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September 10, 2010 Peachland, BC

Volume 06 | Number 36

It was all smiling faces on the ride home from the first day of school for these students at Peachland Elementary. Shown from left to right are Lucas Kennedy and Ross Reid in the far back, Cole Sicociello, Keehan Photo Constance Roth Kleineberg and Josh Jamrich in the centre, and Kirstin Hamilton, Kayley Hamilton, Julia Ingram and Kersty Ensign in the front.

Gravel pit rally to coincide with Peachland Fall Fair By Joanne Layh As Peachland celebrates the harvest season with the annual Fall Fair this weekend, a group from the Lower Mainland will arrive in town to stage an antigravel pit rally in an unusual bid to thank Peachland for its stand over the gravel pit. In July, Peachland issued a stop work order for the McDougald Road gravel pit and when the owners didn’t comply with district bylaws, council boldly agreed to seek a court injunction. Work has since ceased, but the issue is far from resolved. Walter Neufeld, a rally organizer from Abbotsford, says that while other communities such as Abbotsford have similar bylaws, unlike Peachland, they

choose not to enforce them. “The community of Peachland and the mayor and council stood up and said that they were going to enforce the Peachland bylaw and we think the mayor and council are superheroes for that,” Neufeld told the View in a telephone interview. Neufeld says the people coming to Peachland represent a variety of groups (such as the Friends of the Chilliwack River Valley) from a number of different communities including Abbotsford, Mission, Lake Errock, Chilliwack, Pitt Meadows, Texada Island and Kelowna. Neufeld manages a development company operating in BC and in Alberta and says he has been a critic of the provincial gov-

ernment’s Mines Act for about 12 years. Ultimately, the goal of the rally group is to see reforms to the Mines Act. “The Mines Act is about 150 years old. It was a frontier act designed to explore the frontier and exploit it. Obviously, things have changed quite a bit since then. Yet some of the onerous parts of that act are still in effect. While we understand that gold mining and a lot of mineral mining issues are probably best governed by the mines act, gravel mining should not be governed by the mines act, it should be controlled by local communities,” Neufeld told the View. The group’s focus on the Mines Act has Mayor Fielding distancing the municipality from

the rally. “I have learned, though I’ve attempted to discourage this, that a group from the Lower Mainland around the Fraser Valley want to stage a demonstration in Peachland to thank Peachland for its stand over the issue of the gravel pit. I honestly don’t see this as helpful because the way that it is presented to us is that they want to thank us for insisting that the Ministry support our bylaw, when in fact, that is not what our current fight is. Our current fight is to ensure that the owners respect our bylaws,” Mayor Fielding said at Tuesday’s council meeting. The mayor was also unimpressed with the timing of the rally. “To do it on the occasion of the Fall Fair I

think is inappropriate. It distracts from our efforts to deal with the larger issues, through UBCM [Union of British Columbia Municipalities], through our collaborative work with other municipalities and through our participation on the aggregate pilot project,” Mayor Fielding said. Organizers of the Peachland Fall Fair were previously unaware of the rally plans but seemed unruffled by the news. They’re just excited that the fair is fi nally approaching. “All the local talent in so many different areas will be on display. Plus, look for Olympic theme decorated items in the junior baking area. It’ll be special,” Fall Fair section head Martha Jenkins said. The rally will be

staged at the gazebo area of Heritage Park at noon on Saturday, September 11, about an hour before doors open for the Fall Fair. The Peachland Fall Fair takes place at the Peachland Community Centre on Saturday, September 11 from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday, September 12 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Jenkins wants to remind Peachlanders that it is not too late to submit entries. Entries will be accepted on Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The awards ceremony takes place at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. Jenkins says they always get good turnouts and is not bothered about the rally taking place at the same time. “The rally people are cordially invited as soon as they able,” Jenkins said.

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September 10, 2010

The Peachland View

Council supports Primary School work and bat grant application By Joanne Layh

A referendum about the future of the Primary School was just barely diverted by Peachland council last Tuesday. A majority were in favour of a referendum question in the upcoming byelection at the Tuesday morning Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting, but an additional councillor in attendance and two reversals in opinion quashed that notion at the evening council meeting. Instead, council voted in support of an amendment to the first phase of restoration of the Primary School that would allow further progress. The first phase of restoration work includes: • Removal of asbestos and bat guano; • New insulation in-


stalled in the attic; • Removal and hauling of exterior stucco; • Preparation and painting of exterior siding; and • A maximum budget of $75,000. The majority of this work had already been approved by council, though the removal and disposal of the exterior stucco, originally intended to be completed by volunteers, will now be undertaken by professionals as Work Safe BC guidelines suggest the work is too dangerous for volunteer help. In addition to the renovation work, council also agreed to apply for a Public Conservation Assistance Fund grant that would provide $4,500 for materials and equipment to be used for public edu-



cation and conservation of the large colony in the school’s attic. The public education component would include information brochures as well as remote cameras in the attic that display bat activities in real time on monitors. Councillor Schierbeck expressed concerns about preserving the colony in the attic, but biologist Tanya Luszcz suggested that public risk would be higher if the bats were displaced. Bat boxes could be constructed, but there is no guarantee the bats would use them. Likely, the colony would split apart and try to take up residence in various downtown area homes if they were excluded from the attic, the bat expert said. Echoing the sentiments of Ministry of Environment biologist Aaron Reid, who visited the colony in August, Luszcz says both the community and the bats would be better off if the colony were left where they are. “You cannot eliminate


risk from anything. There is always going to be a degree of risk but you can choose to manage that risk and say, ‘the benefits of having a 2,000 bat colony eating insects nightly every summer is better than [not preserving that colony],’� Luszcz said. In addition, Luszcz also said that the bats are also a dead end for the West Nile virus, which made an appearance in the Okanagan this summer. Luszcz says that the maintenance cost would be minimal. “Basically the cost annually would be however many hours of the workers time sweeping it up, bagging it and bringing it out,� she said. Two representatives from Interior Health were also in attendance at the COTW meeting. Interior Health is not yet prepared to comment on the health concerns related to the bat colony, but their initial responses suggested that the organization looks favourably upon preserving the colony in the Primary School.


by Joanne Layh

No smoking at Swim Bay and the Heritage Park playground “Please do not smoke. Children at play.� This (or something similar) will be the message on signs to be posted at Swim Bay and the Heritage Park playground, council decided this week. Back in August, Councillor Bell raised concerns about the health risks to children posed by smokers at Swim Bay and Heritage Park. Council agreed to post no smoking signs, though some councillors had reservations about the idea. “We want to attract people to Peachland and some of them are smokers,� Councillor Fraser said on August 11. Chief administrative officer Elsie Lemke said that Penticton has recently taken a similar approach by introducing no smoking signage rather than a bylaw.

Three bus shelters for Peachland Peachland council ap-

proved the recommendation to support a transit infrastructure funding agreement that will provide the District of Peachland with $70,000 for the construction of three bus shelters. Two of the stops will have concrete pads, benches, garbage and shelters for $20,000 each. A third stop is tentatively slated to go on the highway with a pull out near IGA. The grant money requires no contribution from the municipality as the funding was secured from the public transit infrastructure program. The district will consult with the school bus drivers before finalizing the locations of the stops.

Campfire ban lifted Peachland fire chief Grant Topham has lifted the campfire ban in Peachland, effective Wednesday, September 8. Campfires will be allowed with a permit available from Peachland Fire and Rescue Service during regular business hours. Campfire bans were lifted throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre on August 30 but remained in Peachland until a rainfall reduced risks to an acceptable level.

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Hear about the Future of Downtown Peachland Over the past year residents of Peachland have worked together to create a Sustainable Downtown Peachland Plan. All interested Peachland residents have an opportunity to hear about the results of this work.

