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you. Follow her lead and respond to her coos, gurgles and grunts. She will get more animated and excited as you interact with her. As she says something copy her and enjoy her reaction. 6-12 months As your baby grows, they will help you to know the games they likes most. Follow their lead and play the games they are interested in. Bubble fun All Babies are fascinated by bubbles and this is a great distracter for a baby who needs some attention in the car. Watch how she will track them with her eyes as the float past her. She will pop them with her hand as they fly past. (Remember to wash her hands after, so as not to get soapy eyes) In and out Babies love emptying tissue boxes, bags, drawers. Fill a large plastic container with interesting things such as soft toys, rattles, measuring cups. Add your own commentary as baby explores the contents of the bowl. These experiences are the early mathematical lessons of big, small, empty and full Obstacle Course As your baby gets mobile they will be incredibly inquisitive, it’s time to put away anything that is precious and turn the house into a safe infant zone. Use large cushions, soft objects and strategically placed toys to get your baby to climb and explore new muscles. You can join in by hiding your face behind pillows and playing peek-a-boo These simple games have helped Sarah and Matilda develop a close and loving relationship. It has given them a secure foundation on which to start this journey that they are on together and have given Matilda’s brain development a super boost. Kick a ball Place a light weight ball in from of you and baby. Hold her firmly under the arms then swing her forward so that her legs make contact with the ball. This will help her build tummy and leg muscle and skills for when she plays football for real when she is older


June Connect2mums Magazine  
June Connect2mums Magazine  

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