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What you’re really wishing for this Mother’s Day

Kids cooking & craft activities for Easter

Easter Fun

Meet the Mums

Ditch the rules & be the mother you Easter Chic The coolest products and accessories this Easter want to be Pinky McKay shares her wisdom Preparing your child for Easter The benefits of Yoga

Monique Nickalls shares her thoughts on helping children understand Easter

Dear Baby Girl

Women Making a difference

Tina Holtom tells why yoga is great for kids Mel Martin shares her hopes and dreams for her new unborn baby girl

Life with a newborn

Susan Pearse’s tips for your new baby

Real life: One woman’s long journey to Motherhood 4

Danielle Crismani, Despina Parakas, Tanya Love, Melina Schamroth and Alexandra Wolfson




Jo Harvey shares her tips for a greener life

Jo Watson of Little Melbourne tells us why Melbourne is a great place to visit

Being Green

M is for Molly P is for pony

Join an adorable little cowgirl at her pony party

Style Trends for AW11

Sally Mackinnon gives us the scoop on the upcoming trends for this season

Your ‘must-have’ accessories guide Natasha Mogilin’s jewellery essentials advice


Out & About in Melbourne

5 local Melbourne Mums share their fave places

Cafe culture

Jolie Morello shares her top 10 kid-friendly Melbourne cafes

Try Cycling

Kim McGann’s beauty secrets for the season

Leah Squire tells us why cycling makes a perfect family holiday activity

Tropical escape

Where to Ride competition

Sizzling hot as the days grow colder The art of layering for a winter break


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The start to 2011 has been marked by disaster and is one summer many of us will remember for years to come but for every negative there is a positive and in this issue we’re proud to bring you some of the most inspirational women we’ve had the pleasure of ever knowing. Jacqueline Pascarl of Operation Angel, Danielle Crismani of Baked Relief, Melina Schamroth of Making a difference, Alexandra Wolfson of Box of Love, Despina Parakas of Backpacks for Aussie Kids and Tanya Love of the Constellation Project, each of these women, in their own way bring joy to the lives of others. This issue we’re also celebrating motherhood! And we find out firsthand what mums really are wishing for this Mother’s Day plus we’ve put together a gorgeous wish list of gift ideas too! We’ve also got some fabulous articles from the legendary Pinky McKay, newly pregnant Mel Martin, and yoga enthusiast Tina Holtom as well as the real life story of Nadine Newell’s challenging personal journey to motherhood. image by Carolyn Bofinger

Jo Harvey shares her tips for a greener life, Rebecca Atkinson lets us in on the secret to holding a spectacular pony party and we also meet some mums in business who share their advice on the fine art of juggling business and motherhood. With Easter just around the corner too we’ve also got the scoop on helping prepare your kids for Easter with a great article from Monique Nickalls and sweet activities from Kelly Burstow, don’t miss our Easter Chic feature on some of the very quirkiest Easter accessories this year too! We also bring you the new season trends for Autumn in fashion, jewellery and beauty with articles from the very stylish Sally Mackinnon, Natasha Mogilin and Kim McGann. In our travel section we discover Melbourne and chat with Jolie Morello, Jo Watson and some of the Melburnian mums we caught up with earlier this year about the best things to see and do in this beautiful cosmopolitan city. We also rediscover cycling, the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors, with an article from our resident travel guru Leah Squire. We think there’s truly something for everyone in this issue so we hope you make the time to grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and have a read through, Enjoy!

Peace & Katy

Cover image is Renee Mayne Image by

making a difference

Danielle Crismani

Tell us about what you do? Baked Relief is a movement started by Danielle Crismani aka Digella after severe flooding devastated parts of Queensland, Australia. Separated from her boys who were with her mum (whose property was affected by flooding) and needing to do something, she came up with the idea to start baking some relief for the State Emergency Services volunteers who were sandbagging around Brisbane. She put the word out about what she was doing on her blog http://digella. and on Twitter and Facebook and offers of help and baking came rushing in. It has just grown beyond imagining since then and Baked Relief is now in the hands of hundreds of home cooks and bakers and is reaching people who are recovering from the floods and

all of those thousands of volunteers helping them. Baked Relief is providing food to people, to Volunteering QLD, the SES, QLD Police, Fire & Ambulance workers, the military helping clean up and just anyone who is out there doing what they can. Adopt a Family and Lockyer Valley & FNQ New Beginnings, projects are just a few of the initiatives being worked on as a way to continue to support families affected by the natural disasters of 2011. Baked Relief has evolved from the first plate of food Danielle brought to her local SES and is continuing to grow and progress through phases that will hopefully be long term support for those in need. Check back on our home page here to see what projects are currently underway.

What has been your greatest What do you love about what challenge? you do? With every bit of happiness I get, there is an equal amount of sadness. The loss of life, of dreams of a family home and comfort, of children losing all of their Christmas presents, the destruction to the environment from these weather events has been very hard on me emotionally. Seeking help for this has been an important thing for me. Long hours, an illness from flood waters and sheer emotional exhaustion have been the hardest part. I have been very lucky to have actually spent more one on one time with my children, I think now I see it even more special and value this time greatly.

What inspired you to start? My grandmother was an inspiration to many. She baked and coordinated food for her area during the Brisbane flooding of 1974 and I know the passion and drive she had has been infectious growing up living with her. Nigella Lawson is my idol. Until 2006 I had no interest in baking, Nigella and a candy pink Kitchenaid changed me forever.

What I love most about what I do it obviously helping families directly where they need it and knowing how much of a difference this makes. The love I didn’t expect is the many people who have a huge heart for reaching out to others in need. Whether that is organizations like Mothers Helping others, Operation Angel, Box of Love or the grandmother who baked 3000 Anzac biscuits to feed volunteers during the Brisbane flood clean up. These women are my inspiration and our connections will be lifelong. There are just so many women eager to do what ever needs doing. The greatest gift from the work I have done is to gain perspective of meeting a family who have lost everything and very nearly their lives yet say “We are the lucky ones” I cry every time I think of that.

I am not amazing, I m just a girl who had the guts to stick her head up and like a deer in the headlights with no idea of what was about to blind her. When you do this you need to be prepared for criticism and people to try and bring you down. No matter what your life is full of, Surround yourself with women you want to support and the support and nurture you will gain will be your inspiration. Never underestimate the gift you receive when you give to others. Put simply, a cupcake is life changing.


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making a difference

Tanya Love

Tell us about what you do? I am a professional photographer and a mum of 5. Usually, I photograph children, in all of their colourful, vibrant gorgeousness, both for portraiture and for commercial clients too. However, my work for The Constellations Project is so very different….

What inspired you to start? I was laying in my bed one night, a number of days after January 10, 2011,

and thinking to myself. Every cell in my body longed to do something to help those in The Lockyer Valley, whose lives had been torn apart by the infamous “wall of water” that tore through their communities. It occurred to me, on many occasions, that as I lay there, comfortable, dry and knowing that each of my kids was safely tucked into their own bed, the reality for many other families at that precise moment was so, so different. Our family is of little means. We struggle from day to day to pay our

bills, and I knew that a cash donation wasn’t possible for us. Well, not one that was within the scope of the longing that I had anyways. I lay there, drawing on every creative thought in my mind as to what I could possibly do to help. We have a large family and so, it had to be something that I could do around them. It had to be something that I could do that could *involve* them too. It had to be huge. It had to make a difference. What resources did I have? What skills did I have? I knew only one thing for certain, it would involve my camera. Gradually, over the following week, the seed that was planted in my mind that night, began to grow into an idea that I thought not only had merit, but one

which stirred great excitement within me as I realised what a difference a project like this could make. And so, a 16 month photographic flood appeal wall calendar came into existence. As I sat, trying to decide on a name for the calendar, I was drawn over and over to a Persian Proverb that I had once heard: “Only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars”. I thought of the stars, and how they shine out through said darkness, giving hope to so many who view them. I thought about how stars group together, and how the unity and strength of character shown by the people of The Lockyer Valley will be what pulls them through this dark time. It was then, that I knew, that the calendar, would become “The Constellations Project”.

I was further encouraged when I read the following in the dictionary: “Constellation”: Destiny. Future existence, post existence. A cluster of stars, or stars which appear to be near each other in the heavens. To shine. A determination of one’s character. It is my greatest hope that through the imagery I have captured through-out the calendar, people will be able to share in the journey of recovery, courage and optimism that the people of The Lockyer Valley are experiencing right now. It is my greatest hope that everybody who purchases a calendar doesn’t simply throw it in the bin after it is finished, but instead, places it in “a safe spot”, for many years to come so that children and grandchildren can learn this lesson of hope and courage too. It is my greatest hope that through my efforts, and those of the wonderful people

and businesses who have supported The Constellations Project, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of those that it is dedicated to; that is, the beautiful communities that make up The Lockyer Valley.

What has been your greatest challenge? Mother Nature! The dramatic weather patterns and continued tragedies with Cyclone Yasi, the bushfires in Perth, the Christchurch earthquake, has meant that whilst so many people have huge hearts and sincerely want to help, finances only go so far, and more and more when approaching companies for sponsorship of the calendar, we are faced with the fact that most are limited by budget and the fact that so many have been assisting those affected by the other tragedies that January 2011 has brought to Australia & New Zealand.

Combined with this, I have found it increasingly difficult to “spread myself around” as the project has gained momentum, and as such, I have had to place my “normal” clients for my own business, Love Bytes, have lower in the list of priorities due to the calendar being such a time critical project. This of course reflects very poorly on my business, and makes it difficult for our family to make ends meet as I don’t have any of my usual income. We keep our eyes firmly focussed on the bigger picture though, and the fact that our own struggles are trivial compared to those who we are trying to help, and each day, as we overcome the obstacles that we face, our enthusiasm and motivation only increases. My children really understand the wonderful affect that this project will have on the lives of kids just like themselves and with the support of them, and my awesome husband, I am absolutely determined to make this project a huge success.

What do you love about what you do? For the first few days that I was in The Lockyer Valley, I did not even pick my camera up. I spent the time connecting

with people, and helping on a practical level, using my 4wd to deliver donations and access people who were difficult to get with a normal car. I could see tangibly, just how much I was of use to these people, and it warmed my heart immensely. Every time I place a video or a photograph online, and I receive emails and messages from people saying thankyou for understanding and sharing what they are going through, I know that I am on the right path. My own children make me so proud as they continually offer to donate their favourite possessions and thinking of ways in which they can help, and my husband is behind me all the way, giving me the freedom to travel out to Grantham whenever I need to to complete my work. One day, I hope to be able to sit down with them, go through the images I have captured and show them copies of the purchases that the project has made to help the flood families, and say “WE did this guys. We were a team, and together, we helped these beautiful people to begin to put their lives back together”. What’s NOT to love about that?!

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making a difference

Despina Parakas stay with the child. These things become theirs and in some cases it’s all they have, even if they are returned home.

What inspired you to start?

Tell us about what you do? I am the Founder and CEO of Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids Inc. We fill backpacks and nappy bags with essential and personal items for kids going into foster and kinship care in Australia. The project caters for kids in far north queensland, Townsville and Perth and now the Western suburbs of Melbourne. The whole point of the backpacks project is to give children in care something to call their own. It’s my hope (because I know it won’t always happen) that the bag and it’s contents

My experience as a teacher unfortunately led me to see many children who had been removed from their homes arrive at school the next day or a few days later in a quite disheveled state. No shoes, no lunch box, stains on their clothing etc. and a plastic bag for their things. Sometimes I would get a student in my class for only a few days or weeks before they were moved on again to another placement. Carers are supposed to provide all these necessary things for kids in their care, but sometimes they are unable due to delayed payment of the carers allowance by the dept, or the child may have been dropped off at midnight. I have never been in care myself and I started this project before I became a carer, but I knew that something needed to be done to help. It’s seems such a small thing, I just hope it’s sometimes enough to put a smile on the face of a sad kid or give some sense of security to a frightened child, no matter how fleeting.

