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Missing Time I picture myself on a small island somewhere in the Caribbean feasting on conch and shrimp tacos with flaming hot peppers I choose my drinks by color and they all come with little umbrellas it’s often very humid and shorts suffice, I rarely wear a shirt or shoes the mosquitos, lizards and cockroaches are simply part of the bargain after a couple weeks they become like family and I even name a few I put in special orders for books to be brought in from the mainland my mode of transportation is a golf cart with a slow leak in one tire everyday I fish the reef for grouper and occasionally dive for lionfish I barter for white powders with the men who climb the coconut trees boats weighted down with tourists come and go like bees from a hive I hunt the women with braids in their hair and without makeup on their faces my surprisingly charming cabana is somehow irresistible to them when not worshipping the sun, I hide in the shade or swim in the big blue the tallest hotel hosts fabulous fiestas on Friday and Saturday nights there I make my money, singing and strumming an old warped guitar I don’t meet the kind of people that usually bore me like card tricks another beautiful day goes by as the jungle swallows me like plankton then I wake up: startled - wondering how to get back to paradise

----- Jason Bertucci

Im On An Adventure or I’m on the Poop Deck I’m on a journey to the heart of myself. I’m on a voyage into the funk and goo of life. I’m on a treasure hunt for wild jewels of experience. I found a big ruby yesterday and a pirates skull with gold teeth still attached. Maybe I’ll still have teeth when I'm 500 years old too. I’ve been flossing and eating my vegetables, saying my prayers and doing tiny sins to keep balanced. I’m on the poop deck of a far out bizarro wooden ship. I’m mating with mermaids and getting a sunburn. -Alex L. Swartzentruber

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Peacheslitmag issue #2