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DECEMBER 28, 2012 | VOLUME 08 | NUMBER 52



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joanne layh

Peachland Art group members Kay Baehl (left) and Valerie Thompson hard at work on their craft! The group meets Thursdays at the community centre. The program resumes on January 3rd.

Wishing prosperity and good health in 2013! JOHNSTON MEIER INSURANCE

HOLIDAY HOURS December 31: Open until 2 • January 1: Closed 5878C Beach Avenue, Peachland, BC

1-877-767-2510 | 250-767-2500

2 DECEMBER 28, 2012 Peachland View NEWS

Be eco-friendly: Recycle your Christmas tree Nothing beats the look and scent of a real Christmas tree, but once the big day has passed, what can you do with the leftover greenery? “Your tree can have another life after the holidays,” says waste reduction facilitator Rae Stewart. “By dropping it off at any one of the convenient Chip It locations, your tree will then be chipped and composted into GlenGrow.” GlenGrow is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner that is excellent for top dressing lawns or for use in vegetable gardens and potting soil. It’s avail-

able at the Glenmore Landfill and many landscape supply centres in the spring and summer. Before dropping your tree off at one of the locations listed here, remove all unrecyclable material such as ornaments, tissue, or garland. If you use plastic bags or ties to transport the tree, please remove those as well. Christmas tree dropoff locations are open until January 31st. For more information, visit re g i o n a l d i s t r i c t . c o m / recycle or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250-469-6250.

Tree recycling locations Peachland

• Compost Site (Princeton Road)


• Westside Residential Waste Disposal and Recycling Center (Asquith Road)

Kelowna and Area:

• At the corner of Richter and Rowcliffe • Glenmore Landfill (Glenmore Road)

Lake Country:

• Jack Seaton Park (1950 Camp Road)

South Renfrew Road to remain two-directional Joanne Layh Peachland View

Though the road is not quite big enough for one lane of traffic, Peachland council decided earlier this month to keep the south portion of Renfrew Road open to two-way traffic, despite some safety concerns around the narrowness of the road. Last month Councillor Eric Hall raised concerns about the safety of the road at a committee of the whole (COTW) meeting.

In response, director of operations Joe Mitchell presented an information report to the COTW that explored potential changes to the traffic operation of the section of Renfrew Road south of Sherburn Road. In a presentation to the COTW, Mitchell made the recommendation that the flow of traffic be oneway from south to north. “It used to be a fairly narrow gravel road for many years. It didn’t have shoulders, it didn’t have ditches and quite often it would wash out or there

would seem to be drainage issues to it,” Mitchell explained. In 2011 a decision was made to pave the road but there were still issues with debris. Mitchell said every time it rained debris washed onto the road, which is why earlier this year a curb was added to prevent debris from coming onto the road. However, before the curb was added vehicles could go onto the shoulder for passing purposes, but with vehicles unable to now mount the curbed area,

the ability to pass has been further reduced. Mitchell said that while the two-lane road was paved as wide as it could be paved, it has an average width of just 3.7 meters, which is less than the travel width of a single lane of traffic on a road. “There is very little potential in this area for widening. It’s quite a steep road and it’s on a fine sandy material so to widen it would be extremely expensive and there really isn’t much right of way to widen

that area so there is not too much we can do with that,” Mitchell said. “If you are driving a car going up that road and there is a snowplow coming down that road, there’s nowhere to pass so one vehicle has to back up or down. Backing up is an issue for a lot of people, especially backing up where there’s a steep slope on the one side and this perceived barrier, which is just the bank, on the other side. If two people come to each other and neither Continued on page 3

Thank you B.C. for digging safely in 2012 This year, more calls to BC One Call for natural gas pipeline information and safe digging practices resulted in fewer pipeline hits.

Make the right call BC One Call: 1-800-474-6886 FortisBC uses the FortisBC Energy name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. (12-336.1 12/2012)

Changes to holiday garbage and recycling collection With Christmas Day and New Year’s Day falling on Tuesday this year, pick- up schedule for your garbage and recycling will jump one day ahead for both of those weeks. For example, if your regular collection day is Tuesday, your garbage will be picked up on Wednesday instead. If your regular collection is Friday, your pickup will take place on Saturday for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s only. Monday collection days are not affected, only residents with collection Tuesday through Friday are affected. All collections return to the normal Monday through Friday schedule on Monday, January 7. Place your garbage and recycling carts at the curb by 7 a.m. and ensure the lids are completely closed.


Remember to put all wrapping paper (except foil), flattened boxes and cartons into your recycling cart for curbside pick- up, or take to your nearest recycling depot. Keep the recycling spirit going by saving all shiny and foil wrapping paper and cards, ribbons and bows for re-use.

Recycling and landfill operations:

• The Glenmore Landfill and Recycling Depot, Glenmore Road (7:30 a.m.- 4:45 p.m., closed Dec 25th, 26, and Jan 1) • The Westside Residential Waste Disposal and Recycling Center, Asquith Road (7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Friday thru Monday) • Kirschner Road Recycling Depot (8 a.m. - 6 p.m., closed Dec 25 and Jan 1) For more information, visit recycle, or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250-469-6250.

Peachland View

DECEMBER 28, 2012



South Renfrew Road stays two-way Continued from page 2

of them knows how to back up, you’re in a bit of a stalemate and it’s a dangerous one with that slope there.” “It seems apparent to me that an effort by our public works crew to assist the people in the area and correct erosion problems is backfiring,” Councillor Schierbeck said. “I’m very much not in favour of making this a one-way street. If we make it a one-way south to north there will be problematic exits from the area…I would suggest we live with the situation at this time until a developer comes along in the future.” Councillor Schierbeck went on to say it is not a busy road and the users know about its limitations. “I too think the mistake we made was paving this road in the first place because all we’ve done is encourage vehicular

Joanne layh

Pincushion Quilt Guild members donated gifts to people with cards on the angel tree this year instead of exchanging gifts at their annual Christmas social.

