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Premier won’t interfere with bypass/2

B.C. wine held hostage in Alberta/3

Summerland rejects major development/11

TILE-BASED GAME – Carol White, Jeanne Nagle, Mary Carrol and Alicia Conrad were just four of the ladies play Mahjong at the 50+ Activity Centre on Tuesday. It’s a classic Chinese game that requires a cunning strategy to win.


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FEBRUARY 9, 2018


Premier stays mum when faced with bypass question Spirit of Peachland Civic Awards Get Involved!

If you are a member of a Peachland Community Group, you can volunteer to be a part of the Spirit of Peachland Awards Selection Committee. This committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to Council regarding the winners. For more information or to volunteer on the Committee contact Cheryl at 250-767-2133 or email Nominations are being accepted until Friday, March 9, 2018 at 12:00 noon. For nomination information visit


Premier John Horgan isn’t weighing in on the bypass issue. “We’re anticipating to get the (Highway 97 Transportation Study) report shortly,” he told The View on Feb. 1. “(Transportation and Infrastructure) Minister (Claire) Trevena will be implementing the findings and it will make life better for people and fix some of the congestion issues.” When asked if he thought a bypass would be the solution to those congestion issues, he gave another general answer. “I’m going to see what the report comes back with. I don’t want to prejudge it because a lot of people have put a lot of work into it and I know people in the community have been making their arguments as to why we should do one option over another, but I’ll wait to see what the final report says.” Former Premier Christy Clark said something pretty similar last spring, only days before flip-flopping with a promise to interfere with the Transportation Study if her


party was re-elected. “I want to do what the community wants,” Clark told The View on May 2, “and it’s probably going to be a tough decision because I know the community is really undecided about it, but I want to make sure we make the right decision so I’m really trying not to impose myself on it.” Then on May 9, Clark imposed herself on it. “I share the concerns of Rose Valley residents with Option 2A, which would place a bypass through Rose Valley Park – a natural wonder and a tremendous local treasure,” she said in an open letter to residents. ...continued on Page 11

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found himself in the shelter for the second time in his life. This handsome boy does not seem to be a fan of other cats and that is why he is here. He is a real charmer with his loud purr. He loves snuggles and has only been indoors. Monty is now waiting for the purrfect home

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FEBRUARY 9, 2018



B.C. wineries dragged into trade war with Alberta The meaning of 57 DAN WALTON EDITOR

There’s going to be even more wine for British Columbians to drink now that Albertans are forbidden from buying it. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley ordered her Liquor Control Board to “put an immediate halt to the import of B.C. wine to Alberta,” according to her Twitter. “I’m hearing from Albertans everywhere I go that we have to send a clear message to BC to make our point. We can do that by boycotting BC wine.” She’s mad about B.C. Premier John Horgan’s resolve to make sure the Kinder Morgan pipeline doesn’t get twinned. Alberta has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on their side of the pipeline debate, though he hadn’t weighed in on the wine dispute before press deadline. “That pipeline is

going to get built,” Trudeau said at a town hall meeting last week. Horgan says the project isn’t in the interesting of British Columbians, and to the people who are suggesting that he can’t stop it from happening – “Well yes I can,” he said in defiance at a rally in West Kelowna on Feb. 1. Local MLA Dan Ashton, whose party supports the twinning of the pipeline, is not very happy with Notley for dragging wine into the fight. “To those wine producers affected – it’s not their fight and it’s wrong what Premier Notley has done and dragged them into this,” he said. “You don’t solve issues through trade disputes … I find it funny how a substantial number of Premier Notley’s back office people are from B.C.” Ashton wants to see Prime Minster Justin Trudeau step in and figure out a resolu-

tion. “Go into a room, close the door and don’t cop me down til you figure something out.” He also believes John Horgan is under political pressure from Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, who gives the NDP the slight majority they need to run the province. After leaving Weaver disappointed with the decision to approve the Site C Dam,

“This is the NDP giving something to the Greens,” Ashton said Ben Stewart, who owns the Quail’s Gate Winery and is also in the running to become a Liberal MLA again, says the trade dispute is a byproduct of the BC NDP’s inexperience in government. “The message they’re sending to the public is that they’re not open for business,” he said. “It undermines the credibility


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of a correlation to the number of storeys provided) A total of 208 people weighed in, and that figure includes five people who live out of town. The numbers reported account for the 203 residents from Peachland. Council will decide at the Feb. 13 regular meeting.

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Final tally of the written and verbal submissions received during the public hearing process to amend the Official Community Plan: · 30 per cent In Favour at five storeys · 16.7 per cent In Favour at three storeys · 57.1 per cent Opposed to the development (No indication


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that British Columbia’s worked very hard to rebuild.” Stewart doesn’t believe Notley’s decision to involve the wine industry will speed up the pipeline dispute. He said it’s a ploy for attention that will only end up hurting small producers. “This kind of dispute should be something they deal with in courts, not by starting a trade battle.” ...continued on Page 8

