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JULY 13, 2012 Peachland, BC Volume 08 | Number 28

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The best way to beat the heat this summer? Make a splash at Swim Bay! Myles Pawlessa takes his turn at the diving board amidst soaring temperatures that are expected to last for days. The hazy skies are apparently caused by smoke drifting in from Russia and Colorado. Staff photo

Skate park still destined for Lambley Park

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Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View A new skate park will be built in Lambley Park, Peachland council confirmed this week. Earlier this year, Peachland council allocated $225,000 from the amenities fund to be spent on a skate park. This spring, Lambley Park was identified as the preferred location but council was not prepared to decide absolutely until after a public consultation meeting, which was held last month. While support for a skate park in general

was high, members of the public attending the open house were divided between the only two viable options – Lambley Park and Cousins Park. This week council weighed the various pros and cons and found Lambley Park to still be the better contender. The majority of issues brought up at the open house were raised by San Clemente residents who were concerned primarily about vandalism, noise, and a lack of public toilets in the park. “A lot of their concerns can be mitigated through a variety of things. One of their big-

gest concerns is vandalism and the district could come up with a good neighbour policy whereby we take care of vandalism on our side of the fence or on our side of the bushes. We can also have a vandalism policy where we try to get down and remove prolific language immediately and have a plan in place for other graffiti,” director of community services Cheryl Wiebe said at Tuesday’s committee of the whole meeting. A vandalism policy was not included in the location decision on Tuesday, but it could return to council for consideration at a later date. Continued on page 2

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2 - The Peachland View

IN BRIEF Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View

Grant for operating costs A $435,400 Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program (TFRS) and Small Community and Regional District Grant (SCG) was issued to district last week. The district’s director of finance Doug Pryde says the annually issued grants will assist in subsidizing the operating costs of the district, including policing, which will mitigate tax increases to the general taxpayer. Part of the revenue will go to the council approved RCMP school liaison officer program.

Regional district launches amateur photo contest This summer the Regional District of the Central Okanagan (RDCO) is inviting amateur photographers to hike into a Central Okanagan regional park, snap some photos, and enter the results in the regional district’s Picture Yourself in a Regional Park photo contest. The contest is being hosted to attract people to use the parks this summer as well as to showcase the beauty of the region. The winning photos will be displayed in an exhibit planned for the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan (EECO) later this year. The contest is open to amateur photographers aged six and up. To be eligible for the contest, all photo entries must be taken in any one of the Central Okanagan’s 28 regional parks. There is no limit to the number of entries a person can make, however, only one winning photo will be selected for exhibition per person or household. The contest is open from now until September 30. Entries will be accepted in both digital and print format. “We’ve got a lot of beautiful scenery around us in our Regional Park system, which preserves and protects our unique ecosystems for present and future generations,” communications officer Bruce Smith says. “From water to grasslands to forests, from the smallest of creatures to large species, we’ve got it all. We know people are snapping photos in our parks and we want to show off some of the best and creative pictures in an exhibit planned for the EECO later this year.” Smith says the contest is a great opportunity for amateur photographers to get out and explore the wide variety of scenery and settings in the Central Okanagan’s regional parks. For a complete list of regional parks, their locations and amenities visit parks or pick up a copy of the 2012 Regional Parks Guide at the EECO, local government offices or visitor centres in the Central Okanagan. Full contest rules, entry information, and waivers for photos that include people can be accessed on the regional district website above. Entry packages can also be found at the EECO, which is located in Mission Creek Regional Park at Springfield and Durnin Roads in Kelowna.

JULY 13, 2012 NEWS

Skate park could be built by fall Continued from page 1

As for noise, Wiebe also said the sound of skateboard wheels creates about 70 decibels of sound whereas highway traffic creates about 85 decibels. “However there definitely will be more noise in the park because we are inviting people to play there,” said Wiebe. Regarding toilets, the community services director said, “Most parks do not have washrooms right there,” and indicated it could be a future amenity. Councillor Kerbes voted in favour of the park location, but questioned the relatively small budget assigned to the project and whether the skate park would be big enough and challenging enough for kids. Councillor Schiebeck offered his full support for the Lambley Park location. “It was mentioned at the open house that there was already vandalism in Lambley Park. I have no problem with a good neighbour policy, but would be interested to find out what is going to be the difference. I personally feel the more people using the facility, there would be less vandalism. I feel that the kids utilizing a skate park are not going to be your vandals because they’re going to be proud of their facility.”

The decision to locate the skate park at Lambley Park did not have unanimous support, however. Councillor Fortin declared herself to be in favour of a skate park in general, but opposed to locating it at Lambley Park and cast her vote against the location. Councillor Hall also opposed the Lambley Park skate park location, citing that the amenity fund dollars would be better spent elsewhere. “The amenities fund is very limited. I would support this money going to a fire hall or the community centre,” Coun. Hall said. Peachland’s mayor offered his full support, stating, “Young people have been to talk to us over the years and this is a priority for them. That’s why I support it…it was exactly the right thing to do. I’m cheered to hear the park can be expanded in the future if we want to do that.” In addition to confirming the Lambley Park location, council also decided to forward the naming of the park to the design committee for consideration. Those who expressed an interest and left their names at the open house will be contacted to join the design committee.

Wiebe says the design committee will be gathered to meet after she consults with New Line Skateparks to coordinate a time when they can return to Peachland. “It was fairly unanimous through the process that the majority of people want a streetscape, which actually is the best choice for us for Lambley Park,” Wiebe told The View after the council decision. “It will be linear and it will resemble a street so it will meander through the trees and through the park. So with that concept, what we want to know [from the design committee] is what do they want? Do they want rails? Do they want step-ups? Do they want some simulated corners that have a bowl-like effect? Based on what our budget parameters are, the kids will work with New Line to develop the best plan for that park.” Wiebe says the goal is to begin construction late this fall, however the timing is somewhat weather dependent. At the very latest the park will be installed by the early spring of 2013. The final skate park design is scheduled to be presented to the public at a second open house early this fall.

What up with the parking covenant? Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View Much has been said lately about the parking covenant between TNI and the District of Peachland. With all sorts of numbers and ideas being tossed around, The View decided it was time to check in with the mayor and get the facts. As part of the requirements for their proposed three-storey redevelopment of the Edgewater and adjacent building properties, TNI must provide a certain amount of parking for the occupants of the building, which in this case would be mostly their employees. Peachland council have agreed to allow TNI use of some of the district owned parking lot behind the Edgewater, provided TNI pay all the costs to bring the parking lot up to residential standards and pay for their percentage of maintenance costs while the agreement is in place. “It is wrong to suggest the TNI parking agreement gives TNI some kind of sweet deal at the expense of taxpayers,” Mayor Fielding said. “It is an agreement that facilitates downtown redevelopment, requires TNI to invest approximately $200,000 in improvements to the municipal car park [formal estimates range from $170,000 to $226,000] and one that results in substantial benefits to the town.” Currently, there are about 50 spaces available on the lot, although that figure varies depending on the sizes of the vehicles parking and in what fashion people decide

to park, since there are no lines on the gravel. The parking covenant would require TNI to pay for improvements to the parking lot that would enhance the appearance through lighting, landscaping, and paving, and also increase the available amount of spaces to 79. At the end of the agreement, it would remain district property. Mayor Fielding argues that since TNI employees already park downtown, there will be a significant net gain of parking spaces. Some people have suggested the district take cash in lieu instead, as has been done with some developers in the past. However, TNI also owns other properties in the downtown area and in the longterm plans to build a parkade. If TNI were to pay cash in lieu of parking the exemption would last indefinitely, which would reduce their incentive to build a parkade that would benefit the community in the future. “Whenever the municipality exercises its option to terminate the parking or after a period of 10 years, the replacement parking that TNI must then provide will be designated to fit with future development plans, including construction of the parkade as envisaged in the charrette report,” Fielding said. Currently there are no developers clamouring to construct a building where the parking lot lies today, but if that should happen, the district reserves the right to give TNI 6-months notice to end the agreement.

Parking by the numbers Number of spaces required for TNI: 57 (under previous requirements it would have been 75 but requirements have been reduced by 25 per cent in the downtown core as per the charrette report recommendation) Number of spaces left for the public: 22 Term of the agreement: A maximum of 10 years, cancellable at any time by the district with six months notice Current cost to park in downtown Peachland, including the district’s car park: free Cost to TNI to improve the car park to residential standard: approximately $200,000 Cost to TNI per space: $3,500 ($200,000 divided by 57 spaces) for 10 years Cost to TNI if the district took cash in lieu instead at current rates: $342,000 ($6,000 per stall x 57 stalls) for an indefinite amount of time Cost in previous agreements with other developers for cash in lieu of parking: $3,000 per space for an indefinite amount of time

JULY 13, 2012

The Peachland View - 3


Regular council Wet weather threatens cherry crops highlights: July 10 Local cherry grower says any more rain in the weeks ahead could cause crop damage

Contributed Skate Park – Location confirmation Council considered community feedback from a public information and consultation open house that was held on June 20, 2012 in regards to the proposed skate park in Peachland. Public comments received regarding the location identified there is support for both district owned locations that are suitable for a skate park – Cousins and Lambley Park. Council passed a resolution confirming that Lambley Park will be the location of the skate park. The question of the parks name has been referred to a design committee for recommendation to council. Street naming policy amendment Council adopted a revised street naming policy that will ensure developers appropriately reflect Peachland history and community when proposing new street names.

