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EDITORS’ letter

We’re thrilled to launch our very first issue of Connect2Mums magazine! Whether you’re a working mum, a stay at home mum or a mum in business you’ll find mums like you making new friends, building relationships and chatting about everything from babies to business, the bedroom and beyond at Connect2mums! Each year Connect2mums hosts the ‘AusMumpreneur awards’ and recognises the efforts and achievements of talented mums in business. In this edition we’re pleased to introduce you to our fabulous ‘Top AusMumpreneur of the year’ Catherine Oehlman. As part of our commitment to support women in business we have introduced the ‘Connect2u Business Success Programme’ a unique interactive online course designed to help Mumpreneurs to achieve their goals in business and in life. We also hold a 2 day seminar Katy Garner & Peace Mitchell each year, providing Mums in business from all over Australia and New Zealand with the image by opportunity to come together for a weekend of networking, inspiration and motivation. This year’s seminar will be held in Brisbane from 30 July - 1 August. In this edition we meet six inspiring Connect2mums members finding real-life success in business. At Connect2mums we provide great support and information for non-biz mums too with a range of regular weekly columns including the New Mum’s Diary, Connect2Travel, Connect2Fitness and Connect2Relationships to name a few. In this issue you’ll find our Connect2Parents columnist Monique Nickall’s advice on what products first time mums really need for their new baby. You’ll also find our fabulous shopping guide which points you in the right direction for some of the best shopping out there! Our members say Connect2mums is one of the most welcoming and friendliest sites they’ve experienced! It’s free to join and its a whole lot of fun with Friday night live chat parties, excellent real life events and great competitions! In fact if you join us and write ‘Connect2mums magazine’ in the ‘Where did you hear about us’ section you’ll go into the draw to WIN a $100 Birch Carroll & Coyle Movie card! We look forward to seeing you there soon,

Peace, Katy & Paula

Designer clothing, toys and accessories for premmie babies through to 8 year olds

Tea Princess Tippie Toes YmamaY? Earlybirds

Lambykins Alimrose Designs Bethany’s Child Teeny Weeny

Knuffle Kids Doll Cake Babyjo Bamboo

AnnieB’s Princess Ratbag Vanchi

Oopsidaisy Little Pearls for Little Girls Princess Allure

Meet our Mums

Finding success in Home-based business

Monique Your Cheeky Monkey

Monique Nickalls is a founding member of Connect2Mums, and hosts the ‘Connect2Parents’ Column at C2M. She is the owner of gorgeous online store Your Cheeky Monkey and has 2 spunky little boys: Broc, aged 4 and Adam, aged 3, who help to keep her on her toes (make that 3 with husband Justin)! Monique was overjoyed last year to win the ‘Most Popular Site’ Award at the Connect2Mums AusMumpreneur Awards, but it’s easy to see why. She stocks gorgeous unique products for newborn babies through to Mums and offers old-fashioned customer service and super fast shipping. Your Cheeky Monkey specializes in handmade and also stocks cult favourites like Sophie the Giraffe and Cuski Comforters. Monique looks forward to seeing you soon and as a welcome gift she is offering readers a Free Finger Puppet plus 5% off your first order at Your Cheeky Monkey, just quote voucher code “mag” at checkout to receive this special offer!

Sally Strawberry Jam Designs

Sally Naughton is married to Tom and together they have two beautiful children, Sara 5 and Zac 2. Strawberry Jam Designs was created with the goal of developing innovative products which solve common, everyday problems and in so doing, make life easier and more enjoyable! The Strawberry Jam Floor Cushion is based on a unique design to maximise flexibility and use. It has been heralded as one of the most versatile and practical products the whole family can use! Strawberry Jam Designs’ products are manufactured in Australia using good quality, stylish fabrics. They are also excited to be expanding the business in 2010 and offering their customers a new range of quality, affordable products. Sally loves being a member of Connect2Mums and has recently joined the Connect2U business programme. Connect2Mums has given her the inspiration to reach for the stars and be the best she can be as a mum and as a business owner. Find out more about Sally and her innovative products at Strawberry Jam Designs online store