The gifts will be distributed by the Peachland Food Bank to those less fortunate.

traffic that wasn’t there before,” Councillor Condon said. “It used to be hard packed gravel and it was essentially a walking

path for people that lived in the Sherburn area.” “I’d have to agree with my fellow councillors to just leave it,” Councillor

Your Private Charter Small Group Specialist “TOONERS” Pontoon Boat Charters. Hello From Okanagan Lake Tooners Boat Charters, Peachland BC. Well neighbors it’s the completion of our 2nd season and what an interesting year, it was a successful and a fun filled season! To our valued customers, (also known as Tooners) Thank You for choosing, Okanagan Lake Tooners Patio Boat Charters, your Private Charter Small Group Specialist, “Tooners for short! Your patronage and reviews are very important; they serve as an indicator to the quality of serve we are providing to you. We encourage and appreciate all your thoughts and comments. So please keep those reviews coming on and tell your friends. In the 2012 season Tooners introduced an inclusive 2-hour Boat Cruise addition with wine tour package. Working together with Winelicious Wine Tours and Napa North Wine Tours, we have designed a wine tour cruise that has become one of Tooners most popular excursions. As well, thank you Rocky J’s Beach Hut Restaurant, for preparing amazing Picnic Basket Style Lunch’s. The benefits of working together with in the community have been a positive influence for all concerned. I would like to mention a special guest, Mr. Richard Smith, Peachland’s Local Historian; Richard provided a group of local business owners a private history lesson while aboard Ex coelis. The scheduled evening cruise of 2 hours stretched well past the allotted time. It was a picture perfect beautiful Okanagan summer evening and I had no idea about the rich history of Peachland and area. The lesson was well received by all aboard. Finally, thanks to Peachland’s Council for supporting a designated drop off pick up zone within the Day Wharf area. The area painted with yellow paint provides boaters access to the downtown core no matter how busy it is in the day wharf. This area is for the many of boaters who visit Peachland and is vital in the day-to-day operation of local businesses including Tooners. The area designated adds an element of safety to all the customers of all ages. As with any change it takes time to educate people about the rules and for the most part the designated area was used in adherence to the posted 15-minute limits. However they’re a few who take it upon themselves to ignore the rules. So I would ask the few to support local businesses and follow a simple rule, 15- Minute Maximum. Tooners is now preparing for next season and working hard on improving our services for you! Reserve your cruise today and lets show off what we have rite here in our back yard. Happy Holidays to all and thanks you again for all your support. Want a private quiet spot to camp Then let Tooners deliver you, your friends and your camping gear to Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park. Come and explore the natural beauty of the Okanagan nature rite across the lake. Hiking biking, or going for a dip and just relaxing, it’s right here in our back yard. Are friends and family coming for a visit and you don’t know what to do? How about a private cruise on Tooners Luxury Pontoon Boat “ Ex coelis” (From the Clouds) Sightseeing, picnics, searching for Ogopogo or just lazing around with friends and family is priceless, give us a call and book early.

Moberg said. “We could wait until somebody drives their car over the edge and then say ‘we should do something’ but I think

sometimes you have to be proactive to avoid problems,” Councillor Hall said. Though the committee of the whole did respond

positively to Mitchell’s recommendation, they did agree to improve signage that would warn motorists of the narrowing road.

Peachland New Years Day Polar Bear Walk/Run Challenges your 2013 resolution to be active. Walk or run 2 k or 5 k through scenic Peachland.

Tuesday, Jan 1st • Checkin 10:00 am, Race 10:30 am Check in is at 9:45 am at the Community Centre, 4450 6th Street. $20 Advanced registration online only at Race day registration accepted

Peachland Polar Bear Swim Dare to dash, splash, dip or swim in the chilly Okanagan Lake? Join us for the Polar Bear Swim!

Tuesday, Jan 1st 1:00 pm Check in is at 12:30 pm at the Community Centre, 4450 6th Street. FREE, but pre-check in and waiver signing is required. For more information on these and other Peachland events, please visit us on the our website or call 250-767-2133.

4 DECEMBER 28, 2012 Peachland View OPINION

Word of the Week

Stop being a victim

yule log - A large and extremely hard log that is burned in the hearth as part of traditional Christmas celebrations in Europe. Originally an entire tree carefully chosen and brought into the house with great ceremony to provide maximum warmth and endurance.

Peachland View


eachland residents who want to avoid being a victim of break-ins can learn a lot from Michael, a professional thief who told the RCMP all about his exploits recently. Step inside the mind of a break-in artist who openly admitted to breaking into at least 34 homes and businesses in Nanaimo from October 2011 to May 2012. The 45-year-old is currently incarcerated and is seeking help for his addiction to crack cocaine. Over the past 25 years Michael has been convicted of 27 criminal offences and has spent upwards of 10 years in jail. His crimes ranged from theft, break and enter, possession of drugs, stolen property and assault. During Michael’s recent crime spree he would travel by either bike or bus. He would take a few days to choose an area and then select a target to break into. He preferred daytime break and enters and only took small items he could easily carry and conceal. These items included laptops, digital cameras, small electronics, jewelry, alcohol and cash. Normally within one hour, the majority of the items would be exchanged for either cash or drugs. Before breaking in, Michael would always check to see if there were unlocked windows or doors, and if not, he would simply kick in a door or force or pry open a window. He was in and out in minutes. Michael would also go to certain areas days before breaking in just to watch and learn. He would look at entrances to businesses. He would monitor when homeowners left for the day and when they returned. He would also look for areas that he could not be seen and would afford him time to break in. Peachland has its share of unconscionable individuals who think nothing of breaking into your home and stealing your valuables. Making an honest living is foreign to them; they would rather pilfer your laptop than put on a tie and go to work like the rest of us. The only thing we can do is not make it easy for people like Michael. If you can’t afford a security system, all you can do is batten down the hatches. We don’t recommend bear traps under windows; you’ll be charged if a poor thief gets hurt. Many residents leave their front door unlocked when they are working in the backyard, making it easy for anyone to walk in and steal something. Stop being a victim and put these criminals out of business. To learn more about home security and other crime prevention tips, visit the website

Give yourself a voice

Send your letters to the editor to Letters must contain your full name and phone number for verification purposes only.


VIEW Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

4437 - 3rd Street Peachland, BC, V0H 1X7 Canada Post Contract #41127536

Online information is often misleading I have always been a strong believer in the principle of accountability. It is why I make every effort to ensure that my MP expenses are amongst the lowest in Western Canada, why I spoke out in favour of changes to the MP pension plan that were more respectful to taxpayers, and is why I do not use over the top rhetoric or profanity in the House of Commons.

