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Issue 2 May 2015 Index 1. Cover page: Two-hundred-ninety-three right hand lines by Gilmore Tamny 4. Photo by Eleanor Leonne Bennett;; Medea Was A Daughter by Katy Williams 6. Gary Gonejob by Mark Antony Rossi 7. Call, Unanswered by Katie Hibner; Flea Market Shades by Gary Singh; A Suit That Fits by Gary Singh 8. Wildfireby Scott Jessop 9. Budda & Co. by Howie Good 10. Calgon Take Me Away by Emma Zurer; Bitter Fruit PAGE 29

by Abigail George 14. They’re Versions of Us by Jessica Van De Kemp; I Was Scared of Safe Love by Trisha Kc Buel Wheeldon 15. Wilt by Dan Sicoli ; It’s My Birthday by Brittany

Ackerman 16. Easter by Dylan Debelis ; Hilary by Dylan Debelis 17. Shitty Symbiosis by Janne Karlsson 18. Rememberence by Philip Jackey; Possibly A Bozo



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by Glen Armstrong 19. Codependence by Philip Jackey; Granny and Papa’s house by Philip Jackey 20. A Broken Escalator by James Hartman 22. Inside the Flower Lair by Janne Karlsson 23. A Family (Rattle Dreams) by N.V. Baker; We All Drink Alone by Jason Bertucci 24. Missing Time by Jason Bertucci; I’m On An Adventure or I’m on the Poop Deck by Alex L. Swartzentruber 25. Stay under the radar by Jason Bertucci 26. Ed is Not My Friend (Today)by Mark Antony Rossi 27. Menthol by Chris Wilkensen 29. Swallow Tail by Emma Zurer 30. The Next one’s On Me by Eleni Chelioti 33-35. Contributor’s Bios 36. Back Cover Two-hundred-ninety-four-righthand-circles by Gilmore Tamny


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Peacheslitmag issue #2  

Peacheslitmag issue #2