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Where are they now? We talk to our 2010 AusMumpreneur Awards winners to find out how their lives have changed since winning!

Elizabeth Murphy La Toriana

Best Boutique 2010 1 How has your business grown in the last 12 months absolutely! We are now a main feature in the most prominent “Bath Lane” trendy part of bendigo. Our shop has been well received and growing. The website has been steady and with more growth from different areas. We have been featured on many different medias and thus grown because of it. We are finding now that we are working more “on” our business rather than slogging away “in” it 2 How has this impacted on your life. Life is a bit more balanced now after taking on the shop. I only need to be in there now and again, and so an freed up to be able to work on it and in different areas. Life balance and more time with the family is important, and now an set up so I can take a 5 week holiday overseas which is going to be brilliant 3 How did the AusMumpreneur Awards effect your business The exposure of being part of the awards initially was wonderful. Being a finalist really did make me “stand out” from the crowd more, and being asked for comments as an “expert” in my trade from a few journalists, and being featured in blogs and online businesses was all helped through the course of the awards. The national effect from winning the BEST BOUTIQUE last year


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