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Author Interview:

Hannah Tunnicliffe

We chat with author of ‘The colour of tea’, Hannah Tunnicliffe, about writing, motherhood and life. Grace, I have tried to make brave choices that give me a challenging but rich life. I hope that if we met we would become friends who meet regularly for tea, chatting as the hours drift by! Grace moves from London to Macau, do you have a special attachment to these two places?

How are you and your lead character Grace similar? On the surface we are not very similar. But, like many women, Grace is searching for greater meaning and purpose in her life and that I can certainly relate to. She travels from place to place but cannot escape her past or her uncertainties about the future. I like to think that, like


I lived and worked in both London and Macau for several years and am very attached to them, almost like they are old friends. I get quite nostalgic thinking about my time in each place - the smells, the sounds and the people. They each have their own rhythm, their own colours and their own style. They are completely different places but both very dear to me. Food is a strong theme in this book, has cooking always been a part of your life? Eating has always been a part of my life! I love food; our home is littered with stacks of cookbooks. During research for The Colour of Tea I learnt to make macarons with respected pastry chef Anthony Poh;

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