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Holding your very own Eco-friendly party

people are also the better eco choice. As well as looking wonderful they come from a natural source and can be reused. For adult parties think sea shells, pebbles, flowers and potted herbs such as lavender, rosemary or sage. For evening parties pure beeswax candles are the most eco friendly as they purify the air and smell great. Beeswax tea light candles, petals, autumn leaves or origami floating in a glass bowl of water also make beautiful natural table centerpieces.

Hosting an eco party is fun, healthier for the planet and us, reduces land fill, looks great, is often far cheaper, inspires creativity, makes a wonderful theme and just feels great to do. So here are our top tips for throwing a fabulous eco party!

Invitations: First things first, you need to let people know about the party. Going electronic is the easiest, cheapest and greenest. Simply send an email invitation. If going electronic isn’t your thing, then why not make or buy some eco invitations and envelopes using recycled paper. Tableware: Tableware is an important feature

of any party. The obvious eco choice is your own reusable china and glassware with washable linens and napkins. There are plates and bowls made from the naturally shed outer sheath of the areca palm tree and also sugarcane fibre and bamboo. Cutlery made from plantation birch wood and cornstarch and cups which use a corn based plastic lining rather than a petroleum based one. You can find eco tableware online at

Party Favors: Party favors are expected at the conclusion of every child’s birthday party. Why not give out good second-hand books for the drive home or make your own treats such as biscuits. A natural idea is to give out small plant pots with seeds that the children can fill with dirt at the party and then are wrapped up with old cloth and taken home. If you prefer the traditional loot bags opt for cloth, felt or brown paper bags decorated by the birthday child which can be reused or recycled. Natural beeswax crayons, tumbled gemstones or crystals, wooden pencils, wooden toys and organic treats make great fillers. Article by Tina Hart of Eco Party Boxes For eco party boxes containing eco tableware, wrapping paper, invitations, cards, decorations, candles and other eco party ideas, check out

Decorations: A party isn’t a party without

the decorations. Two great eco choices for decorations are paper lanterns and bunting. Bunting looks great and can be reused for many parties. Felt party hats or crowns for the little

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