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FAIR HEARING DENIED On January 30 approximately 350 Peachland citizens attended one of the largest meetings ever held in their Community.  Based on a show of hands, an overwhelming majority of those in attendance were against the attempt of the Mayor and Council to drastically amend the Official Community Plan (OCP).  The current OCP calls for a maximum of 3 stories on Beach Avenue.  If the Mayor and Council force upon the Community their preconceived scheme, the maximum stories will go to 5 or even more stories. This will be an arbitrary and discriminatory attempt to negate the wishes of the Community.  Furthermore, it was seen as a last-ditch attempt to thwart the court petition undertaken by a citizens group, the Friends of Beach Avenue. The meeting set up by the Mayor and Council was a denial of natural justice for the following reasons: • The Mayor chaired the meeting even though she is on record of

being in favour of the Developer’s 5-story scheme. • The Mayor gave to the Developer an unfettered opportunity to sell again his 5-story development. • The Friends of Beach Avenue, an established Society under the Societies Act, was not given any time on the agenda to reply to the Developer’s self-serving bid. • The Mayor cut off individual speakers in favour of the established OCP after only 3 minutes of speaking time.  There were almost 70 speakers who went to the microphone and spoke against the 5-story development • The Mayor allowed the Devel-

oper’s wife, who is in fact also the Developer, to double up their time in favour of their 5-story scheme. There were only about a half dozen such speakers in favour of the development. Many of these speakers had a real, apparent or potential conflict of interest in the Developer’s scheme, such speakers being the Developer’s wife, 3 current and/or former employees of the Developer, and to include a Councillor’s husband who supported the Developer’s scheme. The Mayor announced that the February 13 Council Meeting will decide the fate of the current OCP and that such meeting will be lim-

ited to only 47 public attendees, as declared by the District CAO. This limit is to be enforced by contracted security personnel. Here’s hoping that the Mayor and Council will listen to its citizens and not the revisionist bureaucrats.

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FEBRUARY 9, 2018




QuoteWeek of the

Dan Walton Editor

I find it funny how a substantial number of Premier Notley’s back office people are from B.C. – MLA DAN ASHTON ON ALBERTA’S DECISION TO EMBARGO WINE

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Peachland’s alternate reality

Dear editor:

As I sat through last week’s “PeachTree” Public Hearing I was beginning to wonder if I had fallen through a rabbit hole to join Alice in Wonderland. First I heard a presentation from our Director of Planning outlining a development proposal submitted by Mr Royer for a five-storey mixed use building at 4th Street and Beach Avenue. This was followed by an explanation of associated OCP and zoning changes necessary for the project to proceed. Then I heard a presentation from Mr. Royer explaining details of his project and why it would be good for Peachland - all straightforward stuff of the kind we expect when a proposed development requires changes to OCP or zoning bylaws. So, why was I having these strange feeling of déjà vu? Haven’t we, I asked myself, done all this before? And didn’t council already approve Mr Royer’s development application? Curiouser and curiouser – council seems to be seeking approval for a project which it has already approved! So, how could this be? Then a light bulb went on – of course,

council must have rescinded its earlier approval of the project making it necessary to start the process all over. Yes, I told myself that is the only explanation that makes sense. But wait a minute, I don’t recall any such decision having been made by council. Perhaps I’m getting forgetful in my dotage but surely I would have remembered that? Something very strange here. Actually though, ‘strange’ is not the best word. Machiavellian is a far better term to describe council’s shameless disregard for openness and honesty as it embarks on its plan to render the current court challenge irrelevant. Council would do well to remember that all municipalities in BC will be watching with great interest to see how the Supreme Court deals with a case involving conflict between a zoning decision and the OCP. They will also be fascinated (and I suggest appalled) to see the tactics being employed in Peachland to insulate itself from a court challenge to a decision it has made. Keith Fielding Peachland

Haven’t we scared off enough developers? Dear editor: It beggars my ability to articulate but a few thoughts after I left the public hearing Jan. 30! Over 300 people comprised of mainly the vociferous NO crowd who regurgitated the same biased one sided NO to any meaningful change or development in Peachland. Some were rude and disrespectful to the developer (Gaetan Royer) and council, threatening to punish them in October for simply doing what they were voted in for originally! Peachland has a

long history of scaring off developers i.e the Greg Norman fiasco up Princeton, Trepanier Manor, New Monaco, and the list goes on. We need new viable options to expand the tax base, grow the tourism industry here and Beach Avenue could use a lot more like PeachTree Village – get rid of some of those old dilapidated rat infested houses! In the 10 years we’ve been here I always thought the people were so nice and friendly; now some neighbours are not speaking depending what side

they’re on! The No crowd (well organized) is suffocating this new developer. Unless we come together and realize little Peachland is in urgent need of resuscitation in the form of some economic development to insure much needed tax revenue and jobs, we will remain firmly ensconced in the past and end up like Fort Nelson and other small towns dying on the vine for lack of economic growth and development! Thank you Audrey McEwen Peachland

Never felt so proud

Dear editor:

The Council witnessed at the Public Hearing, last week just how passionate the majority of Peachlanders feel that this development should be restricted to three storeys and our Official Community plan should not be changed. Some of those speaking had possibly never spoken publicly before and felt very uncomfortable doing so, however they felt this decision was so important they had to overcome this and speak. We applaud them in writing as we were not allowed to applaud them at the meeting. Whatever the outcome of Tuesday’s decision Peachlanders can feel very PROUD that they

came out in force and done all they could to defend the character and charm of this beautiful unique town from an out of town developer who believes he knows what is best for Peachland. The arguments outlining valid reasons why we oppose this development and the change to our OCP are mightily impressive and will be on record as proof that us Peachlanders who oppose this are not blanket anti-development, but based our views on factual evidence. A truly inspiring, informative and uplifting evening. I have never been so proud to be a Peachlander. Gill Evans Peachland

Three? Five? Doesn’t matter Dear editor: This is just a short note to express my support for the controversial development Peachtree Village. Also amongst the small number of people I know in Peachland - I have recently

moved here - I have only heard support. They see it as good for the long term prosperity of Peachland. Three or five stories is not an issue for me. Scott Robertson Peachland

Global skewed my opinion Dear editor: Re: Global TV editing for sensationalism At the meeting regarding the OCP I did not say the building was ugly, though I was quoted out of context on Global News. I said it if it was on Beach Avenue it would be ugly. It would be pleasant if on another street

in Peachland. It would be very nice if on Miami Beach. Peachland’s tourist draw (besides Todd’s RV & our boat launches) is our quaint town with a gravel beach and clean lake. This new building does not fit into the designation of quaint. Sincerely, Kathleen North Peachland


