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Gary Gonejob

Gary was a lost fool of a mumbling stumbling generation. Nobody knew a single word this guy said. It was all a mishmash of monosyllabic nonsense. I depended on hand signals and pointing at things whenever he visited the pharmacy. I never cared for the insults or street jargon applied to him. The guy didn’t need any more problems. The terminology the paternalistic people used made them feel better but never improve his life or our understanding of his world. Gary was a man-child who threw a pack of gum and a pack of condoms on the counter and you wondered if he knew how to use either. I also wondered if he had any money. Most times he was just given things for free to get him out of the way. Ten minutes after I closed the pharmacy last night I heard Gary was hit by a car while working home from the park. They said he body flew like a paper airplane and landed back first on the roof of a nearby car. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His immediate family was pleasantly surprised when many visitors stopped by the funeral and clipped pins on his casket of his favorite restaurants like Johnny Rockets and Hard Rock CafÊ. Cards were left with hand-made images of his beloved cartoon characters. Gary left a note which was read by his father to a packed room. In the note, Gary decried our need for war and our neglect of animals. He thanked the few people that were kind to him. It was a very small list. None of his family was on that list. Neither was I. I really thought I measured better in his eyes. I really thought.

---Mark Antony Rossi

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