What has been your greatest challenge?

What do you love about what you do?

Funding! LOL oh, and getting the agencies and DOCS offices to understand that these backpacks are completely free for the child. Did I mention the paperwork . . . ?

I love that I may sometimes make an actual positive difference in the life of a child. It doesn’t matter that I never see them receive a bag, and yes, I do hear stories from workers who have given the bags out, but just to know the kids may get some moments of pleasure in an otherwise tumultuous experience and know that there are people who genuinely care about them . . . that’s why I do it. The children really are our future.

making a difference

Melina Schamroth

Tell us about what you do? Social entrepreneur Melina Schamroth is in the business of making a difference. Melina is the Founder of m.a.d.woman (making a difference), creator of the unique Single Volunteers dating program, Gals Doin’ Good networking events, motivational speaker and author, Melina runs programs and events to connect people with each other and with their communities. I find it hard to say no to a great cause, so I started m.a.d.woman to encourage, inspire and enable people to support the community, environment and people in need (nationally and internationally). We support everything from earthquake, flood and bushfire survivors to hungry and homeless, disadvantaged youth, neglected animals and many other people and projects.

Aside from being a speaker and author, I run a large number of events each year. Every event produces tangible social outcomes – be it events for singles, for people to network or our socially responsible corporate team building events. Our unique Single Volunteers events provide an opportunity for likeminded singles to meet while making a positive social impact – it might be Cooking for a Cause (hungry and homeless people) or doing an activity supporting a variety of other charities.

What inspired you to start?

My inspiration to start m.a.d.woman came from my time as a journalist in New Zealand. I befriended Eve Van Grafthorst (a young and well-known girl with AIDS who was ostracised from her Australian hometown. In her short life, she inspired me to believe that everyone really can make a difference.

What has been your greatest What do you love about what challenge? you do? With events we can face the odd challenge such as running the Feed Melbourne Singles night at a large sports stadium where we created a soup kitchen and had 250 singles cook 10,000 meals for homeless people. We raised $18,000 to enable charities to collect, store and distribute food to people in need and 150 of our singles matched! The biggest challenge has been running everything with no financial support from anywhere and in many respects pioneering in this sector. We’re hoping that will soon change with the granting of charitable status. In the meantime, challenges just make you more creative.

m.a.d.woman has allowed me to achieve much more than I ever thought possible – we’ve run around 200 events and inspired thousands of people to help tens of thousands of others in need. A professional highlight was being conamed 2009 RMIT Communicator of the Year with acclaimed human rights activist The Hon. Michael Kirby. I was so honoured to have my name next to his! Every day I get to make a difference. I’m m.a.d. and I’m proud!

making a difference

Alexandra Wolfson

Alexandra Wolfson and Tania Butterworth of Box of Love – Essential Care Packages. photo by Robert Trathen

Tell us about what you do? Our Vision - ‘To be beside those individuals and families displaced and affected by natural disasters - to be present and to give them a Box of Love that supports their immediate needs and makes them aware that we care, we are thinking of them and we are here to help’. Our Mission - Box of Love is a community minded initiative to assist those

immediately affected by natural disaster and to ensure they are given essential items which will assist in their day to day recovery. Box of Love has a clear focus on human self preservation and the understanding that early intervention with displaced people can make all the difference in both a damaged or recovering environment. Our Strategy - As a complimentary aid to existing charities and relief services, we will continue providing immediate

relief to those in need and to further develop Box of Love through community liaison and to continue to identify the changing needs of communities as they recover from natural disasters.

What inspired you to start? January 2011 saw Australia experiencing some of it’s worst flooding in 200 years, Queensland and Victoria being especially hard hit with thousands of families displaced from their homes. From this national tragedy bore the idea for Box of Love. Ally Wolfson founded Box of Love after losing contact with her parents during the floods around Gympie but finding out they were ok through the social media network Twitter. Ally then began hash-tagging #boxoflove on twitter to gather support and momentum for “immediate relief” care boxes to be made and to be sent out to those families and individuals affected by the floods. Tania Butterworth was one of the people who picked up Ally’s tweet and decided that the least that could be done for those affected by the floods was to get making a Box of Love. 500 boxes later and a passionate partnership, Box of Love is committed to making a difference and committed to the families, individuals, pets and loved ones who have been directly affected by natural disaster.

What has been your greatest challenge? The greatest challenge as a provider of immediate relief in our current climate is response time and effectiveness. Ideally we try to get communities making and distributing our essential care packages within hours of a disaster or incident, but with so many events happening at once it can be a challenge in pure logistics. We recently visited Christchurch to recruit volunteers to co-ordinate the making and distribution of Box of Love essential care packages amongst displaced families in Canterbury and we have a translated web page for Japan since the tsunami struck on 11th March 2011. No challenge to-date has been to great.

What do you love about what you do? I am passionate about helping others; meeting and supporting people in these extraordinary circumstances is an overwhelming experience that fills me with a drive and a passion to make Box of Love Essential Care Packages an international standard in times of crisis. The people I meet when delivering our essential care packages inspire me and my hero’s are everyday people, dealing with everyday life but coping in extraordinary circumstances.


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Easter Bonnet Ideas Feather Hat Materials: Cardboard, feathers, ribbon, glue, stapler 1. Curl a piece of cardboard into a cone shape the size of your child’s head. 2. Staple a piece of ribbon to either side of the hat. 3. Using a glue stick, place feathers on the hat.

Flower Hat Materials: 20cm ring, ribbon, fake flowers 1. Purchase a 20 cm ring. These are available from craft shops. 2. Cut the fake flowers off the stem and wind around the ring. Repeat until the entire ring is covered. 3. Tie ribbon on each side of the hat.

Easter Egg Decorating Here’s two fun ways to decorate eggs. Food Colouring 1. Place a hard-boiled egg in a cup filled with water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and food colouring of choice. 2. Leave the eggs in the water for at least an hour. 3. Carefully lift the egg out of the water with a spoon to avoid cracking. 4. Tip: Wrap a rubber band around the boiled egg before placing it in the dyed water for an interesting pattern. Drawing 1. Decorate egg with permanent markers.

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Easter kids cooking If you’re looking for an easy and fun cooking activity, try these bunny biscuits Ingredients: marshmallows, liquorice, sultanas, milk arrowroot biscuits, icing To minimise the sugar content, I used a little icing to fasten the decorations to the biscuit. You can ice the entire biscuit if you like too. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Cut marshmallows in half for ears. Cut a sultana in half for the eyes. Use liquorice for the mouth and whiskers. Cut to desired thickness and length. Use small pieces of marshmallows for the teeth and nose.

Easter Craft This paper craft is ideal for playgroups or a home craft. Materials: New Life Egg Template, colouring pens, sticky tape, paddle pop sticks, glue & feathers (optional) 1. Print out the New Life Egg Template 2. Allow child to colour (or glue feathers) over egg and chick. 3. Cut out top cracked egg. 4. Sticky tape two paddle pop sticks together to make a long stick. 5. Cut along dotted line. Tip: to avoid ripping, place sticky tape over line on the front and back before cutting. 6. Sticky tape the long paddle pop stick at the back of the top cracked egg. Tip: There’s a dot on the template as a guide. 7. Insert the long paddle pop stick in to the cut section. 8. Move the stick to make the egg hatch.

Easter Games Easter egg hunt An Easter egg hunt is always a hit with kids. I fill empty plastic eggs with chocolate eggs and a trinket. This way chocolate eggs don’t get lost. You can give each child a small basket or bag to collect their winnings.

Egg and Spoon Race Give each child a boiled egg and spoon. The idea is to get to the finish line without dropping the egg off the spoon. Have a Blessed Easter with your family from Kelly.

Kelly Burstow Kelly and her husband live in Queensland with their four children. Combining Kelly’s love for writing and her passion for parenting led to the creation of her blog, ‘Be A Fun Mum’. Be A Fun Mum was born in July 2009 and since then, has grown significantly to become a place parents come for ideas and sharing; one mum to another. Be A Fun Mum encourages the enjoyment of motherhood, one moment at a time. Love the Moment

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Preparing for


Along with Christmas and Birthdays, Easter is a wonderful time of family togetherness and celebration. Even though Easter is a traditional religious occasion, it is also a celebration with strong commercial and cultural meanings for us here in Australia. Did you know that the Easter holiday existed in pagan times, and celebrated renewal and re-birth? In more recent times, Easter is when Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. I know Easter is approaching when hot cross buns make an appearance in the shops. Our family loves hot cross buns and wish they were available all year round! But hot cross buns have a deeply religious meaning too. The round shape represents the shape of the rock that was removed from the front of Christ’s tomb, the spices represent the frankincense and myrrh, and the cross of course represents the crucifixion. They are also supposed to not contain any eggs or dairy products so people celebrating Lent are able to eat them. I think it’s a good idea to discuss this with our kids when they are old enough to understand, even if you don’t celebrate the religious side of Easter its wonderful for our children to have an understanding of this side of Easter as well as the fun side of chocolate and bunnies. I’m sure that you and your family, like us, have developed your own Easter traditions. As with most others, we enjoy a fish dinner on Good Friday. I stock up on hot cross buns to last the long weekend. We support Australian culture by giving our children Bilbys instead of Bunnies.

And because our children are still young, we have heaps of fun doing an egg hunt. If you are in Sydney you might attend the Royal Easter Show each year!

“Even if you don’t celebrate the religious side of Easter its wonderful for our children to have an understanding of this as well as the fun side of chocolate and bunnies.” With Easter fast approaching, I thought I would share with you some low cost things to do with your children in the lead up to Easter: • There are lots of free printable colouring sheets available online, find some your child will like and print them out. • Research and talk about the real meaning of Easter • Borrow some Easter books from the library • Bake some hot cross buns • Make & decorate your own Easter gift tags So, whether you are a Christian family or not, the Easter long weekend is a perfect time for us all to enjoy and celebrate each other’s company and perhaps start one of your own special family traditions.

Monique Nickalls

Written by Mum of 2 boys Monique Nickalls JP (Qual) BSc (hons) Dip Prof Couns. Visit Monique at or her blog © Monique Nickalls 2011


is for Molly


is for Pony

My daughter Molly has been obsessed with horses for some time now and so it was just natural that she would ask for a “pony party” for her 3rd birthday.

The amazing cupcakes were from Lulu’s Cupcakes who matched the colours perfectly with the fabric swatch I gave her.

I decided to put a vintage twist on the theme and have a hobby horse as the main icon. She never swayed from her chosen theme so I was able to start collecting little bits and pieces for the party early on. Op shops, second hand shops and Ebay were all exhausted to find the accessories for the dessert table, together with many DIY elements to the day.

Then there was the cake!!! Mum baked the 3 layered cake for me and dad lovingly iced it- are the unofficial birthday cake makers in the family! I made the cake bunting on top- just one of the DIY elements on the day. The fabric backdrop was the main DIY feature on the table, and I also made a matching wreath for the front door.

