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August 12, 2011 Peachland, BC Volume 07 | Number 32

By Cindy Fortin There has been an abundance of rumour, speculation and conjecture over the last few years regarding the state of the Trepanier Manor development located on MacKinnon Road, up Trepanier. Is the project at a standstill? Has the developer gone bankrupt? Is the property in foreclosure? In an open and candid interview, Scott Wilshaw, the best known of the three partners of Trepanier Manor Corp. (the other two being Byron Dafoe and Richard Dudelzak), sat down with the View, paperwork and evidence in hand, to allow a close-up look at the facts, finances, cause of delays, bank action, and the recent progress of the project. A little history on Wilshaw and the enterprise… Wilshaw moved from the U.K. to Peachland eight years ago. Trepanier Manor Corp. has been going for four-and-a-half years, since 2007. Wilshaw has a background in hospitality, and while he trained as a chef, decided to go into hotel management, in which he managed resorts, and built hotels for other people, he says. Wilshaw was familiar with Peachland, and chose the area for the development because it seemed an ideal location. “There was a need for it, and it was close to the wineries, it was close to the Coquihalla, the Connector, the airport, and it’s a great destination. I am very familiar with Peachland, because even as a kid we used to come through here,” says Wilshaw. Design plans for Trepanier Manor consist of an European style, Five Star Hotel of 54,000 sq ft, privately owned and operated, along with 20 home sites, 15 of which would have guest cottages as well, all on 25 acres. The hotel, itself, would have 38 suites, two restaurants, two bars, music room, spa, health club, two swimming pools, an outdoor and indoor cookery school and vineyards. The show home has already been built, but delays have kept the project from moving ahead over the last few years -- the biggest roadblock being “subdivision”. “Before you can build anything, or before you can even close a sale, you need to have subdivision. That took 15 months longer than it should have and it cost us $1.4 million due to third party cost overruns. A great deal of that money went to the installation of services, such as gas, water, sewer and hydro. The cost had initially been projected closer to $900,000. “That was money we hadn’t budgeted for and had to find,” says Wilshaw. He adds that it is much like the chicken and egg scenario. You can’t start selling until you have the subdivision, and you can’t start paying the mortgage principle until you start selling. On May 26, 2011, after a lengthy struggle, Trepanier Manor finally received their subdivision documents,

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Trepanier Manor – Bust or building?

Scott Wilshaw, one of three partners of Trepanier Manor Corp. stands next to the entrance to the upscale development. With subdivision finally approved the group plans to move forward with sales and building of the hotel and homes. Photo Cindy Fortin

and this week they are filing a Disclosure form so the subdivided property will officially be registered with the Land Registry office. This means that instead of being considered as just one large lot, they have legally become 21, finally allowing them to begin selling and start the building stage. “A lot of people in this town didn’t understand that,” says Scott. Then there is the issue of a pending foreclosure on the property by Canadian Western Bank. Trepanier

Manor has been in forbearance for the last year, explains Wilshaw, which he says is understandable. But, he stresses, it is not due to lack of payment of the $4.1 million mortgage. Rather, it has been the lengthy amount of time it has taken to get subdivision and move the project ahead. “During this time we continued, and still continue, to pay our $20,000 a month in interest. The bank has alContinued on page 2

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March 25, 2011 August 12, 2011




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The strength of the economy is evident everywhere

It’s back! The signs are all there. It hit high that is held up by resilient, shock home for me this past week while I was absorbing laminated beams and girders. The doing an announcement at one of Western demand for the people and the product is Canada’s largest technical institutes. This strong. And we have what it takes right here post secondary training college graduates to supply that demand. about 25 per cent of all of the completed Another sign of our growing economy was apprentices going into a wide range of evident at the annual Hong Kong business professions and occupations right across the dinner in Vancouver this week. As minister country. for the Asia Pacific it was an What they were telling honour to bring remarks to the ďż˝ WEEKLY COMMENTARY me was good news, but not sold-out event. The mood in the without its challenges. The STOCKWELL DAY, MP room was clearly optimistic. administration and faculty And it was optimism based on reps said it was starting to look like dĂŠjĂ -vu hard facts, not simply hope. exterior drawing shows the for newall $2.2 million, sq. ft. home toand be built on Lotproducers 20 of Trepanier allThis over again. The demand types of 3,600Agriculture energy were Manor. is unmistakeably surging upwards there, Design ABUGOV KASPAR, Calgary, trades talkingbyabout what appears to beAlberta longagain. They said it reminded them of the term growth and demand numbers. After pressure they felt at the time of major all, as the middle class continues to grow at employee shortages a few years ago. an amazing rate and people move annually It wasn’t that long ago. You remember. out of poverty by the tens of millions per DemandsContinued for qualified helppage or for China, India andAlberta other previously beenincompleted by an company from 1 those year willing to be trained was so high that many impoverished demandis from for a buyer, nations and the the company also fast food outlets couldn’t keep open their them for every type of product imaginable working on closing a deal on the show ways been very good to us. The probusual hours because couldn’t only increase. We are very well placed home with an interested buyer. lem the bank has isthey thatsimply the timing has will fibeen nd theso people. meet thoseadmits demands and see our frustration withown all long to get the subdivision, that to Wilshaw I’m not saying we’re there yet. Th ere are levels of standard of living and prosperity the hurdles and delays, and the millions they just want to reinvest the money,â€? still many people looking for work. But rise in the spent on process. cost overruns, not to mention he says. the The strength the is, economy is evident Westbank First Nations continuefees to see astronomical cost of lawyers to good ofnews Trepanier Manor the everywhere. All I have to do is refl ect on economic growth. Th is week I was with get this far, but he and his partners are Corp. is just in the process of receiving some the events I was in this Chief Robert to Louie for the announcement determined continue. new of financing from twoinvolved other sources week. a construction project upgrade could have gonethat in will foreclosure and paying out the debt to Canadian of “We Just last week I attended the opening of a a number of homes on WFN lands. That two years ago. But we decided as a comWestern. And now that the properties huge new production facility in Okanagan means there will be a need for trades and pany we were going to fight it through can legally be sold, sale and construcFalls. valuetoadded jobs, every more and paysupply what products. we owe.More To date, tion Structurlam of homes ismakes expected beginwood in a building products that are economic growth. singlemore month, money goes out to people short period of used and around the sales, world. If you’re wondering what kind of An international meeting of keeping private and we owe. I just keep fighting, my Already eight lots have deposits on projects theymoney do, think Richmond Olympic head sector down.transportation Yes, Scott’s companies still here. with I’m them, the sitting in escrow with public skating magnififor centa top from the world alsomaktook justpeople working inaround a different way and TMC’soval‌that lawyer, breathtaking the design plans roof superstructure. Th ey did that. place here (Vancouver) to look at the growth ing sure we survive.â€? $2.2 million, 3,600 sq. ft. home have Sometimes we aren’t aware of the amazing needs in transportation arising from our workers and technicians that we have right growing economy. As I said, the signs of job here in our own backyard. (They also have a creation and investment are everywhere. We plant in Penticton.) will continue to work on the types of policy I was there this week to announce that they that will keep this momentum going. were the successful recipients of research On another note we can be proud of what dollars in the ongoing development of the Canada is able to offer the world on two next generation of laminated wood beams. different counts this week. This week I had Some of you find that exciting. Others of the honour of meeting with some of our fine you are about to nod off thinking about it. members of our Armed Forces. Canada has Well, hold on. Before I lose you, think about been asked to provide soldiers, sailors, and earthquake proof high-rise buildings, an fighter pilots to assist with other United apartment or office tower up to 25 stories Nations countries in subduing the Libyan dictator in his ongoing assault on his own people. Once again, as we have done throughout history, our Armed Forces will step up to protect those who are being slaughtered by the forces of dictators. As usual, I expect we will hear good reports from others in foreign Come visit us at the Firefighters Cam Bryan, left, Amy Catherwood and Captain Dave Ross,countries lower right,that take another look the for will have any remaining hot spots during the mop-up stage of the interface fire behind Peachland Elementary honour of serving with our West Kelowna Home and School last Saturday. Photo Christina Passmore Armed Forces.