Dan Albas, MP Since being elected, another belief I continue to act upon is personally returning phone calls and emails where possible, and compose weekly reports on events that occur in Ottawa and in the riding. As taxpayers, you provide significant resources to all levels of government and I believe firmly that your calls and concerns deserve to be heard. We may not always have agreement in a democratic country as diverse as Canada but I submit that one thing that sets us apart from others is that we are respectful of our differences and tolerant, at times even open mind-

ed, to the views and values of others. With the final sitting of the House of Commons for the year of 2012 now concluded this will be my second year in Ottawa representing the citizens of Okanagan-Coquihalla in Parliament and I would like to take a moment to reflect on this milestone. For me the past two years have been an immeasurable learning experience, and a great honour serving as your MP. There is one overarching issue that continues to concern me and that is the lack of accountability in information that is presented online. To be clear, there are many justifiable reasons to disagree on policy and decisions of our elected representatives at all levels of government. However, I am certain that most would agree that a genuine disagreement should be based on factually accurate information. More and more frequently, information being presented is not only factually inaccurate; at times it is even intentionally distorted in an effort to mislead. Frequently this misinformation is located online and often authored by Internet experts or other anonymous sources. At times even conventional media sources can report on a story that may leave out important factual information, an example of this I will share: Many of you have like-

ly heard media reports of our Government committing to purchase the F-35 stealth fighter aircraft. The reality is that not only have no F-35s been purchased to date, the decision to commit Canada to the joint

delayed it further, and as we would ultimately discover, at much greater cost to taxpayers. In fact, it was the same Liberal government who was subsequently forced to turn around only a few years later and

“There is one overarching issue that continues to

concern me and that is the lack of accountability in information that is presented online.” strike fighter program (JSF) was actually made by the Liberal government of the day back in 1997. In 2001 after a design competition the Lockheed Martin F-35 was awarded the contract over a rival aircraft design proposal from Boeing. My reason for pointing out that the Chrétien Liberals made this commitment is not a case of pointing the finger of blame at someone else but rather to illustrate just how far back this issue originates. We must also not forget that this is not the first time Canada has had to replace a strategically important aircraft that have become obsolete. Senior taxpayers will recall that we paid $478 million in cancellation penalties when the Liberals cancelled the $4.8 billion EH-101 helicopter order that was to replace the aging Sea-Kings. It should also be pointed out that cancelling the replacement for the SeaKing did not negate the need to replace this aging helicopter, it only

purchase fewer replacement helicopters at an increased cost now estimated at $6.2 billion. With the replacement Sikorsky helicopters behind schedule we still rely on 40-year-old Sea-King helicopters that require 35 hours of maintenance for every hour in the air. It is important that we not repeat the mistakes of the past and that is why the reset button has in effect been announced by our government to ensure that whatever aircraft replaces the CF-18, we avoid following the expensive and costly lessons that we should not forget occurred with the replacement of the SeaKing. While I recognize that few taxpayers rejoice at the thought of replacing soon to be out of date aircraft, this does not, as we have learned in the past, negate the need to do so. As always, I welcome your comments and concerns and would like to wish all citizens of Okanagan-Coquihalla a merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year.

Susan Valentine Group Publisher

Joanne Layh

Publisher and Editor

Karen Schofield Sales Manager

Mike Rieger

Graphic Designer

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december 28, 2012



Fog clearing for snooker league BARRIe heWeR

Special to the Peachland View And not a moment too soon. The Peachland Little Snooker League (PLSL) is now on its annual Christmas break and won’t return to league play until January 4, 2013. That does not mean that there is no snooker. On the contrary we

expect PLSL players will be doing whatever they can to sharpen their cues in preparation for the jousting expected during the second half of league play. The fog has cleared enough today to make it possible to report on PLSL standings. I am sure you will recognize some of the names below. Rumour has it that a tall well-dressed man vis-

ited our legion early last Friday. He asked the bar steward if could have a look at the snooker table. He spent some time reading the PLSL results and with no one else to play he practiced some snooker on his own. “Pretty good,” reports the bar steward. As the visitor was leaving he asked the bar steward, “Please tell the gang Cliff dropped by.”

League standings

Harry Rusch ..............................................................17 points Al Cunningham .........................................................16 points Roger Moxley ............................................................15 points Bernie Neeson ...........................................................14 points Joey Neeson ...............................................................14 points Frank Reindel ............................................................13 points Harry Pankratz...........................................................13 points Cindy Fortin ..............................................................12 Points Dwayne Smith ...........................................................11 Points Alley........................................................................... 5 Points Rolley......................................................................... 5 Points Ken Davis ................................................................... 5 Points


Catering to the fine senior citizens of Peachland

Joint tenancy vs. tenancy in common: Who will inherit your home? As you may already know, there are two forms of joint owner-

Mary Lynn Entz – Foot Care Nurse, LPN


Services offered: • General assessment of feet • Reduction and filing of all nails • Treatment of corns, calluses and rough skin • Application of moisturizing agent • Foot and leg massage Mary Lynn will be offering these services at “The 50+ Activity Centre” on Beach Ave. By Appointment only.

Call: 250-767-9293

ship. You may not be sure of which method of ownership that you have, but if you own your home with your spouse, it is likely in joint tenancy. What does this mean and how will this affect your estate? The implications are huge. Joint tenancy means that both parties (usually spouses) each have an equal share in the property (and yes, property includes your land, your house and your mobile home). If there are four owners, each holds a one-quarter interest in the land. What is most interesting about joint tenancy is that it comes with the right of survivorship. This means that the surviving tenant(s) inherit the property and it does not pass through your estate when you die. Tenancy in common can be owned in unequal interests. For example, I can have a 99 per cent interest in our home and my husband


can have the remaining 1 per cent. The interesting part is that when I die, this 99 per cent interest will pass through my estate. Even though my husband inherits my share in its entirety, he must pay probate fees on it! One of the biggest parts of estate planning (for me) is determining how to minimize probate fees. Obviously, it is preferable for spouses to be joint tenants in most circumstances. If you don’t currently have your spouse on title to your home, you may want to consider it. The cost for adding a spouse on to title is minimal compared with the probate fees that will be paid should you predecease him or her! This column is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The opinions expressed herein are strictly those of Odina Skovgaard Notary Public. For legal advice on estate or prop-

erty law, please consult with a lawyer or notary public.