FEBRUARY 9, 2018

Getting pumped up for HeARTS Fest PHYLLIS PAPINEAU

PEACHLAND HEARTS FESTIVAL The skies may be grey and snow covers the landscape but there is an antidote for the winter blues. Peachland is holding its weeklong HeARTS Festival from February 12 to 18 and there is something for everyone. Celebrate Family Day on Monday, February 12 by dropping into the Little Schoolhouse and viewing work done by local artist, Wayne Power. If music is your choice, come to the 50 Plus Activity Centre at 11:00 am for the Peachland Variety Singers' Love In and Lunch. The mini concert will feature a selection of love songs followed by a lunch. The centre will be blanketed with beautiful quilts and other work by the talented members of the Peachland Quilters and Needlework Group until 3 pm. On Tuesday, you can have a blind date, thanks to the Peachland Library. Drop in from noon to 7 pm and pick up a brown paper covered book as your date for the evening. This was a very popular event last year so don't miss out. Peachland is fortunate in having two quilting groups and on Wednesday, Valentines Day, you can wander around the banquet room of the community centre to your hearts content admiring the beautiful work of the Pincushion Quilt Guild. They will be open from 10 am to 2 pm. You may wish to return to the banquet room the following day as the Art Group will be featuring an open house from 10 am to 2 pm. For those who have taken part in the various Sip ‘n Paint evenings lately, this might provide added incentive in a new pursuit. Friday will see the reception for participating artists in the community centre from 6:30 to 8 pm and on the weekend the Artisans Showcase will open to the public from 10 am



to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The public will be able to visit displays by the many umbrella groups of the Peachland Community Arts Council. Mayor Cindy Fortin will officially open the Showcase at 1:00 pm. Visitors will have the opportunity to try their hand at such artistic endeavours as paverpol and quilling or listen to some lively music by groups such as the Peachland Strummers.

A highlight of the HeARTS Festival will be a presentation, WINTERLUDE by the Spellbound Harp Trio of Summerland. This will be followed by dinner at 1st and Beach Bar and Grill. Tickets for this very special evening can be purchased for $30 at the Peachland Art Gallery on Beach Avenue, 250-767-7422. For a number of years, the HeARTS Festival has been a celebration of the talents of so many residents in our Valley. Winter days seem far less gloomy when singing, painting, sewing or writing amongst other like-minded individuals. The Festival is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Come to some or all the events and get inspired.

HERE FOR SENIORS Catering to the fine senior citizens of Peachland


PRESIDENT, PEACHLAND WELLNESS CENTRE It is that time of year when grey days and a seemingly endless supply of that white stuff we must shovel make us think spring will never arrive. Particularly for those who cannot easily navigate on icy walkways, it can be a very lonely time of the year. Do you feel lonely? Do you know someone whom you think is lonely? Did you know that loneliness and feelings of social isolation contribute to deteriorating health and even early death? Strong words but recent research shows they are, unfortunately, true. There is now a strong movement in health care systems to consider how loneliness and social isolation contribute to failing health. We all need to have ways to cope with loneliness and to assist others who may be feeling isolated. In a very bold and forward thinking move, the UK recently created a Ministry for Loneliness to deal with the huge negative impacts of social isolation. While BC has not created a similar structure, health care professionals are wrestling with this as a significant factor here in Canada as well. Many people think that anyone living in a smaller town like Peachland must “know everyone” and therefore should not feel isolated. Not true. Loneliness is not simply a big city phenomenon. Regardless of where you live, you can feel lonely. Factors that contribute to loneliness include your overall health, physical disabilities or mobility challenges, gender, if you have lost a spouse, if you live alone, if you have limited social connectivity, if you lack available transportation, if your place of residence is less accessible, and if your family is not nearby. And as we age, the factors tend to multiply. A combination of isolation and the absence of a social network lead to an increased use of medical services. However, informal, non-medical support resources such as those available in our community can reduce the need for

Visitor Program? They will come to you! Can’t drive or formal services. A win-win situation for sure. While some factors cannot be changed, you can take do not have a car? Ask about PWC’s volunteer driver steps to “get back in the game”, reconnect, and improve program. Contact the 50+ Centre to get information of their wide array of seniors’ activities either as a volboth your physical and mental wellbeing. Volunteering is a wonderful way not only to get your- unteer or participant. You are sure to find at least one self out of the house, but also to reconnect with others, program or service that will fit you perfectly. A very human desire is to feel connected and needed build your social network, and enhance your sense of self-worth by contributing to our community. Helping by others. We all need to feel valued for what we bring others truly does help ourselves as well. Each of us has to the table. If you or someone you know and love is unique skills and experiences we can share with oth- lonely, what will you do to help? Reach out either for ers or can use to assist others. Our seniors especially yourself or for someone who needs you. Do it for your have a wealth of knowledge and expertise from which health or for theirs. As Nike says, “Just do it!” we can all benefit. If you are not yet part of the huge volunteer brigade in Peachland (and we already have such a stellar volunteer pool here!), perhaps it is time now. Volunteering is fun and very rewarding. INC However, if you are unable to volunteer, then consider participating in community services and activities. Peachland has a wide array of opportunities to get involved in, either as a volunteer or as a participant. Check out arrangements the offerings of the Peachland Wellness Centre (all ages); the 50+ Centre (50 Bronze & Granite and over); the Peachland Recreation Cemetery Markers Department at the Community Centre (all ages). Better yet, check out all the social, service clubs, and volunteer offerings in our town on the District’s website at community-groups-and-clubs . Our local churches also offer support and Ray & Kelly Hanson many opportunities for social interacOwners - General Managers tion. If you are homebound and unable to PEACHLAND: 2541 Churchill Road, West Kelowna V4T 2B4 get out easily, why not contact the Wellness Center and ask about the Friendly




D N A L H C PEA 12 -18 February


FEBRUARY 9, 2018



T S Festival 2018




SCHEDULE OF EVENTS • February 12th – 18th

Monday - Sunday, Feb 12th-18th • Peachland Little Schoolhouse (1898 Brandon Lane) • 9-5 pm daily

“Art Squared” A display of beautiful landscapes on framed mini canvas panels. Prints available for purchase. By local artist, Wayne Power.

