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JULY 6, 2012 Peachland, BC Volume 08 | Number 27

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Happy Canada Day!

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Peachland celebrates Canada Day!

HWY 97

Sol ly

lle rie Va y Rd Prai

Thousands dressed in red and white lined the streets cheering at this year’s Canada Day parade. Rd

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Behind McDonalds off Hwy 97 #9 - 7519 Prairie Rd, Summerland

Joanne Layh photo

Council approves TNI parking agreement Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View A parking agreement between the district and TNI will go ahead as planned, Peachland council decided at a special council meeting held this week, but not until after much discussion about various issues such as the fairness of the agreement and whether it should be opened up again to public input.

About a dozen people came to the council meeting hoping to speak about various concerns related to the proposed development. “It is clear to me from feedback that I and others have received that many people wanting to comment on the design of the proposed TNI building have ended up feeling angry and frustrated. Angry because they have experienced the process as being

disrespectful, and frustrated because they care about the issues and don’t feel their opinions have been welcomed or heard,” Mayor Fielding said in reference to the disappointment some felt after attending last week’s advisory planning committee meeting. “This is a very unfortunate outcome and one I intend to ensure we address by establishing an additional opportunity for public input on form and character issues, Continued on page 2


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2 - The Peachland View


JULY 6, 2012 NEWS

Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View

District lifts water advisory Children, seniors and people with weakened immune systems can now safely drink Peachland’s water once again. The Peachland Public Works Office has rescinded the water quality advisory that was recently put in place due to higher turbidity levels or dirt particles in the water. The turbidity level is again below 1.0 NTU and that level is now rated “good.”

District opens glass recycling depot

About 25 people attended last week’s advisory planning committee meeting to voice their opinions about the proposed TNI development. Some members of the public left the meeting unsatisfied, prompting the district to issue an announcement that there would be an additional opportunity for public input on form and character issues before the project is granted a development permit. Joanne Layh photo

Peachlanders who have been taking their glass recycling to Asquith Road in West Kelowna or the Boucherie Bottle Depot on Kyle Road in West Kelowna won’t have to make the trip out of town anymore. That’s because a new glass recycling depot has opened in Peachland. The glass recycling depot was recently opened at the Public Works Yard, located at 5379 Princeton Avenue. The depot is open weekdays only. The glass depot will accept all clean glass jars and bottles. Items should be brought in rinsed and empty. Windows, mirrors, cookware or other non-glass recyclables will not be accepted at the depot. Residents should be careful not to place glass in their curbside recycling cart as it can contaminate the other materials and could injure workers, which is why glass is being collected in a separate bin at the recycling depot. For more information about the new depot or recycling, visit, or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250469-6250. The glass recycling depot at the Public Works Yard is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Parking a medium-term solution

Thank-you During the past Saturday afternoon the Peachland Legion held an open house to thank the membership for their continuing support. MLA Bill Barisoff, MP Dan Albas and Mayor Keith Fielding attended. Each of them spoke of the important contributions an active Legion makes to communities across Canada including Peachland. The mayor and his wife, Olive Fielding both purchased memberships as did over 30 others that attended. The 90 people that attended the open house enjoyed music by Brandee and delicious food prepared by Scott Wilshaw and Jim Land. Ruth Krentz was awarded the Legion’s Volunteer of the Year award and those who participated in the meat draw Ruth coordinates raised over $100 dollars which will be used for charitable purposes. The money raised during these events cannot be used for operational expenses, but is funnelled back into the community to groups or individuals that qualify according to B.C. government regulations. The success of this event would not have being possible without the generous support of Effective Printing, Beyond Ink, The View and the volunteers who helped make the event the success it was. To each of them we say: Thank-you.

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structured in a way that will ensure respectful consideration and reasoned analysis in light of the charrette report and the Beach Avenue Neighbourhood Plan,” Fielding announced at a special council meeting on Wednesday. Fielding said the public input process would be completed before any development permit applications are granted and promised to announce more details soon. Back in February of this year, TNI revealed their plans to build a three-storey building that would replace the Edgewater and an adjacent building on Beach Avenue. Since then there has been a public hearing and an advisory planning committee meeting to gather public input about the project. Council has demonstrated a strong endorsement for the project and just last month gave the zoning bylaw a third reading, though some members of council still had reservations about the referenced parking covenant and license agreement that makes provisions for the parking requirements of the proposed building, which is why a special council meeting to discuss it was called this week. The parking covenant isn’t a part of the zoning bylaw, but the zoning bylaw references a need for a parking covenant and most councillors were in agreement it would be better to nail down the terms of the parking agreement before the building is built rather than after. As it currently stands, the parking covenant would provide 57 stalls of paved parking for the proposed TNI development in addition to 22 public stalls for a period of five

years, with the option to renew the agreement for another five years. The gravel parking lot, located in the area behind the Edgewater building, is owned by the district and is currently used by the public. As part of the parking agreement, TNI would be required to pave and landscape the parking lot (at a cost estimated between $170,000 and $220,000) and pay 72 per cent of maintenance and repair costs throughout the term of the agreement. At the end of the 10year period, TNI would be required to provide another parking option and the district’s improved parking lot would return to public use. While council made the decision to approve the parking covenant, not all members of council found it to be an ideal agreement. “I do not consider the district giving away 40-plus parking spaces a win situation,” Councillor Kerbes said. “I don’t know why the parking dilemma created by this development became the district’s problem to solve.” “Peachland puts on many special events. More than two-thirds of it should not be for the exclusive use of TNI and its employees,” Councillor Fortin said. “I think we are in danger of looking at this issue in the very short-term and in isolation,” Councillor Condon told his colleagues. “I’m also very cognisant of the Sustainable Downtown Peachland Plan and the comments about surface parking. I see this as a transition to the situation that does meet the described criteria in that plan. We’re not in a position, nor is any developer, to be able to snap fingers and have a completely revitalized downtown. This is going

to take us some time and some money as well. It is not a perfect arrangement but as a transition arrangement, I believe it is a good arrangement and I can live with it.” Councillor Schierbeck also agreed it was an acceptable medium-term arrangement until something better can be done in the future. “Utopia would be definitely a parkade,” he said. “I also understand that’s very costly and nobody wants to expend those kinds of funds. I think the process we are going through here could well be the catalyst to that stage in the future.” Some councillors also questioned the fairness of the arrangement because it calls for less stalls and in the past other businesses have had to contribute large sums of cash in lieu of providing parking stalls. Since the charrette report calls for a 25 per cent reduction in parking, the number of stalls required has been reduced to reflect that, chief administrative officer Elsie Lemke said. “I know that this is very messy,” Mayor Fielding said. “It’s a difficult issue. One of the reasons for that is we’re beginning the process with one step and there are going to be multiple steps as this unfolds. We want to encourage downtown revitalization. It’s been a central part of our priorities as a council… the parking is difficult but what we have here is a practical way forward that may not be ideal but I think is quite reasonable.” As it currently stands, the parking agreement does not contain any particulars about hours, so it may yet be possible that TNI-designated parking would be made available to the public at certain hours.


