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Books The Summer We Came To Life is a poignant rumination on life, love and best friends. Every summer, Samantha joins her childhood friends, Isabel, Kendra and Mina, on a vacation. Together with their mixed bag of parents, they’ve created a lifetime of memories. This year, they’ve booked a beach house in Honduras. But their group is no longer complete – Mina died six months ago ... Three women from Blossom Street, Seattle, are on the trip of a lifetime. Bethanne Hamlin is driving her daughter, Annie, and former mother-in-law, Ruth, to Ruth’s high school reunion. A long-time widow, Ruth would like to see her old boyfriend. Meanwhile, Annie believes she can live happily without a man, and Bethanne’s ex-husband wants her back now that his second marriage has failed. Claire had almost forgotten her country roots. She is a city girl with an adoring husband, a chic townhouse and a high-flying corporate career. But when the police knock on her door one night with tragic news, her world is thrown into turmoil and she heads back to her family’s farm. There, in the rugged beauty of the Adelaide Hills, Claire starts to rebuild her life with her friends, her father and his beloved racehorses, including a promising colt called Paycheque. But just as she starts to find happiness, and perhaps even love, she is faced with a life-changing decision …


June Connect2mums Magazine  
June Connect2mums Magazine  

Connect2mums Magazine Winter 2011. Featuring new season style for babies, children and mums. Articles on hosting your own eco friendly kids...