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The Red Lion Family Restaurant

Friday Breakfast - Bacon, eggs, hash brown & toast special $5.00 Our FRESH cod & halibut is a huge hit! Come & try it for yourself. Open July 1 at 7:30 a.m.


6575 Hwy 97 South, Peachland, BC


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JUNE 28, 2013 | VOLUME 09 | NUMBER 26


Best of Show

includes meals and services

Call Corinne at 250-768-2934




Beijing RE STA U R AN T

250-494-1238 Daily Buffet Open 4 - 8 pm daily (Closed Tuesday)

for Peachlanders with this ad HWY 97

Sol ly

lle rie Va y Rd Prai


Beijing R E S TU AR ANT

Behind McDonalds off Hwy 97 #9 - 7519 Prairie Rd, Summerland

Joanne Layh

Bette Johnson took home the Best of Show award at last Saturday’s Peachland Rose Show. Johnston (left) is shown here with international rose show judges Malcolm

and Danielle Scott. For story, see page 2.

Highway 97 Task Force Society to conduct traffic study Joanne Layh

Peachland View

If you ever wondered

how much traffic goes in and out of Peachland in a day, you’re not alone. The Highway 97 Task Force Society wants to

know how much of the traffic along the highway is caused by people passing through and to help them find some

answers they will be conducting several traffic studies this summer. The Highway 97 Task Force Society formed

back in 2007 to address concerns about the possible four-laning See TASK FORCE on page 3

Carol Wardley was the lucky $100 winner in our May draw she and her hubby John will be enjoying their dinners at the Blind Angler and the Gasthaus! 5878C Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC

1-877-767-2510 | 250-767-2500


Peachland View


JUNE 28, 2013


Unsafe left turn results in three-car crash Joanne Layh

Peachland View

Richard Smith

A three-car crash at the intersection of Highway 97 and 13th Street occurred last Friday when an eastbound driver apparently attempted a left turn before it was safe to do so. The accident happened just before noon. The eastbound vehicle,

a blue Geo Metro driven by an 18-year-old Peachland man, collided with a westbound vehicle, driven by a 75-year-old Peachland woman, impacting the front passenger’s side corner Geo Metro. Following the collision, the woman stopped and got out of her vehicle, but apparently forgot to place the vehicle in park, RCMP Cst. Kris Clark

told The View. A 51-year-old Summerland man driving a Snap-on Tools truck, stopped to provide assistance but ended up having his vehicle hit as well when the woman’s car, still in drive, impacted the truck. The 18-year-old man was issued a violation ticket for Failing to Yield, which carries a fine of $167.

Bette Johnston takes top prize at Peachland Rose Show Joanne Layh

Peachland View

A Fourth of July climber rose bouquet won Peachland resident Bette Johnston the top prize at last weekend’s Peachland Rose Show event.

The first Peachland Rose Show took place several years ago at the Peachland Little Schoolhouse. After a one-year hiatus the show returned last year, making a move over to Fourth Street Place. Anticipated to be bigger than ever, the show once again changed

Celebrate Canada Day With Us and


venues – this time to the Peachland Community Centre - to accommodate a larger display and increased participation. As in previous years, entries were judged by Danielle and Malcolm Scott, who have international experience in exhibiting and judging roses. The show was sponsored by the Sowers and Growers Garden Club, who donated the trophies and plaques for the event. Garden club vice president Phyllis Papineau says they were once again very pleased the show’s success. “Attendance was up and everybody loved the

at the Legion

Alyssa and Cheryl Wiebe stop to smell the roses. music,” Papineau told The View. Over 370 people attended last weekend’s rose show event, up more than 50 people over last year’s attendance. The winners of this year’s Peachland Rose Show are as follows:

Best of Show

1st - Bette Johnston; and 2nd - Phyllis Papineau.

Red and White Food & Drink Extravaganza 11 am - 9 pm

Best Miniature Rose

1st - Wilma MacKinnon; 2nd - Joanne Charleston; and 3rd - Doloris Haughtaling.

visitors & guests welcome

PEACHLAND LEGION 4407 2nd St, Peachland 250-767-9404

Phyllis Papineau’s rose bouquet took first place in the Division 3 category.

People’s Choice Award (for best fragrance) Georgie Boyle

This rose of Wilma MacKinnon’s won first in the Division 4 category and also won for best miniature rose.

Division 1

Berkeley Stuart and Pat Buchanan (tie);

Division 2

Ann Bykowsky

Division 3

Phyllis Papineau

Division 4

Wilma MacKinnon

Division 5

Geogie Boyle

Division 6

Berkeley Stuart

Papineau says because Peachland is an idea place to grow roses, the Sowers

and Growers will continue to sponsor this popular event in the years to come. “You just have to go down Beach Avenue and look at the roses. You look at every garden around and the roses are fabulous. This is what the judges said. In many cases Peachland is ideal for roses because they don’t get the mildew and the diseases that the West Coast roses get.” Papineau says despite this spring’s rain they will continue to host the show at the end of June each year, as this is the time of year when roses are at their best. ®

1726 Byland Road West Kelowna 250-762-3422

Peachland View

JUNE 28, 2013



Task force society will conduct new Highway 97 study Society says something has to be done about highway sooner rather than later Continued from page 1

of the highway through Peachland. Since then the nearly 600-member strong society has become a strong advocate for a bypass around Peachland. The Highway 97 Task Force Society is a separate entity from the Highway 97 Committee. The Highway 97 Committee is a committee of council that is appointed by council and

passenger vehicles, so it is difficult to ascertain how much air and noise pollution is caused by the traffic. Put says the MOTI studies also don’t reveal how much traffic is local and how much is passing through. “We want to know what goes through and does not stop in Peachland,” Put said in an interview with The View. To find out how many vehicles stay in Peachland and how many pass

We are probably the only community in the world with 11 kilometres of prime beachfront without a hotel, a motel or a resort on it. It’s staggering.

