey Ave, Kelowna Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – West Kelowna Westbank Lions Community Centre 2466 Main St, West Kelowna Thursday, May 31, 2018 – Peachland Peachland Community Centre 4450 6th St, Peachland Can’t make it? Contact us at 1 866 647 3334 or, or visit Collaboration with the Okanagan Nation and other First Nations is underway. Stakeholder engagement activities with local governments in the project area are ongoing.




MAY 18, 2018




QuoteWeek of the

Dan Walton Editor

I’ve been here for 25 years without any issues, but this is a new way of doing things for the RCMP




Tracey Woodward


Advertising Sales

Peachland Annick Stoltz

Office Administrator

Mary Kletchko Associate Publisher


News Hound

4437 - 3rd Street P.O. Box 1150 Peachland BC, V0H 1X0 250-767-7771 published by Aberdeen Publishing Inc.

Robert W. Doull, PRES The Peachland View is a free community newspaper that is distributed each Friday to everyone in Peachland. Anyone who lives outside of the distribution area but within Canada can purchase a subscription at $70 per year plus GST. The Peachland View reserves the right to refuse publication of any advertising or editorial submission at its discretion. Material submitted by columnists does not reflect the opinions of the Peachland View or its employees. The Peachland View retains complete and sole copyright of any content, including stories, photographs, and advertisements published in the Peachland View. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission or consent from the publisher is strictly prohibited.


Be conscientious spenders Dear editor:

Kaitlyn Nightingale Summerland Secondary School

My opponent broke a rule Dear editor: The federal elections watchdog ruled this week that Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr took illegal campaign contributions during the 2015 election in an attempt to unseat the local Conservative incumbent in Kelowna – Lake Country. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Canadians have come to expect from the Liberal party. Justin Trudeau has consistently tried to introduce democratic reform policies that benefit the Liberal party. When he did not get the electoral system he wanted, he abandoned

Let’s not take ICBC out to pasture Dear editor:

People often don’t realize how much of an impact simple purchases make, in helpful or hurtful ways. For example, a popular commodity like coffee can be purchased through fair trade suppliers, however, it is very common for harvesters from developing countries to get exploited. Packages with the fair trade symbol lets consumers know that decent living wages were distributed throughout the production cycle. It’s a simple purchase for you, but for somebody else it’s their whole life. As part of my Grade 12 Social Justice class, I am co-ordinating a Fair Trade and Ethics Fair and I would like to extend an invite to your readers. The event will also focus on zero waste/eco friendly practices. It takes place on May 27 at Memorial Park in Summerland from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hope to see you there!

all plans for democratic reform. When the opposition parties proved too effective in the House of Commons, he tried to take all the tools away from parties that sat opposite him. Moreover, Justin Trudeau is now trying to restrict the way political parties use money that Canadians freely donate, while encouraging American-style super PACs. Justin Trudeau is failing Canadians and Conservatives will continue to fight for a fair democratic system. Signed, Dan Albas, Member of Parliemnt


It seems that almost everyone knows ICBC is losing money, a lot of money. What many people may not know is how our government is going to fix ICBC so that it delivers affordable car insurance, with good benefits, for all British Columbians. After all, that was the point of British Columbia establishing ICBC in the first place. On April 23, 2018, our government introduced two significant bills in the legislature. These bills are written in legal language. In short, they say that our government will no longer tolerate having British Columbians’ car insurance premiums pay to administer costly and lengthy lawsuits with multiple experts in B.C. Supreme Court for minor injuries. We will no longer permit endless growth in “pain and suffering” awards for minor injuries that have increased more than 260 per cent in just the last 10 years. The fundamental changes proposed by the two bills are simple - an independent tribunal will resolve minor injury disputes between claimants and ICBC, and a limit will be placed on the maximum pain and suffering award for minor injuries. These simple changes translate into big savings of more than a billion dollars each year. The billion dollars in savings comes even after including the cost of increasing benefits to cover the full cost of rehabilitation services like massage therapy, counselling, acupuncture, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and other treatments. The savings also come after increasing benefits for lost pay, and doubling the lifetime entitlement to benefits for those catastrophically injured in an accident. The most-recent time these accident benefits were increased was 25 years ago. Twenty-five years ago, a movie ticket cost about five dollars. Imagine what a physiotherapy session cost in 1993, and then try telling a physiotherapist that’s the maximum amount you’re able to pay in 2018. While these changes may be controversial for those who have benefited from the existing broken system, they’re not new. Every province in Canada has taken steps like this to get minor injury costs under control.

We’re learning from what they got right and what they got wrong. But we’re not stopping there. We’re looking carefully at ICBC itself. A business audit by a third-party firm identified $57 million in possible annual savings inside ICBC. We’re making roads safer and reducing costs by cracking down on distracted drivers with higher fines, and using red-light cameras more aggressively to discourage people from running red lights and speeding through intersections. ICBC’s material damage cost reached $1.7 billion in 2017, and collision repair is the largest component. In 2017, ICBC paid more than $700 million to collision repair suppliers, up 50 per cent since 2012. The situation is not sustainable. That’s why we’ve been looking at these costs carefully. While drivers might imagine ICBC only uses their insurance premiums to pay for the actual cost of a part used in a repair or only pay for repairs that are required, that’s not the case. In more than half of windshield replacement claims, ICBC policy means ICBC pays more for a replacement windshield than the original manufacturer charged for the part. We’re changing policy that requires our public insurer to pay to replace the “moulding” of a windshield every time - even if the moulding doesn’t actually require replacement. We’re about a decade behind in these changes, and it shows: ICBC is on track to lose an astounding $1.3 billion for the 2017-18 fiscal year alone. As if to emphasize how ICBC ended up in so much trouble, the opposition party is voting in the legislative assembly against many of the changes needed to get ICBC back on track. Thankfully, the majority of the elected representatives in the legislative assembly understand, and support, these long-overdue changes to a bloated and broken system. The reforms we make today will ensure ICBC is efficient and delivers affordable car insurance with good benefits for British Columbians for years to come. David Eby Attorney General of B.C.