Trepanier Manor – Bust or building?

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Leisure Show April 1,2&3 at Royal LePage Place and Proud to meet your enter to win our draw for real estate needs in $250.00 worth of carpet or Peachland upholstery By Cindy a significant threat to Herrin homes had it Brenda

Peachland firefighters respond to serious interface fire on weekend Hours Hours Mon. - Fri. 9Mon. am --5Fri. pm 9 am - 5& pm Closed Weekends Holidays Closed Weekends & Holidays

Female physician available in April

Peachland firefighters tackled the first serious interface blaze of the summer, after smoke and flames were reported in the heavily treed area behind Peachland Elementary School, in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 6th. Local fire trucks were quickly dispatched to the area, where some trees had already begun to candle, fuelled by the thick underbrush, a heavy layer of dead pine needles, and other ground fuel in the area. The fire had the potential of becom-

spread upward. “If it got out of control in that area it could have gone up Ponderosa way, or Desert Pines, or both. It could have done a lot of damage; we could have lost a lot of area, easily,� said Peachland Fire Chief Grant Topham. Through a mutual aid agreement, two trucks were also brought in from West Kelowna and stationed up on Brenda Ponderosa Drive, in Herrin the areaRealty of Sixth 250-212-6745 Avenue, to protect the area. A pumper

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The Peachland View - 3

August 12, 2011

Canada retains its Triple A credit rating By Dan Albas, MP - Okanagan-Coquihalla In last week’s report I raised the topic of debt and government spending. Since that time, Standard and Poor’s has taken the unprecedented move of lowering the United States credit rating. My understanding is that this is the first credit downgrade in United States history. What was also stated in last week’s Member of Parliament report is that Canada’s Triple A credit rating has just been reconfirmed indicating support for our country’s fiscal management. Fortunately, another positive development occurring in the past seven days was recent Statistics Canada data confirming

more net new jobs were created across Canada, with July being the second largest monthly gain on record. One area of concern that I have heard from many of you recently pertains to high gas prices and, in particular, why gas prices in some areas of Okanagan-Coquihalla are higher than others. As I pointed out on my blog recently, government, both federally and provincially, must share some of the blame for taxation that is contained within the price of gasoline. However, there are still other variables that remain unexplained. It is my intention to investigate this matter further as a Member of Parliament and report back to you with my findings. To date I am in the process of meeting with those who have been previously, or are currently, involved within the industry, for further information. The buzz out of Ottawa this past week has been revelations the new interim leader of the NDP, Nycole Tur-

mel, was recently a member of the Bloc Québécois and, until last week, also held a membership in a hard-line Quebec sovereignty association. Apparently holding a membership in another political party is contrary to the NDP constitution and many critics have expressed concern over the prospect that a potential separatist may be the leader of a federalist party. While the concerns are not without merit I believe we must not overlook that Nycole Turmel is an interim leader for the NDP, as we all hope for a speedy recovery of Jack Layton in his courageous battle with cancer. I would rather our attention in this case be focused more on the fight against cancer that many Canadians are bravely fighting each and every day with slowly improving outcomes. Those battles are hard fought and not always won, but let us make sure that no one fights them alone.

B.C. recognized as a leader in healthy living Bill Barisoff, MLA - Commentary This week will likely be the first in many that the topic of the HST will potentially not be part of the weekly headlines. With the HST referendum vote deadline now passed the results are not expected until roughly the end of August. There is little doubt that the HST will become a significant chapter in British Columbia’s history, as well as being an example for other governmental jurisdictions in how not to introduce taxation policy. I do respect that many citizens did look at the HST with an open mind and regardless of supporting or opposing positions made the decision to cast a ballot and participate in the process. On a different theme, this week will be the start of the new Healthy Families BC walking challenge. From now until September 19th you and your family can have a chance to become active and win great prizes for your family and community. We all know what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle: be physically active, eat nutritious meals, get plenty of sleep, limit alcohol and eliminate tobacco use. By sharing stories, photos or videos of your favourite walk you can win weekly prizes. The top five communities in their population size range with the

most submissions will each receive $10,000 to support the development of walking trails. One of the five winning communities will be randomly drawn to receive an additional $50,000. While B.C. is recognized as a leader in Canada when it comes to healthy living, smoking and obesity still remain the highest preventable causes of death among many British Columbians. For more information about Healthy Families BC please visit www. This week also includes another round of gaming grant awards. The St. John Society, Penticton Safety Village, The Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society and the Penticton & District Emergency Program Society are just some of the volunteer organizations that will receive collectively some $90,000 in provincial gaming revenues for this region. On a related note, I would also like to thank the many volunteers involved with the very successful Penticton Peach Festival that was once again a huge success. I would be remiss if I did

v o lu

not point out that citizens come together for a variety of different reasons. In recent weeks, as a community, we have all been deeply saddened by a senseless event that occurred on Ellis Street. Words cannot begin to describe this incident; however it is truly heartening that so many in our community have come together in support of others. As a parent and a grandparent, my prayers are with the victim and it is times such as these where family, friends and the kindness of others is what makes a difference to all involved.

P e a c h l a n d ory n te er d i r ect

Peachland firefighters respond to serious interface fire on weekend Continued from page 2 truck was also sent up to Desert Pines where it could access a fire hydrant. At one point, about 20 firefighters, including a forestry attack crew, fought the blaze. It took about two hours to ensure they had the fire under control and it was no longer a threat, said Topham. Fortunately, the wind was in their favour, as nighttime winds tend to flow downward, as opposed to daytime winds that often travel upwards. Mop-up continued well into the next day. It is estimated that ½-hectare was lost in the blaze, which was determined to be suspicious, as it consisted of three or four separate fires in the vicinity. RMCP are now investigating. This is not the first time there has been trouble at this location, which is

private property at 5400 Chidley Road. “We have a lot of incidents in that area, with small fires and bonfires. There is a lot of partying going on, and transients camping in the area,” said Topham. He asked that people take special care when spending time in wooded areas. “This is the time of the year we are high into extreme hazard and we need people to be very careful and diligent, especially in forest interface areas,” he said. Should a person see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary don’t hesitate to call 911, he added. “Don’t delay in calling for help, even for just a small fire. All of these fires start out small, but we need to know as soon as possible so we can get on it.” Police are also asking for any information concerning this incident. You can call the West Kelowna Detachment at 250-768-2880, or Crime Stoppers.