includes representation by members of council while the Highway 97 Task Force Society is comprised of citizens, though some are also members of council. The society directors hope the results of the traffic study will support their view that a Peachland bypass feasibility study by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) is needed sooner rather than later. Society director Burt Put says numerous traffic studies have been conducted over the years by MOTI, but they don’t separate commercial vehicles from

through, volunteers will be positioned in pairs at the bottom of Drought Hill and at Antlers Beach, where they will count the traffic along the highway. The volunteer will also log the direction of traffic each vehicle is traveling in along with the type of vehicle (commercial or passenger). The results of the study will be compared to previous counts conducted by MOTI. “By comparing the numbers going down the hill and going out we’ll get a good read on who the through traffic are. They’re the ones that will use the bypass,

not me who turns into my home halfway in,” society vice president Peter Warner said. The first traffic study is tentatively scheduled to take place on the second Friday in July, as that is when MOTI conducted a study in 2012, Put says. By closely matching the date to last year’s study, the society hopes to be able to make as precise a comparison as possible. Put says they will need about 24 volunteers throughout the day to have a sufficient number of people to count traffic from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. “We’re anticipating the count will be up significantly,” Warner said. “If we can show quite a marked increase in traffic that will show the ministry and the public that there is going to have to be something done, either four-laning the existing route or putting a bypass in, sooner rather than later. I think the biggest argument apart from pollution and noise, which all communities that have roadways going through them experience, is what sets Peachland apart from every other community in British Columbia is we’re a ribbon 11 km long of the most gorgeous beachfront in the province and no development can go forward,” Warner said. “Every time a developer comes and wants to put in a resort or a hotel or something, he gets sent to the ministry and then they learn that everything is up in the air until such time as this decision is made. We are probably the only community in the world with 11 kilome-

tres of prime beachfront without a hotel, a motel or a resort on it. It’s staggering.” Warner said businesses would flourish if Peachland were allowed to develop as a small tourist centre where people would come to rather than drive through. “Right now our tourists are predominately visiting the beach, parking their motorhome or car, bringing a pic-

nic and then leaving at 5 p.m. because there’s nowhere to stay and that’s a shame. If we had a 500-bed resort at Antlers Beach then just think how full those restaurants would be six, seven, eight months a year. Think how full the dress shops and other little shops we have would be,” Warner said. “Those few Peachlanders that maybe don’t support a bypass, they’re really looking

at the status quo as if it is going to be there forever. One thing we all know is this last little bit of two-lane road between Penticton and Armstrong is not going to stay two-lane for long. We’re either going to get a bypass or we’re going to get four lanes,” Warner said. The society says they will release the results of their traffic study to both the public and MOTI.




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Make a $10 purchase at Peachland Liquor Store and bring in your receipt to receive

20% OFF

your food purchase at Big E’s!


Peachland Centre Mall


9685 Agur Street, Summerland

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Peachland View


JUNE 28, 2013


Peachland Views Congrats to New Monaco for quality community consultation I would like to thank the New Monaco team for giving the Peachland community the opportunity to offer input on design options for the development. It was quite heartwarming to see so many residents attend, eager to complete the questionnaire accurately and with much consideration. In addition, it is truly refreshing to have a developer who values the views of the local community. Congratulations to New Monaco for holding such a successful evening. Gill Evans, Peachland

Is someone poisoning the quail and marmots? Shame on you Watching a lone male quail stay around our yard for two or three days then go into convulsions and die is very disturbing to me. This is the second time this has

happened to us. I feel that some cruel person is trying to poison something, perhaps the marmots?

Also, the marmots aren’t the same this year. God may forgive you for this; I know I won’t. Stella Garnett, Peachland

Greyhound service to Vancouver is for the nocturnal only I am writing to warn residents of Peachland and West Kelowna (population: approximately 30,000) planning a trip to Vancouver by Greyhound that the service is now as follows: Two buses leave Westbank at 3:35 p.m. and one

bus leaves at 11:30 p.m. The only departures from Vancouver to Westbank are at 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. However if you are lucky enough to live in Merritt (population: approximately 8,000), you have a

choice of 10 buses leaving throughout the day. I would be very interested to know if anyone can explain the logic for the recent change in the timetable. Gill Evans, Peachland

Stars on Stage thanks Peachland Boxing Club for assistance As many of you may know, Stars On Stage put on their last show before summer on June 23 at the Peachland Community Centre. As a non-profit organization, we try to involve as many community groups in the preparation and set up of these shows. Councillor Terry Condon and the boys involved in the Peachland

Boxing Club volunteered to set up and take down the chairs for this concert. Councillor Condon, along with the club, went above and beyond the call of duty as they set up and took down chairs in such a timely manner as well as assisted with the loading of sound equipment and the cleanup.

Give yourself a voice. PEACHLAND

VIEW Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

4437 - 3rd Street Peachland, BC, V0H 1X7 Canada Post Contract #41127536

Joanne Layh

Publisher and Editor

Donna Bellamy Sales Manager

Mike Rieger

Graphic Designer

This is an example of how these young men are learning to give back to the community under Councillor Condon’s guidance. Well done. Sherry Kendrick, Stars on Stage Society, Peachland

Send your letters to the editor to Letters must contain your full name and phone number for verification purposes only. Published by Aberdeen Publishing Inc. P.O. Box 1150 Peachland, BC, V0H 1X0 Tel: 250-767-7771 Fax: 250-767-3337

Robert W. Doull


Steve Ceron

Regional Sales Manager

The Peachland View is a free community newspaper that is distributed each Friday to everyone in Peachland. Anyone who lives outside the distribution area can purchase a subscription at the following rates: Within Canada: $60 per year plus GST

The Peachland View reserves the right to refuse publication of any advertising or editorial submission at its discretion. Material submitted by columnists does not reflect the opinions of the Peachland View or its employees.

The Peachland View retains complete and sole copyright of any content, including stories, photographs and advertisements published in the Peachland View. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission or consent from the publisher is strictly prohibited.


JUne 28, 2013




Future transit improvements for Peachland MayoR KeITh FIeLDInG

Glenrosa; and • Expand service to new areas in the community (Ponderosa and Trepanier).

In April 2013, BC Transit held an open house at the Peachland Community Centre to present possible service improvement options to the public. In addition to the open house, BC Transit staff spent time onboard the #22 bus interviewing customers and operators to seek additional feedback and ideas. The key themes that emerged from this consultation fall into four categories as follows:

Capital infrastructure issues

• Improved and more direct evening service; • Improved service reliability (buses sometimes run late during the peak periods); and • More frequent service during the peak periods.

