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Tell us about what you do? Social entrepreneur Melina Schamroth is in the business of making a difference. Melina is the Founder of m.a.d.woman (making a difference), creator of the unique Single Volunteers dating program, Gals Doin’ Good networking events, motivational speaker and author, Melina runs programs and events to connect people with each other and with their communities. I find it hard to say no to a great cause, so I started m.a.d.woman to encourage, inspire and enable people to support the community, environment and people in need (nationally and internationally). We support everything from earthquake, flood and bushfire survivors to hungry and homeless, disadvantaged youth, neglected animals and many other people and projects.

Aside from being a speaker and author, I run a large number of events each year. Every event produces tangible social outcomes – be it events for singles, for people to network or our socially responsible corporate team building events. Our unique Single Volunteers events provide an opportunity for likeminded singles to meet while making a positive social impact – it might be Cooking for a Cause (hungry and homeless people) or doing an activity supporting a variety of other charities.

What inspired you to start?

My inspiration to start m.a.d.woman came from my time as a journalist in New Zealand. I befriended Eve Van Grafthorst (a young and well-known girl with AIDS who was ostracised from her Australian hometown. In her short life, she inspired me to believe that everyone really can make a difference.

Connect2mums Magazine March 2011  

In this issue we’re proud to bring you inspirational women. We’re also celebrating motherhood! And we also meet mums in business who share t...

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