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Peachland May 20, 2011 Peachland, BC Volume 07 | Number 20

More girls are jumping into the boxing ring Jessie Johnson, 14, left, and Kate Irwin, 17, are not afraid to spar with the boys at the Peachland Boxing Club.

By Cindy Fortin While it may traditionally be thought of as a male dominated sport, boxing isn’t just for boys anymore. These days more girls are jumping into the ring. Peachland boxers, Jessie Johnson, 14, and Kate Irwin, 17, enjoy getting in a good spar or two and are part of the Peachland Boxing Club at Fourth Street Place, under the guidance of coach John Wardley. But it’s not just about throwing punches, says Johnson, who has been in the sport for about three years. “It’s fun, you get a good workout, and you learn how to defend yourself.” Boxing is a different sport than most, she says. “You get pushed to your limits and learn what a real sport is. It takes a lot of heart and determination to stick with it.” Johnson grew up with three brothers who boxed. One of her brothers went onto the nationals to claim golden gloves. The other two brothers won bronze gloves. Does being a female in boxing mean you are treated

Photo by Constance Roth

differently? “When you box with guys you feel like one of the boys. Gender doesn’t change the way you box or the way you are treated,” says Johnson. Trainer John Wardley, agrees, and doesn’t treat either sex differently. “I treat them all the same. I think when the girls first come they expect to be treated different. And I can’t have that. So the girls probably have to work twice as hard to prove themselves.” Irwin, who has been boxing for about six months, also likes to throw a punch or two, but she has her own reasons for taking up the sport. “I want to be able to defend myself. I think this is something that every woman should know how to do. Gender divides and stereotypes won’t stop me, ever, from achieving my goals.” She adds: “This is absolutely, by far, the most physically demanding sport out there. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, I feel more confident about myself.” Despite there being more girls in boxing than in previous years, they still number in the minority, and

while both Johnson and Irwin do spar with the boys, they are only permitted to enter competitions with other females, within a seven pound weight difference. This greatly limits the competitions the girls can enter. Johnson will be in a Club Card competition in Salmon Arm this June, however, against a female boxer from Alberta. Wardley hopes to see more women join the local Peachland Boxing Club, and encourages those who are interested to give it a try. “Come on down. You don’t have to be competitive, but it is a great way to stay in shape, and what I like about the girls is that you have a little bit of knowledge on how to protect yourself, because there will be a time when you will have to use it. And it gives you a lot of self-confidence.” The Peachland Boxing Club meets two nights a week, Mondays and Wednesday, at Fourth Street Place, 6 to 8 pm. No need to register. Just show up, and come to work out, said Wardley. “We don’t have spectators, come there to work out.” The first night is free to give it a try.

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World of Wheels May 22nd, 2011

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March 25, 2011 May 20, 2011




Peachland World of Wheels Sunday May 22

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The strength of the economy is evident everywhere

It’s back! The signs are all there. It hit high that is held up by resilient, shock home for me this past week while I was absorbing laminated beams and girders. The doing an announcement at one of Western demand for the people and the product is Canada’s largest technical institutes. This strong. And we have what it takes right here post secondary training college graduates to supply that demand. about 25 per cent of all of the completed Another sign of our growing economy was apprentices going into a wide range of evident at the annual Hong Kong business professions and occupations right across the dinner in Vancouver this week. As minister country. for the Asia Pacific it was an What they were telling honour to bring remarks to the ďż˝ WEEKLY COMMENTARY me was good news, but not sold-out event. The mood in the without its challenges. The STOCKWELL DAY, MP room was clearly optimistic. administration and faculty And it was optimism based on reps said it was starting to look like dĂŠjĂ -vu hard facts, not simply hope. all over again. The demand for all types of Agriculture and energy producers were trades is unmistakeably surging upwards there, talking about what appears to be longagain. They said it reminded them of the term growth and demand numbers. After pressure they felt at the time of major all, as the middle class continues to grow at employee shortages a few years ago. an amazing rate and people move annually It wasn’t that long ago. You remember. out of poverty by the tens of millions per Demands for qualified help or for those year in China, India and other previously willing to be trained was so high that many impoverished nations the demand from fast food outlets couldn’t keep open their them for every type of product imaginable usual hours because they simply couldn’t will only increase. We are very well placed find the people. to meet those demands and see our own I’m not saying we’re there yet. There are levels of standard of living and prosperity still many people looking for work. But rise in the process. the strength of the economy is evident Westbank First Nations continue to see everywhere. All I have to do is reflect on economic growth. This week I was with some of the events I was involved in this Chief Robert Louie for the announcement week. of a construction project that will upgrade Just last week I attended the opening of a a number of homes on WFN lands. That huge new production facility in Okanagan means there will be a need for trades and Falls. Structurlam makes value added wood building supply products. More jobs, more products that are used here and around the sales, more economic growth. world. If you’re wondering what kind of An international meeting of private and projects they do, think Richmond Olympic public sector transportation companies with skating oval‌that breathtaking magnificent top people from around the world also took roof superstructure. They did that. place here (Vancouver) to look at the growth Sometimes we aren’t aware of the amazing needs in transportation arising from our workers technicians that we have right growing economy. As I said, will the begin signs at of7:30 job The 14thand Annual World of Wheels takes place this Sunday, May 22. Vehicle registration here our ownis backyard. ey from also 11 have and investment areofeverywhere. We am. in The event open to the (Th public amato 4creation pm. World Wheels file photo plant in Penticton.) will continue to work on the types of policy I was there this week to announce that they that will keep this momentum going. were the successful recipients of research On another note we can be proud of what dollars in the ongoing development of the Canada is able to offer the world on two next generation of laminated wood beams. different counts this week. This week I had Some of you find that exciting. Others of the honour of meeting with some of our fine you are about to nod off thinking about it. members of our Armed Forces. Canada has Well, hold on.By Before I lose you, think about been asked says to provide soldiers, sailors, and Cindy Fortin Wheels,â€? Reindl, who adds: “One earthquake proof high-rise buildings, an fiof ghter pilots to assist with other the many highlights of this United year’s apartment or offi ce tower up to 25 stories Nations countries subduing Libyan The 14th Annual World of Wheels car show will bein ‘The Great the Pedal Car Classic and Antique Car Show will fill Giveaway’.â€? dictator in his ongoing assault on his own people.pedal cars, the downtown streets of Peachland on Nearly a dozen children’s Once again, we A have Sunday, May 22. More than 500 classic including a flaming red fireastruck, & done throughout history, and antique cars, trucks, motorcycles W car, mini-Kubota tractor, a 1959 Armed Forces willRock step and boats from across Canada and the Murray fire our truck, a 96.3 Classic up to protect those are United States will line the picturesque K-Jet, and others, will be on who display being slaughtered by the waterfront. at the Rotary clock. Honourary guests forces of draw dictators. “The Peachland World of Wheels is and celebrities will for As theusual, winI expect we will hear good one of the biggest events in the Okana- ners in the afternoon. Net proceeds will reports from others in foreign gan Valley,â€? says Frank Reindl, direcFire and Rescue, who Come visit us aat thego to Peachland that will havelocal the tor and chairman of World of Wheels. will dispersecountries the funds to various honourThe of $2 serving with Kelowna “WeWest expect this to be one ofHome the best and children’s groups. tickets canour be Armed shows ever, with a record number of purchased prior toForces. the event from the Leisure Show April 1,2&3 vehicle entries and spectators enjoying various directors, at Rocky J’s, or on the incredible day.â€?LePage Place the day of the event. There will also be at Royal and In addition to the spiffed up and pol- a kids’ colouring contest giveaway of ished chrometo on win display,our there will be one enter draw forof the cars. multiple food vendors, music, shopThe World of Wheels was started by $250.00 worth of carpet orcar buff, Al Wiebe, in 1997, and ping, automotive related displays, and local special entertainment. The Royal Cana- then in 2008 a board was organized upholstery cleaning. dian Legion Branch #69 will be having to oversee the highly popular event. their annual beer garden with a rock’n Today, the World of Wheels consists of performance by Sideshow Attraction. a small group of seven dedicated local There will be roving appearances by directors who arrange all aspects of the the Blues Brothers Too, and The Con- memorable day. nectors will entertain the crowd at HerThis year is expected to be one of the itage Park. best shows yet. There will also be special activities Vehicle registration will run from for the kids, including a bouncy house, 7:30 am to 10 am at both ends of face painting, games with prizes, and Beach Avenue, north and south, on a much more.   first come-first serve Herrin basis. The event Brenda Realty “We wanted to make the day a family is open to the public from 11 am to 250-212-6745 event so that every member of the fami- 4 pm. For more information: www. ly can come out and enjoy the World of