Asset management Council passed a resolution to build a financial model to assist with reserve management, borrowing and phased increases to rates, taxes and fees. The asset management model will also develop a level of service and risk model for roads and pipe to determine where costs can be saved which will include a condition assessment for road and pipe. There will also be public outreach sessions to demonstrate stewardship of assets to present options and capture community feedback. Council meeting schedule Please note that there will be one council meeting in August. The next regularly scheduled council meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 14th. A special committee of the whole (COTW) meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24 at 7 p.m. where BC Hydro will be making a presentation to COTW regarding Smart Meter installation.

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Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View

While the hot sunny weather the Okanagan has been experiencing over the last week or so may have some people wishing for a bit of rain to cool things down, it has been a very welcome change for Okanagan cherry growers after a long period of dampness. Over the past few weeks heavy rains in the south Okanagan have impacted the cherry crops by causing some of the early season varieties to split. Once cherries have split, they can’t be marketed because no one wants to buy split cherries. Local cherry grower Clive Sutherland says the possibility of rain returning is a big concern for cherry growers in the area right now. “The damage that has happened to cherries has just been in the south part of the valley and it’s only been on their earliest varieties,” Sutherland told The View. “Most of the cherries are still fine down there and up here all the cherries are still good because they’re not mature enough to be affected by the rain. There’s not been any damage up here. Not yet. In another week if the bad weather comes back then of course it will affect the cherries starting fairly soon. Next week if we get rain again, it would start doing damage.” Sutherland grows late season varieties such as Skeena, Sweetheart, Lapin, and Staccato, which are less susceptible to splitting than early season varieties, but even those cherries are not immune to damage. “Rain is never welcome in the cherry season by growers,” B.C. Fruit Growers Association (BCFGA) general manager Glen Lucas told The View. “Certainly rain at this time still in what I would call early season is not a good thing for growers. You don’t see that as a consumer because we want to remove all those splits and defects before it gets to market.” Sutherland says if a crop is damaged by rain it can Phone: 250-767-2647 Fax: 250-767-3433 Web: have a significant negative 5806 Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC, V0H 1X7 financial impact on the grower. “It means we have to spend more money and more time sorting the cherries to pick out the bad ones. It costs you more money because you

Phone: 250-767-2647 Fax: 250-767-3433 Web: 5806 Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC, V0H 1X7

Notice of temporary property disposition (Section 26 of the Community Charter) Public Notice is hereby given that the District of Peachland intends to proceed with the temporary

disposition of land to 0855150 BC Ltd.

Proposed TNI Building Request for Public Input to a Peer Review Panel

Members of the public are invited to provide input to a “Peer Review Panel” by setting out in writing their opinion on the form and character of the proposed TNI building. The Peer Review Panel will comprise three professionals: one from the UBC Design Centre for Sustainability; a Professional Architect (AIBC); and a Registered Professional Planner (MCIP, RPP). The Terms of Reference for the review process can be viewed at and a hard copy will be made available at the District Office for viewing. Having regard for the Sustainable Downtown Peachland Plan (Charrette Report: 2010) and relevant components of the Beach Avenue Neighbourhood Plan, both part of the Official Community Plan (OCP), the Peer Review Panel will: 1. Review functional and physical design components of the concept plans for the proposed TNI building in downtown Peachland; 2. Review written comments solicited from the public on form and character design issues; and,

The lands are legally described as: Lot 15 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44 Lot 16 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44 Lot 17 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44 Lot 18 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44

have to sort through them and it costs you money because you have to throw cherries away that you would normally be selling. And if it rains too much you don’t pick anything.” “It is a double-hit for a lot of growers when rain happens,” Lucas said. Despite the threat of rain, producers are feeling optimistic about this year’s cherry crop throughout the valley. “Overall the crop is larger,” Lucas said on Tuesday. “There’s been some impact on that early season crop. After this afternoon the forecast looks very good, hot, so we’ll hope that there is not rain or if there is rain that there is not very much of it. From there on if it is clear sailing it will shape up to be a good year,” Lucas said. “We’d like to see some sun and chase away those clouds in the sky. I think growers will be happy with that if they can wrap up the season on an up note here.” Though he won’t be picking anything for a couple of weeks, Sutherland says he expects his crop will be bigger than last year if all goes well. However, the grower is still keeping an eye on what is happening in the rest of the valley. “It’s better if everyone has good cherries because when people go to the store and buy cherries if they have a bad product that they’re seeing in the stores, it might turn them off of buying cherries in the future. So if they go there and there are good cherries to buy then they’re more likely to come back and buy more when our’s are ready. It’s better to see everyone have a good clean crop,” Sutherland says. Consumers in the Okanagan can expect to find cherries until the end of August, although many of the large size very high quality varieties will be destined for export if growers produce a premium crop.

Lot 19 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44 Lot 20 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44 Lot 21 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44 Lot 22 Block 3 District Lot 490 Osoyoos Division Yale District Plan 44

In the District of Peachland and more commonly known as the District parking lot behind the former Edgewater Inn. The District has approved entering into an Agreement for a maximum of ten (10) years with 0855150 BC Ltd., for use of 57 parking stalls. This Agreement will meet the parking obligations of Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2025, 2012, that amends the zoning classifications of the former Edgewater Inn and the Aegean Grill Restaurant properties, in order to permit construction of a mixed-use development. The Agreement will provide for construction of a fully developed parking lot for both the proposed development (57 stalls) and the public (22 stalls) for 10 years (5 years, plus one 5-year renewal option), after which time the parking lot will be fully public. All parking lot improvements will be fully paid for by the developer. For information contact Planning and Development Services at 250-767-2647 or go to

3. In light of such review, assist the municipality in Development Permit consideration by offering comment on form and character issues and charrette design and Beach Avenue Neighbourhood Plan interpretation. Members of the public wishing to make a submission to the Peer Review Panel are asked to note that the panel is tasked with offering an independent professional view of the matters at hand, but will consider and reflect on all relevant material submitted by the public. Submissions must be in the form of written comment and/or illustration and be received at the municipal offices, by 4.00 pm on July 27th 2012, and be addressed to: Polly Palmer, Corporate Officer, District of Peachland Director of Corporate Services 5806 Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC, V0H 1X7 Any requests for information should be directed to: Planning and Development Services Department Phone 250-767-2647 or email;

4 - The Peachland View

JULY 13, 2012


Peek into the Past

Service anyone?

Spirit duplicator

Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View


he economy has been fragile for years and jobs can be hard to find, but you wouldn’t know it walking into the average restaurant or store these days. One might reason that in tough economic times, businesses should be working harder than ever to provide good service but from my experience that just isn’t the case. If anything, service seems to deteriorating almost universally. A couple months ago I went on a road trip through the Kootenays with a friend. After a long day of driving, we decided to splurge on a restaurant that markets itself as upscale casual. We walked through the doors of the restaurant and waited to be seated. And waited. And waited. There were two people at the reception desk but neither of them seemed to notice us. More staff came and went while we stood there waiting to be greeted. After several minutes someone else came out and explained to us that they were training new staff as she walked us to a table, but she offered no apology for the inconvenience. After my friend and I had decided what to order, we closed our menus and waited again. Our server walked by us several times before eventually returning to our table to take our order. What happened next had both my friend and I wondering what happened to the service at this place. The server bent her knees, crouched down at the end of the table as if she were about to take a crunch, propped her elbows on the table, then proceeded to ask where “us guys” were from and what we were doing in Nelson. We were tired and starving and just wanted to order something to eat but this woman was more interested in hanging out and killing time with chit chat than doing what she was supposedly hired to do – serve us. When a restaurant markets itself as “casual” I understand this to mean that the service and atmosphere are relaxed, not completely absent. Servers – and the people who hire them – seem to have a different idea. It seems to me that many people in the service and hospitality industry find actual service to be somehow degrading and believe casual friendliness to be a suitable substitute. Those assumptions couldn’t be more wrong. Offering good service should be something to be proud of, not ashamed of. I’ve been serving other people in one way or another throughout my career and I don’t expect to ever stop serving other people. In fact, my university’s motto was “as one who serves,” suggesting that serving others is something we should aspire to, not run the other way from. I wish more people would share that idea.