MAY 18, 2018


Not wise to subsidize a pipeline Dear editor: Gasoline is destined to become a lot more than $2.00 per litre. Instead of allowing a private sector corporation with billions of shareholder dollars to invest, at zero risk and cost to Canadian taxpayers, the Kinder Morgan (KM) Trans Mountain pipeline will instead be built by our federal government, at a significantly higher cost than the projected 7.6 million dollars. KM already owns the right-ofway, and as an investor-owned and operated pipeline, costs to build and maintain will always be under very close and intense scrutiny, but that is not where we are going with this project. As Trudeau progressively is dis-connecting from his role as our Prime Minister, he is also losing a grand opportunity to create and develop a comprehensive and desperately needed National Energy Policy. We will instead end up with what we absolutely do not need, another Crown Corporation, with an as yet undefined price tag. This new Crown Corporation will become Trudeau’s latest and a massive political screw-up, as he also is allowing a couple of rookie Premiers to undermine his statuto-

ry authority as the Prime Minister, only to try and save a couple of Liberal MPs in B.C. This new Crown Corporation will also be obliged to reimburse KM billions of dollars spent to perform environmental and engineering studies and conduct public forums, including years wasted and millions of extra dollars spent, ‘consulting’ First Nations, who for some bizarre reasons have been left out of that process. The time is also long overdue to define, in infinite detail, what is required to have ‘been consulted’, as it has become a multi-billion-dollar cloud of un-certainty hovering over every single proposal to explore and extract natural resources that belong to all of us. The federal government will also have to negotiate with KM to obtain what will become a very comprehensive, costly, and lifelong lease agreement to access and accommodate this government owned pipeline on KMs private and exclusive right-of-way. A final detail remains to be resolved, and that is to find a name that is appropriate, inclusive, and relevant – PetroCan II – PetroPipe – or just plain STUPID. Andy Thomsen Peachland

Your concerns aren’t taken seriously Dear editor:

Re: We’re allowed to be concerned about mining in the watershed (Peachland View, May 11) I would like to thank Mr. Sotas for his letter to the editor. He has valid concerns and questions, put together in an intelligent and articulate manner. A breath of fresh air compared to letters from a certain “alliance.” Although I am not quite as good at this as Mr. Sotas, I will try to address his concerns point by point to the best of my ability. Regarding the P.W.A.C. I had high hopes of being able to contribute to this organization, and the town of Peachland as a whole. I have extensive knowledge of forestry, mining, and the Peachland watershed. I have been doing very intensive research of this area for the last five years, and was looking forward to working with other knowledgeable people to guide the resource use in the Peachland watershed. I quickly learned that the P.W.A.C. has no time for facts and reality, and I in turn, have no time for blind radicalism. I am not the only professional to walk away from this group in disgust. Mr. Sotas implies I have a financial interest. “ah yes, the NIMBYism of money” Cheap shot, but nice try. Kinda disappointed he would stoop to that level when he could have just picked up the phone and asked me. Still a valid question though. I have no financial interest in mineral exploration in the Peachland watershed whatsoever. Now that we have cleared the air on that, I do have other interests. One is to dispel the misconceptions, myths, and lies spread by tree hugging, rock licking, clog



wearing granola munchers. The other interest I have is the history of mining in this area. Regarding Mr. Joe Mitchell P.Eng. (professional engineer), Director of Operations for Peachland and his shameful statement that the mineral exploration will present a hazard to drinking water quality and the watershed as a whole. I have met Mr. Mitchell P.Eng. He is a very nice man and is highly regarded in the community. As a member of the community he has every right to be concerned about his drinking water, and obviously takes his role as Director of Operations seriously. Is he a mining engineer though? I don’t think so. Is he an environmental engineer? I don’t think so. There are various types of engineers, just as there are various types of tradesmen. Would you hire a plumber to wire your house? I don’t think so. On another note, the BC Tap Water Alliance provided the Peachland View with a picture of Deep Creek showing how brown the water is from this year’s runoff, blaming the colour on logging in the hills. This is a record year for runoff, a once in a hundred years event, maybe once in two hundred years. It’s a no-brainer that the water won’t be as clear as a “normal” year. I think it is the BC Tap Water Alliance that is “muddying the waters” here. Ron Barkwill Peachland (Editor’s note: Letter was shortened for space. See full version at



Chic new footwear boutique Shooz on 97 is a chic new footwear boutique for women and men that just opened its doors in West Kelowna in April. In today’s shoe world, style and comfort can coexist happily. Today’s shoe designers are far more in tune with customers’ wants and needs than ever before and we have brought their craft to West Kelowna from all corners of the world. Many of our brands are out of Europe where great care is given to the craftsmanship of their product. Brands such as Birkenstock, Rieker, Clarks, Mephisto, Bueno, Mjus, AS98, Wanda Panda, Volks Walkers and Taos just to name a few. We also carry popular American made brands like Keen and Miz Mooz as well as Pegada out of Brazil and Bedstu out of Mexico. At Shooz On 97 we want to make sure we can accommodate women and men of all ages with footwear for all occasions and tastes. If you are looking for fun and edgy, we have that. If you want comfortable and practical without sacrificing style, we have that. Are you interested in the latest in fashion trends or something for the office? We have that too. And for those who are looking for shoes that will take them around the block (or countryside) yep! We have many great styles to pick from. We also carry a great line of shoes by Alegria that are very popular with healthcare workers who spend long hours on their feet. Our company mission is to provide an exceptional shopping experience where knowledge, fit, style and comfort come together. We believe the right footwear is essential to feeling and looking your best, after all proper footwear affects not just your feet, but your back, your stride and even your

mood. Our dynamic sales team with over 29 years of experience, provides a level of service that was common back before the days of online shopping and self serve shoe stores. When you shop at Shooz On 97 you will be fitted for the right size and guided to the best brands for your footwear needs. To best fit every customer, we offer a broad range of sizes and widths for women and men. Even if you have problem feet we can help find the shoes that are right for your individual needs. With over 30 brands to choose from, Shooz On 97 has something for everyone. Come in, say hi and see what we can do for you! And come visit us at our other location, Shooz On Main, downtown Penticton!


- is shown by one of the shoe displays in the West Kelowna location.

West Kelowna’s newest

Fashion Footwear Boutique Come in and check out our great selection.

We carry many popular name brands of footwear and also carry quality leather handbags!

We have Handbags!

Take a look at our beautiful leather handbags by Trend, Mjus, and Bedstu. We also have a collection of beautiful hand painted bags by Jak’s and travel bags from Baggallini.

