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year – my tummy has also seen some expansion, and in 5 short weeks we will be adding another little person to our family, so it has been growth all round! 2 How has this impacted on your life Life has been exceptionally busy as you may well imagine. Business has been so great, and sales very strong – the worst part about it is running out of stock – something that I am putting measures in place to prevent in the coming year J The impact of the above growth has prompted me to take a good look at our growth strategy for the coming 12 months and then beyond – something which is time consuming, yet exciting and a process which has shown that Babyjo is still going strong moving into it’s 4th year of operation. 3 How did the AusMumpreneur Awards effect your business The exposure for Babyjo through the AusMumpreneur Awards was fantastic – media opportunities were highly advantageous to the business and sales, along with providing a further dimension to promote our brand. Being an “award winner” or nominee gives credibility to what we do as well as providing customers with a sense of trust that our product is what we say it is. As a small business owner, it can be isolating working from home and for yourself, so for me, winning this Award provided me with a sense of achievement and validation – not to mention, I had a wonderful time catching up with everyone at the Awards night in Brisbane! 4 What was the best thing about being invloved in the awards I would suggest that the best thing our involvement in the awards is that Babyjo gained so much exposure from the process and also the recognition at the end. It was such a valuable process to go through (entering and filling in business details for the nomination we received) and one that really makes you look at your business from a different perspective – something I found to be highly valuable.


June Connect2mums Magazine  
June Connect2mums Magazine  

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