Give yourself a voice Send your letters to the editor to Letters must contain your full name and phone number for verification purposes only

Here is a spirit duplicator. It used black ink on a pad under a finely cut stencil attached over it and when it was rotated with a blank paper attached to a rotating drum the design on the stencil was transferred to the blank page. Some very small town newsletters were made this way. Photo courtesy Peachland Historic Society

Peachland Views

Fire chief deserves thanks for job Canada’s 145th birthday celebrations are over, but let us never forget what a beautiful country we have. Due to my age and my health, I was unable to come to town for

The three new councillors (Fortin, Hall and Kerbes) fought valiantly at the special council meeting (July 4) to reconsider the terms of the parking covenant worked out by the developer and town staff. These councillors offered various alternative proposals and challenged the indecent haste of the process that has cut out any meaningful taxpayer awareness or input. (This meeting was not announced, and public

Canada Post Contract #41127536

works display I can ever remember seeing. My heart goes out to our fire chief Grant Topham and his boys for a marvelous job. Thank you. Bill Tanner, Peachland

participation in the discussion was prohibited.) The final vote was 4 - 3 to push ahead. What is it about another public hearing that holds such terror in the minds of the four members of council? Dora Stewart, Peachland Residents Association

Empire building folk will increase dust I agree with you, Richard [Smith]. The private for-profit developer interests in this town are promoted by municipal staff and council while the quality of life of existing residents is being harmed. The myth of growth benefits is constantly given as the reason why current residents should accept higher taxes, higher population, more demand for water and sewage treatment, less quiet enjoyment of our neighbourhoods, less natural terrain, and now less parking in the downtown area.

Group Publisher

4437 - 3rd Street Peachland, BC, V0H 1X7

the many festivities but rather sat on my deck in the dark high hills holding my medals from World War Two, thinking how lucky we are. And then at 10 p.m. the sky lit up with the most beautiful fire-

Save public parking for the public

Susan Valentine Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

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Joanne Layh


Constance Roth Sales Manager

Published by The Community View Publishing Inc. P.O. Box 1150 Peachland, BC, V0H 1X0 Tel: 250-767-7771 Fax: 250-767-3337

My dusting housework has doubled from all this dirt that construction is putting into the air. Does anyone care about the increased incidence of asthma in Peachland? The loss of public land and the rising costs of municipal services that benefit private large scale developers and municipal staff who are empire building is always couched by the growth is good rhetoric. I don’t buy it! Nancy Merrill, Peachland

The Peachland View is a free community newspaper that is distributed each Friday to everyone in Peachland. Anyone who lives outside the distribution area can purchase a subscription at the following rates: Within Canada: $60 per year plus HST

The Peachland View reserves the right to refuse publication of any advertising or editorial submission at its discretion. Material submitted by columnists does not reflect the opinions of the Peachland View or its employees.

The Peachland View retains complete and sole copyright of any content, including stories, photographs and advertisements published in the Peachland View. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission or consent from the publisher is strictly prohibited.

JULY 13, 2012

The Peachland View - 5


When will the work end? Thieves take more pots Letters continued from Page 4

It has been another stroke of luck for residents of Peachland. By watching the terrible way that Hall Constructors have handled the new intersection at Ponderosa we now know who not to use for municipal contracts. We are fortunate that Treegroup is paying for this upgrade and that we don’t have to sit back and watch a job that should take 100 days move towards it’s 150th day. Some

people are upset with the flagging company but it is not their fault as they are directed by the site super for Hall. The same person who brought in the wrong equipment for the job, blew the scheduling of sub-trades and had to redo work more than once because of mistakes. Aren’t we the lucky ones. All we really want to know is when will it end.  Jeff McDougall, Peachland

Reserve fund much better On June 26, 2012 I became aware of some of the repercussions of the parking agreement struck between the District of Peachland and TNI in conjunction with the rebuilding of the Edgewater Inn. The agreement gives TNI exclusive use of 57 parking spaces for a period of up to 10 years for the sum of $2 paid by the developer to the taxpayer. For the $2, the taxpayer will receive an upgrade to the already existing parking lot, including paving and spacing. The District of Peachland, read “taxpayer,” would be responsible for maintenance and repair of the parking lot, including snow and ice removal, for the duration of the agreement or 10 years. The upgrade would create 10 parking spaces. The general public would have access to the remaining 22 spaces if they were available. The remaining spaces would be available to the public on a first come, first served basis. If TNI building occupants arrived to the lot first the whole lot could be used by TNI. In the project data accompanying the CD-8 comprehensive development Edgewater Inn document, it is indicated that the TNI building needs 75 parking stalls. A superseded project data document indicates TNI needs 57 stalls. This is a reduction of 18 stalls. I believe the planned fully occupied 40,000 square foot building will need the first predicted 75 stalls and will occupy them. The agreement removes the whole of this District of Peachland property from its control for 10 years. If a change of use or sale is made at the end of the

10-year agreement, the taxpayer would have to bear the cost to remove all improvements, such as blacktop, concrete barriers, lighting, and landscaping. It appears a business in downtown Peachland that does not provide parking on site is required to pay into the District of Peachland parking reserve fund. A communication with the district may provide information as to which businesses have complied with that requirement. It is understood a major Peachland business paid $50,000 into the fund approximately 14 years ago in lieu of onsite parking. A recent downtown development request to the district required on-site parking of 15 spaces that made the development impossible.. A visual inspection of the TNI parking diagram indicates 19 unreserved spaces, not 22, and 59 stalls within the TNI zone, not 57. With the increasing amount of development in Peachland, the limited parking spaces in the downtown core will increasingly be at a premium. It is foolhardy for the district to give away so much space for this extended length of time. Let TNI be treated as any other business and pay the required amount into the parking reserve fund or build their own parking requirement on the multiple lots they own within 200 metres of the new TNI building. Please leave this taxpayer property for the use of all.  M.R. Henderson, Peachland

BC now trails only Alberta

MLA Bill Barisoff

B.C.’s job numbers for the month of June continue to show improvement as the unemployment rate continues to drop and British Columbia now trails only Alberta in job creation among all Canadian provinces. This record stands in stark contrast to the doom and gloom of those who claimed the HST would create the loss of thousands of jobs, and more so in tourist regions like the Okanagan. In reality, the Thompson-Okanagan region has actually witnessed the second fastest job growth in B.C. behind only the Lower Mainland. From a tourism perspective British Columbia’s overnight visits are forecast to increase by over 2 per cent, which is an important indicator as total tourism spending is forecast to exceed $8 billion this year and hit close to $10 billion by 2016. With most tourism spending subject to HST (at least until April 1, 2013) money from outside of B.C. spent on entertainment activities, fine dining and other previously PST

exempt businesses means that tourism will be further supporting our provincial government programs in a way that also directly benefits B.C. taxpayers. I mention this as revenue sources for the provincial government, in fact all levels of government, is a topic that is a very important one. Over the past few weeks requests for more doctors, increased funding for education, more bike lanes on roadways, major hospital capital expansion projects and increased pay raises for many public sector workers are just a sample of some of the spending requests that have come forward as of late. It must not be forgotten that it was not long ago the majority of B.C. residents were clear that increased taxation and paying more money to government was something many citizens were clear in not supporting. Over the course of the summer I am hopeful many local residents take the time to enjoy friends and family and hopefully experience different parts of British Columbia.

It seems that someone is furnishing their patio with stolen flower pots. Trepanier Manor was the victim of thievery in the same week as the bistro. I am sure that it is no coincidence, given that they were identical to the pots taken from the bistro. More Stolen Pots I fear that I will never see The flower pots you stole from me Those pots that I attended, so gladly Are those that now I miss, so sadly For their return I have high hope But I fear like an optimistic dope For pots stolen from people like me Are never returned by jerks like thee 

Barrie Hewer, Peachland

Harper’s snooping bill Nice of Dan Albas to take a break from his victory dance over the wine bill to remind us that he and his buddy, the ham-fisted Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, haven’t given up on their internet snooping bill (C-30). Dan used his last column to tell us that the snooping bill will be back and there’s nothing you can do about it. But that’s probably fine with the people who handed Dan his landslide last May. Let’s see now. These masters of small government want to read our emails. They also propose to eavesdrop on us in our cars as

we wait at border crossings. And now we see them triumphantly announcing an “information sharing” agreement with the U.S. Homeland Security sluggos. That’s the American group led by Janet Napolitano who famously thought the 9/11 terrorists came in from Canada. I’m thrilled to think those “stand your ground” lawmakers are taking such an interest in our comings and goings. Is this the price of inclusion in the murky TransPacific Free Trade deal? Is this what you voted for?  Bob Nicholson, Penticton


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Wood Carvers, 7pm, 50+ Activity Centre


WEDNESDAYS Aerobics, 9:30am, 50+ Activity Centre

AA, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre (2nd & 4th week of the month only) BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS Teen Drop-In, 4-6:30pm, Westside Youth Centre *text 250-859-3893 for a ride.

Chess, 1:15pm, 50+ Activity Centre Yoga, 1:30pm, 50+ Activity Centre CentralOkanagan Model Railway Company Group, 7pm, Peachland Museum

THURSDAYS Line Dancing, 9am, 50+ Activity Centre Tai Chi (Wellness Centre), 10am continued level, Heritage Park for June - August. Bereavement, 10am, Peachland Wellness Centre Iron and Silk Exercise, 11am, 50+ Activity Centre Peachland Rotary Club Meeting, 12pm, Gasthaus Pub

Tai Chi (Wellness Centre), 6pm, Heritage Park.