Volunteer Peachland

creation Peachland Re and, BC hl ac Pe , et 4450 6th Stre 7.2133 76 0. Phone: 25 ! okbring bo ce Fa on directory was created to us Find

In the spring, the volunteer recognition to the great opportunities here in Peachland. The guide was used at the wwaw.p Spring Volunteer Fair and has been available at variety of locations in Peachland such as the Chamber, Municipal hall and the Community Centre. As fall is a great time to start a new initiative, the Volunteer Directory has been included in this weeks’ View. Have a look through at the many clubs, service organization and opportunities that await you! For more information visit the or call 250.767.2133 and watch for your Fall 2011/Winter 2012 Recreation Guide in next weeks View!

4 - The Peachland View

August 12, 2011

Editor’s Perspective

Our little sister next door adopts first Official Community Plan By Cindy Fortin Editor ∙ After two weeks on sick leave, it’s nice to be back at the View. Sick or not, being the news junkie that I am, I kept abreast of local and world news events while away. During that time, the U.S. Congress approved raising their country’s debt ceiling, a Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan by the Taliban killing 30 U.S. troops and several Afghan soldiers, and London tackled angry mobs who rioted after a young man was shot dead by a police officer, -- just to name a few. It makes it scary to even turn on the news these days. Closer to home, although substantially less critical, I was particularly interested in our little sister next door. On July 26th the District of West Kelowna adopted its first Official Community Plan (OCP), since incorporating in December of 2007. (I refer to them as our little sister, as they are in their municipal infancy. However, the areas of Westbank and the Westside have existed for about as many decades as Peachland.) My first reaction upon hearing the news of their new OCP was to let out a little chuckle. Mayor Findlater and council thanked the public and stakeholders “for providing their comments, concerns and support regarding this comprehensive plan.” On their District website, they noted that creating the right “community vision” for West Kelowna included: close consultation with the public, stakeholders and council, spanning a 30 month period; careful review of growth and development best practices; and the incorporation of new directions and legislative requirements in key areas like Climate Action. The adoption of the OCP came after a two-year engagement and drafting process. Two years? That sounds about right. I remember when, about 10 to 15 years ago, Peachland first came up with their Official Community Plan. It was standing room only in the Community Centre during the public hearing and open house. Goals and visions were laid out then too, and perimeters for growth and development were set – all of which were debated and discussed until the perfect OCP was presented in a neat and tidy bundle. Within a few short years the hack job began. It seems that whenever a developer came to town offering a few goodies, such as infrastructure and public amenities, the OCP could be altered in order to accommodate their development plans. Now, after a decade or so of bylaw amendments and other changes, our OCP looks much like a patchwork quilt that, if spread out, would be large enough to stretch from 1st to 13th Streets. To our little sister next door…it’s a good thing to have a plan in hand. I just hope you are prepared to cut and sew, because it will happen. So take a good look at your Official Community Plan, which you worked so diligently on now, because in a few short years it may be unrecognizable.

Peachland Views

Okanagan Basin Board has done it again Dear Editor: I see the Okanagan Basin Water Board, the folks who strongly influenced our council to waste $1,100,000 on water meters, resulting in huge cost increases for many Peachland residents, have done it again. It is reported they are partners in a project that saw three large, hugely expensive buoys put into Okanagan Lake to monitor evaporation. Anna Warwick Sears of the Board is reported to have said “I’m so stoked about this. It’s super good for the valley.” I strongly disagree. The information collected will show that lake water evaporates more when the temperature is higher and when the wind is stronger. So what? The lake loses water in three ways -- evaporation, drainage and consumption by humans and animals. It receives water only

Constance Roth

Publisher/ Sales Manager

4437 - 3rd Street Peachland British Columbia V0H 1X7

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Cindy Fortin Editor

Shawn Wernig Production Artist

through precipitation and “treated” sewage. Knowing the evaporation rates will not change this or allow any type of action that will benefit us. If it rains or snows, the lake level will rise. If it does not rain or snow the level will fall. Downstream users want us to hold back water when levels are high, to protect them from flooding. They want us to release more water when levels are low, for their use. The only persons who will benefit from this project are the scientists, based in Burlington, Ontario, who will, no doubt, come to the Okanagan every summer, cruise around in large boats and “monitor and maintain” the buoys, all at the taxpayers expense. Nice work, if you can get it. John Humphries, Peachland

Peek into the past A group of young people enjoy a feast of fresh peaches. This picture is from the old album belonging to the Peachland mystery girl. All of the people are named, except for the second person from the right, which she only labeled as “me”. The photo was likely taken between 1906 and 1909 as the album dates from then. Okanagan Lake is barely visible in the background. It is the same season as now, only a 100 years earlier. Photo contributed by the Peachland Historical Society

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The Peachland View - 5

August 12, 2011

Thanks for making trip to downtown Peachland painful Dear Editor: I am writing this letter to the town of Peachland, mayor and council, mainly, to thank them. I would like to thank them for making my trip to downtown Peachland painful, so painful it’s to the point I rarely travel down Beach Avenue. I will take the highway and come in from the other end of town by the Blind Angler. Why, you ask? Because of the speed limit of 30 km/h, (which some people think if it’s 30 km/h it means I should go 20 km/h), the bicycles they rent at 13th, the rude tourists, and the boat trailers that are too wide for the parking spot, but they park there anyway. Oh and I can’t forget the turnout lane on 13th onto the highway where the merge lane is. I can’t count the amount of times I have sat behind a car that has no clue to get on the highway. Now if I have room I go around them and get in the merge lane, for which I have been called many colourful names and received lots of hand gestures, they all think I am Number One by the hand signals I get. I live on Beach Avenue towards the creek and yesterday I was crossing the road to the beach. I did look both ways and there was a car approaching, but there was plenty of time to cross. The car (with Alberta plates) sped up. I actually thought he

wasn’t going to stop, and when he got close enough to me he started yelling get off the road you (bleep bleep). Believe me, he came close to me, while laying the boots to his vehicle. I work in Westbank so I have to travel up and down Drought Hill every day. I have been made to follow vehicles as slow 30 km/h because they are sightseeing. (Yes, it is beautiful, but pull over to look.) The road to the highway by Todd’s complex is littered with vehicles parked on both sides, when actually I thought there was no parking on that road. So that’s it. Thanks Peachland mayor and council for making life for the tourists wonderful and life for the residents hell! Debbie Hostyn, Peachland