I wanted to create a vintage/cowgirlfeel to the desesrt table and selected foods that fit the theme. They included rustic apple and rhubarb and pear pies, peanut butter cups (Molly is peanut butter MAD!) and the sultana and oat cookies (which were great fun to make with the kids). I designed a range of ‘Party Printables’ from her invitation design and had little food flags and tents for everything on the table, as well as some chocolate wrappers.

Finally I covered a ‘M’ with the same fabric as the bunting to add a personalised touch to the table. The Happy 3rd Birthday sign hanging from the dessert table was another easy DIY using doilies and printed card, pegged onto jupe with mini clothes pegs. To personalise the hobby horse party favours, I ordered some initial badges from Etsy buttonsandbadges and attached them to some rosettes I made out of scrap fabric, lace and buttons. Each child received one in place of traditional lolly bags.

Rebecca Atkinson is Mum to Molly and owns online store Little Spunky Monkey. Visit her here:

“I had so much fun making all of these little elements for the party and am so happy that they all tied in together so well. So many of them can be used as either decoration around our home or in Molly’s bedroom.�



Easy ways to bring eco-friendly living into your home Like Kermit used to sing “It’s not easy being green” - if it were, everyone would be doing it and that would be f-a-b-u-lo-u-s! However don’t let this thought put you off, everyone has the ability to make a difference, and the amount of commitment is entirely up to you. I must jump in here and confess to being someone who has always been an outstanding role model for the green movement someone who struggled with “being eco friendly”. Up until 4 years ago, I was terrible at recycling, unconcerned about saving water (I don’t take long showers anyway, so why should it matter?) and equally unimpressed with recycled toilet paper and similar products that were usually only available in “hippy shops” or so I thought. Much has changed since then, probably the most significant being that I had a child, and my ‘conscience’ appeared, along with my newfound responsibilities as a mother and provider. Suddenly, it wasn’t just me and my world; a common misconception that I seemed to share with my 20 something friends. It now belonged to my little girl and one day, she would inherit all that I had created – the good, the bad and the ugly. Funnily enough, I started to take notice of areas of my life that felt as though they needed improvement, and decided that

I should make some changes. If you are expecting me to say that everything changed overnight, you are quite wrong – remember Kermit: “It’s not easy……… hmmm hmmmm hmmm”. Had I turned around during my ‘epiphany’ and decided to completely alter the way we (my family) live, I would not have been successful at all. I took a look at what I was doing, and made a list of what the most important areas of concern were. I did waste water, I wasn’t conscious of wasting electricity, I never recycled and I was uneducated about the range of eco friendly products available on the market (and this was really just the tip of the ‘ice berg’). Let’s look at recycling first – how can you change what you currently do, and how many of us out there actually “reduce, reuse and recycle” to our best ability? Some simple changes to your recycling habits, can net a great improvement so don’t hold back! Each of us allegedly create over 2.5kgs of waste per day, contributing to the 20 million tonnes (plus) of waste that we generate each year. Surely, this is one of the key places you can make a marked difference, to not only the environment but your hip pocket also – reducing your waste and recycling can often lead to savings in this area.


*The shopping bags you get at the checkout – there are some funky and cost effective options for reusable shopping bags or trolleys these days. Take them with you, and avoid the plastic bags at the checkout. (These types of bags not only create massive amounts of landfill, they also take between 20 and 1,000 years to break down) *The amount of packaging your purchases have – buy fresh and avoid pre packaged/ pre cut items where possible. Imagine if everyone did this just once a week! *The frequency you buy something – In saying this, I mean buy in bulk where possible and place portions into containers yourself. By doing this, we can significantly reduce the amount of packaging we use over time. Less containers and packaging = less landfill.


*Items that you use frequently – Things such as lunch wrap can be replaced with sandwich wrappers (washable, reusable and eco friendly fabric bags/lunch sacks). Replace ordinary batteries with rechargeable ones, re use glass jars for any number of things around the house. Save egg cartons, toilet roll, meat trays (If you get them) and milk bottles and take them to local kindergartens or primary schools – they can almost always be used!

*Let someone else reuse your items – Have a garage sale or clean out, then donate the rest to the Salvation Army or similar charity. * Try shopping at Savers or charity stores – Sounds a little daggy and ‘embarrassing to some, however there are loads of cool things you will find (amongst having some giggling fun at the stuff you see) at bargain prices – and better still, the money you spend goes to people in need.


*Everything you possibly can! Paper and cardboard, bottles and jars, Juice and milk cartons to name a few household items. Check with your local council if you are unsure as to what you can recycle in your household bin – they will be more than happy to help. *Buy recycled yourself – Give it a try (the toilet paper is not that bad) the paper doesn’t look any different and you are totally helping our environment by doing so. So, do I do this all the time? I would be lying if I said I did! There are times when I forget the reusable shopping bags, or I will hastily purchase something I shouldn’t with extra packaging – but like someone who falls off a horse – I get straight back on and “keep riding”. Make the most of what you do – start today and help our environment, our children and yourself!

Jo Harvey

With a strong background in Hotel Management and training, the move to start up her eco friendly brand Babyjo, was a massive change in direction. The past 3 years have seen Jo Harvey develop Babyjo into a well respected, award winning business – with stockists worldwide and a wealth of knowledge in online operations, wholesale trading, import and export. Sustainability and environment are a major focus of the business and Jo is always happy to share what she has learnt.

Mother’s day

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Mothers Day

Here’s what our connect2mums members are wishing for

“I am wishing for an eternity ring (if I’m lucky), and a wonderful family picnic.” Marlies Nitschke Adelaide, SA

“For mothers day i’m wishing for a stress free day, no washing, no housework, just a lot of fun with my family of three....” Sharna Booth Weinrowski - Ringwood Vic

“A beautiful breakfast at our favourite swan valley winery followed by a picnic by the river or the beach. A day full of family and lots of love and cuddles! And no housework!” Cassie Levitzke - Sth Guildford, WA

“I’m wishing for a Mecca Cosmetica voucher!” Lami Martin - Ringwood Vic

“I have already told my partner this is what I want as a present. For my family and myself to do the Mothers Day Classic fun run, we will be walking/ running for my sister in law who had breast cancer last year.” Nicole Golland -South Morang, Vic

“A lovely breakfast with my daughter and Husband & maybe a Kitchen Aid mix master to make lots of lovely things!” Daniela Gagliardi - Surrey Hills, Vic

“A special day with my kids and my hubby (Zane’s first one I cant wait !)” Kylie Francis - Boronia Heights Qld

“I have been given the gift of a beautiful girl, so as long as I’m showered in kisses & told I’m loved, thats all I need this mothers day!” Tammy Crane - Pendle Hill, NSW

“If I had one wish for Mothers Day it would be to create a tradition. Something that we all enjoyed doing & would look forward to doing every year.” Jasmin Pearson - Brisbane, Qld

“Tickets to ‘Mary Poppins’ would be good (for me and my girl) or time, more time? Or a facial/pedicure treatment!” Sarah Olencewicz Frenchs Forest NSW

“A little bit of a sleep-in would be nice...” Donna MacMullin - Fairfield Vic

“I really have everything I could wish for and more-great family, healthy and thriving twins and a new business venture doing the thing I enjoy so much... however I would so love to be able to fly my mother (pictured) from Malaysia to be with us here so that we can shower her with love and celebrate her dedication and never ending devotion for me and my children in a grand way she deserves. A Mother's love is too amazing no words can describe!� Li-Ann Scott - Hawthorn, Vic

“Quality time, with not a care or thought in the world to anything else like work, Uni or the household chores - instead having a picnic in the park, sitting back watching Mark have a ball and thinking how grateful and lucky I am to be his Mum!” Dani Franklin - Adelaide, SA

“Spending more quality time with my family and balancing that with ‘me’ time..” Natalie Yates - Miranda, NSW

“Breakfast in Bed with my two little men, then a day outside having fun together with lots of hugs for mummy.” Megan Knight - Tugun Qld

“Wishing for lots of love from my daughter!” Emma Maker - Mooloolaba, Qld

“Well, we don’t really celebrate Mothers Day, but I encourage my boys to look after me a little bit every day :) My darling husband is so careful to make sure that our boys are bought up respecting women and treating them like precious treasures. I’m so proud to say that they’re doing a great job.” Deb Amsler - Gold Coast , Qld

“I’m wishing for a sleep-in!” Annette Grant - Valla, NSW

“Breakfast in bed ( boys to cook pancakes!) , followed by a lovely morning in church and a huge Yum Cha lunch at my favourite restaurant. Finish the day with desserts by the jetty and a game of soccer!” Kamini Navin - Adelaide SA

“I’m looking forward to spending my first official Mother’s Day with my beautiful son and the rest of my family - Mum, Dad, Brothers & Sisters & their children. A day we can all share together.” Bev Deeks - Miranda (Sydney) NSW

“Bouquet of Beautiful Flowers, Trip to Paris, fun outing with the family and a wonderful dinner at The Outback Steakhouse!” Nicole Flothe - Naples, Florida USA

“A sleep in would be nice! But really just a relaxed, conflict free day with my husband, son and step-daughter that starts with hot coffee and a croissant” Sarah Garbuio - Melbourne, VIC

“My wish for Mother’s Day is a handmade card from my five-year-old daughter Mia who is in kindergarten, and maybe some spring bulbs so we could do some gardening together.” Rachel Kerr - Canberra, ACT

“I’m wishing for a day where I don’t have to worry about work and what I should be doing and can just spend it with my family doing whatever the day brings.” Belinda Long - Toowoomba QLD

“For Mother’s Day I am hoping to recieve a very special present from Charlie....a whole night of unbroken sleep! It would also be great if my gorgeous fiancee picked up on my hints for a necklace from Koolaman Design.” Kara Lorgelly - Lyndhurst, Victoria

“This Mothers day I hope my mother who has Alzheimer’s has fantastic day with my children, my husband and me. My mother lives with me and due to her Alzheimer’s now thinks I’m her mum.” Nathalie Brown - Melbourne Vic

“My husband and my little girl bringing me breakfast in bed, and a lovely bunch of flowers. With a kiss on the cheek.“ Alison Wheeler - Brisbane, Qld

“Just for my boys to tell me that they love me, husband included. Other than that breakfast in bed would be nice!” Shannon Tyler - Kangaroo Flat, Vic

“I wish to express my gratitude for everything Mum has done for me & for the fun times I get to spend with her. I love seeing her happy, in the moment and at peace. It fills my heart with so much joy. I am now excited to become a Mum myself and pass on to my children the wonderful skills & crafts Mum has thaught me. And I wish for our Love to continue to grow as we do.” Farina Hradetzky - Barwon Heads, VIC

"A BIG sleep in, breakfast-in-bed that my 6yr old and 4yr old will so proudly have concocted, followed by our Sunday morning cuddles and stories in bed!” Kristy Smith North Balgowlah, Sydney, NSW

books About the book: From an early age, Caitlin O’Reilly was taught by her father to strive for nothing short of perfection. Growing up in a small town in the North of Ireland, she tries to live up to his expectations, and when she goes to university and falls in love for the first time, she thinks everything really is perfect. Until one day when the town, her love and her family, are completely destroyed. Ten years later, Caitlin has created a new life for herself in Melbourne, leaving her past and her family firmly behind. But when she meets Matthew and finds herself falling in love again, what happened in Ireland is suddenly closer and more relevant than ever, unearthing all the hurts and betrayals and secrets she has tried so hard to bury.