What: When:

Sustainable Downtown Peachland Plan Presentation Thursday, September 16 2010 Repeat sessions at 3-4 pm and 5-6 pm Where: Peachland Council Chambers 4450 6th Street, Peachland, BC

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September 10, 2010

The Peachland View


Blitz sends the message to speeders By Joanne Layh As part of the speed watch program, Peachland Community Policing, in conjunction with RCMP, conducted a blitz early last Friday morning to slow down long weekend speeders. In total, four tickets, three warnings and one notice were issued by RCMP during the blitz. Speed watch volunteers from Kelowna, West Kelowna and Lake Country came to Peach-

land to join the blitz. The operation involved four speed watch set-ups, each with two volunteers and an RCMP officer. The volunteers set up next to a speed board, with an RCMP officer positioned further ahead to provide enforcement. The teams recorded these results during the two-hour blitz: • 5,237 cars checked; • 2,487 cars at or below the speed limit; • 2,084 cars travelling

up to 10 km over the speed limit; • 617 cars travelling up to 20 km over the speed limit; • 59 cars travelling more than 20 km over the speed limit; and • The fastest vehicle speed was 109 km per hour in a 70 km per hour zone. Citizens patrol and speed watch president Bill Guthrie says everything went off perfectly. “We are just thrilled

with the volunteers that came from the other communities with their equipment to help out in the blitz and the officers from West Kelowna that came and joined in,� Guthrie said, adding, “We’re not out there to write a lot of tickets. We’re out there to slow the traffic down and remind them that this is a 70 km per hour zone and this is how fast they’re going and let them slow down on their own. But if they don’t, every once

The speed watch team with RCMP enforcement. Photo Constance Roth

in a while they need a ticket.� RCMP Staff Sgt. Duncan Dixon says the event

“sends a pretty good message to all the people that were travelling through there at that time.�

Bail Mayor Fielding from the Gasthaus! By Joanne Layh Shortly after this paper arrives in your postbox, Peachland Mayor, Keith Fielding, will be arrested at the municipal hall and jailed at the Gasthaus as part of the annual Cops for Kids fundraising event. Be at the Gasthaus at 11 a.m. on Friday, September 10 to bail out Mayor Fielding and contribute to a worthy cause. Residents and businesses have about an hour to offer bail money before the cops roll into town on bicycles to free the mayor. Peachland generosity will be put to the test in a mayor’s challenge to see which community can post the most bail to spring their mayor from the slammer. The mayor that has raised the most bail money will win a Cops for Kids jersey and a print from renowned

artist Alex Fong. “I’m not going to be allowed out until people raise money to free me,� Fielding announced at the last council meeting, “Please bail me out if you can.� The Cops for Kids Charitable Foundation raises funds to help support children, who endure mental, physical and emotional crisis in the Southern Interior of BC. Police say that over the past ten years, Cops for Kids has raised over $1.2 million dollars in support of these children. The main fundraiser of the year is the 10-day Cops for Kids ride through the Okanagan and Kootenay regions each September. In addition to the funds that are raised in each community, riders are challenged to raise $2,000 from their own communities. For more information visit

Applications Accepted The Peachland Wellness Centre, a non-profit organization, is accepting applications for the 2010-2011 Board of Directors to be elected at the AGM in October, 2010. Interested parties should phone PWC at 250-767-0141 for an interview time. Please bring resume´ to the interview. The PWC strives to address the wellness of the community and provides programs and services to benefit individuals and the community at large.





Public Notice of Property Tax Sale Pursuant to Section 405 of the Local Government Act, notice is hereby given that the following properties will be subject to TAX SALE unless Delinquent Taxes, together with interest are sooner paid. The 2010 TAX SALE will be conducted in Council Chambers of the District of Peachland, 4450 6th Street at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, September 27, 2010.

Legal Description

Civic Address

Roll # 318-02031.242 Manufactured Home Reg. #23910, Bay #24

#24-6663 Highway 97

Roll# 318-02031.332 Manufactured Home Reg. #8626, Bay #33

#33-6663 Highway 97

Roll# 318-02061.391 Manufactured Home Reg. #56803, Bay #39

#39-5371 Princeton Avenue

Roll# 318-10002.890 Lot 6, Plan Number: 19801; DL 220

4306 1st Avenue

Roll# 318-10045.098 Lot 5, Plan Number: KAP44215; DL 449

5283 Sutherland Road

Roll# 318-10059.710 Lot 1, Block: 31; Plan Number: 125; DL 490

5968 Highway 97 S

Roll# 318-10060.420 Lot 2, Plan Number: 20489; DL 490

5839 MacGregor Road

Roll# 318-10060.530 Lot A, Plan Number: 21421; DL 490

5944 Highway 97 S

Roll# 318-10060.540 Lot B, Plan Number: 21421; DL 490

5948 Highway 97

Roll #318-10098.380 Lot 3, Plan Number: 9587; DL 1183

4672 Princeton Avenue

Douglas F. Pryde, C.G.A. Director of Finance

Notice of Cancellation of Public Hearing For the Ponderosa/Pincushon Ridge Master Development Plan A Public Hearing was scheduled to be held on September 21, 2010 at Regular Council Meeting. This meeting has now been CANCELLED. Please be advised to watch for further Public Hearing notiďŹ cation at a future date.


September 10, 2010

The Peachland View

Peachland Views Not happy with ticket Dear Editor, I wish to thank Mr. Zimmerman for his column on vehicle stopping rules. This is very timely. On August 21, our son and daughter-in-law put their boat in the water for the first time this year. They do this only two or three times annually as they live in the Vancouver area. They customarily use the boat ramp in town because of the easy access. On this occasion the boat was launched and the vehicle and trailer were parked in the usual spot across the street. The temporary single sign prohibiting such parking was not noticed until walking back to the boat ramp. The nearest parking was now beyond Bliss Bakery. Beach Avenue construction, now and in the future, appears to effectively eliminate any of the usual parking locations for boaters using this access. With everyone anxiously waiting in the boat, a decision was made to leave the vehicle and attached trailer. Dave properly issued a $50 summons during our two-hour absence. On Sunday the 22nd, while attending the Country Music Gala at Heritage Park, I noticed Dave and the bylaw enforcement vehicle trolling Beach Avenue and surrounding side streets several times for parking violators and other infractions. Just before the music concluded, I walked to my vehicle and exited the town via the back lanes. Adjacent to TNI, there was the bylaw vehicle, squeezed into a narrow end spot of the parking lot behind Edward Jones, with the rear of the vehicle extending well into the lane roadway. I had to be careful in passing between Dave’s pick-up and the lane sign marker. Convenient place to park? Yes. Very close to the music event? Absolutely. Come on Dave, play fair. Stroke yourself one of those $50 tickets, or at least remove the bylaw signs from the vehicle. Then maybe next time, no one will know. To be fair, here are a few suggestions: 1. Close the downtown boat ramp on weekends, as is done during weekday construction. There is no proper or legal place to park the tow vehicle anyway. This removes any temptation or error in leaving a vehicle or trailer nearby. 2. If parking is not to be provided for boaters following the Beach Avenue work, perhaps the boat launch access should close permanently. A boat launch without attendant nearby vehicle parking is useless. 3. If the boat launch is to remain open now or in the future, may I suggest permanent additional signage in conspicuous locations in the areas surrounding the boat launch? All municipal signage should include the applicable bylaw references. Yours truly, Robert Phillips

Westside Residential Waste Disposal & Recycling Centre The NEW facility offers the same convenient residential waste disposal and recycling services at the landfill property on Asquith Road (off Shannon Lake Rd).

Days of Operation – NOW OPEN every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm (closed Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) You may still drop off residential garbage, metals and white goods and residential wood waste for fees based on the amount for disposal. We also continue to accept without charge, up to 250 kg. of residential yard waste. Recyclables and unwanted reusable items may be dropped off seven days a week. More information? Visit or call 250-768-7110. Combat Illegal Dumping! Report violations and sites – 250-469-6250

Constance Roth Publisher/Sales Manager

Joanne Layh Associate Publisher/Editor

Melodie Conzatti Production Artist

Susan Elson Accountant

Are citizens supporting more spending or less?