Scheduling issues

Routing issues

SPecial TO The Peachland View

• More weekend service requested, especially on Sundays and holidays;

Mayor Keith Fielding

• During the evening the route is too circuitous connected with the #21

• Bus stops along Highway 97 at the IGA are needed; • Additional bus stops on Beach Avenue required (particularly around 5th Street); and • More bus shelters needed and amenities.

Other Issues

• More education and outreach is required on how to use transit and the benefits of transit; • Improved bus destination signage; and • Improved regional connections (to Summerland and Penticton).

Based on the consultation results, short-term and medium-term service change options have been identified as follows:

Short-term (2013 – 2014)

#1 Introduce bus stops on Highway 97 in front of the IGA; #2 Improve Sunday/ holiday service to match Saturday service; and #3 Introduce direct evening service between Peachland and West Kelowna.

Medium-term (2013 – 2018)

#4 Introduce weekday peak-only commuter service between Beach Avenue and the Westbank Exchange; #5 Introduce new week-

day community service between Ponderosa, Trepanier, IGA and Beach Avenue (an internal to Peachland service); #6 Introduce a weekday peak-only commuter service and an off-peak community service between Ponderosa, Trepanier, IGA and Beach Avenue (combination of #4 and #5); and #7 Introduce handyDART service to Peachland so that customers with mobility impairments can more easily get to medical appointments and treatments, and access other amenities. The report recommends implementing the service change options in a staged approach with the most critical needs and costeffective options being implemented first. Increas-

es in capital and operating costs for new service levels (e.g.: for fleet expansion, bus shelters, increased hours of service and trip frequency enhancement) will likely change over time as our population grows. As the report points out, our capacity to fund our share of such improvements must be confirmed on an annual basis as part of our budget approval process and linked to the budget process of BC Transit itself. Council has received the report for information and will at a later date direct staff on implementation priorities. I am always interested to receive comments and ideas from readers and can be reached by email at

HERE FOR SENIORS Catering to the fine senior citizens of Peachland

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate

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Wills Powers of Attorney Representation Agreements Real estate transactions

Contact: 778-479-4706 * email:

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tuesdays Carpet Bowling, 10am, 50+ Activity Centre

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JUNE 28, 2013



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BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OUTING, meet at community centre; Call to register.

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BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS, middle teen hangout 5:307pm, community centre. Free.

Carpet Bowling, 10am, 50+ Activity Centre Meat Draw, 3pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Bingo, 6:45pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Youth Boxing Club, 6-8 pm, 4th Street Place Wood Carvers, 7pm, 50+ Activity Centre

UPCOMING EVENTS Riding Club. 10am start. Free Karen Andrews and Stella for spectators. Visit www. Tessier, July 11 to July 13, 11am - 4pm, Little Schoolhouse. Karen is a photograCanada Day Celebrations, pher/acrylic artist who creates July 1. Beach run, parade, amazing art by experimenting fireworks and more! Refer with acrylic on her photogto page 10 for complete list. raphy. She is constantly experimenting with new ideas. Total Gin Music and Dance, Visit for more. Stella is detail oriented and June 29, 7pm, Peachland uses a brush with only one Legion. Great dancing and Anne Gidluck and Anhair on it! listening music. Appy and gela Cuschieri, July 4 to Dinner specials. 250-767July 6, 11am - 4pm, Little Fishing is Forever, July 20. 9140. Schoolhouse. The Peachland Provides people with disabilities the opportunity to learn Little Schoolhouse Summer 50+ Pancake Breakfast, to fish. Visit www.peachlandJune 30, 7:30am - 11:30am, Program has booked two brilliant artists. Anne loves the 50+ Activity Centre. $5 adults, $3 kids 5-12, under 5 vibrant colours of her Australian homeland, her elephants Dancin’ Barefoot in the free. Everyone welcome. Park, July 20, Cousins Park. particularly are stunning. Angela is fascinated by sea- Music festival in Cousins Park. Canada Day Barrel Race, Free youth talent contest. June 30 & July 1, Peachland scapes and stormy seas. 50+ Potluck, June 28, 6:15pm, 50+ Activity Centre. Last potluck until fall! Barbecue, you bring a salad or dessert. Chris Millar’s Peru trip at 7:15pm. All welcome, non-members $3.

Medical Services Directory Chiropractor Dr. Peter Stapleton 4403 2nd St, Peachland




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Peachland Dental Centre

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Tickets required. Visit dancin- Visitor Centre. Volunteers needed to assist with counting bats exiting the primary school at dusk. Hand held Take a Hike, July 27, 9am, Trepanier Creek Greenway Re- tally counters and tally sheets gional Park. Learn about ‘The provided. Families welcome. Trepanier Saga’ as historian Register at Peachland Visitor Centre. Phone 250-767-2455. Bob Hayes joins our moderately challenging hike through Trepanier Creek Greenway Okanagan Paddlefest, Aug Regional Park. Meet in the 10. Celebrate the history parking area on Trepanier of paddling in Peachland. Includes a war canoe demonRoad – take Trepanier Road off ramp from Highway 97C. stration, dragon boat races, kayak races, stand up padPeachland Triathlon, July dling races, various activities 28. Sprint distance triathfor children and youth, live music and a parade of boats lon, registration required. Volunteers welcome! www. to close the festival. Rattlesnake Island Swim, Provincial Bat Counts, July Aug 10. 3.7K and 7K swims, 29 and August 15, Peachland registration required. Vol-


Massage Therapist Elisa McCoy, RMT

Function Massage Therapy

250-767-2611 250-767-2999

unteers welcome! www. Peachland Ambassadors Candidate Speeches and Brunch, Aug 11, 10am, community centre. Email Peachland Chamber Golf Tourney, Aug 19, Two Eagles Golf Course. Visit www. Take A Hike, August 23, 9am, Hardy Falls Regional Park. Explore ‘Something Fishy’ during this easy rated outing at Hardy Falls Regional Park. Meet in the parking area on Hardy Road, off Highway 97 along the south end of Peachland.

Health Professionals

Beach Ave Medical Clinic FAMILY PRACTICE


Dr. John Brinkerhoff Dr. Praven Chetty Dr. Alanna Leverrier

250-767-3432 OPEN Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Sat 10am to 2pm Closed Sundays


Colin VanBergen, M.Sc. Audiologist

778-754-1424 Every Tuesday by appt. Inside Peachland Pharmacy

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JUNE 28, 2013

Congratulations Peachland Graduates!