About the book: Lexi and Mia are inseparable from the moment they start high school. Different in so many ways Lexi is an orphan and lives with her aunt on a trailer park, while Mia is a golden girl blessed with a loving family, and a beautiful home. Yet they recognize something in each other which sets them apart from the crowd, and Mia comes to rely heavily on Lexi’s steadfast friendship. Mia’s beloved, twin brother Zach, finds life much less complicated than his sister. The summer they graduated is a time they will always remember, and one they could never forget. It is a summer of love, best friends, shared confidences and promises. Then one moment one night changes them all forever.

What we thought: Kristin Hannah is my What we thought: I loved this story and new favourite author. This book is an following Caitlin’s journey to find her intense and dramatic story, I could not way. A well-written story filled with love, put it down. Lexi’s strength and honesty forgiveness and the importance of family. throughout the story was remarkable and I found myself thinking about her long after I’d finished reading the book.

About the book: Caretta Rutledge thought she’d left her Southern roots and troubled family behind. But after an unusual request from her mother, Cara heads back to the scenic Carolina Lowcountry of her childhood. Before long, Cara rediscovers her love for her island home as she repairs the family beach house, becomes a bona fide “turtle lady” and renews friendships with old acquaintances long thought lost. Most importantly, it is the reconnection with her mother that teaches Cara her most important life lessons – true love involves sacrifice, family is forever and mistakes of the past can be forgiven. What we thought: Cara’s transformation from hard-nosed city girl to island loving free spirit was delightful to be a part of. And the magic of the Beach House and the island itself had me from the start. A delightful read.

About the book: Claudia Taylor’s life is a mess. Her twenties and thirties seem to have disappeared in a haze of boring office jobs, unsuitable shags and superficial spending. Her latest disaster? An ill-advised fling. In an attempt to get some perspective on her life, Claudia jets off to glorious Santorini with her two best friends, Tara and Sophie. But it’s not long before they’re shaking their heads at some of Claudia’s shenanigans. Meanwhile, Sophie and Tara are wrestling with their own issues. Sophie, a former high-flying career woman, is struggling with being a stay-at-home mother and her husband’s nasty ex-wife. Tara, meanwhile, is sick of her dead-end job and trying to write a novel. What we thought: Claudia’s Big Break is perfect holiday reading! Fun and funny - a girl’s adventure to the idyllic Greek islands, what’s not to love? It also explores the themes of friendships and finding your place in life, we loved it!

About the book: A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such successful kids. They wonder what Chinese parents do to produce so many math whizzes and music prodigies, what it's like inside the family, and whether they could do it too. Amy Chua's daughters, Sophia and Louisa (Lulu) were polite, interesting and helpful, they were two years ahead of their classmates in maths and had exceptional musical abilities. But Sophia and Lulu were never allowed to attend a sleepover, be in a school play, choose their own extracurricular activities, get any grade less than an A, and not be the #1 student in every subject (except gym and drama). It was supposed to be a story of how Chinese parents are better at raising kids than Western ones. But instead, it's about a bitter clash of cultures, a fleeting taste of glory, and how you can be humbled by a thirteen-year-old. Witty, entertaining and provocative, this is a unique and important book that will transform your perspective of parenting forever. What we thought: Honestly I was both intrigued and horrified by this book, its almost like a ‘HOW-NOT-TO’ guide to parenting, yet at the same time it was so honest that I felt like I was part of the family. Don’t try this at home girls!

About the book: One in six Aussie couples trying to conceive are riding the emotional rollercoaster of infertility, with a huge one in three couples predicted to be affected by infertility in the next ten years. These figures, however shocking, do not even begin to tell the story of heartbreak, loss, guilt and blame that each and every couple trying to conceive feels. Many couples, in their desperation, spend precious hours and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on treatments, without knowing exactly how the treatments work, what the possible side-effects are and whether there is any scientific evidence to back them up. This was Angela Hutchins’ experience during her six-year battle to conceive. A career-girl, she decided too late that she wanted to start a family. Years of unsuccessful IVF later, she discovered Chinese medicine and was finally successful in falling pregnant. What we thought: This book is a great resource, with lots of helpful and detailed information as well as links and references for further reading. A must-have guide for anyone trying to conceive.

Environmentally Conscious Microfibre cloths

motherhood special feature

Ditch the rules & be the mother you want to be

You may have read a dozen books and been to a number of classes and you may have decided exactly what sort of parenting style will work for you. The thing is that what seemed completely sensible before you had a baby may not actually fit YOUR baby now that he is here. For instance, I have seen women with neatly printed and ruled routine charts and checklists ready to slot their baby in and then, when their unique baby doesn’t eat sleep and play according to the routine, the poor mothers are thrown into chaos. The worst thing is that rather than realising that the routine (prescribed by somebody who doesn’t know YOUR baby) is unhelpful right now, mothers tend to think they are doing something wrong and this self-doubt erodes what little confidence they may have. I have also seen many women who write down every feed, how many minutes, which side, how many wees and poos and how many minutes of sleep their babies have. They strive to find a pattern and become so obsessed about what their baby is doing (or not doing) that they are not only creating an enormous amount of extra work, but they are so focussed on outcomes that they aren’t spending any time enjoying their baby – gazing and smelling and smooching and ‘drinking in’ this beautiful being. This is what really

matters, not how long your baby sleeps, how often she feeds or whether you have her in a ‘routine’. Remember, there are no rules. Now you may be asking, so how do I know what is right and who to believe? My criteria for discerning what is right –as well as trusting your own feelings – is to step back and check in by asking, ‘is it safe?” and, “is it respectful?” If you want to try some new advice or a new way of being with your baby and if it fits this criteria, then go ahead and see if it works for you and your baby. If what you are doing works for you and your family, it feels right and it is safe and respectful, then this is what is right for you. Of course, babies change so much that just when you feel you have things sorted and working well, suddenly what worked previously may not work so well any more. This is the time to reassess and perhaps try another strategy. Again, if you have any doubts about what you are doing, do your check in – is it safe? Is it respectful? Does it feel right? This can also work if you are told advice that undermines your parenting. And, if anything doesn’t feel right to you, step back and allow yourself to watch your baby and wonder ‘how is this working?’, ‘is it helpful?’. This is YOUR baby and YOU are your own best expert.

Pinky McKay

Pinky McKay, International Board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), runs a private practice in Melbourne specializing in gentle parenting techniques. A sought after keynote speaker and best-selling author with 4 titles published by Penguin, including her recent book Parenting By Heart. Pinky’s books, parenting resources and her free newsletter ‘Gentle Beginnings’ can be found on her website www. Or to listen to Pinky’s FREE recording, ‘What THEY aren’t telling you - Mummy Meltdowns and the REAL truth about parenting,’ check out


the benefits of

for you and your child

Twenty-first century kids have to contend with growing up in a crazy paced world with the stresses of busy parents and home life, coupled with raging hormones and in-your-face media and advertising. Schooling may be competitive, and it is no surprise that children become stressed, as adults do. Drawing on the techniques of Yoga can empower children, as well as adults, with tools to handle stress, moods and anxieties and can provide time to cultivate self-awareness, confidence and calm. Yoga controls and soothes emotions, removing anxiety through stretching and breathing, and enhances mental focus and physical performance. As well as improved self-esteem, the relaxation

benefits help children to sleep and rest. Learning to breathe with awareness may help to control their anger (releasing negativity and excess energy) and can give shy ones more confidence and self acceptance. Yoga keeps the bones healthy, strong and aligned, and the muscles around them more supple, avoiding future tensions and injuries. Balancing poses enhance focus, grace and concentration. They awaken creativity and fine tune the mind. Poses named after animals and geometric angles encourage imagination and play, combined with strength, fitness and discipline. Weight is regulated and the “whole� child is treated - mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Yoga is also a great stress relief, a natural anti-depressant, and increases flexibility which helps to strengthen and tone muscles, and ultimately burns that unwanted body fat!

“Aside from the obvious benefits that Yoga has for children, mums & dads should also take time out from their hectic schedules to focus on their own health.”

So not only will Yoga help you to look and feel great about yourself, but it’s also the perfect way to take some time out of your busy life and reenergize those batteries.

The many varied health benefits focus on enhancing the overall immune system therefore decreasing the chance of illness.

Tina Holtom Tina Holtom, mum to 2 boys, and Founder of Monkey Bars Play & Learn Centre in WA. Tina long recognised the need for a place where parents can meet, exchange ideas and friendships, while their children are engaged in a fun and imaginative early learning program. From this, Monkey Bars was born – a unique centre where almost everything for parents and children is on offer. Tina has extensive experience in education, early childhood development and business management, and has a unique passion for keeping childhood fun, carefree and full of wonder for as long as possible.

motherhood special feature

DEAR BABY GIRL Summer is over and Autumn is here, and I think I’m in love…. with my unborn baby girl. I know it sounds clichéd; the feeling you get when you find out you’re pregnant is overwhelming and so hard to explain in words. Suddenly you’re responsible not only for looking after your own body, but another live human being growing inside you. Sounds a bit alien like and freaky but in truth, it feels like the most natural thing in the world. This is my first pregnancy and is something I have always dreamed of. Nothing can prepare you for all the weird and wonderful changes that happen to your body, and your mind for that matter. As soon as I knew I was pregnant at 4 weeks this tiny little blob in my belly took over. I have been keeping a diary for my baby girl and I thought I’d share a few excerpts of my pregnancy journey so far. Dear Little One Wow what a busy first trimester it was. Not only were you conceived after 4 months of “trying” but Mummy and Daddy got married! We eloped not long after finding out we were expecting you. Although the wedding was planned already (so no, it wasn’t a shotgun wedding), we were elated to be pregnant and it topped off a very special occasion. You certainly showed your presence early, creating lots of cramps and pelvic pain, which mummy put down to my insides starting to stretch and expand to accommodate its new tenant. Most of the honeymoon was spent feeling nauseous, bloated and so exhausted; who knew growing a baby was so tiring. I got my first glimpse of you as a tiny blob at a 4 week ultrasound then again at 8 weeks, by then you were more embryo-looking but as Daddy said, “It still has

a tail!” Most exciting was the 12 week scan which Daddy came too as well. We watched in amazement as we saw your limbs, face and brain and your little heart beating sounded like galloping horses. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face and Daddy had tears in his eyes. Although I didn’t look very pregnant in that first 12 weeks I certainly felt it! Welcome on board little one Your Mummy xx Dear Baby Girl Although everything was going well, during our 2nd trimester we had to have an amniocentesis, just to make sure you weren’t at risk of having any chromosomal abnormalities (big words I know, I’ll explain it someday). It was a bit scary, the results were all fine, but the exciting part of it was we found out we were having a beautiful little girl. Oh yay, a pink room, my favourite colour. By this stage I was 16 weeks pregnant, definitely starting to show and needing to upgrade my wardrobe. No more nausea which made me feel human again, but then of course I was hungry all the time, eating anything in sight. Especially sweet things, but don’t tell anyone, it’s our little secret, oh us and the scales of course. It was lovely to celebrate Christmas with you growing inside me. It was during this time I first felt you move. It’s hard to explain but it feels like a little flutter below your belly button, some describe it like a butterfly is trapped in there. Eventually it graduates to a good kick in the ribs, but I love it! It’s so reassuring and even though Daddy can feel it on the outside, it’s like our special little thing we share. Sometimes when we are listening to your heart with the Doppler you give it a kick, as if to say “hey I’m in here”. Back chatting already! It’s also during the 2nd trimester that the weather heats up. It made me feel very hot and uncomfortable. A few nights in February the temperature stayed up over 35 degrees at night, I was worried I was cooking you in there. The heat is unbearable and I found myself having cold showers to cool down my body. One thing you do find when you’re pregnant is that your body temp is already elevated. Its like carrying around a hot water bottle inside you. Daddy says I radiate heat at night and in winter we won’t need a heater. We do lots of swimming, and sitting inside where there is air-conditioning. Towards the end of this trimester you are moving about a lot. You almost have your own pattern of awake and sleep time. I wish you slept more at night; apparently this is practise for what’s to come! Sleeping and getting comfortable at night is getting harder to do, with sore legs and back keeping me up. That rather large bump on the front doesn’t help much either. I have a long body pillow which is supposed to help but I’ve noticed daddy keeps stealing it, he says it’s like cuddling me without the heat. Hopefully the end of summer will bring cooler weather. Stay cool little one Love Mummy xx