Proud to meet your real estate needs in Peachland

Brenda Herrin

Brenda Herrin Realty


Peachland’s Notary Public Odina Skovgaard

Ray & Kelly Hanson Owners & General Managers

Helping you say good-bye, Your Way™

PEACHLAND - WEST KELOWNA 250-768-3702 2541 Churchill Road, West Kelowna

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Wills Powers of Attorney Representation Agreements Real estate transactions

New Location! 5878A Beach Ave (Next to Coldwell Banker)

Contact: 778-479-4706 * email:

6 DECEMBER 28, 2012 Peachland View COMMUNITY | commentary

f Peachla o s nd rd i B

Frank Warburton

PEACHLAND VARIETY SINGERS held their annual Christmas concert this month. The choir was directed

by Phyllis Papineau with accompanist Dave Smith. The program included: Glory Glory Hallelujah, Bring Him Home, Chatttanooga Choo Choo, Good Tidings To You Medley, Happy Days Are Here Again, Home For The Holidays, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Jingle Jingle Jingle, Salsa Noel, Were You There In Bethlehem, and Why We Sing. The audience joined in a carol sing along at the end of the concert. During the interval The Treasures sang duets, solos, and group songs. Refreshments after the concert were provided by the singers.

The Northern Flicker is a beautiful wo o d p e c ke r that is often seen in Peachland and they stay here all year. It can be a nuisance however, as it likes to make holes in places where homeowners don’t want them. The male and female are similar in appearance with salmon coloured wings and a spotted breast and a black bib. The male is distinguished by a red moustache; so the photograph is of a male, though the female is

usually not far away. We feed them suet in the winter and they make a lot of noise eating it. In the springtime you might hear a banging noise in your house; it could be a Flicker drumming on your roof vent, trying to attract a mate and mark its territory. Unlike other woodpeckers, the Flicker spends time on the ground and likes to eat ants. They also eat berries and fruit during the winter season. Marion Hall

From the Mayor’s Desk: A further step on the path to affordable seniors housing Readers may recall from one of my previous articles, that at the September 2012 Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) conference, the Hon. Rich Coleman, Minister for Energy and Mines and Minister for Housing, encouraged Peachland (via its “arm’s length� Seniors Support Society) to update the seniors housing needs analysis, and submit a complete project proposal to BC Housing before year end. I am pleased to report that this work has been completed and that a full proposal has now been submitted. The 2009 needs analysis was updated by consulting group, City Spaces, and The Good Samaritan Society, with whom we have a Memorandum of

Understanding to assist in project definition and development put together a detailed plan and business case. Project development funding for this consulting work was provided by BC Housing.

Mayor Keith Fielding The development site assembled by the District of Peachland lies between 5th and 6th Streets above Waldo Way. As currently envisaged, phase one of

the project is a five-storey building, the first floor constructed of concrete with the upper fourstoreys of wood frame. Residential apartments are located on the upper four floors, and will include 52 one-bedroom units and 8 two-bedroom units. It is envisaged that the two-bedroom units will be made available at market rates to subsidize total project cost. One-half of the first floor is for supportive housing services (kitchen, dining, administration, common areas, etc.) and one-half is for market rent retail space, to further subsidize the operating costs of the supportive housing. Preference will be to lease to health related services that will be beneficial to the seniors’ residential

core. This lease area also provides a key partnering opportunity with other community services such as with Interior Health Home and Community Care, and would also be ideal for an adult day program. Programs and services offered by the Peachland Wellness Centre will continue as before, with the current building remaining on site in convenient proximity to the new housing. Due to a redefined use of the available on-site space, a second phase project (of similar size to phase one) can be accommodated at a future date, making this a more economically viable project than previously conceived. Combined with cost reductions achievable through lower development and construction costs, re2 The Peachland View ductions in debt service

costs due to current lower interest rates, and the integration of market rent (ground floor retail space) to offset operating costs, the proposal shows a significant reduction in operating costs per unit, per month, and therefore a reduced level of BC Housing contribution. A public open house will be scheduled in the new year to outline in some detail the vision and business plan as submitted for consideration by Minister Coleman and BC Housing staff. This event will provide a good opportunity for public input, further refinement of the plan, and discussion of practical questions regarding many (as yet unresolved) operating issues. Given the vision, and plan, and the will to move forward on this important project, we look forward now to working with the

province to secure the equity contribution and/or debt service reductions necessary to achieve our goal: preventing the need for Peachland seniors to move away from Peachland in later life in order to find appropriate affordable housing tailored to their needs. Our MLA, Bill Barisoff, has been very supportive of the Peachland seniors housing project and will, I know, be taking a great interest in its evolution during the next critical stages of provincial review. I look forward to engaging the community in further discussion of the project in the coming months, and meanwhile, on behalf of my colleagues on district council, extend to you all, season’s greetings, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year!



Kathryn Robinson

Joseph Jacoe

• Personal Injury • Wills & Estates • Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Family Law • Corporate Law 13211 N. Victoria Rd. P.O. Box 520, Summerland BC V0H 1Z0

1-800-663-0392 • 250-494-6621 • 250-492-8137



Th e

ho do Ca po ab ap pr co

me wi ad rep all tra ag pr em

Peachland View

DECEMBER 28, 2012



News from the Chamber: new members and holiday closures Janet Hornseth

Special to the Peachland View

Business After Hours

Dr. Peter Stapleton of Lakeside Chiropractic Centre hosted a successful Business After Hours with over 25 members attending. He is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario and strives not only to relieve painful symptoms but works hard to empower patients to achieve a higher level of function. In addition to this, he believes that chiropractic fits in very well with other health care providers and enjoys working with these professionals to put his patients’ health care needs first. Dr. Stapleton comes from a family of medical doctors and found during his pre-med undergraduate degree that the more holistic nature of chiropractic better suited his interests. He is a true outdoor enthusiast, being an avid snowboarder, golfer and cyclist. He has found that chiropractic treatments mixed with healthy living can help people to stay active in all of their endeavors. Matt WarnetPelletier was the lucky winner of an Obus form back rest Stapleton offered as a door prize and everyone enjoyed an evening of networking and the wonderful appetizers, particularly Peter’s homemade guacamole! Don’t forget to save the date for our next Business After Hours, which will be hosted by Dunamis Projects on Wednesday, January 9 from 6 - 8 p.m.

Seasonal festivities

The chamber helped escort Santa to the Rotary Pavilion for the Christmas Light-Up on Friday, December 7, with a Grinch decorated pickup truck. Candy canes were handed out, much

Judy Cameron

PEACHLAND NEWCOMERS AND SOCIAL CLUB members celebrated their Christmas dinner at the Two Eagles’ Golf Course restaurant. The snow outside and

the food and merriment inside made for a very memorable and enjoyable festive event.

to the delight of all the little kiddies. On Saturday, December 8, Rob and Janis hosted a potluck Christmas party at their home, which was attended by the chamber board of directors and staff, the Visitor Information Centre staff and volunteers, as well as Mayor and council. In lieu of gifts we requested socks and happily presented a large box of socks to Judy Bedford at the Peachland Food Bank for her Christmas hampers.