 WEEKLY COMMENTARY BILL BARISOFF, MLA Recently I wrote about the roughly 9,400 citizens living in this riding who took the time to sign the petition opposing the HST. I believe that this is a significant amount of people who ultimately are opposing a tax that was inadequately introduced, and in many cases will cost them more money. The fact that BC personal income taxes have been reduced far more than any increase the HST might result in, is a fact that few fi nd comfort in. Most citizens and certainly many of those who signed the anti-HST petition that I have heard from support decreased taxation and are not in favour of a tax increase. I would be remiss if I did not notice this trend occurring in local government as well, where recent alternative approval petitions have been successfully completed in the communities of Peachland, Summerland, and most recently, Okanagan Falls. In each of these situations a community-wide referendum was the result of the AAP petition

successfully meeting the required signature threshold. For Peachland, the communitywide referendum resulted in a similar pattern to the AAP where the proposed project and the related borrowing were not supported by the majority. In Summerland and Okanagan Falls the communitywide referendums have yet to occur but I believe it is important that we all observe theses results very closely. Are citizen’s supporting more services, spending and related taxation or less? It is also important that we look at the other side of this issue. As an example, it was not so many years ago that Okanagan College was facing a serious decline in enrollment to the extent that some suggested the Penticton campus might have been closed. Today, we have a world-class expansion taking place and new program offerings that have resulted in record attendance increases. However, these expansions do not come cheaply. Literally tens of millions of your tax dollars have been invested in creating new post secondary opportunities for our children. I know we have many residents locally who recognize the value and importance of investing in education. Over the years the need for a supportive housing facility to help our communities most vulnerable and at risk was also identified as a resource that our region

was in need of. Today, we have the Skaha Sunrise facility to help our fellow citizens get back on track again. It is a much-needed facility, but again, required millions of your tax dollars to help create. If you have not yet had a chance to visit our beautiful new Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park, you are indeed missing out on a true jewel in the Okanagan. This park is another legacy asset for our region, but again it also carried a price tag in the millions. There are many more projects and investments in community centers, seniors affordable housing, road rehabilitation projects, water quality improvement spending, new school playgrounds and new schools. These projects represent over a hundred million in new spending and that is only in our region. Social programs, education, parks, infrastructure and health care all require significant tax dollars to support. We must also not lose sight of the fact that often our tax dollars are being invested not just in our future, but the future of our children and our grandchildren. While I believe it is important to always challenge all levels of government on the subject of taxation, I also believe that as citizens we also have a responsibility to be aware of the costs required to fund the very services we depend on.

The Peachland View welcomes letters expressing your opinion regarding news and events in Peachland. Please keep your letter to less than 350 words. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity, brevity, or legal purposes. Published letters are the opinion of the writers only and do not reflect the opinions of this newspaper, its publisher or staff. All letters must be signed and include a telephone number for verification. Anonymous letters will not be printed. You can email your letters to: fax them to: 250-767-3337 or mail them to: P.O. Box 1150 Peachland, B.C. V0H 1X0

September 10, 2010

The Peachland View


Peachland Views

Boat vs. Kayak

“It was just an accident,” “I couldn’t see you,” “So it’s not my fault that I hit you”. When do these comments absolve someone of negligence in a car accident? Never! They also don’t absolve anyone of negligence in the event of a boating collision. The Criminal Code of Canada is one of the enforcement tools that support the Canada Shipping Act 2001, Navigable Waterways, and Collision Regulations. Hold people accountable for their negligence. Stop the carnage on our lake. Barrie Hewer, Peachland resident

The bats are alright Good day, We are fortunate to have a property in Peachland. On August 21 we had the pleasure of dinning with a little brown bat. He/she had decided that our patio umbrella was a good place to spend the day. It was a cooler day so we did not put up the umbrella during the day. What I did notice at lunch was some sort of droppings on the table. My husband dismissed them, but I thought they looked like mice droppings. How would a mouse get onto a 10-foot high deck? Anyway, when we opened the umbrella to set the table for dinner the little brown bat scurried across the umbrella and hung on the edge. We sat down and dined with him/her and when it was dark enough the bat quickly flew off into the night. What an amazing night! If these little creatures have found a home in Peachland, I agree with Richard Smith (July 31 issue): let’s embrace them and keep them as part of the Peachland community. Hazel Mountford, Airdrie, Alberta and Peachland, BC





















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Peachland Centre Mall


September 10, 2010

The Peachland View

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Your Guide To Local Events & Activities FEATURED EVENTS

Harvest Celebration Concert at Working Horse Winery with world renowned Harp Guitarist Jason Carter, Sunday, Sept. 12. $55 per person, includes concert, a glass of wine or organic beer and tapas. Doors open at 5:30 pm concert at 7 pm. Limited seating, reservations only. 250-4485007 Choral Singing is healthy! The Peachland Variety Singers will be starting the new season on Monday, Sept. 13 at 9:30 am at the 50+ Activity Centre. The winter concert will be Dec. 12. More info.250-767-2132. Many Hats Theatre Company presents: A.R. Gurney’s hit comedy “Sylvia.” September 9 to October 2. Tickets, $19 and $17 for seniors/students. For tickets call 250-493-4055. Westsyde Squares Dance Club

New dancer sessions in modern square dancing weekly starting Thursday, September 16. First night is free, 7 - 9 pm at Westbank United Church Hall. More info. 250-7690927, or www. Peachland Ambassador Pageant Weekend with Visiting Royalty from across the Province is Friday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 pm. More info. at Peachland Ambassadors Coronation & Awards Ceremony Saturday, Septmber 18 at 7 pm. Tickets are $10 - Adults & $5 12 & under. More info. at Okanagan Regional Library - Autumn Children’s Programs in Peachland Preschool Storytime



Sunshine Singers Jerry Dober Sunday Breakfast Program: 8-11 am at Peachland Wellness Centre. $5.75 for a full breakfast. More info. 250-767-0141.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly at 50+ Activity Centre: 9:30 am. For info. call 1-8009328677 or Doreen at 250-767-2132.

Carpet Bowling at 50+ Activity Centre: 10 am

Variety Singers at 50+ Activity Centre: 9:45 am

Tai Chi for Wellness: 6 pm. Continuing students at United Church Hall.

Peachland Farmers and Crafters Market: 10 am2 pm at the Heritage Park.


TaiChi at 50+ Activity Ce ntre: noon Quilting at 50+ Activity Centre: 1 pm

ist wL

Wood Carving at 50+ Activity Centre: 7 pm


TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14 AA at Noon at the 50+ Activity Centre : noon

Computer Literacy: No exp. needed, Wellness Centre 10 am - noon Peachland Bridge Club at 50+ Activity Centre: 7 pm. Call Eva at 250767-6407.

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SEPTEMBER 20 Take Off Pounds Sensibly at 50+ Activity Centre: 9:30 am. For information call 1-800-9328677 or Doreen at 250-767-2132

Carpet Bowling at 50+ Activity Centre: 10 am

Variety Singers at 50+ Activity Centre: 9:45 am

Tai Chi for Wellness: 6 pm. Continuing students at United Church Hall.

Peachland Farmers and Crafters Market: 10 am2 pm at the Heritage Park

TaiChi at 50+ Activity Ce ntre: noon

Wood Carving at 50+ Activity Centre: 7 pm

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Sunshine Singers Jerry Dober Sunday Breakfast Program: 8-11 am at Peachland Wellness Centre. $5.75 for a full breakfast. More info. 250-767-0141.

Quilting at 50+ Activity Centre: 1 pm

Luxury at Lakeshore Gardens!

(3-5 yrs.) Thursdays at 11:30 - 12 pm, Sept. 23 - Dec. 16, Excluding November 11. Come join them for fun with stories, songs, puppets, fingerplays & more. Drop-in, no registration required. The program is free. More info. at 250-767-9111 or www.orl. Peachland Baptist Church Friends in the Park Sunday, September 26 at Cousins Park at 11 am. Fun & fellowship with song & skits followed by a free lunch, concluding with races, relays, face painting, animal balloons & prizes. Bring a lawn chair. (At Peachland Community Centre if raining.) More info. 250767-9232.

SEPTEMBER 21 AA at Noon at the 50+ Activity Centre : noon

Computer Literacy: No exp. needed, Wellness Centre 10 am - noon Peachland Bridge Club at 50+ Activity Centre: 7 pm. Call Eva at 250767-6407




Waterfront Grill and Pizzeria - Live entertainment. Call 250-767-3255 for a reservation.

Royal Canadian Legion: Meat Draw 1500 - 1700 hrs.