Marthese Romantic Flair Original

Marthese Borg owns the beautiful online store ‘Romantic Flair Original’. She offers a range of unique items that she has discovered as well as a number of customized products that she creates herself. She offers personalized gifts for weddings, christenings, new babies, memorials and Christmas. Marthese also stocks a range of gorgeous educational products including the colourful barefoot toy range, doll houses, miniatures, wooden toys and a range of puppets. For a unique gift for someone you love

Michelle Sustainable Hemp Products

Michelle Stapleton has more than a passion for what she does- It’s her life’s work. A proud workat-home mum of 2, Hayden and Lara, and wife to her supportive husband Matt, her mission is to spread the word about how we can help leave a lighter footprint on the world our children will inherit via the use of the natural resources of Hemp, Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Wool. From very humble beginnings SHP was established 5 years ago and she is happy to say that it’s still a small humble family business making and selling organic Modern Cloth Nappies and much more, specialising in Nights and Newborns. Michelle would like to offer readers 10% off your first order with SHP- just quote coupon code “C2M MAG” and don’t hesitate to say hello, ask questions and/ or have a chat - she genuinely loves meeting people.

Elizabeth LaToriana

Elizabeth Murphy has a wonderful online boutique store for babies and children called La Toriana. Synonymous with quality, style and affordability La Toriana specialises in designer clothing, toys and accessories for premmie babies through to kids aged up to 8 years. La Toriana showcases many amazing designers from Australia and New Zealand, and there is something here to suit all. They are proud to support talented designers such as Tea Princess, Lambykins, Knuffle Kids, AnnieB’s, Oopsidaisy, Tippie Toes, Alimrose Designs, Doll Cake, Princess Ratbag, Little Pearls for Little Girls, YmamaY?, Bethany’s Child, Babyjo Bamboo, Vanchi, Princess Allure, Earlybirds, Teeny Weeny and so much more. The La Toriana BLOG is a great interactive read with many tips, photo’s and ideas from their customers and blog readers… you can join in too! Elizabeth aims to surpass all your expectations in online shopping, with exceptional customer service, a secure payment gateway, an easy to navigate website and more. So grab a cuppa, sit back, relax and enjoy the shopping experience…. We know you will. Enjoy the shopping experience at La Toriana with 15% off your first order using the code ‘c2m’

Julie Natural Transition

Natural Transition is run by Julie Cottle, a naturopath, breastfeeding counsellor and natural fertility teacher and proud mother of 3. The site aims to bring you a treasure chest of quality and reliable information along with the tools and support you need to use it. Natural Transition specialises in all things natural - fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, baby and mother care. Naturopath Julie Cottle says “Many women want to do things the natural way, but struggle because they lack the information, tools and support to do so. brings these resources to women wherever they have access to an internet connection.” The site has loads of free information, gorgeous products for eco conscious parents and some fabulous member’s only resources that you must check out for yourself. You’ll find an exclusive gift voucher for connect2mums magazine readers in this magazine.

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and Connect ‘10 Seminar

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Connect ‘10 Seminar - 30 July - 1 August

A 2 day seminar providing Mums in business with the opportunity to come together for a weekend of networking, inspiration and motivation.

Gala Awards dinner - Saturday 31 July 2010 Brisbane, Australia For more information or to nominate your business visit email or ph 0422 624 100

Grow - Inspiring you to achieve

& assisting you with the pathways to success e:


AusMumpreneur of the Year

Catherine Oehlman

How do you define success? It’s different for each one of us. Some use financial figures as a measure of success. Some gauge satisfaction levels. For others it’s simply a matter of reaching the goals you set out to achieve. However it’s defined, we all need to celebrate success in our lives. The last twelve months have been successful for me. I’m not sitting atop mountains of cash, but I have exceeded the goals I set for myself and I have a deep sense of satisfaction. It was just over a year ago that I decided to start a blog. I knew nothing about blogging, but I knew a bit about writing and I wanted to share my words with other mums. I started with a very simple template and put up my first post. No one commented. I’m not even sure that anyone read it. I reminded myself that big things grow from little things. When I dreamed about my writing being an encouragement to other mothers with little ones, a quote from Dr Phil came to mind. The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. And so I started planning. I planned small goals and big. Some I reached much sooner than expected, like making it onto the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers list. Many I’m still working on! Along the way I surrounded myself with people further along the blogging journey than me. Some fellow bloggers were just a step ahead of me while others were light years away. I participated in the online community, continuing to learn from others and stretch myself. Before I knew it I could no longer call myself a newbie. It was my turn to start sharing knowledge with bloggers a step behind me on the path. One of the highlights of the past year was receiving the Top AusMumpreneur Award for 2009. To be recognised as a successful blogger, acknowledged as a fledgling mumpreneur and encouraged to continue pursuing my writing was more than I ever expected. Catherine Oehlman with C2M Founder Paula Kuhneman I now write for several sites online (including Connect2Mums as the images by Connect2blogging columnist) and for print publications. I am approached by PR companies to review products and am interviewed for articles on a range of topics. I have loyal followers and a growing readership of Aussie mums. I might not be quite at my destination, but I am certainly on the path to success – at least by my definition. • • • • • • • • • •