Jordan Allison

Devan Andersen

Delson Appleyard

Kendrick Arason

Josiah Arsenault

Clayton Bach

Lauren Boorman

Jess Bradford

Daniel Chase

Daylon Chmelyk

Joe Court

Kierra Dougan

Heather Flinsky

Riley Hanson

Bryony Heathwood

Tehya Hunt

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

“Father’s Day” Derek Koch, Peachland Campus JarredPastor Fischer

Kyle Evans

congratulations! Emmanuel Church would like to Peachland Campus 10:00 am - Worshipand Service congratulate Stacey Takenaka at Peachland Elementary a Gavin Nixon and wish all the graduates promising future in all theirSchool endeavours. Peachland Campus Pastor cell: 250.870.3087 Office: 5848B Beach Avenue

2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638

You did it

at the Gateway, Beach & 13th Ave. 250-767-2711

Now it’s time to celebrate! Well Done!

Your graduation marks a new beginning with new opportunities waiting for you. You have all you need to make your dreams come true! Congratulations from All of Us at Bliss Bakery and Bistro

manuella F


Derek Koch, Peachland Campus Pastor

May your future be bright!

Peachland Campus 10:00 am - Worship Service at Peachland Elementary School


Made to order 250-767-6674









Come See Us at our New Location!

Helium Balloon Bouquets

R • 250-317-4008

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Congratulations from all of us at


to all the 2013 grads from the Peachland Visitor Centre!

Exchanges and Returns Accepted

#54-5500 Clements Cr., Peachland Centre

Peachland Campus Pastor cell: 250.870.3087 Office: 5848B Beach Avenue

2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638

The harder you work, the more you get noticed. People always appreciate an extra effort – in school as well as in life. We at Craftsman Collision congratulate all of you who worked hard enough to graduate from high school. And urge you to never stop working to get better.

®™ Trademark of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under licence by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Craftsman Collision Ltd.

Kelowna: 1790 Springfield Rd. 250.861.6191 West Kelowna: 1070 Stevens Rd. 250.769.9495



Peachland View


JUNE 28, 2013

Congratulations Pea Mt. Boucherie Secondar not pictured: Tyler MacLean

Avery Kerr

Kailen Kinnunen

Mason Liang

Teagan MacRae

Erik McColl

Luke McIntosh

Jenna Sawatsky

Levi Sheppard

Cameron Spence

Maegan Spicer

Dakota Spiess

Max Sutherland

Congratulations! Celebrate this milestone. from

Dr. John Brinkerhoff

Dr. Praven Chetty

Dr. Alanna Leverrier

and all the staff here at

Congratulations on Your Graduation! from all of us at

Peachland Dental Centre 4405 3rd St • 250-767-6411

Sunnyside Market Education is the key to unlocking your potential.






We look forward to working with you in shaping the future of our business community.

Trevor Neyedli 250-681-3732

CONGRATULATIONS and best of luck!


Peachland’s Full Service Automotive Repair Shop

CONGRATULATIONS! 5854 Beach Ave., Peachland 250-767-2361

Congratulations Peachland Graduates. We wish you all the best for your future.


Congratulations Graduates on your achievement! 5860A Beach Avenue • 250 767 2225

from the PEACHLAND


Peachland View

JUNE 28, 2013


achland Graduates! ry School Class of 2013

Brenden Mills

Gavin Nixon

Katie Owen

Jamie Park

Tanner Prefontaine

Sophie Reid

Stacey Takenaka

Travis Uitto

Chris Urlacher

Katie Walker

Kria Wall

Allison Wardle

Wishing you more successes in the future.

Congratulations Peachland Grads!

Congratulations 2013 graduates

250-826-2047 Larry Guilbault

5878E Beach Ave, Peachland, BC

The Corporation of the District of Peachland

Congratulations Graduates! from Mayor Fielding, Council, and Staff

tulations! a r g n o C

Congratulations, Peachland graduates, on a job well done.

Dan Ashton

Member of Legislative Assembly

1-866-487-4402 • 250-487-4400

Congratulations Graduates, we are proud of you!

on the Lake

5760 Beach Avenue, Peachland • 250-767-6625


Patrick Bell

Congratulations to the 2013 grads! Your best insurance is a good education.


An Independent Insurance Broker Covers You Best

Peachland Johnston Meier Insurance 250-767-2500 or 1-877-767-2510 5878C Beach Avenue

Investing in your education is always smart. All the best, GRADS!

Westside Curb Appeal Inc.


Joseph Jacoe

13211 N. Victoria Rd, Summerland 1-800-663-0392 • 250-494-6621 • 250-492-8137

5500 Clements Cres., Peachland

All your hard work and determination has paid off.



Offers their Congratulations to Peachland’s 2013 graduating class.

Chris Krahn P: 250.801.3521


5860B Beach Avenue

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Peachland View

JUNE 28, 2013





S U N D A Y ,

Pancake Breakfast

Farmers Market Emmanuel Church Pancake Breakfast Magic with Leif David Lions & Rotary Concessions Traditional Family Picnic Races Par T Perfect Carnival O’ Canada Ceremony & Cake Cutting Shakewood Annie Rockin Canada Day with City Lites Wet & Wild Fun w. Lifeguards Crystal Star Parade Line Up

Parade Start Fireworks


7:30 am-11:30 am

M O N D A Y , Peachland Beach Run



3 0

50+ Centre. 5672 Beach Ave


Check in 6:30-7:30 am Race Start 8:30 am. Register before June 28th. Call 250-767-2133 7:00-8:15 am set up 9am-2:00 pm Market Open. To book spot - 250-767-2133 8:00 am-11:00 am Tickets at the door Everyone welcome! 11:00 am-11:45 am (Free Children’s Event) 11:00 am-3:30 pm (Fabulous Food ! Bon Appetit!)