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The Peachland View - 3

May 20, 2011

Is a casino in the future for Peachland? By Cindy Fortin The Peachland Chamber of Commerce held its Annual General Meeting on Monday, May 16 at the Gasthaus on the Lake. Guest speaker for the evening was Steve Allison of TNI – The Network Inc. Allison spoke of TNI’s property acquisitions in Peachland over the past several years, of his and the company’s aspirations -- if allowed to move forward, as well as roadblocks. TNI has been very vocal about the possibility of relocating to a larger community. “I guess we did announce in the paper recently that we have considered moving our core business elsewhere. It is true that we considered it, that the hard markets would be better for us in Westbank and Kelowna,” said Allison. “I’m sure you and other business do find difficulties in attracting certain types of labour when you need it. It is a challenge for us in Peachland. We ask ourselves, why are we here? Then look out the window at the lake and say, Oh, yeah, because it’s Peachland. We have raised our kids here and would like to find some way to make it work.” He also spoke of the Charette Design Process and its limited success so far, and the need to come together with the City, of wanting to have one set of office buildings, rather than running between buildings to have meetings. “We have to find a way to make it work together. That speaks to the parking lot behind the Edgewater, because it is the only place in the downtown core that isn’t occupied and maybe where you could break out of that cycle of failure and make something happen.” So far, they have been unable to reach an agreement with the City, said Allison, but are still trying to work toward a solution in town. He also discussed the Edgewater hotel, making a few promises. “Along the way we’ve had some other

h la n d c a e P Heritage Day

Steve Allison, of TNI - The Network Inc, was the guest speaker at the Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting on May 16th. Photo Cindy Fortin

things come along like the Edgewater and it’s been great for us to be able to have that space, and it provides some opportunities for our key business as well. I am also on the Peachland Economic Development Committee, and we all know it would be great to have a hotel in town. At least, not an eyesore. I can tell you unequivocally that that property will not remain as it has been, you have my word on that.” According to Allison, a paint job is first on the agenda, once the weather warms up. “We do plan to have that as a fully functioning hotel,” said Allison. “We do have someone who will be running it in that capacity, with a restaurant and a sports bar. I think as business people we all benefit from the downtown being revitalized and meaningful again.” When asked by The View about the possibility of bringing a casino to the hotel, Allison surprised most of those in attendance, by replying: “I have been apContinued on Page 8

Sponsored by the Peachland Historical Society

May 23rd 2011 – Heritage Park 10 am – Historic displays in Heritage Park War Canoe from Penticton Fur Brigade canoes / display Peachland Vintage Fire Truck Antique Engines Display Vintage Telephones Cruise Boat to Ogopogo Island at Day Use Wharf Brian Wilson – Historic Okanagan Pictures

Chamber of Commerce – Downtown Restaurants – Heritage Day Food Specials and Entertainment Flypast of WWII Historic Warbird Aircraft 12:30 Centennial Walk and Dedication 1:30 pm - Cake Served in front of Stage


Musical Concert in the Park

Beginning Tuesday May 17th at 7 a.m., Huston Road will be closed to through traffic only between Trepanier Bench Road and Highway 97 for the construction of watermain improvements.

1:45 – 4:00 pm – Free – Bring a Chair Three Major Entertainers on Stage

The Ministry of Transportation permit mandates that the Huston Road intersection be open for the long weekend from noon Thursday the 19th to next Tuesday the 24th at noon. The actual construction work will begin Tuesday 24th, and with substantial completion at July 7th

7:00 pm – Rocky J’s Evening Show, across from the park

Local traffic for residents on Huston Road will be maintained throughout the project.

Celebrate the September 2011 Centennial of Peachland United Church.

As part of this project, some residents on Huston Road will be without water for one day as the contractor connects services to the new watermain. Residents affected by this shut down will be notified in writing at least 48 hours in advance. Enquiries regarding the work may be directed to either the project engineers: TRUE Consulting, contact: Greg Ringguth, AScT at tel: (250) 861-8783 or the project contactor: Bennett Contracting, contact: Jason Bennett at (250) 491-0400 or (250) 870-2405. The District of Peachland thanks motorists and residents for their patience and understanding.

Details and event tickets available in Heritage Park throughout the afternoon.

4 - The Peachland View

May 20, 2011

Editor’s Perspective Were ICBC’s proposed rate structure changes a possible ploy? By Cindy Fortin Editor ∙ When I first heard ICBC was considering changes to its rate structure, which would include taking away a driver’s safe driving record over one simple speeding ticket, I thought maybe it was a belated April Fool’s joke. After more consideration, I, like many British Columbians, were left to wonder if this was not just a possible fall pre-election “Liberals-to-the-rescue” ploy. I’m surprised Solicitor-General Shirley Bond, the minister responsible for ICBC, didn’t shoot down the idea while wearing a super-hero cape. It seems highly unlikely that such a move by ICBC would get past the taxpayers of this province. BC Ferries hikes, BC Hydro hikes…we all complain about those. (Usually with little effect.) But take away our Safe Driver’s discount, which is estimated would affect onethird of all BC drivers, and I am certain we would see a revolt that would top all others in the news. This is no some small chunk of change we’re talking about. Over a period of three to four years it can amount to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. So what was ICBC up to? Or should I say, the Liberals? As unlikely as it seems that this rate structure change would have passed, it also seems unlikely that the provincial government knew absolutely nothing about it. Maybe if the crown corporation was just requesting to change the logo on their letterhead, but not this. Certainly, higher-risk drivers should pay more insurance, and lower-risk drivers should pay less. But increasing insurance premiums over a single speeding Dear Editor: ticket is ludicrous. Have you ever burnt toast? Most of us never intend to, but it happens sometimes. Does We congratulate Premier Christy Clark on taking that mean that we should pay more for bread? such swift action to help BC smokers quit. We reguThank goodness Shirley Bond set ICBC straight. On larly receive appeals from smokers desperate for fiher orders, ICBC has announced it has abandoned its nancial help to buy quit smoking aids. The Premier’s plans to submit a new rate structure to its regulator, the announcement today [May 9] to provide free nicotine BC Utilities Commission. replacement therapies to BC smokers and to cover She also extracted an apology from Jon Schubert, prescription cessation products under Pharmacare are ICBC’s president and chief executive officer, who said, tangible and proven measures to help many effectively “The communication we have with government and quit who would not be able to afford these products customers could be better…The idea of a rate increase otherwise. for one speeding ticket is off the table.” Over 550,000 British Columbians still smoke, yet Hmmm…I still don’t buy it. we know that close to 70 per cent of them want to If it turns out it was not a Liberal-boosting election quit. But we also know that quitting can be difficult, ploy, because the NDP has already done their job in and while it can take most smokers five or six quit making the Liberals look foolish over this, then perhaps this could this be the old “developers trick”. I’ve spoken of it before. Often times a developer will blow into town with an outrageous proposal, such as erecting a 10-story building in the center of town, creating an uproar. To sooth the citizens, the developer will compromise to, let’s say, four or five stories. (Which is what they really wanted in the first place.) The citizens feel better with the compromise, and somewhat victorious, and often the project will then get final approval. My question is, what does ICBC have planned for us? Surely, not higher premiums over a single speeding ticket? But mark my word, something’s brewing. Already Ms. Bond has said she still supports the idea of finding a way to reduce rates for good drivers, and ICBC will now be launching a province-wide consultation to look at its rate structure. My guess is we’ll be smelling that burnt toast again -- only this time, with a little honey on it.