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Left to right, are Janis Marsden, director Peachland Chamber, John Turner chair of BC Chamber, Rob Campbell president Peachland Chamber, Darlene Hartford, office administrator Peachland Chamber, and Manuella Farnsworth and Karen LeBlanc, Peachland Chamber directors. Photo Submitted

B.C. Chamber Board chairman of drops by for a visit By Darlene Hartford, Office Administrator John Turner, board chair of BC Chamber, toured the Okanagan region visiting several chambers in the area. John was interested in hearing from Chamber boards on issues facing members. Turner said, advocacy is becoming the important component in providing value within chambers. This coincides with regional advocacy implemented through the Highway 97 Transportation Panel and Via 97 Committee. Turner has also heard from many chambers that they support regionalization of policy making. Networking and benefits also continue to provide value to members. As a member of both BC and

the Canadian Chamber, Peachland offers valuable discounts to its members. For example, discounts offered by ESSO, PetroCanada, Mohawk and Shell are an advantage to companies with numerous vehicles or travel related businesses. Medical benefits include dental, life, health, travel as well as short and long-term disability to name a few. Also Constant Contact, a provider of customized templates for flyers, surveys and newsletters, can enhance communication with customers or members of an organization. Peachland and Westbank Chambers will host a Constant Contact workshop, Wednesday September 14th at Deep Creek Estate Winery, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

Businesses can reap financial benefits as well as provide staff incentives, through the benefit programs of their local chamber. For more information

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August 12, 2011

Peachland Views

The Peachland View

Help is available. All day. Every day.

Some facts regarding Wi-Fi BC Problem Gambling Dear Editor: Help Line 1.888.795 6111 (24 hrs)

I wanted to respond to Bruce Ryder’s comments regarding Wi-Fi. View; “In response to the For(Re: serviPeachland ces in your area ask for Wi-Fi proposalâ€?; August Central Okan4, ag2011) an Counselling Service I have done Wi-Fi survey of the downtown area sand ConďŹ aden tial counselling services are offered Wi-Fi free of chain Funding is proprivate found 35 separate and business rge.the vided by the Province of British Col umbia. ww w.bcresponsiblega downtown core, currently. mbl Sitting in my dining room I have 11 Wi-Fi networks around me. My point is Wi-Fi is already everywhere. Hopefully to combat the F.U.D. factor, “Fear, Uncertainty and Doubtâ€?, we need to look at EMF (electromagnetic fields) more purposefully to get a better understanding of where the known risks are. The term EMF is the broadest of description to encompass all electrical devices. All electrical devices emit some EMF.

March 25, 2011



By Erin Boyes, District of Peachland

Most concerns published by the World Health Organization (WHO) are regarding Extremely Low Frequency Fields of 300Hz, of which there is some well understood data. Http:// ehc/en/index.html. Water Rates Bylaw The EMF from cell phones 800 MHz “megahertz�, 900 MHz and 1800/1900MHz, isAmendments under heavy study and debate. I’m not overly surprised to hear that holding Council rst, seca transmitter a half-inch from your braingave can fi cause you and third readings to harm. That’s why I prefer to ond use speakerphones and my Water Rates Bylaw No. auto audio system to make cell phone calls. 1931, I did numerous searches on EMF 2010 studiesAmendment and I found Bylaw Number 1440 different current and past studies, I found1981, none 2011. from This 2.412 amendment for high frequency wireless “Wi-Fi� -2.484 brings inthe agricultural GHz. I found a 2007 BBC article, which the World line with Health Organization (WHO)rate says,in“There is nothe risk2009 from level from $0.04 to $0.10 per cubic meter, with no increase in any other rate category.


Fees and Charges & Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Bylaws

Sign Bylaw Amendment

Council gave first three readings to Sign Bylaw Number 1853 AmendCouncil gave first, sec- ment Bylaw Number ond and third readings 1980, 2011. This amendlow level, long-term exposure to Wi-Fi networksâ€? and the to both Freedom of In- ment will restrict applicaUnited Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency reports formation and Protec- tions for full color digital that of exposure Wi-Fi for resultscenters in “samewith amount tion PrivacytoBylaw No.a year message TV of radiation from a 20-minute mobile phone call.â€? 1982, 2011 and Fees and motion. What isBylaw a Hz?No. In simple Charges 1980, terms it is the unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second. Think CafĂŠ, of a metronome Sidewalk Merchant 2011. ticking back and forth, taking one second complete Display andtoMobile These bylaws replace back and forth would be a cycle. Vending Licenses and Freedom of InformaSome would be: Power Encroachments lines cycles 300 time tion andexamples Administrative per second; your microware cycles 3000 time per secFees and Charges Bylaw ond; our cell phone cycles 1800 million times a second; Council granted authoNo. 1632, 2001, thereby and a Wi-Fiadministrative Device cycles 2.4rization billion times for per thesecond. Waterbringing This of subject is complicated and diffi cult, however sayPizzeria and Grill clarity having two dis- front ing all EMFs are equally as dangerous is just incorrect. tinct bylaws rather than to allow construction of a sidewalk patio from May one. Brian Junnila, Peachland 1- October 31, 2011. Official Community Plan A public consultation Bylaw Amendment – Vol- process will be underuntary Amenity Contribu- taken in relation to sidetion walk cafĂŠ, merchant display and mobile vending Council gave first and sec- licenses and encroachond readings to Official ments, including: Van Struth &Plan Consulting The sent EIA to will proCommunity Bylaw Group. • Letters downvide1600, the District with information pertaining to the No. 2001 Amendtown businesses with ineconomic andNo. related social, environmental and fiment Bylaw 1969, formation and invitation nancialforimpacts related to to theattend futurea planning and 2011 the provision public infordevelopment Peachland. of including challenges Voluntaryfacing mation meeting Regional Contributions. District of Central Okanagan in– ReAmenity • Advertising the gional and Internal Relations CodeView of Conduct This funding mechanism Peachland Peachland resolution adopting will help the Council District passed to •a Public information the Regional Relations and Internal Relations Code fund future amenities in meeting of Conduct. These help facilitate posthe community. A documents public •will Final review and comitive relationships and problem solving of orientation hearing will be scheduled mencement council between Regional District Board members. prior to third reading. adoption process

Council Highlights – Regular Council Meeting, August 9, 2011 Earthworks Bylaw Amendment

Primary School Funding Request from the Community Services department. Council final Bylaw reconPeachland Council passed a resolution releasing Parks and Recreation Fees and gave Charges sideration and adoption $10,000 from the Primary School reserve fund to the Amendment to Earthworks Control Chamber of Commerce to support the Job Creation Council gave final reconsideration and adoption No.Charges 832 AmendPartnership Program (JCP). The JCP will fund ap- of Parks and Recreation Bylaw fees and Bylaw ment TheBylaw Number proximately $40,000 labour and materials, 2005, 2011. amendment byPatrick Bell in wages,Kimberly Kelly Amendment JosephNo. Jacoe 1977, 2011. This with the District’s commitment of $10,000 to help law addresses housekeeping amendments as amendwell as ment allows for landscapfacilitate• re-adaptive in the•Primary refurbished comPersonalwork Injury Wills School. & Estates makes • Realprovisions Estate for the recently ing businesses to be exPlaygrounds in Hillside Communities munity stage/trailer rental rates. • Civil • Family Law • Corporate Law Study empt from the permitting Council passedLitigation a resolution to install playgrounds Economic Impact process. at Morrison Park and at Knoblach Park. Further inThe Peachland Council passed a resolution award13211 N. Victoria Rd. P .O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0 formation on these playgrounds will be forthcoming ing the Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) contract to