#116 2330 Hwy 97 Westbank, BC

They have arrived! We carry Clarks, Keen, Mephisto, Birkenstock, Rieker, Bueno, Miz Mooz and Volks Walkers.


in Westbank Town Centre Mall ~ Next to Tim Horton’s & Wendy’s


MAY 18, 2018



Trudeau offered Kinder Morgan a blank cheque


Peachland Ambassadors visited Trail last weekend for the Silver City Days. Avery Takanaka did Peachland proud




Peachland Art Gallery

June 28 to August 26 10 weeks, 32 hrs/week Thu–Sun 9-5 pm $ 14.00 per hour

Uprooting the forestry industry from Peachland TARYN SKALBANIA STEWARD OF THE ENVIRONMENT

A great work environment. Experience all aspects of running a local Art Gallery. Student will assist with hanging new exhibitions, guiding visitors through the gallery, sales & reception. Web design & social media experience essential. Student must be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of employment and have been registered as a full-time student in the previous academic year and intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year. Please send resume to

Members of the BC Coalition of Forestry travelled to Peachland from around the province to take part in ‘The Beginning of the End Of Forestry Reform.’ Reformers came from as far as

Vancouver, Smithers and Lillooet last weekend. There were 36 attendees from 22 different watershed organizations. Discussions ranged from issues of self-governance, over the supply of water to residents, the professional reliance model, the deregulation of the Forestry Practices Code, ideal forestry practices for community watersheds, protected

community watershed reserves, how we can get governments of all levels to take note of the flooding and damage issues, and how can communities mitigate the increasing flooding and climate change situations. The group has pledged to continue their work advocating for watershed awareness and protection of all the non -timber values in the forest.

Curated Online Auctions for Art & Collectibles. Upcoming online auctions: May 2 - 13 June 27 - July 11 July 25 - August 11 Opening June 15:

Visit our new showroom & shop in the historic Cannery Trade Centre # 104 1475 Fairview Street, Penticton BC


• Watch the Lions Scrimmage

• Get geared up for the season with NEW swag

• Catch the Felions Dance Team performances

• PLUS! Catch the evening fireworks display

Sign up

(to have fun)


My question this week:

Whether or not you are in favour of this project, do you support the Prime Minister’s idea that taxpayers should compensate Kinder Morgan for losses which may result from delays?

BID with Shop our online gallery anytime. fourth Meridian

If you have been following the subject of the Trans Mountain pipeline project this week, it has taken yet another confusing turn. On Wednesday the Trudeau Liberal Government announced that it would use tax dollars to compensate Trans Mountain pipeline developer Kinder Morgan for financial losses which could result from B.C. NDP Premier John Horgan’s attempts to delay or obstruct the project. As is often the case with an announcement from this Liberal Government, the potential cost of compensating Kinder Morgan is unknown. Likewise the definition of costs related to these delays has also yet to be defined. The project is expected to cost roughly $7.4 Billion and the Liberal Government has also hinted that possibly if not Kinder Morgan, another company could be brought in to complete the construction. In response, Kinder Morgan has indicated that the May 31, 2018 deadline for “clarity on a path forward” remains a priority as a result of the required construction window. Kinder Morgan also stated that they are not in “alignment” with the Liberal Government on this announcement and that discussions are ongoing. The Prime Minister has continued to state his strong support for the Trans-Mountain pipeline and that his Government has made a commitment that the pipeline will get built as it is in Canada’s national interest. From my perspective, the pipeline subject is a polarizing one with many citizens either strongly opposed or strongly in favour. For the record I support the Prime Minister in approving this project. I have heard little support for this private project being publicly subsidized by taxpayers, largely because of continued inaction from the Federal Liberal Government.




this newspaper

• Get autographs and photos from players and coaches

Patrick Bell

Joseph Jacoe

• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law The Lions are proud to suppor t the Kamloops Food Bank . Bring a cash donation or food item to fan fest and help us tackle hunger in our community!

13211 N. Victoria Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

1-800-663-0392 • 250-494-6621 • 250-492-8137

Two Can Live For The

PRICE OF ONE Second Person is FREE for 6 months!

Call Today Suites Going Fast! 250-768-9926




May 18, 2018


21 Anniversary


page 7

Where your safety is our priority

Have a great long weekend, enjoy the car show, and play safe! 250.767.6615 5866A Beach Avenue, on the corner of 1st & Beach Ave., Peachland


MAY 18, 2018


All weekend May 19-21, 2018



Sunday May 20, 2018



5 single double $8 $

MAY 18, 2018





tax included

tax included Treat yourself and the whole family!

Buy it and go!

also to go: pork bites, calamari, spring rolls NEIW n a i l ta Finest TO A L E G 5842 BEACH AVE • 250.767.3255

car show


9:30-11:00 am

Sunday May 20, 2018


Peachland World of Wheels Show & Shine


May 20, 2018 • 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Beach Avenue - downtown Peachland

- Rob Oltmann won two awards in the 2017 World of Wheels—the Chick’s Pick award from Johnston Meier and the Mayor’s Choice award. Pick your own winner for 2018.!


Gasthaus on the Lake

Registration starts at 7:00 am and ends at 10:30 am, rain or shine. Registration tables are set up on Beach Avenue at 1st Street & 8th Street downtown.

Pub & Restaurant


Traffic is rerouted throughout the car show. Beach Avenue is closed to all vehicle traffic, from 1st to 8th streets, from 10:30 am to 4 pm. During that time, there will be one-way, emergency access northbound through Waldo Way (back alley parallel to Beach Ave). All Safe Traffic Control is onsite to oversee traffic flow.


Handicap parking spaces are available at the Peachland Community Centre on 6th Street. General parking is available along Beach Avenue north of 8th Street on a first come first serve basis.

Klaus Kahl ~ in memoriam ~

Sadly one person who will not be attending this years World of Wheels is Klaus Kahl, who passed away in January 2018 from Parkinsons disease. Klaus attended every World of Wheels since its very beginning and showed a vehicle every single year, winning many awards and trophies. He was a huge fan of Volkswagens and in fact, was the owner of Valley West Automotive from 1993 to 2013. According to his friend and colleague Gordie Saprunoff, the Volkswagen community lost a great friend and mechanic and will be missed by everyone at this year’s event.

RED MAZARATTI’S TOO - Klaus (r) also liked Mazaratti’s and owned the one above. Peachland

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5836 Beach Ave., Peachland 250-767-9220

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Round Up

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SHUTTLE BUSES (every 15 min from 11-4)

To help pedestrians, Realtor Troy Fisher is providing two school buses that will operate a route from Clement Crescent, next to Peachland Central Mall, to the corner of 13th Street and Beach Avenue and then down Beach Avenue to the car show. Rides are by donation to the Peachland Food Bank. Last bus leaves the Community Centre at 4 pm.