Peachland Views

Premier Christy Clark announces free support to help smokers attempts before they quit successfully, studies have shown that stop smoking products can double, triple or even quadruple the likelihood of quitting successfully. Providing free supports to smokers will not only improve health outcomes for people who smoke, but will save millions in costs to the health care system. It’s great news for people who want to quit and great news for BC taxpayers. We applaud Premier Clark on this progressive measure to improve the health and future well-being of British Columbians who smoke. Diego Marchese, Chief Operating Officer Heart and Stroke Foundation of B.C. & Yukon and Scott McDonald, President & CEO BC Lung Association

Peek into the past A peek back at the downtown of Peachland in about 1957, looking south over what today is Heritage Park. The CNR telegraph and freight office is the small building at the front of the packing house. This was likely taken on the May long weekend. A few sailboats and powerboats were the regatta features, together with some swimming and diving events taking place in the area of what today is Swim Bay. The few pilings shown here would be at the present downtown Day-use Wharf. The rail cars at the back are being loaded with lumber by hand from the Trautman-Garraway sawmill at the top of Princeton Ave. Photo contributed by the Peachland Historical Society

Constance Roth

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The Peachland View - 5

May 20, 2011

Mayor’s new Carbon Footprint Committee falls apart in matters of development Dear Madam Editor: How confusing can it get? Council’s latest political foray is a Carbon Footprint Committee. Will this committee decide on future and present developments such as the Monaco project? After all, these future projects will certainly change the carbon footprint values in Peachland. Are these five committee

members experts in the field? Or is it another control method? The Monaco plan mentions around 2,600 residential units all using natural gas for heating, etc. We all know that burning natural gas produces carbon dioxide and other pollutants. We are charged a carbon tax on our gas bills. Of course there is no doubt other projects are before council. It is apparent that

“Oh What A Night” fundraiser was quite a night! Dear Editor: Oh, what a night indeed. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I personally thank all the committee members of “Peachland Stands Up” for their monumental efforts in making my fundraiser on the weekend of May 14 a huge success. Not only was Wendy Laresser the spearhead of the fundraiser, but she did all the catering (Happy Cow Catering) for the event as well. Between Wendy and her sidekick Julie Venne and their awesome kitchen staff, the “savouries and sweets” buffet was a raving success. She worked tirelessly managing the 100s of details involved in putting something like this together. Her husband Brian and their four children were even involved and were right there on the front lines when things went sideways. Even Wendy’s mom, Val, turned out to help. Now that’s a family effort. Many thanks also to Loretta Robinson and Judy Berg who spent many an hour brainstorming and handling a multitude of details and who were also at the event, helping out wherever needed. Darcy Nybo did an amazing job of organizing the silent auction. That alone is a huge undertaking. Dawn Boys, my awesome Yoga teacher, stepped in to help Darcy as well as creating some of the artsy posters with the help of her children. Even my neighbours, Dave and Donna Lowry, with the help of their grandchildren, created some of the beautiful wall posters. Shannon Bliss, my nutritionist, was right there to fill in wherever we needed her. Special

mention to my friend, Sheli Wilson, who contributed many hours way back last fall in the early stages of creating this event. Of course, this event would not have been successful without the participation of friends, family and acquaintances who bought tickets and came out to enjoy the evening. And special thanks to those who were not able to attend, but purchased tickets anyway, just to support the cause. Many thanks also to all the businesses that very generously contributed to the silent auction. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing sponsors, AM1150, Westside Weekly, The UPS Store, Chatters Hair Beauty Salon, Always Write, OK in Health and Graphic Artist Arti Chauhan. It goes without saying that the entertainment line-up was outstanding. Many thanks to Gillian Russell, Donovan Sweet, Kyle Anderson and his Amazing Rubber Band, and to our fabulous comedian, Herb Dixon, who had everyone in stitches. Our MC, Phil Johnson did an outstanding job and added a total touch of class to the evening. As for me, I’m exhausted but thrilled at the success of the inaugural “Peachland Stands Up” event. I am extremely grateful to now be able to partake in some of the alternative healing modalities that I believe will take me to a whole new level of health and wellness. Namaste, Cleo Murray

Public Notice:

Beach Avenue traffic flow changes The 14th Annual World of Wheels Classic and Antique Car Show will be held this Sunday, May 22, 2011. Due to heavy congestion and safety issues, Beach Avenue traffic flow will be altered for the one day event. At approximately 9 am, traffic will be blocked between First and Seventh Streets, adjacent to the Yacht Club dock and throughout the downtown core, allowing for ONE WAY TRAFFIC ONLY. Traffic will be redirected through the back alley, moving from south to north only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and invite the public to come out and enjoy the 14th Annual World of Wheels! Thank you, from the directors of Peachland World of Wheels

the mayor’s carbon footprint effort falls apart when it comes to development. The additions, proposed now and for future developments, increase water consumption and place an extra load on the sewer system, which, believe it or not, increases the production of methane gas, which is a greater threat to global warming than CO2. However life must go on, the economy must survive. We are governed by fear. Yes, there is global warming. This earth has been changing ever since its inception and always will. We all breathe out CO2 every few seconds and contribute to methane gas production like every other living thing. So live and enjoy. Life is short. Mick Read, Peachland

Did they make the right choice at Civic Awards ? Dear Editor: I, for one, think they did not make the right choice for Citizen of the Year. The format and seating arrangement was great at the Peachland Civic Awards night. I especially enjoyed the PowerPoint presentations for the many people that were nominated. And if you go by the amount of volunteering that the Citizen of the Year is involved in, then it was very obvious to everyone in the audience that Chris Scowen was by far the winner of the Citizen of the Year award. To get people to sign a form and hand it in should not make you the winner. You have to earn the award by the many volunteer hours that you put into this community. Not by asking people to just send in your name. Come on, Peachland, it’s time for a change. Matt Crawford, Peachland




















Your Guide To Local Events & Activities

6 - The Peachland View

May 20, 2011


Sunday, May 22 - Go Fish - Is a program which offers youth under age 16 a chance to catch one rainbow trout each Sunday in May at the special fishing area in Shannon Lake Regional Park from 10 am to 3 pm. A limited number of rods, reels and bait will be available for youngsters to try their luck and a fishing license is not required. Sunday, May 22 - 14th Annual World of Wheels Classic & Antique Car Show- 500 + cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats will be on display. And if this is not enough there will be food vendors, music, shopping, automotive displays and entertainment. This is a family event, so everyone is welcome to come out and join in the fun. Monday, May 23 - Peachland Heritage Day - Sponsored by the Peachland Historical Society festivities begin at 10 am in Heritage Park. There will be histor-

ic displays including a War Canoe, Fur Brigade canoes, Peachland vintage fire truck, antique engines, vintage telephones and more. Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a fun filled day.

will present an update on plant expansion. Lunch will be provided so please RSVP to Pat at 250-7676509. Bring a chair and a hat and come and meet old friends.

Sunday, May 29 - 51st Annual Art Show & Sale Entitled “Let’s Paint the Town”, the Peachland Art Group will be holding their annual sale from 10am to 4pm at the Community Centre. This year the art group has painted Beach Avenue from one end to the other during an ‘en plein aire’ outing in May. The special display will feature 8” x 8” table top canvases depicting the town’s unique setting. The group will also present over 250 paintings created during the year in various mediums including oil, acrylic, Wednesday, May 25 - OK Valley Kitimat Reunion watercolour and pastel. They will put on a fabulous - Did you ever live in Kitimat? Third biennial OK luncheon and tea. admission is by donation. EveryValley Kitimat reunion will be held at Cousins Park one is welcome. from 11am to 4pm. Paul Henning, VP RioTintoAlcan Monday, May 23 - Official Opening of Centennial Way - 12:30 pm -Join the Mayor at the 13th Street Wharf and walk with him the length of Centennial Way to 1st Street. 1:00 pm - Ribbon cutting and plaque unveiling plus cake. Everyone who participates in the walk will receive a certificate testifying they walked Centennial Way on the official opening. Period costumes, parasols and walking sticks are encouraged. All are invited.