1-800-663-0392 • 494-6621 • 492-8137


RCL#69 Peachland Friends Presents

ofJayson Peachland Bendera Parrot Island Enjoy an evening of Annual AGM

music and dancing

August 20/11 - 6 pm 8 pm-11 at Parrot Islandpm (5090 MacKinnon Road) See you there! New Members Welcome

We Do it All...And We Do It Right!! • Free Estimates • Courtesy Vehicles • ICBC & Private Insurance Claims • Lifetime Guarantee On All Collision Repairs •From Small Dents to Large Collision Repair • Windshield Replacement • CertiďŹ ed Technicians

Committed To Quality For Our Customers Owner/ Operator • Laurie Fisher • 5463A McDougald Rd.. Peachland, BC Ph: 767-2100 Fx: 767-2104

Free Bottles $10.00 off Each Order Six with each Batch of Wine, Batches and Batch of Wine, or $25.00 off 2 get One while supplies nd Batches of Wine FREE1X7 4405 2 Street, Peachland V0H last

Or receive a wooden crate Summer Fun Wine Specials Try our Niagara Mist Fruit Wines. Get together with your friends - order 3 batches and get 1 batch free OR Strawberry Lychee Traininer or Raspberry Dragon Fruit White Shiraz $20 off each batch

The Peachland View - 7

August 12, 2011

Refinishing historic floor at the Peachland Wellness Centre By Judy Wyper Did you know Neil Witt, who owned the Peachland Sawmill, originally constructed the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) building in the early 1940s as a family home? The PWC building has undergone extensive renovations over time. I was told by his daughter, Noel Ekrol, the flooring in the house was made from trees growing along Trepanier Creek. The house changed hands and was eventually sold to the Municipality of Peachland and rented. For a time it was even used by a church. In 2001 a determined group of citizens led by Phyllis Papineau entered into an agreement with the municipality to use it for a health resource centre. This soon became known as the Peachland Wellness Centre. Extensive renovations were undertaken by volunteers, and continue to this day, 10 years later! As part of building upkeep, steps are being taken to refurbish the floors: the same floors that Neil Witt laid down so long ago. This will be done under the watchful eyes of Doris Muhs, board member and project manager. A couple of years ago she was instrumental in overseeing the revitalization of the basement multipurpose area formerly housing the Red Cross Loan Cupboard. A new ceiling, cheerful wall paint, new windows, comfortable chairs, computer and desk stations transformed

it into a cheerful workspace. Doris also oversaw the replacement of upstairs windows this year. Volunteers are critical factors in all PWC matters. Board member Keith “Papa” Thom has taken time out of his busy entertainment and work schedule to be the official sander. Several people have been recruited for other duties such as moving furniture, cleaning walls and floors, applying the sealant and repositioning the furniture. Work began on the office and Tranquil Room after the August 7th Sunday breakfast. There are plans for later in the month to tackle the floors of the large front meeting area and the hallway. Refinishing is a greener practice than replacing or overlaying with a new surface. It also celebrates the history of the building and showcases good historic workmanship and native wood. The floors will add to the homelike ambiance of the building. The PWC is dedicated to improving the quality of life for groups and individuals residing in Peachland. If you need help or wish to volunteer, phone us at 250-7670141 or email us at WellnessCentre@ Visit us on Facebook or on the web at www.peachlandwellnesscentre. org.

Summer Pa tio Guide

Good Friends Good Food Good Wine

Summerland’s Newest Winery Restaurant!

Bonitas Bistro – Summerland’s Newest Winery Restaurant Chef Proprietor Colin Rayner is a native of Great Britain. Chef Rayner spent the last 16 years working in Bermuda for a variety of restaurants and private beach resorts before coming to the sunny Okanagan. While in Bermuda he represented the Island on the culinary team who competed in Puerto Rico at the “Taste of the Caribbean Competition” The team came away with silver and gold medals. Referring to their mission statement Rayner said they offer a unique winery dining experience, while overlooking the fantastic lakeshore views and the vineyards. Our focus is on good honest local cuisine, featuring some of the best produce the region has to offer. Taking care of your every need will bring you back time and time again, with people coming together to enjoy everything the Okanagan has to offer. Bonitas Bistro is situated above Bonitas Winery overlooking the vineyard and Okanagan Lake. Their address is 20623 McDougald Road, Summerland. Travelling south on Highway 97 from Kelowna watch for Wine Route Signs, then turn left at the “Welcome to Summerland” Sign on Matsu Rd, than an immediate left on McDougald Rd. Follow the signs until you reach the Winery and Bistro.

Come and join us on the patio for lunch at Bonitas Winery on Okanagan Lake Available for special events, and dinner coming soon!


20623 McDougald Rd., Summerland

Good Old Gals Café Open Daily 7am - 8pm

WIN 2 free tickets

Come to the Edgewater Sports Pub and help sponsor the NFL games. Enter a draw to win 2 free tickets to a BC Lions home game Sat. Nov 5 between BC and Montreal. * Must purchase a drink and only one ticket per day.

Travelling north on Highway 97 just after leaving the town of Summerland, watch for highway Wine Route signs and turn right on Matsu Rd, then an immediate left onto McDougald Rd. Fol-

low the signs until you reach the winery and bistro. For more information, or to book a reservation call 778-516-5596 or check out

August Special:

Now Open

Lobster Come on by and enjoy some of our great daily specials like $2.99 Tuesdays and .35 cent Wings on Saturdays. Be sure to take advantage of our free shuttle service. Check out our ad on page 5 for more details. See ya there!