New staff at visitor centre

We have a new staff member at the Peachland Visitor Information Centre as a result of a cap youth intern grant that Loretta Robinson secured. His name is Matt Warnet-Pelletier and he was born and raised in northern Quebec. Not only is Warnet-Pelletier’s bilingualism an asset to our centre, he is an extremely talented photographer who has been published in the 2012 Peachland Visitor’s Guide, as well magazine covers and numerous newspapers in Quebec. A future project for Matt will be internet training courses that will be offered to the public at no charge in January. Watch for future notices of dates and times.

Quarterly meeting

Our next quarterly meeting will be held at the Gasthaus on Monday, January 28. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to enjoy a fabulous meal, meet with fellow chamber members as well as being updated on chamber business.

Membership update reminder

This is just a friendly reminder to keep your membership up to date. Your renewal with the Peachland Chamber of Commerce will enable you to continue to utilize the great benefits that we offer including business card and brochure racking in the Peachland Visitor Information Centre, social networking with local and regional businesses, listing on the Peachland Chamber of Commerce website as well as fuel and hotel discounts, just to name a few. Letters will be sent out in January to remind those members that haven’t renewed their membership to do so. For a list of all the member businesses, chamber benefits, news and more, please visit our website at

Business Expo

The community centre has been booked for Saturday, April 13 and plans

are underway for our annual Business Expo. As this is a typically sold out event, be sure to contact the chamber early to book a table.

Welcome new members

Craig Philips, small business advisor, TD Canada Trust: Craig moved to the Okanagan from Scotland four years ago and has enjoyed his role as a business advisor with TD Canada Trust for three and a half years. Prior to the move, he worked for 6 years in Edinburgh’s financial district and gained experience in many aspects of the financial industry including investment, lending and business banking. He works with business owners predominantly

in the Westside/Peachland area and strives to deliver valuable solutions and stellar service to his clients. He can assist with any financial matter related to small business, especially credit for expansion, acquisition, commercial real estate and asset financing. He takes pride in building strong, honest relationships that add value and offering proactive advice on financial infrastructure within a small business. Craig can be reached at 250-7686500 (extension 224). Dave Collins, Coldwell Banker/Horizon Realty Dave has been licensed in real estate as a realtor, a property manager and  a strata manager since 2004 with Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty. He offers his clients a

well-rounded base of real estate expertise. He has also earned his designation as a senior real estate specialist, which allows Dave to satisfy the need in the community for a professional well versed in challenges seniors face when deciding to relocate or downsize. He believes that old fashioned business practice is important to customer satisfaction, Dave can be reached at 250-7672744 or 250-870-1444.

Holiday closure

The chamber will be closed for the holidays December 24 and will reopen on Wednesday, January 2. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone all the best for 2013.

Christmas Tree Chipping

December 26 - January 31

Free Drop-off Locations: Westside

Residential Waste Disposal & Recycling Center, Asquith Rd. Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon.(7:30 am - 3;50 pm) (Closed Dec. 25 and Jan. 1)

Peachland Compost Site 6 km up Princeton Ave.

Please remove all decorations, tinsel and bags used for transporting the tree. For more info, call the Waste Reduction Office (250) 469-6250.

8 DECEMBER 28, 2012 Peachland View

CLASSIFIEDS | For Rent Deluxe Suites Downtown Peachland lakeshore deluxe suites. Fully furnished, w/d, sat. TV, wireless and phone included. Daily, weekly, monthly from $450-$850/month. Call 250767-2050.


For Rent Peachland duplex, recently renovated, 3 BR, 1 1/2 bath, 1340 sq ft, fenced yard on creek. Steps to beach, shopping and school. Available December 1, $1000/month. Small pet on approval. Call Kathy 250-869-9867. FR-4

notices Peachland United Church

Painting Services Residential or commercial, New construction or repaint. Interior or exterior. Call G. C. Contracting for a free estimate. 250-767-2701 S-3 Renosense Home Repair Ltd. Renovations including dry walling, textured ceilings, etc., decks, tiling, etc. No job too small. Call Eric at 250-317-6570 S-2

RP Automotive Proudly serving Peachland! Mobile automotive services, great rates, reliable service. 250-575-5554. S-13

WANTED Wanted to Rent Long term rental required for Jan. 2013. Sr. prof. couple, NP, NS, 3 bed, AC, garage, central heating. $1200/mth - neg. Kelowna to Summerland. maartenbonten@ W-1

Notices Bottle Drive On January 5 the Peachland Ambassadors will collect your bottles! Please save your bottles. N-7



Alcoholics Anonymous Peachland Fellowship

Help Wanted Vineyard and orchard workers needed for BK Orchards Ltd. in Peachland area. Full-time seasonal workers from March to November 2013, must be available weekends, evenings and weekdays, caring for vines and trees, harvesting and packing fruit for $10.25/hour plus vacation pay. Please mail resume to Box 1133, Peachland, BC V0H 1X0 or fax 250-767-3129. E-4


Meets Monday at 7 p.m. (closed meeting) and Friday at 8 p.m. (open meeting).


Call 250-763-5555 for more info.


services European Housekeeper/ Caregiver Experienced, responsible, reliable European housekeeper/caregiver with excellent rates & ref. Please call Flecia 778-214-4769 S-10

250 767 7771 or




Publisher Aberdeen Publishing has an opening for the position as Publisher of the Jasper Fitzhugh. We are seeking a proven leader with the entrepreneurial skills to continue and further enhance the strong growth this paper has experienced over the past six years. Ideally, you should have a good understanding of all facets of newspaper operations with emphasis on sales, marketing and ďŹ nancial management. In addition, our new publisher should be well suited to working with community groups and clients as well as developing sponsorship opportunities for the newspaper, As publisher of the Fitzhugh, you will help develop strategy for the newspaper as it continues to serve this diverse marketplace. Aberdeen Publishing is one of Western Canada’s largest independent newspaper companies with properties in British Columbia and Alberta. If you have the ability to innovate, are customer driven, success oriented, and want to live in one of the most beautiful places in Alberta, then we want to hear from you. We offer a generous compensation and beneďŹ ts package as well as the opportunity for career advancement. Please submit your resume by December 31, 2012, to the attention of: Ron Lovestone, Regional Manager Prince George Free Press 1773 South Lyon Street Prince George, BC V2N 1T3 Telephone 778.349.6327 or email



When you’ve just got to move your thing. Take out a classified ad in the Peachland View and sell it, rent it, buy it, or hire someone else to lift it.