FRIDAYS Yoga, 10:30am, 50+ Activity Centre Art Class, 1pm, 50+ Activity Centre Ladies Snooker, 5pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

SATURDAYS Carpet Bowling, 10am, 50+ Activity Centre Meat Draw, 3pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Papa Thom LIVE, 6-9pm, Waterfront Grill. Potluck, Meeting, or Entertainment, 6pm, 50+ Activity Centre (4th week of the month only)

AA, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre Meat Draw, 4pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Bridge, 7pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Meat Draw, 2pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Peachland Brownies (girls 7-8), 5:30pm, Anglican Church Bingo, 6:45pm, 50+ Activity Centre








Volunteer Opportunity of the Week: The Peachland Triathlon will take place on July 22, and the Rattlesnake Island Swim will take place on Aug 11. The recreation department is looking for volunteers for both events. The Rattlesnake Island swim is also looking for those with boats that can transport swimmers, and also those who would like to paddle a kayak or canoe for the swimmers.

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS Beach Party! 1-4pm, Swim Bay. Hang out for the afternoon. Free snacks and activities Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Summer Storytime in the Park, 10am, lawn near playground at Mission Creek Regional Park. Nature stories, songs, mini nature walk for 3-5 year olds and their caregivers. Every Wed. in July & Aug.

Summer Art Program, 11am-4pm, Peachland Little Schoolhouse. This week features artists Ann Gidluck and Audrey Peat.

Summer Art Program, 11am-4pm, Peachland Little Schoolhouse. This week features artists Val Thompson and Dian Tompkin (“Dad Art” workshops).

Summer Art Program, 11am-4pm, Peachland Little Schoolhouse. This week features artists Val Thompson and Dian Tompkin (“Dad Art” workshops).

Bat Chat, 3pm, Peachland Primary School. Information sessions will vary pending construction in the Primary School, but look forward to viewing the 103-year-old school, live footage of the roost, updates on the bat pups, and more.

Camping Fun, 1011am, Peachland Library.

Barb Wilson will be back with her tent and lots of fun facts, songs and activities (class size limit 30).

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS Beach Party! 1-4pm, Swim Bay. Hang out for the afternoon. Free snacks and activities Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Model Train Display, all afternoon, Peachland Mall (in the former Peachland Video Store). View model trains and support the Peachland Food Bank with a donation.

This week’s local activities and events are proudly brought to you by... Daily Lunch Specials Under


Live entertainment

Featuring Prime Rib Friday’s...

Slow-roasted ‘AAA’ Prime Rib w/ all the fixin’s - starting at $19.95

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Thursday Steak Night…

‘AAA’ Flat Iron Cut w/ loaded baked potato & veggies - $12.95

Tuesday Pasta Night...

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Sat., July 14 - Donovan Sweet - 8pm Sun., July 15 - Total Gin - 3 - 6pm Thurs., July 18 & 26 - Jimmy LeGuilloux: All Summer Long Tour - 8pm Sat., July 21 - Total Gin - 8pm Fri., July 27 - Donovan Sweet - 8pm Sun., July 29 - Donovan Sweet - 2 - 5pm

JULY 13, 2012

The Peachland View - 7


Memories of Don Houghtaling Original guardian receives recognition on new plaque at Peachalnd Little Schoolhouse Eric Hall Special to the Peachland View If you have visited Peachland’s Little Schoolhouse, you may have noticed the three bronze remembrance plaques that are on the wall near the kitchen. Look again - now there are four. When a new plaque is added, it is with a mixture of sadness and happiness. It is sad the person is no longer with us; but we are happy to remember their efforts on behalf of the Little Schoolhouse. For the many in our community who helped to save and restore the building, the name of Don Houghtaling will be very familiar. Don passed away late last year and recently, members of the Little Schoolhouse and members of Don Houghtaling’s family got together to remember Don. The new plaque was unveiled and many of those present added a personal recollection of working with him. Chris Byrd was unable to attend, but he sent a letter which was read out. Amongst his memories of

Don was a story concerning a large wooden ladder. Colin Chiswell and Burt Put were also able to add their recollection of the shaking ladders. Several others added personal memories. Because Don and Delores lived so close, Don was the original guardian of the building; not much happened at the Little Schoolhouse that Don didn’t know. He helped establish the garden and he put in the irrigation system. If you want to look around the Little Schoolhouse, it will be open each week during the summer, with art shows every Thursday through Saturday. Also check the Peachland View for information about upcoming Sunday afternoon teas. If you stop by, then look up to the wall by the kitchen. Look up and admire four people who helped to preserve something very special in our heritage. The directors of the Little Schoolhouse are very proud, to have added Don’s plaque and photograph. We also thank local metal artist, Louis Fenyvesi, for making the plaque.

Remembered Don Houghtaling was instrumental in helping to save and restore the Peachland Little Schoolhouse. Contributed photo

what happens when you don’t advertise?



Headgardener Salon On Holiday

Linda will be on vacation from Thursday, July 26 to Thursday, August 16. For appointments please call 250-767-2176 250-767-2176 • Heritage Mall, 5878 Beach Ave. Peachland

You have a lawn, We cut lawns

Thank You Peachland

Congratulations to prize draw winners George Cartier, Barb Fritsch and Chris Reniers Full Automotive Service and Repair


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✓ Weekly service available ✓ Top soil for sale - High quality, pickup or delivery, as well as sand and bark mulch.

Free Fertilizing Spring - Summer - Fall With yearly lawn maintenance contract

Based in Peachland

Glenn 250-808-4237 Wayne 250-808-0743

8 - The Peachland View

JULY 13, 2012


Peachy People: Carl Boyko Why did you choose to live in this town? By pure accident. My guardian angel, maybe?

A vital community with the happiest people in the Okanagan.

What has been your crowning achievement? Marrying Nancy, and raising three great kids.

What do you do in your spare time? Apologize to my neighbours.

What would make Peachland a nicer community? More great neighbours like Shirley, Cheri, Ron, Darcy and the amazing people at Peachland Dental.

What community issues need the most attention? More appreciation for bylaw officer Dale Zimmerman. Hi Dale!

Do you have a goal in life? To keep my wife’s petunias alive!


Sunday July 15, 10 am - 1 pm

What would be your ideal job? Lifeguard at Swim Beach.

If you had one super power, what would it be? To complete my tax return without help.

Who inspires you the most? My a wide margin.

If you won the $50 million max lottery, what would you do with the money? Go to Costco on a shopping spree... Yippee! #212- 3360 Old Okanagan Highway, West Kelowna Charming detached townhome in the gated community of Leisure Village. Enjoy your sunroom and the backyard waterscape in this 55+ community in West Kelowna. Former showhome with many extra’s. Strata Fees are $125/month.





250-826-2047 5878E Beach Avenue Larry Guilbault Peachland, BC VOH 1X7

What is your greatest extravagance? My part-time home in Peachland! When and where were you happiest? Anytime I’m together with my family in Peachland.

If you were the mayor of Peachland, what would you do? Resign. Ha-ha.

Which talent would you most like to have? To be fluent in many languages and communicate better with the people I meet.

If you were a fly, which wall in town would you like to inhabit? Any wall in the Bliss Bakery...mmm!

What is your favourite music? Anything by Kenny Chesney!

If you could fast forward the District of Peachland by 50 years, what can you visualize?

What is your favourite book? The menu at the Gasthaus. What is your favourite meal? Hunter Schnitzel!


Are you acquainted with a peachy person? Let the rest of Peachland get to know them, too! Send your suggestions to:

The Peachland View



Kathryn Robinson


Joseph Jacoe

• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law 13211 N. Victoria Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

1-800-663-0392 • 250-494-6621 • 250-492-8137


put water on the night shift. water between dusk & dawn.


proudly supports the Okanagan Water Basin Board.

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sti th ev so we

hu Fa pr wo

JULY 13, 2012

The Peachland View - 9


Good start to music at the Rotary Pavilion Chris Scowen Special to the Peachland View With a highly appreciative audience of over 200, the first of Peachland Rotary Club’s free summer series, “Music at the Rotary Pavilion”, opened to rave reviews last Sunday afternoon. With Heritage Park as the perfect setting, although it was a trifle warm, Robert Fine and the Dream Band proved, without doubt, that they are a hugely talented group of musicians who could perform anywhere at any time. The orchestra was the perfect vehicle to accompany Robert Fine’s trademark Sinatra-era songs that connected with everyone in the tree-shaded audience. Along with Mack the Knife and New York New York ol’ blue eyes delivered an excellent series debut. Next in the series will be a classical Violin Trio on Sunday July 15; Manfred’s Spanish and other guitar favourites on July 22; The Trappers, Mt. Boucherie’s 2012 award winning jazz band, on July 29; The KV Brakemen who perform Okanagan railroading history in song and stories on August 12; and the last performance will be on August 19 when Bobby Bovenzi makes a return visit to Peachland bringing with him his West African Drummers. Traditional Rotary fare including bratwurst, smokies, drinks and ice cream will be available each Sunday beginning at 3 p.m. with the performances, which last an hour, starting at 4 p.m. Come early, bring your chairs, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained. One last word about the August 19 drummers: Make sure you bring the children and your own drums – this is an interactive fun event not to be missed. The club is very appreciative indeed for the support given for this series by TNI, New Monaco and the Regency Retirement Resorts. Peachland Rotary Club has dedicated this year’s six-event program to support the many peace related activities currently taking place under the Rotary International umbrella.