Monday, Feb 12th • 50 Plus Activity Centre • 11 am – 3 pm

Peachland Variety Singers – Presenting a “Mini-Love-in” concert featuring a variety of Love Songs. Lunch is also served. Peachland Quilters & Needlework – variety of displays

Tuesday, Feb 13th • Peachland Library • Noon – 7 pm

Blind Date – Pick up a wrapped book from the Peachland Library and take it home as your date for the night

COMMUNITY CENTRE ACTIVITIES • February 14th – 18th Wednesday, Feb 14th • Community Centre • 10 am – 2 pm Pincushion Quilt Guild Open House – many works on display

Thursday, Feb 15th • Community Centre • 10 am – 2 pm

Thursday Art Group Open House–come & watch the artists at work

Friday, Feb 16th • Community Centre • 6:30 pm – 8 pm

Artist Reception for Participating Artists, refreshments & entertainment

s t r a e h t g n i k n i L y it n u m in a com

ARTISANS SHOWCASE • COMMUNITY CENTRE Saturday, Feb 17th 10 am – 4 pm


Sunday, Feb 18th 10 am – 4 pm

All of the Umbrella organizations of the Arts Council display their works and offer information and membership opportunities. Showcasing painting, quilting, gardening, performing, carving, miniatures, photography & more.

Artisans Showcase Opening Ceremony with Mayor Cindy Fortin on Saturday, Feb 17th at 1:00 pm Artisans Showcase Scheduled demonstrations in alcohol ink painting, paverpol, quilling, fibre art, palette knife painting & art journaling. Spaces reserved for some of these demos. Admission by Donation Everyone welcome!

Thank you to all our sponsors!

A very special evening Saturday Feb 17th at 5:00 pm in the Art Gallery

Performance by Summerland’s “SPELLBOUND, HARP TRIO” Dinner to follow at 1 & BEACH BAR & GRILLE ~ TICKETS ~ ST



Purchase tickets at the Peachland Art Gallery in the Yellow Schoolhouse on Beach Ave



FEBRUARY 9, 2018


Happy Birthday


Spread the Love Brian’s Dance Class



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for Mark Good morning to you with those eyes so blue accented by your smile & your lovely ivories too.

To our favourite valentine

Your gentle ways with your towering stance leads to kindness to unstable guests guided with manly hands belonging to the rest, finally, with vigour & zest.

Come enjoy coffee & cake at the Blind Angler 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Our little village, has awakened and welcomed the best. The cabbie we’ve chosen has undoubtedly passed the test.

Albert Galpin

The month of hearts and love


February the month of hearts and love. We invite all newcomers to Peachland (age 50+) to drop into our office any Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. We will give you a tour and share our calendar of events. We are pretty sure we can find something to spark your interest. If not, well we are always on the look out for new ideas. Also everyone is welcome at our Annual General Meeting and Activities Showcase coming up Feb. 23 following the monthly Potluck Friday Dinner at 6 p.m. There will be elections held for empty positions but it is safe to come, you won't get roped in unless you want to let your name stand as we have had volunteers step forward. We really hope for a good turnout. Cost for the dinner is by donation plus a food item to share. Bring your own plate and cutlery. Membership is $20 per year, make sure you pay up so you can vote. Our Potluck Friday on Jan. 26 was a hit for those that attended. Bryan Feagan and his friend Kenn Kardish sang us some really old “cowboy tunes” that had us tapping our toes and even singing along at times. On Feb. 12 the Peachland Variety Singers will kick off the Peachland HeArts Festival Week with their annual “LOVE IN” at 11 a.m. followed by lunch. The program will include their favourite love songs such as “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”, “My Funny Valentine” and “You Made Me Love You”. The Peachland Quilters & Needle-workers will have their usual display of beautiful quilted items and host an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. Bridge will carry on as usual—Barb says it takes more than an open house to distract a bridge player. Make sure you wear something red! Are you looking for that special Valentine's present or maybe a just because gift? Kettle Valley Brakemen tickets are now available for their concert at our 50+ Activity Centre on Sunday March 11 at 2 p.m. Jack Godwin and his crew entertained us last year, were very popular and we had a full house so we've invited them back. Jack has promised some new songs and sto-

to all of our readers and customers. We want to take this opportunity to let you know how very much we value you!

~ from an appreciative client

February 14, 2018


Happy Valen tin e’s Day



Beef with Alberta Dear editor: Our wines are now outlawed in Alberta.