250 767 7771

PEACHLAND VIEW DEADLINES CLASSIFIED ADS by noon Tuesdays (Must be prepaid, cash, Visa or Mastercard) Email:

DISPLAY ADVERTISING (boxed): noon Mondays NEWS COPY: noon Mondays CLASSIFIED AD RATES: Up to 20 words - $8.75; 15¢ each additional word. Per column inch $8.75 plus HST

NOTICES: Weddings, engagements birth announcements, cards of thanks, in memoriums, obituaries, and other notices (min. charge) $8.75 plus HST up to 20 words, 15¢ each additional word.

Business display advertising rates on request. PHONE 250.767.7771 Fax: 250.767.3337 Email: or mail your advertisement to: Peachland View, PO Box 1150 Peachland BC, V0X 1X0 PEACHLAND VIEW OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Advertising Regulations: The Peachland View reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headings and to separate therefore and to determine the page location. The Peachland View reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement. All claims of errors to advertisements must be received by the publisher within seven days after the first publication. It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of the Peachland View in the event of failure to publish an advertisement or in the event of an error appearing in the advertisement as published, shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only and that there shall be no liability in any event greater than the amount paid.

Need a Handyman? Look to our Service Directory or the classifieds for the professional you need today


december 28, 2012


PEAChLAND SErVICE DIrECTOrY Restoration Station

Simplifying Your Books

Massage Therapy

welcoming Jessica Onyschuk, RMT and Yoga Instructor Now Available: • Prevention & Rehabilitation Education • Yoga Instruction available • Hot Tub & Sauna • Gift Certificates Available • Accepted By Most Insurance Companies

NEW YEARS SPECIAL 10 massages for $800 - $100 savings!

Call: 250-212-7774 • 5982 Victoria St. •

Roofing It Right For Over 20 Years

Madge Contracting

For All Your Roofing Needs

LARS owner/operator

TMG Business

250-862-1190 682 Fitzpatrick Road, Kelowna

Tammie Gilbert, CFB |

The Yard Guise

Snip, Grip & Rip

Specializing in properties with those “Hard to Reach Places”

Call Scott Hudey at 778-821-4053 “Where Business is Growing Like a Weed”

Family portraits and wedding photography Serving the Okanagan. Professional photography capturing your family, important events, and professional head shots. You keep your high-res digital images to print as you choose.

Accredited by the PPOC

Want to be listed? Call 250-767-7771

to book your business directory ad! PEACHLAND


GUTTERS Locally owned and operated


CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE “Is There a Doctor on the House?”


Quality Finishing Carpentry • Bath & Kitchen upgrades Tile Setting • Hardwood Floors • Painting & Repairs

"One call does it all"

250-878-7279 or 250-767-9350

renovation & remodeling

Suppliers and installers of Natural & Manufactured Stone Free estimates · 1-866-766-0505

#130-1135 Stevens Rd, West Kelowna Okanagan’s On-Site Mac Tech Support Having problems getting your Mac set up the way you want? Is Windows technical support unable to help you?

May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love & your life with Laughter!

• Mac/Windows networking • Software Installation • E-mail setup • Memory upgrades • Backup creation • iPhone and iPad setup

Located in Peachland!

Mike Rieger

Jazel Homes

You Deserve The Best

Quality Custom Homes


Fully Licensed and Insured. WORKSAFE BC REGISTERED

M. Scharer Enterprises

Westside Curb Appeal Inc.

250.801.3521 ROOFING

Div. of 0902577 BC Ltd




Re-Roofing New Construction Residential, Commercial & Industrial Torch On Systems 10 Year Workmanship Warranty Roofing Repair Services Full Liability & Torch On Insurance Custom Metal & Services Free Estimates 250-765-1180

Support Training Payroll Bookkeeping Income Tax

w ww.stone showroom .ca

• Registered Massage Therapy • Treatment of Myofascial and Chronic Pain • Pregnancy Massage • Tendonitis Treatment & Therapy • Treatment for Headaches, Neck & Back Pain

Let me take a load off your mind... Topsoil, gravel & sand

T 250 768 5799 C 250 469 1451 F 250 768 5733

Call... LEE THE PLUMBER For all your plumbing needs: • Hot Water Tanks • New Construction • Water Filtration Systems

• Plumbing Renovations • Heating Systems

Certified Plumber & Gas Fitter


Exteriors TOPLINE for all your ROOFING needs • New • Re-Roofs • Repairs ALSO: • Siding • Soffit • Fascia • Gutters


Call Jeff 250-212-0781 Res. 250-767-9565

10 DECEMBER 28, 2012 Peachland View

LOCAL ACTIVITIES & EVENTS | SUNDAYS Jerry Dober Breakfast, 8am, Peachland Wellness Centre Peachland Baptist Sunday School, 9:30am, 4204 Lake Ave. Peachland United Service, 10am, United Church St. Margaret’s Anglican Church Worship, 10am, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church Emmanuel Church Workship Service, 10am, Peachland Elementary School Peachland Baptist Service, 10:30 service fellowship 11:30am, 4204 Lake Ave. Meat Draw, 2pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69





Yoga, 7:30am, 50+ Activity Centre

Carpet Bowling, 10am, 50+ Activity Centre

Aerobics, 9:30am, 50+ Activity Centre

Take Off Pounds Sensibly, 9:30am, 50+ Activity Centre

Peachland Toastmasters, 12pm, Peachland Community Centre

Chess, 1:15pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Bereavement, 10am, Peachland Wellness Centre

Peachland Variety Singers, 9:30am, 50+

AA, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Tai Chi, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre Needle Arts, 1:15pm, 50+ Activity Centre BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS Tween Scene, 2:30-5pm, 4th Street Place Peachland Guides 5:15pm, community centre Peachland Sparks (girls 5-6), 5:30pm, community centre

Central Okanagan Friendship Tuesday, Model Railway blood pressure readings Company Group, 7pm, and massage 1pm, movie Peachland Museum 1:30pm, 50+ Activity Centre BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS, Tweens BOYS AND GIRLS 5-6:30pm, middle teens CLUBS Floor Hockey 6:30-8pm, 4th St. Angli(age 8-12), 6:30can Church 7:30pm, community centre; $2 (Jumpstart funding available).