Dear very active baby girl. We are finally in the 3rd and last trimester, yay only 12 weeks to go. Daddy and I are busy getting the nursery ready, painting, new carpet and lots of washing already. I am so glad that it will be Autumn during the most uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Autumn is a time of change, the leaves start to fall off the trees, the weather cools down and the days get shorter. And of course you will grow even more. I now officially have a belly the size of a basketball and it’s only going to get bigger. I haven’t seen below my navel for a while and suddenly my breasts are bigger and leaking gross stuff. I did explain to Daddy this was colostrum but he found it a bit yuck! Not sure how he’ll go with all those dirty nappies then! I’ve been feeling some Braxton Hicks, which is apparently my uterus getting ready for labour. I don’t like to think that far ahead. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Many mothers before me have done it and returned to do it a 2nd or 3rd time, so how hard can it be? You’re due to arrive in the month of May. Although you shouldn’t be born yet, it will be Mother’s Day in early May, which I am going to celebrate as an expectant Mum. After all, I’m already taking care of you, feeding you, trying to get you to sleep more, and even taking you on lots of outings to our ante natal classes. Can’t wait to meet you, hurry up and arrive (although not too early). Keep safe and see you soon. Love Mummy xx I am so happy to be able to share my pregnancy story with you all, I hope you enjoy reading about it, I’m sure a lot of you can relate. For all those mums and mum’s to be, Happy Mothers day for the 8th of May.

Melissa Martin Melissa is a 30 something year old woman who has been married, widowed, in long and short term relationships. Although she has no formal qualifications, she has been out in the singles world for the past 6 years experiencing the trials and tribulations of the modern dating world. This alone makes her an expert! Melissa loves to share her experiences, views and opinions on dating, men, sex and any other topic relevant to being a woman. She is funny, honest and at times irreverent (which is why we love her!!!)

motherhood special feature

Life with a

NEWBORN Life with a newborn is especially challening for many first time mums, here are a few tips to help make your experience a little bit easier.  Practice keeping it really simple in these first few weeks.  Don’t be afarid to accept and ask for help from friends and family, they are your support network and often enjoy being part of this new life too.

 Be aware of how your own and others expectations can distract from just doing the simple things. When you feel any sense of pressure to do more than settle yourself and your baby into a simple routine, check where it is coming from – are you wanting to do too much too soon? Do you feel you need to respond to every request for a visit? Do you wish the house, dishes, washing were being maintained to the same level they were before baby arrived? Whenever you notice these expectations just remind yourself that the only really critical thing you need to do is work on helping your baby adjust.  You, and your partner as well as any siblings, need this time as much as your baby does. It sets the foundation for calm and clear parenting as you go forward and allows you all to get to know each other.  Keep it simple – feeding, bathing, sleeping, changing nappies and looking after yourself are what you need to focus on and not much more. These tips are from the ‘Bump to Baby Guide’ available from

motherhood special feature My story: The long road to motherhood by Nadine Newell Prior to my daughter’s arrival I planned things for other people for a living. The decision to have a child was no different. Little did I know that motherhood doesn’t always go the way we planned.

I had been married to the love of my life for quite a few years. I spoke to friends who had recently had babies and discovered it could be tricky to get into your chosen OB/Gyn once pregnant, so I thought I’d get a pre pregnancy check-up and get on the books at the same time. The appointment was a long way off, but I wasn’t in a rush so was happy to wait. I also started seeing a naturopath, again just to be the best me that I could. 17 December 2003 The appointment with the doctor finally rolled around. The appointment went well. The big question, were my cycles regular? Yes, I’d been on the pill for years, they were perfect – famous last words as it turned out. Christmas came and went. It was my closest girlfriend’s 30th birthday in January 2004, a big affair at a restaurant. I remember thinking, I shouldn’t have a drink to celebrate, my period is late – oh, I might be pregnant, how exciting! This was the start of the ‘something’s not right’, but I didn’t know it at the time. Mid year was fast approaching. We were having lots of sex but I still wasn’t pregnant. My job was stressful and I wasn’t enjoying it any more. July 2004 Working in a small industry and word of mouth that I was looking and keen to jump ship saw some offers come up. August 2004 I had now been off the pill for more than 12 months; my cycles seemed to be getting longer and less regular. I went to the GP twice to do a pregnancy test, even though the tests at home where negative.

Christmas 2004 The big announcement over the Christmas table (literally) is that my best friend is pregnant. That was a Christmas dinner to remember! I was a little sad for myself: my cycle is now really all over the place length-wise but a new problem arises – heavy, excessive bleeding. Think 11, 12, 13 days’ worth and every time I finally get my period it’s the same. I finally find the courage to tell my girlfriend who is pregnant about the bleeding, she suggests I see her OB/Gyn – it’s been 18 months since I saw the other Ob/Gyn, why not see another? All the things that go through your mind – long cycle, heavy bleeding – all I can suggest is stay away from Dr Google. April 2005 Appointment with my girlfriends OB/Gyn I start the first of many tests, including blood tests galore; I think I’m donating to the blood bank via the pathology lab. My husband also has blood tests and gets a sperm analysis done, just in case. I also had my first ultrasound – a trans virginal ultrasound. Being plus-size made the scan more difficult. Having a full bladder and waiting for the appointment was only the start. The doctor was lovely – she was patient and calm and never made a big deal about my shape or the difficulty we had in getting the scan done. June 2005 Back to the Ob/Gyn and he tells me I have PCOS. Looking back I should have seen the signs, but there wasn’t as much information out there about PCOS as there is today. PCOS isn’t his speciality – but he is referring me to the best person he knows, an associate professor at the Royal Women’s Hospital who is a reproductive endocrinologist and the

man who wrote the bible on PCOS in Australia! Monday 4 July 2005 At our first visit the RE looks over all the test results that we have brought to him and after a physical examination of me concurs with the Ob/Gyn: of course I have PCOS. I buy his book from the receptionist as we are leaving and armed with a prescription for Metformin (the wonder drug for those with PCOS) leave to return in six weeks’ time. Thursday 11 August 2005 Well, only five weeks as I’m really impatient to be told come back in three more months – the medication needs time to work after all, but yes, I had lost a few kilograms and was feeling better. Thursday 20 October 2005 Another appointment, and by now I have learnt to always take someone with me: sometimes there is just too much information for me to take in and I switch off or only hear the bits I want to hear. A Thursday in November 2005 I’m on the a flight out of Sydney to Cairns to meet my husband for a weekend in the tropics. We have a great time – we have lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking the beach, I order something simple but it arrives decoratively drizzled in oil and it seems now that any food that is greasy, fatty or oily makes me unwell. The thought passes through my mind that maybe I’m pregnant? The night before we leave I wake up about at 2am feeling terrible: sick, vomiting constantly type sick. The pain passes eventually. We fly home that afternoon. I let mum know I wasn’t well, she thinks it sounds like heartburn and gives me some tablets that might help – I pop them in my bag

and keep going. December 2005 Christmas Day rolls around and I am still feeling average and unwell: can’t keep food down, anything fatty makes me sick but nurofen plus is my friend. I can take at least 10 a day and keep functioning. I’m beginning to think that something else might be wrong. We have a BBQ chicken for lunch on the 28th of December and I get sick again. We make an appointment to see the GP. Just food poisoning and you have probably overindulged over Christmas. Ha! January 2006 A very quiet new years’ eve, then new years day and I am feeling very under the weather. Mum calls our GP and makes him do a home visit, as I can’t get off the lounge now! The GP arrives, calls the local hospital. I am yellow with jaundice, and have acute cholecystitis, with gall stones coming out of my gall bladder and getting stuck somewhere in my bile duct. 17 days later, 2 operations at different hospitals and enough morphine to knock out an elephant I am home and enjoying the rest of my Christmas holidays. Heads up if you are fat, fertile, female and forty; or at least a few of them and you don’t feel well, have chest pain and can’t keep food down. I would suggest you speak to your GP about Gall Stones! I wasn’t forty or fertile – but I was fat and loosing weight too fast which upset my body and gall bladder completely February 2006 Finally back into work after my Christmas, and we are looking at moving onto assisted conception.

April 2006 – Tempt’d cycle May 2006 – Clomid & Temp’d cycle and did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive). Somewhere along the way I also started seeing a Chinese herbalist and specialist in fertility acupuncture, just for that added boost. June 2006 Temp’d cycle and did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive). July 2006 Comid & Temp’d cycle and did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive). 26th July, 6th appointment with the RE. August 2006 Clomid & Temp’d cycle & did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive). September 2006 Temp’d cycle & did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive), seeing a pattern here yet?

February 2007 I have a Lap/D&C/ womb clean booked in with the RE @ the Royal Women’s’ Hospital in Sydney. March 2007 How ironic that the appointment with the IVF specialist is in my OB/Gyns office (he shares the office two afternoons a month) the very room we started our journey almost two years earlier. 31st April 2007 we commence our IVF cycle and after an early morning blood test on Monday 18th of June I get the call that we are pregnant! Our beautiful daughter arrived via unscheduled c/s on Monday 3rd of March 2008, at 41weeks plus 4 days, weight

October 2006 Clomid & Temp’d cycle & did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive) 26th October, 7th appointment with the RE, and we talk about reducing my stress levels and going part-time at work. November 2006 Clomid & Temp’d cycle and did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (and a very faint positive – maybe?) I was so excited, but my husband was in Melbourne for work, I flew down for the night! December 2006 Temp’d cycle & did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive). January 2007 HSG X RAY Temp’d cycle & did OPK tests from day 12 > 22 (no positive) 8th appointment with the RE, who refers me to a PCOS specialist who works with IVF Australia. I think I was in shock by then, I was sure that everything that we had done up till now was going to work, it just never crossed my mind that it wouldn’t.

4.45kg & length 49cm, almost 4 years after we started our journey. She has just turned 3 and we are blessed to have her. BY NADINE NEWELL For her full story plus links to health professionals, visit: shareyourstory/forum/topics/the-longjourney-to-motherhood

what’s HOT right now

latest STYLE TRENDS for AW11 As another summer comes to a close (for some of us it never really started) it will soon be time to dig out those warmer layers in readiness for the Autumn/ Winter season. So what trends will be big in 2011 and what pieces can you add to your wardrobe? One of the biggest trends you’ll see across all retailers is fur and leather (real and faux). Fur vests, scarves, jackets, shrugs, and leather skirts, trousers and dresses. The trick is to not overdo either. Too much leather or fur can look cheap, not stylish. Add one or the other to existing pieces in your wardrobe for an updated look.