Let’s do the same to Alberta beef. Bob Hall Peachland

Newbies fear change the most Dear editor:

OLD COWBOY TUNES were part of Potluck Friday

on Jan. 26 at the 50+ Activity Centre. The songs were performed by Bryan Feagan and his friend Kenn Kardish.

ries that will help some of us remember back to the “Age of Steam”. This is a concert for all ages. The young ones will get to learn a little local history in a fun way and the Seniors will get to bring back some memories of the trains running through the valley. Tickets are available at: our 50 + Activity Centre, Peachland Museum, Peachland Pharmacy, Peachland Dollar Store, Peachland Bliss Bakery & Bistro, and the Cherry Pit Restaurant in Westbank. Dave Winter will be along as well with his travelling model train set. The new Friendly Bean Coffee group meets every 2nd Wednesday and has gotten off to a great start in January. They will meet Feb. 14 and 28 at 10:20 a.m. Okay one more Heart Event: The Peachland Heart & Stroke Awareness Workshop is coming up on March 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the 50 + Activity Centre. Pre-registration is required through the Community Centre. Cost is $5. Come and learn how to use our Defibrillator. Lots of helpful information will be shared.

Isn’t democracy grand? We elect people to public office who represent our points of view and then we (the few) hang them, metaphorically in the town square, at the first sign of a disagreement. Case in point: I sat through and participated in the most recent public hearing. The public hearing was to hear and take questions on an amendment to the Official Community Plan which would satisfy the building of a five story building. The O.C.P. has been revised many times since 1995. It was amended in 2001 with additions and deletions. I believe the O.C.P. to be a living, fluid document. Why is this different? The only difference I see and I alluded to it at the public hearing is the timing but after reading into it more it’s more about perception. In chess this would be checkmate. The area the five story building is to occupy falls into a zone called Core Commercial. This O.C.P. policy was either ignored or misrepresented by one of the more vocal opponents of the five storey building. He bought an old house. He tore the old house down and rebuilt a single family home. This is in total contravention to the wording in the O.C.P.. I may lose some acquaintances from this comment but I hope Council stands by its convictions and pass this amendment.

I will respect them and their decision more if they don’t waffle under the pressure of maybe not getting re-elected. History will prove that people vote on name recognition and this bunch will in fact get re- elected. It may however be time for some fresh faces. The most annoying part about the comments regarding voting for or not were the squawkers and the baulkers who will never run for council. There were a number of comments about five stories and what it may look like from street level. The five story seniors complex was used as a comparison; there is no comparison. The proposed building’s footprint facing Beach Avenue does not rise fifty feet perpendicular to the sidewalk. The articulation of the front with setbacks and balconies breaks up the building’s form and character. What I am experiencing is the NEWBIE syndrome. I define it this way. This does not include the repeat offenders who oppose everything. NEWBIES: couples or individuals who may have visited Peachland prior to moving. They are enamored with the town and want to keep it small and quaint. They may have moved here from the lower mainland and may have buckets of money. They fear change due to what they left behind. Ernie Hurd Peachland



FEBRUARY 9, 2018

NEWS Wine embargo ... from Page 3 It’s a vulnerable time of year for wine producers to be taking this kind of hit, Stewart said, as cash-flows are typically at their lowest after making investments for the entire season, and many of those investments were counting on the Albertan market. Paul Graydon, owner of Saxon Winery in Summerland, says eventually “this is all going to blow over and be back to normal,” though he doesn’t expect the wine em-

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bargo to speed up the pipeline dispute either. He says the distributor in Alberta is always stocked up with about four weeks worth of product, but he thinks that might go fast in light of the ban. “It will be like the breadline,” he said. “There will probably be a high demand.” John Skinner, owner of Painted Rock Winery in Penticton, said it’s now easier to ship his wine to China than it is Alberta. Beyond the economic damage, Skinner said the trade war has created a toxic environment between customers. “This is very un-Canadian. They’ve got to get back to the table. It’s incumbent on the feds to make this happen, Trudeau’s gotta step up … The wine industry is being used as a bargaining chip right now.” MP Dan Albas says the trade dispute will cost the regional economy if it’s not quickly resolved. “I heard from one small family run winery owner who now faces the challenge of what happens with the 6,000 cases of wine

ordered in Alberta. Mortgages, payroll, taxes and utilities all must be paid for this winery to survive.” Albas says he fully supports Prime Minister Trudeau’s insistence that the project is in Canada’s national interest and must move forward Like Ashton, Albas believes the NDP is using the pipeline issue to appease their Green Party colleagues and environmental activists who feel let down by the Site C decision. “This is one way to show their support to that coalition,” he said. But the pipeline issue is in the interest of the entire country, Albas says, and federal law will veto any provincial interests. “If Horgan wants to rewrite rules federally, he should get elected as Prime Minister,” he said. “The value of this project is just under $7-billion and will create 15,000 new jobs during construction. This pipeline will also generate $4.5 billion in

federal and provincial government revenues. It should also be noted that this project replaces the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system between Edmonton, AB, and Burnaby, B.C. This existing pipeline is now over 50 years old.” The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is also asking the feds to step in. “Boycotts between businesses in two provinces will not resolve an issue that is ultimately our federal government’s responsibility,” the Chamber said in a press release. “The federal government needs to act now by engaging directly with the province of British Columbia and ensuring that the fair and scientifically-sound decisions on the (Kinder Morgan) Trans Mountain pipeline are carried out.” Before the embargo, 30 per cent of all wine sold in Alberta came from B.C., the industry’s second largest market next to B.C. itself.

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Classifieds Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship


Meets Monday at 7 pm (closed meeting) and Friday at 8 pm (open meeting). Call 250-763-5555 for more info

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Offer help to families & friends of alcoholics. Meetings in Penticton Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays; and in Summerland Thursdays. For more information: 250.490.9272 or Visit



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Ladies Bible Study 9:30 am Dr. Gord Denison

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Local Events and Activities Send the information for your Peachland event to

Peachland HeArts Festival - a week packed full of events from February 12 to February 18. For the complete event schedule see page 6 of this issue of the Peachland View..