Adult Daybreak (Int. Health) at 50+ Activity Centre:9 am

Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan- Parks Services interpreters will be on hand each weekend from noon to 4 pm to provide information on nature at work. Call 250-4696339 for info.

Royal Canadian Legion; Gypsy Butterfly featuring Carly. No cover charge. Royal Canadian Legion; Birthday suppers, call 250-767-9100 for info.

Carpet Bowling at 50+ Activity Centre: 10 am

Royal Canadian Legion Fish & Chip Dinner Price $6.50. Entertainment by The Gypsy Butterfly 1930 hrs. Guests welcome.

Sunshine Singers Meets every Wednesday beginning September 15 at 1:30 pm at the Peachland Wellness Centre. Everyone welcome.





Chess at 50+ Activity Centre: 1 pm. Experienced & beginners.

Line Dancing at 50+ Centre: 9 - 10:30 am

Waterfront Grill and Pizzeria - Live entertainment. Call 250-767-3255 for a reservation.

Royal Canadian Legion: Meat Draw 1500 - 1700 hrs.

Adult Daybreak (Int. Health) at 50+ Activity Centre: 9 am Yoga at 50+ Activity Centre: 1:30 pm Central Okanagan Model Railway Company: Group meets at 7 pm at the Peachland Museum. Contact Dave at 250-7672409 or visit http://www. Royal Canadian Legion Executive Meeting: 1900 hrs. Peachland Baptist Church Gym night: for children grades 2-6 at Peachland Community Center from 7-8:15 pm. No charge. More info. 250-767-9232

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Tai Chi for Wellness: 9:30 am. Continuing students 10 am at the United Church Hall Bereavement Support Group at the Wellness Centre: 10 – 11:30 am AA at Noon at the 50+ Activity Centre: noon Bingo at 50+ Centre: 6:45 pm Iron & Silk Exercise at 50+ Activity Centre: 11 am

Sunshine Singers: 1:30 pm at the Wellness Centre. All are welcome.




Adult Daybreak (Int. Health) at 50+ Activity Centre: 9 am Yoga at 50+ Activity Centre: 1:30 pm Central Okanagan Model Railway Company: Group meets at 7 pm at the Peachland Museum. Contact Dave at 250-7672409 or visit http://www. Royal Canadian Legion Executive Meeting: 1900 hrs. Peachland Baptist Church Gym night: for children grades 2-6 at Peachland Community Center from 7-8:15 pm. No charge. More info. 250-767-9232

Royal Canadian Legion Fish & Chip Dinner Price $6.50. Entertainment by The Gypsy Butterfly 1930 hrs. Guests welcome. Royal Canadian Legion; Karaoke with Anita. 1930 hrs.

Carpet Bowling at 50+ Activity Centre: 10 am Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan- Parks Services interpreters will be on hand each weekend from noon to 4 pm to provide information on nature at work. Call 250-4696339 for info.

Waterfront Grill and Pizzeria - Live entertainment. Call 250-767-3255 for a reservation. The Peachland Sowers and Growers - Meet at 7 pm at the Little Schoolhouse. Fall garden checklist, seed exchange & sharing of garden stories. Everyone welcome.

Chess at 50+ Activity Centre: 1 pm. Experienced & beginners.

Adult Daybreak (Int. Health) at 50+ Activity Centre:9 am

SEPTEMBER 23 Line Dancing at 50+ Centre: 9 - 10:30 am Tai Chi for Wellness: 9:30 am. Continuing students 10 am at the United Church Hall Bereavement Support Group at the Wellness Centre: 10 – 11:30 am AA at Noon at the 50+ Activity Centre: noon Bingo at 50+ Centre: 6:45 pm

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24 Royal Canadian Legion Fish & Chip Dinner Price $6.50. Entertainment by The Gypsy Butterfly 1930 hrs. Guests welcome. Waterfront Grill and Pizzeria - Live entertainment. Call 250-767-3255 for a reservation Adult Daybreak (Int. Health) at 50+ Activity Centre:9 am

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25 Royal Canadian Legion: Meat Draw 1500 - 1700 hrs. Carpet Bowling at 50+ Activity Centre: 10 am Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan- Parks Services interpreters will be on hand each weekend from noon to 4 pm to provide information on nature at work. Call 250-4696339 for info.

Iron & Silk Exercise at 50+ Activity Centre: 11 am Waterfront Grill and Pizzeria - Live entertainment. Call 250-767-3255 for a reservation.

Sunshine Singers: 1:30 pm at the Wellness Centre. All are welcome.

Would you like to feature your event in the Peachland View’s weekly Calendar of Events? Please call 250.767.7771 or email

September 10, 2010

thaus on the Lak s a e G Baking | Bistro | Espresso | Catering Natural & Organic Ingredients Come Celebrate Oktoberfest With Us! At the Gateway, Beach & 13th Ave., Peachland


The Peachland View


Blind Angler Grill Pint of Beer $3.50

Pub & Restaurant


Bavarian Music by Al Pichler, Vancouver Fri., Sept. 10 - Sun., Sept. 12 Fri., Sept. 17 - Sun., Sept. 19


(250) 767-6625 5790 Beach Ave., Peachland

Bathing Suits 25 - 40% Off â&#x20AC;˘ Bathing Suits â&#x20AC;˘Eeze Wear â&#x20AC;˘ Asian Creations â&#x20AC;˘Cruz wear â&#x20AC;˘Hats & Bags

Daily Oktoberfest Specials



5884B Beach Avenue Peachland




5834 Beach Avenue, Peachland 250.767.6666


The Happy Cow FREE Authentic European Pretzel with any purchase over $5

Cafe and Cater g in

50-5500 Clement Cres Next to the Fitness Club 250-767-3457

Come celebrate Oktoberfest with us! 5836 Beach Avenue, Peachland

250-767-9220 9:00 - 5:30 Monday - Saturday 12:00 - 4:00 Sunday

Entertainment Gasthaus On The Lake â&#x20AC;˘ Authentic German cuisine and ambiance â&#x20AC;˘ Bavarian music by Al Pichler, Vancouver, BC Friday, September 10 to Sunday, September 12 and Friday, September 17 to Sunday September 19

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69 â&#x20AC;˘ Friday, September 10 and Friday, September 17 local singer/songwriter Gypsy ButterďŹ&#x201A;y, Carly Thomas with Thomas Blackman & Lisa Kilgour

The Waterfront Grill

Ilse Winzer Licensed Real Estate Agent



250-767-4663 Kelowna - Westside

an independent member broker

Opening the right doors

â&#x20AC;˘ Friday, September 10 funky blues and ballads by Papa Thom â&#x20AC;˘ Thursday, September 16 light rock by Jimmy Leguilloux â&#x20AC;˘ Friday, September 17 Papa Thom return performance

Working Horse Winery & Organic Farm â&#x20AC;˘ Harvest Celebration Concert â&#x20AC;˘ World renowned Harp Guitarist Jason Carter â&#x20AC;˘ Sunday, September 13 5:30 pm Doors Open - 7:00 pm Concert â&#x20AC;˘ $55.00 per person includes concert, tapas, and a glass of wine or organic beer

Dave Collins, BA Econ E Licensed Property Manager 4437 3rd Street, Peachland p: 250-767-7771 e: w:

We hope everyone enjoys Oktoberfest!