Westside Outlaws take gold medal at regionals Doug Allin Special to the Peachland View The Westside Outlaws U12 girls softball team won the gold medal in the B division at the regional jamboree held in Sicamous last weekend. On top of the gold medal, the team won the overall skills competition beating out the seven other girls teams and three boys teams to take the skills first place trophy. The girls team, comprised of a split of six Peachland girls and five girls from the Westside, went four wins and two losses over the weekend to capture the gold medal. The team played a round robin comprised of four games starting on Friday night where the girls opened up against Summerland with a win. The next game was against a strong team from Barriere where the girls suffered their first loss. We went on to play the host team Sicamous and suffered our second loss in a tough battle. The fourth game was against the Ka- Back Row: Coach Doug Allin, Sydnie McCann, Coach Doug Lawrence, Kayla Kallen, Coach Nicole mloops representative where the Westside team won Lawrence. Front Row: Paige Allin, Coral Westrop, Kersty Ensign, Teaghan Bridge, Mackenzie Field, Naomi by one run in a well played game. After going 2-2 Milligan, Dakota Collins, Cassidy Lawrence. Absent: Tyra Holgrinn. The gold-winning Westside Outlaws through the round robin the Westside team went into are very thankful for the generous support of their sponsor, the Peachland Lions Club, who donated Contributed photo a single game elimination on the final day of the tour- their uniforms. nament. The local girls started off the playoff round the plate. The infielders were led by Dakota and Teaghan playing against Vernon where they went to work and took it to the Vernon team, beating them quite handily. This put our team outstanding defense all weekend long at shortstop and second base. into the gold medal game, a goal the girls set at the beginning of Coral and Mackenzie were the leaders in the hitting department all the season. The gold medal match was against the team from Kam- weekend and playing solid defense at the first and third base. The loops, a team that we had beat the day before by one run. The game outfield was led by Paige and Cassidy combining for what was one was played at a great level by both teams going back and forth. The of the plays of the tournament, preventing a home run on a well hit Westside Outlaws made some of the most incredible plays by a team ball that was perfectly relayed to home plate to prevent the run. The of U12 kids that you had to be there to believe. The defense and team was led all weekend by coaches Doug and Nicole Lawrence hustle by the Westside team could not be matched by Kamloops and who were there every day all year long. I had the privilege of assisting the game was ended under the mercy rule, giving the Westside team with coaching the girls with Doug and Nicole and can say this was a the gold medal. The team was led by incredible pitching by Sydney, truly a Cinderella story. The kids should be extremely proud. Kayla and Naomi. Kersty led the team with her solid defense behind


Sisters Group

t Kelo

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ision! wna Div

Amy Wiebe, REALTOR® Amy Wiebe brings 8 years real estate experience, negotiation and marketing to the team. She has been a Peachland resident for the past 11 years and loves everything Peachland has to offer.

Direct: 250-862-7675

The Stone Sisters Group is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their Peachland and West Kelowna Division. Your Choice for Peachland Real Estate! Not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale.

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Log Home with Spectacular Setting $399,900

10 - The Peachland View

JULY 13, 2012


Keep up on bat news at the weekly summer Bat Chats Darlene Hartford Special to the Peachland View Prior to settling into beach chairs for the Canada Day fireworks display, approximately 150 people gathered to view the bats exiting Peachland Primary School at dusk. An increase in activity may have made the bats timid initially, but the unofficial July 1 count was more than 1,000 bats leaving the attic within a one-hour time frame. The two remaining official bat counts will be held on Tuesday, July 24 and Tuesday, August 7. It is predicted the newborn pups will be flying by these dates, therefore an increase in numbers is anticipated. Anyone interested in volunteering as a counter can register at the Peachland Visitor Information Centre. The public is also invited to Bat Chat,

a series of weekly tours offered during July and August. Meet at Peachland Primary School each Tuesday at 3 p.m. to participate. There will be bat viewings via the video camera in the roost, updates on bat activity, and the opportunity to peek into the primary school and check on the renovation. Visitors will hear our story of the Peachland bats and residents are welcome to share their experiences. Tours may vary due to construction activity within the school. Meet in front of the school and bring your friends and summer guests. This is a free event but donations are graciously accepted for ongoing costs of Peachland Bats Educational and Tourism Program. Also check out the new Go Batty in Peachland t-shirts at the visitor centre. They make a great souvenir.

Canada Day Bat Chat Above: These young people were busy with activities at the first Bat Chat held at the Peachland Primary School on Canada Day. The Bat Chats will take place every Tuesday at 3 p.m. throughout July and August. Left: Bat tattoos? Anything can happen at the Bat Chats! Contributed photos

News from the chamber Chamber’s annual golf tournament now only five weeks away Janet Hornseth Special to the Peachland View

See it this week! Shown here is artist Dian Thomkins’ acrylic work, Ciao Bella. You can view this and other works by Tomkins and other artists at the Little Schoolhouse Summer Art Program, which takes place from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. every Thursday through Saturday.

Upcoming events The Peachland chamber is looking forward to the 4th annual Peachland Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament at Two Eagles Golf Course on Monday, August 20. As this is typically a sold-out event, preregistration is recommended. Call the chamber office at 250-767-2455 or email jhornseth@ for more information. Also approaching soon is the Dancin’ Barefoot Music Festival featuring Kenny Sheilds and Streetheart. For tickets contact the chamber office/visitor information centre. According to our weather forecast, this weekend will be perfect for Dancin’ Barefoot in the park! Call for photos The Peachland Visitor Centre and Destination Peachland invite residents to submit their action shot of beautiful Peachland. The photos will be used for inclusion in the 2013 Peachland Visitor Guide and contributors will receive photo credits. A special remuneration will be paid if we choose your shot for the cover page. We are not looking for personal photos, but do want people in the action shots. The people should be secondary to the overall impression of the photo. The main purpose is to highlight the beauty of Peachland and all we have to offer! Remember, if people are recognizable, we need their written permission to publish the photo. Send your photos (in a high resolution format) along with your contact information to Happy snapping!

Welcome new members The Notary Group has several branches throughout the Okanagan to help you. B.C. notaries are efficient and costeffective and can help with a wide range of legal services. Their notaries have decades of combined experience in buying and selling homes and businesses (including Westbank First Nation properties), financing and refinancing homes, wills, powers of attorney, and regular notarizations such as affidavits, consent letters, and other documents. Contact Lawrence E. Stevens, Jr. at 250-7681777 or visit for more information. Starsicles is the Okanagan’s own gourmet Popsicle business. Starsicles are little pieces of ice art on a stick and much care and love goes into every one of their handmade gourmet popsicles. With a commitment to using all natural local ingredients, their pops are packed full of wholesome goodness. Not only do they have flavours sure to please all ages, they are also famous for their wobbly pops made with a kiss of real alcohol sure to please the grownups in the crowd! Events are Starsicles’ specialty, particularly customizing flavours and names for a special occasion such as festivals, summer parties, and weddings. Starsicles will bring a unique and special shine to your event, leaving your guests Starsicle happy! For more information contact Rain Shields at 778-214-2747 or I’d also like to remind chamber members to take full advantage of your listing on our website. With over 2,000 hits per month, this is an advertising opportunity you won’t want to miss. If you have any questions please contact Janet at the chamber office.

JULY 13, 2012

The Peachland View - 11


Pincushion Quilting Guild looks back on a year of community, fun workshops and volunteer activity Susan Driussi Special to the Peachland View

Contributed photo

The Pincushion Quilt Guild is a group of 30 women that meet at the Peachland Community Centre on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from September to June. Our mission statement is to promote and encourage interest in the art of quilting to the benefit of our members and the general public and to provide a venue for our members to work together and provide opportunities for education in the art of quilting. We started planning our charity work in September. In November we presented the Peachland Ambulance Service group with a quilt for their staff to use while waiting for the call to service. We also donated numerous quilted Christmas stockings to the Kelowna General Hospital for sale in the gift shop to help them raise funds for the Hospital Foundation. Our latest endeavour this spring was

completing 17 quilts that were donated to the Kelowna Women’s Shelter. These quilts will go home with their clients. What fun we had with our production line type workshop! In addition to our charity work, we also brought in several instructors during the year. We have learned new techniques, one of which took place at an open house workshop held during Peachland’s HeArt Festival in February. Painting on fabric with big, fat Shiva paint sticks…well, what can I say? There is some amazing stuff out there! Members of our guild have also hosted several mini workshops. We are an amazing group of ladies, with all levels of expertise, willing to share knowledge with each other and anyone else that would like to listen! We are grateful that we can accomplish worthwhile community projects, enjoy new and lasting friendships, and have fun while learning. Happy stitching!