Darlene Print $165 Animal prints make another comeback, but treat it as you would fur and leather. A little can be sophisticated and edgy but too much can look cheap and tacky. And stick to one piece of animal print per outfit. Let your leopard print heels

speak for themselves rather than match them to your handbag. Whilst the full length boot will never go out of fashion and will always remain a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, it’s the ankle boot that will dominate stores this season. The advantage of this style is that you don’t have to have tiny legs or calves to fit into them, they’re versatile under jeans and pants, look equally good with skirts and dresses, and they are flattering on almost everyone. Choose styles that finish at the narrowest part of your ankle rather than cut across your calf. Gone is the unflattering length of ¾ pants and in come the straighter, leaner and more stylish cropped trouser (also known as cigarette pants). This trend can be taken from tailored to relaxed and is a more stylish look than its sister the ¾. Team with ballet flats, wedges or pumps, the cropped trouser elongates the leg and will add a little Mad Men sophistication to your wardrobe. The opposite look to the cropped trouser is the wide leg pant and a throwback to 70’s fashion. Worn high on the hip, the wide leg pant elongates the leg by creating a longer line, particularly when teamed with a heel. Balance the look with a slim knit, a button down shirt and a thin belt.

While skirts lengths rise and fall with each new season the good news is that the mini has had its day (well for now at least). Mid and full-length maxi skirts are in. Perfecting this look is all about balancing its length so heels are really a must with any length that lingers around the calf and the top half should be balanced with styles that fit the body rather than billow.

classics that no wardrobe should be without. These are a trench coat, great fitting jeans that work for your body shape and boots. Trends come and go, but classics should make up the core of your wardrobe to keep you going from year to year.

Military is still going to be big whether in the form of a boldly buttoned cropped jacket, a silky pocketed khaki shirt or skinny zipped cargo pants. Soften the look with denim, feminine fabrics and prints including floral in silk and chiffon, or softer colours to avoid looking like you’ve joined the army reserves. Regardless of what’s in fashion however, there are some timeless

Sally Mackinnon Sally is a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant who specialises in reconnecting women with their innate style. Sally is a professional image consultant who has an expert eye for style and understands the right cuts to flatter all body shapes. Sally works with real women with real bodies, regular lifestyles and modest budgets. Sally believes that with a little guidance and support every woman can dress with style and success. Styled by Sally

Ringleader dress $269

pin-up Polly cardi $85

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Ripe Maternity

Rio $40.00

Joy Jewellery Bandola Necklace $480


Jungle Rouge $349.99

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Lace Legging $79.95 Lace Crew Neck Top $89.95 Steel Silk Lounge Dress $179.95

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AW11 accessories guide

Autumn is here and it’s time to feel the crunch of fallen leaves under foot and to bring out your boots, jackets and scarves! Expect this Autumn/Winter to see black, black, black, and more black!

Bewitching Black really pops this season with accessories that give a look of high glamour gothic and subverted elegant punk. Jewellery is a great way to bring this trend to life. Accessorise with chains, spikes and sequins, like these pieces from Lydia’s Jewels. Gunmetal is also a big trend in jewellery. It has a modern feel and looks sleek and fabulous with black.

Lydia Jewels ‘Sally’ silver chunky chain necklace

Lydia Jewels ‘Warrior’ silver spiked necklace

Military Chic

The trend for Autumn/Winter 2011 is going to be hard to avoid. The great news is this trend has taken on a feminine element using an earthy palette of olive greens, greys and neutrals. These colours are an amazing backdrop for pieces of gold jewellery. UberKate has taken the traditional Military ID tag and given it a contemporary, sophisticated, organic edge with the Gold Secret Tablet. Embossing your choice of personal details across this piece makes it timeless, and wearing it with cargowear makes a modern statement. Layering your jewellery can also add some drama to your look. Add the UberKate Roman Numeral Pendant for more wow!

Go Wild! If you are the ultimate

uptown woman and like to step on the wild side, accessories like leopard print and croc bags, big cat print skinny belts, classic gold watches, and eclectic jewellery will be a big part of the Lady On Safari trend this Autumn/Winter.

Zen Designs Stacks of Karma 4 Set Bracelets Going along with this theme, Zen Designs has a set of 4 bracelets that you can layer for a dramatic effect. The Coconut Palm Wood in one of the bracelets has a definite animal print look, and the browns and khakis in the freshwater pearl bracelet tie in nicely to the traditional safari colour palette.

UberKate Gold Secret Tablet Also get this theme right by accessorising with sequins for a bit of glam, combat wedge boots, a simple canvas military style bag and if it’s cold enough, a fur lined army hat!

Accessories can really take your look to the next level. Sometimes you may feel as though your clothes alone aren’t making you feel completely put together. So why not flaunt some fabulous accessories and bring the thrill back to your wardrobe this season!

Natasha Mogilin Natasha LOVES beautifully crafted jewellery, consults to small and medium businesses, and owns a small online business. She created to be an online collection of jewellery from designers who create truly beautiful, well crafted pieces. It features a variety of jewellery across a wide spectrum of styles and prices.

Mayreau for Queen Bee Vienna Nursing / Maternity Poncho $108.95

Evita Bamboo dress Plum $79

Wrap top with long sleeves $89.95 Bengaline stretch pants $99.95

Milky Way - Natalie Nursing / Maternity Top $72.95

Jenna Bamboo Bubble Top - 2 in 1 breastfeeding and maternity top Eggplant $59.00

Giselle Dress $79

How to keep looking


as the days get colder With the seasons changing it’s time to think about adapting your makeup to blend in more with your surrounds. In summer we like to wear makeup that is more vibrant but as we enter Autumn, make up looks great when worn in earthy, warm tones.

Face -

Keep your skin flawless looking by using a sheer liquid foundation. Using a light liquid foundation keeps your skin hydrated and silky looking.

Cheeks -

Swap the pink toned blush that you use in the summer months for peachy tones and darker shades instead. Peach Frenzy from Harlotte cosmetics is a great pick. You could even skip the blush altogether and just use a bronzer. Tip - I love the Napoleon Perdis mosaic bronzer. It can be used lightly all over to add a touch of autumn to your skin or as blush alone.

Eyes -

For a day time look it’s always best to go soft and neutral. Use warm shades of chocolate brown and caramel. Highlight the socket with a lighter shade and line the eye with a dark earthy shade to give a smoky effect.

Lips -

For day time, keep lips peachy and nude. I recommend lippys from Harlotte cosmetics. They are creamy, but long wearing. Check out, Skinny Dip or Starkers lipsticks which are a gorgeous peach colour.

Evening Glam Rich striking eyes with a nude lip Use the shades of Autumn for your eye makeup. Greens and golds for eyes complemented with nude for lips is a nice combination. TIP - I recommend Harlotte’s olive smudge pot called “carpetburn” Smokey eyes in metallic, black and purple can help create a sexy look for evening wear. Accentuate your eyes with eyeliner and a bit of eye shadow to create the smoky effect. Leave your lips light-colored with nude lipstick.

Bold eyebrows are the trend coming into Autumn.

Contour them but leave the rest of your makeup light, you won’t even have to use mascara. I like to use a Brown solid eye shadow to create amazing brows. Shadow will help keep the brows defined, but still soft. It will also help to gently fill in any gaps. TIP - Keep your strokes small and light. Avoid any harsh lines in the brows.


- For an extra OOMPH of glamour always add lashes! My absolute favorites are the Harotte half set as they are so natural looking and easy to apply. Lashes bring more attention to your eyes adding fullness and length.

RED LIPS are hot for Autumn The trend continues with bold red lips. To pull this look off, keep the rest of your makeup quite simple. Light eyes are a must to avoid your makeup looking ‘vampy’. The look is chic and minimal. Tip - To create perfect lips you must first outline the lips with a nude liner to gain your shape (unless you have a super steady hand that is!). Once you are happy with the shape you can then use a liner matching your lippy to trace over your lip line. Always lightly colour in the entire lip as this will ensure your lippy goes the distance. Use a lip brush to apply your colour and then add a touch of gloss for a more modern look.

Skin tips for Autumn Did your skin take a beating from the Summer sun ? If so Autumn is a great time to start repairing and nourishing your skin, ready for the drying effects of winter. During autumn time scrubs and exfoliants are a must. Applying a facial exfoliant helps get rid of the dead skin cells making the skin appear fresh and healthy. Application of nourishing moisturizers as well as greater amount of antioxidants like vitamin C, A and E can give a wonderful glow to the skin. My Pick is Napoleon’s ‘Smooth Over’ Body Scrub. This is by far the best smelling scrub I have ever had the pleasure of working with, your bathroom will smell divine for days! This scrub gently micro-exfoliates your skin until it is polished and smooth. Chamomile and Calendula provide calming benefits while Aloe extract soothes the skin. For all round moisturizing almond oil, primrose oil or avocado oil can be used to nourish and provide the skin exactly what it needs.


Avoid having your baths too hot as the heat tends to collapse the lipid barrier of your skin, which further decreases the level of moisture it contains. Lukewarm water is the way to go. Try adding a splash of oatmeal for extra dry skin.

Extend your summer glow Don’t want to give up the tan this early? Then try using a tan enhancer to prolong your tan. Napoleon’s ‘Whipped Dream’ is designed to enhance and revitalize your sunless or natural tan. It contains ingredients to pamper and hydrate your skin such as sweet almond oil, olive oil and shea butter.

Kim McGann

Kim is the owner of Style Me Pretty and Blush Brides - Hair and Makeup. Kim’s love of bridal and beauty work is backed with 15 years of working in the beauty industry, including owning two of her own skin care centers prior to the launch of Blush Brides, and Style Me Pretty. With loads of helpful tips and tricks of the trade, Kim is looking forward to helping you look and feel fabulous!

Just because... Just to be cheeky... Just for FUN!! FREE regular postage within Australia!

survive the chills of winter with a

Tropical Escape

The best way to survive the chills of winter is to grab a summer escape. Queensland’s Tropical North…just the ticket. Queensland is rebuilding and there is much to do, most resorts are open for business. Now’s the time to plan your northern escape with hot airfare and accommodation deals on offer, designed to get things moving again. Starting out in a cold place and landing in a warm one, can be tricky to dress and pack for. Wear versatile summer essentials on top and fine layers underneath. That’s the key. Then simply peel off or add as required. Easy!

Here’s a list of packing essentials: ‘Overs’, ‘Unders’ and ‘Finishers’. Remember, less is more and versatility is the key girls. ‘Overs’ – the top layer options. * Kaftans – THE most versatile summer piece. Change a look in a flash from day to night, plane to pool, beach to bar. Belted or tied, they become a top. Let loose, they behave like a dress. All styles will layer brilliantly with either fine cotton, wool or cashmere. *Summer Dresses – a great alternative to a kaftan for those who prefer a more tailored or feminine look.

Top Tip: Keep your ‘Overs’ at a length between just above the knee or mid thigh as they tend to produce the best layering looks. ‘Unders’ – to layer under your ‘Overs’. To keep you warm in transit and to create multiple looks with effortless ease when you get there. * Slip Dress – cotton or silk; to the knee or mid thigh. Wear it under your kaftan for a great bar look. Ideally, your slip should be slightly longer than your ‘Over’, peeping out from under at the hem and across the neckine. A scoop neck slip and a ‘V’ neck ‘over’…perfect! * Leggings – fabulous for on the plane or during the day when you’re out and about; to the knee or full length for best layering looks.

* Jacket|Cardi |Wrap – a denim jacket goes with absolutely everything and says summer. Dump the black, it’s too harsh a to co-ordinate with those colourful summer shades, unless it’s with white or neutral earthy tones. Cardi’s – a lovely soft, longer line to the knee or cropped to the hip are the best lengths to layer with. Pashmina wraps are a terrific alternative to their more structured cousins, the jacket and cardi. A great no fuss, throw on and go option and the perfect blanket for the plane too! They roll down to nothing and can be stashed in your carry-on. Fabulous! Top Tip: The best colours for unders are white, greys, blues, khakis and earthy tones as they will work with anything summer.

