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Play is a good

beginning to a happy and healthy childhood The benefits of play to children are undisputed but for many parents they just don’t know how. Monique Perusco State Coordinator for Good Beginnings, a families charity explains some tactics to help. Children need time to explore their world and play in many varied ways. They need you to join in and value their interests and style of play and be their mentor and biggest fan. For babies and children, play is hard work. It is where they learn to master the world. It is very nourishing and influences every single aspect of a child’s development. In a world where children suffer through child abuse, neglect, domestic violence and economic disadvantage, childhood itself can be difficult to preserve and play is often seen as superfluous. In fact, play is one of the essential foundations of a healthy childhood. Sarah and Matilda One woman we worked with recently, Sarah, was a little perplexed when her Good Beginnings family worker asked her what games her baby Matilda liked to play. Sarah is a 25 year old mum, but her own experience of being parented was erratic. She had little attention from her parents and virtually no play with adults around her. While Sarah tends to Matilda’s nappy changing, feeding and sleeping very competently, the idea of playing with a baby was a complete revalation. Her own exposure to an adult being playful was so limited that this idea of play was a new experience for her. 42

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