The Peachland Wellness Centre Wellness Circle Presents: The iGuard Kim Evans will speak about how the iGuard device can protect anyone, when cooking is forgotten due to

5672 Beach Avenue, Peachland 250-767-9133 Call for Info Office open Mon - Fri, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Peachland & District Retirement Society

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 7:00 PM POTLUCK DINNER 6:00 PM Election of Officers, and Showcase of Activities in conjunction with Potluck dinner All members are asked to please attend

Find us on Facebook by searching Peachland 50 Plus Activity Centre

Every Week: Art • Chess • Bowling • Bridge • Crafts • Exercise/Yoga • Ukulele MONDAYS

FITNESS ROOM 7:15 am-8 pm, Community Centre YOGA (RESTORATIVE)  8 am, 50+ Activity Centre INDOOR WALKING  8-9 am, Community Centre PICKLEBALL (3.0-3.5)  9:05-11 am, Community Centre VARIETY SINGERS  9:15 am, 50+ Activity Centre FUNCTIONAL FITNESS  9:30 -10:30 am, 4th Street Place TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY  9:30 am, 50+ Activity Centre LADIES MONDAY MORNING COFFEE  10-11:15 am, Peachland Wellness Centre PICKLEBALL (1.0-2.5)  11 am - 1 pm, Community Centre CHAIR FIT  11:00-11:45 am, 4th Street Place SURVIVAL SPANISH  11:15-12:15 pm, Community Centre TAI CHI: noon, 50+ Activity Centre by donation MEDITATION GROUP  11:30 am-12:30 pm, Peachland Wellness Centre NEEDLE ARTS/ QUILTING  1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre

PICKLEBALL (1.0-2.5) 1:00-3:00 pm, Community Centre CONTRACT BRIDGE   1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre SPIN, CORE, STRETCH  5:15-6:15 pm, Community Centre PICKLEBALL (3.5)  5:45-7:45 pm, Community Centre HATHA YOGA  6-7 pm, Community Centre KARATE CLASS  6-7 pm at the Little Schoolhouse YOUTH BOXING CLUB  6-8 pm, 4th St Place WOOD CARVERS  7 pm, 50+ Activity Centre TUESDAYS FITNESS ROOM  7:15 am-8 pm, Community Centre FLOW YOGA  9-10 am, 4th Street Place MID-WEEK STUDY AND CONVERSATION COFFEE  9:30 am, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church CAPC CREATIVE PLAYTIME  (0-6 yrs) 10:00-noon, Community Centre CARPET BOWLING  10 am, 50+ Activity Ctre THERAPEUTIC YOGA  10-11 am, Community Centre

BABY FRIENDLY CAFÉ Every 2nd & last Tues 11:00 am - 12:30pm, Peachland Wellness Centre ACTIVE AGER  11-11:45 am, 4th St Place AA  12-1 pm, 50+ Activity Centre MEN’S COFFEE & CRIB  1-2:45 pm, Peachland Wellness Centre PICKLEBALL (3.75+)  1:00-3:00 pm, Community Centre MAHJONG  1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre BEGINNER’S UKELELE  1:30-3:00 pm, 50+ Activity Centre YOUTH DROP IN  3:30-8 pm, Peachland Youth Centre, Grades 7+ BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS TWEEN DROPIN & OPEN GYM  (ages 9-12) 3-8 pm, Pick up available at Peachland Elementary School HI-LO DANCE AEROBICS  5:30-6:30 pm, 4th St Place PICKLEBALL DROP IN (ALL LEVELS)  5:45-7:45 pm, Community Centre WEDNESDAYS FITNESS ROOM  7:15 am-8 pm, Community Centre INDOOR WALKING  8-9 am, Community Centre

YOGA (BASIC BEGINNERS) 8 am, 50+ Activity Centre PICKLEBALL (1.0-2.5)  9:05-11:00 am, Community Centre 50+ FITNESS   9:15 am, 50+ Activity Ctre FUNCTIONAL FITNESS  9:30-10:30 am, 4th Street Place WELLNESS CIRCLE  10 am-12 noon; 2nd & 4th Wed Peachland Wellness Centre. DEMENTIA CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP  10 am to 11:30 am Peachland Wellness Centre to register: 250767-0141 COFFEE GROUP   10:30 am, every 2nd & 4th Wed 50+ Activity Centre Drop-ins Welcome PICKLEBALL DROP IN (3.0+)  11:00 am-1:00 pm, Community Centre PICKLEBALL (3.0-3.5)  1:00-3:00 pm, Community Centre SUNSHINE SINGERS   1:15 to 2:15 pm, Peachland Wellness Centre CHESS  1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre CONTRACT BRIDGE  1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS TWEEN DINNER NIGHT  (ages 9-12) 4-7:30 pm SPIN, CORE, STRETCH  5:15-6:15 pm, Community Centre WRITERS UNBLOCKED  First Wed of the Month, 6:30 pm, Peachland Wellness Centre CLOG DANCING  6-7 pm, 50+ Activity Centre KARATE CLASS  6-7 pm, at the Little Schoolhouse LIONS DEN MEETING  7 pm, 2nd & 4th Wed of the month 4440 5th St. Contact: Gary 250-767-3491

possible distractions. Come and learn more about this valuable life-saving item February 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Everyone Welcome. Donations accepted.