Here are my tips for embarking on your own successful journey:

Be true to yourself. Don’t copy anyone else, or try to be someone you’re not. Set small, achievable goals... but every now and then think BIG. Find a community to support you. Remember to give as much as you take. Don’t beat yourself up about mistakes. Everyone makes them! Just learn from them. Stick with it when it’s hard. Don’t give up too soon. Re-evaluate your direction as often as is necessary. Be realistic. No matter how hard you try you can’t add more hours to the day. Let people see you at your best. Celebrate achievements. Never be fooled into thinking your customers/clients love you or need you more than your family do. Put them first.

Squigglemum Ideas & inspiration from an Aussie mum

The Squigglemum blog is a collection of thoughts, offering inspiration and ideas to other parents with little ones. Catherine writes about everyday mothering experiences and through this blog she hopes to encourage other parents to make the most of the time they have at home with their kids.

visit her at:

HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY & HAVE MORE FUN A Greeting Card Enterprise From Your Own Home! Created in 2003 to help people to act on their “promptings”, Send Out Cards has revolutionised the joyful art of sending greeting cards. Join thousands of women all over the world who have embraced this innovative but simple business. For the busy mum, Send Out Cards offers an easy to run home based business with the added benefit of having lots of fun. All training & marketing tools are online plus local training & support groups are growing around Australia each week. Copyright - Kookaburra Photography

If you are seriously looking to increase your income & love sending out joy to others simply visit our web site Or send an email with subject line “more SOC info please”to

“Send Out Cards gives me the option to earn an income sitting at my computer in between feeds, baths, playtime and story time. Our son is 2, and our daughter is now 4 months. They are our angels, so naturally spending time with them is amazingly rewarding and sending cards full of photos of them to everyone we know is fun!” - Natalie Delforce

Yes, you can send gifts too!

Bill Randall • Senior Manager Independent Distributor ID# 57431 PO Box 68 Browns Plains 4118 Ph: 07 3103 0319 E:

What products do you

really need

for your new baby? For first time Mums, it can be confusing to know exactly what you need and what you don’t need for your newborn. Here’s my list of the products I found to be fantastic, and also some that I found you really don’t need to bother with. First to consider is the large purchases – cot/bassinette, pram, car seat, etc. The car seat is the most important, as it is a safety issue. A good option if you are on a budget is to hire a car capsule. We did this for our second son and it was just fantastic. It made it super easy to move the baby in and out of the car without disturbing him, and he was so comfy in it he didn’t even sleep in his cot the first few weeks, I just left him in the capsule to sleep. You need to consider whether you want to use a bassinet or cot when you arrive home from the hospital, or even whether you are going to co-sleep. It is completely a matter of personal choice, but remember a bassinette really only lasts a few months so unless you are given or lent one they are not a great investment. Going straight into a cot means you only need the one size of bedding too until your baby is about 2, or even older if you opt for a toddler bed before a larger size bed. The pram also is a large purchase. I found a sling a great alternative for a new baby, and didn’t even really use our pram at first. But it is a good idea to research pram types and price options so even if you don’t buy one before the baby is born you have a good idea which one will fit in with your lifestyle. Clothing for your baby comes next. I recommend only buying a few all-in-ones or bodysuits, singlets, perhaps booties and a beanie depending on the season. You tend to get given a lot of baby clothes when your baby is born (especially your first)! Baby grows so fast, when you have too many 000 and 00 clothes they just don’t get used. Buy a baby bag ready for the birth, there are options ranging from well below $50 right up to the $100’s. They all do the job - in fact you can even use a tote bag that you like. You can also use in conjunction with your baby bag a nice padded change mat, and keep your nappies etc in a nappy wallet – that way it is easy when just popping out for a while or going for a walk you only need the nappy wallet and not the whole nappy bag! Other products I found essential for a newborn were flannelette wraps and burp cloths. Rattles, tag toys, etc you only really use after about the 3 month mark or so. A newborn baby really has very little needs for the first couple of months apart from feeding, sleeping and lots of contact with Mum (and Dad). Wraps are fantastic for lots of uses – wrapping for sleep, as a light cover in the pram or cot, to lay under baby, etc. Bath products are really a luxury – I recommend only using very pure, gentle, organic products if you do buy any. You can also consider just having a goat’s milk soap for babies, a little goes a long way and a bar will last a very long time. A nice soft washer and towel is also nice to have just for your new baby. It really is easy to get so excited about buying things for your new baby, however there are really very few items that are an absolute necessity and you can even wait until after the baby is born to see if you really do need something or not. It can be a great idea to make a comprehensive list early on, list the things you have to buy, the “maybe” items, and the” luxury” items. Keep an eye out for specials and sales of the products you need to get, and don’t leave the vital things until the last minute just in case the baby arrives early. And last but not least, the early months really do fly by so enjoy every minute with your gorgeous newborn!