Heritage Park (located Beach & 1st St.) Heritage Park Peachland Community Centre 4450 6th Street Rotary Centennial Pavilion @Heritage Park Heritage Park/Day Wharf area

11:45-12:30 pm (Free Family Fun)

Heritage Park

12pm-4 pm (Free Fun – Bouncy Castle, Face Painting & more) 12:30-1:00 pm Variety Singers O’ Canada Mayor & Council’s Welcome 1:00-2:30 pm (Free Interactive Family Entertainment-Prizes!) 2:30-4:00 pm

Heritage Park

2:30-3:30 pm Challenge yourself to in water adventures at Swim Bay. 4:00-5:00 pm Free Concert- Get up and dance with Crystal Star 4:30 pm Want to be in the parade? Check out our website for Canada Day parade form at 5:00 pm

Swim Bay

Spirit Square area at Heritage Park Rotary Centennial Pavilion at Heritage Park Rotary Centennial Pavilion at Heritage Park

Rotary Pavilion at Heritage Park 13th & Lake Ave

Starts 13th & Beach heads south on Beach Ave. To 1st 10:30 pm (Lighting up our skies Day Wharf area – Please clear all with the Peachland Fire Brigade) boats off area before 8:30 pm


Peachland Variety Singers

Emmanuel Church PEACHLAND







JUne 28, 2013




Slinging the humanure with Ellen Page JoRDan MaRR

SPecial TO The Peachland View

One of the closest brushes I’ve had with celebrity (besides looking in the mirror; I did, I’ll remind you, take top prize in last year’s Tenderflake best pie category at the Peachland Fall Fair) involved a public disagreement with actress Ellen Page, darling of Halifax. I was spending the summer in Nova Scotia on a farm; she had been out for a walk in a Halifax neighbourhood on a sweltering day when a most unpleasant pungence passed under her nose. The city, as it turned out, had recently implemented a new strategy of dealing with sewage sludge, by way of adding a composted, pelleted version of the stuff to the city’s public flowerbeds. Something had clearly gone wrong. The sludgecum-compost wasn’t supposed to stink--and residents were...incensed. Ellen Page led the charge on the CBC that day. Fun fact about

Ellen: she is keenly interested in ecologically-sensitive agricultural practices, and has even taken workshops on the proper composting and application of what is euphemistically referred to as humanure. On the radio, she fumed

Jordan Marr about the city’s practices. Sewage sludge is contaminated with industrial pollution, she stated, and applying such byproducts to city soils was deplorable (the city maintained that the sludge had been purified of contaminants). That night, I penned an op-ed for one of Halifax’s daily papers, in which I proposed a moratorium on bowel movements until the matter could be settled. The

ickiness Haligonians felt regarding the new policy was understandable, but it raised this question: what did they think was happening to their humanure otherwise? Besides death and taxes, another certainty in life is that we all need to make regular trips to the porcelain throne. Modern plumbing has allowed us to conveniently ignore the question of what happens after we flush, and I suggested that there was no better way to instigate better waste management practices than forcing people to confront the ceaseless flow of what our bodies can’t absorb. The ocean is a pretty vast toilet, but there are consequences to the enormous amount of organic waste we pass into it every day. What has this got to do with a farming column? Every morsel of land-based food we produce and eat represents a drawing down of the soil’s reserves of minerals and decaying organic matter, both of which are crucial to life. In a nature absent humans, this ‘drawing down’ is by

PEACHLAND LEGION Member Appreciation Reception June 30 noon - 3 p.m.

Service Awards, Prize draws Kelly Stewart on piano

Limited space available for June 29 Boat Operator Licence Course!

and large a loan, nearly 100 per cent of which is returned to the soil eventually. Humans have disrupted that process of return. We flush away much of what the soil has loaned us, and send another sizeable chunk to the landfill. There are work arounds for this problem. Foremost among them is development and use of synthetic fertilizers, without which the world’s population would be nowhere near where it is today. But they are expensive, often pollutive, and depend largely on finite resources to produce them. I’m not about to advocate for the return of human sewage to our farming soils. But the fact that we don’t return them makes the conservation and return of all other organic wastes even more crucial. As an organic farmer, much of my time is devoted to maintaining my soil this way through composting organic mat-

RichaRd Smith

the stars on staGe shoW last Sunday was a huge hit, featuring six acts, including a contingent from the Summerland School of Dance. The final act featured top ranked Elvis impersonator Adam Fitzpatrick.

ter from both on the farm and off, and by growing crops specifically to turn back under the soil. You may not wish to regularly consider where the contents of your toilet are headed when you flush. But every once in a while it’s important to remember that they’re not just off to a golf vacation in Palm Springs.

Our collective ignorance about our waste management can increase the likelihood of poor management practices, which is why I wasn’t as upset about the City of Halifax’s composting decisions as Ellen was. Jordan Marr grows certified organic veggies for home delivery in Peachland.

Who has hearing loss? Age 0 - 17 Age 45 - 64

Age 18 - 44 65 % of those with hearing loss Age 65+ are UNDER THE AGE of 65!

JUNE EVENTS Total Gin Music and Dance June 29 7 p.m. Great dancing and listening music. Appy and dinner specials.

Full Food Menu served daily from noon. Private catering/room hire available for up to 125 guests. Non-members welcome. Call 250 767 9404 to book tickets or reserve a table.

Canada Day Holiday Hours Closed Monday, July 1 Reopening Tuesday, July 2 Regular hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

5% 43%

23% 29%

Complimentary hearing screenings available this month

Westbank 250.707.0087 104 - 2205 Louie Drive Across from Walmart in the ReMax Plaza

Deadlines for advertising and community events in the July 5 issue: Friday, June 28 at 4 p.m. Proudly non-manufacturer owned since 1993

Happy Canada Day from all of us at the PEACHLAND VIEW

Registered under the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC

To learn more about the latest developments in hearing loss, tinnitus and to find a clinic in your community, visit

Peachland View



250 767 7771 or Notices



Happy Birthday, Sheila McKay (Paynter) July 2nd (93)

employment GRAPHIC DESIGNER The Oliver Chronicle, Oliver’s best read newspaper, is looking for a Creative Design Consultant to work with our design team.

RE: ESTATE OF GORDON PHILLIP BINGHAM late of 4026A Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC V0H 1X6 (the “Estate�)

The individual for this position will be responsible for creating ads using the full Adobe CS5 Suite.

NOTICE is given that creditors and others having claims against the Estate are required to send them to the executors, Phillip Keith Bingham and Randall Cary Bingham, at P.O. Box 11130, #3000 - 1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 3R3, on or before August 6, 2013, after which date the Estate assets will be distributed having regard only to claims that have been received.

