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Letter from the Editor Dear Readers,

It’s almost summer time! That means lazy Saturdays sitting pool side, a half melted popsicle in hand, jotting down poetry under an open window. It also means longer days; at 7pm the sun seems closer to the Earth than it’s ever been, touching the tops of buildings and trees with strawberry hands.

So I just want to wish you all, readers and contributors alike, to enjoy yourselves. It is such a delicious time to write, to make art, to reinvent and play. I hope that you are open to the possibilities of trying something and then failing, because the broken pieces are sometimes the most beautiful once rearranged. I think you’ll find some truth to that in this issue, as Peaches has a soft spot for the fearless. They are, in times when you need them, the last burning lights in a dark hall closet.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Issue #2,

Shayna Klee

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Peacheslitmag issue #2  

Peacheslitmag issue #2