Headgardener Salon On Holiday

Linda will be on vacation from Thursday, July 26 to Thursday, August 16. For appointments please call 250-767-2176 250-767-2176 • Heritage Mall, 5878 Beach Ave. Peachland

JULY 6, 2012

The Peachland View - 3


District of Peachland regular council meeting highlights - June 26 Contributed 2012 Annual Report Council approved the 2012 Annual Report as presented at the June 26 regular council meeting. Under the Community Charter, the district is legislatively required to prepare an annual report for the preceding year for public review and comment. The report details the previous years activities and establishes objectives and measurements for each department for the upcoming year, as well as objectives and measurements that are tied to council’s strategic priorities and financial plans.

Free Rotary Wi-Fi downtown The two white boxes that appeared on two Beach Avenue lampposts recently represent one more reason to visit downtown Peachland. Launched on July 1, these Wi-Fi transmitters provide free internet access to residents and visitors from the Peachland Museum to 4th Street and up to 500 feet into Lake Okanagan. The Wi-Fi zone was designed by local Rotarian Brian Junnila. The service is funded through a partnership between Peachland Rotary Club, the district, and the chamber. The Peachland Rotary Club donated $13,115 toward the project in equipment and in-kind contributions, the district contributed a one-time cost of $1,775 in addition to a monthly $70 contribution for a three-year term, and the Peachland Chamber contribute $125 per month for the service. Over 100 people used the free Wi-Fi service on Canada Day. Contributed photo

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The Peachland

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2012 Statement of financial information Council approved the 2011 statement of financial information as presented. Before June 30 of each year the district’s statement of financial information must be approved by council. The statement includes but is not limited to: • A statement of assets and liabilities, operational statement and schedule of debts; • A schedule of guarantee and indemnity agreements; • A schedule noting each elected officials remuneration and expenses; and • The total amount paid to each supplier of goods and services in the fiscal year that is greater than $25,000.

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2025, 2012 – Comprehensive Development Zone TNI Council gave third reading to Zoning Bylaw No. 1375 Amendment Bylaw No. 2025, 2012 that rezones the former Edgewater Inn and Aegean Grill properties for the purposes of constructing a mixeduse development. The bylaw will now be sent to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for approval prior to final reconsideration and adoption. Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1810, 2012 – Multi Family Residential Somerset Reach Council gave third reading to Zoning Bylaw No. 1375 Amendment Bylaw No. 1810, 2012 that rezones the properties from 5976 Princess Street to 6026 Highway 97 for the purposes of constructing a multi-family development. This bylaw will also be sent to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for approval prior to final reconsideration and adoption. Touristradio – License to occupy Council approved a license to occupy agreement with Touristradio. Touristradio will provide an FM radio broadcast that will provide information on tourist activities in Peachland from May to October of each year.

4 - The Peachland View

JULY 6, 2012


Peek into the Past

Small buggies in short supply

Upper Princeton 1910

Joanne Layh Editor, Peachland View

Plenty of sun and good air circulation is needed to produce a bountiful crop of fruit. The growing and picking of fruit has long been established in the Okanagan, as this picker is seen plucking ripe fruit from a tree. These fruit pickers were working in an orchard in the Upper Princeton area in 1910.


hile I generally prefer to buy most of my groceries at the farmers market or at a smaller B.C. owned store, from time to time I head over to a certain big box store to pick up pop or toilet paper and other things like that. I realize big box stores are all about going big – big sizes, big selection, big store – but does everything have to be massive? I’m talking about the shopping buggies, here. I’m sure those massive buggies are great for people who have big families or need to stock up, such as Hutterite families who only come into town once in a while to load up on supplies, for example, and I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with that. But for the single girl, they’re not very practical. They’re so huge they’re actually difficult to manoeuvre, and I only need about a quarter of the cart or less to fit my items into. Occasionally, I spot a small buggy in the parking lot and practically make a run for it before someone else snatches it. But for the most part, the only time I ever see a small buggy is when it is in the tight clutches of someone else who has the same needs I do. There are dozens if not hundreds of large buggies available at any given time, but try to find just one small buggy and you’ll find it nearly impossible. Sure, there are baskets available, but they don’t help hold my pop or toilet paper. I suspect the store management believes that if they provide mostly bigger buggies then people will buy more to fill them up. You won’t find those massive obesity carts outside of North America, I think it is safe to say. I can appreciate these stores cater to families since that is who their main market is. However, I’m sure there are also millions of single people who shop there. We spend money, too.

Photo courtesy Peachland Historic Society

Letters continued on Page 5

Peachland Views

Charrette report not written in stone I applaud Steve [Allison of TNI] and his architect for finally saying enough is enough and putting these naysayers in their place where they belong. If it takes a measure of intimidation, then so be it. If you don’t like it, move. I built a house years ago for a very wealthy man in Alberta. He asked me one day if I

knew what the golden rule was. He said, “Ernie, he who has the gold makes the rule.” I understand there can be extremes to this concept but we have someone here who has some gold and he is willing to invest it in Peachland. I too attended the charrette process and although there were some

good ideas that came out of it, it wasn’t written in stone and there wasn’t a rush of developers interested in implementing every idea that was suggested by a bunch of concerned citizens acting in the role of amateur planners. Talk is cheap. Ernie Hurd, Peachland

One less nut at Peachland Fall Fair Give yourself a voice Send your letters to the editor to Letters must contain your full name and phone number (for verification purposes only).

My husband, Ron Garnett refers to himself as the nut of the fruit and nut section at Peachland’s fall fair. Finding himself unable to continue volunteering, Ron handed me his resignation. Last year’s president of the fall fair, Wilma Mackinnon, has agreed to join myself. Most of

It’s scandalous! A realtor as chairman of a municipal committee chosen to hear a developer’s proposal for over an hour while the public audience is blocked from speaking?

Group Publisher

4437 - 3rd Street Peachland, BC, V0H 1X7 Canada Post Contract #41127536

lady to come to. It’s a shame that Wilma’s orchards on Cousin and Mackinnon have been replaced by hay fields. We are both looking forward to seeing this year’s entries of fruit and nuts. Stella Garnett, Peachland

Committee meeting scandalous

Susan Valentine Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

you will remember Wilma was also 2005 citizen of the year in Peachland. Wilma, along with her husband, for 40 years owned 20 acres of apple, pear, peach, plum and cherry orchards, so if you need information on your fruit trees this is the

Joanne Layh


Constance Roth Sales Manager

It is a shame that a publicly owned parking lot [is proposed to be] given to the same developer with only one, yes, one space left for downtown public off street parking in Peachland.