Beginner Acrylic Workshop, 1 - 4 pm. Class size limited, call Sharon 250-767-6556

Storytime, 11:30am, Peachland Library

Yoga, 1:30pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Bridge, 6:30pm, 50+ Activity Centre


Iron and Silk Exercise, 11am, 50+ Activity Centre

Yoga, 10:30am, 50+ Activity Centre

Ladies Snooker, 5pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

AA, 12pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Potluck, Meeting, or Entertainment, 6pm, 50+ Activity Centre (4th week of the month only)

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS, middle teen hangout 5:30-7pm, community centre. Free.

Meat Draw, 3pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Friday Art Club, 1pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Peachland Rotary Club Meeting, 12pm, Gasthaus Pub

Meat Draw, 4pm, Royal Canadian Legion Branch #69

Carpet Bowling, 10am, 50+ Activity Centre

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OUTING, meet at community centre; Call to register.

Bingo, 6:45pm, 50+ Activity Centre

Youth Boxing Club, 6-8 pm, 4th Street Place Wood Carvers, 7pm, 50+ Activity Centre

UPCOMING EVENTS An Old Fashioned Legion New Year’s Bash: Drift in the New Year with the K-Town Drifters, December 31 starting 8:30 pm, Peachland Legion Branch 69. Tickets $15 – includes, appies, party favours, champagne at midnight. Come out and support your local legion with all your friends and bring in the New Year.

New Year’s Day Polar Bear Run & Walk, January 1. Check in 9:30-10 am, run/walk starts at 10:15 am.

February Freeze Up 5K, February 17, 15 years and over. Don’t let winter doldrums keep you from being active! The February Freeze Up 5K Run and New Year’s Day Polar Walk is an opportunity to Bear Swim, Jan 1. Check get outdoors. Whether you in at 12:30 pm at comare participating competimunity centre; swim 1pm tively or for active fun, the at Swim Bay. social atmosphere will help Free! Swimmers must you get going and keep sign waiver. moving.

Medical Services Directory Chiropractor Dr. Peter Stapleton 4403 2nd St, Peachland




Dr. Don MacRae Dr. Phil Kachanoski Dr. Karl Oppenheim Dr. Peter Cormillot Dr. Jeff Krawchuk

Wes Bedford, B.Sc Geoff Davis, B.Sc Garnet Lloyd, B.Sc

Peachland Dental Centre

Peachland Pharmacy


Happy Heart Valentines Day Walk, February 14, 16 years and over Meet at the Community Centre for our Valentines Day “Move for a Happy Heart” walk. Enjoy the energy of February fresh air as we walk Beach Avenue’s Centennial walk way. Returning back to the Community Centre for a stretch out in a mini yoga session followed by tea, healthy snack and a

Valentines treat. Please preregister before Feb 14. Peachland Volunteer Breakfast, March 1, Mayor and Council will be donning aprons and hats to serve up breakfast to the valuable volunteers of Peachland. Organizations are encouraged to book a table and individuals are asked to RSVP by Feb 25.


Massage Therapist Elisa McCoy, RMT www.functionmassage. com

Function Massage Therapy

250-767-2611 250-767-2999

Easter Egg Hunt, March 29, 2-12 years, Enjoy bouncy fun, making bunny baskets, face painting, and of course the Easter Bunny will be on hand for the Easter Egg Hunt. Children will collect the plastic eggs in the bunny baskets they make and trade the eggs in for a goody bag filled with Easter treats. Please note the registration deadline is March 25th.

Health Professionals

Beach Ave Medical Clinic FAMILY PRACTICE


Dr. John Brinkerhoff Dr. Praven Chetty Dr. Alanna Leverrier

250-767-3432 OPEN Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm Sat 10am to 2pm Closed Sundays

Chiropractor Peachland Chiropractic Dr. Spencer Devenney

250-899-2153 105-4200 Beach Ave., Peachland (Located in Serendipity Salon and Spa)

Peachland View

DECEMBER 28, 2012



Food for the Soul: Jesus will bring us peace Derek Koch

Prince of Peace. I am God. My second thought, struck by the disconnect and perhaps the more difbetween what I read in ficult one to illustrate at the news every day and times, is that Jesus brings Naturally at this time what may be perceived as peace between people. of year, Christmas themes Jesus’ very passive role as This is where it gets tricky because there’s so much are on my mind. What the bringer of peace. In response, let me chaos everywhere. The I think has consumed many of our thoughts re- share four brief thoughts. bottom line is that Jesus cently is the seeming lack First, Jesus provides us does not override our of peace in our world… peace with God. Through free will. He has given Egypt, Syria, and the Jesus’ death and resurrec- us the ability to choose shooting in Connecticut, tion, He will come into whether or not we want for example. Isaiah, a our lives at our request, his influence in our lives. prophet who lived hun- and through His Holy Could I be so bold as dreds of years before Spirit transform us from to say that the reason Jesus was born, prophe- the inside out. We’re for- many marriages, families, comsied under the inspiration given, made new, and neighbourhoods, Tipping FeesSpirit 3"x4"that ad nov12:Hazardous 11/23/12 2:54 PM Page 1 munities, ad-delete and countries welcomed into Waste God’s-newspaper of the Holy Jesus would come as the family. That’s peace with are in such chaos is because they have largely rejected the influence of Jesus and that if they turn to Jesus and follow His principles, peace would become more common? The third thought is that Jesus brings peace through us. You can’t read the Bible for too long without reading that God calls us to bring peace CONTRIBUTED on His behalf. In other EMMA HASENBANK WAS THE LUCKY WINNER of the children’s Christmas draw words and in what I conat the Peachland Sportsmen’s Association Christmas potluck. Presenting the prize is Bethany st sider the most profound Froehlich. effective 2013 example of delegation in at Glenmore Landfill and Westside the history of the world, ample, while people from heaven and a new earth, or mourning or crying or Residential Disposal and Recycling Center. Jesus works through you different faiths or from no for the first heaven and pain, for the old order of and me, not independent- faith background at all the first earth had passed things has passed away.” What an amazing era ly of us. In other words, participate, the majority away…And I heard a loud Flat fee for up to 250kg of garbage $10 (up from $8) His reputation as Prince of humanitarian efforts voice from the throne say- of peace that will be! **Note, up to 250 kg of yard waste will continue of Peace largely rests on come from those with a ing, ‘now the dwelling of So…is Jesus the Prince of to be accepted free of charge** God is with men, and he Peace? Absolutely. Howus, His representatives! Christian background. will live with them. They ever, the application of And finally, the Bible Christians have been For more info visit taking this call very seri- tells us there is a day will be his people, and His peace rests largely or call 250.469.6250 ously for a long time. If coming when Jesus will God himself will be with with you and me…until you look carefully at the lead an actual physical them and be their God. the end of time, when a history of international government! John, in his He will wipe every tear new era of peace is ushhumanitarian efforts powerful and dramatic vi- from their eyes. There ered in with Jesus at the around the world for ex- sion, writes, “I saw a new will be no more death center of it all. Special to the Peachland View