‘Finishers’ – looks would be ho-hum to say the least without these essentials.

* Shoes –to keep your toes warm, wear your ballet flats. They’re not too hot or chunky to wear to dinner when you get there. Wedges work well too. Sandals in a versatile neutral shade, metallic or dash of bling a must when you’re there. Then for the beach, it’s hard to go past thongs. 3 pairs of shoes, max!

* Accessories…the anti-oxidants of the packing world; so small yet they pack such a punch! Bangles, statement cuffs and rings are great for when you have a lot of detail already happening on your neckline.

So start out as you mean to go girls. This is a precious holiday. Get in the mood before you leave home and make every moment count! Enjoy your summer escape! Anita xx

* Long trousers/pants - again for on the plane or out to dinner; white palazzos are hard to beat

Anita McLachlan Resort wear expert Anita McLachlan is passionate about helping busy women look good and feel fantastic on the beach; to live their best summer. 35+ summer style is about dressing anti-frump & beyond skimp. For more tips on looking your best this summer visit Anita at her year-round oasis resort wear for busy women.

Discovering the magic of

MELBOURNE Melbourne - Our favourite City. Some would say the cultural hub of Australia and we would definately agree it's that, and a whole lot more.

Alex Mitchell & Lily Garner enjoying a night at the Theatre in Melbourne

Melburnian Mums and Dads love the city's vibrant energy, hive of restaurants, boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries and museums, spacious parks, heritage listed buildings and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own vibe. Traditional High Tea at The Windsor can be a fun outing (even with kids!) whether you are celebrating a special occasion or looking for a memorable part of your visit to Melbourne to remember. It's also particularly fitting during a Winters day. Loose yourself in one of the City's laneways for a touch of shopping in a cool boutique or dine alfresco. Indulge in the amazing foodie scene and cafe culture of the City and surrounds! Melbourne’s vibrant precincts and “villages” are filled with personality, including the bayside playgrounds of St Kilda, waterfront Williamstown, multicultural Richmond, funky Brunswick and slick South Yarra. Only a short ferry ride across Port Phillip Bay takes you to Williamstown and St Kilda, Melbourne beach suburbs that function as the playgrounds for the city. Melburnian kids don't miss out either.

There's an abundance of activities and events going on at any given time from free activities at the National Gallery of Victoria 'Kids Corner' and The Melbourne Museum 'Carlton Children's Gallery' to a trip to an inner City farm at The Collingwood Children's Farm, the theatre or even free kids flicks at the Australian Centre of Moving Image (ACMI). Melbourne is the perfect place to see the seasons change. Melbourne has a big reputation for its changeable weather. A tip for any visitor (or if you're a local) is to be prepared for anything – take an umbrella and wear layers that can be worn or removed as needed! In summer, most families head out to visit our beautiful beaches with fish and chips in hand, walk the pier or catch an open-air cinema experience. In autumn, experience the fallen leaves at the Royal Botanic Gardens. In winter, Melburnians enjoy the warmth of cosy cafes with a latte and sweet treat and bar life is booming in the City and surrounds. Spring time we like to venture off to re-visit favourites like the Studley Park Boat House, Luna Park with a walk along famed Acland St. in St.Kilda with a gelato or take a wander around the grounds of Como House.

Jo Watson is a mum of two and founder of Little Melbourne. Little Melbourne is THE guide to all the latest happenings in and around Melbourne for babies, toddlers and kids. We provide your daily dose of the inside scoop on what's cool in Melbourne to do, see, visit, eat, play and create. We don't just list what to do, we live it...and take some photos too!

“Melburnian Mums and Dads love the city's vibrant energy, hive of restaurants, boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries and museums, spacious parks, heritage listed buildings and village-like inner suburbs, each with its own vibe.”

out & about in

“My fav activity with friends w kids is to take them to the park next to IMAX (exhibit gardens) and feed the tame possums.�

Marguerite Louis of Babycinos Cafe

melbourne We asked 5 mums what they loved to do in Melbourne!

I love Melbourne because of the people. Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures and Melbourne people are always ready to offer help and a friendly chat. My favourite thing to do in Melbourne is talk to the locals. I seem to be a magnet for the elderly community and when out walking with the kids they'll often start a conversation by complimenting me on my beautiful children and they will then follow with stories about their life and family which is always positive, interesting and lovely that they'd decided that even though I was a stranger that they would like to chat with me.

Tanya Herriott of Ruby & Sam II love Melbourne because it’s a city of hidden treasures. It’s not outwardly beautiful but dig a bit deeper and there’s so much to explore, from art to shopping to food to bars - and a festival for everything. My favourite thing to do is to ride my bike around town. It’s a peaceful, relaxed and joyful way to see my city and it gives me the opportunity to stop anytime, anywhere - to window shop, devour a pastry or chat to friends and strangers I meet on the way. I love the sense of freedom two wheels gives and it makes me feel connected to my community. And I intend to take my baby with me.

Joyce Watts of cycle style

I am born and bred a Williamstown girl. The best thing about Williamstown is that it is literally the ‘end of the line’ – so you don’t actually ‘go through’ Williamstown – you have to ‘go to’ Williamstown. This makes it a quiet, peaceful village during the week. Williamstown was one of Victoria’s first settlements, and there is history on every corner. Despite having grown up in Willy, I am constantly learning about its history. Last year my family went on a bike tour conducted by my 9 and 10 year old sons (as part of a school project). It was amazing to have my children tell me all about the blue stone quarry where the convicts and later criminals (including Ned Kelly) toiled; the blue stone sea wall you can walk along and actually touch the 23 crosses carved in the stones by convicts; that when the first morgue was frequently full of bodies hung

by their feet in sacks, would then over flow to the basements of the local pubs; the first cemetery which when plans were in place to relocate a known 200 bodies, came a little unstuck when over 800 bodies were dug up; that when disembarking from the first English ships, the passengers had to swim ashore, as did the cattle, while the sheep were given piggy backs so that their woolly coats did not become so heavy that they drowned. So, while a huge draw card to Williamstown are the cafes, beaches and parklands (which are fantastic!) – next time spare a little time to also see the time ball tower, the volcanic blister, the canons and the tide gauge to name a few!

Kate Christie of Babysitters & more “I am lucky enough to live on the edge of the Dandenong ranges, with one of the most spectacular temperate rainforests in the world only 5 minutes drive away. My favourite thing is to go for a walk through Sherbrooke Forest (with or without the munchkin) and then grab a coffee (plus babycino if required) at one of my favourite cafes afterwards – Kallista Deli

in Kallista, Earthly Pleasures in Belgrave or Ripe in Sassafras, where I can relax while looking at the trees.”

Cath Connell of Leaf

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Best child-friendly cafes Melbourne, described in three words for most mums - shopping, food and coffee - and not necessarily in that order either. While it may be hard to persuade the kids that 5 hours of shopping is on the agenda when cruising around the streets of Melbourne, it won’t be hard to entice them into enjoying dining out. Parents can most definitely encourage them to embrace the coffee and food culture, seeing that these days there are so many cafes that are dubbed as ‘baby and child friendly’ and welcome children with open arms.

Gone are the days of sitting at play centres sipping burnt coffee and nibbling on stale toasted sandwiches. Mums can now take a break in a much more fashionable, modern and adult environment. The children will still be entertained while also having the bonus of delicious seasonal food on the menu and fresh smooth coffee made by a professional barista. Here are our top ten places to visit in Melbourne when the kids are in tow. With changing facilities, toys, kid’s menus and highchairs available, dining out has never been so easy and so much fun for all concerned!

South Side:

Babycino’s Cafe - South Yarra Bay Road Cafe – Sandringham Living Room – Malvern

North Side:

Miss Marmalade – Brunswick Pope Joan – Brunswick East Jackson Dodds – Preston

West Side:

Happy River Cafe – Footscray Nosh – Newport

East Side:

The Farm Cafe – Abbotsford Lulabelles Cafe – Camberwell The Top Ten cafes were provided by Jolie Morello founder and creator of Hey Bambini – Dining out with Baby. Jolie has two boys Oscar (2) and Elliot (5mths) and was inspired to create Hey Bambini back in 2008 when she was pregnant with her first son. Passionate about good food, coffee and her children she has managed to find and review 102 child friendly cafes. Go to for a full list of cafes across Melbourne.

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FAMILY TRAVEL SPECIAL FEATURE We all know that travelling with the kids can be challenging but it can be very rewarding too! It’s important for every member of the family to take a break and recharge the batteries. Taking a holiday is not just good for you physically but mentally too and ‘the family that plays together stays together’ so they say. Vine Tours of Victoria run cycling and walking tours down the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Ranges and Dandenongs.

With toddlers in tow many people opt for the fly and flop type holiday, where you choose a great resort and just chill by the pool or beach. If your kids are a little older now and able to ride long distances it opens up a whole new world of travel options such as cycling tours. Riding alongside the ocean or through the countryside is not only good exercise but a great bonding experience for families. With nothing to worry about but admiring the view, stopping to browse through towns on route and reaching your destination that evening to relax with some fine food and a welldeserved drink. There are several things to consider when arranging a cycling holiday, firstly you’ll need to determine the amount of hours for of each days ride and the total number of days required to reach your final destination. Discuss your itinerary with the kids and make sure

cycle Queensland they feel comfortable with the proposed distances. Although if your family is like mine, the kids are way healthier than I am and have plenty of energy to burn. Secondly you’ll need to decide on your accommodation and either pre book hotels, B&B’s or motels along the way or for the real adventurous pick out some camping spots along the way. Thirdly you have to decide whether you are going to carry your gear each day or pay to have it delivered each day. There are cycle tour companies around the world offering a huge range of itineraries. The beauty of using their service is that they arrange everything from bike hire, accommodation, transfers and all the gear so you can literally step off the plane and into your cycling adventure either self-guided or with a group. Some great rides to consider for your next holiday are the Byron Bay Coastal Trail, NSW or head up to North Queensland

Olympic Circuit Sydney

The scenic Newcastle Cycle Path and do the Tropical North Jungle track. Head to the wineries of the Barossa in South Australia where you can cycle your way around sampling all the great food and wine as you go. Enjoy the stunning

scenery as you cycle the coastal bike track along the Sunshine Coast in Qld or if mountain biking is more your thing head to the inland National parks and hit the trails.

Otago Rail Trail, New Zealand

In New Zealand the Otago Rail Trails cuts through the centre of the South Island following the old railway line to Dunedin, take your torch as you’ll ride through the amazing old railway tunnels and across stunning viaducts. We did this 5 day ride with our children when they were 7 (we had a tag along bike for the 7 year old) and 8. The scenery is gorgeous and we stayed in old pubs along the way with comfortable beds and great food. It’s a memory we cherish.

Leah Squire Leah Squire is founder of travel company BYOkids. Leah started the now multi million dollar business just over 4 years ago with a marketing budget of zero. Leah started the travel company out of frustration at not being able to find a travel consultant that understood that travelling with kids although rewarding has plenty of challenges and that good planning is essential for a family holiday. For Family Travel advice visit Leah at

South Australia Giant Steps Cycle

The seventh annual Giant Steps 3 Day Bike Ride will be held 25 – 27 March 2011. A group of 45 riders will ride 340 km from McLaren Vale in South Australia climbing over 4,000 metres. The target is to raise $200,000 for Giant Steps.