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The design of their building proposal does not adhere to the charrette report that our own council commissioned. Speak up if you care! Richard Smith, Peachland

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JULY 6, 2012

The Peachland View - 5


Boo to loud motorbikes Reflective vests and full-face helmets save lives. Loud pipes are just annoying. Do you think Peachland could be the second city in Canada to implement noise-snare technology to put a muffler on a million two-wheeled road cannons? Every doctor, lawyer and housewife in Western Canada has pitched their muffler into the trash to play the part, and there are another thousand of them

on the roads here every summer. I love watching folks enjoy a ride on a gorgeous day, but I watched a bike roll through town on the weekend that was so loud it made a little kid burst into tears. If no one is speaking up about the issue, it’s because moments of silence have become so rare that they have to be savoured.  Pete Couillard, Peachland

Historic is not the answer In the June 29 issue of the Peachland View, M.R. Henderson’s letter to the editor calls for a pioneer-era theme in downtown Peachland. Although I respect her opinion and thoughtful argument, I disagree. As Ms. Henderson points out, historic buildings (Baptist Church, Little Schoolhouse, Primary School, etc.) have been preserved for the benefit and enhancement of the community. One would hope that existing structures of historical value will continue to be preserved. However, new buildings should not be constructed with a 1900’s façade. The result would only be an unattractive mix of buildings, some existing unchanged and some new buildings made to try to look old. At best, downtown would be striving to look like a Hollywood set of an old cowboy movie. Ms. Henderson points out that communities such as Chemainus, Barkerville and Fort Langley have themes such as murals, gold rush and a trading post to attract visitors. None of these communities have the natural beauty of Peachland. We Peachlanders are stewards of a beautiful, natural area that is loved by residents and visitors alike. The lake, foreshore, swim bay, mountains, views, clean air, slower pace are the attraction. The downtown

doesn’t need any dressing up with any sort of themes to make it more desirable. As the downtown is developed, we should be striving for well-designed, functional, aesthetically pleasing structures constructed with high-quality building materials giving a feeling of quality and permanence. I am pretty certain most of us would be disappointed with civic blocks of square, two-tone beige stucco structures. We have felt the “Peachland vibe” downtown for the past few summers. This unique experience can be enhanced with a vibrant, unique, even eclectic downtown with a strong influence from our talented visual and performing arts community. Yes, talk is cheap, and realistically, perhaps we cannot financially achieve the Sydney Opera House on our foreshore, but a part of me also asks, “Why not?” Bold dreams, aspirations and decisions will be judged much more kindly by future generations than mediocrity ever will. The cost per square foot of a well-designed building isn’t much different from uninspired architecture. And we certainly don’t need to copy Barkerville or Kimberley models.  Rodney J. Irwin, Peachland

Bye-bye, beloved trees Ode to the bistro trees The trees that were our pride and joy, Were stolen from outside our door. In heavy pots, two sturdy pines, They really made our front door shine. The restaurant doorway’s not the same, Our décor’s gone, it’s such a shame. The lovely hanging baskets too, Full of flowers of every hue. Taken, empty, nothing left, Our outdoor patio’s bereft. We hope the Peachlanders will see, We tried so hard for our property,

MP Dan Albas One of my favourite times of the year has always been Canada Day. Since becoming a Member of Parliament I have found new meaning to the celebration for all that is great about our amazing nation. As Canadians we have a sincere love for our country and the values we share that makes this special place we live in like no other in the world. We may not always agree, but we disagree respectfully and show tolerance, compassion and understanding for those around us. Collectively the hard work and sacrifice that came before us shaped a nation we continue to build upon today. Yesterday visiting communities such as West Kelowna, Peachland, Penticton, and Okanagan Falls proved that in spite of what the weather brings, Canadians will not be denied an opportunity to share in the enjoyment of one of our most special days of the year. Over the past 12 months I’ve encountered a few noteworthy events I believe illustrate the values that are unique to the special quality of life we enjoy as Canadians.

I am also mindful of the 158 Canadians we have lost in service while in Afghanistan. In many of our communities the cenotaphs serve us reminders of those brave Canadians who have given the supreme sacrifice of service to our great nation. To the friends and families who lost loved ones, we will never forget your loss nor the values we continue to defend against those who would do us harm. During my time in Ottawa I have had a chance to meet some of those who have served in Afghanistan. It is a life changing experience for many of them. To serve in an environment where there is so little when in Canada we are fortunate to have so much, is often a difficult transition when returning back home. Even seeing the green grass, forests, the mountains and the hills is something that citizens in other parts of the world may never see in a lifetime. Although Canada Day may come only once a year, I believe we should always be mindful to make the most of each and every day we enjoy as Canadians living in this blessed and beautiful country we all call home.

P.S. In future buy your own damn trees, You’ll find them at Bylands Nurseries! 

Dick and Vanessa de Boer the bistro, Peachland

Left turns onto 13th illegal I was driving by the construction of the new roadwork and realignment of 13th Street just after the newly painted road lines where done. Has no one else noticed that making a left turn from San Clemente on to 13th Street will be dangerous, and by law, illegal? The last time I looked, crossing a double solid yellow line was illegal. The rules regarding double solid yellow lines on British Columbia highways have not changed. They require that a driver remain to the right of them at all times. Technically, this means that as soon as your left side tires stray onto the lines themselves, you have broken

those rules. You are not even allowed to cross them in order to avoid an obstruction on the highway as you may with single lines or a combination of single and broken lines. Shame on whomever is responsible for road safety and construction in this town. In my opinion, San Clemente should have been closed off as a dead end road. This would be safer for people turning right onto 13th from the south, left from the north and anyone turning left or right from San Clemente. Not to mention that it is an illegal left turn. Chris Schaffer, Peachland


Friday, JULY 6


Canada Day a favourite

To make it pretty, create a mood, So folks would come and try our food. To the petty thieves, you’re so unkind, We shouldn’t but we really mind. Those trees aren’t yours, just so you know, They belong to us at ‘the bistro’.







250-767-1958 Peachland Centre Mall





Retro Rock Trivia Every Friday @ 7 pm

UFC 148

Sat. July 7 @ 7:00 pm

6 - The Peachland View

JULY 6, 2012

Your Guide to Local Activities and Events SUNDAYS


Jerry Dober Breakfast, 8am, Peachland Wellness Centre

Take Off Pounds Sensibly, 9:30am, 50+ Activity Centre

Carpet Bowling, 10am, 50+ Activity Centre

Peachland United Service, 10am, United Church

Tai Chi, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Peachland Toastmasters, 12pm, Peachland Community Centre

Crystal Waters Service, 10am, Little Schoolhouse St. Margaret’s Anglican Church Worship, 10am, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

Needle Arts, 1:15pm, 50+ Activity Centre BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS Tween Scene, 3-5pm, 4th Street Place Peachland Guides 5:15pm, Peachland Rec Centre.

Emmanuel Church Workship Service, 10am, Peachland Elementary School

Peachland Sparks (girls 5-6), 5:30pm, Peachland Recreation Centre

Peachland Baptist Service, 11am, 4204 Lake Ave.

Wood Carvers, 7pm, 50+ Activity Centre


AA, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre (2nd & 4th week of the month only) BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS Teen Drop-In, 4-6:30pm, Westside Youth Centre *text 250-859-3893 for a ride.

WEDNESDAYS Aerobics, 9:30am, 50+ Activity Centre Chess, 1:15pm, 50+ Activity Centre Yoga, 1:30pm, 50+ Activity Centre Central Okanagan Model Railway Company Group, 7pm, Peachland Museum


Yoga, 10:30am, 50+ Activity Centre

Line Dancing, 9am, 50+ Activity Centre Tai Chi (Wellness Centre), 10am continued level, Heritage Park for June - August. Bereavement, 10am, Peachland Wellness Centre Iron and Silk Exercise, 11am, 50+ Activity Centre Peachland Rotary Club Meeting, 12pm, Gasthaus Pub

Tai Chi (Wellness Centre), 6pm, Heritage Park.