Cell: 250-870-1444 Bus: 250-767-2744 View Local Rentals at:

â&#x20AC;˘ Limited seating; please reserve tickets; Phone 250448-5007

Community Events 91st Peachland Fall Fair at Peachland Community Centre â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, September 11 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm; OfďŹ cial Opening 2:30 pm â&#x20AC;˘ Sunday, September 12 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; Awards Ceremony 4:30 pm

Sidewalk Sales at Peachland Centre Mall and Downtown Peachland â&#x20AC;˘ Watch for great Oktoberfest savings on Saturday, September 11 and Saturday, September 17

Peachland Farmers & Crafters Market â&#x20AC;˘ Sunday, September 12 and Sunday, September 19 - 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Heritage Park

Open House at the Peachland Visitor Information Centre

enjoy Plum Kuchen & Coffee

More than Just Coffee

Peachland Ambassador Pageant â&#x20AC;˘ Friday, September 17 at Peachland Community Centre 7:30 pm; Speeches, Entertainment & Fashion Show â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, September 18 Peachland Community Centre 7:00 pm; Award Presentations & Coronation

Tours Deep Creek Estate Winery & Hainle Vineyards

Bratwurst & Beer $10.00 Burger, Pizza and Breakfast all day. Licenced | Patio Meet your friends here! 5866 Beach Ave. â&#x20AC;˘ 250-767-3020

Full Automotive Service and Repairs Family Owned and Operated â&#x20AC;&#x153;Trust the Pros at Tirelandâ&#x20AC;? 250-767-6615 on the corner of 1st and Beach, Peachland

â&#x20AC;˘ Daily tastings 11:00 am to 5:00 pm; Sample Walter Hubert's signature Zweigelt varietals

Hardy Falls, Spawing Kokanee â&#x20AC;˘ Parks Services interpreters 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Saturday, September 10 & Sunday, September 11 and Saturday, September 17 & Sunday, September 18

â&#x20AC;˘ Tuesday, September 14 - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm; You're invited to the newly renovated Visitor Information Centre, 5812 Beach Avenue, to

7 7


5860A Beach Avenue Dine in or take out


7KH 7 K

Daily D aiily Oktoberfest Food & Drink Specials! )LHJO(]L 96*2 

Peachland P each ea hlaan nd Johnston Joh hnsto stto on n Meier Agencies

Enjoy Oktoberfest activities for all ages! GenieBen Sie! 5878C Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC

1-877-767-2510 767-2500


250-767-1958 Peachland Centre Mall

5878 Beach Ave. 778-479-3009


September 10, 2010

The Peachland View


By Erin Boyes, District of Peachland

Primary School Revised Phase One Work Plan Council approved the revised work plan for the Phase One construction of the Primary School, which includes the removal of the asbestos and bat guano, installing new insulation in the attic, removing and hauling of the exterior stucco and the preparation and painting of the exterior siding. The construction budget is set at a maximum of $75,000. The removal of bat guano from the attic will not proceed until the district has received recommendations from Interior Health with respect to the project.


Water System Improvement Reserve Fund Transfer Bylaws Council gave First, Second and Third readings to Water System Improvements Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw No. 1961, and Reserve Fund Transfer Bylaws No.1962 and 1963. These bylaws will act in accordance with the 2010 Financial Plan and will amalgamate Water Systems One and Two.

Community Recreation Policy Amendment Council passed a resolution which will amend the Community Recreation Policy FIN-035 to remove pages from the policy which are operational in nature. This amendment will also allow staff the ability to update and manage the facility information sheets and rental contract as required without having to amend the policy.

Corporate Energy Management Report Council reviewed and received a report regarding Corporate Energy Management fi ndings and recommendations for implementation. This report will assist the dis-

Proud to meet your real estate needs in Peachland

Brenda Herrin

We Do it All...And We Do It Right!!

Council approved a Development Variance Application for the provision of varying height requirements of the Single Family Residential (R-1) zone at 4629 Ponderosa Drive. The total variance works out to an average of 4.4m (13.25 ft.).

Transit Infrastructure Funding Agreement

Council passed a resolution authorizing the corporate officer and mayor to execute the Kelowna Regional Transit Infrastructure and Improvements Agreement. This agreement will provide the district $70,000 for the construction of three bus shelters.

Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw

Council gave fi nal reconsideration and adopted Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw No. 1956. This bylaw regulates and requires the provision of works and services in respect to subdivision and development of land within the district.


• ICBC & Private Insurance Claims •From Small Dents to Large Collision Repair

Development Variance Application – 4629 Ponderosa Drive


• Free Estimates • Courtesy Vehicles • Lifetime Guarantee On All Collision Repairs

trict to adopt better energy management practices, which will assist in meeting green house gas reduction targets.

Brenda Herrin Realty 250-212-6745


• Windshield Replacement • Certified Technicians

Committed To Quality For Our Customers Owner/ Operator • Laurie Fisher • 5463A McDougald Rd.. Peachland, BC Ph: 767-2100 Fx: 767-2104



 OR  “Proudly Peachland Owned & Operated”

September 10, 2010

The Peachland View


Health Matters

Community Gardens – Growing Together By Laura Kalina, Community Nutritionist, Interior Health Jamie and her two small children happily pull carrots in a community garden close to her apartment. “I moved to the neighbourhood a few months ago and love the opportunity to grow my own food and meet new people,” says Jamie. Community gardens are attractive outdoor green spaces that are growing in popularity. Rooted in history, the fi rst community gardens in Canada (1890 – 1930) were known as railway gardens. Designed and maintained by the CPR, these gardens were located in town stations across the country as part of the pioneering spirit. Known as victory gardens during World War II, community gardens were encouraged by government to help bolster wartime supplies. Today in BC there are at least 200 gardens and

the list is rapidly increasing. Some communities, such as Kamloops, have incorporated the expansion of community gardens into the social plan. Typically, community gardens consist of pieces of land divided into smaller plots for local residents to grow their own produce. They are usually run by not-forprofit organizations in partnership with municipal governments. Encouraging community gardens is important in creating a sustainable local food system. They provide space and accessibility for aspiring gardeners who may not have the land or resources to grow affordable, fresh and seasonal food. The gardeners are largely responsible for organizing, maintaining and managing their own plots. In some cases, the goal of some community gardens is to grow food solely for donation. In communities such as Invermere, gardens include greenhouses as a solu-

tion for cooler climates. Community gardens can help feed people and save money. One lowincome gardener estimated it saved his family between $500 and $800 per season and made them more self-reliant. Community gardening can improve health. Research shows that the introduction of green vegetation into urban landscape may be of important psychological benefit and gardening helps people stay physically fit. Gardening uses all the major muscle groups, increases flexibility and strengthens joints. In Kamloops, there are special raised bed gardens so even those in a wheelchair can enjoy the benefits of gardening. So, if you aren’t pulling carrots from your own garden plot this harvest season, think about getting involved in a community garden to enjoy the health, social and neighbourhood benefits of community gardens!

Representatives from the five Central Okanagan Auxiliaries present a cheque for $10,000 to IH Board Director, Lorraine McGrath and Director of Residential Services, Cindy Regier. Funds will be used to renovate the Clip and Curl Hair Salon at Cottonwoods Care Centre. Left to right: Lena Kratchmer, Rutland Auxiliary; Seymour Zidle, Kelowna Auxiliary; Sharon Hallberg, Peachland Auxiliary; Bobbi Baker, Peachland Auxiliary; Lorraine McGrath, IH Board Director, Cindy Regier, IH Director of Residential Care; Anne Whitefoot, Winfield Auxiliary; Carroll Chatham, Cottonwoods Auxiliary. Photo Contributed


Patrick Bell

Kimberly Kelly

Joseph Jacoe

• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law 13211 N. Victoria Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

1-800-663-0392 • 494-6621 • 492-8137


10 The Peachland View

Peachland through Tania’s Eyes

Nearing Summers End, September 1, 2010, Beach Ave & Todd Road Amateur photographer and Peachland resident, Tania Simpson, started photography in 2007 and immediately found a passion for it. She chronicles the seasons, the people, and the wildlife of Peachland in almost daily photos of the area. View more at The View will be publishing a weekly look at Peachland, through Tania's eyes.

September 10, 2010

Expand your horizons at the Peachland Wellness Centre By Judy Wyper What’s happening at the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC)? Several programs are resuming after the summer break. Computer Literacy begins on September 14 with the focus on basic computer skills. An initial meeting determines the specific needs of the participant and each lesson thereafter is paced to match the learner. Instructor Ben Oltmanns says, “This class has made a big difference to a lot of people, and I really enjoy helping and meeting people. We can work on different areas, like basic keyboarding, producing documents, internet use and email. People can learn how to jpeg photos and organize them in folders. Online banking, shopping, ad

Helping you prepare your children for tomorrow Early learning programs – It’s back to school time. And in today’s skill-based economy it’s more important than ever to make sure your child gets a head start on their education. That’s why the Province of B.C. is funding early learning programs like Ready, Set, Learn and StrongStart BC. These programs will provide your child with the skills to be successful in school and to be prepared for the opportunities of the twenty-first century.