CENT. OKANAGAN MODEL RAILWAY COMPANY GRP 7 pm, Peachland Museum THURSDAYS FITNESS ROOM  7:15 am-8 pm, Community Centre YOGA (FOUNDATIONS)  8am, 50+ Activity Centre STRETCH AND RELAX YOGA 9:15 am-10:15 am 4th St Place PEACHLAND UNITED CHURCH 9:30 am-3 pm, Bargain Bin TAI CHI FOR WELLNESS   9:30 am, Hosted by The Peachland Wellness Centre at the new location (Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69). Beginners and newcomers welcome BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT  10 am-12 pm, Peachland Wellness Centre. IRON & SILK  10:45 am, 50+ Activity Centre ACTIVE AGER  11-11:45 am, 4th St Place ROTARY CLUB OF PEACHLAND  12-1:30 pm, Gasthaus Restaurant. Everyone welcome AA  12 pm, 50+ Activity Centre ENERGY FOR WELLNESS  1:00-2:30 pm, Peachland Wellness Centre PICKLEBALL (3.75+)  1:00-3:00 pm, Community Centre UKULELE 1:15 pm, 50+ Activity Centre MEAT DRAW  4-5 pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69 BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB HEALTHY TEENS  (ages 13+) 4-7 pm MINI KICKERS SOCCER (REGISTERED ONLY)  4:30-5:15 pm HI-LO DANCE AEROBICS  5:30-6:30 pm, 4th St Place

PICKLEBALL DROP IN (ALL LEVELS) 5:45-7:45 pm, Community Centre YOGA ROULETTE   6:45 pm-7:45 pm Community Centre BINGO 6:45 pm (doors open 5:30 pm), 50+ Activity Centre FRIDAYS FITNESS ROOM  7:15 am-6 pm, Community Centre INDOOR WALKING 8-9 am, Community Centre 50+ FITNESS   9:15 am, 50+ Activity Centre FLOW YOGA  9-10 am, 4th Street Place THERAPEUTIC YOGA  10-11 am, Community Centre CAPC CREATIVE PLAYTIME  (0-6 yrs) 10 am-noon, Community Centre PEACHLAND UNITED CHURCH 9:30 am-3 pm, Bargain Bin MEN’S COFFEE & CRIB  10 - noon, Peachland Wellness Centre YOGA (BEGINNERS)  10:30 am, 50+ Activity Centre ART CLUB  12 pm, 50+ Activity Centre LADIES COFFEE & CRIB  1-2:45 pm, Peachland Wellness Centre PICKLEBALL (3.0-3.5)  1:00-3:00 pm, Community Centre CANASTA 1:00 pm 50+ Activity Centre LEGO TIME  3-4 pm, all ages, Peachland Library BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS TWEEN DROP IN  (ages 9-12) 4-8 pm

SATURDAYS PEACHLAND UNITED CHURCH 9:30 am-3 pm, Bargain Bin CARPET BOWLING 10 am, 50+ Activity Centre MEAT DRAW  3-5 pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69 BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS  Drop In (6-12 yrs) 1-4 pm, Youth Zone (ages 13+) 4 - 8 pm SUNDAYS SUNDAY BREAKFAST   8-11 am, Peachland Wellness. Except Long Weekends PEACHLAND UNITED SERVICE  10 am, United Church ST. MARGARET’S ANGLICAN CHURCH WORSHIP  10 am, St. Margaret’s Church EMMANUEL CHURCH WORSHIP SERVICE  10 am, Emmanuel Church, Westbank PEACHLAND BAPTIST SERVICE  10:30 am, fellowship 11:30 am, 4204 Lake Ave. CARPET BOWLING  10 am, 50+ Activity Centre THE PEACHLAND WALKING CLUB   1 pm, for details visit UKELELE  1: 15 pm. 50+ Activity Centre MEAT DRAW  2-4 pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69 PEACHLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH  Sunday worship at 2 pm, Meeting at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

Family Day Closure

We are closed Monday Feb 12 and re-open on Tuesday Feb 13


FEBRUARY 9, 2018



. . . from Page 2 The Liberals were defeated in the general election though so all options are back on the table. When reached for comment, local MLA Dan Ashton said that since Highway 97 Transportation Study is a major issue throughout the entire region, he’ll be “putting the bug” in the ear of Andrew Wilkinson – the man who just became the new leader of the BC Liberal Party earlier this week. “I know its an important issue for Peachland and will make sure it’s raised front and centre,” Ashton said. “An adequate transportation system is needed for ensuring growth of Interior.”

During the BC Liberal leadership race that just concluded last weekend – which involved several heavyweight candidates – Ashton stayed neutral. “There were six real good candidates and it was a close race,” he said. “It’s important to note that no single candidate ran away with all the support. Other than a bit of bickering during leadership race, we’re all working together for all British Columbians.” With so much political representation coming out of the Lower Mainland, Ashton likes how Wilkinson was raised in the Interior. Ashton says he already has a very

good working relationship with his new boss, and that he’s “the most down to earth person.” As fiscally responsible politicians with large social consciences, “We think alike,” Ashton said. Back to the NDP. Last week, Horgan was in the nearby riding of Kelowna West to campaign for NDP candidate Shelley Cook, who’s running in a byelection against former Liberal MLA Ben Stewart. It’s a riding that’s only ever been won by the Liberals, and by wide margins. But during the rally at her campaign office, Cook said she’s feeling optimistic about her chances this time. Horgan joked that

Six-storey development scotched in Summerland

during a recent trip to Asia, he visited Stewart’s old office in Beijing. Horgan was referring to a $150,000-per-year office job that Stewart was awarded after he stepped down as MLA so that Christy Clark could effortlessly snatch up his seat. Also last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “That (Kinder Morgan) pipeline is going to get built.” That butts his head up against Horgan’s, who campaigned on making sure the pipeline doesn’t get twinned. Even though he feels the project isn’t in the interests of British Columbians, Horgan says some people have suggested that he can’t stop it from happening. “Well yes I can,” he said defiantly. Kelowna West voters go to the polls on Valentine’s Day.