Art Class, 1pm, 50+ Activity Centre Ladies Snooker, 5pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

SATURDAYS Carpet Bowling, 10am, 50+ Activity Centre Meat Draw, 3pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Papa Thom LIVE, 6-9pm, Waterfront Grill. Potluck, Meeting, or Entertainment, 6pm, 50+ Activity Centre (4th week of the month only)

AA, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre Meat Draw, 4pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Bridge, 7pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Meat Draw, 2pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Peachland Brownies (girls 7-8), 5:30pm, Anglican Church Bingo, 6:45pm, 50+ Activity Centre








Tea and Desert on the Patio, 1-4pm Peachland Little Schoolhouse (on Brandon Lane). Enjoy tea and dessert on the Patio at the Little Schoolhouse on Brandon Lane.

Volunteer Opportunity of the Week:

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS Beach Party! 1-4pm, Swim Bay. Hang out for the afternoon. Free snacks and activities Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Summer Storytime in the Park, 10am, lawn near playground at Mission Creek Regional Park. Nature stories, songs, mini nature walk for 3-5 year olds and their caregivers. Every Wed. in July & Aug. Free Treasure Hunt Day Camp, 9am12pm, Peachland Baptist Church. For children Kindergarten to grade 6. July 10-12.To register please call Pastor John at 250-767-9232.

Summer Art Program, 11am-4pm, Peachland Little Schoolhouse. This week features artists Val Thompson and Dian Tompkin (“Dad Art” workshops).

Summer Art Program, 11am-4pm, Peachland Little Schoolhouse. This week features artists Anne Gidluck and Audrey Peat.

Summer Art Program, 11am-4pm, Peachland Little Schoolhouse. This week features artists Anne Gidluck and Audrey Peat.

The Peachland Triathlon will take place on July 22, and the Rattlesnake Island Swim will take place on Aug 11. The district is currently looking for volunteers for both events. The Rattlesnake Island Swim also requires those with boats that can transport swimmers, and also those who would like to paddle a kayak or canoe for the swimmers.

Bat Chat, 3pm, Peachland Primary School. Information sessions will vary pending construction in the Primary School, but look forward to viewing the 103-year-old school, live footage of the roost, updates on the bat pups, and more.

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Peachland Every week... Every House... Every Business

Raw BC Tour, 6pm, Peachland Fitness and Health Bar. During the first two weeks in July, Clive Langton, a director of the Raw Food Society of BC (RawBC), will be touring the Southern Interior giving health presentations. The event is free.

Free Treasure Hunt Day Camp, 9am12pm, Peachland Baptist Church. For children Kindergarten to grade 6. July 10-12.To register please call Pastor John at 250-767-9232.

✓ Weekly service available ✓ Top soil for sale - High quality, pickup or delivery, as well as sand and bark mulch.

Free Fertilizing Spring - Summer - Fall With yearly lawn maintenance contract

Based in Peachland

Glenn 250-808-4237 Wayne 250-808-0743

JULY 6, 2012

The Peachland View - 7

Canada Day Beach Run Let the race begin!

Nicole Cressman photo

Race Results 5K

Overall female: Amy Buzikievich, 18:43 Overall male: Mike Cooke, 19:38 Female 01-12: Ana Large, 26:55 Female 13-15: Erin Brucker, 26:50 Female 16-19: Victoria Frost, 20:21 Female 20-29: Amy Buzikievich, 18:43 Female 30-39: Chantelle Weston, 21:44 Female 40-49: Leslie Park, 23:20 Female 50-59: Carol Rowley, 28:09 Female 60-64: Astrid Varga, 23:39 Female 70-74: Liz Borrett, 25:02 Male 01-12: Nicholas Kohl, 23:44 Male 13-15: Braedon Wiebe, 20:42 Male 16-19: Zachary Boos, 21:36 Male 20-29: Joshua Crosthwaite, 25:12 Male 30-39: Jason Rodine, 19:51 Male 40-49: Mike Cooke, 19:38 Male 50-59: Len Brownlie, 20:33 Male 60-64: Peter Pollhammer, 21:39

Run! Above: Runners gather at the start line of last Sunday’s Beach Run. Centre: Amy Buzikievich placed first overall in the 5K run. Below: Who says there’s no room for romance at a race? Margarito Chavez-Sanche ran the last leg of the run with a rose clenched between his teeth before taking a moment out of the race to hand it to a lucky woman.

Male 65-69: Roger Sellick, 35:45 Male 70-74: Robert Mayne, 30:52

Race Results 10K

Overall female: Riki-Lynn Boettcher, 44:17 Overall male: Hans Aabye, 36:17 Female 16-19: Devie Amundsen, 50:33 Female 20-29: Siobhan McManus, 49:53 Female 30-39: Riki-Lynn Boettcher, 44:17 Female 40-49: Carmelle Guidi-Swan, 44:22 Female 50-59: Maire Cormac, 48:56 Female 60-64: Beryl Tremblay, 1:10:11 Male 01-12: Ethan Sadownik, 59:42 Male 13-15: James Sader, 40:45 Male 20-29: Kurt Behnsen, 37:39 Male 30-39: Hans Aabye, 36:17 Male 40-49: Sergio Pio, 38:12 Male 50-59: Bob Isaak, 39:36 Male 60-64: Larry Shannon, 51:50 Male 65-69: Melvyn Hunt, 57:25

8 - The Peachland View

JULY 6, 2012

Celebrating Canada Day...

Happy Birthday, Canada! \Top left: Denise Krahn of Westside Curb Appeal. Top right: The Peachland Ambassador candidates serve cake in Heritage Park. Centre left: Lucille Maloney serves up breakfast at the Emmanuel and Peachland Baptist Churches’ pancake breakfast. Centre right: Carmelita Garbutt, Alicia, Gabriella, and Kevin Garbutt get into the spirit of Canada Day during the parade. Bottom: It wouldn’t be a parade without the Shriners.

Top left: David Krell, Rena Krell, Emma Scott, Anna Holton, and Kate Scott get ready for the Canada Day parade down Beach Avenue. Top right: Keeva Patterson shows her pride at the parade. Bottom: Jean Saul leads the Royal Canadian Legion through the Canada Day parade. Joanne Layh photos

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JULY 6, 2012

The Peachland View - 9

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JULY 6, 2012


Youth News: How to have some teenage fun this summer The Peachland Boys and Girls Club offers youth opportunities to have fun at the beach, act in a play, and go on outings Calleigh Ellis, Youth Worker Special to the Peachland View Exams have been written, school is over, and fingers are crossed that the sun decides to make a lasting appearance. That’s right, it is finally summer! The Okanagan Boys and Girls Club in Peachland have some great activities organized for youth over the summer. Be sure to like the Peachland Youth Centre on Facebook or follow @ PeachlandYouth on Twitter in case any activities are added or changed. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 - 4 p.m. you can meet Boys and Girls Club staff at Swim Bay for a beach party. With a lot of free snacks and activities it will always be more fun than sitting at home. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen! Youth of all ages (11-18) are welcome to join us from