For more on helping prepare your children for tomorrow, visit

placement on Castanet or eBay, and accessing online news are other topics we can cover. It’s whatever the learner wants.” Create a free address, attach fi les and photos, set up email accounts or learn to text message. Ben taught me how to text a couple of years ago, and I found him to be a patient teacher. Lessons are offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Call the PWC to book your private lesson. Sunshine Singers are poised to begin on September 15. They will meet each Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. This is an informal group of people who love to sing and occasionally take their songs on the road as they visit care facilities. The bubbly Phyllis Papineau conducts this venture. They regale one another with spirited renditions of old and new favourites. Last year members Gail Abernethy and Wayne Power composed the music and words for My Okanagan Home, a Peachland centennial song. Gail is enthusiastic about this program. “I love it. It’s one thing I’ve done that makes me incredibly happy. Phyllis’s joy is contagious. All age groups take part, and everybody bonds. We’re light hearted.” Monday Morning Coffee returns on September 27 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. This is a wonderful way to meet old friends, make new ones, laugh and enjoy stimulating conversation. Barbara French states, “I like to start my week off

this way. It sets the tone and I love the laughter and friendship.” The Wellness Circle begins on September 29 at 10 a.m. and will meet each Wednesday. This group explores a variety of spiritual and health topics. Men’s Coffee starts on October 1 and continues each Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pete’s Photography is a six-week program beginning on October 5 at 10 a.m. with Pete Wyper as the facilitator. Pre-register by phoning or visiting the PWC. This program is designed for those who wish to expand their photographic skills and learn more about the capabilities of their own cameras. Topics will include choosing subjects, composition, macro photography, editing and creating photo folders. Time will be spent photographing subjects in Peachland. Pete is skilled in nature photography, macro photography, and landscapes. “I’m inspired whenever I go into nature,” Pete says. “Taking a photograph of things people normally don’t see is a way to share the experience with others.” All of these programs are vehicles that connect you to your community and advance your own health and wellness. Take the opportunity to learn new skills, share your unique knowledge with others, meet new people, think about novel topics and expand your horizons. For more information, phone 250.767.0141. Our website is

Agent of Change working for YOU

250-317-4008 )5(((9(17 Bring your family and join us for "Friends in the Park" on Sunday Sept 26 at Cousins Park (behind Peachland Community Center on 6th st.), for a time of fun and friendship. Starts at 11:00 a.m. with Song service and skits, followed by a FREE LUNCH at Noon and concluding with races and relays for the children (Face Painting, animal balloons, prizes). Bring your lawn chair (If raining will be in the Community Center). For more info, please call Pastor John at Peachland Baptist Church at 250-767-9232.

September 10, 2010

The Peachland View

Bylaw Beat  DALE ZIMMERMAN This week we will talk about the District of Peachland compost site. This site is for residents of Peachland only. The compost site is for yard and garden waste only; no household garbage or recyclables are

permitted. Acceptable materials are: grass, leaves, pine needles, cones, wind fallen fruit, garden plants, prunings less than 4 inches in diameter and trees or branches that are already chipped. Loads containing unacceptable items are subject to fi nes. Plastic bags must be emptied and removed from the site and all loads must be covered with a tarp. If you see any illegal dumping please record the license plate number and the date and time. If you have a cell phone with a camera, a picture would really help

as I may be able to make them clean up the problem that they have left us with. When you can, call me at 250.212.2331 and I will deal with the problem. Many of the bylaws of Peachland are posted on our website and can be viewed by anyone free of charge. These notes are from the bylaws but have been edited, so please check our website for the exact wording at www. A copy of a bylaw can also be purchased at City Hall. If you require any assistance please contact the office at 250.767.2647 or call me on my cell phone at 250.212.2331.

Gentlemen, it is time By Barrie Hewer Put away your wake boards, slalom skies, hang gliders and golf clubs. The winter season approaches and so does the likelihood we will all be spending more time in our ‘man caves’. Hibernate not! Dust off your stick, make arrangements to rent one of the new ‘cue condos’ (thanks, Al) and join the like-minded

for laughs and the love of the game of snooker. Dues for the 15th year of the Peachland Little Snooker League season of play include a banquet, prizes, awards and an opportunity to network with Peachland’s high rollers. The season of play starts in October and concludes in March. Contact Barrie at 250.767.6277 for more information.

before you

sign explore your options

Customer Choice offers you the freedom to choose who you buy your natural gas from, an independent gas marketer or your local natural gas utility. Independent gas marketers offer natural gas at long-term fixed prices. Your local natural gas utility offers natural gas at a variable, market-based rate. How you choose to buy your gas is your choice. For more information on Customer Choice visit Terasen Gas residential rate (per GJ)*

$4.976 per GJ effective September 1, 2010

Gas Marketers’ Residential Fixed Rates (per GJ) Supplier Name

1 Yr Term

3 Yr Term

4 Yr Term

5 Yr Term

Access Gas Services Inc. 1-877-519-0862





Active Renewable Marketing Ltd. 1-866-628-9427


FireFly Energy 1-888-780-3298




Just Energy 1-866-587-8674 MXenergy (Canada) Ltd. 1-800-785-4373





Smart Energy (BC) Ltd. 604-415-3599


Summitt Energy BC LP 1-877-222-9520


Superior Energy Management 1-866-872-2991


*Chart shows gas marketers’ rates for a range of fixed terms. Marketers typically offer a variety of rates and options. Check websites listed or call to confirm current rates. Rates are subject to change. Terasen Gas rate may change quarterly. This advertisement is produced on behalf of the BC Utilities Commission. The Customer Choice name and logo is used under license from Terasen Gas Inc.



12 The Peachland View

September 10, 2010


phone: 250.767.7771 • fax: 250.767.3337 • email:



Beat the HST - Books, Jewellery, and Garage Sale, Sat. Sept. 25, 9 am to 2 pm. Peachland United Church on Fourth Street.

Peachland United Church



LOST - Orange tabby, 2yr. old neutered male cat with ear tatoo 04JFW and scar on nose. Last seen in Ehlers Road/Victoria Avenue area. Please call 250-878-6562 p 36

• Good clean clothing • Household items

Summerland Senior Hockey Club

Please do not drop off any donations while we are closed.

Summerland Sr. Hockey Club is looking for players & goalies for the Fall and Winter seasons - Mon., Wed., Fri., 8:00 - 9:30 a.m. Call Larry 250-4947805 or Wayne 250-494-7460

OPEN THURS. - SAT. 9:30 - 3 PM



Help Wanted

Dishwasher Needed Dishwasher needed, Reliable, fulltime/part-time, excellent pay, year round employment. Apply at Gasthaus On The Lake or call 250-317-6621 i36 for Sunrise Catering needed immediately. Young, energetic female. Class 5 Drivers Licence required. Full time work, benefits provided. Call 250769-1987 or drop off resume at Fuel #9-1515 Westgate Road, across from Westgate RV. i34

Seabuckthorn International Inc. is a manufacturer of natural products located in Peachland, BC

RENT-A-TENT. 10 X 10 white pop-up tents for rent. All occasion protection from sun or showers. For bookings phone 250-767-2455 or email i36 Room for rent in large house on acreage, single owner, private entrance & amenities, shared kitchen. Must be working & non smoker. $500 per month. Call Michael at 250-212-5610 p36

lake view, private entrance, separate patio. Includes washer/dryer & utilities, internet & cable. Small pets considered. $800/mo. Call 250-7672097 p37 Roommate for tranquil house in Peachland. Available Oct. 1 to June 30, 2011. Fully furnished house, queen size bedroom, beautiful lake views. $699 includes all utilities, free weekly maid service, free laundry facilities, lots of parking, sundeck, fully equipped kitchen, large front & backyard, n/s, n/p. Call 250-767-6230 p38

For Sale New Queen Orthopedic Pillow Top Mattress and box. New, still in plastic. Cost $1250 - Must sell $350. King size $650. Can deliver. 250-488-4677 tfn

- 1br $775; recently renovated above ground walk-out suite w/large patio facing the lake. Very bright w/windows/sliding door throughout, approx. 700 sqft, slate and beautiful laminate floors, full bath, washer/dryer, wood stove, parking, private entry...all with lake view! Inc. utilities and wireless Internet (except phone & cable). Suits quiet, N/S individual w/references. Small pet negotiable. Available Oct. 1. Call 250-767-2498 tfn

New one bedroom basement suite. Available September 15, n/s, n/p, $775/per month including utilities & cable. Just off Beach Ave. Could be partially furnished. Call 250-767-3119 p37


Fantastic retail/commercial space for rent! This outstanding property boasts 4750 sq.ft., and 2 levels. Features include newly installed high-efficiency lighting, heating, air conditioning, alarm system, phone system, front counter For Rent 1 bedroom home, down town and display shelving. Located at 13209 Peachland, $650.00 per month plus North Victoria Road, in the heart of utilities, contact Judy at RCL Br. 69 at downtown Summerland, this place is 250-767-9100 i36 ready for business! For more information contact Lara at 1-888-843-4441 tfn

SERVICES BICEP HOLDINGS For all your bobcat and excavation needs call Dave. 250-878-6456 i43

Peachland Garage Sales





Garage Sale 5268 Bradbury St. Saturday, September 11 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.









cared for while you are away?



