Limited edition World of Wheels T-shirts will be on sale at Johnston Meier Insurance in downtown Peachland and at the Command Centre in Cousins Park.


Concentrate - reg $49.99



Live music by the legendary Regals at the Gazebo in Heritage Park. Free music concert at Swim Bay with Six Gun Romeo, 3/4 Crush and Poppa Dawg. Special appearance by The Blues Brothers Too & The BluesMobile. For family fun, a bouncy castle is set up in Cousins Park beside the Historic Schoolhouse.

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A variety of food and merchandise vendors will be in Cousins Park and throughout downtown Peachland. The Lions Club will be selling a pancake breakfast. Find Food Truck Alley in the Community Centre parking lot off Beach Avenue & 6th Street. The Rotary Club of Peachland and Peachland Lions Club will be selling hot dogs and hamburgers in Heritage Park.

Your Volkswagen Dealer Alternative

Royal Bank Mobile ATM available at 6th Street. Farmer’s market preview.

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Locally Owned & Operated • Brakes • Alignments • Tune-ups • Government Inspections • Custom Wheels • Suspension ...and we do tires too!


2110 1920 Old Okanagan Hwy


Stop in and feast on our classics! (food and drink)


5790 Beach Avenue, Peachland |

GREAT LIVE MUSIC - Spend some time listening to the Regals at the Gazebo in Heritage Park, or at Swim Bay enjoying Six Gun Romeo, 3/4 crush and Poppa Dawg. For more info... see LIVE ENTERTAINMENT in the information section at the center of this page.


Check out the cars, and then join us for a bite!

Meat Draw Sundays 2-4 pm

4407-2nd Street • Peachland BC • 250-767-9404

Come explore!

Okanagan ATV Tours, located right in Peachland, offers a wide variety of back country tours featuring great trails, great scenery, and great fun. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our experienced guides will lead you on an incredible ATV tour.

To book a tour call or text


or email us at 5463 McDougald Road Peachland BC



Come by the Turner VW display at the south end of the park to check out our amazing line up and the ALL NEW 2019 JETTA!

Plus enter to win prizes of unfathomable value!


Payments Start as low as $88 weekly… Get your order in ASAP!!

Car, car show and retirement combined to lure WoW director to the Okanagan DAN WALTON EDITOR

Randy Bloy’s 1961 Pontiac Parisienne is ready for its sophomore World of Wheels after spinning full circle back to the Okanagan. Bloy, while living in Vancouver, travelled to West Kelowna 10 years ago to purchase the vehicle from an estate sale. It was nothing like the car it is today, he says. “It was painted dusty rose everywhere – even the bumpers,” he recalls. “There was no convertible top. It was in sad shape. I took it back to the coast and basically took it right off the frame. Rebuilt the engine, painted it. Found the rest of the chrome pieces I was missing for the sides. Had the upholstery done, new top, new carpeting.” The Parisienne previously belonged to a woman who was recently widowed and unable to maintain a vintage car. It won’t be long before she gets to see her late-husband’s classic car again, though it might be tough for her to recognize. “This year I’m going to drive it up to her home and show her what it looks like now.” As a citizen of Vancouver, Bloy made the trip

from the coast several time to bear witness to the World of Wheels, with no way of knowing that in 2017, he would be retiring in Peachland along with his wife. Shortly thereafter, he began volunteering as a director with the World of Wheels. He said the timing of the event – the May long weekend – makes it the first show and shine of each season. That tends to draw out all the enthusiasts. “Everyone’s up for it – even people who don’t have cars travel from all over to be here. I’ve never seen anyone disappointed.” Show and shines near the coast are always much busier, he said. “This one’s so nice and laid back. And it’s an enthusiastic crowd. There’s a nice setup with the two grass areas – Cousins Park and Heritage Park – and then people wander down the street to see all the other cars and vendors, along with our good selection of restaurants – it makes it a great spot to come for a car show.” More than 500 sexy cars are expected at this year’s World of Wheels. It’s happening on May 19, rain or shine, all along Beach Avenue from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Better to get there early. “It’s just a relaxing, good atmosphere to come and look at a few cars and walk around for the day.”

MAY 18, 2018






MAY 18, 2018



Auxiliary donates to KGH Foundation The Peachland Auxiliary to KGHF has added another $15,000 to the sum which it has donated to the Kelowna hospital since 1976. The total given now amounts to over $175,000—all money raised by the catering services of the auxiliary. Serving the citizens of Peachland at

their weddings, banquets, funeral birthdays and other events, the ladies (and the occasional man) willingly spend hours preparing and cooking and serving sumptuous meals for their patrons. Thank you Peachland for giving us this opportunity to add to the comfort and wellbeing of the Kelowna hospital patients. Pictured from the left is Wendy Clarke, Gloria Basham, Rae Bell, Sandy Jones And Suzanna Glodjo.




Commercial • Industrial • Residential

Ductless Splits • Furnaces • Heat Pumps Air Conditioners • Hot Water Tanks 24 hr Emergency Service! office:



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• Small plumbing issues • Putting flat-packed furniture together • Plants watered while on vacation • Minor aesthetic renovations

“The Dawg’ll Do It” — just ask!



New Construction & Renovations Residential & Commercial

Raynard Construction 6142 Lipsett Ave Peachland BC V0H 1X7

FREE HEARING TEST Tom Millar, RHIP Hearing Care Professional

778-754-1424 Inside the Peachland Visitor’s Centre (by appointment only)

$30,000 to upgrade a volunteer office?

Commonwealth Carpentry Contractors Inc.