5 - 7:30 p.m. at the 4th Street Anglican Church on Wednesday night for a group dinner and an activity: July 4 - Beach Scavenger Hunt July 11 – Movie Night July 18 – Creative Art Space July 25 – Everybody Dance Tournament August 1 - Ultimate Frisbee August 8 – Movie Night August 15 - Creative Art Space August 22 – Everybody Dance Tournament August 29 – Movie Night All youth are also welcome to come on one or all of the out trips we have planned. The trips cost $5, except for the trip to Camp Arrowflight, which is free. Pick up and drop off will be at the Peachland Community Center. If this isn’t possible, other arrangements can be made. If you are planning to come on any of the trips below call or text Caleigh at 250-859-3893 to register and save your spot:

July 9 – Scandia Mini-Golf 1 – 4 p.m. July 16 – Knox Mountain Frisbee Golf 1 - 4 p.m. July 23 – Loco Landing MiniGolf 1 – 4 p.m. July 27 – Penticton Channel 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. August 10 – Camp Arrowflight 12 – 8 p.m. August 13 – Loco Landing Mini-Golf 1 - 4 p.m. August 24 – Penticton Channel 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. August 31 – Vernon Waterslides 12 – 6 p.m. If you are interested in the arts and would like to be a part of a short summer production we have partnered with the Peachland Players to put together a short play. Whether you are interested in the leading role or helping design costumes and props, all youth are needed. Rehearsals will take place from 10 a.m. to noon at 4th Street Place from August 20 – 24, with a

performance to be held on the 24th. There are also two special events planned for the summer. The first is to celebrate the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Summer Olympics by having our own Water Olympics on July 26 at Swim Bay from 12 – 4 p.m. There will be food, prizes and fun! The second event will be on August 17 from 2 – 3 p.m. at Cousins Park. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty because splat! We are having a paint balloon fight. If you’re not quite a youth, but between the ages of six and 12, and you still want to participate in fun programs this summer, come and check out Fired Up Fridays every Friday at the community centre from 12 – 4 p.m. This drop-in program is free for all Boys and Girls Clubs members. Call the Webber Road Centre

at 250-768-3049 for more information. For more than 100 years, Boys and Girls Club in communities across Canada have been helping young people to discover, and achieve their best potential as they grow to become Canada’s future adults, citizens and leaders, by engaging them in activities that challenge and help them develop healthy minds and bodies. Clubs help prepare children and youth for life by helping them to discover and develop their abilities and skills, building confidence and competence. Club staff also help build selfesteem by empowering youth to help shape programs and share their ideas. Through these opportunities youth are given the chance to develop life and leadership skills and to learn how to contribute to clubs and their communities.

Peachy People: Gail Swetlishoff Why did you choose to live in this town? The laid back, small town lifestyle! What has been your crowning achievement? My family and the people I surround myself with! What would make Peachland a nicer community? Continue to attract friendly people and let the cranky ones live away! Do you have a goal in life? Live it now! If you had one super power, what would it be? The ability to eliminate stress and hurry from the world. If you won the $50 million max lottery, what would you do with the money? I would love to be an anonymous philanthropist and surprise those who are already helping themselves with a hand up financially!

Are you acquainted with a Peachy Person? Let the rest of Peachland get to know them, too. Send your suggestions to:

If you were the mayor of Peachland, what would you do? Go crazy! If you were a fly, which wall in town would you like to inhabit? The Bliss Bakery. Mmm…it smells so good! If you could fast forward the District of Peachland by 50 years, what can you visualize? Relaxed, happy people walking along the lake, grateful to those who 50 years ago that made wise choices and managed the district in such a way that the community thrives! What do you do in your spare time? Walking, pilates, qigong, kayaking, biking, reading, gardening, camping, motorcycling, and visiting with friends and family.

What community issues need the most attention? Growth with common sense. We need to be looking ahead so that in 50 years, this community is thriving! What would be your ideal job? I have the ideal job. I have the privilege to teach others to be fit, mind, body and spirit. It’s awesome to be around people who are willing to grow with an open mind! I learn so much. Who inspires you the most? People who are willing to be themselves, take a risk and do what they truly are inspired to excuses! What is your greatest extravagance? Flowers and plants! When and where were you happiest? I and now! Which talent would you most like to have? I would love to sing! What is your favourite music? That depends on my mood - country and soft rock when I am at home, classical to wind down after work, jazz to pick me up. My taste is pretty eclectic. What is your favourite book? I love to learn so I enjoy nonfiction. I enjoy philosophy, meta physics, quantum physics, spirituality, self-development and books that give a different perspective on life. What is your favourite meal? All food is great in a amazing atmosphere with great people. Everything tastes good!

JULY 6, 2012

The Peachland View - 11


Dispatches from the farm Coming soon: Fetal carrots Jordan Marr Special to the Peachland View Have you ever read The Doubter’s Companion by John Ralston Saul, one of Canada’s great thinkers? Subtitled A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense, it’s comprised of a few hundred satirical and very sardonic definitions of words and ideas most of us take for granted. It’s far and away my favourite bathroom book, and it came to mind when I received a visit recently from a chef inquiring about our produce. Here’s an excerpt from Saul’s definition of white bread: It’s the sophisticated product of a civilization taken to its logical conclusion: essential goods... have been continually refined until all utility has been removed. Utility is vulgar. In this particular case, nutrition and fibre were the principal enemies of progress. With the disappearance of utility what remains is form, the highest quality of

high civilizations. To refine flour beyond utility is to become refined. Back to my walkabout with the chef: he had come looking for veggies to include in a multi-course dinner for 12 he was to prepare the following evening. The diners had paid a lot for this privilege by way of

Jordan Marr a charity auction, and he intended to prepare something really special. As we toured the farm I showed him some nice stuff: some really tender baby arugula and buttery baby spinach; richly coloured baby beets; our gourmet salad greens and

the first shelling peas of the season. “Have you got any micro-greens?” he asked. Micro-greens are very popular with chefs lately. They’re harvested a few days after a seed germinates when each individual green is 2-3 cm tall. Five or six of them are often gingerly sprinkled on an entree just before it’s served. I told him we didn’t grow them. Next he asked for pea shoots; these are the growing tips of young pea plants, the upper 5 cm of which are very succulent owing to the plant being so young. We didn’t have those either; we pretty much just grow our pea plants for, well, the peas. We walked some more before he stopped short and eagerly pointed at one of garden beds and asked what he was looking at. I told him fava beans, and assumed he would next implore me to promise to save him some of the beans once they were harvested in six weeks or so.