Home Watch




























Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 8 am to 4 pm. Please email resume to

Account Manager TNI The Network Inc. is looking for an energetic and hardworking individual to join their Client Services team in the role of Account Manager. The Account Manager is primarily responsible for the delivery and day-to-day management (support, monitoring, tracking and assessment) of our face-toface programs to ensure revenue targets are met and our clients do not have cause to complain. A mastery of the MS Office Suite of programs, particularly MS Excel, is a must! TNI offers competitive salary packages, an incredible work environment, and career advancement opportunities. Interested applicants are asked to forward their resume along with 3 references with the phrase “Account Manager” in the subject line to opportunities@TNINetwork. com before August 20th. We thank everyone for their interest, however, only candidates selected for interview will be contacted.


Home Improvements

















Minimum 5 years experience in an administrative role with at least 3 years of bookkeeping experience. Very proficient with MS Word, MS Excel and Simply Accounting. This is not an entry level position. This position is suited to a mature person with considerable experience and confidence in managing a small office. In addition to the duties listed the successful candidate must be prepared to undertake a variety of independent projects throughout the year.


David Matthew




















Bookkeeping using Simply Accounting Sales Order processing Respond to customers inquiries (product usage, status of orders) Correspond with Sales Representatives regarding accounts receivable, documentation required to complete orders/establish accounts, etc. 5. Maintain filing system (i.e. customer files, vendor files) 6. Maintain electronic filing system 7. Create and maintain forms and templates 8. Assist in maintaining relationships with vendors 9. Inventory control and tracking 10. Marketing and Manufacturing support as required 11. Written and verbal correspondence with Government departments 12. Superb verbal and written communication skills

Do you need help with your yard work? I’ll do it all or work with you. Call Scott at Snip, Grip & Rip Yard Care @ 250317-0721.





1. 2. 3. 4.

Want your home secure and










POSITION DESCRIPTION: Under direction from the President, performs the following duties:

Basement for Rent 1 bedroom,



Office Administrator

2 Bd W. Kelo, Avail. 1 Oct. total reno, new appl, WD, cls. to all, prkg, NS, NP, $800 + utils. 250-767-6330 p36


Lunch Truck Driver

For Rent Exec. 1900 sq.ft Townhouse, Beach Ave, Peachland to share with quiet, friendly, prof. lady. All windows, granite, SS, WD, garage, 2 decks, BR has 4pce. ensuite & its own deck. Ref. Required, $950. HM 778-479-5556, WR 250-768-5617 p36

Lake View/Peachland

6’ - 10 for $280 5’ - 10 for $189.50 4’ - 10 for $150 2 gal. - 20 for $135 1 gal. - 20 for $95 3’ Blue Spruce - 10 for $250 Volume Discounts Free Delivery Call Budget Nurseries Toll Free: 1-866-498-2189

Person to help handicapped lady with house work 3 days per week. Call 250767-3331 p36


Tents For Rent

We accept donations on days that we are open.



Are you having a Garage Sale, Estate Sale, Multi-family Yard Sale? Advertise it here for all of Peachland to see!


References available

SERVICES Painting Services Interior/exterior, new construction or re-paint. Ceilings, walls & woodwork. Call GC Contracting for a free estimate 250-767-2701 p38

Storage For Rent STORAGE FOR RENT. Secure Downtown Location. 5 X 8’s and 10 x 16. Call 250-767-6348 tfn

Dress up your home with crown moulding, new railing, upgrade trim and baseboard. Drywall repair and paintStorage for Rent ing. Renovations. 25 years experience. Do you need storage? We have 8’ x 10’ Call Harry @250-878-5768 p36 s and 8’ x 20’ s. Call Carleen at ALCar at 250-462-0065 - Summerland i43

SERVICES DRUM LESSONS: Sparrowhead Music is now accepting student of all ages and levels for drums, hand drums and ukulele lessons. Call Dan Parry for scheduling and rates. 250-575-8757 in Peachland p38

Yard Care Hedge trimming, Grass cutting, Weeding etc. Call 250.767.3081 p34

Child Care

Peachland, very experience mother has 2 spaces available. Lots of TLC, healthy snacks, crafts, outdoor play, walks, library visits. References, Police Security. Catherine. Call 778-479-4714 p36

Aaron Landscaping Aaron Landscaping. Book your irrigation. Blowout. Call Wolf at 250-4708336 p39

Reno Sense Home Repair Ltd. 20 years experience No job too small Including drywalling & texturing ceilings Fully licensed, insured & W.C.B. Call Eric 250.767.2593

PERSONAL Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Meets Monday at 7pm (closed meeting) and Friday at 8pm (open meeting). Call 763-5555 for more info.

September 10, 2010

The Peachland View




Credit for Farmers and Agricultural Co-operatives Supporting the renewal of the agricultural sector and enabling co-operatives to better seize market opportunities

The District of Peachland has an exciting opportunity for young adults to gain valuable experience in todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Local Government environment as a Junior Election OfďŹ cial for the October 16th, 2010 Municipal By-Election. This position will register voters and issue ballots, each Junior Election OfďŹ cial will be partnered with an experienced Election OfďŹ cial. There are a maximum of six positions available. Pay Rate and Hours: $14.50 per hour Advance Voting Day October 6th & 13th, 2010 7:30 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8:30 pm General Voting Day October 16th, 2010 7:15 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8:30 pm Please apply if you are: â&#x20AC;˘ 18 years and older (eligible voting age) â&#x20AC;˘ Reliable and responsible â&#x20AC;˘ Able to communicate effectively â&#x20AC;˘ Have an interest in local government, politics or elections If so then please complete a short application that can be found at the District of Peachland OfďŹ ce Monday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday 8:00 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4:00 pm, or on line at Applications can be e-mailed or by mail to: District of Peachland 5806 Beach Avenue Peachland, BC V0H 1X7 Polly Palmer Chief Election OfďŹ cer District of Peachland

The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) program is a ďŹ nancial loan guarantee program that gives farmers easier access to credit. Farmers, including beginning farmers, can use these loans to establish, improve, and develop farms. Agricultural co-operatives may also access loans to process, distribute, or market the products of farming. CALA features: Up to $500,000 in loans for land and buildings Up to $350,000 for all other loan purposes Eligible applicants include:  Established farmers  Beginning/start-up farmers (i.e. less than 6 years of farming)  Farmers taking over the family farm  Agricultural co-operatives with a majority (50% + 1) farmer membership For more information: Contact your ďŹ nancial institution Call 1-888-346-2511 Visit





â&#x20AC;˘ Quality Interior & Exterior Painting â&#x20AC;˘Repaints â&#x20AC;˘ Reasonable Rates â&#x20AC;˘ Residential & Commercial