Clint Egan

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The RCMP handed Peachland an expensive list of demands in order to keep the satellite cop shop in town. In order for local volunteers to continue operating as the Peachland Community Policing, the RCMP (which got nearly $700,000 this year from Peachland’s tax pool) has demanded that approximately $30,000 worth of upgrades be made to the headquarters on 5th Street. The Peachland Community Policing just relocated last year from 6th Street to make way for the Seniors Housing Project that’s under construction. The headquarters will be forced to move again when phase two of the housing project begins, so the pricey security upgrades would probably have a short lifespan. Instead, Council found a better deal: drop the logo and water down the title by changing the word ‘policing’ to ‘safety.’ The official affiliation with the police has been dropped, though the community policing service will operate in a very similar capacity, despite not being an official RCMP designated building. “It’s really unfortunate,” said Mayor Cindy Fortin. Installing a barrier in the building to separate personnel and the public is “Especially not a Peachland way of doing things.” When the building was relocated last year, “They said they would send a security professional so they could tell us exactly how much money we would need to spend to bring

the facility up to their standard,” according to director of community services Cheryl Weibe. But Mayor Fortin said a consultant never actually came. “These issues were not brought to us during construction,” Weibe said. “We were, I believe, with in days of opening the new office. When it was brought to our attention it wasn’t sufficient, and they had been involved in the decision to move and the layout of how the space needed to be. So it’s disheartening to the local volunteers as well as the regional representative to community policing.” Coun. Mario Vucinovic said it’s unfortunate there wasn’t better communication. “The (Community Policing Office) aids the RCMP and that should be valued,” he said, pondering if a 50-50 funding formula could be possible. No problems over the past quarter century would have been solved by having a more secure building in Peachland. Longtime volunteer Minajean Smith wasn’t able to think of a time when more security was ever needed. “I’ve been here for 25 years without any issues, but this is a new way of doing things for the RCMP,” she said. The RCMP’s goal was to increase the security of their satellite office. Now they have no official base in Peachland, and a long-standing organization had to implement a fickle name change. The Peachland Community Policing Office is now the District of Peachland Community Safety Office.


MAY 18, 2018



From the Mayor’s Desk: WFN, water and pavement

Dear editor: Thank you to Peachland Little Theatre for another excellent, very funny play. You are such a welcome part of our community. Fran Moss, Peachland

in Peachland Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun

“normal” spring runoff because you can never say never, especially with the unusual weather patterns we’ve been having lately. But this treatment plant will make things so much better. So I hope that you will have patience at times like these, knowing that the much better treatment plant is on the horizon. Regarding the Local State of Emergency, it was declared by me, as the crews were working to clear and clean up at Princeton Ave. and Hwy 97. A relatively small mudslide on Princeton Ave, combined with spring runoff, clogged up the storm drain near the highway causing excessive flooding. A State of Emergency does not necessarily mean imminent danger and evacuations, which may be the first thing that comes to mind when a person hears that a local State of Emergency has been declared. What it does do is provide the ability to respond to emergent Email a picture and description of your pet to matters quickly, when there’s no time to waste. It also gives worker/responders the right to go on private property, if necessary, to respond to and address an emergency situation.  Hopefully, the local SOE will be rescinded this weekend and we won’t need it again this year. Touch wood! And now, some of the great news stories... the 2nd Street gravel parking lot should be paved, lines painted, and Name: Bentley Age: 1 Year ready to park on by the end Dog - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever of this week -- just in time for Sunday’s BIG World of Wheels To celebrate Peachland’s annual World Car Show!  The parking lot of Wheels car show, the Pet of the Week is Bentley, the electrical won’t be ready in resident dog at Lakeside Autocare on 1st and Beach. time, so the lamp standards Bentley cars are British in origin, but this Bentley is pure and new electric car station Canadian (one of 5 purebred Canadian dogs). Nova Scowon’t be operating, but parktia Duck Tolling Retrievers are the provincial dog of Nova ing will be available. Scotia and have both a coin and a commemorative stamp I’m sure by now that made for them. everyone has seen the transSponsored by: formation of the old golf ball at Ponderosa and Highway 97 into a PEACH. The pretty peach was painted and designed by well-known artist Rose Valley for Dean Lauze, a BC artist, who’s many artworks can be found Cats Only throughout the province and Boarding, beyond. Lauze’s Firefighter Monument to BC’s fallen of course! firefighters called “The Last Alarm” can be found on the For peace of mind grounds of the BC Legislature and a happy cat, call: in Victoria. Why the change? We’ve had many complaints over the years -- by tourists and those West Kelowna’s passing by and stopping, hopFull Service ing to play golf, as well as Small Animal Hospital Ponderosa residents who repeatedly have to explain that 112-2476 Westlake Rd., West Kelowna V1Z 2V2 there is no golf course. After Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm agreement with the ers, the District decided to not only have it painted, but for it to be a piece of artwork. 

We sure have had a busy last few months. There has been, and is, a lot going on -- from Civic Awards night and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Westbank First Nation, to the declaration of a “Local State of Emergency,” dealing with spring run-off, a small mudslide, a boil water notice, the paving of a parking lot and painting of a peach, and the fantastic news the $105,000 grant for a new playground at Peachland Elementary School. I would like to start with the water issues. For as long as I’ve lived here in Peachland, almost 35 years, the discoloured, silty water was the expected norm at this time of year. Because it was expected, we just accepted it as an annoying, eventually ending, “welcome to spring,” as the snow pack melted. The good news is, after years of Councils and staff working towards it, Peachland’s new $18 million water treatment plant is expected to be begin operating in 2020. That’s less than two years away! The plant will have components, such as filtration, UV disinfection and a large reservoir to provide water to the entire District and should virtually eliminate the water quality advisories from normal runoff we have lived with for decades. I say

Pet of the Week

Irmgard Kauth

Dec 4, 1938 - May 12, 2018

It is with the heaviest of hearts we say see you later to our Mother, Oma and Tic Toc Oma as she slipped away peacefully with her family by her side on May 12, 2018. Born Dec 4, 1938, Mom immigrated to Canada in 1968 with her adoring husband Helmut who predeceased her in January of 2017. Together once again, they can now keep a keen eye on all of us. Settling in Peachland in the early 70’s, they built the family home and raised their family. Mom was very active with Girl Guides of Canada in Peachland where she was a leader for several years. Mom worked up until her retirement in 2004 at Illichmann’s Deli – many will remember Frau Kauth behind the glass counter. Irmgard leaves behind her precious cargo – Son Ralf (Corrie), Daughters Heike (Michael) and Jutta (Richard), Grandchildren; Joshua, Tyler, Kyra, Ben, Danielle, Ashley (Riley), Alix and her Great-granddaughter Amelia Grace. Also left behind are her Brothers; Heinz and Bernd and beloved Sister Marlene, her extended family in Germany and last but not least, her pup Bobo. Mom’s greatest joy was time she could spend with her family and extended family. Gatherings throughout the year – she would cook for days before to have everything perfect for whatever reason she came up with to have the family come share a meal, some laughs and a glass of her favorite, Okanagan Pear Cider. Mom was one of the most upbeat, positive people you would ever meet – she had a heart bigger than life and always did for others, not much for herself. She would sacrifice anything to make sure everyone else was looked after like only she knew how. Since the passing of Dad in January of last year, we tried to make sure it was ‘her turn’ and we know she really enjoyed that from us! Her last wish was to join Dad “Pronto”, we are, with broken hearts, grateful she got this wish granted for her last Mother’s Day. We now will watch out for your visits… Butterflies and Dragonflies forever. No service by request – a Celebration of Life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.


