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They’re Versions of Us I know the month will be endless. A hundred birds making the journey. Some will die in the wind like nightfall. We’ll touch them together. Our hands rising like buttercups. Light buffering dark from dark. The fire of ourselves we’ll put to their chins. --Jessica Van de Kemp

I Was Scared of Safe Love I used to word everything for you. When I thought the clouds looked like jagged cliffs, I planned to give that simile to you. In the public pool, I opened my eyes underwater And swam slow so you could see the broken sunrays On concrete through the suspended strands of my dark hair. This, until I loved someone who actually loved me, Someone who let me keep the clouds soft for myself, Someone who let me swim fast with my eyes shut. And I should not have feared losing my similes Or missing the view by being intimate with the instant. I have not. I still have words with safe love.

---Trisha Kc Buel Wheeldon

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Peacheslitmag issue #2