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Tammie Gilbert, CPB

14 The Peachland View

September 10, 2010

Shepherd’s Pie

Food For the Soul Losing your touch? Music plays softly in the background as I deeply inhale the sweet scent of lavender wafting gently around the room. Candles kindly lend a low key light to the scene. I feel the tension in my shoulders and neck ease as hands expertly massage them with soothing essential oils. I am in seventh heaven! Having a daughter as a trainee esthetician has remarkable perks – whenever she needs a model to practice on I don’t need to think

twice before answering in the affi rmative! A facial, an aromatherapy massage, reflexology, a spa manicure and pedicure…I know what it is to feel truly pampered, and to enjoy the relaxation and inner peace that comes from the healing power of touch. Now, more than ever, people are seeking out spa treatments to ease their daily woes and worries. Perhaps most of all, they seek the affi rming touch of another human being. For we live now in a sanitized

and mechanical world which often denies such contact. Doctors wear surgical gloves when they perform an examination and use clinical instruments and mechanical technology in surgery. Teachers and students are told not to show affection by giving a reassuring hug or shoulder squeeze. Even in our churches, we are careful about hand washing and have antibacterial gel close on hand to safeguard us from potential infection from our handshake

greetings. We have already isolated ourselves from our neighbours by travelling by car and even have electric garage doors so that we can leave and enter from within our own home without needing to exchange simple courtesies with anyone else. But we are safe! Safe from what? Safe from germs and life threatening illness such as H1N1 and SARS. We wisely have guidelines about touch in the workplace or classroom to protect the vulner-

Suee Mayoss-Hurd, Paris Parish Priest of St Margaret’s Anglican Church, email able from abuse. We no longer let our children play in the dirt in case they contract some deadly illness from the soil. We can be proud that we are doing a good job of ensuring privacy and protection. But sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater. Our sanitized and hygienic world does not leave much room for the care and affi rmation that we long for from others. We have lost our sense of balance when we are unable to reach out in appropriate and compassionate love to touch the hands, the hearts the lives of others. Diana, Princes of Wales, made headlines when she took the hands of patients with AIDS and refused to wear the customary royal gloves. Long before her, Jesus also showed the same spon-

taneity and compassion for those deemed untouchable – the lepers, the prostitutes and the outcasts of his day. He used his hands to heal, to break and share bread, to open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf, to wash the feet of his own disciples in an amazing act of humility and care. Jesus knew the importance of affi rming touch to human beings, especially for those who were despised, judged to be unclean, unworthy and sinners. He also knew the right boundaries – when to heal simply by saying the word and even to command healing from a distance when the person in need was not present. St Teresa of Avila wrote, “Christ has no body now but yours, no hands, no feet, on earth but yours. Your are the eyes through which He looks compassion on this world. Yours are the feet with which He walks to do good. Yours are the hands with which He blesses all the world”. Let us pray that we can discern how and when to reach out with the love of Jesus in a lonely and often hurting world. Don’t lose your touch!

Getting back to Fall routines?

Consider making

Emmanuel Church one of them.

Sunday mornings at 11 am Peachland Elementary

5486 Clements Cres.

(250) 870-3087

September 10, 2010

The Peachland View


Peachland Kokanee By Richard Smith Kokanee are the landlocked form of sockeye salmon. When the glaciers receded about 10,000 years ago they established their habitat. Because they never migrate out to the ocean to feed, Kokanee are often much smaller than sockeye. The record is about 9 pounds, but 2 pounds is considered a good size catch. Kokanee live in a lake for most of their lives, so you can usually see them spawning in September near the edge the lake in gravel areas (shore spawners) or in a small tributary (stream spawners) that feed into the lake, Deep Creek and also in Trepanier Creek, locally. They were a great source of food for the First Nation people who caught them in both Trepanier and Deep Creek with nets and gaffs as recent as the 1950’s. They would clean them and hang them on sticks or on the bushes over a very smoky fire. They still used horses and horsedrawn buggies in those days. It was also great sport for local youths to


go ‘kickaninny’ fishing with gaffs made with a heavy wire hook. A f lashlight was also essential for searching under the overhanging creek edge. The fish shone bright red in the f lashlight beam and were hooked out on to the creek bank. This activity was not without the danger of being caught by the game warden, so every car light was cause for a quick retreat into the bush. In those days there was about one car per hour. We may have eaten the very firm Kokanee but most were used by our mothers as garden fertilizer as the pioneers had done. So if you are inclined to view this annual spectacle, remember it has been going on annually for hundreds if not thousands of years. There are other remnants of a connection with the ocean in Okanagan Lake, namely fresh water Cod, (Turbot) which can be caught by jigging deep south of the island, fresh water clams, once abundant in Commando Bay, crayfish, (a sort of fresh water prawn), and other species, too.




Come celebrate the Kokanee Salmon Festival at Hardy Falls Regional Park. Sunday, September 19th, 11am-3pm.

Enter for a chance to win a Toys “R” Us Gift Certificate!

Drop off your finished picture at the Kokanee Salmon Festival on Sunday, September 19th! Name:

Age: Phone #:


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The Cody Sisters!

610 Katherine Road # 25, Westbank No more upstairs or downstairs, this bright and spacious home has 2 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms! Great layout with bedrooms split, and open concept through Kitchen and Dinning Room. Covered Deck overlooks picturebook setting of lawn and garden.

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Lovely 2 bedroom 1 bathroom quality mobile home in Antler Beach MHP. Spacious living room & dining room, galley kitchen, large covered deck & large yard for your use. Parking for two. Neat & clean just move in.

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Shirley Geiger g




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All this plus 2.5 acres!




A Price Range For Every Budget! Parklike Setting Vacation Rentals Allowed

5308 Law Street - Great small acreage in peaceful rural setting setting. Close to school bus access and only about 10-15 minutes to West Kelowna/Westbank Town Center. There are miles of trail riding and hiking at your doorstep. This is a 6 bedroom family home has 3 bedroom up and 3 down with a huge family room in the walkout basement. The property is set up for animals with pens for 4 horses, dog kennel, shelters, feed storage, fenced and cross fenced, workshop, tack storage room and a garden shed. $595,000 MLS®10015610

#24-1929 Highway 97S Huge private double lot nicely landscaped with fountain & arbour in quiet 45+ park. $69,000. MLS®10006747 In-law Suite

1504-1128 Sunset Drive On the Waterfront! 2 bedroom, 2 bath comes furnished MLS®10006426 with lake view. $388,000. End unit comes with .27 private yard

3839 Glen Canyon Drive, Westbank Perfect for snow birds or a family, beautiful 2 storey with a full unfinished walkout basement, opens to a private oasis on the canyon with a peeka-boo lakeview, salt water pool, hot tub, gardeners paradise with fruit trees, basement would be easy to suite with with private entrance, 3 bdrms, 4 baths, 2 gas F/P’s, gourmet kitchen with granite, SS appliances, family room off kitchen, eating bar, gleaming hardwood floors, covered deck, patio perfect for entertaining, fenced back yard, double attached garage. $497,000 Call Cecile to view at 250-212-2654.


MLS® 10015633




Dramatic lakeview vineyard


On .5 acre lot

#247-5165 Trepanier Bench Elegant semi detached townhouse with Extraordinary Views. $565,000. MLS®10013123

*LJPSL *8,/%$8/7


6421 Stuart Crescent Wonderful “outdoor living” home, 3 BD walk-out rancher with an in-law suite. $455,000. MLS®10010491

#7 - 5906 Somerset Ave. SPECTACULAR lake views from unique executive home. $585,000. MLS®10010065

Agent of Change Working forYOU

203-3996 203 3996 Beach Avenue Move in Ready! 2 bdrm, 2 bath unit in prime, central semi-lakeshore location walking distance to beach, restaurants, shopping, restaurants & pubs. 6 appls; window coverings, outdoor pool. Ideal for year round living or vacation getaway!



5300 Huston Road # 207

Lakeview townhouse in ‘The Terraces’, argueably the nicest gated community in Peachland. Spotless 2 bdrm plus den unit with 3 full baths. This fully landscaped unit within its secure gated community is sparkling clean and ready for your retirement. Enjoy the lakeview from your private deck while you sip a local wine while waiting for your perfect meal cooked on your natural gas BBQ. MLS® 10007250



250-707-4663 Kelowna Westside Office

3189 Boucherie Road Sunrise Vineyards is ideally suited for development as a full farm gate operation. $5,400,000 MLS®10008064



Online all the time. Read The Peachland View Online at


250-212-7255 5842C Beach Ave., Peachland

september 10 2010  

September 10, 2010, online edition of the peachland view