Peachland Centre Mall 250-767-1958

Appy specials every Saturday

Open: Tues. - Sun. 11 am - 3 pm and 4 pm - 8 pm

The Red Lion Family Restaurant

Once a week eat Greek! 5818 Beach Avenue, Peachland 250-767-2123

(Formerly The Two Chefs)

6575 Hwy 97 South Peachland, BC 250-767-1991


5830 Beach Avenue, Peachland Located @ the Edgewater Inn

~ The ~

Waterfront Grill & Pizzeria Licensed & Family Friendly

Daily food & drink specials • Live entertainment Thurs to Sat Best Lakeview Patio in town • Free courtesy shuttle Take-out & delivery • In the heart of downtown Peachland

Come check out the new additions to our menu: Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla, Thai Chicken Salad, Veggie & Californian Burgers & our new thin crust pizzas

5842 Beach Avenue • 250-767-3255

8 - The Peachland View

August 12, 2011

Shepherd’s Pie

Food For the “Liar, Liar” By Pastor John Rankin, Peachland Baptist Church This is not a review of the Jim Carrey movie that came out in 1997. In fact, I have never seen it. But it is about telling the truth. I found out that it can be very dangerous to call someone a liar. One individual wanted to punch my lights out, another wanted to take me to court for slander. Children are not so caught up with these emotional reactions nor intimidated by others and tend to just tell it like it is. Lying is serious. Recently my wife was quite upset and I found out it was because two different individuals had blatantly lied to her and about her within a short period of time. Sadly, it is nothing new. In fact, all of us lie to one degree or another. King David said in Psalm 116:10 that “all men are liars,” Does that mean they lie all the

St. Margaret’s Anglican Episcopal Church

time? Not necessarily, although there are compulsive liars. Everyone of us has lied either by commission or omission, and there is not one person who can be completely counted on 100 per cent of the time. Every person will disappoint us at one time or another, including ourselves -- or rather, especially ourselves. In John 14:5-6 Thomas said to Jesus, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” When Jesus explained to Thomas the way to get to heaven He said, “I am the way, I am the truth.” He did not just say, I know the truth, or I speak the truth, but “I am the truth.” Because of His divine nature, He speaks only truth and cannot lie.

Peachland United Church 4421 4th Street


“Let Us Worship Together”

“Rivers of Living Water”

Office Hours 9:30 - 11:30 am Monday to Friday

Derrick Hamre, Lead Pastor

4th Street & Brandon Ave

Combined Campuses 10:00 am - Worship Service at Emmanuel Church in West Kelowna (with Kids University)

2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638


Peachland Baptist Church

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Worship 10:00 am Morning Prayer Tuesdays - 9:30 am

Rector Canon Sue Mayoss-Hurd Interm Priest, Rev. Canon Jim Kiddell

A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At...

Centennial Celebration Coming Sept. 2-4, 2011 Office Hours - Tue, Wed, Thur 9:30 am - 2:00 pm Hall rental contact Doreen 767-2132

Sunday Morning Service 10:00 am Rev. Elaine Diggle

Church Service 10 am Children’s Service 10 am Pastor: John Rankin Join Us For: Good Music Bible Messages Great Fellowship 4204 Lake Avenue


Medical Services Directory Dentists


Massage Therapist

Dr. Don MacRae Dr. Phil Kachanoski Dr. Karl Oppenheim Dr. Peter Cormillot Dr. Jeff Krawchuk

Wes Bedford, B.Sc Geoff Davis, B.Sc Garnet Lloyd, B.Sc

Peachland Dental Centre

Peachland Pharmacy

Function Massage Therapy




Elisa McCoy, RMT

Beach Ave Medical Clinic Walk-In

Dr. John Brinkerhoff Dr. Paven Chetty Call for Bookings:

250-767-3432 Open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Closed Weekends

It is because God hates lies, lying is detestable to a Christian, who has received a new nature, Christ’s nature, and is being transformed into His image. We hate lies because it reminds us of who we used to be, and who we used to be deceived by, the father of lies, who is the archenemy of God and good and truth. His name is Satan, the original liar, liar. When Jesus was brought to court, Pilate found no fault in Him. Yet he still gave the orders for Jesus to be crucified to protect his own skin. And Jesus voluntarily went along with it, for if He wanted to escape, He could have called 10,000 angels to come for Him. He went to the cross willingly and died so that you and I could have life. He took the punishment for our sins so that by our faith in Him, we could be forgiven. Who wouldn’t believe that? Who wouldn’t believe in the One who only speaks the truth? Most likely it is only those who prefer to remain in their lies. Jesus said in John 8:47, “He who belongs to God, and hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” Are you listening to Him? Do you truly belong to God? I hope and pray that you do for He said in His Word, the truth will set you free! Please don’t listen anymore to the liar, liar, or follow after him in his ways.

Larry Guilbault

250-826-2047 5878E Beach Avenue Peachland, BC VOH 1X7

Dance City Academy

Now Registering for Fall Classes Tap ✯ Jazz ✯ Ballet ✯ Hip Hop Modern ✯ Musical Theatre August 22 - 26, 9 am - 5 pm August 29 - September 1, 3:30 - 6 pm September 6 - 9, 3:30 - 6 pm 2689 Kyle Road, West Kelowna 250-769-3389

The Peachland View - 9

August 12, 2011

Peachland Fall Fair Specialty Baking and Preserves contest By Lorraine MacTavish and Martha Jenkins The 92nd Peachland Fall Fair is September 10 and 11, 2011, and for many years we have been blessed with major corporate sponsorship for our Specialty Baking and Preserves contest. Bernardin sponsors the “Best of Show” home canning award, the “Creative Craft” award, the best “Jam & Jelly” award, and the “Gift Pack” competition, all using Bernardin jars and snap lids. Certo sponsors the “Best Jam/ Jelly” award; Crisco sponsors the “Best Family Favorite Recipe Baking Contest” for the best homemade muffins, tarts or pie, Fleishmann’s Yeast for “Best Bread”; Mazola/Beehive has the “Best muffins, sticky buns or loaf”; Hood flour for “Best For more contest Robin Family Favorite” cake, muffin or cookies; and Tenderdetails, you can flake for the “Best Homepick up a copy made Pie”. All entries must use the of the Peachland sponsored product and a Fall Fair booklet product label must accomeach entry as proof at the Chamber of pany of purchase. Commerce This is where you can present the very best of your baking and preserves, and along with points awarded, there are many prizes and rosette ribbons awarded by our sponsors. For more contest details, you can pick up a copy of the Peachland Fall Fair booklet at numerous businesses in town and at the Chamber of Commerce, or you can view the booklet online by following the link

attached to the District of Peachland website at www. You can print the entire booklet or just the pages of the categories that interest you. Questions

about the Specialty Baking can be directed to Martha Jenkins (250) 767-9461 or Lorraine MacTavish (250) 767-6353.

Rotary Gourmet Dinner a full success

Rotarian Klaus Mast serves up a special seafood dish at the gourmet dinner. Photo Peter Behnke

By Wolfgang Muhs, Rotarian Each year, the Peachland Rotary Club sells tickets for a gourmet dinner, which the winner can enjoy with the company of up to four guests. As part of the deal, the club comes to the winner’s home and prepares a sevencourse dinner for a group of up to six people. Last Sunday, the Rotary culinary team presented a summer dinner to the Cole family and guests who

decided to dine “al fresco” on their patio overlooking Okanagan Lake. The menu reflected summer with great colours and the freshest ingredients and was styled after the new cuisine of the Mediterranean. “Fresh heirloom tomatoes with feta cheese and olives” followed by a “Chilled Green Gazpacho soup” set the stage for the first main dish of “Trio of Seafood served on a Bed of Saffron Pasta”. After a refreshing salad of arugula and avocados, and a sherbet to cleanse the palate, the chefs presented the second main dish “Pork Tenderloin Wellington served with Red Beet Risotto and Steamed Vegetables”. The dish was well received, both for its colourful appearance and last but not least for its taste. The evening was closed off with a “Tiramisu” cake and coffee and liqueurs. The team paired Italian Prosecco with the appetizers, “Dirty Laundry” Pinot Gris with the seafood dish and “Cono Sur” Organic Pinot Noir with the meat dish. The Peachland Rotary Club would like to thank the Marketplace IGA in Peachland and Codfathers Seafood Market in Kelowna for their generous donation of key ingredients. Most chefs agree that cooking starts with the purchase of the ingredients and these two establishments provided the team with excellent material to work with.