Decide for yourself. Learn more at You‛ve probably heard and seen a lot about HST — some negative, some positive. Well, now you can have your say. From June 13th to July 22nd you‛ll vote whether to keep HST or go back to PST plus GST. It‛s an important decision for our province, so be sure to take the time to understand all the implications of the two tax systems. And before you decide, put each tax option to the test at

The Peachland View - 7

May 20, 2011

Peachland Girl wins Division Championship at Kelowna Riding Club’s Spring Classic event By Cindy Fortin At age 18, grade 12 Mount Boucherie High School student Lindsay Wardle has successfully competed at the Kelowna Riding Club’s Spring Classic Hunter/ Jumper show, held this past April 28 to May 1. Wardle and her horse Zingeroo won Division Champion in the 3’ Jumper Division, and Reserve Champion of the 3’3” division. “It was an awesome show. My horse was fantastic!” says Wardle. The Peachland teenager, who will be graduating this year, has been riding since she was 12 years old, a hobby she took up after a special outing with her Girl Guide troop. “When I was in Girl Guides one of the activities was this trail ride. It was the very first time I rode a horse on my own. I went home and begged my parents for riding lessons.” Those lessons led to purchasing a horse of her own a year-and-a-half ago. Fifteenyear-old Zingaroo is a bay coloured, thoroughbred, who stands 16.1 hands high. “Sometimes he can have a mind of his own,” says Wardle. “But he listens all the time. He’s one of the best horses I’ve come across. He’ll virtually do anything I ask him to. I’ll point him at any jump and he’ll do it. It’s really a team sport.” Wardle first started riding vlessons at Chevalier’s Arena in Peachland, learning the basics. For the past three or four years she has been at Mission Creek ranch, next to Kelowna Riding Club. Her riding coach is Shannon Thompson. Wardle enjoys jumping and hopes to continue.   “The first time I rode there was something about it. It is one of my greatest passions and I can definitely see myself doing it for the rest of my life.”

Lindsay Wardle, 18, of Peachland, and her horse Zingaroo, during one of their jumps. Wardle recently won Division Champion in the 3’ Jumper Division, and Reserve Champion of the 3’3” division at the Kelowna Riding Club’s Spring Classic Hunter/Jumper show. Photos by Kathy Williams

Official Opening Of Centennial Way! Victoria Day Monday May 23Rd Starting At 12.30 Pm

12:30 pm - Join the Mayor at the

13th Street Wharf and walk with him the length of Centennial Way to 1st Street

1:00 pm - Ribbon cutting and

This Friday Wardle will be leaving for a three-day event at Johvale, near Kamloops.

plaque unveiling at 1st Street to declare Centennial Way officially open. Enjoy the Centennial Way Cake All invited – ages 2 to 92! Period costume, parasols, walking sticks encouraged! Certificate for all those who participated in the Walk testifying that they walked Centennial Way on the Official Opening After the event, take in the afternoon events in Heritage Park and the Museum put on by the Peachland Historical Society – music, bands, displays etc.

On behalf of the Peachland Rotary Club, Rotarian Peter Behnke presented a cheque for $1,500 to the Peachland Boxing Club to assist them in continuing their outstanding success in the boxing ring. Front row: Josh Winton, Loren Takenaka, Ratko Vracarevic, Mateja Vracarevic, and Eric Hill, very front. Head coach John Wardley is at center/back, with Peter Behnke, right. Photo contributed

8 - The Peachland View

May 20, 2011





a casino in the future for PEACHLAND OPEN HOUSES IsPeachland? SUNDAY 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Fantastic Modern Family Home - A must see! You will not be disappointed! Enjoy stunning lake views from nearly every room in this magnificent home, located on a quiet cul-de-sac in a family friendly neighborhood. This professionally designed modern, contemporary home is a rare find! Exquisite hardwood flooring is found throughout the main living areas upstairs, and appealing laminate covers the lower living space. This home must be seen to be appreciated. MLS®10021630




Ken Unger


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3742 Lornell Court, Peachland


SUNDAY 1:00 - 3:00 PM 3260 Webber Rd, Westbank

REDCUED BY $50,000 since original LISTING! PRIVATE 3400SF HOME with 4 bdrms, 3 bthrms, 3400 sf living area.L andscaped yard, attached garage, extra parking, UPDATED in/out!! Spacious bright floor plan! Unique OPEN split level design and high ceilings! All appliances included! Large sized kitchen + High sloped ceilings and very large room sizes for entertainment areas and family fun/visiting! LONG list of renovations including windows, doors, roofing, UG sprinkler, yard decor, and excellent Street appeal! MLS®10020959

Hank Hutchinson


proached by someone who would like nothing better than to open a casino in Peachland. He is interested in some of the land that I hold to that end.” While he expects a great deal of disapproval regarding the notion of a casino, as a part of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) he said he felt he would have been remiss in his duties had he not brought it to the attention of the EDC. “I thought it was my duty to bring it to the Economic Development Committee, and we did table it. We are doing a study

to find out more about it, we are just going to explore that option,” said Allison. As part of the EDC, he said, revitalizing the downtown is important, as it the need to get a bigger name boutique-style hotel downtown. “But to make a boutique-tyle hotel work, economically speaking, one of the only ways it could come to fruition theoretically is with a gambling casino, I suppose.” Allison said that there is currently a subcommittee within city council studying the possibility.

Would you rather have: 500 channels 100 HD channels Unlimited couch time

HELP WANTED The Peachland View requires an Office Clerk.

Relax, you get them all with TELUS Satellite TV.


Choose from over 500 digital channels Get the most HD channels† – way more than cable Watch more sports, movies and specialty channels

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The duties will include answering the phone, taking classified ads, inputting letters and community event listings, taking and processing payments and sales support. Five days a week, 25 hours in total. Candidates must be flexible, as hours and duties could vary. Send or drop off resume attention: Constance Roth The Peachland View 4437 3rd Street, Peachland, BC V0H 1X7 or email

Call 310-MYTV (6988). Go to Or visit an authorized dealer. *Offer available on a 3 year TELUS Satellite TV service agreement until May 24, 2011, to residential clients, where access and line of sight permit, who have not subscribed within the past 90 days to TELUS TV service; current PVR rental rates will apply at the end of the 3 year term. TELUS Home Phone or Internet service required. HDTV input equipped television required to receive HD. †HD channels provided through the Bell TV satellite network. ‡New TV clients receive $20 off the regular price in months 1, 2 and 3. TELUS, the TELUS logo, TELUS Satellite TV and


May 20, 2011


The Peachland View - 9

The Peachland View

Recreation Report Help is available. Vandalism impacting local parks All day. Every day. By Cheryl Wiebe, Director of Community Services



By Erin Boyes, District of Peachland

BC Problem Gambling Help Line 1.888.795 6111 (24 hrs)

Vandalism in parks is not a phenomenon exclusive to Peachland. It is something that happens in most communities in the form of tagging (painting on Fo surfaces), damr service s in your area ask for Central aging municipal assets, driving vehicles on parkland, and so much more. Managing Okanagan Counsellin g Services vandalism is a challenging and endless task for the parks and facilitiesCondepartment – ďŹ dential counsellin g ser vices are offered free of charge. Funding is provided by especially in the spring. the Province of British Columbia. www.bcresponsiblega Why in the spring? As the days are lighter, youth tend to spend more time out in the community. Last week (May 12), there was significant damage done to the tennis parks in Lambley Park. Vandals have damaged the posts holding the nets beyond repair. In other areas of town, vandals have previously tagged the Trepanier kiosk. Municipal staff has struggled to remove the spray paint. So how can you help? Eyes in the community help us manage vandalism. If you see an act of vandalism in action, call the police. If you find a park or municipal asset vandalized, help us address the problem by advising us (250-767-2133). Parents, if your children are going out at night ask them where they are going. Be advised that only racquet activities are permitted in the tennis courts. Please direct your youth who want to participate in all other activities to Turner Park sports box or the basketball surface across from the Community Centre. Another option is to encourage them to get involved with the Peachland Youth Centre. Weekly activities are organized by the Boys and Girls Club to keep youth active. From local activities and regional out trips, there are many options available. To find out about weekly youth activities visit Facebook and search Peachland Youth Centre. On the positive side, we are only six weeks away from Swim Bay coming into full operation. The enhancements Patrick Bell Kimberly Kelly Joseph Jacoe at Swim Bay were assets chosen by the youth in the community as an alternative to a skate park. Every summer • Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate we see local youth and visitors alike enjoying the uniquely • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law Peachland waterfront. Closed Weekends & Holidays For more information, to report vandalism, or inquires Brenda Herrin Realty Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0 13211 N. Victoria for recreation services, call 250-767-2133. 250-212-6745