Taste of Wine Country: The sounds of wine country From lightning bolts to popped corks, the Okanagan’s wineries are anything but silent, a crowd of people quickly learn Bruce Fuller Special to the Peachland View One afternoon the gathered-at-thesaloon-bar wine aficionados lifted their tumblers to check out the dark, richly plum-reds when they experienced a rumble, crackle and kaboom! A bolt of lightening hit the mountainside some 100 yards above Rustico’s Lonesome Quail tasting saloon. The resulting fallout from breaking the sound barrier so close by was something to see and even more interesting to experience. In seconds, 25 birdhouses and all the feeding stations were simultaneously evacuated, feeding, critters roaming the vineyard high-tailed it, and Scout and Ranger, our two vineyard horses stomped, reared, and surely fertilized an extra load. The dogs dug deeper under the chuckwagon and those Western Diamond Backs denning in the rocky couloirs nearby shared a hissy fit. Not a Black Widow could be seen in any shady corner and pandemonium prevailed in the Lonesome Quail Saloon tasting bar. About 20 or so right hands

shot a couple of feet higher, showering visibly shaken sippers with our Threesome, a meritage style Cab-Franc, CabSauv, Merlot big red. Golf shirts, sexy white tank tops and tee shirts caught the brunt of it, while in perfect unison most joined the what-the-hell-wasthat battle cry. Then the cash register whined, the bank machine winked and folks started speed dialing emergency numbers. Bruce Filing outside, we spotted smoke on the mountain just beside us and a very fit neighbour hightailing towards the action with his trusty rake held high. Sirens followed shortly after when two Oliver fire trucks bounced up the exit road. Adrenalin pumped fully booted and suited chomping-at-the-bit volunteer firefighters got out, axe handles in hand and extinguisher canisters at the ready. This fire department exercise is very important when you reside in an 1895,

sod-roof heritage log house. Good to know they can get here quick as a wink. All that action got me thinking about the other sounds of wine country. If you think for a moment that all is serenely quiet and snooze-worthy in the valley, you’d better think again. Like dam busting, World War Two Flying Fortresses and B-52’s heading down the Okanagan Valley, other propellers you’re likely to hear are those massive blades Fuller scattered throughout vineyards when frosty mornings are likely. Intended to move the colder air up, up and away to be replaced with warmer temperatures, if the sounds bug you, remind yourself you’re in the heart of wine country and the same happens if you buy a place bordering the approach at Penticton International. Joining the valley’s cacophony symphony of sounds are those propanepowered air cannons cunningly created to scare the bejeezus out of marauding

Rustico ( “simplicity and charm typical of the countryside, rural setting with a relaxed welcome-home attitude, romantic, artisan, handcrafted quality.” Swirl, sip and savor Rustico’s boutique winery portfolio from oldfashioned tumblers while sharing the ambience of our antique-filled Lonesome Quail tasting saloon. " FOLKS SAY WE’RE CANADA’S MOST ROMANTIC WINERY! " Between Oliver & Osoyoos Hwy. 97 to Rd. 16 to 123rd St. to the covered wagon.


flocks of anything with berry-snatching beaks. Or the sound of banger-blanks fired from hips of quick-draw farmers. After a while don’t you think the Kamikaze dive-bombing flyers get it and pass the word along to other birds on the wire? Then there are the ambulances, police cars and fire trucks with their comforting wails all heading to a fro and looking after us - and the bad guys. The other sounds of wine country include tractors towing mowers, munchers, and sprayers. Then there are the quiet sounds of grape totes dumping into hoppers, the sounds of a good squeeze and the gurgle of juice heading in tank-ward. In tasting rooms one of the best sounds is the hollow pop as a cork pulls free. Or perhaps the little crackle of a screw top breaking loose. And what better sound is there than that of a guest proclaiming to all within earshot, “Wow, terrific! A couple of bottles, please!” Bruce Fuller is the founder and proprietor of Rustico Farm & Cellars in Oliver, B.C. For more information visit

12 - The Peachland View

JULY 13, 2012


phone: 250.767.7771 fax: 250.767.3337 email:







Pottery Seconds and Old Pot Sale Friday, July 20th, 9am-noonish, at New Moon Gallery in Westank. Behind Super Save Gas or the Legion Mall, 1B-2525 Dobbin Road, 250768-6618. Please note it’s Friday, July 20th

Free We’re looking for a new home for approximately 17 Fantail fish, 6 inches long, they look like (exotic) gold fish, plus pond plants. We’re closing our outdoor pond. Call Don, 250-767-2173 for more info.

For Sale Original owner selling a 2002 SRI mobile in a privately owned, creek side park in Peachland, minutes from the beach and all amenities, open concept, central air, shed, fenced yard, pets okay, 55+, $94,500. Call 250-767-2753

Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Cleaning Services Cabins to Castles. Great cleaning, no hassles, house keeping, yard work, move-ins and move-outs, weekly, bi-weekly, experienced and reliable, Michelle 250-8266285

Moorage Available in Peachland Available for the season at Pentowna Marina for the season, moorage for a maximum 20’ boat including swim grid. $2,000. for the season. Call Nicky, 250-767-6464.

FOR RENT For Rent 1 bdrm bsmt suite, furnished, Peachland, newly renovated, private entrance, shared laundry, N/S, N/P, $750 including cable, wireless internet, utilities. Suitable for single person. Call 250-317-2593 For Rent Peachland townhouse, near mall, beach, bus, 2bdrm, big rec. room, 3-1/2 baths, 6 appliances, A/C, garage, $975 + utilities, references, call 250-767-9084.

FOR SALE For Sale Mercedes for sale, 1981 300 SD, good shape, sun roof, 254 km, moving - must sell. $960. Eagles View 102-4350 Ponderosa Drive, call 605-484-5582.

For Sale Tee Off Golf coupon books available at the Peachland Legion, while supplies last. Amazing value, reg. $50 now only $30.

Free Free boxes for pick-up. Great for packing. Call 250-767-7771



Peachland Farmers & Crafters Market

Garage Sale

Heritage Park on Beach Avenue, Peachland

3959 Dryden Road Sat., July 14 8am-2pm An eclectric assortment of treasures

Sundays 10AM to 2PM May 27 to Sept. 30

Yard Sale Corner of Gummow & Aikens Sat. & Sun., July 14 & 15 10am-4pm

Garage Sale 4977 Elliott Ave. Fri., July 13 4-7pm Sat., July 14 8am-4pm Generators, dirt bikes, air conditioners, antiques and much more

Multi-Family Garage Sale 4130 Lake Ave. sat., July 14 9am-3pm Sun., July 15 9am-2pm Please no earlybirds Various household items

PEACHLAND VIEW DEADLINES CLASSIFIED ADS by noon Tuesdays (Must be prepaid, cash, Visa or Mastercard) Email:

DISPLAY ADVERTISING (boxed): noon Mondays NEWS COPY: noon Mondays CLASSIFIED AD RATES: Up to 20 words - $6.00; 15¢ each additional word. Per column inch $8.75 plus HST

NOTICES: Weddings, engagements birth announcements, cards of thanks, in memoriums, obituaries, and other notices (min. charge) $6.00 plus HST up to 20 words, 15¢ each additional word.

Business display advertising rates on request. PHONE 250.767.7771 Fax: 250.767.3337 Email: or mail your advertisement to: Peachland View, PO Box 1150 Peachland BC, V0X 1X0 PEACHLAND VIEW OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Advertising Regulations: The Peachland View reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headings and to separate therefore and to determine the page location. The Peachland View reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement. All claims of errors to advertisements must be received by the publisher within seven days after the first publication. It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of the Peachland View in the event of failure to publish an advertisement or in the event of an error appearing in the advertisement as published, shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only and that there shall be no liability in any event greater than the amount paid. Advertisements must comply with the British Columbia Human Rights Act, which prohibits any advertising that discriminates against any person because of his/her race, religion, sex, colour, nationality, ancestry or place of origin or because his/her age is between 44 and 65 years unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.

Info: Market Manager 250-317-0407

Meets Monday at 7 p.m. (closed meeting) and Friday at 8 p.m. (open meeting). Call 250-763-5555 for more info.

SERVICES Storage For Rent Storage for rent, downtown Peachland, 5’ x 8’ & 10’ x 16”. Call 250-767-6348 Painting Services Residential or commercial, New construction or repaint. Interior or exterior. Call G. C. Contracting for a free estimate. 250-767-2701

Thank You

To our great friends at tennis and pickleball for all the fun and fellowship we shared. We will miss each of you and we look forward to next year.