phone: 250.767.7771 • fax: 250.767.3337 email:




For Rent One bedroom above ground suite, large windows, recently updated, partially furnished, no pets, no parties, no smoking, suitable for a single adult, utilities and cable included, separate washer and dryer, available August 20. $850 plus 1/2 damage deposit. Call 250-7676525

Wanted Four to five bedroom home, to enter into business relationship to use as a B&B. Call Rick at 250448-9131 or email richardscott@

For Sale Sea Ray Sorrento Bowrider, 21 ft., 260 HP, In/Out Board Mercruiser, 600 freshwater hrs. Great condition, all new vinyl interior, Biminis water accessories, Shorelander tandem trailer. $8,400. View on Castanet. Please call 250-7676603

For Rent Peachland semi-water, 2 bedroom, 5 appliances, $1,000 including utilities, fenced yard, references. 1-604-856-2391


GARAGE SALE Garage Sale August 12, 13 & 14 6143 Gummow Road, Peachland 8 am until 2 pm

GARAGE SALE Garage & Summer Clearance Sale Saturday, August 13 9:30 - 1:30 Peachland United Church on Fourth Street, Peachland

MISC FOR RENT For Rent Four - 10 x 10 white pop up tents, 50 white table cloths - 54 x 120. Phone 250-767-2455 or email peachlandchamber@shawcable. com

PERSONAL Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Meets Monday at 7pm (closed meeting) and Friday at 8pm (open meeting). Call 763-5555 for more info.

FOR SALE For Sale 2005 GMC 3500, V8, 10 Ply Michelin tires, 111,000 kms, $15,000 or $13,500 without w/c lift. Open to offers. Phone 250767-9687

Your local news source.

LOST AND FOUND Lost Men’s wedding band, engraved with Japenese characters, Beach Avenue, Peachland between 3rd St. and Todd Road August 7/11 between 3-3:30 pm. Reward offered. 250-315-3696

SERVICES Cleaning Services Picky Home Cleaners - Cleaning ordinary hoes for ordinary people! We are now located in West Kelowna and our cleaning services are now available for the Peachland area. *Residential Hoe Cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or for a one-time deluxe cleaning. Don’t worry if your home is a mess, we can handle it! Liability Insurance, WCB Coverage, Licensed, Bondable. For information about our cleaning service please call Dee at 250-808-1264

SERVICES Cleaning Services Cabins to Castles - Great cleaning, no hassles. Housekeeping, cleaning, office or yard work, move-ins & move-outs, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments. Experienced & reliable. Michelle, 250826-6285 Yard Work “The Yard Guise - Snip, Grip & Rip” For all your basic yard care needs, call Scott at 250-317-0721. “Where business is growing like a weed.” Services Let me look after all your “Domestic Details”. Local, mature, reliable, energetic & bonded. Spotless Housekeeping, pressure washing, painting, gardening, companionship, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments. Senior’s discount. Please call 250-767-2188

Peachland United Church BARGAIN BIN SALE • Good clean clothing • Household items We accept donations on days that we are open.

Full-time CDA/Receptionist required for our progressive dental practice in Peachland. Please fax resume to 1-250-767-6416 Attn: Sue or Jen.

Phone: 250-767-2133 Web:

REQUEST CASUAL ON-CALL EQUIPMENT OPERATORS The District of Peachland would like to add to its Casual On-Call List for Equipment Operators for the Public Works Department, for interim periods. Equipment Operators must have Valid BC Drivers License, Class 3 with Air Brake endorsement. This is a CUPE Local 608 position with the pay rate of $26.46 per hour plus 15% in lieu of benefits – Collective Agreement applies. Casual employees will be placed on a separate seniority list and shall be entitled to bidding rights for vacant positions in the bargaining unit. The Equipment Operator job description is available upon request. Send your resume to by 4pm August 11th, 2011. No telephone calls please. Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

Please do not drop off any donations while we are closed. OPEN THURS. - SAT. 9:30 - 3 PM

10 - The Peachland View

August 12, 2011


Around Peachland Peachland Ambassador Ashleigh Menard-Poole and Vice-Ambassador Anya Mayoss-Hurd were two of many attendees at the Miss Penticton Royalty pageant last weekend. From left to right are Peachland Vice Ambassador Anya Mayoss-Hurd, newly crowned Miss Penticton Jolene Hayter at center, and Peachland Ambassador Ashleigh Menard-Poole. This weekend our local ambassador will be attending the BC Ambassadors Pageant in Merritt. Photo submitted

CLUES ACROSS 1. Cudgel 5. Wanes 9. Capital of Morocco 14. Glass in a window or door 15. A pellet of medicine 16. Era 17. Friends (French) 18. The content of cognition 19. Reverence 20. Evian or Perrier 23. Violent public disorder 24. Photograph (slang) 25. Picket fence 28. Internal support structure 33. Was in debt to 34. Old festival 35. Wrath 36. Nostrils 38. Option key 39. Plastic wrap brand 41. Data executive 42. Motorsports company 44. At an advanced time 45. Makes an effort 47. Des __, Iowa 49. The sheltered side 50. An open skin infection 51. Am. N.W. mountains 56. 1st Hindu calendar month 58. Ballpoint pen 59. Swiss river 61. Thomas __, American patriot 62. 50010 IA 63. Tectona grandis 64. One who avoids others 65. Used esp. of dried up vegetation 66. Make less difficult CLUES DOWN 1. Accountant certified by the

state 2. A young sheep 3. Pearly shelled mussel genus 4. Mount a horse 5. Concluding speech 6. Fr. bathroom basin 7. Emitted blood 8. Shredded cabbage 9. Lizards 10. To each one 11. Dutch colonist 12. Behave in a certain manner 13. Old word for “your” 21. Metal food container 22. One who copies the behavior of another 25. 68770 NE 26. Be ready for, expect 27. Dormouse of So. Europe 28. The act of selling 29. Young foxes 30. Straits between the Sinai & Arabian Peninsula 31. Speak 32. Hawaiian geese 34. Abstain from food 37. Period of an academic year 40. Estrange 43. Detailed design criteria for a piece of work 46. __ May, actress 47. Having a cheerless aspect 48. Mouths or openings 50. More dried-up 51. Abel’s brother (Bible) 52. Son of Lynceus 53. Coin worth 1/10 of a dollar 54. Mother of Cronus 55. Geological times 56. Corporal (abbr.) 57. Vietnamese currency unit 60. Supplement with difficulty