Cycle Queensland

Cycle Queensland 2011: Goondiwindi to Brisbane Start in Goondiwindi on Saturday 10 September and travels via Yelarbon, Texas, Stanthorpe, Killarney, Woodenbong, Boonah and Rosewood before finishing in Brisbane on Sunday 18 September. Ride suitable parents with trailers, tag-a-longs or bike seats. Children’s activities organised during the week including a kids party on the Rest Day in Stanthorpe. Organised by Bicycle Queensland.

Newcastle Cycle Path

Ready for Cycle Queensland

Sydney Cycling Circuit

Sydney Olympic Park - is home to more than 35km of cycling tracks, and three fantasticBike Safari Cycling circuits: 1. Olympic circuit 2. Parklands circuit 3. Heritage Circuit Sydney Olympic Park Bike Safari Cycling Circuits are free of charge. Maps are available to assist cyclists and bike hire is also available (for a fee) from the Park Visitor Centre.

Newcastle has a great cycle path along the coast that is perfect for families. This track is not too difficult and kids will love passing Nobby’s Lighthouse and the shipwreck at Stockton- you may even catch a whale or a family of dolphins. This scenic ride takes you via beautiful beaches, coastal ocean baths and across Newcastle’s working harbour past Stockton Bight sand dunes and on to Fighter World at Williamtown.

Vine Tours Victoria

Vine Tours of Victoria is a new and exciting tour idea offering personalised Walking and Cycling day tours. An experienced tour guide leads the tours between wineries, farms, forests and coastlines in the Victorian popular tourist locations of Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley.

Where to Ride Competition Australia’s latest, most accurate and user-friendly cycling guide book series is here! Each book is written especially for families and recreational riders. They include safe rides for kids, clear directions, stunning photography, GPS generated mapping, unique binding system and interesting background information for each ride, Where to Ride is the perfect companion to help you plan your family cycling adventures. The books are $34.95, buy online at or from all good bike shops and selected book shops.

To win a copy of the Where to Ride guide of your choice (Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, South East Queensland, Auckland, ‘Hunter Newcastle & Central Coast’, ‘Western & Northern Victoria’, Eastern Victoria or Tasmania) simply enter at and tell us “your favourite place to ride”.

This week I finally worked out how to change my profile pictures on my Facebook page.

know”. Oh my god! Forgotten faces from the long (long) lost past all there waiting to be my friend! With stealth I opened their profiles, peered at their photos, Those aficionados of Facebook may laugh, read their news and quietly snuck away however this was a huge achievement… again. really… A few months ago as my business partner Tanya and I sat with our web developer planning the Babysitters and More (BaM) website, he asked us for our Facebook accounts. ‘I’m not on Facebook’, I replied. “Me either’ said Tanya. We looked at each other with the mutual affection that here were two kindred spirited technophobes who had functioned perfectly well to date without an online social presence.

Day 2 … Right, upload my details, find a photo (delete it, repost it, delete it, oh get over it!), all set to go. Day 5… I have two Facebook friends (Tanya and my web guy). Day 8… My confidence is building. I have created the BaM fan page, and it actually looks pretty good (if I do say so myself!) And yet, I am having trouble with my profile photos – how do other people get 5 different photos across the top of their page?; and I don’t know whether I should be using ‘Status’, ‘Share’, or ‘Comment’; and how can I be sure other people are getting my posts? I can’t even see my posts! Ok probably best to repost, and just to be on the safe side – repost again…

Our web guy was incredulous. ‘Are you kidding? You need to be on Facebook! Facebook is where business is done!’ ‘Oh, surely not.’ I responded, ‘Who has the time!? ‘. He looked at me with what can only be described as a mix of pity and mirth. ‘Kate’ he said, ‘if you are going to run an online business, you actually need Day 9…Rang my web guy ‘Are you seeing to be online’. any of my posts?’ . ‘Yes’, he responded patiently, ‘I received the same post 3 Day 1…Hmmm…ok, here goes. Opening times.’ Right. my Facebook account I was immediately confronted with intimate questions about Weeks later (this week in fact) – I must my date of birth and where I went to call my web guy and tell him that he was school and university. Ok, ok, work with right. I now see that Social Media is a it…then within seconds 20 photos popped up under the heading “Friends you might

crucial forum for growing our business and the BaM brand. It is a (relatively!) intuitive form of free publicity, marketing and networking. I try to spend at least an hour a day using this new toy. I look forward to hearing from my new friends and watching their businesses grow. I like discovering new pages and marvel at the creativity of other mumpreneurs. I love the online community ready to help each other. I like to see that the number of people who ‘Like’ BaM is growing every day. The positive messages of affirmation

we receive about BaM gives me a burst of pride every time. Plus, I have just worked out how to fix my profile pictures! Who would have thought? My web guy will be proud! Ps., I just had a call from a mumpreneur in Tasmania asking for help with Facebook – if only she knew….

Hi, I’m Kate Christie: mum, emerging mumpreneur, exlawyer, ex-corporate chick. I launched Babysitters and More with my best friend Tanya late 2010. Babysitters and More is a webservice introducing busy people to a wide variety of home help service providers including Nannies, Babysitters, Cleaners, Tutors, Senior Carers & Companions, Housekeepers, Pet Sitters, Gardeners & Home Maintenance, Party Helpers, Packers & Unpackers, House Sitters & More! Babysitters and More – for all your home help needs.

Kate is one of 10 aspiring Mumpreneurs sharing their first year in buisiness! You can follow Kate’s and the other mums journey at connect2mums as they juggle the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of motherhood and business!

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5 grants of $20,000 The Huggies速 MumInspired速 Grant Program is awarding 5 grants of $20,000 as well as hints and tips to further the development of original product ideas and startup businesses. Huggies速 does not specifically seek ideas that are nappy or hygiene related. 5 winners will each receive a grant of $20,000. The general public will then be invited to vote for their favourite idea from the 5 winners. The winner of this vote will receive an additional $10,000 bringing their grant to $30,000! Submissions for the Huggies MumInspired campaign are open from 15th March 2011 until 1st May 2011 In order to be considered for a grant, mums can submit an application online at

mumpreneur feature

Nat Bolton What was the inspiration behind your business? The original inspiration for came from the need to give women footy fans a voice. I love football and I know there are lots of other women who are sports mad too and I wanted to create a special place for them.

What do you love about being in business? I love being able to connect footy fans together in a safe and proud environment. We are the Herfooty Family! We want to be involved with something that we are passionate about and this is what excites us: footy, connecting with other women and getting together and having fun!

What advice would you give other mums thinking about starting a business? My greatest challenge has been in getting exposure, I’ve overcome this by networking and making relationaships with people who can help me spread the wrod about my business. My best advice is ‘Don’t be a control freak!’ Share the love! And don’t be dismayed by other people’s lack of enthusiasm, its your dream so go for it!

mumpreneur feature

Julianna Suranyi What was the inspiration behind your business? As a professional psychic and intuitive profiler I find that most people are paralysed by choice and terrified of change. I have a platform via the website and teaching my courses that allows me to be a bridge between spirit and humanity and help people to see their inner strength, embrace their choices and live the changes that result – all while working around my children and family.

What do you wish you knew before you were a mumpreneur? I wish I had formulated a clearer view of a ten year business plan to reduce my first few frustrations when I made decisions too early without the resources to support them or too late to fully maximise their potential. I also wished I knew to respond to market demands but not run around chasing my market – all lessons now learnt.

What do you love about being in business? I love changing people’s perceptions about themselves for the better while being able to create, develop and grow my dreams and goals. I also love that in your business you are responsible for the outcome and that it is as extensive or limited as you choose it to be.

What advice would you give other mums thinking about starting a business? Have a clear view of what you want to achieve; know who you are – your strengths and weaknesses; understand that you dictate the success of your business; and seek to learn from those who have already done what you are doing!

mumpreneur feature

Nickie Race-Jones What was the inspiration behind your business? I have had a varied international career in sales, marketing and teaching mainly due to the fact that I speak 4 languages fluently. When I emigrated to Australia and NZ 12 years ago from Europe, I wanted to give children here the opportunity to learn a second language. I have turned my passion into my business.

What do you love about being in business? I am a great believer in creating your own reality. Having my own business gave me the power to create a flexible trans-Tasman lifestyle around my family and children. I love the challenge of being self-employed and LOVE creating and motivating the awesome team of people that makes up LCF Fun Languages. I also believe that I spend more quality time with my children now than when I was not travelling as much.

What do you wish you knew before you were a mumpreneur? Nothing. I am glad that I did not know what I know now otherwise I would not have got started! Cashflow can be challenging in an expanding business: managing budgets has been a great learning curve. Also, there are times when you feel (or are made to feel) guilty by other mums who are at the school gate every single day. I soon got over that one though!

What advice would you give other mums thinking about starting a business? To be clear on what your goals and vision are, why you are starting a business and what your exit strategy is. These are the only things that will keep you going when you are at the bottom of the roller coaster! And of course‌ passion!

mumpreneur feature

Janette Adams What was the inspiration behind your business? The inspiration behind my businesses have been my daughter, Angelique and the passion to provide her with traditional ‘family business’ opportunities. Despite being a ‘modern mum’, I have traditional values and dream to pass on the family business for generations. My motivation to open Precious Packages in Ipswich was to assist the regeneration of the town centre and am proud to be achieving this.

What do you wish you knew before you were a mumpreneur? Before being a mumpreneur, I wish I knew how good it was going to be as I would have have started building my own business earlier.

What do you love about being in business? I love being in business for so many reasons. It is definitely a lifestyle choice and I don’t see my life in business as ‘going to work’, I see it as an extension of my heart and love it being my life. It is very important to be able to inspire others to make lifestyle choices as opposed to career choices.

What advice would you give other mums thinking about starting a business? My advice to other mums would be Research, Passion and Lifestyle. Research your ideas, research your competitors, research your market, take a business principles course, know all you can about your business and don’t be afraid to ask everyone for information. Be passionate about your business, love what you do and be proud to tell the world about it. Having your own business will impact on all aspects of your life so even if the foresight is a part time role be sure the business choices are going to compliment your lifestyle and family.


Crack the Codeword




Have fun decoding this codeword puzzle by using a bit of inspired guesswork, as well as your knowledge of the English language. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a number 1-26, ie. J might be 7 and Q might be 2. All the letters of the alphabet have been included and we have given you 3 letters to start you off. Can you decipher the rest? Once you have cracked the code and decoded all the words in the grid, you will be able to spell out the name of a celebrity mum. The answer solves the puzzle.




1 2

















9 10







12 21
































6 26

12 15

5 26



21 13













9 17





22 25

5 25



10 8


6 14



18 25





9 18



9 6

























25 10



17 7



Given letters: P=5; U=3; T=9

SUDOKU Solve this Sudoku puzzle to discover which number appears in the red square.


5 9 4 5 2 1 4 5 6 8

7 4 3

2 7 4

3 8 8

__ __ __ __ __ __

__ __ __ __ __ __

22 17



20 12 10

17 21 7 25 22

Crosswords for Fun is an online business that designs puzzles for all ages. Our range includes crosswords, codewords and Sudoku. Puzzles are added to our website on a daily basis and we also custom-make puzzles for business websites and newsletters. So whether you are looking for a crossword to relax with over a cup of coffee or puzzles to entertain your customers, why not drop in and see us at We look forward to seeing you soon.

4 2 3 5 1 2 8 1

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