“The shoots of fava plants are very tender,” he said, just before breaking one off and plunking it in his mouth. “Delicious.” It was then that I realized our baby spinach and baby argula and baby beets were insufficient for being much, much too old. Vegetables by then have developed such pedestrian traits as taste, colour and the sort of texture that requires the use of one’s teeth, and thus wouldn’t do for the meal this chef had in mind. It occurred to me to take him out to a recently germinated bed of what will eventually become baby carrots with a pair of tweezers to snatch them out before they’re ruined (we could call them fetal carrots, maybe?) but I decided against it. I didn’t think my eyes were up to the challenge that day. I’m exaggerating the sense of vexation I felt. But I was vexed, a little. I decided to be a farmer much more out of a desire to sate people’s hunger than to grow dainty

foodie ornamentation. I’ve had great business relationships with chefs in the past, and the ones who support local agriculture, including this chef, play an important role as ambassadors for what we farmers do, to say nothing of their direct contributions to our livelihoods. But in their drive for originality and refinement, I think there is a risk of forgetting that we’re all in the business, at the heart of it, of feeding people. In the end, the chef settled for some regular old normal-sized greens and some shelling peas. Fifteen pods, to be exact, which is about 75 peas; more than enough to sprinkle on each plate as a garnish. Jordan Marr grows veggies at the Homestead Organic Farm in Peachland and offers home delivery to area residents. For more information visit

Taste of Wine Country: Cruising the vineyards Bruce Fuller Special to the Peachland View A couple of seasons ago I came across a racing barstool located in Penticton. The chair itself was one of those bright shiny jobs that would’ve fit right in with a kitchen chrome set from a Lucille Ball movie and had a black and white checkered top of real leather. You could picture Elvis propped on it eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Who the hell would think to race a barstool? I can see folks racing to a barstool, then racing off it to the last cab after the final bell…but racing them on the street or a track? Not likely. When I searched “racing bar-

stools” online, I found a number of clubs in California (none in Napa or Sonoma). I bought it thinking if we topped it with one of our wrecked old saddle rigs, added a funky horse tail, and maybe a lasso and tied the contraption to one of our hitching rails, guests might get a kick out of it and the photo op thing would work for us all. We thought it appropriate to give our new horse a name and figured that, “Corky” would be just fine in our setting. Now, Corky doesn’t kick but it can sure as hell get to bucking and has gone ballistic more than once. On the dead end road below us I’ve cranked her up to some

43 km/h. I also discovered taking her between the Gewurztraminer rows

Bruce Fuller where the odd boulder jumps up is not a great idea. In addition to the barstool, we also have an old golf cart for cruising the rows. It huffs and puffs, hacks the odd cough, and never goes fast enough, it seems. Katie, our Golden Retriever, head of security,

and certified alpha-bitch, has owned the passenger seat side since we rolled the Yamaha off the garden trailer. Clown-like Lara, our Old English sheepdog is relegated to fixing her claws to the floorboards by the gas pedal and brake. It’s not a good idea because when she spots a runaway Quail family, she shifts her bum over the gas and we’re off on a merry chase. Then there are our visiting cruisers. Hundreds of car buffs with custom paintwork and chrome bits buffed to the hilt, trek up our dusty gravel driveway to the winery. Their investments in both time and cash are phenomenal and a bit of road dust seems okay with them

as many are packing soft little wipes and boxes of magnetic Swiffers. Surrounding the property and regaling all within earshot of the marvels they’ve created or written cheques for, they picnic, sip enough to guarantee a dingless return to their heated garages, and work hard at bragging rights. Then along come the motor homes, convoys of my-SUV’s-bigger-thanyours, the offroaders, and every vehicle ever seen in the housewives of here or there. Bruce Fuller is the founder and proprietor of Rustico Farm & Cellars in Oliver, B.C. For more information visit

Rustico ( “simplicity and charm typical of the countryside, rural setting with a relaxed welcome-home attitude, romantic, artisan, handcrafted quality.” Swirl, sip and savor Rustico’s boutique winery portfolio from oldfashioned tumblers while sharing the ambience of our antique-filled Lonesome Quail tasting saloon. " FOLKS SAY WE’RE CANADA’S MOST ROMANTIC WINERY! " Between Oliver & Osoyoos Hwy. 97 to Rd. 16 to 123rd St. to the covered wagon. ❖ 250.498.3276

Submit your coming event to the Peachland View


WANT. THE NAMES YOU KNOW. Investment Grade Corporate Bonds

1.49% to 3.53% Is your money working this hard? •Variety of interest payments available •Investment-grade rating by Standard & Poor’s/ DBRS² •Callable and noncallable issues available 1 Yields to maturity effective July 4, 2012, subject to availability and price change. Yield and market value may fluctuate if sold prior to maturity, and the amount received from the sale of these securities may be more than, less than or equal to the amount originally invested. Bond values may decline in a rising interest rate environment. Any bonds called prior to maturity may result in reinvestment risk for the bond owner. 2 Investment-grade bonds are those with a rating of AAA to BBB and/or Aaa to Baa. Contact your local Edward Jones advisor for more information about maturity dates and applicable call provisions.

Call or stop by today.

Shayn Moritz, CfP 5860B Beach avenue Peachland, BC v0H 1X7

250-767-3358 Member - Canadian investor Protection fund

Edward Jones

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JULY 6, 2012


phone: 250.767.7771 fax: 250.767.3337 email:







For Sale Mercedes for sale, 1981 300 DS, good shape, sunroof, 254km, moving - must sell. $1,450. Eagles View, 102-4350 Ponderosa Dr., Call 605-484-5582

For Rent Peachland townhouse, near mall, beach, bus, 2 bdrm, big rec. room, 3-1/2 baths, 6 appliances, A/C, garage, $975 + utilities, references, call 250-767-9084

Free We’re looking for a new home for approximately 17 Fantail fish, 6 inches long, they look like (exotic) gold fish, plus pond plants. We’re closing our outdoor pond. Call Don, 250-767-2173 for more info.

2 Family Garage Sale

Yoga Yoga Fit at Davis Cove Resort. Mon/Wed/Sat, 9 - 10am, weather permitting. $10 drop-in.

Piano Lessons From a retired cruise line pianist. Materials and two lessons $60. More info. at or call 250-7679059



For Rent 1 bdrm bsmt suite, furnished, Peachland, newly renovated, private entrance, shared laundry, N/S, N/P, $750 including cable, wireless internet, utilities. Suitable for single person. Call 250-317-2593.

For Sale One TKO boxing stand with bag and speed bag attached. Includes boxing gloves and focus mitts. $199. Call 250-768-1001

For Rent 1 bdrm suite, ground level, newly renovated, private entrance & patio, full kitchen & laundry, Sat. TV, utilities, parking & storage all included, pet negotiable, N/S. $850/ month. Call 250-317-0053. For Rent 1 bdrm, walk-in, lower suite. New floors, shared laundry, everything included, $750. Call Matt, 250767-3294 or 250-863-2450. _________________________

For Sale Tee Off Golf coupon books available at the Peachland Legion, while supplies last. Amazing value, reg. $50, now only $30.

FREE Free Free boxes for pick-up. Great for packing. Call 250-767-7771 Free Kittens, ready to go July, litter trained. Call Nicole, 250-718-3230

HOME FOR SALE For Sale Original owner selling a 2002 SRI mobile in a privately owned, creek side park in Peachland, minutes from the beach and all amenities, open concept, central air, shed, fenced yard, pets okay, 55+, $94,500. Call 250-767-2753

LOST & FOUND Found Cat found, tortoise shell with white chest and paws. Collar with meow on it. Princeton area. Call 250767-9244

Found Parakeet/parrot found. Call 250767-9030, Parrot Island, to describe and claim.