LAWYERS Proud to meet your real estate needs in Peachland

Brenda Herrin

Hours Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm

Water Rates Bylaw Amendments Council gave first, second and third readings to Water Rates Bylaw No. 1931, 2010 Amendment Bylaw Number 1981, 2011. This amendment brings the agricultural rate in line with the 2009 level from $0.04 to $0.10 per cubic meter, with no increase in any other rate category.

Earthworks Bylaw Amendment Council gave final reconsideration and adoption to Earthworks Control Bylaw No. 832 Amendment Bylaw Number 1977, 2011. This amendment allows for landscaping businesses to be exempt from the permitting process.

1-800-663-0392 • 494-6621 • 492-8137

Larry Guilbault

250-826-2047 5878E Beach Avenue Peachland, BC VOH 1X7


 We Do it All...And We Do It Right!! • Free Estimates • Courtesy Vehicles • ICBC & Private Insurance Claims • Lifetime Guarantee On All Collision Repairs •From Small Dents to Large Collision Repair • Windshield Replacement • CertiďŹ ed Technicians

Committed To Quality For Our Customers Summer Fun Wine Specials Try our Niagara Mist Fruit Wines. Get together with your friends - order 3 batches and get 1 batch free OR Strawberry Lychee Traininer or Raspberry Dragon Fruit White Shiraz $20 off each batch

Owner/ Operator • Laurie Fisher • 5463A McDougald Rd.. Peachland, BC Ph: 767-2100 Fx: 767-2104

F a

C on to for tio 19 Ch 20 T Fr tio Fe No br cla tin on

O By un

Co on Co No me 20 of Am Th wi fu th he pr

10 - The Peachland View

May 20, 2011

Member of Parliament-elect strives for open communication By Dan Albas, MP, Okanagan-Coquihalla With my first official report as your new Member of Parliamentelect, I would like to start out by thanking the more than 53,000 of you who came out to have your vote counted. Earning support from so

many of you is a deeply humbling experience and one that I will always be mindful of as your representative in Ottawa. I would also like to thank my fellow candidates and their supporters.  Collectively they earned nearly 46 per cent of the vote and I believe the issues raised by other candidates are clearly ones that matter to a number of you and should not be overlooked. As Prime Minister Stephen Harper noted in his election night comments, we will govern in a way that respects the views of all Canadians as we

Patients required to complete practicum I have been training with the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy for 4 years and am currently looking for a few more patients to complete my practicum. This is done under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced homeopath. The initial consultation takes about 2 hours followed by 2 shorter visits approximately 4 weeks apart. The deadline to try out this offer is June 15, 2011. If you have always wanted to try out homeopathic treatment but felt that you could not afford the initial consultation fee, this is your chance. To book an appointment please call me (Stephanie Muendel) at 250-767-6550.

Stephanie Muendel For information about homeopathy please visit the following websites:

move forward. Within the riding, Green Party candidate Dan Bouchard kindly offered to share some of his ideas with me on connecting with youth. I am glad to report that we discussed a number of Dan’s ideas to encourage youth participation in the democratic process and I look forward to further work in this area over the coming term of office. I was also able to attend one of the events at the Southern Interior Local Government Association’s recent  convention in Merritt. It was a pleasure to see many familiar and some new faces amongst our  local mayors, councillors and regional district directors. I know from my experience in local government how important it is for all levels of government to work cooperatively and efficiently to deliver affordable services for the citizens who elect us. We must always respect that there is only one taxpayer who is supporting our various levels of government.  Speaking of local government, during my time on Penticton city council I created a blog that I found was a helpful and effective tool in communicating with citizens on issues we were facing in the city.  During my campaign, I pledged to

create a similar blog reflective of my new position in Ottawa. I am now able to announce my new blog site web address is: It is a modest personal site created on a shoestring budget but I intend to keep it updated with my activities and also hope to hear from you, the citizens of Okanagan-Coquihalla. Communication is important to me and your input is welcome and needed.   I am also in the process of setting up a new email address that will ensure your email will go directly to my personal inbox where I can read your concerns firsthand.  If you have suggestions or would like to meet with me please call (250) 770-4480. This is the same number as was used by our former MP Stockwell Day and both it, and the Penticton MP Office address of  Suite 202, 301 Main Street Penticton, BC V2A 5B7 will remain the same for now. On Sunday I will be departing for Ottawa. While I am not looking forward to the five-hour flight, I am looking forward to meeting with my counterparts from around this great country. There will be a new dynamic in Ottawa and I am excited and looking forward to ensuring that your concerns are part of it.

Peachland through Tania’s Eyes

Compare GIC Rates Bank-issued, CDIC insured to $100,000

90 day ........................... 1.40% 1 year ............................ 1.95% 3 year ............................. 2.75% 5 year ............................. 3.30% Shayn Moritz, CFP 5860B Beach Avenue Peachland, BC V0H 1X7 250-767-3358

Yellow-bellied Marmot, Trepanier Road Amateur photographer and Peachland resident, Tania Simpson, started photography in 2007 and immediately found a passion for it. She chronicles the seasons, the people, and the wildlife of Peachland in almost daily photos of the area. View more at taniaseyes. The View will be publishing a weekly look at Peachland, through Tania’s eyes.

Member, Canadian Investor Protection Fund


Bell, Jacoe & co. lawyers


Meet us at the Peachland Village Mall and hop aboard to be shuttled for FREE to the WORLD OF WHEELS A voluntary “spare change” ANTIQUE CAR SHOW this donation for the Peachland Sunday, May 22nd from Food Bank is appreciated! 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.! • 250-707-4663

Patrick Bell

Kimberly Kelly

Joseph Jacoe

• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law 13211 N. Victoria Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

1-800-663-0392 • 494-6621 • 492-8137

The Peachland View - 11

May 20, 2011

Shepherd’s Pie

Food For the Why should I read this? By Pastor John Rankin, Peachland Baptist Church Don’t read this if you already know everything….if you are all loving, if you have your life perfectly in order, if you are generous to a fault, and you do nothing wrong. But if you are like the rest of us, which I am quite sure you are, then read on. When I graduated from high school many years ago, a large number of my friends went to university in pursuit of higher education thinking that the wisdom found there would give them the answers to life, and provide them with greater opportunities in the work force and financial gain. I, on the other hand, was just glad to get through high school, and not be forced to read another book for a very long time. Besides, I had been working at a retail grocery store and was making a good wage. So why did I need to pursue more education? And why should I read another book? Yet something nagged at me from inside that I needed to do more studies. But where? That was a fairly easy choice for me and I went to the highest education possible, I went to Bible College to learn more about the Word of God…..for therein lies the highest wisdom and everything we need for life and understanding. Many people in the world are in pursuit of more and more stuff, but material things won’t bring us true happiness, nor will we take any of it with us when we leave this earth. Our families won’t bring us true happiness, though they are a delight and comfort to have. Our health won’t bring us true happiness because no one’s health is perfect and all of us are susceptible to sickness and deterioration. Job found that out on a grand scale, due to no fault of his own, when he lost everything, his possessions, his family and his health, but held onto the Lord, the only One who can bring peace and joy, no matter what the circumstances, and he got to know Him in a deeper way than most have the privilege of experiencing. He found the secret to true wisdom. And that’s why you should read on. Job 28:12 says, “But where can wisdom be found? Where does understanding dwell?” Some think that because they have found ways and means to enrich themselves they are very wise, but Job doesn’t believe that. There is something that is worth infinitely more than all of the riches in the