Renosense Home Repair Ltd. Renovations including dry walling, textured ceilings, etc., decks, tiling, etc. No job too small. Call Eric at 250-767-2593 Roof Rite New, re-roofs and repairs, moss removal & prevention, eavestrough cleaning, shingles, shakes & concrete roof tiles. Todd Smith, 250-767-6603 or 250-718-0641. Worksafe BC Insured.

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Nancy M. Gordon Nancy M. Gordon died on July 4, 2012 at the age of 86 years. Beloved mother of Robert of Vancouver, Stephen of Surrey and Eileen (David Saint) of Ottawa.   Sadly predeceased by William Carleton Gordon (husband), infant son David Swann Gordon and brother J.  Gordon McLaws. After focusing on raising a family, Nancy returned to work as a legal secretary and then senior court reporter for the Family Courts in Calgary, Nan retired with her husband to Peachland in 1983 and was very involved in the seniors community.  Actively  working with the health in action, serving on the seniors centre board, participating in tap dancing and bowling activities as well as supporting the local arts and social groups.  Celebration of life was held on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 11 a.m. at the Summerland Funeral Home, Rosedale Chapel, 13205 Rosedale Avenue, Summerland, BC with reception to follow. Private family only interment was held at the Peachland Cemetery. Charitable donations to the Canadian Red Cross or the Kelowna Mission will be gratefully accepted. Condolences may be directed to the family through Providence Funeral Homes “Summerland’s Rosedale Chapel” 250-494-7752

Massage Tired? Sore? Stressed? Let me help you recharge! Flexible hours. First massage half price. Chandra 250-317-8188, Westbank. U-Pick Strawberries Summerland Strawberry Farm, 10002 Haddrell Ave., $1.45/per lb., call 250-494-7373 for picking times.

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Piano Lessons From a retired cruise line pianist. Materials and two lessons $60. More info. at or call 250-7679059

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BARGAIN BIN • Good clean clothing • Household items We accept donations on days that we are open. OPEN THURS. - SAT. 9:30 - 3 PM

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JULY 13, 2012

The Peachland View - 13

Peachland Service Directory Property & Strata Management Services Your agent Dave Collins “local service, superior results”

Peter Price Paddle Canada Level 2 Kayak Instructor

Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty 5878 E. Beach Avenue Peachland BC 250-767-2773

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14 - The Peachland View

JULY 13, 2012


Food for the Soul: Summer camp with Jesus and other ways to connect with God this season So much for a camp-sure-madean-impact-in-my life story. In my favour, at the end of Grade 8, I atI remember my first summer tended an Athletes in Action bascamp. I was 11 years old. My ketball camp and actually made it parents drove my friend and I 30 through the whole week. minutes from home for a weekI’m sure we all have stories about long Bible camp. Once we arrived, camp. Can I count the number of Kelly and I found our camp coun- stories I’ve heard about someone selor and cabin and unloaded our meeting Mr. Right at camp? Or things. Let the fun begin! Or maybe perhaps more accurately, Mr. Right not. Before camp was an hour old, for the week? What about pillow Kelly had ditched me and started fights and giggle fits late into the hanging out with his other friends. night that no threat from any camp I didn’t know anyone else and I counselor could ever stop? What was too shy to start from scratch. about the team competitions, By 11p.m. I was a mess of tears. cheesy cheers, and dorky prizes? Thirty minutes after an emotional And the hot chocolate around the phone call from the camp office to campfire? You know what I’m talkmy parents, dad’s yellow Mazda ing about. Now how do I know pulled into the gravel parking lot about these things? Well, truth be and I was on my way back home told, I’ve actually been to more for a week of being coddled. Yes. camps as an adult than a pre-teen or teen because I was a youth pastor for nine Peachland’s years and we ran a camp every year. (My wife Professionals went with me and so I wasn’t Beach Ave lonely. She never ditched me). Medical Clinic I would even FAMILY PRACTICE chuckle secretly at teens that Walk-In wouldn’t come Elisa McCoy, RMT Dr. John Brinkerhoff to camp bewww.functionmassage. Dr. Praven Chetty cause they got Dr. Alanna Leverrier com homesick. What 250-767-3432 wimps! And the Function Massage p a r e n t s … t h ey Open should make Therapy Mon-Fri their kids go so 9am to 5pm their kids would Closed Weekends learn to live in the real world!

Derek Koch, Emmanuel Church Special to the Peachland View

Hot day perfect for barbecue Atendees of the St. Margaret’s Anglican Church annual barbecue line up for hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream. The barbecue was held after the morning service on July 8. Frank Warburton photo


Headgardener Salon Salon chair rental available Minimum three days per week. Please call Linda at 250-767-2176

250-767-2176 • Heritage Mall, 5878 Beach Ave. Peachland

Medical Services Directory Dentists


Dr. Don MacRae Dr. Phil Kachanoski Dr. Karl Oppenheim Dr. Peter Cormillot Dr. Jeff Krawchuk

Wes Bedford, B.Sc Geoff Davis, B.Sc Garnet Lloyd, B.Sc

Peachland Dental Centre

Peachland Pharmacy



Massage Therapist

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Ah, long-term memory loss leads to such hypocrisy sometimes. I do remember fondly though that teens that spent the week had some profound experiences with God. There’s something special about stepping out of our regular day-to-day schedule that helps us refocus on the deeper things in life. I also discovered that because teens were focusing on God for a longer period of time than usual, God was able to communicate with them simply because they were listening. A lot of adults I know today point back to their camp experiences as the reason they have a strong spiritual foundation. Jesus Himself gathered 12 disciples around Him and spent extra time with them. Once He had dismissed Himself from the throngs of people vying for His attention, He often spent time alone with His 12 closest friends. What strikes me is that Jesus doesn’t consider us part of the crowd. He wants us to become part of His inner circle. He has much to share with us through the Bible and the voice of His Holy Spirit. We just have to place ourselves in a position to hear from Him. For some of you, camp might be that option. For others, a walk in nature serves the purpose. Whatever you do, I encourage you to take the summer months – a time when we often change our pace – to deal with the deeper issues of life. Get some rest, get rejuvenated, and get refocused. This is the time and God wants to meet you there. And don’t worry about getting homesick. Don’t be a wimp. Just stick it out. It’s worth it in the end.

Your Guide to Local Churches St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

Peachland United Church 4421 4th Street

Grace Lutheran Church 1162 Hudson Road West Kelowna, B.C. 250-769-5685

Crystal Waters International Ministries

9 am - Prayer 9:30 am - Coffee & Friends

Sunday Services

New Contemporary Worship Service 9 a.m. Traditional Worship Service 10:30 a.m.

10 am - Service Children are welcome! Connecting you to the Glory of God at the Little School House on Brandon Lane


250-767-2206 “Let Us Worship Together”

Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Morning Prayer Tuesdays - 9:30 a.m. Office Hours 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday

Lyn Stewart 250-767-6211 or John Miller 250-767-9270

Sunday July 15, 2012

“Attentiveness in an A.D.D. Society” Derrick Hamre, Lead Pastor

4th Street & Brandon Ave


`2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638 -

A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At...

Peachland Baptist Church “Free Treasure Hunt Day Camp”

Peachland Baptist Church

Office Hours - Tue, Wed, Thur 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hall rental contact Doreen 250-767-2132 Sunday Morning Service 10 a.m. Rev. Elaine Diggle

For: children Kindergarten to grade 6 July 10-12, 9am-noon To register call Pastor John at 250-767-9232 Church Services - 10 a.m. 4204 Lake Avenue


JULY 13, 2012

The Peachland View - 15



Peachland Royalty visit West Kelowna for parade The Peachland Ambassadors’ float won second place in the Best Visiting Community category at the recent Westside Daze parade. Shown here (from left to right) are congeniality Shelagh Sarsons, ambassador Raphaela Russo, and vice ambassador Allison Wardle.  Contributed photo

Bylaw Beat: Keep the noise down Dale Zimmerman, Bylaw Officer Special to the Peachland View

offensive. 2. Construction Hours Following are the hours that construction noise is This week we will talk about Noise Bylaw #1330. allowed: Please try to keep noise levels down, • Monday to Friday – between the as some people are far more sensitive to hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.; noise then others. If you are having a • Saturday - between the hours of 10 party in the yard, let your neighbours a.m. and 9 p.m.; know about it in advance and keep the • Sunday and Holidays - between the stereo equipment and karaoke machines hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the house, as noise can carry for great Permits may be given to extend these distances under certain circumstances. hours if required. We can all have fun and still show reMany of the bylaws of Peachland spect for other people around us. are posted on our website and can be 1. Section 3.2 viewed by anyone free of charge. Visit No person shall cause, make, permit, or purchase a copy of a or allow noise of a continuous nature bylaw at City Hall. at a private residence that can easily Please have a safe and enjoyable sumDale Zimmerman be heard by an individual at another mer. residence. Please note that this is very If you require any assistance please subjective as some people have very sensitive hearing. contact the office at 250-767-2647 or call me on my The noise must be above normal for the area to be cell phone at 250-212-2331.