Disposal Rate for Garbage January 1,


Places of Faith St. Margaret’s Anglican Church

The Bahá’í Faith In Peachland

“Let your vision be world enbracing.”

Grace Lutheran Church 1162 Hudson Road West Kelowna, B.C. 250-769-5685

Dec. 30: First Sunday of Christmas Sunday Worship 10 a.m.

Local Contact:


Celebrating Christmas

Sunday Services

New Contemporary Worship

Morning Prayer Tuesdays 9:30 a.m.

Office Hours 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday

Service 10:30 a.m.

Lyn Stewart 250-767-6211 or John Miller 250-767-9270

Sunday School

4th Street & Brandon Ave

National Website:

Service 9 a.m.

Traditional Worship

P.O. Box 1065 Peachland, BC V0H 1X0

10:30 a.m. Ages 2 thru to Grade 6


Peachland United Church 4421 4th Street

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

One Combined 10 am Service until January 13th at Emmanuel Church

250-767-2206 “Let Us Worship Together”

2600 Hebert Road, West Kelowna 250.768.7638

Peachland Baptist Church Sunday school for all ages at 9:45 am Fellowship time with coffee and cookies at 10:30 a.m.

Special Guest Dennis Unrau “A Family Christmas Movie” FREE 2 pm - at Peachland Community Centre Peachland Campus Pastor cell: 250.870.3087 Office: 5848B Beach Avenue

A Friendly Welcome Awaits You At...

Church service at 11:00 am (Children’s church during service) Office Hours - Tue, Wed, Thur 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hall rental contact Doreen 250-767-2132 Sunday Morning Service 10 a.m. Rev. Elaine Diggle

Pastor John Rankin Join us for: Good Music Bible Messages - Great Fellowship 4204 Lake Avenue


The Cody Sisters!


For all your mortgage needs...

CURRENT RATE SPECIALS 5 yr fixed rate 2.99% 3 yr fixed rate 2.79% 5 yr variable (Prime – 0.35%) 2.65%

Some conditions apply. Rates may change at any time.

Let us negotiate for your best mortgage! 4185-4th Avenue - Unobstructed lake views! 3 bed, 2 bath walkout Rancher. Living space on main includes formal living/dining rm & family rm off eat-in kitchen. Lower level w/ rec room & can be developed further! 2nd road access w/potential for RV parking. MLS®10056683

Lara Cody 250-868-7114

Leanne Cody 250-215-5028

Looking for the Perfect Home?


Happy New Year!





december 28, 2012

Offer superior client care by displaying your listings on the Peachland View real estate page! Call 250.767.7771 to reserve your space!

TODAY! (250) 863-1282 Best Wishes for all in 2013!

4244 Beach Avenue




Fabulous views from every room in this renovated home situated in downtown Peachland, directly across from the beach. You choose: investment property, B & B or a great family home.

Best Wishes for 2013!





5331 Coldham Road, Peachland - Peaceful, charming & rustic with all the special touches! A PERFECT PIECE OF PARADISE overlooking vineyards and lakeviews, this cute updated 3 bed/3 bath home offers plenty of character. Enjoy the large shop (over 1000 sq ft) with built-in cabinets, a unique “Man Cave” and a huge private lakeview deck - great for entertaining! CALL TRACEY FOR A FREE MARKET EVALUATION! MLS®10055176




LOCATION One of these fine Realtors® might have a suggestion or two!


SOLD! 6142 Lipsett Avenue, Peachland Fabulous view of lake & mountains, great 3 lot subdivision services to lot, line flat gentle slope corner lot, no time restrictions for building your dream home close to town and paradise. MLS®10050572 • $248,800



Unit 226, 3996 Beach Avenue - Live your dream right on the beach in peaceful Peachland. This unit is located on the quiet side of the building allowing you to soak up the panoramic lake views, while enjoying the babbling creek. MLS®10055833 • $388,900

Bryon Knutsen

(250) 863-1282


“Our” Community “Your” Realtor

• Director’s Platinum Award • President’s Gold Award • Master Sales Award KELOWNA

grill & pizzeria

Sunday to Thursday Dinner Features $12.95 House Wines $5

Slow-Roasted Beef Dinner Gourmet mashed potatoes Grilled vegetables Mondays

Chicken Cordon Blu Chef ’s potato Grilled vegetables


We deliver from 5 pm to close!

Unit 233, 3996 Beach Avenue - Open floor plan 1400 sqft 3 bdrm 2 bath condo in beautiful Peachland. Granite counters, maple cabinetry and a 3-way gas fireplace. Large master with full ensuite and deck access. MLS®10054059 • $369,000

Want your home sold? Give Bryon a call!

Call the Peachland View to Advertise Today! We are always happy to Custom design your ad.



Pasta Tuesdays...

Lasagna and Spaghetti Night w/garlic toast & Caesar salad

Thursday Steak Nights…


w/loaded baked potato & grilled vegetables

Maple glazed or lemon dill BC Salmon

8 oz NY Strip loin

Chef ’s potato Grilled vegetables WWW.WATER FR ONTGR I LL.CA

Courtesy Shuttle: 7 days a week, to get you home safely, ask for details.

7168 Brent Road - .42 acre lot with great lake view. 2 bedroom home with lake and mountain view from Kelowna to Penticton. Is this your Okanagan get-a-way or your new home? Buy now, build later? MLS®10052895

Bryon Knutsen

(250) 863-1282 “Our” Community “Your” Realtor

• Director’s Platinum Award • President’s Gold Award • Master Sales Award KELOWNA

Issue 52, December 28, 2012  

Issue 52, December 28 of the Peachland View

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