Peachland United Church

BARGAIN BIN • Good clean clothing • Household items

Peachland Farmers & Crafters Market Heritage Park on Beach Avenue, Peachland Sundays 10AM to 2PM May 27 to Sept. 30 Info: Market Manager 250-317-0407

JEM’s Cleaning Commercial Residential Building Maintenance Owner Operated

Call Maralee 250-878-9729

6050 Beatrice Road Sat., July 7 8am - 2pm Furniture, sump pump, printer, misc. tools and many other treasures. Something for everyone

Multi-Family Garage Sale 3910 Beach Ave. Sat., July 7 Only 8am-4pm Garden tools, tools, small appliances, and more

SERVICES Storage For Rent Storage for rent, downtown Peachland, 5’ x 8’ & 10’ x 16”. Call 250-767-6348 Painting Services Residential or commercial, New construction or repaint. Interior or exterior. Call G. C. Contracting for a free estimate. 250-767-2701

Renosense Home Repair Ltd. Renovations including dry walling, textured ceilings, etc., decks, tiling, etc. No job too small. Call Eric at 250-767-2593 Roof Rite New, re-roofs and repairs, moss removal & prevention, eavestrough cleaning, shingles, shakes & concrete roof tiles. Todd Smith, 250-767-6603 or 250-718-0641. Worksafe BC Insured. Moorage Available in Peachland Available for the season at Pentowna Marina for the season, moorage for a maximum 20’ boat including swim grid. $2,000. for the season. Call Nicky, 250-767-6464.

WANTED U-Pick Strawberries Summerland Strawberry Farm, 10002 Haddrell Ave., $1.45/per lb., call 250-494-7373 for picking times. Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Meets Monday at 7 p.m. (closed meeting) and Friday at 8 p.m. (open meeting). Call 250-763-5555 for more info.

Celebration of Life

Cleaning Services Cabins to Castles. Great cleaning, no hassles, house keeping, yard work, move-ins and move-outs, weekly, bi-weekly, experienced and reliable, Michelle 250-8266285 Massage Tired? Sore? Stressed? Let me help you recharge! Flexible hours. First massage half price. Chandra 250-317-8188, Westbank

Scentsy/Velata Has Arrived

We accept donations on days that we are open.

• Wickless Candles • Belgian Chocolate Fondue

OPEN THURS. - SAT. 9:30 - 3 PM

BUY, HOST, JOIN 250-767-6278


(Ada) Irene Head (Ada) Irene Head passed away on 1st July 2012 at Kelowna General Hospital. She is survived by her daughter Joan Patterson, son Don Head, 5 grandchildren Donna Ferris, Linda Patterson, Kris, Spencer, & David Head, great grandchildren Tyler Kramer, and Gavin Head. Irene was able to celebrate her 90th birthday in May 2012 with 1 final golf game with a few of her many friends. A ‘celebration of life’ gathering of friends and family will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion at 2 PM on Monday 9th June 2012. In lieu of flowers please donate to the BC Children’s Hospital. Condolences can be directed to the family by visiting the website

Harry T. Roses’ life will be celebrated at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #69 in Peachland Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 1 to 3 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

MACKAY, Kathleen MACKAY, Kathleen (nee Wilmot) quietly passed away on June 30, 2012 at the age of 95. She was born at the rural community of Minto, Manitoba. She lived in Peachland from 1968 to 2007, with the remainder of her years spent in Westbank. She is lovingly remembered by her son Vern (Barb) and daughter Barb (Fred), grandchildren Crystal (Dave), Tanya (Doug), Laura (Lee), Darci (Lincoln), Suzanne (Derek), Emily (Nelson), and Martin; great-grandchildren Sheena (Todd), Robbie, Cassie, Jordan, Cameron, Kayla, Davante, Paige, Keagan, Larissa, and Joaquim; and greatgreat-grandchild Brayden. Kathleen was predeceased by her husband Jim MacKay, her sons Dan and Ross, and all her siblings. A funeral service will be held at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church in Peachland on Friday, July 6, 2012 at 11AM, followed by interment at the Peachland Cemetery. Reception will be at St. Margaret’s Church. Donations in remembrance of Kathleen may be made to the Peachland Food Bank or the Peachland Wellness Centre. Arrangements entrusted to Hansons’ Arbor Funeral Chapels & Crematorium. Messages of condolence may be sent to the family by visiting

JULY 6, 2012

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Peachland Service Directory Westside Curb Appeal Inc. renovation & remodeling

Still time to book your deck & rail renovation

Quality Finishing Carpentry • Bath & Kitchen upgrades Tile Setting • Hardwood Floors • Painting & Repairs

"One call does it all"

and enjoy it for the summer! Call for your free quote!


M. Scharer Enterprises

Located in Peachland!

TOPLINE EXTERIORS LTD. • Roofing • New • Re-Roofs • Repairs

250-878-7279 or 250-767-9350

Jeff Webster Cell: 250-212-0781 Res: 250-767-9565


ROOFING GUTTERS Div. of 0902577 BC Ltd

Locally owned and operated


CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE “Is There a Doctor on the House?”


Fully Licensed and Insured. WORKSAFE BC REGISTERED

Jazel Homes

You Deserve The Best

Quality Custom Homes

Peter Price Paddle Canada Level 2 Kayak Instructor

T 250 768 5799 C 250 469 1451 F 250 768 5733 250-767-2773

Property & Strata Management Services Your agent Dave Collins “local service, superior results”

Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty 5878 E. Beach Avenue Peachland BC


p: 250-767-2744 f: 250-767-6771


Interior Painting • Design • Consultation


Quality Interior & Exterior Painting and Repairs Reasonable Rates • Residential & Commercial “Experience to get the job done right!” Call for a FREE Estimate

Carl Berardo 250-863-6551 or 250-767-2737 Email:

Peachland’s own full service automotive facility at “The Old Garage” Drop off and Pick-up service available within Peachland

250-767-6615 5866A Beach Avenue, Peachland

Call... LEE THE PLUMBER For all your plumbing needs: • Hot Water Tanks • New Construction • Water Filtration Systems

• Plumbing Renovations • Heating Systems

insured and bondable

Willie Wainwright Home:

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Certified Plumber & Gas Fitter



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The Yard Guise

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Specializing in properties with those “Hard to Reach Places”

Call Scott Hudey at 778-821-4053 “Where Business is Growing Like a Weed”

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JULY 6, 2012


Food for the Soul: There is a season Denise Adams, Crystal Waters International Ministries Special to the Peachland View

Artist at work West Kelowna artist Stella Tessier works on a new piece during the Summer Art Program at the Little Schoolhouse. Artists will be there from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Headgardener Salon Salon chair rental available Minimum three days per week. Please call Linda at 250-767-2176

250-767-2176 • Heritage Mall, 5878 Beach Ave. Peachland

We have seasons in our lives. As we press into the presence of God and to His heartbeat, as we apply His word, for those around us and ourselves, God gives us the victory. There are seasons of training that everyone goes though in life. As a child you tied your shoes, but you had to be taught how to do that. Then you learned how to tell time. Some time after that you learned how to drive a car. These were all seasons where you learnt something and grew to the next level. It is the same with a Christian. You go from level to level, as you learn and apply God’s word in your life. Will you make mistakes? Oh yes, but God is greater than any mistake and He will always get you through. It is important to note that if you feel like you are “stuck” you can get out of that stuck position. Usually when you feel that way, God is prompting you to go forward. How is your walk with the Lord? Two ingredients are: The word of God and your prayer life. These are daily ingredients that must be adhered to so that we are growing and expanding in the Kingdom of God. So what does this mean? Take time to read The Bible and hear from God. He will speak to you personally about your relationship with Him. Pray. What that means is talk to Him. Ask, seek and knock. Matthew 7:7-11 gives us a clear example