Must be able to endure pressure/deadline situations and yet keep a healthy sense of humour. The Oliver Chronicle delivers quality content and design to subscribers on a weekly basis. If you believe you are creative, adaptable, detail oriented and ... have a sense of humour, submit your resume and cover letter in confidence to: Oliver Chronicle 6379 Main St., PO Box 880 Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 Attn: Steve Ceron

EXECUTORS: Phillip Keith Bingham and Randall Cary Bingham SOLICITOR: Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP

Only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. Be a Star in our Creative Department

Volunteer Coordinator required immediately for Okanagan Paddlefest 2013. This is also a volunteer position requiring great organizational skills, commitment, friendly people skills and a knack for getting the job done. For further information please contact Dave Stuart (250) 878-3682.

Moving Champion Juicer, Heavy Duty, will do everything from peanut butter to carrot juice, $150. Food Vacuum Sealer, used 2 times, $50. Braun Food Processor, all attachments, $50. 767-6757.FS-18

Garage Sales

Moving Sale

5205 Law St. Antiques, tools, crystal & china, outdoors equipment, furniture, sofa set, too much to list. Rain or shine. Sat, June 29 9-3  GS-29


Tools, household items, furniture. 5172 Morrison Cres. Saturday, June 29 8-2



Free Boxes First come, first served! 250-7677771.

Notices Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Meets Monday at 7 p.m. (closed meeting) and Friday at 8 p.m. (open meeting). Call 250-763-5555 for more info.



services Need summertime childcare? Assessing demand for childcare in Peachland, ages 2.5 to 6 years. Please reply to weecare5291@ identifying your childcare needs e.g. ages of children, special needs, days and hours required, etc. Childcare starts Mon, July 8th pending demand. ECE trained, SFA certified. S-24


Moving & Garage Sale

Free Baby Kitties Ready to go! 778-479-5624.

For Sale

Peachland United Church


garage sales

Have fun, meet new people!

Renosense Home Repair Ltd. Renovations including dry walling, textured ceilings, etc., decks, tiling, etc. No job too small. Call Eric at 250-317-6570 S-2




JUNE 28, 2013


Painting Services Residential or commercial, New construction or repaint. Interior or exterior. Call G. C. Contracting for a free estimate. 250-767-2701 S-3 J&M Cleaning • Commercial • Residential • Move-Outs • Locally owned & operated • References available 250-878-9729 S-18

Castles to Cabins Housekeeping, cleaning, offices or yard work. move ins & move outs, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly appointments. Experienced & reliable. Call Michelle 250-826-6285  S-14

wanted Volkswagens Looking for rusty split window VW buses/vans. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Please call Kevin 403-690-7646. W-8

When you’ve just got to move your thing. Take out a classified ad in the Peachland View and sell it, rent it, buy it, or hire someone else to lift it.


Pictured with her parents Sandy & Dorothy McKay in 1942 at her UBC graduation.



Mechanic’s Lien on Chattel This notice is to inform that SANDRA JEAN ZINK is indebted to Oliver Mendoza, Owner & Automobile Mechanic of ASME of 4036 San Clemente Avenue, Peachland, B.C. V0H 1X6 in the amount of $6608.00 for repairs, storage, insurance and taxes; on the following chattel: 2002 Blue Buick Rendezvous; 4 door station wagon V.I.N. 3G5DA03E82S548594 The sale will take place on July 15, 2013 where the vehicle can be viewed between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. at the above address.

PEACHLAND VIEW DEADLINES DISPLAY ADVERTISING (boxed): Mondays 4 p.m. CLASSIFIED ADS by noon Tuesdays (Must be prepaid, cash, Visa or Mastercard) Email:

NEWS COPY: noon Mondays CLASSIFIED AD RATES: Up to 20 words - $9.00; 15¢ each additional word. Per column inch $9.00 plus GST Garage Sale Ads include box and headline: $15.00 plus GST NOTICES: Weddings, engagements, birth announcements, cards of thanks, in memoriams, obituaries, and other notices (min. charge) $9.00 plus GST up to 20 words, 15¢ each additional word.

Business display advertising rates on request. PHONE 250.767.7771 Fax: 250.767.3337 Email: Advertising Regulations: The Peachland View reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headings and to separate and to determine the page location. The Peachland View reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement. All claims of errors to advertisements must be received by the publisher within seven days after the first publication. It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of the Peachland View in the event of failure to publish an advertisement or in the event of an error appearing in the advertisement as published, shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only and that there shall be no liability in any event greater than the amount paid.

Need a Handyman? Look to our Service Directory or the classifieds for the professional you need today


JUne 28, 2013


PEACHLAND SERVICE DIRECTORy • Hot Water Tanks • New Construction • Water Filtration Systems

Exteriors TOPLINE for all your ROOFING needs

Simplifying Your Books

Call... LEE THE PLUMBER For all your plumbing needs: • Plumbing Renovations • Heating Systems

Support Training Payroll Bookkeeping Income Tax

Certified Plumber & Gas Fitter


• New • Re-Roofs • Repairs ALSO: • Siding • Soffit • Fascia • Gutters


TMG Business



Tammie Gilbert, CFB |

Call Jeff 250-212-0781 Res. 250-767-9565

Let me take a load off your mind... Topsoil, gravel, sand & rock delivery LARS owner/operator

250-862-1190 ww w.ston e sh owroom .c a

Family portraits and wedding photography Serving the Okanagan. Professional photography capturing your family, important events, and professional head shots. You keep your high-res digital images to print as you choose.

Suppliers and installers of Natural & Manufactured Stone

#130-1135 Stevens Rd, West Kelowna

GM Trained Technicians GM Accessories

Complimentary Wash & Vacuum With All Service Calls

S TA M P E D • E X P O S E D • B R O O M • S L A B S


Certified Forming, Placing, Finishing COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL


• D R I V E WAY S • PAT I O S •

• RETAINING WALLS • • 933 Westminster Ave. West, Penticton

Westside Curb Appeal Inc.

renovation & remodeling • Kitchen / Bathroom Renos • Decks & Railings • Windows & Doors • Siding & Rock work • Small Jobs Welcome • FREE ESTIMATES


Located in Peachland!