Monique Nickalls

Connect2Parents Columnist at Connect2Mums, and owner of Your Cheeky Monkey - voted winner of the ‘Most Popular Site’ in the 2009 AusMumpreneur Awards. Monique is the Mother of 2 young sons and writes articles on a wide range of topics.

Visit her at


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Vital Earth Traditions

Natural Bath & Body Creations

Rejuvenate The Body & Nurture The Soul

Belleville Kids Boutique Supporting independent Australian designers Store 9, Annerley Arcade 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley Q 4103 07 3848 7845


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Tummy tie

Perfect for pregnancy, post pregnancy, fluctuating weight, bloating and menopause TummyTieÂŽ was designed to allow women to continue wearing their own clothes comfortably. Perfect for every season, and affordable for every woman (rrp$19.95) Expand Your Wardrobe and Make It a Perfect Fit with TummyTie! Visit for a full list of stockists or to purchase securely online.

Bullying is an issue that many children face in. Don’t wait until it happens to talk about it. Use Dave is Brave to teach young children about how to avoid being a bully, how to stand up for themselves and how to look after their friends. The book comes in a pack with 2 CDs containing games, activities, a song and the book read aloud.


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Childrens Closet Unique and innovative kids and babies clothing and accessories. From painted denim to knitted preemie hats & socks for tiny toes. Quality products at affordable prices

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Connect2mums Party Kit ‘n Kaboodle

Need party supplies? Secure online shopping 24/7 Prompt delivery Australia wide Major credit cards, PayPal, Direct Deposit (07) 4124 1315

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     

 

      


     

Quality greeting cards and stationery at affordable prices

Call or email me now for a brochure or to find out more Gayle Richardson Ph: 0421 345 987 email

BABY EAR MUFFS AUSTRALIA Hearing Protection For Babies and Kids

Information, tools, products, support Embrace fertility Embrace pregnancy Embrace birth Embrace breastfeeding Embrace baby Embrace motherhood Naturally

An eco-mama online store Take a look! You’ll find a handpicked range of natural mama and baby care products for pregnancy to baby care and beyond. Modern cloth nappies Baby hammocks Baby carriers Herbal teas Hemp & organic cotton wraps Steiner inspired dolls ‘No Nasties’ baby care products cot sheets and more!

Please accept this gift for one months access Use this voucher forvoucher one month free access to to exclusive to,members exclusiveresources, to connect2mums readers. readers. click on Activate Simply go to Connect2mums,

Simply gogift to, activate gift your membership and enter theclick codeon 99A2 duringyour sign up. membership and use the code 99A2 during sign up.

Natural Transition is run by Julie Cottle, a naturopath, breastfeeding counsellor, natural fertility teacher and proud mother of 3. The site aims to bring you a treasure chest of quality and reliable information along with the tools and support you need to use it.

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