Heritage Park was full of locals and visitors to the area who enjoyed the music of the Westbank Country Opry, and the Felix Possak Show, left, last Sunday. Photos Richard Smith

Your Guide to Local Events & Activities


ONGOING EVENTS Friday, August 12 - Waterfront Grill & Pizzeria - Live entertainment; PWC - Men’s Coffee Club, 10am; Rocky J’s - Karaoke hosted by Billy’s Basement, 7pm; 50+ Activity Centre - Quilting all day in August

Here’s How It Works: - Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Saturday, August 13 - Royal Canadian Legion Branch 69 - Meat Draw, 3 - 5 pm; 50+ Activity Centre - Carpet Bowling, 10am

Sunday, August 14 - PWC - Jerry Dober Sunday Breakfast, 8 am; Royal Canadian Legion, meat draw, 2 - 4 pm Monday, August 15 - 50+ Activity Centre - Take Pounds Off Sensibly, weight lose program, 9:30am; Peachland Quilters - 50+ Activity Centre - 1:15pm

Would you like to feature your event in the Peachland View’s weekly Calendar of Events? Please call 250.767.7771 or email

The Peachland View - 11

August 12, 2011

Peachland through Tania’s Eyes

Move It and Mingle For older Adults What is it? Customized physical activity with professionals done at your own pace for 60 minutes. Socializing and Education concerning health and well-being. Why participate? Meet new people Maintain a sense of well-being Sleep well Have more energy Build stronger muscles and bones Stay connected to your community

Who’s it for? Older Adults Anyone who likes to have fun Anyone who wants to stay active Anyone who likes to participate in social activities

Where and When?

Westbank Lions Community Hall – Starting Monday Sept. 19th from 9- 11:00 a.m. and Thursdays from 1:30 – 3:30 till December 15th. Refreshments provided.

A bat takes flight at the Old Primary Schoolhouse on Beach Avenue Amateur photographer and Peachland resident, Tania Simpson, started photography in 2007 and immediately found a passion for it. She chronicles the seasons, the people, and the wildlife of Peachland in almost daily photos of the area. View more at The View will be publishing a weekly look at Peachland, through Tania’s eyes.

$25.00 REGISTATION • CALL THE WESTSIDE HEALTH NETWORK AT 250-768-3305 OR WHNS@TELUS.NET Program partially funded by Interior Health Authority

Peachland Service Directory Want to be listed in our service directory? Call 250-767-7771 To book your ad today!

Westside Curb Appeal Inc. renovation & remodeling

New federal Grant released save up to $110 in rebates on all your new window/doors! Call 250.801.3521! Decks, railing, windows, bathrooms, kitchens & more...


Located in Peachland!

Topline exTeriors lTd. • Roofing • New • Re-Roofs • Repairs

Jeff Webster 250-212-0781

• Siding • Soffit • Facia • Gutters

Bob Fummerton 250-681-4014

Serving Peachland for 15+ Years

JEMs Cleaning Local Peachland Women Offering: Cleaning  Organizing  Post Construction Gardening  Move-in & out  Senior Care Honest and Reliable

Call Maralee 250-878-9729

Plumbing Done Differently Prompt, Polite, Professional Service

• Reno’s • Service • Small Jobs • Installations • & More

• Dual Flush Toilets • Hot Water Tanks • Sinks & Faucets • Water Line Replacements • BBQ Hookups • Tubs & Showers Seniors Discounts

Thomas (778) 821.0802


• Quality Interior & Exterior Painting •Repaints • Reasonable Rates • Residential & Commercial

Call for a FREE Estimate Located in Peachland

12 - The Peachland View

OPEN HOUSE : SUNDAY 1-3PM #67-1999 Hwy 97 S

om Fr

Craftsman home with lakeview! Lot subdividable! 3 bed/3 bath family home, solidly built, HUGE yard w/ fruit trees and mature landscaping. You’ll want it for YOUR family to grow in. Very close to lake, shopping!




One of these fine Realtors® might have a suggestions or two!

John Kilpatrick Peter Wannop Bradly Dillman Jackie Scott John McGann

Bradly Dillman John Kilpatrick Peter Wannop Jackie Scott John McGann

Call the Peachland View to Advertise Today! We are always happy to Custom design your ad.

Call: 250.768.2161

Call: 250.768.2161


The Cody Sisters! For all your mortgage needs...


00 9,9 9 $1

Lakeview Subdivision, 5878 Victoria Street – Spectacular lots just waiting for you! 33 lots in this exceptional

3787 Carrall Rd.

Recently Upgraded home in Westview Village 18+ section. Nicely landscaped, fenced yard. Small pets allowed. Two beds 1 bath, plus bonus room. Large covered deck and all in a quiet cul de sac. Covered parking and shed included. MLS®10027597


Looking for the Perfect Home?


RE $1 DU 5,0 CT 00 IO N

August 12, 2011

development overlooking Okanagan Lake in Peachland. Close to golf, skiing, shopping, and just minutes from the marina and beachfront. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Lots starting at $199,900.

MLS ®10018035

26 Years in Real Estate

5 yr fixed 3.49% 3 yr fixed 3.39% 5 yr variable (Prime - 0.75%) 2.25%

Some conditions apply. Rates may change at any time.

Let us negotiate for your best mortgage!

5189 Maranatha Drive

Large lot .46 acre lakeviews south down towards Penticton, custom built 2 storey home low maintenance hardi plank, stone & cedar siding, metal roof. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, large master bedroom with a large walk-in closet and its own private deck, soaring ceilings, extensive use of ceramic tile, large kitchen and dining room, double garage with plenty of room to create extra parking.

$479,900 MLS®10024998

Leanne Cody 250-215-5028

Moe Martin



“Buy land, they stopped making it”

Looking for the Perfect Home? 8.45 Acres 4456 Trepanier Creek Road, Peachland This upgraded walkout rancher has it all! Bright open floor plan with skylight dormers, vaulted ceilings, wrap around windows, and country kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Lower large bright upgraded 3 bedroom suite walks out to the large sunny back yard, on to the babbling creek and across the bridge to acres of wide open back woods.




“Buy land, they stopped making it”

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5620 Gladstone Road Beautifully maintained 3 bedroom, 3 bath walkout Rancher in coveted neighbourhood. Just a 9 iron from proposed Greg Norman designed golf course offering greenspace & privacy. Unique details throughout, lots of living space include master bedroom with 4 pc ensuite, stunning kitchen with wood cabinetry, island & pantry, rec room, den/ office. Hardwood and tile flooring, all appliances & window coverings included. Over-sized garage.

B.S. Bus. Admin. Broker/Owner

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Lara Cody 250-868-7114

3996 Beach Avenue # 323, Peachland, BC - Top floor Penthouse in beautiful Lakeshore Gardens. This is the one unit that the developer has held back & now it is available! Breathtaking LAKEVIEWS! Top floor, front & center with plenty of glass to enjoy the view. Quality throughout! Call Brian for your personal tour at (250) 212-7255. Find out what Okanagan lakeshore living is all about! MLS®10032460



250-212-7255 Peachland Specialist


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