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12-18months As your baby starts to crawl and move, it brings many challenges. The up side is there is a whole new repertoire of games to play. Presents Everyone loves presents and the best part is the wrapping. Cover boxes in recycled wrapping paper and let baby start working on her fine motor skills. Role Play Your baby is very interested in the things you do and these will enhance her interest in kitchen utensils, phones and driving cars. Give her lots of opportunities to practice the skills that you have already mastered. Give her bowls and a wooden spoon to stir as you cook. Chat to her about what she is doing as she cooks. Dance the day away Put on some music, help your baby to her feet and break out some dance moves. She might need some help with the sofa or from you. As she gets tired you can scoop her up and dance around the room with her in your arms If you have any concerns about your developing baby, your GP or Early Childhood Nurse can help. Parents are doing one of the most vital jobs in the country – bringing up the next generation of Australians. Good Beginnings is a national charity that provides practical, community-based parenting programs and support to ensure children get the best start in life. This Families Week, help other families in your community and donate at www. Just $22 will pay for one child’s week at a Good Beginnings program.


June Connect2mums Magazine  
June Connect2mums Magazine  

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