• Mac/Windows networking • Software Installation • E-mail setup • Memory upgrades • Backup creation • iPhone and iPad setup • Help with setting up Facebook and video chatting

LANDSCAPE TIME Screened Top Soil or Mixed with Manure Decorative Rock Sand & Gravel

We deliver!


Having problems getting your Mac set up the way you want? Is Windows technical support unable to help you?

Mike Rieger

Accredited by the PPOC

Free estimates · 1-866-766-0505 Okanagan’s On-Site Mac Tech Support

ENSIGN BROS. 250-769-7298 Open Mon. to Fri.

The Yard Guise

Peter Price Paddle Canada Level 2 Kayak Instructor 250-767-2773

Snip, Grip & Rip

Specializing in properties with those “Hard to Reach Places”

Call Scott Hudey at 778-821-4053 “Where Business is Growing Like a Weed”

Jazel Homes

You Deserve The Best

Quality Custom Homes

M. Scharer Enterprises

Quality Finishing Carpentry • Bath & Kitchen upgrades Tile Setting • Hardwood Floors • Painting & Repairs T 250 768 5799 C 250 469 1451 F 250 768 5733

"One call does it all"

250-878-7279 or 250-767-9350



JUne 28, 2013



“Don’t be afraid” is the Bible’s most frequent message eLaIne DIGGLe

Peachland UniTed chURch SPecial TO The Peachland View

The most frequent phrase in the whole Bible is “Don’t be afraid!” Sur-

prising, isn’t it? One might think that it would be “God loves you,” but no, it is “don’t be afraid”. In the Bible as a shepherd is looking after his flocks on a dark and cold Judean hillside, an approaching

angel says, “Don’t be afraid, for I bring good news of great joy.” One can well imagine how a groups of shepherds – social outcasts – might feel when a messenger of God appears in their

Experience & expertise.

Do you...

Make the most of it.

Have a background in trades & construction? Want to take advantage of the growing need for home inspectors? Want to explore better career opportunities?

Become a licensed home inspector. Speak with our adviser today to explore our flexible learning options. Contact Cairrie Williamson at

Ashton College | Vancouver, BC 604 899 0803 | 1 866 759 6006 w w w.ashtoncolleg

midst. “Don’t be afraid,” would be the minimum they would need to hear. In watching the movie Quartet recently, I was struck by how well each of the members of that retirement community of musicians helped each other to overcome the fear we all have of being alone and having no one care whether we live or die or how we might live or die. In the film a community of creative people were still able to use their gifts and talents to give delight and sustenance to each other and the staff who cared for them. Don’t be afraid! Each day they encouraged and helped

each other through the obstacles and limitations in their lives and those dark fears that lurk in all of us. What are our deepest fears? Is it fear of not being loved or respected for who we are and the gifts we offer the world? Is it fear of not being good enough, fear of failure or fear of death? So many fears beset us as individuals and as nations and often it is hard to overcome them. Yet, if we do not deal with them our lives become stunted and confined and when nations experience fear it can so easily lead to hate and perhaps war. The Holy One says,


Places of Faith

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

Peachland United Church 4421 4th Street

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Grace Lutheran Church 1162 Hudson Road West Kelowna, B.C. 250-769-5685

Vacation Bible School

Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Morning Prayer Tuesdays - 9:30 a.m.

Andy Gabruch, Next Generation Pastor

Service 9 a.m.

Lyn Stewart 250-767-6211 or John Miller 250-767-9270

Peachland & Westbank Campuses combined 10:00 am - Worship Service at our Westbank Campus

Traditional Worship

4th Street & Brandon Ave

Peachland Campus Pastor cell: 250.870.3087 Office: 5848B Beach Avenue

Sunday Services

New Contemporary Worship

Service 10:30 a.m.


“Let Us Worship Together”

“Rest with God: Breaking from the Pressures”

Office Hours 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday

July 2 - 5, 9 am - noon Age 2 through grade 6 Join us on “Rebekah & her Family”


2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638

A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At...

Peachland Baptist Church Sunday school for all ages at 9:30 am Church service at 10:30 am (Children’s church during service) Fellowship time with coffee and cookies at 11:30 a.m.

Office Hours - Tue, Wed, Thur 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hall rental contact Doreen 250-767-2132 Sunday Morning Service 10 a.m. Rev. Elaine Diggle

Pastor John Rankin Join us for: Good Music Bible Messages - Great Fellowship 4204 Lake Avenue


“Don’t be afraid.” In fact we often sing in our congregation, “Don’t be afraid, my love is stronger, my love is stronger than your fear, don’t be afraid, my love is stronger, for I have promised, promised to be always near!” This is a lovingly wonderful gift the Creator offers to each of us. The sustaining, upholding love that helps us deal each day with our fears also helps us get out of bed and say, “Thank you for the life I have been given; thank you for the people who care about me and for whom I also care; thank you for birds singing, thank you for your amazing world; and thank you for your sustaining steadfast love that surrounds me each day.” After we look into our fears – in order to not allow them to control us – and realize that we may well not be able to deal with them by ourselves, we are then able to open up our inner being to allow the working of the Holy Spirit to strengthen and uphold us. Then, along with others in a loving, supportive community, we are able to go forward, to risk and to become whole. “Don’t be afraid, my love is stronger, my love is stronger than your fear, don’t be afraid, my love is stronger, for I have promised, promised to be always near,” God says. May we always be open to the Holy One’s loving, strengthening spirit at work in our lives.

Peachland View

JUNE 28, 2013



Naked zipliners raise $24,000 for breast cancer research

Ardelle Hodgins, from Peachland.

Joanne Layh

Peachland View

Cool temperatures and the threat of rain weren’t enough to deter over 60 women from braving the elements stark naked to

Ladies queue for their opportunity to zipline naked.

zipline for a cause last Thursday. The zip naked fundraising event began in 2011 when eight women from the SS Rodeo roller derby team raised $1,500 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by ziplining naked to show support for a fellow teammate. Last year ZipZone opened up the event to all women and together 84 women – ranging from age 18 to 73 - raised just over $15,000 for the cause. This year the Zipzone Adventures sponsored fundraising event raised over $24,000 for the breast cancer research, an $8,000 increase over last year’s event. “We had 64 ladies and we were blessed the rain held off. Even though it was overcast at least the ladies didn’t go out in the rain, which was actually pretty nice, so our prayers were answered. They would have gone anyway and still had fun,”

Photos Matthieu Warnet-Pelletier

The Zipline Naked event was free for female participants, who each raised a minimum of $250 for breast cancer research. Zipzone president Kevin Bennett told The View. Bennett says next year they aim to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of naked zipliners by getting more than 183 women to participate in the fundraiser. “We’re going to keep doing it. It’s such a fun

event and it’s good for everybody. The girls have a good time, the charity gets a lot of money, and it’s good PR for us, too so it’s a really good winwin-win for everybody,” Bennett said. “It was a great success.