My Best Vacation Ever?


I think it looks great. After all, we are Peachland and proud of it! More good news... Congratulations to Peachland Elementary School, to PAC, and everyone who worked on getting the new $105,000 grant towards the school’s new playground. The new safer, accessibility playground will not only serve the school, but all the children of the community. Council and I were happy to support it. It was also an exciting and historic day on May 8th when the District of Peachland (DOP) and Westbank First Nation (WFN) jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). While it is not meant to be a legal document, it is a strong symbolic gesture. The joint, government-to-government signing of the MOU is meant to be a “mutual commitment to communication and collaboration to foster a healthy relationship to deal with issues of mutual interest and benefit.” It is also a declaration of our “mutual intention to pursue a lasting relationship based on mutual respect, honour and recognition.” Thank you to Chief Roxanne Lindley and WFN Council for joining with us for this historic signing ceremony, and for hosting the event. We look forward to our annual meeting with WFN and working together for the betterment of both of our communities, and the people who live in them. Lastly, I would like to congratulate all the recipients and nominees of this year’s Civic Awards held last week. Everyone should be very proud of their contributions to our community. Congratulations to Darlene Hartford for being crowned Citizen of the Year, and Avery Takenaka as Youth Citizen of the Year. The Mayor’s Award of Merit went to Linda Sarsons and Ernie Sarsons Jr, and the Councillors’ Award of Merit went to Joey Byatt. The first annual Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Change recipient was Darlene Romanko. There were many more awards given out. Congratulations to everyone. I hope to see everyone out and about town this Sunday at World of Wheels! Cheers, Mayor Cindy Fortin

MAY 18, 2018






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Peachland United

Moving Sale

All donations are welcome and appreciated,

Buchanan Road


except large items and electronics.

Household items, clothing, linens, etc OPEN: THU, FRI, SAT 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Volunteer Needed Contact 250-767-3216




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Places of Faith Peachland United Church

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

Sunday Services Contemporary Worship Service 9 a.m.

Traditional Worship Service 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School 10:30 am


9:30 a.m. Study, Coffee & Conversation Office Hours 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday

We are wheelchair accessible

Sunday Worship 2 pm

Lake Ave at 13th St 250-767-9237

with Pastor Steve Hobbs 250-460-2555

Sunday Mornings

for more information call John 250-767-2221

Wednesdays Sept to May

Rev. Robin Graves

Ages 3 through Grade 6


4th Street & Brandon Ave


10:30 am

Sunday Morning Service 10 a.m.

Pastor: Ian McLean

4464 4th Street

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Victoria Day

We are closed Monday May 21. We re-open on Tuesday May 22.

“Let Us Worship Together”

Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Tuesday Morning

Peachland Downsizing means having to eliminate some of our worldly goods, even those that are much loved! Drop by Saturday May 19th and/or Sunday May 20th to inspect items of furniture, some antiques and other sundry items which we must make available.

Meets Monday at 7 pm (closed meeting) and Friday at 8 pm (open meeting). Call 250-763-5555 for more info


4421 4th Street

Grace Lutheran Church 1162 Hudson Road West Kelowna, B.C. 250-769-5685




Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Ladies Bible Study 9:30 am Dr. Gord Denison PASTOR


FOR ADVERTISING AND COMMUNITY EVENTS in the Friday May 25 issue of the Peachland View will be Friday May 18 at 4:00 pm.


MAY 18, 2018


Local Events and Activities Send the information for your Peachland event to

Kids And Families Learn to Fish - From May 5 to June 16 at Shannon Lake Regional Park on Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm. Equipment provided by Peachland Sportsmen. St. Margaret’s Church - is presenting a Spring Concert with Saskia and Darrel: The Great Plains on Friday, May 18 at 7 pm. Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased at the Church office from 9:30–11 am weekdays at 4464 4th Street Peachland or call the office at 250-767-3131. Medieval Revelry - Friday, May 18 from 6–9 pm at Medieval Madness at Desert Park. Tickets online at and at the Osoyoos Times office. Live music and dance, prizes for best dressed. Osoyoos Medieval Fair - Saturday, May 19 and May 20 at Desert Park. More info online at Step back in time and cheer on jousting knights.

50+ Centre - Victoria Day Pancake Breakfast, Sunday May 20th 8-11:30 am $5 for Adults, $3 for children (5 and under free). Potluck, Friday May 25th 6 pm, Peter H. Scholl 7 pm. Bus Trip, Friday June 15 to Fintry Manor, Armstrong Village Cheese Factory. Members $25/ Non-Members $27. Tickets at 50+ Activity Centre 250-767-9133. Business Made Social- Thursday, May 24, 5:30 - 7:30 pm at AD LIB Gallery. Free Entry. Come out and support our new member, show them our chamber member hospitality, take part in spring networking and experience their art gallery/studio. R.S.V.P. The Wellness Centre - Presents Mental Health. Wednesday, May 23 at 10 am at Peachland Wellness Centre. A speaker from the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC (COSCO) will present information on ways people can contribute to their own mental health, and ways in which the brain can be stimulated to

5672 Beach Avenue, Peachland 250-767-9133 Call for Info Office open Mon - Fri, 9:30-11:30 am

Every Thursday, 6:45 pm O G Doors open at 5:30 pm



Everyone over 19 years is welcome! Membership not required.

Community Centre

Newcomers welcome. Casual callers and sellers are still needed.

Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, May 20 8-11:30 am th

$5 for adults, $3 for children (5 & under free)


Friday, May 25 at 6 pm th

Entertainment Peter H. Scholl Pianist/Singer 7 pm

Find us on Facebook by searching Peachland 50 Plus Activity Centre

Every Week: Art • Chess • Bowling • Bridge • Crafts • Exercise/Yoga • Ukulele


FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

YOGA (RESTORATIVE) 8 am,  50+ Activity Centre 

INDOOR WALKING 8-9 am,  Community Centre 

PICKLEBALL (3.0-3.5) 9:05-11 am,  Community Centre 

VARIETY SINGERS 9:15 am,  50+ Activity Centre 

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS 9:30 -10:30 am,  4th Street Place 

TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY 9:30 am,  50+ Activity Centre 


Peachland Wellness Ctre

PICKLEBALL (1.0-2.5) 11 am - 1 pm,  Community Centre 

TAI CHI noon, 

50+ Activity Centre by donation 

MEDITATION GROUP 11:30 am-12:30 pm, 

Peachland Wellness Ctre

SOCIAL BRIDGE 1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre  SPIN, CORE, STRETCH  5:15-6:15 pm,  Community Centre 

PICKLEBALL (3.5) 5:45-7:45 pm, 

PICKLEBALL (1.0-2.5) 1:00-3:00 pm,  Community Centre

CAPC CREATIVE PLAYTIME (0-6 YRS) 10:00-noon,  Community Centre 

CARPET BOWLING 10 am,  50+ Activity Ctre 

50+ Activity Ctre

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS 9:30-10:30 am,  4th Street Place 

WELLNESS CIRCLE 10 am-12 noon, 

Peachland Wellness Ctre 2nd & 4th Wed



HATHA YOGA 6-7 pm, 

Community Centre

AA 12-1 pm, 


MEN’S COFFEE & CRIB 1-2:45 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre, every 2nd & 4th Wed, Drop-ins Welcome

PICKLEBALL (3.75+) 1:00-3:00 pm, 

PICKLEBALL DROP IN (3.0+) 11:00 am-1:00 pm, 

Community Centre

at the Little Schoolhouse

YOUTH BOXING CLUB 6-8 pm,  4th St Place 


50+ Activity Centre

POUND 7:15-8:15 pm, 

Community Centre


Community Centre

FLOW YOGA 8 am, 

50+ Activity Centre

FLOW YOGA 9-10 am, 

4th Street Place

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

50+ Activity Centre

Peachland Wellness Ctre

Community Centre

MAHJONG 1:15 pm,  50+ Activity Centre 

BEGINNER’S UKELELE 1:30-3:00 pm,  50+ Activity Centre 

YOUTH DROP IN 3:30-8 pm, 

Peachland Youth Centre, Grades 7+ 

Peachland Wellness Ctre To register: 250-767-0141 

COFFEE GROUP 10:30 am, 

Community Centre

PICKLEBALL (3.0-3.5) 1:00-3:00 pm,  Community Centre 

SUNSHINE SINGERS 1:15 to 2:15 pm, 

Peachland Wellness Ctre

CHESS 1:15 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre

TWEEN DROP-IN & SOCIAL BRIDGE OPEN GYM (AGES 9-12)  1:15 pm,  3-8 pm, Boys & Girls Club  50+ Activity Centre Pick up available at Peachland Elementary School

HI-LO DANCE AEROBIC 4:30 -5:30 pm,  4th Street Place 

PICKLEBALL DROP IN (ALL LEVELS) 5:45-7:45 pm,  Community Centre 

Peachland Legion #69 Bottle Drive - Saturday, May 26, 10 am to 3 pm bring your refundable containers to The Peachland Centre Parking Lot by the IGA. Funds for “reNEW” the roof at the Legion. Peachland Art Group Annual Art Show & Sale - Saturday, May 26 6-9 pm and Sunday May 27 10 to 4 pm at the Community Centre. Annual Golf Tournament Peachland Chamber - June 3 at Sumac Ridge in Summerland. $99 Golf and dinner. 2 x 9 holes with two chances to win $10,000 at hole nr 9 (hole-in-one). wwwEveryone is welcome, prizes for every golfer. Registration at the Peachland Visitor Centre. The Peachland Art and Garden Tour is Coming - June 16, 10 am to 4 pm. Tickets $10 begin selling on May 15 at Peachland Art Gallery, Peachland Visitor Centre, Peachland Ace Hardware, Bylands, and Summerland Visitor Centre.


50+ Activity Centre

TWEEN DINNER NIGHT (AGES 9-12) 4-7:30 pm 

Cousins Park

LIONS DEN MEETING 7 pm,  4440 5th St.  every

Community Centre

the Little Schoolhouse

FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

YOGA (FOUNDATIONS) 8 am, 50+ Activity Centre PEACHLAND UNITED CHURCH  9:30 am-3 pm 

Bargain Bin

LEARN TO FLOW YOGA 5:30-6:30 pm,  PICKLEBALL DROP IN (ALL LEVELS)  5:45-7:45 pm,  Community Centre 

YOGA ROULETTE 6:45 pm-7:45 pm  Community Centre 

BINGO 6:45 pm 

50+ Activity Centre (doors open 5:30 pm) 


FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre


TAI CHI FOR WELLNESS Community Centre  9:30 am,  Royal Canadian 50+ FITNESS  Legion #69, 4407-2nd 9:15 am,  St.  Hosted by Peachland Wellness Ctre. Beginners and newcomers welcome 

50+ Activity Centre

FLOW YOGA 9-10 am, 

BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT 4th Street Place  10 am-12 pm,  CAPC CREATIVE PLAYPeachland Wellness Ctre  TIME (0-6 YRS)  IRON & SILK  10 am-noon,  10:45 am,  Community Centre  50+ Activity Centre 


Gasthaus Restaurant. Everyone welcome 

AA 12 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre

PEACHLAND UNITED CHURCH 9:30 am-3 pm,  Bargain Bin

MEN’S COFFEE & CRIB 10 - noon,  Peachland

Wellness Ctre

YOGA (BEGINNERS) ENERGY FOR WELLNESS  10:30 am,  1:00-2:30 pm,  50+ Activity Centre  Peachland Wellness Ctre  3rd Thur of each month 

PICKLEBALL (3.75+) 1:00-3:00 pm,  Community Centre 

UKULELE 1:15 pm, 

Boys & Girls Clubs

50+ Activity Centre

SPIN, CORE, STRETCH 5:15-6:15 pm, 

MEAT DRAW 4-5 pm,  Royal Canadian

Community Centre

Legion #69, 4407-2nd St.