VIEW STAFF Summerland council voted 5–2 against a controversial senior’s housing development. The Banks Crescent development would have seen a 415-unit, five six-storey buildings overlooking Okanagan Lake. Residents expressed concerns over the development being too big; too dense; in the wrong location; the loss of ALR land; and

$1,000 bursaries for students VIEW STAFF

year. It’s pretty easy to qualify – applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 24, and entering or returning to full-time college or university (with classes starting between Sept. 2018 and Aug. 2019). Students are only eligible to be awarded the bursary one time. The application can be found at

Students from Peachland are eligible for $1,000 bursaries as part of a promotion through a regional credit union. The bursary is available to students throughout the Okanagan. Last year, six Peachland students received it, and the bank is ready to give away another 500 this




Spirit of Peachland Civic Awards

environmental impacts it could have on the Summerland Trout Hatchery and local aquifer. Coun. Doug Holmes said a 30-unit condo is the largest Summerland has ever approved in the past, so the construction of 415 units would “be like going from peewee hockey to the NHL.” Holmes, along with Coun. Toni Boot, didn’t like how the condos seem like they would cater to a high-end, exclusive clientele.



Nominations are now open for the Spirit of Peachland Civic Awards. The deadline for nominations is Friday March 9th. Nomination forms and details on the award categories can be found online at The awards honour individuals and organizations for outstanding contributions and achievements in 2017.



K E E W DEALS of the

sports, arts, culture, community service and more)

v Wedding Anniversary (Peachland Residents celebrating 50,


February 8–14, 20


Nomination categories include:

v Citizen of the Year v Youth Citizen of the Year v Unsung Hero v Lifetime Services v Peachland Excellence Awards (recognizing achievements in






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Liquid Soy Seasoning

Lean Ground Beef

60, or 70th wedding anniversary)

SAVE 44%

v Freedom of the Municipality (Peachland Residents who have

reached their 100th birthday or to residents who have lived in Peachland for more than 75 years)

Finalists and award recipients will be honoured Friday, May 4th at the Peachland Community Centre and District Office. Completed packages can be returned:



v by email to


v to the District Office (5806 Beach Ave)

Carbonated Natural Mineral Water

v to the Community Centre (4450 6th Street) For more information visit or call 250-767-2133.


1 1200

each 12 pk


Energy Bars

750 ml

Product availability may vary by location.


Where Your Safety is our Priority

modern engine diagnostics • brakes • shocks & struts • tires • wheel aligNments • oil changes • suspension • air conditioning • imports & domestic

Full Automotive Service & Repairs

locally owned and operated

250.767.6615 5866A Beach Avenue, on the corner of 1st & Beach Ave., Peachland

Full Automotive Service & Repairs

lIcensed technician on duty OPEN HOUSE Sun Feb 11, 11 am-1 pm

February 9, 2018 page 12


Are you buy looking to ? a property e Check her weekly!

6029 Turner Ave

Wondering what your home is worth? I can easily find out. CALL ME :)

Private Lakeshore Estate $3,800,000 Craftsman home with 6 bedrooms MLS 10133160




Call Debra Kelly

C: 250.864.6891

Larry Guilbault

5878E Beach Avenue Peachland, BC VOH 1X7

2017 Real Estate Report

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New Listing!


Host: Kathleen Stang Phone: 250-801-2054 Sunday Feb 11 & Monday Feb 12 1:00 - 3:00 pm

116-3533 Carrington Rd - Enjoy living this 2 bed / 2 bath

ground level condo in Aria. Perfect place to call home or a great investment property. Offers granite counters, s/s appliances and fireplace. Only steps to Two Eagles Golf Course and minutes to Okanagan Lake, wineries and all amenities. MLS®10149939

241-5165 Trepanier Bench Rd



Okanagan lake views so close you’ll feel like you can dive in off the balcony! The lakeview foyer leads to a great room with gas f/p, hardwood, expansive windows & opening to the dining area. Room for a full-sized table and feat. glass doors to the main balcony. Cherry stained kitchen has granite, ss appliances & great functionality. Pantry & laundry lead off the kitchen to the dble gar. Panoramic views from lavish master with private balcony, an ensuite with 2-person soaker tub, double vanity, water closet & lge closet. Downstairs is a large rec room, family room and balcony to enjoy the same vistas, along with a large bedroom with cheater ensuite, wine room & unfinished storage. MLS#10146164



MLS®10148592 1506-1075 Sunset Drive, Kelowna


LUXURY WATERSCAPES SKY TOWER CONDO, in the heart of Kelowna’s cultural district! This bright and beautiful 2 bedroom Corner Unit features floor to ceiling windows and unobstructed panoramic views of the lake and city. Live above the city, just steps to the waterfront, galleries, theatres, bird sanctuary, restaurants and shopping. The suite features upgraded appliances, travertine tile, electric fireplace, as well as two storage units and so much more! The Waterscapes “Cascade Club” amenities building features pool, hot tubs, fitness centre, entertainment room and pool tables. This beautiful development is pet and rental friendly and includes guest suites, a putting green and secure underground parking.



are ATCH also an e ES xtra

ls ecia p S e ntin xtra Vale re an e a FF



Look no further, this rancher with basement has it all. The main floor has 3 bedrooms, where one could be a den, freshly painted, many upgrades and very clean throughout, new roof, partial lakeview and spacious yard. The lower level has a self contained two bedroom suite, full kitchen , bath with separate entrance.

15 %O



Some of our Valentine Specials include...

Specialist in

• Jewellery Manufacture & Repair • Insurance Claim & Appraisals • Custom Designs & Engraving • Time Piece Servicing

View all of our “Last Chance” Valentine Specials online at

2477 Main Street • West Kelowna BC V4T 1K5 • 250.768.7353 • 1.800.406.3666 •

The view feb 6  
The view feb 6