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Reversible Breastfeeding Cover $44.95

Pull on jeans $99.95 Basic strect singlet in white $49.95 Wrap front top in Ink $89.95

Designer Mamas birthing gown $99.95

La Bella Bewitching Tug proof necklace $24.99 Mums on the Run Essentials Baby Day/Travel Bags The ONLY ready-to-go baby bag! From $11.95

Ripple Maxi Dress (breastfeeding access) $139.95

Mia pendant $150.00

Baby K’tan baby carrier From $89.95


June Connect2mums Magazine  
June Connect2mums Magazine  

Connect2mums Magazine Winter 2011. Featuring new season style for babies, children and mums. Articles on hosting your own eco friendly kids...