Rocky J’s Beach Hut

world, but sadly the vast majority fails to recognize it. This wisdom cannot be bought with money, not with all of the money in the world, nor can we receive it through our heritage, nor can we find it in neither the bowels of the earth nor depths of the sea. Job asks the same question yet again since it is too important to ignore, “Where then does wisdom come from?” The answer is…it comes from God! We cannot understand God and His creation and purpose for us by reading any books written by man, but only by reading God’s book….the Bible….and then only with spiritual eyes when we have been transformed by our faith in Christ. Then we will begin to understand the wisdom of God and the foolishness of man. Yet there are things still hidden from us, like why God allows certain things to happen in people’s lives, some to be afflicted and poor, and others to prosper. Only God knows why everything happens, what

Peachland’s Health Professionals Dentists

Pancake Breakfast from 8:00 - 11:00 am, 2 pancakes (2 sausage or bacon) - $5.00 BBQ burgers and Ukrainian Ham sausage in a bun Treats for the Kids. Music 12:30 pm to 10 pm

Entertainment by Aaron Gordon/Windborn - Jeff Pike/ Wendy Rodocker & Leverne Prozny and the Fugitives. Door prizes and special events runny all day. Fully licensed • 250-767-2454 1st & Beach Ave., Peachland


Massage Therapist

Dr. Don MacRae Dr. Phil Kachanoski Dr. Karl Oppenheim Dr. Peter Cormillot Dr. Jeff Krawchuk

Wes Bedford, B.Sc Geoff Davis, B.Sc Garnet Lloyd, B.Sc

Peachland Dental Centre

Peachland Pharmacy

Function Massage Therapy




St. Margaret’s Anglican Episcopal Church

Grand Opening Live Entertainment Sunday, May 22

He does and why He does it, the events and order and place of every situation. He rules the world and oversees everything in it with His all-seeing and almighty power and wisdom. There is not one thing hidden from neither Him, nor anything that happens apart from His permission. Job 12:11 says that he holds the breath of every creature and mankind in His hand. Wisdom is not to search into the mysteries of creation, or solve all the observations of nature, but it is to fear the Lord…that is, to reverence and adore Him and wherever this attitude reigns in the heart, it will be understood and evidenced by departing from evil…from sin…from those things opposed to the will of God. This is the highest and most profitable education available to all people through God’s Holy Word, the Bible. I’m glad I chose the right school, and took time to find true wisdom and I hope you are too!

Peachland United Church 4421 4th Street

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Worship 10:00 am Morning Prayer Tuesdays - 9:30 am Office Hours 9:30 - 11:30 am Monday to Friday

Rector Canon Sue Mayoss-Hurd Interm Priest, Rev. Canon Jim Kiddell

Teen Challenge With Pastor Andy Peters Campus Pastor

4th Street & Brandon Ave

Peachland Campus 11:00 am - Worship Service at Peachland Elementary School (with Kids Church)

2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638


Elisa Messer, RMT


“Let Us Worship Together”

Centennial Celebration Coming Sept. 2-4, 2011 Office Hours - Tue, Wed, Thur 9:30 am - 2:00 pm Hall rental contact Doreen 767-2132

Sunday Morning Service 10:00 am Rev. Elaine Diggle

Beach Ave Medical Clinic Walk-In

Dr. John Brinkerhoff Dr. Paven Chetty Call for Bookings:

250-767-3432 Open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Closed Weekends

A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At...

Peachland Baptist Church Children & Adult Sunday School 9:45 am Church Servies 11:00 am Children Church During Service Pastor: John Rankin Join Us For: Good Music Bible Messages Great Fellowship 4204 Lake Avenue


12 - The Peachland View

May 20, 2011


Citizens call for end to ICBC’s monopoly on the market

phone: 250.767.7771 • fax: 250.767.3337 email:

Bill Barisoff, MLA - Commentary Back in the 2005 election, one of the themes that arose during the campaign was allegations that ICBC was going to be sold off or privatized. I mention this solely due to the fact that late last week I heard from an overwhelming amount of citizens who suggested that ICBC’s monopoly on automotive insurance services should be put to an end so citizens could opt out of a proposed rate change that could see some drivers paying more money in spite of having a claims free driving history. Seldom does a proposed rate change unite both sides of the house, the majority of the public and even members of the media. However, it was abundantly clear that the motoring public who are customers of the ICBC crown corporation were not supportive of this proposed change to the rate structure. Fortunately, the Solicitor General, Hon. Shirley Bond, heard the concerns of citizens, and as you will hear more about this coming week, has asked ICBC to send this policy back to the drawing board. We would all like safer streets. However, we must ensure that we do not unfairly penalize those who do have a claims free driving record. I believe we can all expect more consultation from ICBC to find a solution that the public can be supportive of. On the theme of consultation, there was a time when elected officials were put into public office with an expectation to make timely and decisive decisions. Over time this practice has evolved and increasingly today citizens are looking to be more involved in the decision making process with input and discussion taken into consideration. In short, we call it consultation and clearly the lack of it can lead to public dissatisfaction with the process. Those of us in elected office need to do a better job sharing with the

public the information and reasons that support changes in public policy. Over this past weekend I received an email from a local senior. This gentleman lives on a fixed income and also keeps track of receipts and reports spending $44.65 in HST. However, this senior also took the time to figure out that the vast majority of that amount would have paid under the former GST and PST system, and, in fact, he claims he only paid an additional $14 in HST on services that would have been previously exempt. This gentleman also received an HST rebate in excess of $220. In short, this senior is coming out ahead on the HST and has passed on the importance to him that we not return to the old PST system. His point was that we in government need to do a better job in communicating about the low-income HST credits. Point taken. Over the past few weeks literally hundreds of thousands of British Columbians have been participating in HST teleforums and also sharing input on how the HST can be improved. As a result Premier Christy Clark announced in Penticton this past weekend that there will be changes coming to the HST system that reduce the impact on families here in the Okanagan and elsewhere. The proposed changes will be announced towards the end of May. I do not doubt that some of you are likely tired of hearing about the HST discussion and probably wonder why government is taking such a strong interest in this decision. It is important to recognize that if going back to the PST from the HST resulted in an increased debt load to British Columbia taxpayers of $1.6 billion, the interest payments alone on that debt would exceed $80 million annually. To put that figure into perspective the annual budget for the Ministry of Agriculture alone is just under $70 million and most growers would like to see that amount increased. Fortunately, many fruit growers have shared with me that as an industry they are in fact benefiting from the HST that helps to lower the costs of farming.

Stand Easy By Patricia Day

ute to mothers. There was a surprise visit from the Peachland Orchid GrowDo you have plans for Sunday, May ers, who presented those in attendance 22?  That is the weekend of the World with a gift of an orchid.  This was inof Wheels. Your Legion needs you. It is deed appreciated by the mothers and time for 'all hands on deck', no matter guests.  A thank you to Dorothy Blair what your skills or interest, your help for her creative refreshments served on is needed.   Check the signup sheet this special occasion.   Now, what do at the bar to see where you may best we do for Father's Day? serve.   To honour his father's memory, Ted Congratulations, to our President, Cave, with wife, Donna,  served free Jean Saul, a recipient of the Commu- chili and a roll on May 12.   What nity Builder Award.  The Municipality a unique way to remember someof Peachland presented this award to one!   Tip Cave was a veteran and a President Saul.   Over the past years, long time Legion member.   Do you President Saul has presented bursaries have someone who you would like to and supported many community spon- recognize in this way?   sored projects on behalf of Branch 69.   There have been some new lineups The first annual Mother's Day in the entertainment offered by Branch Tea was held at the branch on May 69.  Vic's Dance Band was indeed one 8th.  Tea in china cups and a silver tea to dance to as they played many differservice set the tone for the special trib- ent types of music.  We hope to have Continued on Page 13




Home Improvements Dress up your home with crown moulding, new railings, upgrade trim and baseboards. Drywall repair and painting. Renovations. 25 years experience. Call Harry Pankratz at 250-878-5768

2009 Electric Scooter. No gas, no license and no insurance needed. Only 72 kms. New condition; 1950 Replica Motorcycle $995 obo. 250-767-9316


Saturday, May 21 6498 Sherburn Road, Peachland 9 am to 4 pm Moving & downsizing. Furniture, tools, small appliances, pictures, household items, etc.