Everybody left with big smiles. I’ve had a lot of congratulations on Facebook and stuff – lots of people signing on saying, ‘I can’t wait to do it again next year,” or for the ladies who couldn’t make it, “I’m coming next year”

so I think it’s starting to develop into an event that people are putting on their calendars now, which is wonderful.” ZipZone Adventures is located about 8 km up Princeton Avenue, just outside Peachland.

Proud to Be Your Family Pet Doctors

Free Exams for New Pets

Cat Only Boarding Facility

Patrick Bell

Kathryn Robinson

Joseph Jacoe

• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law 13211 N. Victoria Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

1-800-663-0392 • 250-494-6621 • 250-492-8137



JUne 28, 2013








$464,900 • 5226 Clarence Road Beautiful custom multi level spacious home, 3 bdrm, 3 baths with lake & mountain views; great neighbourhood close to shopping, school, recreation & lake; well built home with unique floor plan, open plan on main; large kitchen with island, pantry, nook; bright family room with woodburning F/P (gas starter), bar area & second dishwasher; separate grand living room with vaulted ceiling & formal dining room; sliding doors from kitchen & master bedroom to covered decks. MLS®10062343

$329,000 308 - 3996 Beach Ave. - Wow! Semi-waterfront, top floor. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies. Pool, hot tub, exercise room, steps to the beach and easy walk to all amenities. Everything you will need and located in beautiful Peachland. Great location and Best priced unit in complex. MLS®10058719

Bryon Knutsen

Cecile Guilbault


(250) 863-1282



“Our” Community “Your” Realtor


• Director’s Platinum Award • President’s Gold Award • Master Sales Award

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 29 1-3 pm

5007 Princeton Ave, Peachland - Lovely 5 bed/3 bath rancher walk-out featuring open concept main floor with vaulted ceilings, fireplace, huge deck and lots of natural light. Family room & 3 beds on lower level. Pretty mountain and orchard views! Double garage with additional RV or boat parking. New price at $389,900. CALL TRACEY FOR A FREE MARKET EVALUATION! MLS®10060962


Each office independently owned and operated.


T R A C E Y B O O R M A N. C O M


5297 Bradbury Street

Stunning lake and vineyard views with this 4 bed/4 bath executive style home! In-ground salt water pool, new granite counters, tile and hardwood floors, 2 gas f/p. Fully finished basement that is the ultimate in man caves. b/i vac, C/A, etc, etc, etc. The list is endless. MLS# 10053805


Kevin Philippot (250) 215-4320 cell (250) 717-5000 Kelowna office (250) 768-3339 West Kelowna office

Like New Forest Cottages $116,900 to $128,900


4261 2nd Avenue, Peachland - Close to beach, walking paths, park & all town amenities. Lovely sun room with surround windows, wow kitchen & dining room, family room, main floor TV room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 large decks, detached garage. Move in today & enjoy. Real nice! MLS 10061259

$499,000 6243 Thompson Drive - Fabulous, unobstructed lake views from this 4 bedroom, 3 bath West Coast contemporary home. Totally updated from top to bottom, both inside & out. Enjoy views towards Penticton from the entire home, deck & patio. Includes 4 appliances, MLS® 10066840 window coverings & outdoor hot tub.

$469, 999

250-470-8989 Shirley Geiger

Built for year round enjoyment with 2x6 construction, forced air furnace & A/C. Fully furnished with everything from the pots & pans, furniture to flat screen TV, plus patio furniture on 12‘ x 12‘ deck.

More Great Homes:

Spacious 1/4 acre forested sites, include land, cottage, & common facilities (pool, washrooms, paved roads, on site manager, recreational & non development areas plus wildlife corridors).

$49,900 EDGEWATER PINES 55+ • #11 6663 Hwy 97 South Well maintained, updated & spacious open floor plan with this 2 bed / 1 bath 900+ sqft single wide in Peachland’s finest 55+ community. Ample storage & parking; nice yard + workshop. MLS®10062883

to Ve ernon

to itt Merritt

Trepanier Rd WEST 1st Exit 97C KELOWNA





Okanagan Lake

Derek Martin 250-878-1555

to Penticton

Personal Real Estate Corporation



Experience & Enthusiasm Serving Kelowna & West Kelowna for over 33 years

One of these realtors will be happy to help you make the most of your savings!

Not ready to move in? Rent it until you are! Return on Investment (ROI) averages about 6% - Compare that to your other investments!


Charles Martin 250-717-7000

Saving up for your Dream Home?

4835 Paradise Valley Drive

Minutes from Peachland & West Kelowna: Head west on Coquihalla (97C) to 1st exit & right onto Trepanier Road & first left onto Paradise Valley Drive. Check out our New Wine Country Cottages pr priced at $167,900.

1-888-640-7040 2012 Real Estate Review-

The Cody Sisters! For all your mortgage needs...

CURRENT RATE SPECIALS 5 yr fixed rate 3.09% 3 yr fixed rate 2.84% 5 year variable (Prime – 0.50%) 2.50%

4039 San Clemente Avenue - Rancher Style cozy beautiful home located close to the beach and shopping. Located on the flat area of Peachland, nice neighborhood, walking trail & park nearby, corner lot. Rancher Style cozy beautiful home located close to the beach and shopping. Located on the flat area of Peachland, nice neighborhood, walking trail & park nearby, corner lot. Good size workshop.



250-826-2047 5878E Beach Avenue

Larry Guilbault Peachland, BC VOH 1X7

Lara Cody 250-868-7114

Leanne Cody 250-215-5028

Some conditions apply. Rates may change at any time.

Let us negotiate for your best mortgage!

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Issue 26, June 28, 2013 of the Peachland View