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Call, Unanswered Snuggle in your apricot slippers while I extrapolate if I can do our laundry underwater / stamping down delicates in a furnace / like whack-a-mole / a stunning multiplex your fasces never blinked / to recognize / forking into the miasma / you’re stumped at a pool of gymnasium foam blocks / plushy / you don’t have to be Charon / to be able to cross it while chewing gum / your mouth is too fixed to the cider-hole / I force out a blank cartridge and / you scoff / it was mutual rejection / mutual / so I melt / blubber over like wax on the wicker ----Katie Hibner

FLEA MARKET SHADES I craved her units in college, when we both weathered our benders at the same intersection, the only interesting street in our home town, forging our paths from guitar-based apartments to flannel-packed rooms, while our homework dried on the campus vine. Her international business units and my recording studio obsessions played second and third viola to King Cobra and chain wallets. There were two of me: gifted student and snotty overgrown teenager. There were two of her: poet, visionary and brunette swan with flea market shades. Actually, that makes three, but who’s counting? One evening she emerged from night class wearing a light green vintage sweater jacket, open over a tight Soundgarden tshirt and jeans, back when only the two of us knew that band. And when I confessed that both of us together would make a wonderful duet, she apologized for being stuck on the wrong guy. So I faked a class project and recorded her talking just so I could have her voice on tape. Twenty years later, I posted on Facebook that creative types are the most hypersensitive creatures on earth. And she hit ‘like.’

---Gary Singh

A SUIT THAT FITS A suit looks good when it fits. Everything she ever said to me, that's all I remember, especially now, on the train, surrounded by suits and more suits, all of them tailored for the masses: browns, grays, navy blues, the hues that confuse me. Why can't I find a suit that fits? ---Gary Singh

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