MOVING SALE Another New Moving Sale

Lots of great new things and many free items. Sat. May 21 - 9 am 4210 6th Ave. up Ponderosa. Two pianos, artwork, girls bedroom set, linens, glassware, silverware, collectable and much more.


Community Garage Sale Saturday & Sunday, June 4 & 5 If raining sale will be held June 11 & 12 8 am - 4 pm - No early birds Antlers Beach Mobile Park. Something for everyone, see you there.

For Sale Victorian-style sofa with love seat and chair, $900; Brother fax/copier/printer, great condition with new ink cartridges, $200; black ceiling fan $25; call 250-767-2675

FOR RENT For Rent Unusual rental situation: 1 bedroom mobile (5th Wheel) situated on a public storage facility, which is completely gated for security. Mobile unit is completely furnished, with full size fridge, store, washer/ dryer and microwave. $500 plus propane. Avail. Immed. N/s, pet on approval. Ref’s required. To view, call Debra @250-718-0511, MacDonald Realty Prop. Mgmt. For Rent Two Eagles “Aria Condo”, lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath overlooking Two Eagles golf course. Gas fireplace, hardwood floors, granite kitchen, stainless steel appliances! Balcony and undergroung parking! $1,150 plus hydro. 1 year lease. N/S, N/P. To view this unit call Debra @ 250718-0511, MacDonald Realty Prop. Mgmt. For Rent $1,200 Clean, renovated, wow view, 2 bdrm + den 1284SF moduler home, 5 appliances, a/c, large DR, LR, Kitchen, large master, 2 bathrooms. Quiet desirable 50+. Small dog on approval. Will reduce rent long term. Call 250-861-6036 or 250-801-5300


Eavestrough Cleaning and specialized roof repairs of concrete roof tiles, shakes and shingles. 35 years experience on sloped roofs. Insured Call Todd Smith 250-767-6603

Service for Hire Peachland mom looking to assist seniors or busy people to do their shopping, cleaning, cooking and more. Call Cherie at 250-767-2660

100 DRUM LESSONS - $25

Sparrowhead Music Private lessons for drums, conga, djembe and ukulele. All ages and levels welcome! Great recording rates in our new 24-track analog studio! Located in Peachland! 250-5758757 Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Meets Monday at 7pm (closed meeting) and Friday at 8pm (open meeting). Call 763-5555 for more info.

Peachland United Church BARGAIN BIN SALE Bliss Bakery & Bistro seeks reliable, hard working person for permanent parttime dishwashing position. Must be available week days and weekends. Please apply with resume to or in person at 101-4200 Beach Ave.

• Good clean clothing • Household items We accept donations on days that we are open.

Please do not drop off any donations while we are closed. OPEN THURS. - SAT. 9:30 - 3 PM

Licensed Property Management Services

“Serving Peachland and the Westside” • Placement of tenant • Full monthly management • Regular inspections for your peace of mind • Home Watch Call Today for your complimentary market evaluation!

Debra (RPM): 250-718-0511 Website: MacDonald Realty Property Management 4403 - 2nd St. Peachland, BC V0H 1X7. Action No.: KEL-P-M-88326 Kelowna Registry In the Provincial Court of British Columbia (Small Claim Court) Between: South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority dba Translink formerly known as BC Transit, Claimant And: Shawn Ryan Higgins and Nicholas Prisk, Defendants

ADVERTISEMENT To: The Defendant Shawn Ryan Higgins TAKE NOTICE THAT on March 15, 2011 an order was made for service on you of a Notice of Claim issued from the Kelowna Registry of the Provincial Court of British Columbia (Small Claims) in proceeding KEL-P-M-88326 by way of this advertisement. In the proceeding, the Claimaint claims the following relief against you: (a) general damages for bus repair, filing fees and service fees. You must file a Reply to Notice of Claim within 14 days failing which further proceedings, including judgement, may be taken against you without notice to you. You may obtain from the Kelowna Law Courts located at 1355 Water Street, Kelowna, British Columbia, a copy of the Notice of Claim and the order providing for service by this advertisement. This advertisement is placed by Andrea Jones, Lawyer for the Claimant, whose address is for service is 316 - 2800 East First Avenue, Vancouver British Columbia.

The Peachland View - 13

May 20, 2011

Stand Easy Continued from Page 12 them back in the future. An open mike was held this past Saturday night to provide new performers an opportunity to showcase their talent.  Perhaps, this could be a venue for you to dust off that musical instrument and come down and play a tune or two.   Peter is always on the lookout for entertainment.  If you know of someone who would like to perform, get in touch with Peter at the Legion at

250-767-9404. You will be able to dance and sing along to Anita's Karaoke on May 21. Great entertainment awaits residents and visitors alike at the Sideshow (a section of the street adjacent to the Legion) on May 22 at the World of Wheels. It will be the "only game in town" with respect to outdoor entertainment and also the only beer garden. Do you like a game of chance?   Big Slick Poker takes to the tables on Wednesday night.   Reg-

istration is at 6:30 pm and the game begins at 7:00. This is a great way to have fun.  You play for points and not money.  The accumulation of points at the end of the season may result in prizes.   So, you have nothing to lose and the opportunity to have a great time. Don't forget the monthly general meeting of Branch 69; it has been moved to May 30, due to the Victoria Day weekend.  See you all at the meeting! ...'til next time

Peachland Service Directory Visit for the latest new and views from Peachland • Residential • Commercial • Interior / Exterior • Drywall Repairs • Textured Ceilings • Spray / Brush / Roller • Wall Coverings PANTONE BLACK

Jason •

250-300-3008 • Peachland

Domestic • Import • European We Specialize in European & Imports AutomotivePowertrain, Maintenance & Repairs Automotive Fuel, Electrical, Fuel Injection • Electronic Diagnostics Mechanical and Diagnostic Services Excellent Professional Service

Oliver Mendonza TEL: 250.862.1646 767-3180 or 862-1646

We’re Sold onComes Service ! “Mobile Service To You”

• Quality Interior & Exterior Painting •Repaints • Reasonable Rates • Residential & Commercial

Call for a FREE Estimate Located in Peachland

Westside Curb Appeal Inc. renovation & remodeling


Bobcat Services & Exposed aggregate vinyl decking! Call for a free estimate!


Located in Peachland!