CLUES ACROSS 1. 3rd VP Aaron 5. Not hard 9. Revolutions per minute 12. Assoc. of Licensed Aircraft Engineers 13. Being of use or service 14. Macaws 15. 1960’s college civil rights organization 16. Protection from extradition 17. Animal examiner 18. Japanese persimmon 19. Commands right 20. A stage of development 22. Irish, English & Gordon 24. Showing keen interest 25. Doyens 26. Remain as is 27. 36 inches (abbr.) 28. Told on 31. Making a sustained din 33. Poked from behind 34. 24th state 35. Himalayan goat 36. Diver breathing gear 39. Groups of three 40. Not tightly 42. Regenerate 43. Strung necklace part 44. Breezed through 46. Imitate 47. Do-nothings 49. Unconsciousness 50. Golf score 51. Fertilizes 52. Used for baking or drying

53. Autonomic nervous system 54. Turner, Williams & Kennedy 55. Hawaiian goose CLUES DOWN 1. Usually in the sun 2. Arm bones 3. Placed on a display stand 4. Repeat a poem aloud 5. Eyelid gland infections 6. Lubes 7. A contagious viral disease 8. Stormy & unpeaceful 9. Devastated & ruined 10. Put in advance 11. Pater’s partner 13. Exploiters 16. Meeting schedules 21. Intensely dislikes 23. “Tim McGraw” was her 1st hit 28. Fishing implement 29. Atomic #18 30. Microgadus fishes 31. Blue jack salmon 32. Of I 33. Feet first somersault dives 35. Tool to remove bone from the skull 36. Glides high 37. Tower signal light 38. Small recess off a larger room 39. Water chestnut genus 40. City on the River Aire 41. It’s capital is Sanaa 43. Lost blood 45. A citizen of Denmark 48. River in NE Scotland Solutions on page 13

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, the week may begin a little off-kilter, but you’ll find that by Wednesday or Thursday, things turn around significantly. A couple of opportunities for socialization arise.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Take control of a situation that arises, Leo, because right now it seems no one else is capable of handling the situation. You may prove to be an excellent leader.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 It can sometimes feel lonely at the top, Sagittarius. Now that you’ve acquired many of the things you wanted, the resulting feelings may not be what you thought.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Take inventory of your life this week, Taurus, and make the necessary tweaks to align you with your primary goals. Take a cue from someone organized.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Influential people will be moving in your social circles, Virgo. Failure to introduce yourself and network could lead to setbacks in your employment goals.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Now may be the time to get serious about your efforts to find a new job, Capricorn. Start doing the legwork and get your name out to new people as much as you can.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, you’re inspired to do something creative. Narrow down the possibilities. Maybe you want to paint indoors or take on a new craft hobby. Either way you’ll find success.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Once the excitement of an event wears off, Libra, you may be left floundering for a little while. Don’t wallow in boredom. Get started on a new project.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Even the most organized people can get tripped up once in a while, Cancer. This week you may be unable to keep track of things. Keep your cool, and you will get it under control.

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Sometimes much more can be said by remaining quiet that actually speaking, Scorpio. Keep this in mind when you are socializing with new people.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Although you’re a do-it-yourself person by nature, Aquarius, sometimes letting someone get the job done frees you up for more important projects. You also get a needed break. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, you can’t seem to keep your mind on the thing at hand. Your wandering thoughts may put you in tune with a better idea.

Intermediate Here’s How It Works - Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

16 - The Peachland View

JULY 13, 2012 More Great Homes:




27 Years in Real Estate

Moe Martin B.S. Bus. Admin. Broker/Owner (Broker licensed in BC & Alberta)

• • • • • • • •

Developable Land Sales & Acquisitions Shopping Centres/Plazas Multi-Family Projects Call me... Mobile Home Parks For all your Residential Sales Hotels/Motels Recreational Businesses

Real Estate Needs!


$788,000 NOW $699,900!! 5 ACRES WITH LAKEVIEW and 3 bedroom rancher in Peachland. Plenty of privacy! Fully irrigated, pesticide-free. Relatively flat parcel. Rural setting, great for horses. Minutes to downtown Peachland MLS®10042807 • $699,900!

DON’T DALLY! Great starter family home, priced to sell, in excellent condition with mortgage helper - separate entrance. Bedrooms x 3+, 2 full baths and den office. Also in-basement workshop. Huge yard, tons of parking, room for RVs. MLS®10048963



“Buy land, stopped making it” Plenty of they Parking

RE/MAX Kelowna 250-717-5000






Derek Personal Martin 250-878-1555 Real Estate Corporation Charles Martin 250-717-7000

www.n e xtdo o r te a m.c o m


Trepanier Creek MHP - #9 5432 Childley Road Peachland’s finest 55+ MHP - Trepanier Creek - short walk to everything. This rare offering is situated directly across from Trepanier Creek & private and majestically maintained yard boasting 16x16 wired/insulated shed & u/g irr.

Jerry Geen

Peter Wannop 250-768-2161


Property outline approximate only

TODAY! (250) 863-1282


Experience & Enthusiasm Serving Kelowna & West Kelowna for over 33 years


0 90 , 99 $4

CONDO Live in one Side/Rent out the other

$535,000 • 6544 Bulyea Ave

Or rent out both sides! Good tenants currently reside at this income producing property. Rare opportunity to own legal side by side duplex as an investor or live in landlord. Each side rents for approx $1750 per month. Total of 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, approx 2380 square feet each side. Nice single family neighbourhood with terrific lake views! Call Dave to inquire.

Complete privacy with a huge lakeview, main house grade level entry and 2nd 1 bdrm home level entry, .56 acre, 4 bdrms total 3 full baths, many updates, gas stoves, SS appliances, bamboo & distressed pine flrs newer roofs on both, 2 full sets of appliances. MLS®10050563

See pictures on my website MLS®10042058

6142 Lipsettt Avenue, Peachland - fabulous view of lake & mountains great 3 lot subdivision services to lot line flat gentle slope corner lot no time restrictions for building your dream home MLS®10050572 • $248,800 close to town and paradise.

3996 Beach Avenue # 218 - Fantastic 3 bdrm in beautiful Peachland. Steps to the shores of Okanagan Lake from this 1465 sq ft residential resort style home. No age limit and rentals allowed. MLS®10046413 • $384,900 Great price!




Dave Collins 250-870-1444

The Cody Sisters! For all your mortgage needs...

CURRENT RATE SPECIALS 5 yr fixed 3.09% 3 yr fixed 2.69% 10 yr fixed 3.89% 5 yr variable (Prime – 0.10%) 2.90%

Some conditions apply. Rates may change at any time.

Let us negotiate for your best mortgage! 4042 Pritchard Drive # 2305, Kelowna - Top floor end unit with 2 beds, 2 baths, large deck with peek-a-boo lake views. Fully furnished unit includes stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops through out, hardwood floors & cabinets, flat screen tv’s, washer, dryer, BBQ, bedding, dishes, dinning suite, everything but you! MLS®10050697

6078 Jackson Crescent, Peachland - This 4 bedroom, 4 bath open concept home has been relocated and renovated. New flooring, Granite countertops, ceramic tile, carpets, new stainless MLS®10040868 • $425,000 steel appliances.

Want your home sold? Give Bryon a call! Bryon Knutsen

(250) 863-1282 Kelowna Westside

Thinking of selling in Peachland? List with Bryon for honest, fast and reliable service? I have Buyers waiting for the Peachland flats.

Bryon Knutsen

(250) 863-1282 “Our” Community “Your” Realtor

• Director’s Platinum Award • President’s Gold Award • Master Sales Award KELOWNA

“Our” Community “Your” Realtor

Darcy Elder 250.869.2345

Leanne Cody 250-215-5028



,0 75



Lara Cody 250-868-7114


Integrity without compromise

• Director’s Platinum Award • President’s Gold Award • Master Sales Award


Troy Fischer 250.878.0626

4244 Beach Avenue, Peachland - Fabulous views from every room in this renovated home situated in downtown Peachland, directly across from the beach. You choose: investment property, MLS®10036887 • $1,449,000 B & B or a great family home.

$374,000 3854 Beach Ave, Peachland – This is a house to get excited about! Gorgeous updated one-of-a-kind Paul Nesbitt custom designed 3 bed+den/3 bath home on semi-lakeshore location boasting breathtaking views & miles of beach at your doorstep. Elegant open floor plan, floor to ceiling windows, beautiful hardwood & lovely granite throughout. Call Tracey for a FREE Market Evaluation! MLS®10048422


3832 Glen Canyon Drive

Tastefully appointed 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in popular Glen Canyon neighbourhood. Updated kitchen cabinetry, stone fireplace, modern paint enhance the interior’s appeal. Private back yard with stone patio and water feature. Move in ready.

5305 Bradbury Street, Peachland - 3 bedroom custom built West Coast Architecture home, beautifully decorated with big Okanagan lake views, a must see, a great family home. Website:



250-826-2047 5878E Beach Avenue

Larry Guilbault Peachland, BC VOH 1X7


Online edition of the peachland view for July 7, 2012

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