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How to do research at the Peace Palace Library A brief introduction to all the resources available at the Library

Overview of this presentation • • • • • •

General visiting information Our collection How to find books, articles, etc. Recueil des Cours Other E-resources Stay alert

General visiting information • Reading room opening hours – Monday (13.00-17.00) – Tuesday – Friday (10.00-17.00)

• How to get to the Reading Room – Bring a valid ID (passport, driving license) – Tell the security at the Peace Palace gate you wish to visit the library. – The security will give you a visitor's day pass. When entering the Reading Room, give this pass to librarian at the main desk.

Peace Palace Library Collection • Public international law – E.g. law of State responsibility, human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, law of international organizations, European law, etc.

• Private international law – Private international law, international commercial law, international bankruptcy law, international law of procedure

• National law – Comparative law in general, public and constitutional law, criminal law and criminal procedure, private law, commercial law, law of civil procedure

• Special collections – Grotius collection, peace movement collection.

Where to find our materials • Materials on display in the Reading Room – Most important books, handbooks, bibliographies per subject – Our selection of new titles – Latest issues of most influential journals – Recueil des cours

• Materials in the stacks – All other books and materials

• Books

Library’s Policy

– Published after 1950: consultation inside the Reading Room and borrowing – Published between 1850-1950: consultation only – Published before 1850: please ask at the main desk.

• Articles in Journals, E-journals, Yearbooks, etc.

– Paper versions: consultation inside the Reading Room only – Electronic versions: consultation only and/or print* and download**

• Case law, primary documents, etc.

– Paper versions: ask at the main desk – Electronic versions: use our extensive collection of Databases

• Recueil des cours

– Available for download** and printing inside Reading Room *Printing cards can be purchased at the Library’s main desk **Restrictions apply; please ask at the main desk.

How to find books, articles, etc. • Initial search – Use catalogue – Use Research Guides – Look at book shelves of the reading room

Research Guides •Introduction •Bibliography •Reference works •Bibliographies •Books •Articles •Documents

•Librarian’s Choice •Database •Library Blogs •Links •Related Research guides •PPL keywords

Reading Room • • • • • • •

Most important books Handbooks Bibliographies journals Recueil des cours Wireless internet Reading Room map

The Catalogue

Different search strategies Most relevant: • title words • author • all words • subject heading • systematic code

Search results

How to request books, articles Use Plinklet-icon – – – –

Select the publication of your choice in the catalogue. Click on the ‘Plinklet’ button (link resolver). If the article is available online, a link will appear on the top of this new window which leads you to the appropriate database. Directly underneath that link, you will find a link ‘borrow,’ which brings you directly to the request/reserve-page for the relevant volume of the periodical.

Search Result

Plinklet Page

Request an article (I)

• Log in with your card number and password. •Initially, the password consists of the first three letters of your last name (‘nev’).

Request an Article (II)

• Mark the checkbox and click request/reserve

Difference between ‘request’ and ‘reserve’ • Request – If a book is available, you can ‘request’ it. – You can collect it at the Library’s main desk after approximately 45 minutes.

• Reserve – If a book is borrowed by someone else, you can ‘reserve’ it. – You will be notified by email when the book has been returned. – You can then collect it at the Library’s main desk.

Borrower Information

•Use the tab ‘Borrower Information’ to:

–Check your personal details –Check the status of your loans and reservations. –Renew your loans

–Cancel your reservations

Overview of Library’s E-Resources

Recueil des Cours • Search the Recueil des Cours

• Find:

Other databases –Use databases to look for case law, legislation, primary docs, journals and e-books –Use our categorization of the databases to find the relevant database

Our collection of databases • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Annotated leading cases of international criminal tribunals (English) • Kluwer: Arbitration Online (English) • Kluwer: Competition Law (English) ArbitrationLaw Online (English) • LawinfoChina (Chinese / English) Artemis (French) • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (English) Beck-online (German) • Nijhoff: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law- ebooks (English / CAIRN (French) • Nijhoff: International Law- ebooks (English / French) • OGEL (English) Caselex (English) • OJ OnlinePlus (English) CIAO, Columbia International Affairs Online (English) • Oxford Report: International Law (English) Constitutions of Dependencies and Territories (English) • Oxford Reports: International Courts of General Jurisdiction (Eng Constitutions of the Countries of the World (English) • Oxford Reports: International criminal law (English) Constitutions of the United States: national and state (English) • Oxford Reports: International human rights law (English) • Oxford Reports: International investment claims (English) Dalloz (French) • Oxford Reports: International Law in Domestic Courts (English) DeJure (Italian) • RDB Rechtsdatenbank (German) Droit UE Online (French) • Rechtsorde (Dutch) Eleven Online (English) • Recueil des cours (English/French) • Rida [CD only, ask reference desk] Elnet (French) • Sabinet [click SA ePublications on the right] (English) Foreign Law Guide (English) • Springer (German / English) Hein Legal Classics (English) • Strad@ (French / Dutch) Hein Online Foreign & International Law Resources Database (English) • SwissLEX (German / French) Hein World Trials (English) • TradeLawGuide (English) • United Nations Treaty Series (French / English) HUDOC (English / French) • Westlaw China (English /Chinese) Hukuk Türk • Westlaw ES (Spanish / English) (LegalWorld) (Dutch/French) • Westlaw International (English) Justis (English) • World Trade Law (English) JUTA Law (English)

Stay Alert •

RSS alerts – Table of contents electronic journals – New titles – Any keywords (subject heading)

• Newsletter – Subscribe to Library’s Newsletter

• Blogs – Peace Palace Library blog

more information => any questions? just ask us!

Peace Palace Library Instruction  

Powerpoint presentation to explain the use of the library

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