Topline exTeriors lTd. • Roofing • New • Re-Roofs • Repairs

Jeff Webster 250-212-0781

• Siding • Soffit • Facia • Gutters

Bob Fummerton 250-681-4014

Serving Peachland for 15+ Years

14 - The Peachland View

May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

The Peachland View - 15

Around Peachland

Craig Cunningham leads the Peachland walking group on Sunday during the walk on the fur brigade trail at the Okanagan Lake Resort Photo by Eric Hall

Drs. Brinkerhoff and Chetty of Beach Avenue Medical invited everyone in the community to Walk with your Doc as part of the World Health Organization’s Move for Health Day last week. Pictured are some of the participants, of which Elizabeth Gregory, who is 82, was the eldest. Photo by Constance Roth

The Peachland Legion Slo-Pitch team was the winner of their game on May 12th in Oliver. The team will be playing in the Joe Bullock tournament in Summerland on May 24 & 26th. Their next home game will be at Cousins Park on May 31st, starting at 10 am. Come out and cheer for your local team! Pictured in the back row are Jim Baker, Sue Ainsworth, Thom Thompson, Ken Davies, Gord Schneider, Lyle Rowat, Ann-Marie Honkonen and Bill Boos. Front row: Bob Wilson, Nino Fabbro, Orv Davies, Mike Honkonen and Bob Corder. Photo by Trudy Williams-Boos

Close Right: Chris Berry, a member of the Peachland Art Group, painted the old school house last week. The group is painting each of the businesses on Beach Avenue at part of their Let’s Paint the Town to be sold at their annual sale on May 29, at the community centre. Far Rightv: Dian Tompkin, foreground, painting Rocky J’s with Katharina Gerhardt looking on. Carol Ewasiuk painting Edward Jones. Photos by Constance Roth

The gang at Rocky J’s on Beach Avenue display two of the several pedal cars -- the Mr. Lube car and K96.3 Classic Rock Yellow Jacket pedal airplane -- that will be part of the Great Pedal Car Giveaway at the 14th Annual World of Wheels this Sunday, May 22. Photo by Cindy Fortin

Mayor Keith Fielding presents the keys for a new Community Policing van to President Bill Boos, left, and Past President Bill Guthrie. The District of Peachland gives financial support to the Community Policing efforts with the purchase of the van and operating grants. The Peachland Community Police consists of the Community Policing Office, Citizens Patrol and Speed Watch. There are 30 active members who volunteer their time to make Peachland a safer place to live. Additional volunteers are always needed, if you are interested please contact the Community Policing Office at 250-767-2623. Photo by Constance Roth

16 - The Peachland View

May 20, 2011



Peter Wannop John Kilpatrick Bradly Dillman Jackie Scott

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Panoramic lake views to the south all the way to Penticton, quiet area, wall of windows built for the views walkout rancher, many updates 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 3 way gas F/P, hardwood floors vaulted ceilings, family room, easy to suite, 2 tiled view decks .34 acre, rural feel natural surroundings call Cecile to view at 250-212-2654 more at

$479,000 MLS®10026913

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Call: 250.768.2161

CALL TODAY! (250) 863-1282 Spacious

Nearly New



6409 Bulyea Ave

202-4350 Ponderosa Drive, Peachland

Spacious 2 bed/2 bath townhouse at Eagle’s View - level entry w/ single attached garage. Hand scraped hardwood floors, granite counters, maple cabinets, s/s appliances & large balcony. Rentals and pets allowed w/r, RV prkng, new club house incl. theatre room and fitness room. The ideal unit for a “Lock ‘n Go” lifestyle!




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4035 Ponderosa Place, Peachland Unobstructed lake view. $10,000 cash Bonus to Buyer!! Over 1000 sq ft of decks. Fruit trees, grapes & raspberries. Very private & immaculate 3 bed, 3 bath w/o rancher. Large concrete storage room for your outdoor accessories.


0 00


La ke

Vi ew


Open House on Sunday from 1:00 - 3:00 pm 4210-6th Avenue Contemporary 4 bed, 5 bath lake view home boasts quality finishings and exceptional lake views. Lots of “play areas” including separate games & media rooms, outdoor hot tub. 3rd level with 1 bdrm suite - perfect for bed & breakfast or in-law suite. Private lot, builder/ owner’s home. $895,000

3996 Beach Avenue # 234, Peachland, BC - Semi lake front and almost 1400 sq ft one floor 2 bedrooms 2 bath condo in beautiful Peachland. Steps to the beach, huge wrap around covered sun MLS®10027689 • $299,900 deck with views of the lake.

6078 Jackson Crescent Peachland, BC - This 4 bedroom 4 bath home has been relocated and renovated. New flooring, Granite countertops, new stainless steel appliances. Open concept, great MLS®10021799 • $459,000 for entertaining.



5300 Huston Road # 207, Peachland, BC - Gorgeous Lakeview Townhouse! ‘The Terraces’ is perhaps the nicest gated community in Peachland. Come and see this spotless 2 bdrm + den unit and find out why it is such a desirable location. 3 full baths, plenty of hardwood make this unit a pleasure to view. The entry gate is open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Drive by and check it out and then call Brian at for your personal showing. MLS®10024602





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CURRENT RATE SPECIALS 3yr fixed rate 3.52% 3yr variable (Prime -0.8%) 2.20% 5yr fixed (quick close) rate 3.99%

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5165 Trepanier Bench Road # 241 Peachland, BC - Beautifully Finished Townhome in Peachland. A comfortable open floor plan makes Entertaining easy and Enjoyable. Enjoy the spectacular view MLS®10010394 • $519,900 of Okanagan Lake.

5308 Law Street Peachland, BC - Great small acreage in peaceful rural setting. 6 bedroom family home, with a huge room in the walkout basement. The property has pens for 4 horses, dog MLS®10025029 • $544,000 kennel, shelters & feed storage.


Offer Pending

The Team Advantage 654 Cook Road # 520, Kelowna



The Cody Sisters!

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3936 Beach Avenue Peachland, BC - Semi waterfront on Beach Avenue in beautiful historic Peachland. 2 bdrms, 2 bthrms, F/P/ carport, fenced corner lot with a “totally unfinished”above ground MLS®10025016 • $649,000 lower level.

Lara Cody 250-868-7114

Leanne Cody 250-215-5028



4603 Ponderosa Drive, Peachland, BC - Located on the new Greg Norman signature Ponderosa Golf Course, only 20 minutes from Kelowna. 4 bedrooms plus den and 3 bathrooms, almost 4000 MLS®10025963 • $759,000 square feet of custom living.

Bryon Knutsen

(250) 863-1282

“Our” Community “Your” Realtor

Beautiful lake and mountain view. Corner unit w/ private balcony overlooking the creek. This fully furnished condo has SS appliances, granite counter tops, built-in microwave/fan, W/D, Fridge/stove. D/W, upgraded taps and f/fnsd kitchen. Pool,hot tub,2 large garden and BBQ areas, exercise room, sauna, owners’ lounge.

• Director’s Platinum Award • President’s Gold Award • Master Sales Award KELOWNA

Service You Deserve With A Team You Trust Janis Marsden 250-808-2123

Sheryl Rudd 250-878-6884

The Team Advantage

250-470-8989 Shirley Geiger g

6154 Davies Crescent Peachland


5878E Beach Avenue Sensational Lake Views ws

5226 Clarence Road, Peachland - This well cared for home has

it all - Gorgeous lake views, spacious 3 bdrms, 3 baths, open kitchen with large island, upstairs double doors open to the master bedroom with large ensuite and private balcony, the lower level offers games room or perfect for media room, the oversized double garage comes with work area, all this and RV parking too! This is a great family home for entertaining or just $529,000 relaxing by the fireplace.



Bryon Knutsen

(250) 863-1282 “Our” Community “Your” Realtor

• Director’s Platinum Award • President’s Gold Award • Master Sales Award KELOWNA

Mr. & Mrs. Clean live here, pride of ownership shows inside & out. Gourmet kitchen, living room & dining room up & down (in-law suite), den, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Waterscape off large back patio, side patio & front deck “ALL” with lake views. Lots here to see. MLS®10005214

#309 3996 Beach Avenue 00

Beautiful,9 Lakeshore Gardens, pool, hot tub, gym, guest 99it is all here. AND you can live in this exquisite suites, 4 $ Penthouse; enjoy the lake from your decks & many big windows. Open plan living room, dining room, & gourmet kitchen with entertaining island, granite, hardwood. Pamper yourself; CALL to see it now. MLS®10018356




New Listing

From 1:00 pm - 3:30pm - Sunday, May 22 Great location, incredible lake and mountain views. Open floor plan on main features a large kitchen, bright dining area & living room. Extensive, tasteful updates. A new furnace and new roof also add value to this property! It is truly a perfect family home providing 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a family room with a gas fireplace.

Service You Deserve With A Team You Trust Janis Marsden 250-808-2123

Sheryl Rudd 250-878-6884


Online edition of the peachland view for May 20, 2011