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How to do research at the Peace Palace Library Hague Academy version

A brief introduction to all the resources available at the Library

Overview of this presentation • • • • • •

General visiting information Our collection How to find books, articles, etc. Recueil des Cours Other E-resources Stay alert

General visiting information • Reading room opening hours – Monday to Friday (9.00–21.00) – Saturday (10.00-14.00) – The library is closed on Sundays

• How to get to the Reading Room – Bring a valid ID (passport, driving license) – Bring your Academy Badge.

Peace Palace Library Collection • Public international law – E.g. law of State responsibility, human rights, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, law of international organizations, European law, etc.

• Private international law – Private international law, international commercial law, international bankruptcy law, international law of procedure

• National law – Comparative law in general, public and constitutional law, criminal law and criminal procedure, private law, commercial law, law of civil procedure

• Special collections – Grotius collection, peace movement collection.

Where to find our materials • Materials on display in the Reading Room – Most important books, handbooks, bibliographies per subject – Our selection of new titles – Latest issues of most influential journals – Recueil des cours

• Materials in the stacks – All other books and materials

• Books

Library’s Policy

– Published after 1950: consultation inside the Reading Room and borrowing for one day – Published between 1850-1950: consultation only – Published before 1850: please ask at the main desk.

• Articles in Journals, E-journals, Yearbooks, etc.

– Paper versions: consultation inside the Reading Room and borrowing for one day – Electronic versions: consultation only and/or print* and download**

• Case law, primary documents, etc.

– Paper versions: ask at the main desk – Electronic versions: use our extensive collection of Databases

• Recueil des cours, eBooks

– Available for download and printing inside Reading Room *Copy request Printing cards can be purchased at the Library’s main desk **Restrictions apply; please ask at the main desk.

How to find books, articles, etc. • Initial search – Use catalogue – Use Wiki Research Guides – Look at book shelves of the reading room

Wiki Research Guides •Relevant keyword/topic •Subject introduction •See also •Selective bibliography •Bibliographies •Periodicals and Serial Publications •Books and Articles •Databases •Documents

•External links

The Catalogue

Different search strategies Most relevant: • title words • author • all words • subject heading • systematic code

Search results

How to request books, articles Use Plinklet-icon – – – –

Select the publication of your choice in the catalogue. Click on the ‘Plinklet’ button (link resolver). If the article is available online, a link will appear on the top of this new window which leads you to the appropriate database. Directly underneath that link, you will find a link ‘borrow,’ which brings you directly to the request/reserve-page for the relevant volume of the periodical.

Search Result

Plinklet Page

Request an article (I)

• Log in with your card number and password. •Initially, the password consists of the first three letters of your last name (‘nev’).

Request an Article (II)

• Mark the checkbox and click request/reserve

Difference between ‘request’ and ‘reserve’ • Request – If a book is available, you can ‘request’ it. – You can collect it at the Library’s main desk after approximately 45 minutes.

• Reserve – If a book is borrowed by someone else, you can ‘reserve’ it. – You will be notified by email when the book has been returned. – You can then collect it at the Library’s main desk.

Borrower Information

•Use the tab ‘Borrower Information’ to:

–Check your personal details –Check the status of your loans and reservations. –Renew your loans

–Cancel your reservations

Overview of Library’s E-Resources

Recueil des Cours

Recueil des Cours II

Other databases –Use databases to look for case law, legislation, primary docs, journals and e-books –Use our categorization of the databases to find the relevant database

Our collection of databases Annotated leading cases of int’l criminal tribunals ArbitrationLaw Online  Artemis  Beck-online CAIRN Caselex CIAO, Columbia International Affairs Online Constitutions of the Countries of the World Constitutions of Dependencies and Territories Constitutions of the United States: national and state Dalloz  DeJure  Droit UE Online Eleven Online Elnet  Foreign Law Guide Hein Online Foreign & International Law Resources Hein Legal Classics Hein Online United Nations Law Collection Hein World Trials HUDOC HukukTürk Investor-State Law Guide Justis

JUTA Law Kluwer: Arbitration Online Kluwer: Competition Law Kluwer Looseleafs LawinfoChina Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Nijhoff: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Nijhoff: International Law OGEL OJ OnlinePlus Oxford Reports on International Law RDB Rechtsdatenbank Rechtsorde Recueil des cours Sabinet Springer Strad@ SwissLEX TradeLawGuide United Nations Treaty Series Westlaw International Westlaw China Westlaw ES World Trade Law

Stay Alert •

RSS alerts – Table of contents electronic journals – New titles – Any keywords (subject heading)

• Email – Newsletter for new titles

• Blogs – Peace Palace Library blog – Other blogs

more information => any questions? just ask us!

Introduction to the Library (Hague Academy Version)  
Introduction to the Library (Hague Academy Version)  

Introduction to the Library of the Peace Palace