Medical Services Directory Dentists


Dr. Don MacRae Dr. Phil Kachanoski Dr. Karl Oppenheim Dr. Peter Cormillot Dr. Jeff Krawchuk

Wes Bedford, B.Sc Geoff Davis, B.Sc Garnet Lloyd, B.Sc

Peachland Dental Centre

Peachland Pharmacy


Massage Therapist Elisa McCoy, RMT www.functionmassage. com

Function Massage Therapy

250-767-2611 250-767-2999




Beach Ave Medical Clinic FAMILY PRACTICE


Dr. John Brinkerhoff Dr. Praven Chetty Dr. Alanna Leverrier

250-767-3432 Open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Closed Weekends

of this. Matthew 7:7-11(amplified) “Keep on asking and it will be given you, keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you. For everyone who keeps on asking receives; and he who keeps on seeking finds; and to him who keeps on knocking, [the door] will be opened. Or what man is there of you, if his son asks him for a loaf of bread, will hand him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will hand him a serpent? If you then, evil as you are, know how to give good and advantageous gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven [perfect as He is] give good and advantageous things to those who keep on asking Him!” Are you being obedient to the last instruction from the Lord? Many are looking for the next word from God, but have yet to fulfill the last instruction from Him. You will not be going forward until you fulfill your last instruction. I encourage you to get a book, and write down His instructions to you. It will help keep you on track and on target. How are you spending your time? Who are you spending your time with? The books you read and the people you hang out with or are around will determine the direction of your life in five years. I am determined to hang out with Jesus, to hang out with people who encourage my dreams, who inspire me to greatness, who live a life uncompromisingly in the face of God. I hope you make that same decision. It is a decision. You are in control of your life and you determine the direction you will go. Remember, it is God and God alone who gives us increase in our lives. He will put men and women before us to teach us His word. God will breathe inspiration into you through these teachings and experiences. What are you doing in your life? Some people are getting ready to get ready to get ready. They spend their lives on the edge of greatness, never daring to go and do that thing that burns within them. I have seen so many people who are waiting for perfection before release. Release comes when you choose to obey God (in His timing) and move ahead. There is so much to this but remember this, it is important to have a plan, but also recognize there is a point where the “leap of faith is required”. Be diligent, and comprehensive but don’t get stagnated by the perfection trap. Life is a journey and not “an arrival”. This excerpt was taken from the book, Orchid in the Snow by Denise Adams.

Your Guide to Local Churches St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

Peachland United Church 4421 4th Street

Grace Lutheran Church 1162 Hudson Road West Kelowna, B.C. 250-769-5685

Crystal Waters International Ministries

9 am - Prayer 9:30 am - Coffee & Friends

Sunday Services

New Contemporary Worship Service 9 a.m. Traditional Worship Service 10:30 a.m.

10 am - Service Children are welcome! Connecting you to the Glory of God at the Little School House on Brandon Lane


250-767-2206 “Let Us Worship Together”

Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Morning Prayer Tuesdays - 9:30 a.m. Office Hours 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday

Lyn Stewart 250-767-6211 or John Miller 250-767-9270 4th Street & Brandon Ave


`2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638 -

Peachland Baptist Church “Free Treasure Hunt Day Camp”

Sunday July 8, 2012

“Making God in our Image” Derrick Hamre, Lead Pastor

A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At...

Peachland Baptist Church

Office Hours - Tue, Wed, Thur 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hall rental contact Doreen 250-767-2132 Sunday Morning Service 10 a.m. Rev. Elaine Diggle

For: children Kindergarten to grade 6 July 10-12, 9am-noon To register call Pastor John at 250-767-9232 Church Services - 10 a.m. 4204 Lake Avenue


JULY 6, 2012

The Peachland View - 15



Merry band of Wellness volunteers Volunteers from the Peachland Wellness Centre joined the Canada Day parade on July 1.

Contributed photo

Fielding retires from Wellness Centre Judy Wyper Special to the Peachland View

In June Olive Fielding retired from being the Wellness Centre seniors outreach coordinator. Fielding joined the board of the Peachland Wellness Centre (PWC) in 2004, volunteering at first in many ways, including the bereavement group. In 2005 she began volunteering in the Peachland Reaching Out to Seniors program, linking people together for companionship and services. In 2006 Fielding began working together with Wendy Howard in the Seniors Aging In Place program. Until her retirement last month, Fielding helped link people to the wide variety of services they need. The job of seniors outreach coordinator is straightforward in its description, but it requires vigilance, a lot of knowledge, making connections, and time. The human factor

ensured that things would not be as straightforward as one might hope. Fielding put in time each day, because people have needs every day. She spent time sitting in the hospital with people and spent time comforting loved ones. She spent time driving people to medical appointments and spent time with them when they were worried. The PWC was fortunate to have Fielding as part of its family of friends. But of course she is not really leaving us. Yes, she has retired. Yes, she won’t be an employee, but she plans to stay on as a volunteer, which is how she started. She has come full circle. We wish her well in all her future activities. Meanwhile, Wendy Howard, our program coordinator, is taking over the duties of the seniors outreach coordinator. She knows many of the participants in the program, and has an avid interest in being able to continue to bring support

to people who want to be linked to information, services, or other people. The office staff continue to be an integral part of this service. During the June Volunteer Appreciation Tea Papa Thom, one of our board members entertained us. A fine time was had by all socializing and singing and witnessing the raffle fundraiser draw. Congratulations to the following winners: • Gretzky lithograph prize: June Kilpatrick; • Papa Thom Dinner prize: Grace Klock; and • Summerland Golf package prize: J. Denbigh. We are happy to report we found a nutritious source of wholesome meals for our Meals to Go program. For more information, phone us at 250-767-0141, email us at or visit us on Facebook and the web at


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JULY 6, 2012



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3688 Glengarry Road West Kelowna - Family home with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on 2 levels. all on a quiet cul de sac! Tons of renovations in the past few years. 900 sqft detached shop. MLS® 10050279

1860 Boucherie Road # 26, Westbank, BC - Lots of space in this SW with addition. 1 bed/1bath with potential for 2 more bedrooms. Fenced yard, 2 decks & large workshop. Family friendly park close to the beach. MLS® 10050064

5724 Beach Avenue N, Peachland, BC - Semi-waterfront home in desirable Peachland. Char ming,Cute,Adorable,Delightful and Unique are just some of the words that describe this little gem of a house. MLS®10047276

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$429,000 3688 Glengarry Road, West Kelowna - 5 beds and 3 baths on 2 levels. Quiet cul de sac! Tons of renovations completed in the past few years. Landscaped, fully fenced yard and close to all amenities. Backs onto an orchard with lake and mnt views. Bonus Huge 900 sq ft shop that is drywalled and insulated with sep panel. MLS®10050279

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3820 Glen Canyon Drive Coveted corner lot hosts this 3 bdrm 2 bath gem surrounded by lush landscaping. Enjoy the private back yard with serene water feature while relaxing on the patio.


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