WRITERS UNBLOCKED 6:30 pm,  Peachland

HEALTHY TEENS (AGES 13+) 4-7 pm,  

Wellness Centre. First Wed of the Month



YOGA (BASIC BEGINNERS) 2nd & 4th Wed, Contact: 8 am,  Gary 250-767-3491  50+ Activity Centre  CENTRAL OKANAGAN PICKLEBALL (1.0-2.5)  MODEL RAILWAY 9:05-11:00 am,  COMPANY GROUP  Community Centre  7 pm,  Peachland Museum  50+ FITNESS  9:15 am,  THURSDAYS

Community Centre


FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

Lotto License #103899

Victoria Day


remain healthy. Everyone Welcome by donation.

Boys & Girls Club

ART CLUB 12 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre

LADIES COFFEE & CRIB 1-2:45 pm,  Peachland Wellness Ctre 


Community Centre

PEACHLAND UNITED CHURCH 9:30 am-3 pm,  Bargain Bin 

CARPET BOWLING 10 am,  50+ Activity Centre 

MEAT DRAW 3-5 pm, 

Royal Canadian Legion #69, 4407-2nd St.

DROP IN (6-12 YRS) 1-4 pm,  Boys & Girls Club 

YOUTH ZONE (AGES 13+) 4-8 pm,  Boys & Girls Club 


FITNESS ROOM 5 am-10 pm, 

Community Centre

SUNDAY BREAKFAST 8-11 am,  Peachland

Wellness Ctre Excluding Long Weekends




Church, Westbank

PEACHLAND BAPTIST Service 10:30 am, Fellowship 11:30 am,  4204 Lake Ave. 

THE PEACHLAND WALKING CLUB 1 pm,   for details visit

UKELELE 1: 15 pm. 

PICKLEBALL (3.0-3.5) 1:00-3:00 pm, 

50+ Activity Centre


Royal Canadian Legion #69, 4407-2nd St.

Community Centre   Peachland Library

TWEEN DROP IN (AGES 9-12) 4-8 pm,  Boys & Girls Club 

MEAT DRAW 2-4 pm, 

PEACHLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH Sunday worship: 2 pm,  Meeting at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

MAY 18, 2018




SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL — Peachland’s cool cats had a jiving time last weekend at the Rotary Club’s annual gala, partying like it was 1950-something. A swell time was had by all.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN — The Peachland Quilt Guild enjoyed High Tea on Wednesday morning in honour of the Royal Wedding. The quilters wore their nicest frocks and trousers, with fancy fascinators in their hair. An enchanted table, decorated with bunting, holding a very British selection of fairy cakes, scones and a good old cuppa.

Your Ticket to Great Entertainment The Penti-Con: A Comic-Con Style Event June 9-10


2018 Okanagan Fall Hunting & Outdoor Show August 10-12

An Evening with John Fogerty



Celtic Thunder X

Saturday July 14

Nov 1


Tickets: Valley First Box Office (at the SOEC), charge-by-phone 1.877.763.2849, or online at

THE PIZZA OVEN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. The Bistro is open May 18, Wednesday - Sunday, 11am – 3pm with a new menu, including wood-fired pizzas, from Chef Jeremy Tucker. Please reserve at or call 778-479-8009. 697 Hwy 97 S, Greata Ranch, BC @fitzwine


Open House Sat 12-2

6$ 9


May 18, 2018 page 16




,9 19 4 $

3733 Shaw Road, Peachland - This home offers huge

lake views, almost 1/2 acre private lot, a separate in-law suite, oversized double garage and RV parking. In addition it has many updates including new flooring, paint, most appliances, A/C, & HWT. There is a fireplace and ensuite in the Master on the main floor. The suite has a separate laundry. This is a MUST SEE! MLS® 10104336



Real Estate Professional


399,000 4 bed, 2 bathroom PLUS a loft with vaulted ceiling condo with perfect SKI-IN-OUT location. BIG WHITE



Looking to

BUY or SEL Call me toda y



109-2760 Auburn Rd - Spacious 2 bed + den / 2 bath ground level condo in Terravita Complex. Hardwood floors, 9ft ceilings, 7 appls., granite tile counters, electric f/p, c/air, secured parking & storage locker. Enjoy the large wrap around covered deck - perfect for MLS® 10152278 entertaining! Lovely place to call home!





778.215.0445 Orchard Country

Each office is independently owned and operated

Check out all my listings at today!


MLS®10158627 3904 Dryden Rd Peachland

Lovely, well cared for Peachland home with peek-a-boo lake & mountain views from large upper deck. Significant upgrades in the past 10 years include: new furnace, central air and humidifier, new deck, new roof and hot water heater. Renovated x-large master bed & ensuite. Main bath fully renovated with soaker tub. Home has two laundry’s and two kitchens and suited for in-laws or guests with private entrance. Back yard is very private and peaceful with patio. This flat .26 acre lot is also on school bus route.

Sandy250-718-2761 Chevallier Realtor

Lake Views & Brand NEW home

Private Lakeshore Estate $3,800,000

MLS 10152314

MLS 10133160

5 bedrooms West Kelowna only $634,900

Craftsman home with 6 bedrooms

Call Debra Kelly

C: 250.864.6891


5206 Clarence Rd MLS®10157729 $828,000 Entertainers’ Dream Home! Great Room hosts a Gourmet kitchen with large island, nook, sitting area & gas fireplace + formal living & dining room for those special family occasions! Spacious family/billiard room with bar & wine room downstairs + Guest bedroom w/walk-in closet & private bath. 2 options for Master Suites: main level w/steam shower ensuite or upstairs with jetted tub & walk-in closet + fireplace & deck for morning coffee! Double attached garage, RV parking, plus extra single garage for motorcycle/ toys & heated workshop. Garden shed with power, pond/waterfall. Pergola in back + front covered verandah with lakeviews. Flat driveway + new stamped walkway! Extra features: solar film on front windows, most lights are L.E.D., natural gas for BBQ, misters on gazebo, 4 zoned u.g. irrigation, xeriscaped backyard w/plum/cherry/mini peach trees.


408-225 Kettle View Road


OPEN HOUSE Sun MAY 20, 2-5 pm JACKSON COVE Enjoy Lakeshore Living in this fully renovated 2 bed 2 bath unit at Jackson Cove. Exceptional views living on top of the lake with your own beachfront.



Contact one of these great realtors, or advertise here!



Tamara Terlesky


There goes another dream home!

Larry Guilbault

5878E Beach Avenue Peachland, BC VOH 1X7

2017 Real Estate Report

call Tracey 250.767.7771 |

The view may 20  
The view may 20